We’ve got agents. We’ve got partners. And we’ve got trucks. Whichever part of the United States you’re in, we can help figure out the fastest, most cost-effective and best way to move you around.



No company is big or small enough for our team. Whatever you’ve got we can handle. The first step is figuring out the best quotation and the next thing you know we’re packing all your things.



We won’t just move you and your things overseas. We’ll be there to unpack and help you settle. Start by finding your best quotation and we’ll take it from there. What you waiting for?

OurMission & Core Values

We want our customers to have the best experience in moving. So then, they would feel more motivated to move often and call us back.

Packing. (It’s not really a value but it’s just our thing)

Smooth Shipping.

Moving ME America’s number one choice when looking to move anywhere in the United States. We know that moving is stressful so we take away that stress and make everything as smooth as possible. Contact us today for your free moving quote!

Long Distance Moving

Any move above 50 miles is considered long distance. Interstate moving and cross-border moving are included in this category. The most important part in long distance moving is the checklist. Our team double and triple checks all items and procedures before going off into the distance.

Small Moves

Any move less than 50 miles is considered a small move. The most important part in small moves is organization. The pre-planning phase is the main focus in any small move to create a fast and flawless moving experience.


We’ve got storage facilities in case you need to keep your things safe for a while. Our warehouses can accommodate local, export and import freight in locations closest to you.


Your questions are our concerns. Whatever uncertainties you have with regards to packing, planning or moving can be discussed. We’d love to hear from you.


Packing is one of the most important parts in the whole moving process. Our team can professionally pack anything: electronics, paintings, vases and, basically, all your belongings.


Above all, we recycle! Our most valued part of the moving process. We encourage all of our customers and partners to go green!

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