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From $250 for local moving and from $1,250 for long distance moving


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How is the price for my moving quote calculated?

When calculating your moving cost we take into account various details of your move. The most important criteria affecting price are the weight of your inventory, the distance you’re moving, the season of your move, the popularity of your route, and any extra services that are provided by moving helpers.

So the moving cost depends precisely on weight, distance, and timing. For example, a studio apartment with a light shipment moving a short distance during an off-peak season can cost you less than $500 being based on these variables.

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Our company offers a cost-effective price at a wide range of all moving services to create the ultimate moving plan for your household.

What are you waiting for?

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We guarantee guiding your transferees throughout the whole process of relocation, so they delivered at their new job and destination within budget and ready to work.

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If you want to get the final cost of your interstate moving, we are here to provide you with useful information to consider. Key differences depend on additional federal and state regulations.

Who will calculate my moving cost?



Moving Me is a matching service that will put you in touch with movers that can help you. You will be contacted directly by the reliable moving companies that can service your relocation via email and phone. Moving Me ensures you are contacted by professional movers.

What we offer is…

•  Our experience allows us to work individually to make sure that you won’t waste or overpay your money and even time.
•  It’s a must to get an estimate of your planning moving from multiple moving companies before making your final choice.

•  We are professionals, so we inspect your home properly to provide you most accurate calculation of moving cost.

•  Moving Me strives to provide you with any information you may need to make your choice online on this site, via email or by phone call.

• As professionals in moving sphere we are always ready to tell you you any truth you want to know about fees and additional costs, moving insurance, other full-service moving pays.

• We appreciate every our client and every item we or our partners transport. So we glad to tell you that we always provide an inventory list of everything we are transporting and/or packing.

• Our licensed and bonded moving helpers offer reliable help at an affordable price. We want our customers to have the best experience in moving. 


Moving with Moving Me Guide:

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Step 1

Fill in the form up on these page and Moving Me will offer movers with their prices. So you have an offer and ability to choice best value for money moving company.

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Step 2

You can request a personal visual inspection of your home to get accurate moving cost calculation. If any of moving companies doesn’t offer this service and or offers just to calculate your moving cost over the phone or via e-mail, DON’T TRUST.

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Step 3

Schedule at least 3 personal house inspections. Experts of moving will visit your home to inspect it for issues that can happen on moving day like out-of-order elevators, tight doorways, narrow corridors and staircases and more importantly, oversized antique furniture or other specialty items that will require custom packing and moving techniques.

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Step 4

Don’t be shy to ask burning questions to the experts from moving companies.

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Step 5

Moving cost estimate in writing from is an important document. So get it in writing from each mover.

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