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As everybody, we take care of our reputation. Providing high-quality leads is our priority. As everybody who cares, you want to get more for your dime when you buy moving leads. That is why the best investment you can make is to invest in higher quality leads.

Get real-time leads delivery

We, at Moving Me, specialize in delivering top quality leads for professional moving companies over email and phone. We are ready to do all the job giving you the opportunity to focus completely on your business processes.

What can be more disappointing than investing in leads, which hardly convert to paying customers? You get not only phone number verification protection, but also moving leads, which are shared with no more than 3 other moving companies– and it’s very likely that some leads would be exclusively for you.

moving leads

We are honored to share the proposal with you. Moving Me will commit to completing the following services:

  1. work directly with your sales team – to fill out the review page about your company. The value of the service can be built by marketing the pros of the service in comparison to the other services that fall in the same segment of the Moving domain.
  2. identify the rating terms to be introduced to a wide audience of customers. Brand positioning like a Trusted company. Moving Me program provides a simple and effective advertising solution to drive more customers to your business
  3. upload the article in the TOP 10 in the target segment on the Moving Me site.
  4. place in Moving ME catalog by target region.
  5. provide easy navigation to get the quote.
  6. posting and backlinks to the target articles about your company will be a key part of sales.
  7. integration with CRM systems to provide quality loads in the case of business workflow optimization.

Pricing, Terms & Conditions

Following the outlined timeline below

  • identify the customer target audience. Market segmentation (ready in 3 business days)
  • writing brand page and articles (ready in 3 business days)
  • social media posting that mentioned the company (during the 1 month)


The final price

Cooperation typeConditions
Moving Me Digital marketing promotion costs


  • Basic Solution:1-2 services, plus link insert 250$ per month
  • Expanded Set:1-4 services 350$ per month
  • Full-stack:1-7 services 500$ per month
Quality leads of movers
  • NY local lead cost 10$
  • Interstate lead cost 15$

* The high-quality leads offered to you will be sold from 1 to 4 times. In the majority cases, only one other mover besides you will have access to the lead data

Moving Me commits

  • Availability via telephone and email, within 1 business day for project-related questions
  • Prompt communication of anything that impacts project schedule or success

If your business has regional rivalries that impact your loads. If you need an update positioning your brand name you can order a page and an article about your company on the reviewing portal. We help moving companies to dominate online and sales with proven results.

Once you’re happy with the services and prices for your custom digital marketing solution, go ahead and esign proposal and we’ll move forward from there!

Be protected and in control of your moving leads

We get leads through quote forms and over the phone from our call center. Even with all our cutting-edge leads verification process, it might happen that a bad lead goes through the system, though it’s highly unlikely. In that case, we’ve made it easy for you to return bad leads through an easy void process. Now you can have total control over your business strategy by putting daily leads caps or daily budget limits.


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Moving Me For Business Owners

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