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Moving has never been easy. Fortunately, the 21st century has simplified the process considerably, ending the era of endless phone calls and cross-examining companies. Anything you may need for your move can be found online. By filling out a simple form, you can quickly and conveniently get an idea of just how much you may need to spend. Using our free quote tool you can easily put together a budget, compare prices, and choose the best option for you.

Moving Company Quotes

Our portal allows you to easily plug in the details of your move and instantly receive real quotes from various licensed, insured, and verified moving companies in our database. Check customer ratings and reviews to compare services for a more well-informed decision.

It is important to comparison-shop as every move is individual. It doesn’t matter whether your move is long distance or local. Filling out a simple form can save you days of meticulous research. Just tell us where you are moving to and from, your moving date, and get your online moving quotes.

Local Moving Quotes (less than 50 miles)

Taking into consideration that a local move requires less time and manpower, the main factors that influence the final cost are distance and size. Local movers generally charge hourly rates if your move requires a large team or multiple days. These rates differ from company to company.

Long Distance Moving Quotes (more than 100 miles within the country)

An online long distance moving quote can vary widely. To get a more accurate estimate ask for an in-home visit to evaluate your inventory. Remember that such factors as distance, date, and size of your move, as well as the number of movers influence the final cost as well.

International Moving Quotes (crossing any country border)

After considering your moving requirements, international movers can provide you with international shipping rates. The main factors that influence the cost calculation when moving internationally are weight and the distance.

Auto Transport Quotes

When shipping your car, auto transport quotes are based on distance, the make and model of your car, and its condition. Auto transport companies offer all-inclusive prices without any hidden fees when providing a moving quote.

Office Moving Quotes

When moving your office the price depends on the type of goods you are transporting. You should hire specialized corporate movers, as they have years of experience and know how to deal with the intricacies of moving an office.

Why you should consider Moving-Me Online Quotes

Here at Moving-Me you get the information that you need all in one place and have a chance to compare only the most reliable moving companies near you. We offer both a time efficient and cost effective moving experience. We’re ready to help you with whatever you may need in regards to your move. Read what customers say about getting a moving quote and how it made their life easier.

Ashley C. ★★★★★

If you are looking for movers, I HIGHLY recommend!
I was planning on temporarily moving back to Sacramento during the pandemic, so I needed movers to move my things from my apartment to a storage unit. I decided to rely on professionals as I had no time for proper research. They were able to promptly answer questions and give me a straight up quote on movers prices and all the information I needed for the move! The quote was fixed until the very end of my moving day.
The team was literally on time…they were suppose to be there at 11:30am…and arrived exactly on the dot. I had a one bedroom apartment but we did downsize a lot of stuff (sold it) but it took them no longer than an hour to pack it on the truck. They also brought extra wrap and tape, which I thought was great!
They effortlessly unloaded it into our storage unit and it took less than three hours! I do love how they have both cash and card options, just know there is a $10 difference in the options (obviously cash is the cheaper option). And the minimum hours you have to pay is 3. But I will for sure be calling them back up when we move back down from LA. Very professional, convenient, reliable and affordable!

Amanda O. ★★★★★

They were amazing and professional. I have compared several quotes before my move and was proposed an agreeable price. So I made my choice and booked the day. Yuri, Demetri and one other guy (I forget his name), moved my one bedroom, 4th floor apartment. They were courteous, clean and didn’t milk the clock. They were also good with the pup running around. I have a lot of stuff and it took 6 hours to get everything out of the apartment and into the new house which is 8 miles away.
They provided a detailed receipt at the end that outlines the exact time of arrival and departure and subtracted their lunch to the exact minute. Very professional as I said.

Monique M. ★★★★★

So glad I found this team – I will definitely use them again. They hustled the whole time, and were super charming! Easy process – rec’d a quote online and got a call to confirm. Signed an agreement after the gentlemen did a walk-thru of the items that needed to be moved. After the final box was delivered – I was invited to check that the truck was completely emptied, and then signed the final paperwork and paid the bill.
I had a large flat screen but no proper packaging – they weren’t initially going to take it. I must’ve looked defeated, so he said “ok, we can take it – but you’ll need to review & sign a waiver understanding our policy on transporting TVs” – I gladly signed acknowledging the TV was safer with them than me – an adult woman with the upper body strength of a child!
My items were picked up and dropped off brilliantly – no scratches, no damages, everything was handled with care. They even built my dresser.

Amanda C. ★★★★★
These guys seriously saved my life. I moved across the country with my husband during his time in the military. Well, during my husband’s last deployment he decided he wanted a divorce. I had no idea what to do. Where was I going to move and how was I going to move all this stuff with no help from him? I was completely alone on the west coast with no one I knew (aside from a few work friends) or any family to help me. I asked a co-worker if she had any recommendations for an affordable moving company and she advised to order several moving quotes from different moving companies. Imagine my surprise when in 5 minutes afterI filled out the form with my moving details 3 moving companies contacted me. Thank the lord! I have chosen the most affordable one, they were quick to get back with me about a quote and just as prompt packing and loading everything for me. Moving to LA alone was super nerve-racking for me but with their help, so much stress was taken away from me. The guys were super polite and had my entire 4bdrm house done within just a few hours. And what is more important, the quote was so accurate that in the end I paid only 230$ extra and it was reasonable. If I ever have to pack up my entire life on a whim again… these guys will be the ones handling it for me. Thanks again for everything, you guys were great.

Ellie L. ★★★★★
I needed to find a company that could ship my furniture from Honolulu to Cali. I was actually looking for experienced movers, but found this place’s quote to be the most reasonable. They responded faster, too. Every question I had was answered, and they were very responsive throughout the whole process. Some of the heavier items I needed shipped were my couch and an expensive desk. Although I was a little scared these would be dropped, causing damage, but was more than happy to see them in great shape without any damages/scratches. I also had fragile goods, but they were shipped without any damages as well. I can really see that they were delicate with my items. I am satisfied with the service I was provided. I was ready for an unpredictable bill but imagine my surprise when I saw a fixed total that was mentioned at the very beginning of my move. The three words I would use to describe the entire process would be effective, efficient, and fair.

Jessica S. ★★★★★
When I went to NY, I helped my aunt move and gathered all her belongings and boxed everything as needed. We needed help moving all the heavier furniture, TV, cabinets, dressers and other heavier objects. This was no ordinary typical local move, this was her move to the U.K. So then I asked around if anyone knew of a service that can help with an international move. We were advised to order a moving quote in one place. Very convenient. 3 moving companies contacted us. Having variants definitely made my Aunt’s life a lot easier and she can definitely afford the help as well as the quote for such a move. Explained all the details. They had a professional crew get all her things together and even kept everything from obtaining any damage. They were of great service and everything was delivered with nothing missing. Very satisfied with the final price we pay, reasonable billing. No damage and all smiles as she can now retire happily in her new home. So grateful for their services!


Are there any accurate moving quotes? Is pricing fixed?

Hiring professional movers can cost anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars depending on who you hire, how far you’re going, and what services you select. Getting a quote before hiring a mover can definitely prevent a surprising bill. Accurate moving quotes include a lot of details like additional services, distance, and the size of your move. Keep in mind that taxes may not be included.

What should I know when getting a moving quote?

  • If you want the most accurate quote, get an in-home inspection.
  • Consider your moving date beforehand:

Avoid the first and last days of the month if at all possible.
Keep in mind that moving over holidays and weekends can significantly impact your moving costs.

  • Do not sign blank documents and read all the fine print to avoid a moving scam or unexpected expenses.
  • Sometimes it’s a better option to hire a moving company that charges based on weight of items. It’s much easier for a moving company to overcharge you if their calculations are based on cubic feet, which is the reason why this practice is illegal in many states.
  • If you’re moving across state lines, your mover must have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves.
  • Pay special attention to your inventory list. The inventory is also known as a cube sheet or table of measurements. Make a copy and check it carefully for accuracy.

How do I check a moving company’s U.S. DOT number?

Every Interstate moving company has a U.S. DOT number. To check it enter moving company’s name into the FMCSA’s search engine.

How many moving quotes should I obtain?

We suggest contacting 3 to 4 moving companies to compare proposals and have a clear idea of the total cost.

How do I effectively compare quotes?

When you get an in-home estimate from your top 2 or 3 companies then you decide based on what you need and what you can afford. Pay attention to the services provided, the price differences, and keep a close eye on previous customer reviews.

Do I need an in-person quote after getting an initial online quote?

Due to our experience we can say with certainty that you have a lot more things than you think. An online quote is acceptable to work with at the beginning, but a professional representative can give you many more details and get a much more accurate overview of everything you are going to move.

What about moving fees and additional costs?

Ask your moving company which services cost extra. Make sure to include every service you would need in the quote. Commonly, customers overlook stairs, long-carry service, packing, and moving fragile or large items. Quite often a quote over the internet leaves out factors that may get you a discount.

Do moving companies offer discounts?

Of course! Some moving companies offer discounts to AAA members as well as current and former members of the military.

What about tips? Should I tip movers or it is included in the quote?

While tipping is not obligatory, it is a good way to show your appreciation to the people taking care of your belongings. The generally accepted tip for a mover is about $20 to $40 per day, per mover. This is your personal wish to say thank you. Some moving companies refuse tips for their movers, but it is always acceptable to offer.


Our moving quote tool ensures that you are able to set up an affordable and reasonable budget for your move. Our vast network of verified movers ensures that you get the best moving service options together efficiently and at a fair price. All you need to do is to fill out the form and get complete freedom and control while choosing the mover. Don’t be shy to ask for more details, negotiate your price, and make a decision only when you are satisfied. Check the reviews, ratings and overall moving services provided by the moving companies before choosing them. We also suggest using our moving cost calculator to plan your moving budget in advance. The best part is, these services are completely free! You will be able to save your valuable time and money by getting moving quotes online from various trusted movers and get the best deals.