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How do you like the quote from the TV series “American Horror Story”: “Death, divorce, moving — the three most stressful situations in the life of any person”? So that your move does not turn into an episode from a horror movie, we suggest you master the skill of planning, checking, packing and other moving connected things and learn a special zen — how to survive the move without a nervous breakdown. One more factor that will 100% make your moving life easier is to hire movers near you. But due to the situation in the world some choose DIY move because of Covid-19 influence, some-to save money on moving. Having years of experience in moving long distance we can surely say that with verified information, proper preparations and useful moving tips you won’t need to cut on your moving budget. So the question is How much does it cost to hire movers? Don’t worry we have the answer below, all Why? What? Where? How? And How much? in one place.

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Should I Move Myself or Hire a Mover?

Let’s start with the fact that there are three possible variants of moving:

You must be prepared that the higher the convenience the higher the price. The first thing to decide when moving is your priority. If you hire a full-service move you will be given the most convenient service, but it comes with the highest cost. If you decide to move on your own, be ready to take on all the issues from packing things for the whole family, purchasing packing material and loading belongings in a moving truck. But, of course, the positive side of this kind of moving is its affordability for all as it turns out to be cheaper than to hire movers to help. Hybrid moves allow you to avoid some moving steps together with fulfilling some of the options like packing by yourself. Let’s have a look at the move type comparison table.


Move type comparison table

Move typeProsCons
DIY moveMost affordableLeast convenient
Full-service moveMost convenientMost expensive
Hybrid moveCustomizable convenienceMid-range cost

If after a few facts we proposed you understand that hiring a mover is the only way out for you we propose the whole catalog of moving companies by state together with reliable moving company reviews to check. Do not underestimate the power of a free moving Quote and moving cost calculator. You may also find the answer on how movers calculate costs of moving if you are interested.

Moving Options. To hire or not to hire movers?

When choosing your own way of moving the only thing is clear: only you know the needs of your move. All moves are different. For example, a college student moving out of a dorm will have very different needs than a family of five moving out of a four-bedroom home. But our aim is to make these moves the most successful and the happiest procedures as from our point of view moving is definitely the reason to start a new life at a new place.

The DIY moveMoving DIY

This variant of move is the most affordable with no hiring movers but at the same time has some cons like driving the whole way yourself. Saving money means renting a moving truck to pack, load and drive yourself. There’s no denying that moving yourself is a cheaper alternative to hiring a full-service mover. But according to our customers’ feedback you probably won’t save as much as you think as every DIY move has its unpredictable and unpleasant sides. You should also consider the stress involved in moving yourself as you don’t do that every day and don’t know all the details. That is the reason why it is better to consider hiring a mover rather than mourn your favorite damaged valuables and nerves.

Truck rentals costs

On average, we’ve found that the rental fee for a moving truck can cost between $100 and $220 for local moves. For long-distance moves, a truck rental can cost between $1,500 and $2,500. Don’t forget to fill the truck’s gas tank at least once or even twice (depends on the moving distance). Be ready that the rental truck companies will also charge you for the total mileage of your local move, for long-distance moves-unlimited mileage. If you do not want to hire movers and you are still thinking about DIY move you should also be ready to find the answers to the following questions just for the record:

  • Where can you find a gas station that can service a twenty-six-foot truck?
  • How do you arrange all your stuff in the truck?
  • What about the piano?
  • Where can you park the truck while you load it?
  • Who will help you with unloading your sofa, wardrobes and couches?
  • What happens if the truck breaks down?

If you are still hesitating we may provide you with more issues but we don’t want to scare you. Lastly, there’s also the physical stress that a DIY move puts on your body. Hire movers to move your furniture is definitely an option. Professional moving helpers can help you navigate some of these problems and plan your truck rental move. It is indisputable that DIY move is cheaper but what can be more expensive than your precious time, stress, and the required effort.

Hire movers full-service

Thus being the most expensive moving option hiring full-service movers is the key to your well-being. Full-service moving companies are ready to take on all the responsibilities of your entire move. As we have already mentioned before you better start the moving process from getting several quotes to be sure to get the best prices. We usually recommend getting at least three moving quotes from reputable moving companies. Believe it or not but the moving industry is not an exception when we are talking about scammers. If you don’t want to share our customer’s personal negative story about how a simple moving can bring you to court, find time to figure out what to pay attention to when hiring a mover: 10 Warning Signs that Your Mover is Fake.

Full-service hiring movers moving costs

There are factors that influence the full-service moving cost dramatically. The final cost also depends on such factors as date, home size and weight of belongings, a shipment size, chosen services and distance from A to B point. According to the statistics based on our customers reviews the approximate full-service local moves cost between $530–$2,150 and $2,100–$7,600 and more for long-distance moves. All trustworthy full-service movers carry basic liability moving coverage that protects your belongings for $0.60 per pound. Better than nothing if we are talking about repair and replacement costs for expensive items coverage. To hire the moving company that matches your needs, don’t feel shy to ask any bothering questions or specify any kind of information you don’t completely understand.

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Hybrid moving

If you’re looking for a nice halfway option between DIY and hiring some experienced movers who will do all the heavy lifting, a hybrid move is right for you. All you need to do is choose which part of your move you will leave for yourself and which part you will address to moving helpers. Hybrid moves tare gaining its popularity among customers these days and are presented by two possible variants:

  • Moving container moves

Moving with a storage container company means that the company will deliver and leave a moving container right to your home. You will have time to do all the packing and loading yourself, and then the company will pick it up and move to the destination point. This variant of moving is the best for those who do not want to drive all their stuff across the country and don’t mind all the heavy lifting. Typically, moving container moves cost somewhere between $700 and $8,000.

  • Truck rental moves with loading assistance

This moving option is better for those who don’t mind driving for several hours but can’t do all their loading and unloading by themselves. Hiring a labor company to load and unload your belongings may cost you between $45 and $80 per hour.

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Hire movers

Hiring a full-service moving company is not the cheapest variant but definitely the safest and the most convenient, and what is more ensures peace of mind. Put responsibility, labor, and stress on a scale. As a conclusion we strongly suggest you consider hiring professional movers. But what about the money?! Our moving cost calculator makes it easy for you to budget effectively. Moving companies have a robust formula to calculate moving cost where variables depend on different factors. Use our moving cost estimator and read all the additional information here. We also offer a moving checklist that you may download. Check our fresh moving news at our blog here and watch our YouTube Moving Tips. Let us help your next move go off without a hitch.