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About Cross Country Moving Group

This moving company is licensed as a moving broker through the Department of Transportation. With our huge database of recommended Moving Companies, we can negotiate competitive prices on behalf of our customers by leveraging economies of scale, and get you the bargain you’re looking for. We represent a high volume of customers and the Moving Companies that we recommend will offer you valuable discounts when you reserve a move through us. If you hire us to coordinate your long distance move, we are confident that we offer the best value and service. We are your advocate and liaison with the moving company of choice.

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You can count on the mover guiding you through your entire relocation process, saving you time and money, with a custom experience that fits your priorities perfectly. Please note that moving company is a properly licensed interstate broker, and is not a carrier and will not transport an individual shipper’s household goods, but will coordinate and arrange for the transportation of household goods by another FMCSA authorized motor carrier, whose charges will be determined by it’s published tariff.

Cross Country Moving Group Licenses & Certificates

This moving company is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. The mover is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.
ICC MC number: 00126828
(Interstate Commerce Commission Motor Carrier number)

US D.O.T: 3181651
(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: not provided

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What is Cross Country Moving Group cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $2500. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services and distance from A to B point. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free and cost-effective. This moving company is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

Cross Country Moving Group Reviews

DO NOT USE CROSS COUNTRY MOVING GROUP or STOP AND MOVE. I received a quote from Glenn Fitzgerald with an assurance that it was not a low quote with an upcharge later. He sent an email calling out that his quote was accurate to my list and they don't upcharge. Lie. The company they sub'd to is called Stop and Move. They called me the day before pickup and said that it would be double the price. Cross Country Move has my list of items and nothing had changed. The moving company was rude and said that they just wouldn't show. Of course, they know you are in a bind with no other movers who are able to respond that quickly. They picked up my items and never gave a delivery date. I finally called (after 3 weeks) and they said that they'd be there the next day. AND, they wanted more money to deliver. So, essentially, they were hold my possessions hostage. I paid them to get my property. Most of my possessions were damaged. Some were so well packed that they would have had to intentionally damaged to cause the shattered glass that existed. I had to call over and over to no avail for an insurance claim. I finally reached Stop and Move and they forwarded me to another rep who never called back. Insurance claim results is unlikely as no one will respond.
- Ann Billiot

So I bit the bullet and decided to have my car shipped from San Diego to Nashville instead of driving. My pickup window was Wednesday or Thursday but I was told they’d be in contact Monday or Tuesday to tell me the exact date and time (red flag btw.... get a company who will give you more notice). After not hearing anything Monday, I call them Tuesday morning. They tell me they don’t have someone available now but don’t worry, they’ll find someone. Wednesday, my first available pickup date, I call them again. Now I’m told it’s unlikely they’ll find a carrier but they’re happy to refund my deposit. How is that helpful? I don’t need the money back, I need my car shipped. Now of course, it’s too late to find another company and I have to figure out how to get my car halfway across the country. I have no one to drive with me and at this late time, I have no options. I also have a wasted playing ticket since I’ll be driving instead of flying. It’s especially frustrating because I went with this company even though they cost more than what others quoted me because I trusted them. My trust was misguided. Do not ship with these people. Update.... so I also hired this company to move my apartment. I was told it would take two weeks. After two weeks I called and was told my stuff was in a warehouse in Las Vegas (I was having my stuff shipped from San Diego to Nashville). When my items arrived (over one week late), I was missing a portable air conditioner. I immediately told the delivery person who went to check his truck. When it wasn’t there, he told me to file a claim so I did. Now the claim has been denied because I didn’t list the item as missing. There was nothing telling me to list the item as missing and the delivery driver didn’t tell me to list it as missing on his paperwork. He also didn’t allow me to go thru my belongings because he had other deliveries to make and said he couldn’t wait. I filed the claim three months ago and finally heard back only to find it was denied because I didn’t magically know to list the item as missing on a form that didn’t even have a space to list items as missing. $600 down the drain on top of all of the money for the move. They also changed how much it would cost on the day of pickup of course, when it was already too late to schedule someone else for my cross country move.
- Stefanye Thurmond

Do not give this company your business. I had an extremely bad experience with them and wanted to warn others. They are dishonest and will say anything to make a sale. They "booked" my move out for a specific date and time, and said they'd make an exception to their normal way of doing things which is booking a window. They texted me and called me nonstop to put down my deposit, and once I did they just ghosted me so I thought it was actually a scam. Then I found out that when they passed my contract on to the local people hired for the job, they did not book the specific date and time they had promised me over the phone. This was awful because I don't live where my stuff was being stored anymore, so my friend had to take off work to come meet them.
- Miss M.

I must say that I was very impressed with the amount of customer service that I received during my moving process with Cross County Moving Group. I moved from Oklahoma City to Lake Charles Louisiana and though I was a bit nervous since this was my first time moving across state, they exceeded my expectations! Everything arrived in a decent amount of time and there was no damages to any of my furniture occurred. I was able to move my living room set, appliances, and my bedroom set as well. When it came to my dishes they were very cautious and careful with packing for me. I recent purchased a few new dish sets and wanted to make sure they were tended to accordingly. To my surprise they were all accounted for and not a single dent was in the box. I highly recommend this company to anyone moving especially first time cross state movers. The experience was great, keep up the great work!!
- Jameka N.

I moved from Massachusetts to Texas. Their estimate of my moving expenses was half of what it ended up costing me. Additionally, I was told that they had moved celebrities before, implying that the move would be good. In reality, the movers that moved me lost several items and my piano was cosmetically damaged enough that it needs to be refinished. I was not told up front that they're a broker. If you don't want to pay more money for your move, don't use them. Go to an actual moving company and get a live quote from them.
- Andy L.

I would strongly recommend not using this company! This company is moving BROKER meaning they find the company that will actually be picking up your stuff. ** Something to note: if you request a delivery date, on your contract it will read "first available delivery date" meaning absolutely nothing. Basically your stuff will potentially arrive anywhere from 2-3 weeks of this date.** The salesperson did not relay this message before i signed the contract. He was just eager to make a quick buck from his commission check. Management was not helpful whatsoever. If something goes wrong you have the call them, they then have to call the company etc. It's nonsense. Do yourself a favor and contact a moving company dire
- John K.

Hamilton Johnson and the loaders, drivers thank you so much for help me in the time of crisis. As a single woman I was afraid of hiring movers and worried about my stuff being stolen. HAMILTON JOHNSON you did assure me and gave me a sense of comfort and relaxation and full satisfaction of the service.. I am so proud of you all guys. Thank you a million. I will refer this company to my friends and family
- RiRi R.

This is a broker company, which is not disclosed. They do NOT abide by their contract. They lowballed me on the estimated cubic feet of my inventory. Therefore, I now have to pay an extra $5 per cubic foot for my inventory, even though I don't add ANYTHING. It will cost an additional $1000. Maybe more. I called them to question this. Their answer was they could abide by the contract and only load whatever fit in their original cubic foot estimate. Um, right? As if I'm gonna leave half my belongings behind?!?! Do not use these guys.
- Loren S.

I visited my friend who was moving and we found this company to help us. I asked many friends about moving companies since I was not familiar with it and one friend recommended Cross Country Moving Group since it was nearby in the area where my friend stayed. Regardless of the bad reviews they've had previously, we decided to give them a chance and called them for more information such as rates, the whole process, and dates. They were a little over my friend's budget, however they worked with us to service our minimal needs. The guy on the phone was super friendly and very helpful. He picked up the phone right away and gave us as much details as he could. The crew arrived on time and got to work, packing up the boxes right away. They gave me an estimated time of 4 to 5 hours to pack up and unload my friend's furniture and other belongings, but they did it in a shorter amount of time, which was 3 and a half hours. As we arrived to my friend's new place and unpacked the boxes, we were surprised to see nothing was damaged unlike the photos we saw on the reviews previously. I was really impressed with Cross Country Moving Group!
- Ting N.

Called me to give me quote moving from MA to CA. I started reading out yelp reviews to him and Zach promised me he's not a moving broker when BBB and Yelp reviews say they are. He tried to play it off and talked about how we go to the same school so he wouldn't rip me off and how they run a trusted network and are different from a moving broker. Guy is full of sht.
- Jerry Y.

Critical: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value (WORTHLESS) Because we went through Cross Country Moving Group we had no idea who would be moving us... BE CAREFUL. We were set up with US Movers in Dallas, Texas from Texas to Michigan. What was supposed to cost around 8K ended up 12K and going to cost thousands, if we can to repair and repurchase everything. I can't even begin to tell you the runaround we have received and today when the furniture was delivered, most of the valuable pieces have been destroyed beyond repair. When they picked up the furniture over a week ago, they pretty much held us hostage if we didn't agree that it was almost double the size that was quoted and what we would have to pay. We were told by another company they were known for doing this, so we asked them to increase the amount of cubic sf and weight to be safe and they still lived up to what other moving companies said they would do. Hit us up for more when they arrived to get our furniture. My daughter has been crying all morning, because when you call all of their numbers, they don't answer their phones and the phone mailboxes have been full for a week. My heart breaks for what my family is going through today. The only response was we have to file a complaint. So far they have not honored the discount we were promised in the beginning either. They told us we had a full truck, which wasn't true either because when it showed up it wasn't full and we were told they had to drop off another household in another state before they delivered our furniture. We have a picture of the truck not being full. We couldn't get the weight either, as it was weighed with another household on the truck. We originally went through Cross Country Moving Group and Kyler Douglas was our Senior Moving Coordinator 561-404-3830 phone number and when we called him the day of the pickup he has not returned our calls. We spoke briefly with Anne at Customer Service and she didn't return our calls as she promised either. I just want to say that if you go with either one of these companies you READ THE SMALL PRINT!!!!! I would suggest not going with either company. By the way, the refrigerator that was destroyed, was told to us the day they moved it that was part of the increase of the move because of the Cubic Sq. Feet it took up. Also the antique buffet has been in our family for over 70 years and God knows if it can be repaired. It has moved several times without a scratch and they managed to break the mirror and wood in one cross country move. Also, they added a fee to the charge card when the picked up the furniture and when they dropped it off they demanded cash or post office check before they would unload. Now I know why because you can't do a darn thing when they show up with everything destroyed and they overcharged you from the time they showed up at your house. If you know of anyone that knows how to get these claims filed, please share. Latest..... The movers walked off the job so they hired some guys off of Craigslist to bring the furniture in. They didn't put it where it belonged and they also didn't put the beds or things back together per our contract. Finally my son-in-law had to request them to leave because they were destroying the walls and not doing what we contracted them to do. Of course he had to sign saying he got everything, and he has no idea. What a cluster F---.
- Sherry S.

I rarely write a bad review but I must do it for the good of others! I contracted this company to make my move from New York to Colorado to begin with the only nice interaction I had was with the salesman that sold me the company as being responsible and efficient however they outsource the work to a company that was the least professional when they showed up to pick up everything after they packed everything they decided to increase the price of the move an additional $3200 when I questioned it my son told me that before they had even gotten to the house in their paperwork it said to charge $4000 when my original quote was $2300 so needless to say this is a set up to catch you and than make you pay whatever they want! They were so rude to tell me if I didn't pay they would put my [email protected]@@ on the street! Well the nightmare doesn't end there. It took them literally 15 days to deliver my move even though they said it was 7-10 days for delivery and although I was told I would have the driver's information every time I called to inquire as to where was my move I was told that it was on the way and the driver would call the day before and they couldn't provide the drivers info. Finally I got the call I was waiting for but the driver said I had to shuttle a truck because he wouldn't come to the house to drop off lol.. therefore at last minute I had to go rent a truck and unload my own move after paying $4000 needless to say they were several items that are damaged! and a table missing.. DO NOT HIRE THIS COMPANY!!!
- Adrianna A.

Cross Country Moving Group I really don t like giving a negative feedback on a company, however, this one deserves it. I hired Cross Country Moving Group out of Del Ray, Florida. They offer a great holiday special to move my goods from Connecticut to North Carolina. DON'T USE THIS COMPANY. They are not a moving company. They provided a low quote to lock me in, and, they are nothing more then a broker to make a sale. I went with them, and at the time of the move, they hired a third party moving company, Stop and Move, which increase the moving price by 3x. They lock you in and provide a terrible service. My goods we're picked up and stored in NJ for some reason, and I had to pay cash to get it delivered. Some of my items went with the next delivery in FL, they dropped a 100 year old antique off the lift that fell three feet to the road causing much damage. Many other item were damaged. When you report damage, there customer service department are extremely rude, they will tell you that you can't get the items fixed until an insurance agent looks at it.This can take up to 120 days. What a joke. Go with a reputable company, these guys are fly by night, no experience, and, the goal is to rip you off. I reported them to the BBB, and was offer a $50. credit. They are just in it to make money, tell you lies, and, have you locked in to work with them. Bottom line, avoid them. They are a bunch of con artists period, they won't help you, and are very rude. Both companies are incompetent - period. STAY AWAY.
- Tom P.

So this place! Really good price & service. I reached out to several moving companies and narrowed it down to two, Cross Country Moving Group & another one in the same area. There were no hidden fees or extra charges. From the office staff to the sales team to the excellent movers, everyone was great! I felt valued as a customer and the service we received while we had to move furniture for our friends. The movers arrived a bit early but it was great and We were happy they did because they still had a lot of things to pack. I used to live in a 3 bed room apartment. They came to their house and started packing all of the stuff immediately. It took them about 3 to 4 hours to pack everything. When we got there, They did not hesitate to instantly started to unpack. Thankfully none of their stuff was broken. The team was diligent, very polite, careful and patient too which is rare. I would definitely recommend Cross Country Moving Group to anyone looking to move.
- Hope T.

This was my first time hiring professional movers. I had always moved myself but decided to spend a little money and let someone else do the heavy lifting. Now these guys aren't the cheapest mover but the most reliable, fastest and most efficient. I got the quote from their website. It was so easy to get the quote only few clicks and we got the quote. First they came to our house 3 days before the move and examined our house and give us the amount it will take for the move. At moving day around 9 am a truck arrived at our doorsteps. The crew consisted of 4 guys. everything was wrapped in blankets and tape- so no scratches or scrapes to the furniture. They handled everything with care and moved stuff in and out efficiently like pros even with the stairs in both residences. When we reached our new home they helped us unpack our stuff and even put together my new bed frame for me. I'm a very picky customer with very high standards, and I was extraordinarily pleased with my move. If i am pleased i am sure you will also be pleased. I recommend Cross Country Moving Group to anyone looking to move.
- Rae J.

This company is a full on scam. We were fooled by fake reviews. Do not use them! When I booked them they had great reviews and in a month between booking and moving it came to light that a lot of reviews were fake. 1) they are not a moving company, they are a broker. They will not be the ones moving your stuff. They don't communicate this upfront. 2) They LOW BALL you to rope you in. Brock was who we spoke to, told us that it would be $1500 to move our furniture from NJ to AZ because we had a "minimal move". We listed everything we had for him and he gave us a quote, he said it was a rough estimate and didn't need to be accurate. He also said that each flight of stairs was $75 but he would only charge us for 1 (we live on the 3rd floor). 3) they will jack up the price. I saw other people say that and thought "oh this is probably because they had more stuff" WRONG. They intentionally leave things off your quote (event if you tell them to add them) and hit you with it the day of. Our quote was $1500 and we wound up paying $3700. They call you a few days before the move, go over everything and then demand additional money (for us they asked for $800 additional deposit on the spot). They even told us that the day they pack the furniture they'll calculate cubic sf and cut costs if it's less. So we decided to cut out a BUNCH of stuff to help reduce cost. I called back and asked for the price to be revised, we cut out a bar, barstools, a bookshelf and a vacuum. Joseph told me that we didn't need to remove things they'd adjust the price accordingly. Guess what- they didn't even measure our stuff once loaded and insisted on the final cost even with less stuff. When they got to AZ- the moving company (cause remember cross country is a broker) had no idea that Brock promised us a free flight, demanded their payment PLUS an extra $75 for the 3rd flight of stairs. 4) their communication is horrible. Brock was our sales rep and he was sneaky and underhanded. Joseph was our "inventory" person and he was rude and unprofessional. He also tried to talk around us- at one point he said our cost would be less cause his program maps out the moving trucks cubic feet flat and we'd be able to stack furniture (CUBIC FEET MEASURES THE WHOLE SIZE WHICH MEANS ITS THE SAME IF YOU STACK IT OR LAY IT FLAT). The only one who was kind of nice was Annie in customer service. We also had put stuff could arrive no earlier than 6/3. I called on 6/2 (while driving to Arizona from NJ) and asked for an update cause I had heard nothing since they picked up our things on 5/23. 4 hours later I get a call from our movers that they're ready to drop off today (6/2) in a few hours. We had to run to our apartment, sign all the papers and get in to let the movers in because they were early. Hopefully this account will steer you away if you're considering. DON'T BELIEVE THE POSITIVE REVIEWS THEY ARE FAKE. this company overcharged me by $2200. They are terrible scam artists. I don't know how they live with themselves stealing money from people through misrepresentation.
- Alyssa B.

I had the best experience using Cross Country Moving Group! They made my move so effortless and easy! After doing a yelp search of moving companies in my state and comparing quotes, we chose Cross Country Moving Group as they seemed to have a relatively reasonable price and had good reviews on yelp. It was a very simple process to book with her and then confirm the details online. They are communicative, friendly, and prompt. Anyway I highly recommend! You basically give them a detailed list of items you want to move and where you are moving to and they give you a quote! Super reasonable. They are super responsive if you have any changes. I paid a little extra to make sure that I had coverage with my stuff because I had recently purchased newer furniture etc, but it all was so reasonable. On the day of the move, the guys texted me in the morning with ETA. They updated me with several texts due to traffic conditions. They were about 20 minutes late but I factor in a small lateness with traffic.
- Den E.

I needed a mover that could pick up all my household goods as well as everything from my salon, which was heavy-duty equipment and many boxes. I was concerned because a lot of the equipment that was being moved is very expensive and I wanted to make sure that it would arrive in the same condition that it left in and of course it did. Overall I had a good experience with Cross Country Moving Group- the company was responsive and helpful, and I felt comfortable that they would deliver everything in good condition.
- Ann T.

Cross Country Moving Group company is reliable. I called them on my move day & they were able to move me without giving me a different date or unavailability. The movers were professional & none of my properties were damaged. I highly recommend them.
- Claire Sanderson

So happy with this company! I was so nervous about moving out of my hometown for the first time in my life. When researching movers, I was drawn to Cross Country by the low estimate. And when I called to ask about the details, they were so nice and made sure to answer all the questions I had! The movers were also extremely polite and careful with my things. The move (from California to Colorado) was quick and I was grateful that everything arrived in one piece. I highly recommend it!
- Juliana White

I tried looking around for a few days before I heard about you guys. The price alone caught my eye, then after speaking with one of your very professional customer service advisors, I made my decision quickly. The Cross Country Moving Group is simply the best moving company in Florida. Without hesitation, it was seamless to make the transition from my life in Florida to my current house in New Jersey. Thank you for making things affordable, quick, and stress-free.
- Sean Jordan

Respectful handling of a priceless family heirloom. I was looking to move my business a little closer to my family (who lives in Fort Worth, Texas) and was afraid to let anyone touch my great grandmother's grandfather clock. It had already been damaged once by a moving company, and I wasn't keen on letting that happening again. Fortunately, the folks at Cross Country were not only able to assuage my concerns, they also provided the swiftest, easiest, most professional moving experience i've ever had.
- Austin Smith

Overall great experience with this company. Through much effort of looking around for a good moving group, my family and I came across this one and I can say we definitely chose correctly. The workers make it easy to trust them with our items and the experience ended in full success. Our items were in great condition after.
- Jadan Brooks

These people are not worthy to get single star. They outsourced my shipment to Way to Go inc. lost 2 televisions and damaged apartment lawns and 2 racks. Asked to initiate insurance claim. After 6 months I received claim amount for 30 dollars. They just calculated the weight of the lost goods and provided this amount. Such a worst scam by this company...
- Tamizamuthan V.

After speaking with several companies, I chose to go with cross country moving group after a friend recommended them. They moved all of my heavy furniture from my 3rd story, 2 bed apartment and into my new one very quickly(in the rain)! I've never used a moving service before but they were very careful with all of my items and they didn't waste any time. Not one single scratch, dent or mark of any sort on any wall or piece of furniture. The team confirmed with me on Sunday that they would be there Monday morning. Then, Monday morning they texted me on their way. The crew arrived and worked for 4 solid hours just to pack my remaining stuff. Absolutely worth every penny and then some! Was more careful with personal belongings than I even would have been. Came prepared with everything you could possibly think of. The team cleaned as they went and ensured the area was protected. We will definitely use cross country moving group again, and we HIGHLY recommend this company to anyone else who find themselves in need of a great moving company!!
- Keturah W.

SCAM and MOVING FRAUD ALERT!!! I learned that to get your complaint against this broker resolved on the federal national registry / database and to have fraudulent and deceptive companies like CC Mover exposed, please use the right channels with the BBB complaint process and the FMCSA complaint database. That will get you much further. After assessing all of our property damage post-move and how this company handled everything because we contracted a mover through this broker, my family has decided on taking this company through litigation and a public relations campaign to expose their deceitful business practices. We had a nightmarish experience and lost over $12K+ worth (cost to replace our damaged property), as the majority of it is water-damaged during the move. This company is a complete through-and-through "scammer", and only the select few who have used their "moving brokerage" service know this. We are also out about $10K in paying for our self-relocation because of this scam as we overpaid their contracted movers because of space/relocation and moving costs. Their subcontractor was also careless carrying our things in our new home and handling and reassembling our things to which they didn't complete. Here is a snippet of the letter I wrote to their subcontractor, Streamline Relocation Services, equally responsible and accountable for the negligent handling of our things resulting in the splitting up of our property to save their interstate freight and storage costs but this was not done without gross negligence and water damage. Here's a part of the letter that we warned them there would be dire consequences if they did not respond nor propose a reasonable settlement towards the damage/replacement of our property. "We were NOT included in any of the decision-making process of splitting our property move and truck shipment into two different stages, trucks or delivery dates. We DID NOT authorize this. We were told after the fact. Nor was I informed along the way in any kind before our move was in progress or that our property would be stored in an intermediate storage container or facility before our things were to be delivered in Texas. This is both a violation of trust and what had been verbally agreed upon by Streamline (the moving carrier) and me. I depended on Cross Country and Streamline to handle and take care of my move in one stage and not to store anything in any warehouse or let water damage occur. *At least 40-50% of our things which had been moved had water damage and were handled with gross negligence resulting in scuffed, torn, broken parts and missing things. Gross negligence is a legal term which means that there is no liability waiver that covers the deliberate and what appears to have been intentional mishandling/storage of our property. We even had a cockroach appear in one of the opened containers from their LV storage. One of their movers told us to sue Streamline Moving in Nevada for everything, so this came from one of their very own! *My family accepted/received the first shipment on the following Saturday, June 22nd at 6pm. 6pm? WTF. Who arranges for a delivery this late for a family with 2 young children?!? Was any of this properly managed or coordinated? I think not. *As the Gonzalez family, we had waited patiently four more days for the items promised the previous Tuesday, and we received them at around 6pm on the evening of the 22nd. The movers (subcontractors as All State Relocation Services) immediately demanded payment in full for half the moving fee without a basic inspection of the items, for over +$5K due, which I had compensated for a total price of over $10.5K. I do not believe that Streamline deserves any compensation for the negligent and intentional abuse/handling and subcontracted transportation of our boxes, furniture, and goods. That's when all the initial delivery problems happened. Your subcontractor movers scratched our walls and didn't fully organize, nor assemble every major items and left after midnight. This was not part of the agreed upon contract. This also is known as non-performance against a contractual obligation/term for not delivering assembled items. We did not receive the last and final shipment until Monday, July 1st, and note that this is nearly 1 week later, also with damaged furniture which will be on the claim. The entire time, there was no communication to us, until we called the driver repeatedly. We are expecting financial compensation for the stress and emotional problems you had caused my family, in addition to the financial-- so this is not just a claim. So, we want our money back for the move because Streamline was grossly negligent, uncaring and did not perform to any minimal level of competence on it's contractual obligations." Pls join me in this endeavor and we will ensure that no brokers/movers will ever exist like this in the marketplace.
- J. Kristian G.

I have so happy with my experience with Cross Country Moving! Moving is such a stressful experience to begin with and can easily be made worse with the wrong moving company. However, this company made the process so easy from start to finish! Everyone was polite and efficient. Most importantly, none of my items were damaged in the process. I will definitely use them for all future moving needs!
- Taylor M.

An Easy Experience. After a while of looking for some movers, I stumbled upon Cross Country. From there I hired them and it was the easiest moving experience I've had in my life. The movers are easy to talk to and can understand what you want them to do with ease. After choosing these movers, I don't think I can really choose anyone else.
- Darren Powell

Great experience using Cross Country Moving Group. Very professional, received a phone call for the time they going to be at my residence. Accessed what was on their list to be moved. Disassembled all items. Wrapped everything nicely and processed to load items in a timely manner. At new location reversed the process in a timely manner. Very satisfied with the whole move,will recommend highly and use Cross Country Moving Group again if needed. Thank you again!!
- Madeleine Dowd

Wow, that was easy! I had never used a professional moving service before, and now I’ll ONLY use Cross Country Moving Company. My experience with the company from the first contact to the final goodbye was easy and professional. I would recommend their services to any friends or family planning a big move in the near future. Keep up the great work!
- Daniel Mccaney

We needed to move to New York for a new job my wife got there. I called up other moving companies, but their rates were way too expensive. I called Cross Country Moving and they were so kind. Considering all our belongings they gave us a bargain price of $3000. I couldn’t believe it. When they arrived, they carefully handled our items, and when we arrived at our apartment in New York they were untouched! I would highly recommend to anyone moving.
- Michael Oreilly

Thank you so much for helping me move. I’ve never encountered a harder-working moving team. I was stressed about making my first big move for my career, so having a moving team that showed up in a good mood really helped. This team is incredibly organized and brings a sense of order and fun to an otherwise stressful transition. I won’t name names, but one team member’s puns made me laugh harder than I have in a long time.
- Lynn Cook

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