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About Plycon Transportation Group

Plycon Transportation Group was created in 1982 by Arthur Pliaconis. He had a single truck and a trailer, but his vision was boundless. We are a nationwide fine furniture carrier and small move specialist. Our company provides transportation of an array of items, ranging from a single precious antique to high-end furniture pieces to motorcycles, automobiles, and all household goods. A fleet of vehicles are there to meet the needs for individuals who need local residential moves, long distance, office and commercial relocations. We move your small and large unique items. We make weekly trips coast to coast. All trucks are fully equipped with all necessary straps and pads. We also haul fine automobiles enclosed only.

Moving-Me about Plycon Transportation Group

Plycon Transportation Group operates from the South Florida area across the state and to the rest of the nation. It is one of the highest quality moving companies known for its flexibility and attention to every detail. What makes them stand out from the rest is prof vehicle transportation. Hiring one company for your household goods and your car is very comfortable. From packing and unpacking a single precious antique, to the contents of an entire home, they do it all. They also provide the white glove service. They are ready to provide the best price and perform the safest move. Quality shipment solutions from a single piece of furniture to a partial house/apartment move to an estate requiring deliveries to multiple locations.

Plycon Transportation Group Licenses & Certificates

Plycon Transportation Group is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. Plycon Transportation Group is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from other in the industry.
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What is Plycon Transportation Group cost for interstate moves?

Be ready that the average long-distance moving costs will be around $2227. This could mean that long-distance moving services costs of Plycon Van Lines for moving between states is cheaper from the market average. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services and distance from A to B point. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection company. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free and cost-effective. Plycon Transportation Group is a great representative of modern move with highly experienced professionals and latest moving equipment.

Plycon Transportation Group Reviews

I shipped my 2005 Corvette from DC to LA using this service.  The rate was competitive and they have a solid reputation among car enthusiast forums online, so I went ahead and booked a pickup.   These guys have their own trucks, so you aren't dealing with a broker / bidding / middle man.  This is as simple as it gets - you provide the pickup, dropoff, and they send a truck.   I had a few small hiccups along the way but everything was resolved in the end.  I dealt with Anthony who was more courteous, professional, and understanding than anyone else I had spoken to throughout my hunt for a shipping company.  It really does come down to the people at the other end of the line - and it's not just about the service delivery.  You want to know that in the slight chance that issues arise, delays occur, etc that your provider will communicate and make things right, and in my case, Plycar did just that.  These guys even went out of their way to express how tough a cross-country move must be and empathized with the stress I was under, which is kind of shocking.  Most people just want to close up the deal and move on - I felt like they actually cared about my concerns, situation, the quality of service and overall experience, which is refreshing.  A++
- M.B.

I picked up a new car from NY and needed to have it shipped to Florida. Plycar came recommended by the salesperson from my dealership. I had a very good experience and I definitely recommend this company. Things I liked: 1. The people who did the pick up and drop off were really professional.   2. The pick up person went around the car taking pictures of the car for documentation purposes. 3. A plastic bag was placed over the driver's seat to protect the seat from dirt. 4. The delivery truck was one of the nicest trucks I'd seen with wooden polished floors and a conveyor belt for the car. 5. The car was delivered without any scratches or dents. None of the things I packed in the car was stolen or rummaged through. Things that could have been better: 1. Costumer services wasn't as nice as I expected. They made me feel like I was asking them to deliver a box of toys. 2. Pick up day and time weren't confirmed. I had to call to make sure it was definitely going to happen and even then it was a 12ish pick up. The car wasn't picked up until 3-4pm. 3. The delivery took slightly longer than expected: 10 days instead of the 5-6 days that was told to me. 4. The online tracker wasn't accurate. I was tracking my the car the entire time and it kept saying that my car was in California. With the horror stories that I kept hearing about moving companies, I was getting freaked out about never seeing my car ever again. Despite all that I definitely would use this company in the future. The things they did well by far outweighed the things that needed improvement.
- Samantha S.

I recently purchased a few-thousand-dollar vintage leather chair and ottoman on First time purchase and like a dummy, used my debit card. The chair was going from Atlanta, Georgia to Houston, Texas and I was told 3 to 6 week "white glove delivery" at a cost of about $400. It was scheduled to be delivered on April 12th (which would be exactly three weeks from purchase).Only after this did I check reviews for Plycon. Almost everything I could find was TERRIBLE and my heart sank. But to my great surprise it was delivered early, on April 7th, and in perfect condition! They called the day before to ask if ok to deliver early and then yesterday when it was scheduled for a delivery window of noon to 2pm they called at 9am to say their were in my neighborhood and could they come early. Every interaction was professional. Thank you Plycon!
- Urban A.

Do you like providing a company w/ payment & having your credit card overcharged? How about paying for said services but 4 months later, still not having your merchandise b/c they "forgot" to process the order & then "forgot" to pick up your item? What about being given attitude when you ask for a discount/compensation for the fact they have not picked up your item almost 3 months after you paid for their services in full? Or how about having your emails & voice mails are repeatedlly ignored b/c these people are COMPLETELY INCOMPETENT. Due to their negligence, I had to buy my client a brand new replacement item b/c almost 4 months later, Plycon has still not delivered the item we ordered.   I have had issues with them in the past where they fail to deliver items & they just sit in the warehouse. FOR. MONTHS.  Last year, they delivered some furniture from DucDuc and completely destroyed it drilling holes in the wrong placed & cracking the wood. I spent months afterwards waiting for a replacement & having them come back to reinstall - which they f*ed up again. If you like making stupid decisions after reading this review, then hiring this company is for you, and you're probably a glutton for punishment.   For a good delivery company try SNS Warehouse or Air & Sea Packing - unlike Plycon, they actually DO THEIR JOBS.
- D.L.

I shipped a one of a kind piece of furniture to a client in California. I was told by Plycon it would arrive in about a week. Almost a month later, I was mortified that my client had not received it. Worse yet, my client was promised in FOUR separate emails by Plycon that they would arrive that Saturday morning to deliver, and then THEY NEVER SHOWED. THEY NEVER CALLED HER even though they had her number, which both she and I had given them. They finally arranged a second delivery time and arrived the following week. When I called / emailed to complain about the month-long delay and the no show, Tom McDonald, the Director of National Operations, promised to issue me a partial refund in the amount  of $203, since I refunded my client $200 my shipping charges for her trouble (I am a conscientious business person). It has been TWO MONTHS since Mr. McDonald promised me, (in an email which I have in gmail), that refund. I sent him an additional email reminding him of his promise. Plycon NEVER sent me a refund check, and Mr. McDonald NEVER made good on his written promise. I will never use them again.
- Sharon S.

From four months ago (April 8th, 2016) to today (August 3rd, 2016), Plycon delivered my Maitland Smith Antique Center Table 3 times, each time in a worse condition than the previous.  The table surface is completely tilted, with two table legs detached from the main center support.  I tried to refuse delivery since they've broken the table during dispatch, but I was told the table can be "repaired", thus I have to take back the broken table.  They claim to fix it - thus the second and third delivery, but still broken when delivered.  The third time was the worst, a beautiful antique table is ruined, and I'm stuck with it.   While I tried to communicate with the admin about the situation over a four months period of time, a lady named Donna keeps on trying to speak over me and interrupting me by repetetively calling me "Honey" in a condescending way.  Not only is her tone disrespectful, when there is a conflict of interest and I try to reach her, she would hung up on me on multiple accounts, and wouldn't pick up the phone when I call back.  This is the most unprofessional admin I have ever encountered in my whole life.   I had to speak to her boss, who I did get a hold of once, and was never able to again ever since.  Then I was referred to their New York Office, where I get to speak to another admin lady once, and was never able to get a hold of ever since.  When I complain to the superiors about how Donna is very unprofessional and a waste of my time, I simply got a response saying "she is very green, she does not know what she's doing".... I guess that would justify all the inconveniences and the ordeal that I had to deal with over a four months period of time.   Each time the delivery crew suppose to show up, they don't.  In addition, I don't hear from anyone following up with the reason of the no show.  A week later, they'd show up.  With an attitude, and in an extreme rush, as well as a broken table - every single time.   So to sum up, the admin staff is just plain terrible, the delivery crew has no sense of date and time, and a bad attitude.  I'm so fed up with this horrible company, after four months I think it's fair for me to say - DO NOT HIRE FOR THE SAKE OF YOUR SANITY.
- Audrey Y.

I used Plycon to deliver an antique coffee table I purchased off a seller in NYC.  The online quote form on their website was a nice feature; in less than 24 hours I had a quote for cost and time of delivery without having to listen to any hold music. The Kings Park office did a nice job; they were able to pick up the table within 48 hours of me paying via credit card.  Paid on Tuesday 2/1, they contacted the seller on Wednesday to schedule pickup, and picked up on Friday 2/4 as promised. The delivery was scheduled for a week later, Friday 2/11, but the truck was diverted directly to Chicago (bypassing me in Columbus) without letting me know.  A phone call would have been nice, so I wouldn't have had to take time off from work waiting around for a truck that never showed.  The dispatcher in the Chicago location claimed no knowledge of the original delivery appointment, even though the phone call to schedule it came from that location. The second delivery was promised for the following week, but no call materialized; a call to the Chicago location midweek resulted in a promise that they would call the following Monday 2/21 to schedule the delivery.  When no call materialized on that Monday, I called them, and they agreed to deliver on Friday, 2/27.  In the course of that discussion I found out they had misspelled my address on their bill of lading, which I was fortunate enough to catch and correct while discussing with the customer service representative. The truck showed up at 9:30AM, in the first half-hour of the two hour (9AM-11AM) delivery window on Friday, 2/27; they called me a half-hour before to confirm.  The two workers who delivered the table were friendly and professional in demeanor and behavior; they carried the table inside and removed all packing material.  So from start to finish 23 days to deliver a table from NYC to Columbus, Ohio.  In fairness, their original quote to me promised delivery by 2/26, so they were only one day behind schedule. The table was delivered in perfect shape, but that's because I paid to have it crated, with a $0 deductible for damage.  If it's important to you that your piece arrive in the condition it was picked up in, you may want to consider doing the same. My takeaway from all this?  I would use them again, but I would be careful to call them as much as necessary to prompt them to deliver.  Do not wait for them to call, you'll still be waiting.  I should note they have online tracking, so at least you will know which warehouse your shipment is sitting in gathering dust.
- Richard P.

BEWARE: Plycon Van Lines is a large company with an even bigger ego and sense of entitlement which has rendered them with the arrogant opinion that their time matters and your time does not... I originally wrote a much more detailed version of my horrible experience, but Yelp has a word count limit: so I've had to compress the details. Plycon was hired by a customer of mine to pick up 2 large doors in California to be delivered to an address in Maryland. Coincidentally, my customer had bought a single regular-sized interior door from another seller who's shop was literally 10 minutes from my location. Red Flag #1 was when I learned that Plycon demanded an additional $700 from my customer-- to travel the extra 10 minutes to pick up the single door from the other vendor to be added to the delivery (Most's with decency...would have considered this extra stop as one combined pick-up, or at the very most asked for an additional $50) So the situation forced us to try to have the other seller meet me at the pick up location for my doors (a storage unit) at the same time that Plycon would come by, in order to have the additional door considered part of the "same pick-up" The plan was that Plycon would contact me 24 hours in advance to agree on a time for the pick up. I emphasize the word "agree" (on a time). After a few days of waiting to hear from them, I got a phone message at 3:45 PM that they would meet me between 11:00 AM and 1:00 PM the next day (less than 24 hours in advance). When I returned their call, I got a recording saying they were unavailable and directing me to leave a message (Which I did) On my message to Plycon: I said that the other seller could bring his door to my location at 1:00 (the far end of the suggested pick-up time) I  could meet at 1:00 PM the next day   I got no reply. The next day came and I had still not heard back from I called 3 more times that morning and left messages each time....and I called and left messages an additional 2 times to another phone number that I had for them...I left a total of 6 messages and never received a single call back ! By 12:20 PM the next day (proposed day of pick-up) I got a call from Oscar,the driver for Plycon who said he was 10 minutes away from my location I noticed on my caller ID that he was calling from an entirely new phone number ~ so I asked him " Did you get my previous 6 messages, telling you that I could meet you with the other seller at 1:00 ?" He replied "I don't know" "You don't know if you got my 6 messages ??? " I replied in disbelief !..."and why are you calling me on a phone number entirely different from any phone number I have been given ?" ~"Because this is my cell phone" he replied "I said on each of my 6 messages that I could meet you at if you are 10 minutes away, that will put you at my storage location at 12:30 PM ~ so please wait and we will be there at 1:00 " Oscar replied: " No ! We can't wait for you, you will be there in 10 minutes: or we won't come!" I pointed out that I had to wait for someone else to meet us there at 1:00, as I have specified again & again in my messages. Oscar just barked " Call the office, we will not be coming" & he hung up on me! In disbelief, I had to call my customer in Maryland, who called the main Plycon office ~ which prompted a call to me from Caesar at Plycon, who explained " YOU don't understand: when we TELL you the window of when we will be there YOU DO NOT HAVE A CHOICE about when we will come, it will be sometime in that window~ We cannot wait for you !...We have met our obligation to you to be there between 11:00 and 1:00 by telling you we were 10 minutes away" I kept explaining to Caesar that the other seller (with the other door) was not there, but would be there at 1:00 as I had specified on my 6 messages...Caesar insisted " You have left NO MESSAGES !...I personally have checked both numbers: there are NO MESSAGES from you !....So call the New York office !"..and he also hung up on me ! In the meantime, it was about 12:35 by now & the other seller arrived (early) with his single door. I called my customer in Maryland who phoned Plycon and convinced them to return for the pick up~ eventually they showed up & took the doors away Plycon chose to add ugliness, greed, arrogance, rudeness & disrespect into the world...when a bit of grace, class and professionalism could have avoided all the negativity. I hope this post to YELP makes the world a better place by warning any of you who are considering hiring Plycon: apparently they have too much money and think they are above everyone else. My hope is that Plycon collapses under the weight of their own arrogance and goes out of business ....
- Joe H.

I was really worried after I bought antique chairs on Ebay from a seller in San Francisco and she hired this mover to ship them to me in Massachusetts and I went online and read the reviews. I was banking on Paypal guarantee to cover my loses if this didn't work out.  It did take over a month, but I fully expected that to happen given the distance. They called me a couple of days ahead to check and make sure I would be available. They then called the day before to tell me they would be arriving between 4 and 6 p.m. I was a little annoyed as they didn't show up until after 8 p.m. with no phone call until they were almost at my house. They explained that they had fallen behind because of traffic earlier in the day, which should have warranted a phone call to tell me about the delay as I picked up children early, etc. to ensure I would be there to accept the chairs. Other than that, everything went fine. I'm sorry for those who didn't have a great experience as I get how that works, but I was overall pleased with this company and how well they took care of my purchase.
- Phillip S.

Table's been sitting in their warehouse for three weeks now, and I can't get anyone to respond to email or return calls. When I call the corporate office, they're curt, then apologetic, and promise the piece is shipping out tomorrow, but actual delivery?...uh, call next week, maybe we'll know something. Meanwhile, when I try to contact the site that actually has the table to find out what's going on, no answer, no response. I paid $450 for this. Don't use Plycon. Even if the table eventually gets here in good condition, no shipping experience should be like this. Update: Table arrived with leg smashed off. This is a pretty sturdy table -- it would've taken some wild van-loading incompetence to do this kind of damage on a four-hour drive. Remains to be seen whether their insurance company will actually pay the bill for the repair. No reimbursement, of course, for drop in the table's value. Do not use Plycon. (The most hilarious thing is that they honestly think they're good at this.) Seriously, you're way better off hiring a dude with a van, so long as he's a reasonably responsive dude.
- Fish S.

Can't say enough postive things about my experience transporting a classic '68 VW Beetle convertible cross country from Indiana to Washington State.  And a real shout out to Paul - the best in the business!  My journey finding the right enclosed carrier took an inordinate amount of time.  Had never had a car transported before.  So many auto transport companies out there, both brokers and direct carriers.  Who to trust?  Plycar was recommended by an auto museum in Washington, so I decided to try them.  Besieged by several false starts, both in scheduling and getting the car running, Plycar was able to set a pick up time within a week.  No small feat given that Washington state is not the most common run.  I particularly liked the GPS tracking capability.  I could follow Paul's progress hour by hour.  I had a relatively small window of availability and Plycar actually delivered a day earlier than expected.  Communication with the dispatch and operations manager was timely and excellent.  The car arrived in great condition - no scratches, dents or cleanliness issues.  It was well protected and cared for.  I would not hesitate to call Plycar again or recommend them to others.  Their price was only slightly more than many other quotes I received.  But my advice - get a reputable company with its own drivers.  In this business, you need peace of mind.  And you must be willing to pay for that.  Thanks again to Paul and the team at Plycar!
- Bill C.

I hired Plycon to ship my dream car, a 1986 Porsche 911 Turbo, from NYC to OKC.  I had a great initial conversation with Ronnie, who quoted a great price and delivery window that was much smaller than his competitors. I was given the contact information for the truck driver, who called and texted me multiple times to coordinate timing and delivery.  The car was shipped within a week and arrived without a scratch, ding, or even a smudge. Then the 911 arrived, the driver's seat was covered with plastic and the floorboards with covered with paper.  I would highly recommend Plycar/Plycon to any of my friends/family and will use them again in the future.
- Justin G.

Atrocious customer service. Allegedly, everyone who has worked on our shipment since April 4th (it's June 17th) has been fired, supposedly explaining the long delay. Then the truck "got a flat" during the first delivery attempt. They kept us on hold the whole day before finally admitting they would not deliver. A week later, waiting for the second delivery, there's no arrival. And there's no one answering the phones, as usual.
- Andrew S.

Company committed to 5-7 day delivery.  After picking up car changed the route and made it 11 days.  They did compensate for the delay but only after a heated unpleasant discussion. Paid for enclosed shipment on carrier with lift.  Car was offloaded halfway through transportation and loaded onto another trailer. Car arrived on an enclosed trailer but car was filthy. I wonder how long it sat outside. I would not likely use them again. There are too many lower cost alternatives.
- Patrick K.

Paid to ship fine art including insurance ( $650 ) clearly received the piece in damaged condition ( pictures on the BOL and at drop off ) and was told that because the item was 29 years old they can not be responsible for the damage. Have had similar issues with UPS & Fedex over the years and both go out of their way to resolve the situation in a fair way. If you want to be protected on valuable items, find another company.......
- Mark R.

I also had a quote from Reliable but after calling both companies, I just liked the way Ronnie took the time to answer my questions and assure me I would not have any trouble. Their driver Paul was super professional and kept in contact with me after picking up the car in Indiana. He arrived promptly at our agreed meeting spot on delivery day. The trailer that hauls the vehicles is immaculate inside and I could see why they are successful in delivering vehicles without a scratch on them. I will highly recommend them to anyone I hear considering movement of a car in the future.
- Teufel Hunden

As of this date, I have waited 6 weeks and 2 days for the delivery of a desk. I was originally told that it would take 2 to 3 weeks, and I was told that I would receive an ETA when the desk was picked up with a confirmation call prior to actual delivery. I have not been given any of this and I am quite dismayed. I may have been put off repeatedly when I ask for assistance and I am beginning to wonder if they have lost or damaged the desk. I will happily post an update if and when they resolve this.
- Susan Wilson

Honestly, the worst white glove service I've used. I work for a company that used them, and if they damage something, they will do everything in their power to claim it wasn't their fault. If they can't prove it, they simply will never pay the claim and you're stuck with broken stuff. Honestly a mess of a company.
- Rich Chialastri

Plycar transported my Corvette from FL to PA.  They were recommended to me by the dealer, since they have done other moves for them.  Plycar's service was outstanding!  The driver called me when he picked up the car, again the day prior to delivery, and again when he was arriving in town.  He delivered the car in perfect condition, on time, and at a competitive rate. Plycar's tracking software and app make it easy to watch the movement of your car from origin destination to your driveway. I will be using them again when the need arises.
- John S.

Tried to get in touch with this company several times for an ESTIMATE, Left a voicemail and also sent out an email. That was three days ago and I still have not heard back from them....VERY UNPROFESSIONAL...if they don’t get back to you for an estimate, imagine what you would have to go through to get status on your shipment!!!
- theresa gambale

Thus far in not impressed. Waiting for my shipment to be received i have had the worst customer service and communication possible. picked up over 3 weeks ago they can't tell me where my shipment is or when i can expect to receive it. Their tracking system was finally updated 2 weeks after pick up to tell me that the estimated delivery date was yesterday but that it's at LAX and i'm in phoenix. i am now starting my second week of working with customer service to get an ETA on delivery but they're non-responsive and hand me off to one person and then the other. The person who shipped the product has stated they're usually pretty good and they have great white glove service so i will either add or subtract is star based on that experience. Having the most frustrating communication experience with this company. Had the product nearly 30 days and still can't tell me when it will be delivered. I was told I would receive a call today, but did not. I was expecting delivery this weekend, but not too hopeful. Weekend is over and again I had to email and get an update. I was told I would receive a call by Sunday. I sent a message to the contact and he told me the driver, who was to be here tomorrow at 10am - 12pm will now not be here till something in the afternoon. Frustrating that I schedule my weekend and Monday around both schedules only to have it not meet or communicated to me unless I ask. I'm sure the saga will continue tomorrow. To be continued.
- David Rausch

I've transported muscle cars, exotic cars, weird Japanese import cars.. just about everything I guess now with these guys. From the West Coast of the US to the East Coast, Northeast to North Carolina, even Western Canada now to North Carolina, they have delivered fast and professionally without damage of any kind each and every time. North to South transports on the east coast are very cost effective for enclosed professional car hauls, probably on the lower end of the cost spectrum for anyone they compete with. I can sometimes find a better deal on cross country hauls but I've stopped looking, they do what they say each and every time - two times recently with a small exotic haul from San Francisco and a micro car from British Columbia. The cars are single-loaded and arrive looking just like they departed. I'll keep booking with these guys, they are now my go-to for all enclosed car hauls, period.
- Just a Geek

Honestly, the worst white glove service I've used. I work for a company that used them, and if they damage something, they will do everything in their power to claim it wasn't their fault. If they can't prove it, they simply will never pay the claim and you're stuck with broken stuff. Honestly a mess of a company.
- Rich Chialastri

I used Plycon Transportation Group for my most recent move (I move a lot for my work - like A LOT). Pick up went swimmingly. I had my own spreadsheet of every single item. When the movers load the items, I check them off my list and so did they! I am a little OCD, but I would rather be safe than sorry. The crews on each end of the move were very good job. They did some of the boxes looked weathered. So far I have not seen any damaged items inside aside from the occasional plate or two.
- Codie Cisneros

I typically do not write reviews online but I felt I had to share my wonderful experience with Plycon Transportation Group. They were so professional from beginning to end. Their representatives were patient and thorough when they went over all of my inventory to provide a quote. They explained, in detail, what to expect and a breakdown of the payments. I was picked up and delivered within the time I was promised and my price did not increase at all. I am very happy with the delivery driver who patiently waited for me to knock on my neighbors doors so they could move their cars in order for his truck to fit. I would use them again and I have already shared my experience with some family and friends.
- Audrey Manning

I used Plycon Transportation Group for my recent move and they proved to be one of the best moving companies I’ve ever heard of. I read a lot of positive reviews online. As a matter of fact, they managed to exceed all my expectations. Their professional and friendly approach helped me move my car in a timely manner. Although my move was complicated they were very positive and polite. I would use their services over and over again. With so many satisfied customers no wonder they are one of the top rated companies. Keep up the good work guys!
- Mauro Zonzini

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