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The best Moving Company Miami, Florida – SunBiz Moving

Sunbiz Moving Company FL is represented by a team of professionals of 2 movers, a 20 ft moving truck and all standard moving services like blankets, disassembly and reassembly, loading and unloading and moving insurance. With years of experience, we work hard to bring each customer the best possible service and quality available. We specialize in 1 to 2 bedroom moving projects. We are locally owned and understand the importance of building a lifelong relationship with our clients. Our team is eager to answer all your questions any time and look forward to working with you.

Miami Moving Company Review- SunBiz Moving

SunBiz movers are ready to ensure your belongings a safe trip being highly trained in the most effective packing and loading methods. They are fully equipped to move expensive office furniture, retail goods, industrial equipment, computer systems, and more. SunBiz Moving Company provides fixed pick-up and delivery dates and time to move you as fast as possible. They are also ready to help you with a clean, dry, and highly secure storage facility.

Certified Moving Company Miami, Florida- Licenses & Certificates

SunBiz Moving is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. SunBiz Moving is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.
ICC MC number: 2809
(Interstate Commerce Commission Motor Carrier number)
Want more detailed information on moving documents to check? Click here to be informed.

What is the average Miami mover service cost?

SunBiz Moving Company offers relocation services at an average Florida moving costs. Be ready to pay 185$ for the first 2 hours of work each additional hour is 75$ extra fee for packing depending on the size. Call 305 680 2764 to get more detailed information immediately based on your request and moving needs. Fill out the SunBiz Moving Quote and our consultant will contact you during the day.
Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services and distance from A to B point. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here. We also suggest preparing a list of questions to ask your mover to know how to avoid hidden costs of moving and how to recognize a fake mover.

 Verified and Trustworthy Florida mover from Moving Me catalog – Sunbiz Moving

Moving-me is a team of professionals who respect your time and money. Being one of the best service in moving company selection operating all over the USA with reliable moving company reviews, we are doing our best to match a to manage your local, long-distance or interstate relocation at your moving needs and budget. Our aim is to gather facts about reliable movers to guarantee a stress free, cost-effective and fast moving. We are here to help you make a choice of the best moving companies that supply solutions  for moving relocation.

SunBiz Moving Reviews

These guys are hands-down the best moving company I have had the pleasure of hiring. Not only were they on time and had reasonable prices, but they moved my belongings as quickly, and as carefully as possible. Moving is a daunting task and we work hard for our things, and these guys get it! They worked seven hours straight without ever taking a break!! After so many hours of moving my things they even put together some furniture with no hesitation! Hopefully, I won’t have to move anytime soon but if I do......... I am looking nowhere else!
- Ahnie L.

Booking was easy and thorough. The movers showed up on time and the estimate for the move was accurate. They carefully wrapped each piece of furniture. I was very pleased.
- Joanne K.

We had an amazing experience. Outstanding work when this was our last moving during 3 years We moved 4 times before with diferent companies but finally We bought our home and They did the best moving ever. Thank You so much and I highly recomend this company. Solid
- Miguel O.

Very professionals. They never stopped, very polite, clean and helpful. Usually other movers try to do it slow or take longer routes to arrive to delivery area to charge you more time, they picked the best route and they did everything as fast as possible. I definitely recommend their service. 5 stars!
- Jose Antonio V.

They did an amazing job helping me move to my new home.
- Andre C.

I’ve worked with moving companies in the past and SunBiz goes above and beyond any other moving companies in Miami. They were very professional and came prepared. I had a small office move - the guys were on time, handled my items and boxes with care, loaded and unloaded the truck quickly and efficiently. I will refer all my friends. High quality work, with a truck and very reasonable prices. Will hire again! Thank you SunBiz movers
- Salomé E.

They did a great job! Will for sure hire next time I move.
- Rickie S.

They are OK but nothing to write home about. Because of the hourly rate, they work deliberately slow to put in more hours. In my case, they charged me $50 extra for stairs although there were elevators available on the pickup and drop off site, which were used for moving the stuff. I was too tired to argue about it and just paid. The bottom line is they moved what I wanted to move and were prompt enough in arriving for the job.
- Jay M.

The move was a breeze. The two movers were very professional and fast. I was moving stuff into storage and they somehow managed to make everything fit. I will definitely use them again. I highly recommend SunBiz!!
- Ivan L.

Three laborers arrived to assist with loading a 16 ft truck with some of the items too heavy for me to move.
- Barry B.

I highly recommend Sunbiz! I own several properties and have moved many times, this is definitely the best moving experience ever. Dan & Sergei were incredible they did quality work, they are professional, experienced, skilled with assembling furniture, they worked efficiently & effectively and they showed up on time. It was nice working with them and the Coordinator Kate. She gave me a fair quote, no surprises, no hidden fees, no haggling. If you’re looking for a worry-free experience Sunbiz is the best!
- Michelle S.

Very pleased with our move. They were very careful, punctual and very fast at loading and unloading. I would highly recommend them.
- Missy C.

This was a very positive wonderful experience. I needed to assist my daughter in moving and knew no one to do it. In searching I found five I might consider but went with Sun Biz because of their physical location to our moving from and to. These guys were outstanding, the cost was great,they were five minutes early (onetime) and just worked very professionally. I would recommend them and certainly hire them again if I needed movers.
- Jimmie B.

Very professional movers. Arrived on time completed move with furniture assembly disassembly on time as expected.
- Umesh b.

My roommate and I both used them. They were super professional and work very diligently to move me into my new home. Not to mention, they are super easy on the eyes! Very happy that I had affordable and professional service from them.
- Deja M.

I am disgusted by the lack of professionalism by this company. My television broke while in their truck and they claim that is not their problem. I simply asked to speak to their insurance rep and they refused claiming that its not their fault. They will be hearing from my lawyer.
- Jacob M.

They were very efficient and took care of the move as if it was their own. I will definitely use them again.
- Stephanie F.

First let's start with the fact that these people have nooooo idea what professional is . Trust me if you are moving and thinking about using these people make sure you read my story and feel free to contact me to confirm every word I say and I'm responsible for . I had a deal with a well respected company that I already used before then my friend said hey these people offer better rates check with them . A lady name kat communicates with me , she has alllll the information and details about the number of items which is from which floor and how half of my furniture is going storage and other half to my apartment . I didn't need them to box anything I needed things loved and furniture as well . On purpose I took my public storage next to my apartment this way on our way we drop off stuff then head to apartment . The lady contacted me gave me the rate of 185 for first hour for 2 hours then 75 $ per extra hour . 25$ gas . 50$ extra per floor ( stairs ) And she estimated a max of 6 hours top . So the calculations were 2*185=370$ 4*75=300$ 50*3 stories =150$ 25$ gas Total = 370+300+150+25= 845 $ They knew exactly the plan of which items going public storage which going apartment, and I have the texts between me and the lady that coordinated this . So I canceled on the other company because they asked me for 1100$ So these guys show up in a small truck only 2 men and it takes them from 10 am till 3:30 to get the stuff that needs to go to public storage and said we have to do 2 deliveries because truck can't take all ur furniture ( remember they have a list of all my items ) They take 25% of the truck space for their materials and blankets and I have pictures to prove it . The guys had the nastiest attitude ever and yet we're taking their sweet time . The guy kept telling me plz I need to do the job right so I need to take my time . We finish from public storage at 3:25 and they go to eat in which took them 50 min to get to me to start all over the packing for the next round ( so double commute and double time ) Then we ended up hey if we take mirrors we have to wrap them if u want it's optional and it's 25$ each item but if u don't take it and something breaks we r not responsible and u have to sign a waiver !!!!!! They finish loading the second round at 6:30 pm and heading to my new apartment . I was extremely upset , my kids tired and hungry and no where to stay and then I call to complain becaue that was not the deal and kat gave misinformation and the guys said and complained and the public storage this is a job of 4 people you know that right !!!! Oh kat told us it's 2 bedrooms not 4 bedrooms , this job def needs a minimum of 10 hours , on this is the biggest delivery we had this month we usually do 1 and 2.l bedroom rooms . We get to my new place they refuse to give me my furniture until I pay them the money cash and they said they got a call from the company telling them to get money then only then get the furniture out . They don't take card nor checks only cash or money orders !!!!! They get to my new place and start unloading around 7:20 and then they say hey u have till 9:30 pm and if more u have to pay more and they start rushing . There strollers with my daughter desk strolled down the street and almost hit a car . Then they are rushing rushing and then the guy start talking in Russian and I knew he was saying crap about me and start yelling at me and the. Tells me I don't want to talk and blah blah blah ..... my kids are still out till now tired nowhere to go to and I'm gonna end up renting a room in a hotel since it's 8 pm and after 10 hours and yet nothing is assembled and still offloading my foenktire I ended up paying 1420 $ they asked for 1310 and I tipped them cuz I said it's not their fault they r workers it's the lady that lied to me with the offer but after I paid them so they would accept giving me my furniture their attitude is the worst I have ever seen. I used 2 men and a truck 2 times and they were amazing and I regret not using them again . I would have paid less based on their offer I would have had more men to do the work and finished and half of the time . Andrew and tojan are the movers !!!! My advice never ever fall for that trap I ended up paying more , wasting time and worse costumer service ever . Stay away !!!!!!!!!
- Yara M.

I've used this company twice, and they have been amazing. They have made the move easy. They are very professional and efficient. The price is great. Everyone is friendly. I would definitely use them again. This company is the best.
- Desiree C.

They were perfect nothing broke, Reasonable prices, Good quality work!!
- Julie A.

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