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About National Moving Group

National Moving Group is licensed as a moving broker through the Department of Transportation. With our huge database of recommended Moving Companies, we can negotiate competitive prices on behalf of our customers by leveraging economies of scale, and get you the bargain you’re looking for. We represent a high volume of customers and the Moving Companies that we recommend will offer you valuable discounts when you reserve a move through us. If you hire us to coordinate your long distance move, we are confident that we offer the best value and service.

Moving-Me about National Moving Group

National Moving Group is licensed as a moving broker through the Department of Transportation. With their huge database of recommended Moving Companies, they are always ready to negotiate competitive prices on behalf of customers by leveraging economies of scale. Trusted Moving Companies National Moving Group recommends will offer you valuable discounts when you reserve a move through them. What makes them special is offering the best value and service. If you want to save your time and money, this company will provide you with reliable and safe transportation, providing an individual approach that is ideal for your priorities. This company provides moving protection to ensure that your items will stay safe throughout the move. They offer many types of discounts including military and senior citizen discount.

National Moving Group Licenses & Certificates

National Moving Group is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. National Moving Group is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: 842407

US D.O.T: 2461980
(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: not provided

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What is National Moving Group cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $2800. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services and distance from A to B point. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free and cost-effective. National Moving Group is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

National Moving Group Reviews

After a recommendation I got from my best friend we hired National Moving Group. They turned out to be just amazing. They took such a great care of all my belongings. I had some expensive and antique furniture. These were quite important to me. That’s why I needed a very reliable, efficient and experienced moving company. The movers had all the qualities. They packed everything carefully with their responsibility. They delivered my belongings on the right time. Truly it was an awesome job.
- Emily Cooper

The movers arrived exactly as promised. The were super efficient at labeling all the items so that each would be delivered to the proper location. The loading of the furniture went very smoothly and was loaded on the truck in the order in which they were going to be delivered. Every item was protected before loading. At each location, the items were handled with care as they were unloaded. Perfect moving services.
- Edward Thomas

This is one of the most proficient and honest companies I have ever used. From the Managers to the movers, every employee is concerned about making everything perfect. I had a 4 day move with them and was really sorry to see them go...they were so nice we all made friends! I highly recommend.
- Susan Will

Not a place, but a service. The movers gave me a close estimate before the move. They were a bit late arriving, but were quite efficient once they began moving things. Unfortunately, we had to travel a road that is under construction, which made it take longer than expected. However, they were right on it when they arrived at the destination, and all in all, got the job accomplished in good time. They handled possessions with care. Very pleased with everything while working with National Moving Group. Thank You
- Janie Goodm

National Moving Group was great. We hired them to pack up the kitchen and toy room and to move us. Our crew included Jacob, Eric and Max. They were fast and efficient. The move came in under the estimated time quoted. All of our items arrived without any damage. I’d definitely use them again.
- Cindy Carrillo

I found it quite difficult keeping to myself what National Moving Group Crew did to me. I am known to be the silent type. I only share out my experiences with others when they are extraordinary. My recent move to Kansas was undoubtedly awesome. It was carried out by professionals who understood too well what they were doing. From how they worked, I could see experience and expertise bundled up together. The pros did it and I am grateful for that.
- Mike Oguntimehin

If only the other service providers would be even half as efficient and timely as National Moving Group crew, I would be the happiest person. These people are so much diligent in what they offer. I hired them out to help me relocate to Maryland and they did it grand style. In as much as I was hopeful, I did not expect them to showcase that level of diligence. They did it much more beyond my expectation and I would love to appreciate them for that.
- Alexa Schroeder

Most HORRIBLE moving company in the world!!! They tell you one very low price in the beginning and when you sign the contract with them they start raising prices several times! We went from $2000 estimate price to over $6,500!!! Over 80% of our household items were broken during the move! Several items was lost! We're trying to claim all of this issues with their claim department but they promise us every time we call to call us back and they never do! After months of trying to start the claim they just hang up on us when we say who we are!!! It looks like put us on their "Blacklist"!
- Victoria of Las Vegas

National Moving Group, offered me excellent service for my cross country move. The driver and the helpers did an amazing job and were done in literally 3 hours. When they dropped off my furniture I explained to them where my furniture needed to go and they were so efficient about setting up my furniture. I read some reviews that did not have such a good experience however I can assure you my move went really well. If you are looking for a great moving company make sure to contact these guys.
- Jason of Boca Raton

We could not have been happier with our experience with National Moving Group. The movers were absolutely fantastic and worked hard and fast. They were professional, friendly and easy to get along with. We are really glad we hired them.
- Dylan of San Francisco

The team from 3 Men notified me of when they would arrive and they arrived on time. All three men were very polite and and were efficient and moved our belongings with care. Once we arrived at our new home they moved everything in and placed things where we had directed them to with the same efficiency and care. If we ever move again they will definitely be the first ones we call. Outstanding move for these first time home buyers and first time customers of a moving company.
- Joseph of Carrollton

I have never imagined that relocating was going to be that much interesting. How on earth would I even think of relocations being so great? To me, it was always something not worth talking about. With the efforts of National Moving Group, however, I got to find out that there was an awesome aspect of the movement that I had never discovered. I realised that the happiness of relocation lies in the people who are helping you out with the process. If they are good enough like National Moving Group crew, you will have very reason to smile.
- Darian Marxen

We used National Moving Group for our most recent relocation from Harrisburg to Grenada, Mississippi, and the guys did not disappoint. They gave us a service just as their sales representative had promised, just as we expected and exactly what we wanted. We had not packed our things, but the movers did it so excellently, plus their wrapped everything before putting them into boxes to ascertain safety. They proceeded to pack the boxes tightly inside their moving truck, so there was no shifting while on transit.
- Lennie Burkinshaw

I am so happy that I came across National Moving Group. When I was planning on the means to acquire a relocation company, a friend gave me an idea to try out National Moving Group. He had read several reviews about them, and they were worth the opportunity. I took it seriously and contacted them. From that moment on all what I had been dreaming about came to reality. For the first time, I met a caring and humble class of people. I felt like the real boss in their offices. What an honor! National Moving Group are just ahead of the rest. I don’t see any competitor who can beats them in the industry with the experts they have on board.
- Tennille Chilo

I will keep still and watch them relocate me next time. When I hired them out for the first time, I was so much worried. I kept on observing and supervising details of the relocations. Everything went on so smoothly without a single problem. It is only after the relocation services that I realised there wasn’t any need for keeping so much close supervision. These were self-driven professionals capable of offering efficiency without the slightest form of supervision. For that reason, next time I will hire you out without the slightest worry of inconvenience.
- Gabriel Thomasson

No more searches. I am done with that. No longer will I look for relocation companies over the internet when I need to move. I will straight ahead go to National Moving Group and request for their services. Their relocation services are indeed worth going for. You can be sure that nearly everyone who goes to them comes back for more. I am quite hard to impress and yet they managed it. For this specific reason, they forever will be my choice of Relocation Company. I am happy because National Moving Group offered me unique relocation services from Texas to Virginia. You were so good from the start until the end. You were patient with me. I was barely done with packing when you arrived. You helped me wrap up everything using the special wrapping materials. Your services were so great, and I would love a repeat of the same in future. You can be certain of loyalty.
- Kaitlin Azulay

I have moved quite often in the last few years, and I wish not to relocate any time soon. However, when that happens, my favourite movers will always be called upon to undertake the task. National Moving Group experience and conduct the work in a very orderly and professional manner. In the last two times, I have used them - none of the valuables got damaged or lost. Theirs is the service that anyone seeking to relocate would want and I suggest them to everybody.
- Harlen Clayton

They were approachable, answered all my questions and together we worked on a move that so stressed free that I felt totally settled in my new residence in a matter of a few days and family expressed their gratitude. There is nothing negative I can say about National Moving Group during the process - they are one in a million. Amazing! The crew arrived about 8:30 am and immediately embarked on parking our belongings. Those guys were very nice and polite to my entire family, and we were able to relax and feel free with them taking good care of our possessions. They were easy to communicate with and executed the move without any complaints. Unlike a company I had used previously, National Moving Group only charged me the exact amount that they had quoted.
- Brooks Land

I moved in December from Michigan to Florida, I must say they are worst company I came across in my entire life, they are rude, will give so wrong estimates, their correspondent ******* ******** I must say she was total fraud, she kept on calling me to get this job, I contracted with other company but she called me and convinced me with her sugar cotting to cancel that contract and give her a job, but once she got payment she was totally different person, very rude and in cooperating, although I asked them that I want the stuff to be delivered on 15thbut they send the driver earlier, the driver was totally psycho she said I'll deliver it on 14 or will through your stuff I tried calling their customer service, no body answered me and only left me to him, please don't use their service it's totally headache and torture. Please don't put yourself in trouble.
- Salma A.

This company is a rip-off. They give you a low binding estimate and then when the "Network" professional comes to pick up your belongings the price triples. They advertise they will put your things in a climate control unit but I recently found out that my belongings have be in a 10x30 outside unit for the past two years. Also learned that the cost of this unit is $225 and I have been paying their guy $450 a month in which he stated to me both verbally and written that he has been pocketing the difference to run his business. The new estimate was for 3400 cubic feet but a 10x30 unit only holds 3000 cubic feet and they got this unit before they even came to my door. Stay away from National and their network of professionals noting but rip off artists. I have had to hire an attorney to sue them. Also both National and their agent ABF Moving have had several complaints filed against them with the FMCSA

Dont even want to give one star for the frustrating and unprofessional moving experience we have had. High promises till you finalize the quote with them and nobody is reachable during the move or to resolve any issues after the move. Even BBB cant do much to get you a refund from them. So better not use their service.
- Simmi T.

With all the crime happening in Florida and things turning out to be going from bad to worse, the place was no longer the nice haven it used to be, and it was no longer suitable for my family. The only way was to move out of my five bedroom house in Homosassa together with my wife and children to Kansas. I was so happy that I solicited the services of the best movers in that one can get. They gave us an efficient and trouble free relocation, and I was so proud of them. Thank you to National Moving Group! The fact that they were willing to adopt my suggestions thrilled me even more. After the Florida to Kansas relocation, I found myself tipping each one of them
- Darin Salvage

As usual, you guys were awesome! Thank you for the speedy, professional, and affordable move. Other companies I've used pale in comparison. See you next time around!
- Abigail Dickens

I can't simply wait to tell you what a great job National Moving Group did. They were very professional, polite, and helpful. I couldn't have asked for a better experience. They took such good care with all my things. And I was very impressed with what nice guys they are. The movers maintained their schedules throughout and I didn’t have to sleep on the floor waiting for them to deliver my things. They charged the amount the quoted and I couldn’t find anything to complain about.
- Andrea Blake

These guys are super good. They are amazing. I hired them last week for my local move they did an excellent job. They offered me a very cheap and low deal and they were very flexible with the payment methods. The moving people came on time on the day of the move and moved me out in a blink of an eye. The faced no problems at all. They moved me very smoothly and quickly. The delivery was on time and there were no damages in the end. National Moving Group is surely worth hiring.
- Joan Paige

This is the second time I have used National Moving Group and they were fantastic. The moving team moved my apartment with ease. They arrived early, got right to work and were incredibly efficient. They are pros with amazing attention to detail. I would definitely recommend and hire them again.
- Sally Mcdonald

I would highly recommend them. The foreman and his team were great. They were there on time, worked very efficiently and communication was professional. All my stuff was carefully delivered to my new place. Hassle free and great rates compared to the other options. I would highly recommend them.
- Alexandra Vaughan

Thanks guys!! We have moved several times and with different moving companies. National Moving Group is by far the BEST experience we have ever had!! My movers arrived on time, we’re prepared, and very quickly yet carefully moved our property. Nothing was broken, no damage to walls or floors. These guys are committed to doing a great job. Not only were they good at their job, but they were super nice and polite! I would highly recommend National Moving Group to anyone needed their service. They did a fantastic job! Thanks guys!!
- Una Elission

Thank you so very much for the help The young men that moved my dear friend Irene Goodrich this morning was very kind and helpful with every aspect of the move. The items were moved with care and completed in a very timely manner. Thank you so very much for helping to make this difficult transition an easy one!!
- Joanne Peters

I couldn't be happier. I've never had anything good to say about any moving company...ever! But these guys were fantastic. Polite, hardworking, and FAST. They were running most of the time. Nothing was broken and they completed the move below their estimate. I couldn't be happier.
- Virginia Dyer

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