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Quality of service:3.7⭐
Accuracy of Estimate:5⭐
Professionalism according to customers’ reviews:3.7⭐

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  • Address: 18350 Northwest 2nd Avenue, Miami, FL, USA
  • Phone: (866) 768-6169
  • [email protected]

About Prodigy Moving and Storage

At Prodigy Moving and storage we treat each move the same, no matter what size. If you are moving a 5-bedroom home or just one piece of furniture, we will wrap your belongings cautiously and move them with the utmost care. please contact us to assist you with your next move. Need some help packing up for the big move? We can help you here too! Our packing services are here to take more of the load off your shoulders. Our expert packers will pack your belongings efficiently and also properly. Nonetheless, safe and ready for the road ahead, whether it be local or long distance.

Moving-Me about Prodigy Moving and Storage

Prodigy Moving and Storage are a one-stop solution to all your moving needs. They provide long-distance move or local move. Prodigy Moving and Storage is a USA based professional moving service company, that serves all US states/areas. They perform small, medium, and also very large moves, and plan the most efficient route to make your move a smooth transition. Prodigy Moving and Storage put honesty and quality efforts into every move, every time. This dedication has helped the company gain trust with their customers and improve as a fast developing moving company.

Prodigy Moving and Storage Licenses & Certificates

Prodigy Moving and Storage is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. Prodigy Moving and Storage is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: not provided

US D.O.T: 2780116
(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: not provided

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What is Prodigy Moving and Storage cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $3200. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services and distance from A to B point. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

Get a Quote from Prodigy Moving and Storage

We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free and cost-effective. Prodigy Moving and Storage is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

Prodigy Moving and Storage Reviews

Prodigy made my 600 mile move from Miami to Atlanta easy. They arrived on time and quickly packed and moved my items. They were real pros and made moving easier. Fair prices and customer service as well.
- Haley Lee

We used Prodigy Moving and Storage for our move. We retired and moved to Florida. The move went as smooth as could possibly have been expected. It far exceeded our expectations. Most of the time, you hear the horror stories about moves, and we didn’t experience anything of that. The guys from Prodigy that were involved were friendly; they were efficient. I received the same service I was promised, and it was fast and delightful.
- Lucille Sartina

I want to personally thank Josh for his support throughout the move. He was integral in making sure that the T's were crossed and the I's were dotted! Also special thanks to the crew on pick up as well as delivery. I hope you guys get all the credit they deserve! Moved from Alabama to FL and it was a smooth transition thanks to everyone at Prodigy Moving and Storage.
- Melanie Frost

Prodigy Moving and Storage is top of the line movers. They wrapped everything perfectly. They were on time and polite. I made the mistake of telling them initially that I would have all of the packing done when the movers arrived on move day. Unfortunately I became overwhelmed with so many tasks as the move date approached and I never completed the packing. When the crew arrived, they had plenty of extra materials in the truck just in case. Thankfully they were fully prepared for an unprepared customer! They were amazing.
- Robert Bayman

We moved from a home in MS to Germantown, TN just retired and had the time but decided to take it easy and go with a moving company. Prodigy took an inventory of all my items over the phone and sent it over for us to match up and review. Once we verified everything on the list we booked our move. It was a smooth transition from start to finish. A big thank you to the agent and the crew that picked up our items.
- Madison Rodriguez

I called Prodigy Moving and Storage and told their coordinator about my short move. I described what I needed and he helped me get exactly what I needed. It was a simple interaction and I felt at ease with the way he was explaining everything. There was a short timeframe for my move and I did everything over the phone. Then, everything was good with the crew that came. I was comfortable about the way that they handled things before transporting it to about 150 miles away. I heard about Prodigy through a friend and I'd absolutely tell friends to call them too.
- Cynthia Little

Used Prodigy moving and storage. The customer service was great and the movers came out a little late. Wouldn't have been a big deal, but should have received a call. They were priced right and delivered on time. There were no losses or damage to my things. Aside from the time, I really have no complaints. I'd use them again though.
- Maria Lopez

I have promised myself never again to do business with this company. I had a long move from New Jersey to California. The goods were picked up on 30th of March and has not yet been delivered till 18th of May. They have charged me 700$ more than what they have quoted me. My simple advice would be stay away.
- Pratiti Deb

Overall, my experience with Prodigy went well. They had fair pricing and good service. They always answered my calls and questions. On moving day, they arrived a little late, which was not the biggest deal, but keeps them from a five star rating. I moved out of a condo which only allowed certain hours for elevator use and was getting nervous about that hour. In the end, they were able to do it within the time window. Other than that, they did a great job and had no complaints.
- Michelle Holdman

I recently moved from Orlando to the Atlanta area for work and used Prodigy Moving and Storage. I had a good experience. Josh was my contact there and he really Knew everything! He got me a really fair price and helped me throughout the whole process. I recommend asking for him if you call.
- Trinity Parker

I recently had to relocate for work and found Prodigy online. They were able to help me move within a week of contacting them and they showed up 30 minutes before the time they gave me. Everyone that showed up to help were eager to get the job done and had a very friendly vibe. None of my items were damaged in transit and everything arrived timely. If I need to move again I won't hesitate to use Prodigy Moving and Storage.
- Dana Klineman

Prodigy Moving and Storage are simply the best. They acted so professionally when they moved me to New York. Everything ranging from customer care to the delivery staff and logistics staff were awesome. I recommend just a little improvement on the time of delivery to be more precise. Otherwise everything else was great. Would most definitely recommend to anyone. They were a friendly and helping group of people. They even cleaned up after themselves.
- Maria Santos

I used Prodigy with my Husband when we retired and moved from New York to Connecticut. We filled out an online form and were quickly called back by them. The girl was really nice and she helped us acquire the necessary information so that we could get a quote. She informed us that it may change depending on how accurate we were. She gave us a best and worst case price and the actual fell in the middle. The movers were really clean and friendly and handled our things with care. We were satisfied with everything, other then the fact they weren't as punctual as we'd like. They were about 30 minutes past the window. We still recommend them and would use them again.
- Evelyn Cohen

I recently moved my mother down here to be closer to me. I found Prodigy Moving and Storage online and they were quick to call me back. I explained how I was booking the move for my mother and not myself and they were more than happy to work with me. She didn't have a lot of things, so giving me a quote was easy. It was fairly accurate, within $100 dollars. On the move out day, a couple of guys showed up and put everything onto the truck. Pretty much the exact opposite happened on move in day. They were on time and very friendly. A small scratch on a nightstand, butnothing major. We were pretty happy.
- Monica Welch

I Just moved from WI to FL and after speaking with 4-5 different companies I was really comfortable with how Prodigy explained everything to me! This was my first time moving and i read all these horror stories! I am happy to say my Rep was excellent and always available! The guys who picked me up were very professional, as i just go my delivery yesterday and i could not be happier!! I Just referred my parent's who will be moving in MaY! Keep up the good/Honest work!
- Jason Soccer

This company is awful. We had a horrific experience with this move.The last 4 months of my life have been spent dealing with Susan K and her unfulfilled promises. We moved from Fl to MI and it was awful; everything was broken, we had no idea when it'd be delivered, then we were promised compensation as well a claim for our items, none of which has been returned to us. They are not a moving company, it's a scam for a poorly executed delivery service. I filed a claim and was offered $12 for over $2000 worth of damaged items. All our boxes were smashed and thrown around but we were told that was our fault. Susan had promised me a refund for our troubles, then had the audacity to offer me $75 to relinquish liability from this awful company. We had a better experience shipping boxes through Grey Hound; it cost less, we were treated better and less things were damaged, they even delivered our stuff and it was done with more care and respect. I hope no one else has to go through the stress and overwhelming emotional damage this has caused us.
- Mary Freeman

I was given a very good deal for the move and when the mover got to my house the day before I was go close on the home and I needed to move out of it they told me they could not pack up my home for the price I was quoted. This was a big surprise to me as my husband had knee surgery and the moving guy saw that he was in position to move our home items and he doubled the moving quote. I was in a rock and a hard place and had to sign the document to have them move my items. I am very unhappy with the service I received. They low balled me and got to my home and jacked up the move price to double of what I was quoted. They are very unprofessional and rude, the manager is rude and does not listen to you. When speaking to her she over talks you and says things like no one put a gun to your head and made you sign the form. I signed the form under duress, with no other options at this point. I requested my items to be delivered on 03/29/19 and did not receive them until over 2 weeks of my request day. I would not recommend this company to anyone!
- Ulonda Flournoy

There have been many times that I have had to move. I have had good ones and bad ones. This time I had an amazing move. I was walked through the process and my hand was held by Josh the entire time. Pick up went smoothly, delivery was very quick and there were no issues and nothing was damaged. Thank you all very much for making this a wonderful process. I would recommend Prodigy moving and storage to anyone!
- Emma Turner

We used Prodigy Moving and Storage. We had a four bedroom home. Lots of things because we had lived there for so many years. Boxing everything took forever and with our lack of packing knowledge, we expected to have a lot of broken items. We were very surprised to find that most of our things were in perfect shape. All of the furniture was unscathed. Some of the boxes that we packed carelessly were a little crushed, but it was our fault. We were pleased with them.
- Pauline Darcy

The family just moved to Ga from DC and we were told to use these guys by my boss. My company shifts people often and always use Prodigy. We had an uneventful move, which is a good thing. The wrapped our valuables and loaded everything up in about three hours. They delivered everything in the same condition and did so on time. We would use them again and also tell our friends about them.
- John Georgenson

Very Happy with the move. We used Prodigy to move From FL to MR and were very pleased. We have very large furniture and thought moving was going to be a nightmare! They really made it easy. Josh was as nice as anyone could be. We even changed our move date twice and they had no problem adjusting for us! Thanks for a job well done! They even moved a LARGE piece of art for us!! They were great and we'd use them again 100%.
- Kayla Wilson

I used Prodigy to move me from Delaware to NJ. It wasn't a very long move, but things could always go wrong when moving. Luckily for me, everything went very well. I had no issues with the movers at all. Prodigy stored my things for a little while and delivered them on the day that I needed. They were reasonably priced and treated me well. I would surely use them again.
- Ava Miller

We just retired to Fl and decided upon Prodigy. We were contacted by several companies, but they were the nicest and spent the most time answering our questions. They gave a fair price and set our pick up date. the delivery date could not be hammered down, so they gave a 5 day window. They came on the second day of the window. Everything was handled professionally and wrapped in blankets. We didn't have damages or any losses. Overall, very happy with them.
- Kaylee Smith

This company has the worst movers. The movers WILL ABUSE you. They will tell you they don't care about the company and that they are independent truckers. The person who came to deliver the goods at my new place, at one point said, "Do you think a 18 wheeler will go through this road? Are you fu*cking stupid?" I don't want to go into more details about my traumatic experience. As others have noted, the company has devious money making schemes. First they offer low quote, then on the day of moving they increase the cost steeply, saying the original quote was just an estimate not actual price. In summary, AVOID this company like the plague.
- Aparajith Sairam

My husband was hired in North Carolina, so we had to move. This was the first time using a mover. All in all, it was pretty easy. We filled out a form online and received about 20 calls from different movers. Prodigy just seemed a little nicer than the rest. We got an online estimate and booked our date. When the movers showed up, they did raise the price, but it was for things that we didn't put in when giving our inventory. We had a few extra boxes and a trunk. MAKE SURE YOU GIVE AN ACCURATE INVENTORY and your estimate will be accurate. Everyone was nice and took great care go our things. Would use again.
- Luke Brightberg

We used Prodigy last month to relocate to MD. We must have spoken to a dozen or so different movers, but Prodigy was the most organized and gave us the most information. They gave a very fair price too! Everything with the move was easy. They arrived and quickly loaded the truck. Making everything fir like a game of Tetris! Our move in was just as easy and they even set our house up for us. We were really happy with them.
- Sara Lavento

We had a short move from Memphis to MS. It was still a lot of work and we are glad we used Prodigy. It was more to use them than to do it ourselves, but we just didn't have the ability. It was worth it though. We didn't have to do any of the lifting and our things were insured during the move. They did a good job and made us happy.
- Paola Larzinball

We moved last month and really did not know how to pick a mover. We must have filled out a blanket form online because we suddenly got bombarded with calls. Prodigy was the best priced, so we used them. We were glad we did because everything was really easy. The move went perfectly and they did the hard part. Great job!
- Annette Berkley

We used them when we relocated to the memphis area. They did a good job for us when they loaded the truck up with our furniture. They also took our boxes and there were a lot of them too! They were really cool when they brought everything to our new apartment. They set the furniture up in the spots that we asked. We were very happy with them.
- Robert Wrighteng

We moved short distance to a townhome and used Prodigy to move our things. They were good. They came with a clean truck and were able to pick up and deliver all in one day. The cool thing was that they set our furniture up in our new place exactly as we wanted it. They spent the time to make small adjustments to our wall unit and couch so that we wouldn't have to do it. We couldn't have been happier.
- Brendon Pasco

I moved and used Prodigy because they were the ones to call me back the first and always were able to answer my questions. They gave ma a fair price too. The only issue that I had was that I forgot to tell them about some nightstands and they charged me an extra $75.00 to load them. I know it was fair, but they only had to pick them up and put them in the truck. They did advise me in advance that I had to be accurate with my inventory in order to get an accurate quote, so they were in the right. I still would use them again, but deduct one star for that. All in all, very good.
- Emma Ruiz

I booked with Prodigy on short notice and they were able to accommodate my move with ease. I didn't have a lot, but it was on VERY short notice. They informed me what to do to help prepare before they arrived and handled everything over the phone or through email. They were careful with everything and hard working. They really made it a lot easier!
- Jose Milarquez

Like others have mentioned this company will rip you off and throw you to the wolves! Movers were not able to get into my complex- fooled me into renting my own moving truck and never moved my items into my apartment. They will take their money and go! Not worth the savings you think you will get. Trust me choose another company!
- Marina Tewfik

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