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Quality of service: 3.6

Punctuality: 3

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Customers’ rating: 2.8

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About New Frontier Van Lines

New Frontier Van Lines is a licensed and professional broker with high ratings of customer service. The owners have been in the moving industry for ten plus years. Experience is vital in this industry! The operators have been in every position in the moving business, from a laborers and foremen to, sales and operations. They have worked with other moving companies who were not fair, and left their customers hanging. They decided to make a company who sticks to their word and is there every step of the way. From planning the move to ensuring you are happy in your new destination, they are there along the way.  New Frontier also knows that every move is different. They make sure your moving coordinator is as through as possible to ensure there are no hidden fees.

Moving-Me about New Frontier Van Lines

New Frontier Van Lines offers local residential, long distance, commercial/office relocation’s, as well as short term and long term storage options. They are fully insured to ensure your household goods or office goods are all protected throughout the move. New Frontier also offers the option for a full packing service.  New Frontier Van Lines coordinates each move with partnered companies they trust. This will always include disassembly of all large furniture, blanket wrapping all furniture. This ensures there are no scratches during transport and then loading of all items.

New Frontier Van Lines Licenses & Certificates

The moving company is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. New Frontier Van Lines is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: 045783

US D.O.T: 3043194
(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: not provided

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What is New Frontier Van Lines cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $4000. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services and distance from A to B point. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free and cost-effective. This moving company is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

New Frontier Van Lines Reviews

I contacted NFVL to do my move from ny to fl. I have to say that I am extremely pleased. they were on time nothing damaged. plus they delivered on time. I will definitely be using this company for any future moving and I will refer all of my friends that I have in my line of work to use this company. this company went above and beyond to meet the logistical nightmare that I had with my relocation. USE THIS COMPANY!
- Mary Somerville

This is an update to my last review. They are "supposedly" going to do the right thing and refund my entire deposit, as it is now Thursday morning and still no movers. Be careful when you sign into contracts like this. They should automatically have a clause that protects the CONSUMER when they mess up this much. I did find out that they contracted a company in Houston to pick up my belongings (as many companies do); however, poor, poor, poor communication between them, their customers, and whatever company they contract with. I'm part of a military family, and we have moved around a lot in my 44 years of life...but I have NEVER had a moving experience like this. Today, I'm giving them an extra star in the rating since the finance Dept is approving a full refund, but I don't trust anyone right now so I will write the final review when I get my refund. I'm sure the company thinks I should be satisfied with a refund. Unfortunately, even that doesn't cover the 3 days of lost wages (an I'm an advanced practitioner), 2 nights of having to stay in a hotel (with my dogs) because everything's packed, and now the driver that was helping me drive is going to have to drive the UHAUL. I'm completely disappointed with all this.
- Lienda

This has been the worst moving experience of my life! It has been 3 weeks and our Furniture is still not even shipped, it has been sitting in the warehouses, every time I call they say they will get an update, but they never phone you back. DON'T USE THIS COMPANY! Once they get your money they dont care about you or your furniture, my Wife has several illnesses and sleeping on a blow up bed is making her very sick. We spoke to Luke Bennett, he told us in order to get our furniture on time we need to move on the 9th, we moved out a week early so it would be there on time, and still the furniture has not arrived. They will lie to you to get money then do nothing to help. And they will quote low then 2 days before the move add extra money to the quote. Then when the moving company get to your house they will use aggressive tatitics to try and force more money out of you. It's so corrupt! God knows what will happen when my stuff does get here probebly there will some way they will try and get more money. Please don't use this company.
- Philip Leach

I never ever write reviews but the performance of this company was above and beyond. they truly went the extra mile for me. I had a very difficult time schedule that had to be executed in the correct way. they had a specific time to pick up and a specific time to deliver due to the freight elevators that have to be used cause of my location. these guys showed up right on time did a phenomenal job wrapped all of my stuff and swiftly got it to the destination. they delivered right on time again! perfectly executed i could not be happier!!!!
- Vicki Carroll

I used this company to move my elderly mother from va to ca. They were very accommodating to her inabilities. They were always polite and patient. I recommend this company!
- Matthew Terrence

I recommend this moving company to anyone who’s looking for something that a stress-free my overall experience with this company was very pleasant the whole staff the entire time was very nice to me you treated my family quite nicely as well and we are very family-oriented. This is probably one of the best moving companies I have ever used very professional on time really good company.
- Margaret Simoon

After using this company for a long distance move from California to Washington and the aftermath of it all, I find it hard to believe any of the positive reviews on this site are actual customers. Even Yelp had a warning that “too many positive reviews from the same IP address” were being posted so they had to take them down. Please save yourself the stress and do not use this company. I wish I would have gone with my gut feeling but it was my first experience with a move and it’s been an absolute nightmare. I’ve been waiting since May 11th for my refund and every week they have a new excuse as to why it hasn’t been sent (system down, owner out for maternity leave, owner out of country...yeah right). Already reported to the BBB.
- Tory Michel

I was very pleased with the service New Frontier Van Lines Inc. delivered. Their movers are hard workers who respect your time and go above and beyond to meet your requirements. They were focused on getting the job done within the promised time-frame in spite of inclement weather. Our communication went smoothly from start to finish. Both office staff and movers were very polite and professional. They addressed all my doubts and concerns so I felt a little more relaxed about my move. There were no delays and nothing was lost or damaged. After getting such an amazing service I can highly recommend these guys. Trust me, you won’t regret it!
- Loredana Nicolae

My sister and I used New Frontier Van Lines to move our deceased brother's belongings back to us. We were very nervous about trusting complete strangers with his items but we were unable to take the time off of work to do it ourselves. We contacted New Frontier Van Lines and explained our situation, they were kind and assured us we were in good hands. They explained someone would need be onsite at the pickup site to sign off on paperwork and let the movers in. We were able to handle everything else via phone calls or emails. The drivers contacted us as soon as they completed pickup and gave us an idea on when she could expect them to arrive for the drop off. The drivers that arrived for the delivery were very kind and worked carefully but quickly to get all of my brother's items safely unloaded into my home. I am forever grateful for this company and their employees helping us at such a difficult time.
- Cheryl Booker

I chose New Frontier Van Lines back in September to do my move. I was reluctant at first, but am glad I followed through with the move. I was picked up within the time-frame I was given, and they packed and loaded within a timely manner. Customer Service gave me a delivery window of 3-10 business days. My item's were delivered on the 10th business day in good condition.
- Hardy Miler

Two months ago I had a move, with furniture going to 2 different locations. New Frontier Van Lines did the move for me and I am glad that I went with a good company, to say the least. A cross country move. I was extremely nervous. The mover's arrived an hour late but were so nice that it didn't matter much. They were efficient and hard working. They packed up my belongings and did a straight delivery. The first drop off there were some damaged items, that claims had taken care of within 30 days. The second drop off went smooth with little to no issues. Overall, I was a happy customer.
- Turman Hodgesh

New Frontier van lines inc is probably one of the best moving companies I have ever used or heard of. The movers were very polite and friendly and treated me, my family and my stuff with respect. They arrived right on time, the load was delivered also on time and all I can say now is that I will recommend these movers to everyone I know. They’ve deserved me trust and respect and I will contact them for my next move as well. Thanks to them I had a trouble-free move and I cannot thank them enough for that. They are the best!!
- Margaret Simoon

New Frontier van lines did a phenomenal job. I will be definitely using this company for any future move and I will refer all my friends to them. They explained each step of the move and kept me informed all the time during the move. I didn’t incur any additional charges in the end. I got the type of service I paid for. Their pricing was transparent from start to finish. I had a specific schedule within which I needed to complete the move (due to the fright elevators) and they managed to work with it. Best movers I’ve ever met!
- Vicki Carroll

Thanks to New frontier van lines my move from NYC to Miami was a seamless experience. Luckily they took care of the logistics of the move as I had no relevant experience. Their reliable support put my mind at ease and I was sure that everything would turn out fine in the end. They provided an exceptional service from the very beginning. Their services were not only affordable but also timely and professional. This is one of the most pleasant moving experiences I’ve ever had. Although I hate moving, I’m looking forward to hiring them again if I have to move in the future.
- Mary Somerville

Although I made the last minute booking with New Frontier Van Lines Inc they managed to meet all my requests. They were very careful with my belongings all along. In fact, everything was delivered and unpacked in one piece. Although I had a lot of delicate items with special handling requirements, they knew exactly how to deal with them. All the movers that were involved in my move were extremely professional and efficient. If I have to move again, I’m 100% sure about which moving company I will hire. I’ll gladly recommend New Frontier Van Lines Inc to all the people I know.
- Niguel Perry

I did not have a very pleasant experience with New Frontier Van Lines (NFVL). This is the first time I've ever used any moving company or mover broker. Next time, I will be more careful when choosing one. FYI, NFVL i​s not a moving company, but a movers broker/coordinator. They don't have any truck or mover, rather they have a call center. They find movers for you and schedule the dates and times for pick-up and delivery. There is nothing wrong with this business model, but don't expect them to be as responsive as a moving company.
- Dean H.

STAY AWAY. I put down a deposit to hold a date after I was told I could call back and cancel if needed (within 72 hours). I called back the next day to cancel because employer picked another van line and was told I would get a refund within 3-5 business days. It has now been a month and no refund. I must have called 8 times and sent 5 emails, to which no one ever responded. I'm calling my bank to dispute the charge now - I hope this gets someone's attention.
- Jason J.

Do yourself a HUGH favor! This company is a SCAM! When you hear the low estimate, hang up the phone and look on BBB website about this company. Their rating is F! Read those fake reviews it will make you want to puke! They are unprofessional, and will not fill you in about being a broker nor about subcontracting your move with them. It's all about how much money they can get from you. And don't EVEN think about getting a refund, so again PLEASE,PLEASE, PLEASE DON'T USE THIS POS COMPANY!
- Lorraine M

If I can give them 0 stars I would. Horrible company do not sign with them. I thought they could be trusted but they make one excuse excuse after another. Doug was the individual I made a contact with and when I tried to cancel he said fine and hung up on me. The process to get a refund on my credit card took over two weeks and I got hit interest on my card because their "credit card and merchandise credit machine was down" and there is nothing that they could do about it. They can charge my card with ease, but they can't give a refund properly ... save yourself the headache and find a place that isn't shit like this place who can't do anything when it comes to helping you out, other than taking your money.
- Grace L.

I originally booked this company because their website "claimed" they had never had a I see that they had falsified the positive reviews and I know why! First off: They out-source to a local/regional company (MAP Moving and Storage out of CA...see my review for them) and I was never told this. Wasn't given the info of the other company, no reference number and was completely confused when they called on the day my belongings were to be picked up. Second: They start with a REALLY low bid to get you suckered it then hike up the rate once everything is on the truck. They tried to charge me $12 per box when the movers got there because my boxes were too little. I put up a fuss because I could have drove down to the U-haul and bought large boxes for $1.99. Then they charged me per cubic ft. NOT by weight....which ended up being more. A box is going to be the same size no matter what, but it will weigh a hell of a lot less if it is filled with pillows rather than books!! They tried some bullshit talk about how it all is the same but it isn't. Lastly: Once your stuff is with the movers, these guys don't want to help you anymore....all your calls will be directed to the company they outsourced to, so you might as well have hired them!
- Jennifer B.

Total rip off. Had a heart attack before my move. They refused to return my deposit. Said I could use it for a later move. 4 months later and I am ready to move. I cant find them! All of the phone numbers are disconnected. They are out of business from what I can see. This is only a broker and totally ripped me off. If they are in business do not do business with them. Call a mover / Van line direct.
- Terry G.

Don’t use this company!!!
- Vanessa K.

Oh, how l wish l had read these reviews first!! I am FURIOUS at these people!!!!!! RUN, RUN, RUN away, as fast as you can!!! They quoted $1900 total for daughter's small 1-br apt from LA to Wisconsin. Deposit on a credit card, half of balance at pick-up, half at delivery, about $560 each. Ok-sign contract. Unknown movers loaded her--BALONEY!! Charged her $1300 at loading then will be another $1300 at delivery!! They KNEW her inventory and a generous box count! They low-balled their quote to get the contract then the movers charged way more bc "you used more space"!! Then it was cash only!! They are a scam, bait-and-switch, con artist company. Then l learn they do not have trucks but subcontract out. Plus the packing company isn't the driving company! So dealing with 3 separate companies!! Do not call them!! The money is obviously gone. I just hope her stuff is ok. Find someone else to move your stuff!!
- Carol B.

This place has closed permanently and they have not returned my almost $2,000 deposit and no way to contact them. If this is the way they do business no wonder they had to close. I HATE them! Lynda Alderson
- Lynda A.

This is not a moving company they are brokers and they brokered all of my belongings to a company that they say is "American Eagle Moving LLC". Two months ago I watched all of my stuff get loaded into a box truck and " its 3 days from delivery" every time I call. They have no idea where in transit my things are and have no way of telling me exactly when I will get my belongings. We are currently opening an investigation towards this company. This is the biggest scam of a company that has free will to exist under our constitution. That was everything I owned and cared about which was robbed from me and family.STAY AWAY FROM NEW FRONTIER VAN LINES.
- Adam H.

New Frontier Van Lines is a joke. They picked up our furniture approx four months ago and have yet to deliver it. They now tell me after taking my property and my money they are just a broker and have no accountability to the customer to perform on their business mission or delivering furniture. This comment is direct from the CEO: He spend more time telling me to take a hike in so many words than they've taken in four months to find out where our furniture is located. I found the shipper and he said it's still sitting in a warehouse not far from the pickup location. Asking the CEO help, he just says they have no responsibility to perform. Don't get near this company.
- Mark L.

So BBB has made several attempts to contact this company to resolve the issues. They have failed to respond. This will remain on their negative report. Please do NOT throw your money away to this company. They are initially nice and once they have your down payment you are garbage to them.
- Rosa R.

Ransom money will be needed!!!! !!!My quote was $1500.00 to move a studio apartment from Newport Beach, Irvine area to Phoenix , AZ. Once truck was loaded. I was told cost would be over $3,200.00 . I paid a deposit to New Frontier of $600.00 and the guys that loaded the truck made me pay them $1500.00 in a check , cash and credit card would cost 6% fee to use. Which goes against visa and master card regulations. They don't take Amex. I was told originally it would arrive in a couple days to a few. It was 7 days today. And no idea where or when it will arrive. I was told I have to give them over $900. In cash when they arrive. Yes!!! Cash only. Before they unload my stuff.
- Lynn M.

now mint moving and storage louisiana same game. olis is the donald trump of movers. has a history of dishonesty. just google "olis d truesdell new york"
- Adam L.

I utilized this company to help move some of my belongings from Upstate New York down to Florida (some chests, a couple dozen paintings and signs and my motorcycle). For the most part it was a seamless move. My stuff was in transit for 7 days total. The crew that brought them down were courteous and professional. They blanketed my paintings and and boxed them up very well. My chests (old 1920's steamer trunks) were also pad wrapped, they arrived without any additional damage. They even helped me drain the gas from my motorcycle and removed the mirrors for transit. Overall I paid a bit more than I was expecting to when I began my research of moving companies but the agent who I spoke with convinced me that "you get what you pay for" in the moving industry and from what I've heard from people who have paid less for their move, he couldn't have been more correct. When I move back to New York bet your butt I'll be using this company. They even have a return client discount which is really great for people like me who relocate every couple years. All in all one of the most painless experiences I've had.
- Zac W.

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