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About Affordable & Assertive Moving & Storage

After planning and completing thousands of moves across Oakland, the mover understands that we are not just transporting things, but moving people’s lives from the old, to the new. Whatever your move requires, our experienced crew knows that no two projects are alike and that each client has particular needs. We offer expertise for planning your move and can handle any moving challenge with practical solutions and professionalism.

Moving-Me about Affordable & Assertive Moving & Storage

This moving company was established in 2016. Since their very first moving job in Oakland many years ago, the movers understood that the key to success lay in making customer satisfaction a top priority. The moving professionals of the company strive to make each moving project, whether large or small, commercial or residential, as smooth and stress free as possible. Each member of the staff, from the helpful sales consultants, experienced packers, skilled crews and vehicle operators, is fully trained and committed to providing the highest standard of personalized service in the industry.

Affordable & Assertive Moving & Storage Licenses & Certificates

This moving company is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. The company is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: 991671

(Interstate Commerce Commission Motor Carrier number)

US D.O.T: 2935196

(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: not provided

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What is Affordable & Assertive Moving & Storage cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $4100. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services, and distance from A to B point. Also, many companies offer hourly rates. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance, or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free, and cost-effective. Affordable & Assertive Moving & Storage is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

Affordable & Assertive Moving & Storage Reviews

Terrible company. I've called several times about a missing box. These people are outright thieves. A box was left on the truck and they refuse to even call me back. One of the items had extreme sentimental value. They only want to give me 60 cents for it based on their contract. My only other option is to sue them for the sentimental value of the item. It was given to me after September 11th by my now deceased father. They are NOT a reputable company. Do yourself a big favor and look elsewhere for your moving needs. Now, I have to waste my valuable time suing them
- Carrie

The quote I got from this company for a two bedroom apartment was significantly lower than other 3 local companies. I couldn't be happier. I’m glad that they were honest and professional guys.
- Laura Stevens

My rep treated me nicely. He worked hard and answered all of my silly questions. I liked that he was pretty easy to deal with. I was impressed with the packing service, they disassembled and reassembled everything. The movers had always a great attitude and were always willing to help me.
- Nicole Warren

Absolutely amazing job! Respectful, professional and dedicated movers! Lawrence, Rob and Yasan were a pleasure to work with. They arrived on time and made this process as smooth as possible. I truly appreciate their efforts in making sure everything was left how I wanted. Great moving company I would definitely recommend!!!
- Emmdoll88

I was mostly amazed with the customer service, how careful they were on every aspect, how they resolved issues and although scratched my dinning table, the insurance paid for it. I would not doubt to hire them again.
- Larry Orr

The movers did their job quickly and professionally, always with a great attitude. Everything went smoothly. All my items arrived without any damage. Most of my furniture is pretty expensive but fortunately they did a great job protecting it with packing materials. These guys make the difference in moving business.
- Katherine Ramos

Lawrence and his crew did an excellent job. They wrapped, dismantled, packed, and moved all of our previous belongings efficiently yet carefully. Not only did they pack the truck TIGHT proving that they weren't jipping us for space or money, but when it seemed we may go over our estimated line slightly he was honest and upfront and we watched him space it out to ensure his honesty. This was an extraordinary job and we appreciate all the care that the company took with our stuff. I would highly recommend this company to others doing a large move (ours was a 4 bedroom).
- Pauli Stone

Hi, I’ve moved 3 times with this company and I’ve never had any issues. They always did a great job when packing and loading. In my second move, my sofa got damaged, but the insurance paid for it without hassle. They always honored their quote and no extra charges ever been charged. They are a trustworthy company.
- Julie Nickols

I'm glad to say I’m happy for having moved with these guys. I had no idea about how to move and did not know who to call and a friend recommended this company. Everything went nice and smooth, no delays no broken/damaged items, I’m really grateful for this.
- Zachary Farrel

I want to say thanks for their great job. The contract was thoroughly explained to us before they got started with the move. They worked hard and were very careful with our belongings. I'm a happy customer for sure.
- Keith Ellison

Lawrence and his crew were extremely professional, clean and safe during this challenging time of COVID. Jeff and the entire management and ownership have been equally upfront with costs and reasonable. We would highly recommend them for all moves. Including our 4 bedroom, out of state move with 6 month storage.
- Dr. Joseph T. Selimo

When they picked up my stuff it turned out that volume was 100 cubic feet less than previously estimated. My sales representative was so professional and honest that he recalculated the price based on the actual volume. I appreciate their honesty and transparency.
- Sara Duncan

A friend of mine recommended them to move from NY to Atlanta so I called them and they answered at once. The guy was polite and nice to me and sent me a quote in a few minutes. The crew service was even better than I expected, no complaints.
- Jordan Hull

We used them to move from New York to Florida, The guys who came to our home where very professional, HOWEVER, when the truck apparently arrived in New Jersey, not sure what happened but everything was put on a tractor trailor, when the driver got to Florida, Boxes where crushed, we have several broken items I.E. Computer table, chair, just to name a few, also We have missing items such as a huge tote of clothing , shoes and boxes. When everything was being unpacked which took ALL DAY 1130 am AM 730PM, because the driver of the tractor trailer could not back into our storage unit, even though he was told he could he Would not even try so then we are charged an extra couple $100 for him to walk everything down to the storage unit which took until 7:30 in the evening we then put in a claim for damaged and missing items we took pictures we did everything we were supposed to do the driver of the truck even signed off on the paperwork after I wrote damaged items missing items and I wrote out what was missing in I wrote out what was damaged The driver of the truck signed off on the paperwork where its stated what items were missing and what was broken we have been waiting now for weeks about this claim we just called and they told us that the driver was supposed to sign off in front of us exactly what was broken in what was missing however the driver refused to even listen to us from the beginning now they don't even want to pay for our claim We will be contacting whom ever we can to get this right. DO YOURSELF A FAVOR USE A POD RENT A UHAL DONT GO WOTH THIS BUSINESS!!!!!
- Kristen Klemke

OUT OF STATE MOVE I was searching many different businesses as I am moving my two bedroom, family of 5 from NYC to North Carolina. To my surprise I found this gem & Sandra Martin, their Senior Relocation Specialist had so much attention to detail, was kind & made everything extremely simple while we were already stressed with a newborn of only 2 weeks. Everything was made easy, she checked up on us constantly and reassured us of the entire process. Highly recommend 10/10
- Joel Minyety

These guys did what they promised, took care of my belongings like professionals and charged what they quoted. No hidden prices or extra costs were charged and that’s something really important to me. Thank you for your great service.
- Denise Fox

ABSOLUTELY DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. Below is a detailed description of how miserable this company is, but if you read nothing else, BOOK WITH SOMEBODY ELSE! Assertive Moving recently completed my move from Manhattan to Alabama. We booked through a broker who sold our move to Assertive. Our move was picked up in NYC on 9/4/20 when we specified what we thought was a delivery date of 9/14/20. Nobody from either the broker or Assertive informed us that the date we specified was the "first available date" of a 14 business day window, which was certainly disappointing. Regardless, that was our fault for not intricately reading our contract. During the 14 business day window, we frequently called dispatch to inquire about our move. We, particularly my wife, were met with rude, dismissive, sarcastic, and impatient individuals during these phone calls. You can imagine her frustration when she calls to ask for an updated ETA for our move and the Assertive representative responds by hanging up the phone while my wife is mid-sentence. After this happened multiple times, it was clear to me that the Assertive representatives spoke to me differently than my wife - something I find completely antiquated and disrespectful. Just so we are clear, my wife was hung up on, sarcastically mocked, scoffed at, and for all intents and purposes, she had her requests ignored. Somehow when I called Assertive dispatch, my requests were received with a bit more dignity and respect. The 14 business day window came and went. October 2 was 14 business days from our specified "first available delivery date." When it became apparent that we would not be receiving our belongings within that window, I was told by Assertive dispatch that "grievances would be paid out for any late arrivals." After October 2, I called almost on a daily basis (sometimes more frequently) to get a status update on our move. Almost all correspondence with dispatch mirrored each other - dispatch would answer the phone, promise to call back, then I would not hear from them until I called back either later that day or the following day. At one point I was told that our move was last on the priority list since we booked through a broker who sold our move to Assertive at "pennies on the dollar." We're no longer speaking about poor customer service, this is bad business. I was told on numerous occasions that our belongings would be delivered in the coming days; however, deadlines were continually missed and promises were continually broken. We received our belongings October 15. October 15 is one day shy of being two weeks past the last day of the 14 business day window by which this company claims to abide. I realize we are living in unprecedented times. New York City is experiencing a mass exodus and moving companies are overwhelmed and understaffed. That said, this global pandemic has been affecting families, businesses, and the like since March. We scheduled this move in July, and I do not presume the move was sold to Assertive likely until August. 5 months after the entry of a global pandemic in our country, it was obvious that there would be an influx of NYC moving clients. My point is that from March to August, Assertive would have known the limits of its capacity and should have declined the offer to complete our move within a specified period. It seems to me that Assertive accepted our move knowing full well that they would not be able to make a punctual delivery. I emailed customer service weeks ago to ask for the "grievances" we were promised by Assertive. Consistent with prior experience, Assertive has not responded. Whatever you do, do not use this company.
- Zach Bullock

I hired these guys for the first time and I confess that I was skeptical, however from the very first phone call my rep was friendly and reasonable. The crew showed up on time and again they were nice and organized. I liked their smiling faces and kindness the whole time, even when carrying heavy furniture. I feel like moving again with them.
- Rose Lawrence

It was my first time moving by myself and I was concerned about finding honest and capable movers. Despite my lack of expertise I was billed what was quoted initially and price was quite fair. Also the crew was able to disassemble and reassemble two large furniture pieces quickly and without hassle. These guys are really trustworthy.
- Bobby Walls

Everything ran smoothly and in time. Thanks to the company for this great move.
- Sophia Sims

Best movers and sales department around!!!! Wouldn't trust anyone else. Awesome service from scheduling a move to the move it's self!!!!
- Sandi Martin

Long moving window and delayed delivery. It took one month to move my stuff from east to west coastal.
- Kevin L.

Had a good experience with the move no stress. Upon delivery one of the guys damaged one of the bed support by accident. Other than that everything else was good delivery time was great they made it a very smooth process for me.
- Yulissa M.

From the initial estimate where the Owner Sal entered my home in New Jersey all the way to the delivery of my furniture in Florida everything went really smoothly. The team came on time to pack my home up and transport my vehicle. My items all arrived packed incredibly well and earlier than anticipated. My vehicle came down without a blemish and also earlier than anticipated. I have moved multiple times and have NEVER had a BETTER experience than what they provided. The price didn't change. There were no gimmicks! A++++ is my rating! I highly recommend this incredibly wonderful company!
- Nadine C.

We just had a move completed that was booked through Colonial, subcontracted to Relo Movers and actually done by a team from Affordable and Assertive movers, suing a Relo truck. A little confusing but The team of Devin, Geovany and Robert for the pickup and Geovany and Robert for delivery was terrific. They were very courteous and professional and handled all of our belongings with care. The move went absolutely smoothly and I recommend their company for any moving needs.
- Ginny C.

Finding a reputable and reliable mover is like finding a needle in a haystack. Luckily a friend recommended Affordable & Assertive from her son's move to Cleveland, Ohio (they did an excellent job there as well). Sal took care of my 80 year old mom's move from Middletown, NY to Portland, Oregon from start to finish. We packed our own boxes but the movers (who were on time) took care of everything from pickup to dropoff including an upright piano (the only negative from the move was that a piano wheel was lost but can easily be replaced). Unlike the horror stories I've heard about, the quote was the price that she paid. There was a little confusion on the day of the move as my mom is hard of hearing but Sal was always available to clear things up for us and the moving crew. We were pretty flexible with the delivery date and so Sal suggested some ways we could save $ and still get a first rate move. HUGE thanks to Sal and his crew. My mom and I could not have done it without them.
- Patrick L.

Hello, this is a update to a previous review I've made. Short story is my jewelry was stolen by the movers of this company. They tried to offer me $2000 to take down my reviews, but nothing towards my $12,000 worth of jewelry that was stolen. PLEASE READ these reviews before you choose this company.
- Linda S.

Four movers showed up at 7 AM in a 27' truck and not the 16' truck I was promised. They were from Affordable & Assertive / Pompton Lakes NJ. (I found out later that this company has an "F" rating on BBB.) They came without facemasks or gloves amid COVID 19 quarantine. Fortunately, the items were in a separate part of the basement so they did not need to go into the house. As soon as they got there three men took all the designated boxes to the truck while Debin, (I think the foreman), began to do another on the spot estimate and wanted yet another deposit. He too still had my son's items on his list! Then he wanted to know what I had in my storage unit, I showed him my pix of the inside of the unit. He pretended to put together another inventory list from a photo of my storage unit. He would make an "x" and draw lines down 5 pages of inventory as if he could precisely count them with a glance. He visually calculated the new weight 6,400 pounds - just from looking at a photo. I was flabergasted and seriously contemplated having them move everything back into the house. But then worried that I would lose my deposit and would need to take them to court. I received a call from Debin at 11 AM asking access to deliver my items, I asked him for the weight of the truck. He was surprised to hear that Colonial had not called me. I texted him at 12:30 that the earliest they could enter was 2 PM. Then I get a call from Colonial around 1 PM stating the weight of my items came to 7,980 pounds, I asked her for proof, she said I would need to arrange to meet them at the weigh station to get confirmation. I was in the middle of the walk-through at the time (my realtor overheard the whole conversation), I expressed to Colonial that I was extremely disappointed in them and their process. When Affordable & Assertive showed up at my new home, the truck was filled to the brim with other people stuff, a bed hung to the outside back of the truck. That's when they told me that they had picked up the order in Rhode Island already. They had masks on at this point but no gloves. First Debin forces me to sign a new weight of 7,980 pounds but does not show me where or when the weight took place. Again, I feel vulnerable, I am a single woman confronted with four guys holding my possessions hostage. "Assertive" means that they are good at intimidating customers. I signed and asked them to put everything into the garage where I could keep it 14 days to ensure that they or the other party's inventory that they picked up was not infected with COVID 19 virus. They began to take my items off the truck without a lift. I watched from my bedroom window above as the men used a tiny footstool to navigate the wire shelving unit with fragile items on top. I took a few photos before my phone's battery died, I was inside the house watching my life's work in the hands of these idiots. Now I need to wait 14 days before I can find out what kind of damages there are, that whole move has been quarantined. In the meantime, I am hoping that they didn't infect me.
- Fran E.

If it were possible to give zero stars I would. This company charged me and extra $1000 dollars to get my shipment to me. They're customer service number does not work. When I finally got in touch with someone he hung up on me. Literally, use ANY other moving service.
- Kimber B.

We used these guys for a short move (mileage wise), but going from a 4 floor townhouse to a single family home. For perspective, when we moved in with another mover, the other mover showed up 90 minutes late, and the move into the townhouse lasted 9 hours start to finish. Our experience with these guys could not have been any more different. They showed up early, which is great if you ask me (we were ready to go). They took extreme care with everything, and when you factor in the 4 flights of a stairs, the job they did was that much more impressive. Start to finish, they ended up finishing in under 5 hours, which was well under the 6-8 hour estimate they gave us. Keep in mind here, we were paying by the hour. How often does a mover charging by the hour finish early? You can feel confident in hiring these guys. We could not have been more pleased.
- Dave F.

I hired a moving broker and ended up working with this company. It was a move from NY to SC for my elderly Father who has early stages Alzheimer's. My Dad can be challenging to work with and this company went above and beyond to stay in touch with me and get everything straightened out. I can't begin to tell you how much it means to have someone be understanding, kind and compassionate during such a stressful time for my Dad and I. My Father is the most important person in the world to me and this moving company made me feel like they were right along side me. I can't recommend them enough. They stayed in touch via text, phone calls and even helped to reschedule for a different day delivery when my Father had neglected to answer his phone and receive the original shipment. Truly wonderful. Thank you.
- Maggie M.

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