3 Important Steps for Getting Organized during a Move

3 Important Steps for Getting Organized during a Move

You are relocating soon and you would like to know how to do the moving right: to save, time, money, nerves and strength. It is always a better idea to research the topic first and avoid an embarrassing number of mistakes and additional expenses! The moving can really be a great thing for you! It is the opportunity to finally get rid of everything you don’t need, and start the next path of life in a new place fresh and free of any trash that should just stay in the past. But, as agreed, let’s learn how to get organized during a cross-country or overseas move!

    1. Do the planning. Planning is always the right thing to do! What to plan while moving?


      • Plan dates of the move. If there is an option to choose the season and the time of the month, it is good to choose the least busy time for moving companies. There are seasons in this business!  American Moving companies recommend people to avoid summer moves completely, if possible. Also, they advise against moving during the last week of the month because leases end at the end of the month.


      • Plan your time to research moving companies. It doesn’t mean reading the reviews on the internet for one evening, which is for sure, a must! Get written calculations from at least three movers before you choose. There is a possibility that it is better than a telephone survey or a customer typing inventory into an online form that people usually do. Get company representatives to come to look at what’s in your home. They will form an accurate idea of what you have. Your calculation will be clearer and you will have a list of all the services they can offer especially for your unique situation and you can choose your expenses wisely.


      • Plan the packing. It is better to finish minimum 1 or 2 days before moving day! You can choose who will pack your items. There is a professional service for that. It can seem too expensive for some people at first sight. But think again. Calculate how much money you will spend on all the boxes and wraps you will need every weekend to move back and forth to Target, Walmart, and Home Depot to buy storage totes — which, can appear to not be the best or most appropriate choice to store your stuff. Sometimes moves are calculated by the weight of the boxes packed, some moving companies don’t charge for the moving packing materials, for example. And of course, if you value your time, it is going to be so much quicker when a professional packing crew takes care of the items. Plus they don’t have the sentimental attachment, so they can pack the old photos of your children or the first present your husband gave you, much quicker. For some people, the packing can become a very long and nostalgic thing!


If you decide to do the packing part on your own, plan in advance the approximate amount and type of packing materials needed, and buy it wholesale. You will be surprised how it can save you money! Label each box clearly with its room of destination, which will help your movers unload more efficiently and save you the hassle of playing traffic cop. This is even more important if you are paying them an hourly wage.


    1. Make a strategy. It is all about how you are going to make the decisions that will save you time and give you less struggles while moving!


      • Write down tips for yourself: whether to choose items you need, to pack for a new life or if it should just go to trash. How easy it is to replace an item, how often you use it, and how much it is worth to other people, for example.


      • Look at it as an opportunity for to earn some money with the stuff you don’t need anymore and that can be sold, maybe it will just pay off all the expenses of the moving right away! For everything that can be sold, plan a yard sale or garage sale. Another option is to sell your items online.


      • Look at it like at the opportunity for charity. Donate the items that you don’t wish to sell. Coats, blankets, gently used clothing, furniture, office equipment, and kitchen appliances can often find a new home.


    1. Create a team and work together!


Think about people who are willing to help you! Maybe you grandmother will be happy to talk to neighbors during the garage sale or your son can easily take great pictures on his phone of stuff for sale and post them on eBay or Facebook Marketplace and you can even motivate him to earn some money for himself with that. Of course, making the right decision for a moving company will add on the most professional people on your team!

Implementing these important steps: with the right mindset, good planning, strategy and the right people, you can do anything, even something as hard as moving!  You are on the right path, now just move and enjoy the process!

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