Top Moving Container Companies 2020

Top Moving Container Companies 2020

Nowadays due to the situation in the world moving with containers is gaining its popularity. Customers try to avoid any kind of contact with other people and containers are the best option. It is secure, safe and what is more pleasant-cheap. We have prepared our own top 10 Best Moving Pods containers to rely on when moving long-distance or even locally. Don’t forget that you can also use PODS as storage. That is one more reason why moving containers are one of the most convenient and preferable variants for those who are moving through COVID-19. Our aim is to help you make the right choice. Make your preliminary cost estimate right now or order a free moving quote for an expert valuation. If you have your own experience with movers of this segment, leave your comment and we will post it as a ‘useful review’ for subsequent visitors to the site and will take it into account when compiling our rating.

U-Hauls U-Box Containers2.5 starsFrom $19.95 daily with additional fees such as fuel costs.
1-800-PACK-RAT3 starsThe average cost of a long-distance moving is $3,450.
ABF U-Pack ReloCubes
4 starsThe average cost of a long distance moving is $2,231.
PODS Moving and Storage3 StarsThe average PODS cost is $475—$800, while a long-distance move is around $800—$5,000.
SMARTBOX Moving and Storage4 stars You will pay $200 – $400 for one bedroom, $300 – $700 for 2-3 bedrooms, and up to $900 for 4-5 bedrooms.
Go Mini’s4 starsThe average cost of a local move using Go Mini’s is $550.
COWs (Containers on Wheels)4 starsLocal 1-bedroom move will cost you between $200 – $400
Moving Place4 starsIf you’re moving long distance, Moving Place is the best priced moving container.
United and Mayflower2 starsMayflower charges based on weight, volume, and distance traveled. Moving quotes are always individual.
Zippy Shell1 starsThe average cost of a long-distance move using Zippy Shell moving containers will cost you $3,100. Zippy Shell’s pricing is based, in part, on daily freights, which is essentially the rate it pays trucking companies to move your container.

U-Hauls U-Box Containers

Rate ★★☆☆☆

Moving with U-Haul during COVID-19

U-Haul provides students with 30 days of free self-storage amid Coronavirus outbreak. That means self-storage at one of U-Haul’s storage facilities, not for U-Box rentals.

Being the most recognizable moving company U-Haul’s U-Boxes offers customers plenty of flexibility when it comes to moving and storage. Along with nationwide availability and the most affordable prices on the market, U-Haul proposes the largest moving trucks and great trailer rental selections.

U-Hauls U-Box Containers Options

U-Haul’s U-Boxes is represented by one size 96″ x 60″x 90″ (257 cubic feet) ready to carry 2,000 pounds. Customers can choose from “the superior convenience option,” the “low-cost, do-it-yourself option,” and

the “most cost-effective option.” U-Haul’s storage facilities are secure and climate-controlled with 24-hour access for customers.

How much does a U-Haul truck rental cost?

Truck rates start at a flat rate of $19.95 with additional fees such as fuel costs, mileage, environmental fees and taxes. $19.95is the price for trucks and cargo vans come out for. Larger moving trucks will cost you $10 to $20 extra daily. Be careful and ask additional questions if you don’t understand anything. U-Haul quote doesn’t include taxes and mileage or gas on some rentals.

U-Hauls U-Box Containers Reviews:

Paula M. ★★★★★


I love U-Haul, and I love this location especially! There are a lot of nice people at this location, but I would like to give a special mention to Cindy who has been amazing! She is so kind, friendly, helpful, smart, extremely competent and professional. Thank you so much Cindy!!!

I also think Eileen and Chris are amazing too!

The company is also very well run from the top. The owner truly cares about the customers and wants the company to do its best for them. I’ve rented from U-Haul many, many times over the years. The first time I ever had a problem they handled it so well and were lovely to me. So I’m happy and will continue to be a loyal customer!


Charles C. ★☆☆☆☆



Warning do not store your belongings here. I rented a storage 3 months ago while our apartment was being renovated. I chose this location because it seemed very safe, clean, reliable. What a nightmare. I went on Monday 1/14 with 4 movers to get my things and move back into my apartment. I went to unlock my storage and my key didnt work. I called downstairs and they said that my lock had been changed because there was some water damage.

I opened my storage and over half of my personal belongings were missing. The rest had been picked through, and packed back in boxes. All my furniture was gone. Half the items were broken. None of the staff cared to call or email about what my personal belongings apparently being thrown out.

The movers looked at me wondering why I hired four people to basically move nothing.

When I went down to talk to the staff one of the employees just handed me a piece of paper with a 800 number on it and basically said to call them. The paper stated that this incident was their top priority. Really why hasn’t anyone tried calling me or emailing me in two months. If I knew I wouldn’t have any furniture I would’ve have made arrangements to replace it before I moved back into my apartment. I’m now sleeping on a air matress. No couch, no bed, no Tv. I had to purchase new furniture which living in SF is already expensive enough. I’m now waiting 2/3 weeks for delivery.

When I got home I turned on the TVs were broken. I just bought them. Damaged art, headphones, record player, antique dishes, missing boxes of clothes and shoes.

Fast forward two days later and the manager calls said that the insurance company was supposed to handle everything (same company as Uhaul) and that they have photos and documentation of everything.

3 day later (from 1/14) I finally get a call back from the insurance company and he says they don’t have any photos or list of whats been removed.

He said they only have a pieces of a couch and some bedding on the list from my unit. Really half if my storage is missing.

What a mess and unprofessional, mismanaged.Theres other people clothes mixed in with my stuff.

Why is the staff going through my personal things.

Something seems very shady.

Needless to say I’m beyond upset and feel extremely violated. I just want my things or get some professional honest answers. This is not ok.

Stay away from this business.

I’m going to have now hire an attorney and file a complaint with the BBB.

Please avoid this place at all costs.

I will never use Uhaul again.


Barbara M. ★★★★★



Awesome service – the folks here were kind. Patient and very helpful. I moved from Idaho and got to facility a bit late- The Manager, Gene , was super helpful.


Uli B. ★★★★★



I needed a van for a work errand and so I turned to U-Haul. The rental process online was super smooth and the pick-up as well. They really have it down these days…it was so easy and seamless to check out the van on the day…everything is electronic but in a good way!


Cindy W. ★★★★★



It was my first time using U-Haul at this location, overall the process was very smooth from placing the reservation online to checking in at the office and returning the car. All the employees are cooperative with the process, easy to use system, making it a very pleasant experience. Thanks guys!


Rate ☆☆

Moving with 1-800-PACK-RAT during COVID-19

1-800-PACK-RAT is still moving people following all precautionary measures using gloves and sanitizer. 1-800-PACK-RAT provides students with 30 days of free storage with the promo code “COLLEGE”. and The company offers special deals for hospitals. The company guarantees 48-hour delivery of containers to restoration and remediation partners.

1-800-PACK-RAT is available for all kinds of moves from local to long-distance, they also provide storage. 1-800-PACK-RAT’s is definitely cheaper than hiring a full-service moving company but this is still a DIY move. It is a great choice if you don’t want to drive a truck.

1-800-PACK-RAT Options

1-800-PACK-RAT company provides steel-framed containers equipped with metal skids. All containers are climate-controlled and resistant to water, and presented by three possible variants from 8 ft., 12 ft. to 16 ft. Containers are also equipped with video surveillance for additional security. The representative of 1-800-PACK-RAT’s moving company delivers a container to the customer’s property or at the secure storage facility.

How much does a rental cost?

The average cost of a long-distance move using 1-800-PACK-RAT moving containers is $3,450. 1-800-PACK-RAT company lets customers rent a container on a monthly basis. Don’t be shy to clarify the information you don’t understand.

1-800-PACK-RAT Reviews:


Bill T. ★☆☆☆☆



DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!! They quote you at one price and then deceptively charge hundreds more. They quoted us at a very reasonable “Total Move Price”, then our bill came and was $500 more. After inquiring with Caleb in billing, we realized those little sneaks don’t account for fuel costs when they quote you and save that information for the fine print of their contract. Despite diesel prices going DOWN since the time of our quote, they bill you assuming fuel will cost $2.25/ gallon (which hasn’t been the national average in years).

All I can say is, choose ANY moving company besides these guys. I should have known they were RATS when I read the name of their crooked company!

Nicole L.★★★★☆


I used 1-800 Packrat on a move from Texas to California. I made the reservation 6 months in advance but my move went very smooth. I was happy with their service except for the hour plus wait times if I needed to call and make changes.

I had the 16ft container and the employees were nice and knowledgeable about the move. My things arrived on time and none of my glass furniture was damaged. I would recommend and use them again.


Jules P. ★☆☆☆☆



This was one of the worst experiences of my life. As a Realtor I work with many moving companies for my clients, however I have never experienced anything quite as unprofessional or challenging as Pack Rat. I would highly recommend all my future clients and friends to go with another company.

I found it unreasonable for the following reasons

-Our items were delayed

-Our items were unable to be tracked during transit

-We were given a date of late arrival and time and then when it did not arrive they told us they were actually unsure of where the pod was. We had to contact them 4 times the day of the pod arrival in which it did not arrive. No communication from company was received.

– An exponential increase in monthly storage fees

-There was a minimum hold time of 35 minutes each time tried to contact the company

-Our driver ran our pod ran into a protected Oak Tree in our neighborhood. Our items were damaged the tree was killed. This was how we met our neighbors. The neighbors called the tree service to remove it from the pod, the company did not assist in any way during this situation. We are still working on having the company compensate the tree service.

The company has yet to reach out to resolve any of the issues stated. It created an extreme burden and undo stress to our transition. We are deeply unhappy with our overall experience.


Sara D. ★☆☆☆☆



We used to be loyal customers. Not anymore.

They supposedly carry 8ft, 12ft, and 16ft containers. We were planning a move from Southern to Northern California almost 6 years ago, but had a driveway that was too short for a 16ft and city regulations against parking a big unit on the street. So, we talked to them, and they set us up with a 12ft instead. Smooth as silk.

We ended up not moving north, but still kept those items in storage and had them delivered this year. The delivery was great. When we had the unit empty they hauled it away.

Now we are having to make a move from California to Kentucky, and wanted to use this service again. My mother just spent four days, calling and being bounced around to “someone else needs to approve this.” Ultimately it was supposed to be up to the Van Nuys facility but no one could be reached! And no one would give us the direct number, but instead kept promising to “call back” within a certain timeframe and then did not call. Close to a dozen different people and not one of them could make a decision and let us know one way or the other.

When I came to Yelp after all of this, I discovered we are not alone in our issues.

Save yourself some heartache and find another storage and moving company to do business with. This one is a huge disappointment.


Melissa B. ★☆☆☆☆



You cannot trust the online quote. My online quote stated $189 per month with $80 pick up fee. We had the empty pod delivered May 28th. Full pod picked up and delivered 6/14. It was picked up empty July 5th. In those 6 weeks they have now charged us over $800. Way over the quote

ABF U-Pack ReloCubes


Rate ★★

Moving with U-Pack during COVID-19

U-Pack is still operating and accepting new customers. Local service call centers are checking customers’ health conditions before sending movers.

U-Pack is a popular choice for those moving long-distance with flexible, transparent pricing with DIY packing and loading their own belongings. ABF U-Pack offers metal and weatherproof ReloCube moving containers. According to the website, U-Pack doesn’t require any deposit, fees are all-inclusive, and you’ll be charged for only the cubes you use. After you’ve finished loading up the container, you can pay by credit card for the number of ReloCubes you ended up utilizing. The company also allows customers to use their own padlocks on the ReloCube for added security.

U-Pack Options

U-Pack keeps it simple with a single size ReloCube. You can reserve multiple cubes or rent space in one of ABF’s moving trailers. ReloCube fits a single room of furniture and boxes while a trailer may fit 5–6 rooms of furniture or a 3–4 bedroom home. Both are made of weatherproof metal. They both have easy low access.

How much does a U-Pack rental cost?

The average cost of a long distance move using U-Pack ReloCube moving containers is $2,231. Pricing for ReloCubes is based on a per container/per 30-day period basis. Requesting a quote from U-Pack, you’ll have two options between trailer space and ReloCubes. We recommend getting quotes for both to find the best rate. U-Pack ReloCube and trailer costs depend on from and to destination, distance, date, container availability and post-move storage needs. In general, though, you can expect to pay somewhere between the cost of a full-service move and a truck rental.

U-Pack Reviews:

Ashlee B. ★★★★★



I moved from Oakland, CA to Scottsdale,AZ and it was my first move out of my family home. However the ease of UPACK eliminated unnecessary extra stress of moving.

Thank you so much to the customer care agents. I called so many times, only due to me not knowing what i was doing, but each time no matter how ridiculous or simple the question the agent was able to assist me and go above and beyond.

I use a relcocube and boy those things are huge inside. I had 4 large boxes, a full sized mattress, a microwave, bed frame, 70inch floor mirror, 50 inch tv, table, tv stand, chair and about 10 more items and i still had plenty of space.

I love how they give you call when the cube is being dropped off and delivered.

And you don’t have to be home for the pick up.

Thank you 1,000 UPACK!!


Tempting R. ★★★★★



I DID read the reviews. And this is not my first time considering U-Pack for a long distance move. Back then they were way too expensive to even consider compared to uHaul. And I’ve used uHaul twice now with mostly positive results – but this time they could not meet my time requirement. Others were just way too overpriced. In my case I had to do a rather quick move due to move in requirements; so I got the U-Pack so that I could have the bulky items delivered to me while I drove the important smaller crates and boxes up.

I’ll save you the lengthy bit. Ultimately here was my takeaway from my U-Pack experience:

– That they offer guaranteed day delivery for only $170 (in my situation) was a HUGE plus. No other carrier comes close to this. People complaining about not getting their deliveries on time had to have either declined this or didn’t ask about it. Don’t cheap out on your delivery.

– uPack does not charge you anything until after it’s on the way. No deposits, nothing. They’ll collect a card but it doesn’t get charged until (basically) you’re good.

– The rep assisting me with figuring out the right order did a great job optimizing the cost and time to exactly what I needed. There were zero issues getting my box loaded, delivered and picked up exactly when they said things would happen.

– uHaul’s box is wood and items tend to shift around a fair bit. With the completely metal U-Pack, the way it was when it got picked up at the origin is exactly how things were at the destination. The door also closes more solidly than uHaul’s.

– The most expensive thing in here was a $2500 OLED in a TV box. It’s what I was most worried about because they are notoriously fragile. It arrived in perfect condition.

The only negatives:

– A foot piece to my sectional had a small gash. I don’t think this happened during shipping, I think the movers that loaded it didn’t notice this when loading it.

– U-Pack claims that one ReloCube can fit a 1-bedroom apartment. This is not true. It can maybe fit 1 bedroom, but if you’re rocking a king bed and fairly large couch, there’s simply no way you’re filling it with all of the contents of a 1-bedroom apartment. Get 1 PER ROOM if you’re not sure. Especially if you’re moving appliances ( I was not).

– ReloCubes recommend a lock with a 2″ neck (I say it’s not required). These aren’t common locks. I was fortunate to find one at the local AutoZone.

Overall I was very pleased with the service I got and the delivery guys on both ends were polite and awesome.


Heidi K. ★★★★★



Fantastic experience! This is a first rate company w/ excellent customer service. They saved me a considerable amount of money on my move. To use Pods would have been more than double for less space. They were polite, happy to work w/ me on my pickup and delivery schedule. My house is in an HOA and had to have same day pickup/drop off and they were on time and efficient. I would use them again!!


Min P. ★★★★★



U-Pack’s representatives are very informative. But after we reserved the trailers for pick up, we found out they use ABF for the carrier. We paid over $10,000 for two trailers to move our stuff from near Los Angeles, CA to near Atlanta, GA. The end result is the first trailer got water damage on our expensive furniture due to a foot long leak on the trailer’s roof. The furniture in the second trailer got broken table legs, dents and scratches on almost every piece of furniture. We had all of them wrapped by plastic sheets. We made the water damage only because it was very obvious that their trailer roof had an opening causing the water leak. ABF sent me an email offering to pay $700 on the condition we have to sign agreement that we would never publish any comments on any social media or what so ever. We did not accept this condition. Our damage is way too big than an offer of $700 to keep us to be silent on such poor quality service. I felt U-Pack’s customer reps were very nice. But we did not hire ABF for the moving service. When there are damage claims, there is no U-Pack customer service provided. I would not recommend anyone using their trailer moving service.

I have a ton of pictures to show the scale of our furniture damage. But I am not given a choice to load any pictures in my review here.


Beth A. ★★★★★



UPack’s service was outstanding for my first cross country move. The price point was within my means to afford to keep my belongings and furniture. The service was great; every time I called UPack or ABF they were pleasant and professional and went above and beyond to help me. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone looking to move and won’t hesitate to use them again.

PODS Moving and Storage

RATE ★★★☆☆


Moving with PODS during COVID-19

PODS is operating without delays, but customers should call 24-48 hours in advance if they need access to moving containers.

PODS (Portable On Demand Storage) pioneered the moving and storage container move thus being the most well-known of the moving container brands. PODS is available for local moves, long distance moves and storage. What makes PODS stand out from other brands is that you won’t have any trouble finding a place near your home. Customers can either store the PODS container on their property or at a PODS storage location what makes the whole process of moving less stressful.

PODS Containers Options

PODS containers are steel-framed and weather-resistant. PODS containers also offer low loading and are equipped with a lock and key. Containers have a clear polymer roof that lets daylight through. PODS offers three container sizes to choose from (7 ft. x 7 ft. x 8 ft., 12 ft. x 8 ft. x 8 ft., 16 ft. x 8 ft. x 8 ft.). With more storage options, you may be able to fit all of your belongings into a large container instead of having to rent two small or medium-sized containers.

How much does PODS cost?

The average PODS cost is $475—$800, while a long-distance move is around $800—$5,000. Under PODS’s storage prices, renting a twelve-foot container starts at $149.99, and renting a sixteen-foot container is $159.99. PODS pricing factors are size, distance and reservation length.

PODS Reviews:


Sharon S. ★★★★★



I emailed a supervisor in the corporate office, which took a lot of time and research. I googled the CEO. I also left yelp reviews and Facebook reviews. I WAS SO LUCKY. Once I explained my grievances, someone did help me. I did receive forms to fill out, and they did reimburse me for the damages through an insurance company. THE ENTIRE experience before the move was so professional and the followup, in the beginning, was perfect. It’s just that if you have damages, they need stronger training for the customer service on how to handle DAMAGES. I would use PODS again…even after this whole situation. PACKING- I DO NOT suggest moving your stuff in the middle of the winter…but if you have too, as i did, water damage is likely to happen. Keep the electronics and computers way UP at the top. The bottom of the POD, keep the more inexpensive things that you can do without. Keep all the best furniture and electronics at the top of the POD.


ejie h. ★☆☆☆☆



Make sure you read everything on their website, all the FAQs etc. They don’t really tell you things upon booking even when you speak to actual Customer Representative.

They call you for the delivery and pick up time after 6pm local time. I live in the West Coast. Their business close at 10pm Eastern Time. I received the message for the pick up window time past 7pm Pacific Time which is already after their office hours. They said call ASAP if I want to reschedule but I received the pick up window after their office hours and the pick up window starts at 7:45 am. I called them at 6am the day of pick up to reschedule but they said it was too late to reschedule at that time. It’s like you don’t have a choice. They schedule delivery and pickup window after their business hours and you can’t ask them to move the time. You have to call asap to reschedule but then office is closed.

They charge cancellation fee of $50-$75 too if the container is not ready when they come to pick it up. I think they try to get you here. They go there and it’s not ready and you didn’t have enough time to reschedule so they charge you. I was fortunate, they didn’t charge me the cancellation fee when they came in at 8:30am. Maybe because I already called at 6am wanting to move the pickup window time. I would be really upset if they did charge me.

Just be aware of all these before you book. The customer service reps too could use more friendly manners when dealing with customers.

I don’t think I can recommend and will definitely not book with them again.


Matthew R. ★☆☆☆☆



I had PODS recommended to me by a friend for my recent move from San Diego to Davenport Iowa. Though I had no problem with the PODS company itself the movers that came highly recommended by the company where very shady. The Company recommended by PODS called Pack and Load which I had unload my PODS on 15 May 2020 are not good people. My job was completed and the guys said they could stay for an extra hour and a half. When I asked how much the guy said to talk it over with my wife and to come up with a number that I thought was fair. We decided on $180 I paid them and the that was it so I thought….The next day I receive an invoice with an additional $149 dollar charge. So I called both PODS and and Pack and load and both don’t really seem to care…..So I say BEWARE of both of these companies.


Michael L. ★☆☆☆☆



We were recently taken for a ride by PODS Moving & Storage, and want to warn others. Their advertising says they store your POD indoors, which was not the case for us. After storing with them for several months what was returned to us was sun damaged boxes and goods. There is just no way boxes inside a container, stored inside a facility would fade from the sun like ours did, unless it actually sat outside the entire time. Then when we filed the claim for damage from the sun and water from the leaking container they depreciated our goods to 50% of their value and then applied the $100 deductible and offered us a $6 check. Just laughable, and not even an apology for such poor treatment. We could have paid less at ANY regular storage facility, and actually gotten climate controlled storage as promised. Shameful treatment of customers, and veterans too!


Jason B. ★☆☆☆☆



I had to spend over 30 minutes on the phone twice. First time was because my container was wrongly scheduled to be picked up and taken to a storage unit and then redelivered to my new house. At no point did I ask for it to be stored offsite. I couldn’t change this online nor with online chat support. So I called and the guy switched it, but then he was saying it would be an extra $150+ more than original quoted. I told him that made no sense, if anything it should be cheaper, if it was going to a storage unit then back to new house, I was saving them a day and miles of transport by cutting that out. He just said, well, prices can change and then he started reading back the prices to me and he took forever adding it up. It finally got figured out, he was just adding a 2nd month of storage for some reason. Then, the date he scheduled for the move ended up being a date that PODS didn’t service my area. I had taken the day off of work to finish moving and unloading. I called PODS and they gave me a whole $25 credit for the inconvenience. Will never use PODS again or recommend. Would have saved time and money renting a UHAUL truck for a week. (Which I got anyways, because a 16 ft container was way too small, filled it plus a 26 ft U-haul.

SMARTBOX Moving and Storage

RATE ★★★★☆


SMARTBOX is still available for their customers. The company is also offering the free 30 days of storage for college students. Just use the promo code “Campus2020.”

With easy-to-use containers and wallet-friendly pricing, SMARTBOX is a leading moving and storage option for those moving locally or long distance. However, SMARTBOX’s limited availability and sparse coverage options mean the company isn’t right for everyone.


SMARTBOX offers moving containers in one size: 8 feet long by 7 feet tall by 5 feet wide. They can hold up to 3,000 pounds. Each one comes with a free lock and a waterproof cover made of canvas. The containers are designed to protect against changing weather temperatures. The SMARTBOX delivers the container to your home, you pack it yourself, and then the driver comes back to pick it up.

How much does SMARTBOX cost?

SMARTBOX’s pricing depends on seasonality and demand. You will pay $200 – $400 for one bedroom, $300 – $700 for 2-3 bedrooms, and up to $900 for 4-5 bedrooms.




Vickey V. ★★★★★



I’m very happy to be able to update my previous review. About five minutes after my original posting, Tripp called me (he was out of the office that day, so I really appreciated that) and did a great job of working things out for me. He explained what that original quote was based on, which was general to my area and not specific to me. Honestly, my experience with Smartbox has always been this current accommodation, and not the previous, which is why I have been a return customer.

So, my pods arrived this morning right on time (early, actually) with Ryan, one of their nicest transportation technicians. Seriously, really nice. I’m gonna get them unloaded and send them right back, but Tripp actually gave me the latitude of keeping them all day. For $300. More than fair.

Many, many thanks Smartbox. You genuinely ARE a five-star company. I would use your services again in a New York minute!


Telly T. ★★★★★



My experience with Smartbox was very positive overall. I needed two storage units to store the items in my garage while it was being renovated. Tripp, the owner, was very responsive and answered my questions right away. Within days, two storage units were delivered to my driveway. The drivers who delivered my storage units originally placed them in my neighbor’s driveway. But a message to Tripp quickly resolved that issue.

The storage units were not in the best condition – they looked like they had gone through a lot and they were not the easiest to close and put a lock on. But this was not a big issue. After I was done using the storage units, a phone call to Tripp led to the units being removed the very same day. Because of the responsiveness of the business, I am very happy I went with Smartbox and I highly recommend them to anyone who needs their services!


Amy F. ★★★★★



I reclaimed my furniture that I had stored with SMARTBOX for about 4 months. I had never stored my belongings before and I was a little nervous about what I would find when I opened the box after 4 months of storage. Bugs? Damage? Funny smells? Some one else’s stuff? Phew. My stuff was in perfect condition just as I left it and the pick up and drop off was seamless. Tripp was super easy to communicate with and I highly recommend this company.


Sheri M. ★★★★★



I have moved four times in the last two years so I have a real working knowledge of what’s available in the storage and moving industry! Having renting a storage unit, moving trucks, pick-up trucks and movers alike, I found Smartbox to be the best choice! You can make arrangements to have Smartbox delivered to your home, you can pack your items, (or coordinate and have them packed for you) store them and have them delivered to your new place when you’re ready! I like the idea of having a few Smartbox’s so I can organize my long term and short term items for storage and it’s economical too, you only pay for what you use! Tripp, the AWESOME owner and manager of Smartbox has assisted me beyond the excellent customer service he provides! The Smartbox warehouse is located conveniently near most major freeways, (710,405, 91 and 105 accessible) in a commercial setting that is spacious, providing a dumpster on site, packing materials, and clean restrooms for clients, making your in-between visits both productive and accommodating if you needed access to your Smartbox. My Smartbox delivery was exceptionally executed, pre-arranged, scheduled and confirmed by Tripp. His team members, Ryan and Didier are reliable,punctual, and professional. Tripp and Smartbox made my moving experience a positive one!


Justin S. ★★★★★



Tripp and everybody at smartbox are great people to work with. They are willing to help facilitate your individual needs because every move comes with its own set of issues, and in my case, Tripp worked with me and my schedule which was a huge relief during a stressful move. I highly recommend them for storage and moving!


Go Mini’s

RATE ★★★★☆

Moving with Go-Mini’s during COVID-19

Go-Mini’s is still operating and accepting new customers.

Go Mini’s is not as well known as bigger moving container companies, but it is a serviceable alternative with some good options. Along with availability and affordable prices on the market, Go Mini’s offers one of the largest container selections.

Go Mini’s Containers Options

Go Mini’s storage containers are represented by three lengths: 12, 16, and 20 feet. All Go Mini’s units are eight feet high. The containers are designed with padded wheels in order to protect the driveway. The flooring in all of our units is sealed and pressure-treated for a moisture-resistant surface. Unlike many of their competitors, their galvanized steel exterior is coated with factory-baked paint to prevent our containers from sweating. Go Mini’s containers have sturdy interior railings for clothes hangers and tie-downs with locking roll-up doors or swing doors, keeping your belongings protected and secure. Since their containers are vented, they greatly reduce humidity and moisture that contribute to mildew, mold, and other types of bacteria.

How much does a GoMini’s cost?

The average cost of a local move using Go Mini’s is $550. This includes the monthly rental fee of a 20-foot container, the initial delivery fee, transportation of the container to the final destination, and the pickup of the empty container. What differs Go Mini’s from others is the fact they allow customers to rent a moving container on a weekly basis.


GoMini’s Reviews:

Karen G. ★★★★☆

Everyone was timely, friendly and professional. All of the requested items for packing (blankets, etc) were there when the pod was delivered. The only thing that work as requested is that I had asked that the smaller of the two pods be delivered first so that we could maximize our time and get the second pod returned before 3pm. Instead the larger of the two pods was delivered first so we had over an hour of dead time in-between pods and we were paying the movers by the hour. Even tho it didn’t happen as I had hoped, we still got the job done and the last pod was delivered before your deadline. I wasn’t sure how this arrangement with the pods and several movers was going to work but it was a great way to do it. Thank you. We would use you again and will recommend you to our friends.

Chip R. ★★★★★

Go Mini’s came along just in time for our move in January. The on time delivery and pickup was great. Like that the Go Mini was almost on ground level instead of several feet off the ground for loading and unloading. They didn’t mark the driveway either. Thanks John and Wade.

Brian S. ★★★★★

Seriously, anyone who has rented a storage unit has expectations about storage places. Parkway blew my expectations out of the water. The staff, Jen and Jordyn, were AMAZING. Always cheerful and happy to help. The place is clean and secure and I don’t get the feeling I’m leaving my precious things on a street corner and walking away – unlike many competitors. I can’t recommend Parkway highly enough.

Ben W. ★★★★☆

Had a good experience with this company in general, Jen was right on point with everything.

Tara F. ★★★★★

Go Mini’s was a great way to move! The 20 ft mini Pod was able to fit so much!! It is easy to load and the floor is nice to protect your furniture. This was the best way for us to move all of our stuff since we had lag time in getting into our new place. We had as much time as we needed to fill the pod, then they stored it for us at there location for a week before we were able to move into our new home. The driver was excellent, super friendly and professional and extremely helpful! I will use them again for sure!

COWs (Containers on Wheels)

RATE ★★★★☆

Moving with COWs during COVID-19

COWs is still operating and accepting new customers.
COWs provides residential friendly portable storage containers to homes and businesses throughout North America. Most COWs locations offer customers several services including a DIY option where customers load and unload the container themselves, a hybrid option where customers can opt for labor assistance for heavier items, and a full-service option where customers can opt to have the company load and unload all belongings.

COWs Containers Options

COWs moving containers are made of steel and sit atop small wheels, which make them exceptionally mobile. COWs offer both 8 ft. and 16 ft. moving and storage containers. COWs’ moving containers and storage are available for daily, weekly and monthly rentals.

How much does COWs cost?

The average cost for different moves could vary wildly depending on which broker you’re working with, so the best advice is to call your nearest COWs broker for a personalized estimate. Local 1-bedroom move will cost you between $200 – $400, be ready to pay extra if the destination is < 250 miles $450 – $800.The COWs monthly rental fee is similar to the price of renting a truck for just a couple of days – and they do all of the driving.

COWs Reviews:

Laz D. ★★★★★

Needed a storage within 48-72 hours and I believe her name was Michelle, but she assisted me and had it in my lot within 48 hours!

Highly recommended

Olga M. ★★★★★

Look no further !!! My husband and I were going to clean our garage , since this project was going to take a few days , we use the container to be able to sort the items and decide what was to keep our donate .

We look in total for 5 different companies , all more expensive & with a Minimum of 1 month.

Thank god we insisted on calling this place ( since the lady in charge Ana was not in ) what a difference !!! Not only in price but in efficiency , such a nice people .

By the way we ended up having to need the container for one more day , witch the lady reply that it wasn’t a problem , we could do so at no extra charge !!! Fantastic !

Thank you cow people

Patty B. ★☆☆☆☆

The container leaked and almost everything was ruined by mold, rust stains and mildew.
Owner will not return calls and never showed at small claims court.

Moving Place

RATE ★★★★☆

Moving with Moving Place during COVID-19

Moving Place is still operating and accepting new customers.
This moving company provides long distance out of state moves only. They do not offer interstate moves. Moving Place is perfect for people who are moving over 500 miles and want the best pricing or want a dedicated trailer with only their items in it. You won’t need more than 3 days to load or unload the container. They also provide fast delivery.

Moving Place Containers Options

Unfortunately, the company doesn’t have any options for local moves. They also don’t provide instant quotes online. Moving Place containers are presented by two options 27’x8’x9′ and 50’x8’x9 with 1,800 cf and 3,800 cf.

How much does Moving Place cost?

If you’re moving long distance, Moving Place is the best priced moving container. Please note that move prices can vary greatly based on factors like home size and distance between locations as well as supplemental services like packing and assembly.

Moving Place Reviews:

Kyle T. ★★★★★

I had to move from Boston to Seattle and I found Moving Place through the site moveBuddha (highly recommend moveBuddha if you are new to long distance moving and need to compare options). After much research, I settled on Moving Place because they were 1) Slightly cheaper than the container options like PODS and 2) I had the flexibility to use more space in the trailer if I couldn’t fit everything in the space I had previously ordered (obviously at a higher rate, but thankfully I didn’t need it). I ended up electing to hire local movers on both ends (to load the trailer in Boston and to unload the trailer in Seattle) because of the municipal rules that prohibit parking of trailers in city streets.

Overall, the move went extremely well. Interacting with Moving Place with seamless and my items arrived undamaged (albeit a little dusty). If there was one thing I was disappointed in, it was that the warehouse is only open on weekdays for loading/unloading (not weekends). Not a big downside but still something to consider. Overall, I’d recommend this company to anyone looking to move long distance.

Jessica M. ★★★☆☆

Update: the owner Stu contacted me after seeing these reviews. He is a very kind reasonable man. While I was not refunded for the moving cost or damages in full, I received a partial refund which I truly appreciate. Personally, I would not use a freight service again after this experience but it’s good to know the owner attempts to fight wrongs done by the freight company Estees, who denied my claim. Thank you Stu

I have never been SO disappointed with a company. I trusted this company to move everything in my name from NJ to CA… and they destroyed everything. Im talking… everything. This is a freight truck that load other items in along with yours… but doesn’t disclose what they load. Soo… some type of thick black oil spilled in the truck and ruined all of my rugs. Endless boxes were soaked and ripped open, my brand new tv has a huge scratch on it, furniture has dents/rips/oil stains…. the list goes on. I wish I could upload pictures of all the damage. I reached out to the representative that I set the move up with in tears so upset once I moved in about a month ago, I got no apology… no concern… just a simple “fill out this claim form”. I submitted the claim… and over a month later I got a response saying they’re not liable. I’m disgusted. Not only did I lose $1600 for the live… I lost nearly $3000 in DAMAGES. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

Ashley L. ★☆☆☆☆

We used Moving Place to have a car shipped from Utah to North Carolina. The designated time to pick up the car (Friday-Sunday) came and went with no word from the company. During a cross-country move, this added to our stress that we had to leave a car in Utah with no guarantee of whether the company would perform the service we contracted for. Moving Place never offered an explanation or an apology for the delay in picking up the car (only that it was “unusual”). Turns out, Moving Place is a middle-man and contracts with drivers who are not Moving Place employees. We asked for a discount on the service due to the delay and were told the only discount we could receive is if we worked with the driver directly and paid the driver directly. We were very disappointed with Moving Place’s actions and had we had more time to contract with a new vendor, we would not have continued working with the driver directly. We will not use this vendor again.

Cindy S. ★★★★★

I cannot give a high enough rating to Stuart and
his team! I just moved my son from Sacramento Ca to Parkland Florida and the move was flawless! From my first conversation for a quote to the delivery here in Florida absolutely everything was great! Moving is stressful, but not with this company! A+ guys

Lori C. ★★★★★

Stuart and his team provided me with outstanding customer service when a full service moving van line I had hired to move me from IL to TX failed to pick up my household goods as scheduled. The moving place was able to secure me a truck and driver and I was able to move within three days and prior to closing on my house. They kept me apprised of the driver’s arrival time and at both origin and destination the truck arrived ahead of schedule. I was extremely apprehensive after the experience with the full service moving company and Stuart went out of his way to assure me I was in capable hands. My move with The Moving Place was flawless. I highly recommend.

United and Mayflower

RATE ★★☆☆☆

Moving with United and Mayflower during COVID-19

United and Mayflower is still operating and accepting new customers.

United and Mayflower Containers Options

United and Mayflower moving containers are 16 ft. long, 8 ft. wide and 8 ft. high. Container can hold 1,500 square foot home. Each United and Mayflower moving container is made of weatherproof steel framing. United and Mayflower Container Services offers customers two loading options: a full-service Do-It-Yourself Plus option and a Do-It-Yourself option. Mayflower services will send expert packers to help you on moving day if needed. You can keep portable storage containers at your property or at a United and Mayflower secure storage facility.

How much does United and Mayflower cost?

Mayflower charges based on weight, volume, and distance traveled. Moving quotes are always individual.

United and Mayflower Reviews:

Lindsay ★☆☆☆☆

I have a move coming up (Florida to Tennessee) and have been doing research on the 16ft containers offered by PODS and United Mayflower.
I have read some nightmare cases on the web regarding both companies. I feel somewhat gun shy to pull the trigger and order one of these containers. Seems like both companies have a 7500lb weight limit. Not sure what that means if you go over by 500 lbs? It also seems they are not not very reliable in keeping to the scheduled delivery date. I keep going back and forth from a full service mover and the container service. I was quoted $3300 for two 16ft. United-Mayflower containers-as long as they pick both up within 30 days.It seems like the containers can save you significant money compared to hiring a full service mover. Anyone have some thoughts or personal experience they can share. Thanks!

Richard M Fodera ★☆☆☆☆

I strongly would not recommend them. We moved from NJ to Florida in August 5. Major damage to furniture. Many picture frames where broken. Many items missing. They took apart furniture but never assemble them pack.

Linds of Prineville ★☆☆☆☆

I would advise AGAINST using this company unless you can have someone watching every move of each Mayflower packer every second. They steal, and break furniture. You can’t get compensation for the items stolen unless they are tagged! Needless to say, they did not tag and record items they were stealing. The packers are not steady employees of Mayflower, but people they hire off the street just for the job. They have no respect for your belongings. I wish I had been forewarned.

MG of Beaverton ★☆☆☆☆

They broke my TV and my furniture and laid on the street. The worse company ever. Took them to court and they offered to pay me 500 dollars. The driver was not professional and he had no help and wanted to hire some people of the street. They also charged me 2500 for the worse service, will never use them again.

Ken of San Tan Valley ★★★★★

Excellent service from driver/Owner of truck and his crew. Due to circumstances he moved my complete household twice. Not a single breakage or lost item! Only problem I had was with the overall cost and the changes of the prices due to time of year. Way too expensive.

Zippy Shell

RATE ★☆☆☆☆

Moving with Zippy Shell during COVID-19

Zippy Shell is still operating and accepting new customers.

Zippy Shell is a particularly good moving choice for those trying to save money on their move. The moving and storage container company offers “street legal” containers with license plates and wheels, making it easy to park these containers in street parking spots. Zippy Shell offers 30 days of free storage on long-distance moves.

Zippy Shell Containers Options

Zippy Shell containers come in two sizes. The smaller container measures 10 ft. long, 7 ft. wide and 7 ft. high, and is capable of holding one to two rooms of household items. Zippy Shell’s largest container measures 15 ft. long, 7 ft. wide and 7 ft. high, and holds two to three rooms of furniture.

How much does Zippy Shell cost?

Be careful, Zippy Shell’s prices are high in comparison to other quotes from competing companies.

Zippy Shell Reviews:

Kim Bouse ★☆☆☆☆

Zippy Shell is NOT 7X7, it’s only 6’4″ x 6’4″, so your 7 ft furniture will not fit standing up in the cage (not a truck). Moving blankets are NOT included. Responsiveness top these issues is non existant.

Brandon ★☆☆☆☆

I just used Zippy Shell to move and I deeply regret it! The company does NOT care about its customer, and has the worst customer “service” of any company I’ve had to deal with. We were told our items couldn’t be delivered on the date we requested (which was a Saturday mind you) unless we paid an extra $900! What moving company can’t deliver your items on a weekend? So we didn’t pay their extortion fee to get our items back, but in the interim they charged us an additional $477 to store our items. So, they refused to deliver our items on a weekend, and then charged our credit card without any communication or notice. When we called customer “service” we were basically told tough, you signed a contract so deal with it. I was disappointed in how we were treated after spending over $5000 to move with Zippy Shell. I can’t discourage people enough from using them. Any convenience you think you’ll get from using them will be made up in the hassle in dealing with them. Also, don’t believe the sales pitch when you call for a quote. You shells won’t be delivered shortly after you request them. My neighbor used them to move and they had his stuff for a month! In short, I can say that I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone, and that they shouldn’t be in business with the way they treat people.

Scratchie ★☆☆☆☆

I just called for a quote… the woman on the phone was very unprofessional when she first picked up and couldn’t hang up fast enough when I heard the details and told her I wasn’t interested. She was literally hanging up before I could say “Thanks and have a nice day.” Not a deal-breaker but a big red flag if they’re that rude while they’re trying to win your business.

Briana ★☆☆☆☆

This is by far the worst moving company I’ve ever had to deal with – just as the previous review, much of my furniture arrived broken and damaged, many of the other goods arrived broken. To top it off, the driver hit several cars on my block when he came to deliver my shell. Do not use this company!

Dan Taylor ★☆☆☆☆

Zippy Shell is the absolute worst moving company you could ever pick!!!!!! I can’t say it enough. My daughter just had them move them across country and from the start they promised things that they never did. My daughters family was put on hold for several months, over charged, found broken and damaged furniture and the people at Zippy Shell were very rude to deal with. I would never ever use this company to move even a grain of sand 20 feet, they would find a way to ruin your life and charge you for doing it. Terrible company and I can’t say that enough !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Beware and steer clear of Zippy Shell, the only thing you’ll get from these guys is your life Zipped up and all full of grief.