Moving with your Pets

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Moving with your Pets

Moving with pets adds an extra layer of complications to an already stressful moving process. Whether your move is long-distance or just down the block, there’s a lot to accomplish. Here are a few things that will help you and your pets with the moving.

    1. Help them release energy

The more energy you can help your dog to release, the easier the moving will be: add in an extra game in the backyard or make your normal walk longer than usual.

    1. Talk to your vet

The long journey is not easy for your pets, so you can talk with your vet about how to prepare them right. Make arrangements for a prescription anxiety medication or others if needed.

    1. Have a pet essentials bag

Along with packing your own essentials bag, be sure to also pack an essentials bag for your dog. Then you’ll know exactly where to look for food and water bowls, treats or toys, and anything else pet-related when you move in. You’ll be glad to have these things on hand with you.

    1. Prepare the docs for your pets

If your pets are moving with you on cross-country moves, they will need up-to-date vaccines and the paperwork to prove it. Start this process in advance, since many countries are quite strict about allowing foreign animals to cross the border.

    1. Set up your dog’s space first when unpacking

This doesn’t have to be the place you intend to keep these things indefinitely, but even a temporary corner will ease stress and keep your pet comfy. Right away, your pup will have a corner with familiar and comforting smells and items that will make your pet feel at home.

It may take a few weeks for your pet to acclimate to new place, so don’t expect everything to be perfect from the beginning. It’s likely some things will change in the new home, but try to stay as close as possible to your previous routine. Just try to do the things that you know keep them content and happy now more often.

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