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About Zippy Shell

Zippy Shell Incorporated is a portable storage and moving company, based out of Georgetown, Washington, D.C. It is the fastest growing franchise business in both the storage and moving industries. Zippy Shell was recognized for its innovative franchise business model in June 2015, as the company received a $25 million capital investment from Virgo LLC. Zippy Shell is comprised of a strong team of board members who have established themselves as leaders in the moving and storage industries. We like to keep things simple. We deliver a storage container to you and your stuff gets loaded. All you’ll need is 2-3 days and then we’ll pick up your shell and store it safely.

Moving-Me about Zippy Shell

Be careful, Zippy Shell’s prices are high in comparison to other quotes from competing companies. But there are certainly some customers who will find Zippy Shell to be an optimal choice. Zippy Shell is a smaller company than its competitors that demonstrates that it cares about its customers’ property. That goes a long way in the moving industry.

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What is Zippy Shell cost?

Be ready that the average cost of a long-distance move using Zippy Shell moving containers will cost you $3,100. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as container size, a shipment size, chosen services and distance from A to B point. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free and cost-effective. Zippy Shell is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

Zippy Shell Reviews

My wife and I recently used zippy shell to move across the country and it is honestly one of the worst experiences I have ever had moving. First of all they lied to us about when our pod would giving us one date so we arranged our whole lives around that date just to have them call us later and say it was a "glitch" in the system and our pod was still 4 days out after we talked to 4 diffrent employees who confirmed the original date. So we had to send back our family and friends who traveled out of their way to help us and live in an empty house for a week without our stuff. Next on the list of terrible that is zippy shell all of our stuff was basically ruined with skid Mark's and scratches even though we secured everything down. Finally after they delayed our order by 4 days they offered 100 dollars compensation and where confused about why we where still upset. To clarify, dont use zippy shell unless you don't care about your things and want to deal with the most abysmal customer service available on god green earth. 0 stars
- Colby Allison

HORRIBLE COMPANY!!! My husband and I are over 60. We booked with zippy shell because of the movers at the beginning and at the end. When I went to schedule the drop off.. OH SURPISE we don't have movers in your area. You need to find your own. Then they agreed to drop it off on Friday and pickup on Monday. I asked them what time so I could schedule the movers. They told me they don't know they will call me an hour before drop off. They SUGGESTED I get someone over the weekend. Now I'm supposed to pay weekend help to unload my belongings. I asked to speak to the supervisor. I was told "She isn't going to tell you anything I didn't tell you!" I asked again to speak to the supervisor and was finally connected. She told me she did not have the number for the warehouse (right...) but she said between 8 and noon.. We shall see I think she just told me that to get me off of the phone... DONT EVER USE THESE GUYS THEY LIE!!!!
- Edith Hertsog

Contracted with Zippy in Mobile, Ala. to pick up and store our furnishings while we are building home on the coast in Alabama. Received a call telling us they were going out of business and we only had a few days to contract with another company to reload and store our furniture. Had to pay for unloading/loading and a more expensive monthly charge to store in addition travel expenses to and from Mobile to oversee move. Corporate VERY unreasonable and refused any help. Thinking seriously about going legal beagle on this one. Terrible company, good movers, but very bad, expensive experience. Would not recommend them to move my doghouse.
- Donald H Helton

Booked 6 months in advance, ZippyShell did not deliver. DO NOT HIRE! We booked over 6 months in advance for our move MI to CA, and ZippyShell sent several automated emails approaching the date our container was scheduled to be delivered to us (3 days before our flight), indicating they knew the correct date in their system. When the date arrives? No container. I called to ask where it is "It might still be coming, there's no guarantee what time of day it arrives." I had a missed call that day and asked if it might have been from them "Our drivers only call once, if you miss it, you need to schedule another day. We're not sure if that call was our driver, wait a few more hours to see if it comes." A few hours later (closer to 5pm) I call back wanting to speak with someone before business hours end, since it appears to not be arriving that day. I hear "Sorry, due to an error in our system your container was not scheduled for local delivery today." Why didn't the first person tell me this?! Me: "Okay, what can we do?" ZippyShell (on a Saturday, 3 days before my flight): "Because it's the weekend, no supervisors are working and no one is authorized to schedule a new delivery. You'll need to call back Monday to schedule a new delivery." Are you serious?! Our flight is Tuesday afternoon, we need to hope ZippyShell can deliver same-day on Monday, or somehow deliver Tues morning so we can rush load everything in before our flight?! I wonder how we got into this disaster of a situation and see 100+ 1-star reviews on this site hidden lower on the search results page (Oops! Did we hire the worst company available? Yes we did: customers complain about containers being delayed more than a month, not leaving origin points, interiors of containers looking like a bomb went off by arrival time, etc.). ZippyShell already dropped the ball on us failing to deliver the date we had booked 6 months in advance. Monday we switch to PODS and call to cancel ZippyShell. Guess what? ZippyShell tries charging us fees for "same day cancellation" -- wrong. Same day cancellation would have been 2 days earlier on Saturday, this is 2-day late cancellation after they dropped the ball. I asked ZippyShell to not only refund all our money, but for additional compensation to cover extra costs for moving professionals we'd now need to hire to load a container in under 1-2 hours before our flight departs on Tuesday. Of course ZippyShell wasn't interested in offering any form of compensation. In the end, everything worked out well: PODS delivered 11am Tuesday and we fully loaded it before our flight. PODS proceeded to deliver the container on time, with nothing damaged inside (no apparent bombs going off inside as reported by other ZippyShell customers). It was terrible hiring ZippyShell in the first place, but it felt like we dodged a bullet when we cancelled and shifted to a competitor.
- Michael Alan

When I first called to setup my date for zippyshell to come by they told me one price and a totally different size POD that they would bring. When the date came I got a small TRAILER that for what ever reason costs twice as much as what I was told on the phone. I called and told the office after the guy brought the trailer. They said the person I had spoken with was from their sister company packrat. So I asked then why didn't I get something from packrat if that is who I spoke with and given pricings for? The person went on about how since packrat was unable to make it they(Zippyshell) picked up my request. Without informing me at all that this was done or that there would be a change in price and transport unit size. The trailer was to small for what we needed and they wanted to charge us 2000$ for cancelling the move with them, I said I will not be paying because they were not the company I signed an agreement with. I ended up getting a Uhaul instead for 682$ after filling a charge back and fraud claim through my bank.
- Ronnie Zeft

A horse drawn wagon door to door would have been faster The estimated delivery date is to the local warehouse. There were no available appointments for ~~A MONTH~~ to actually deliver to my door. Despite having a "guaranteed" delivery date to the warehouse, you cannot schedule home delivery until it arrives at the warehouse. I made numerous calls to their customer service, most of which ended poorly. A few of the things that happened on these calls: I was hung up on, I was lied to (said they would put a note in my file; future reps could not find any such note), laughed at for my troubles. Zippy Shell charged $75 for elevator use, but did not actually charge me until end of fiscal year. It's past my deadline for getting that reimbursed for moving from my job.
- Crystal Nguyen

DON'T do it - horrible experience so far. My container is late (3 weeks) and no matter who you speak with they'll only reply with the same cookie cutter response "we don't know when your container will be shipped, but you'll get an email when it does." It's not worth the headache just to save a few bucks. Go with the more expensive companies. I saw some bad reviews before signing with Zippy Shell and thought, nah that won't happen to me. Boy was I wrong.
- Daniel Wade

I got scammed. The container was badly damaged in transit and they didn't bother to tell me. It went into storage so I didn't find out until I finally had it delivered. The contents was a complete jumble (my guess is that the rig overturned or the container was dropped by the storage crane) and many things were damaged or destroyed. The delivery driver had to crowbar the cage doors as they were horribly misaligned and wouldn't budge. I filled out their claim form and heard nothing. So far, I've sent them a dozen emails for a few months and have not received a single reply. I called their number, but they say it's only for sales and the only way is to send an email. They are a dishonest bunch - stay away from this outfit.
- Steve Anon

Like many other have noted, Zippy Shell is dishonest in their dealings, they mislead their customers, and charge ridiculous fees. We used them to move our contents several states away thinking the convenience would be worth the cost. Well, Zippy claimed they couldn't deliver our items on a Saturday without an extra $900 fee!! How they can't deliver things on a weekend is beyond me, but I assumed my $5300 would have covered getting me my things. Since we didn't pay the fee they said they couldn't deliver our items till Wednesday, 8 days after we requested the items. SO, they say we have to pay a $477 fee to cover storage since our 30 days is up by one day since we didn't get our items on Saturday. Basically, they'll charge you any way they can, and they absolutely REFUSE to work with you via phone. As others have noted their customer "service" isn't helpful and doesn't offer any service. I'm filing a complain with the BBB and I'm hopeful others will do the same so that they stop scamming people out of money! Do yourself a favor and DON'T USE ZIPPY SHELL!!!
- Brandon Zabbot

Refund of $3000 took over six months Is there a 0 rating? What a terrible experience. The local loaders had no clue how many containers I needed which caused a delay of pick up and delivery. The damage was too extensive to worry about. They should have billed me for one month storage but they kept billing me $700 per month for five months after the delivery had taken place. I made exhaustive phone calls and wrote extensive emails explaining in error. Until I found the CEO email address online, I got no resolution. Once I emailed the CEO (he didnt respond, of course) my reimbursement came pretty quick. They don't know what they are doing. It's local folks that but the franchise and have no experience with moving, logistics, staffing, etc, etc, etc. Stay away, my experience could not have been worse. Pay more and go with a proven entity.
- Barbara Doyle

I was moving from Sonoma County to Salt Lake City and found the salesman quite helpful and honest. They send me a container that would not close, didn't care when I mentioned it is going to rain and will leak into it. I had to tarp it myself. After coming to pick it up the driver admitted they have a bunch of containers that do not close. Another surprise is the 'storage fee', which the 'honest' sales person told me was included. I asked him pretty clearly if included in the price. The whole process of pick up took four phone calls and constant misinformation. The delivery was about the same, since they promised 8-noon, and then told me that's an estimate after I called because they are not showing up. Which meant, I had a moving crew sitting around they actually showed up! Beware every time you call Zippyshell your talking to someone in Florida or somewhere in the south, that is just looking on a computer screen, and barely has any real info but the script they are given. They re just doing their job, the middle businessman are the problem.
- Thomas Kp

This has been the worst nightmare anyone could ever ask for. I was told all of my belonging's (4 bedroom House) could fit in one container. I even told the sales rep that my belongings filled a 26 foot truck from front to the back and from the floor to the roof. One they arrived the container was so small it couldn't of even fitted half of my belongings. Then the container was so damaged that it would of been unsafe to even put anything in it. It took about 20 call's and ten days later to finally speak with a manager. The manager only offered a little over half of what I had already paid back. When I had asked to speak to someone in corp. to help me that was above him, he said that there was no one who was above him. Wrong there is always someone above a manager. I would never use them again or refer them to anyone. It is bad when the driver also said Zippy Shell is one of the worst container companies he had ever delivered for. Zippy Shell will do what ever they can to steal as much of your money as possible. They are a rip off company. and the worst customer service I have ever seen.
- Trevor Taylor

Extreme delays with no communication -- DO NOT USE Absolutely do NOT use this company. Zippy Shell promised us (and our contract stipulated) our belongings would be delivered in 7-10 days, or 6-8 business days. We are currently on day 18 without our belongings and have no delivery date in sight. Zippy Shell’s customer service can only tell us that our belongings have reached the destination warehouse and that they are attempting to get in contact with them. They would not let us contact the warehouse or even tell us where it is located. It took numerous phone calls from both myself and my boyfriend to even get Zippy Shell to pick up a phone and call the warehouse. To say we are disappointed is an understatement as we are currently living and attempting to work in an apartment with a blow-up mattress as our only furniture. So if you care about your belongings avoid this company.
- Rachael Humke

Hugely unprofessional. Their support team takes hours to reach, were late in dropping off our shell, and the WORST part is that I called them on the day our shell was supposed to arrive and IT HADN'T EVEN LEFT THE ORIGINATION CITY YET. And we wouldn't have even known had I not reached out to them!! They were unable to give us ANY details on when it might arrive or to let us know when it leaves. I'm considering a lawsuit if they don't handle this properly - we're paying rent on a house we can't move into! Disgusting company - do not use them!
- Kurt Wirth

WORST COMPANY, DO NOT USE! We are moving cross-country and booked our zippy shell well in advance. We were supposed to get our zippy shell delivered to us yesterday. We got a the day before confirming they would be here between 10:30-11:30am. 11:30am rolls around, no one is here. We try calling zippy shell, we are on hold for an hr and finally put our number in the "call back list" for them to call back. While we wait, we find out they use HireAHelper so we call them. We sit on hold for another 30 min...finally get someone on the phone who is able to get a hold of our driver. We find out there was a "problem" with the moving truck and he wont be here until 2pm. Ok, 2pm rolls around, still no Zippy Shell. We call the driver (bc I had made sure to get his number) and he says he doesn't know who told us 2pm but he wont be here until at least 4-5pm AND WITHOUT OUR ZIPPY SHELL! He says that he is in a regular moving truck with another customer right now loading their stuff. He says he couldn't fit the zippy shell in the truck so now they want us to inventory all of our stuff (3 bedroom house w/ basement), load it onto this moving truck (with other customers belongings on the same truck!), he would drive it to some location, unload our stuff and then reload it onto a zippy shell. This is NOT what we were told we were getting. We were supposed to get our OWN shell, load it ourselves, make sure everything was packed appropriately and lock it OURSELVES. We FINALLY got a call back from Zippy Shell after calling a second time at 2:15pm. Shaniqua told us they have no way to resolve this for us and they did not have a reason as to why this was occurring just stating that "loose loads" sometimes occurred and there was nothing they could do about it. We told them this is unacceptable and asked if they could deliver our OWN shell tomorrow. We were put on hold for another 45min and then told they would call us back. We got a call from our driver an hour later saying that the move had been cancelled on his this point we STILL had not heard anything from Zippy Shell. WE ARE MOVING CROSS-COUNTRY AND HAVE A HOUSE FULL OF BOXES!! We now have to rent a 26 ft moving truck, tow one of our cars behind it and then drive our other car separately cross country... thanks Zippy Shell for royally screwing us over! We DO NOT recommend using Zippy Shell as they are completely unreliable and do not deliver the services advertised!
- Margaux Lafave

Avoid at ALL costs! They market their long-distance service as being the solution to the associated stress of your move, however they've proven the complete opposite. As it stands, Zippy Shell is the ONLY source of stress involving my move, as I will have waited over a week for them to deliver the storage pod from the local warehouse (after promising an instant turnaround). Oh, and not to mention the fact that the pod I ordered was not what was delivered, and was partnered through a third party. Mind you, I was not informed of ANY of this. The communication with this company is the only thing worse than the service itself. Completely worthless. The icing on the cake though? After their sales team made countless guarantees about immediate delivery, I coordinated this move with 4 other people who drove from different parts of the country to help with the move, and they'll all be gone by the time the pod arrives! Amazing! Stay FAR away from Zippy Shell, and happily pay the extra 20% to go with a real POD if you have the chance. I fully intend to pursue this matter with the ICC and the BBB, and to spread the word as far and wide as I can. AVOID ZIPPY SHELL AT ALL COSTS!
- Nate Allen

Boy, wish I had read these reviews before choosing them. Been 4 months since they took my stuff and I still don’t have it. Plus they are charging me storage for every month even though the delays are their screw ups. Just try to get someone on the phone. The last call took me 2 hours and 33 minutes on hold. Don’t be fooled by the auto message that they will call you back. They won’t. They hold your stuff hostage and you will pay much more than the original contract to get it back.
- Candace Allegra

This company doesn't even deserve a 1 star rating This review does not apply to the local branches, as they are simply storage facilities and do not schedule or deal with customer service. This applies to Zippy Shell on a national level. This company is HORRIFIC! Terrible service, terrible business model. Before you book with zippy shell you need to understand how the model works. A local branch is scheduled to drop you off a shell, you pack it and they pick it up. Next Zippy Shell starts to "bid" out a price to 18-wheeler freight drivers at a low price to have your stuff relocated. If no one takes the bid they increase the price until its picked up. Lastly once your stuff arrives at the destination they must schedule it to be delivered. The guaranteed delivery date is NOT guaranteed. They do not care about your stuff or when it gets there. They bid for drivers at the lowest possible amount, which takes more time than they estimate. It took our things over a month to get to our location (over 20 days after the guaranteed date). Every time we called for an update no one could tell us where our stuff was or when we would receive it. Once our stuff actually made it to the destination, Zippy Shell didn't even inform us, we had to drive to the warehouse to confirm our stuff made it because no one would answer the phone. They then proceeded to tell us we had to schedule a delivery date and hey were "slammed" at the moment. So tired of waiting we ended up renting a truck and moving our stuff out of the shell ourselves. We were told by management we would receive a Per Diem refund for each day it was late which did not happen. They also proceeded to charge us extra for storage because of how late they were. We've recommended to all of our friends and family that they use a different moving company. This company is an absolute nightmare.
- Celeste Perrin

I would give 0 stars if I could - they didn't show up for my move at all. After planning a long-distance move from NYC to Rochester, I had everything scheduled (and confirmed) for a Friday move. After missing the 'time window' they gave us for move time, we called and could not reach anyone helpful. After calling ALL DAY, they told us our move had been canceled. Seriously?! Also, it was a joke that they could only lower our cost by $150 for this HUGE MISTAKE. They rescheduled for the next Monday (which is ridiculous but we had no options at that point) and gave us a set time window again. They did not show up during this time window. It was AWFUL! They then called around 4:30 and said the movers were on the way - but they never showed up. This sounds like a joke, but it's the truth. DO NOT USE THEM!!!! I am not sure if they're a scam or what. We had to find other movers last minute, and they caused us SO MUCH STRESS. Zippy Shell is the worst, especially their customer service because you can't even reach them if you need help. Please save yourself and use someone else
- Kate Rogers

Buyer BEWARE, DO NOT use this company I am hopefully going to get to my shell tomorrow and unload it myself after renting a truck. If I thought this was an experience only I had, I wouldn't be posting this review, but over and over again, across the county, I read reviews others who've had similar experiences. I am adding tothosecomplaints. I have waited online for hours on the phone and days for call back trying to get my container to my home. Finally I am renting a u-haul truck to unload the container into the truck. Mind you this is all in the middle of a pandemic. The customer service is non existent. They promise they will call you back and they will get a resolution specialist and even a manager to call you but NOTHING. The firewall to actually contact someone is huge. I hope those of you who've had issues with this company will file reports with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and Washington State Utilities and Transportation commission. These guys also have other companies and so they stay hidden. Know that the subcontract with PackRat, who is a subsidiary.
- Beth Sullivan

If I could give 0 stars I would. This is the worst company I have ever worked with. We had scheduled a move from NYC to Cincinnati. We flew into NYC, packed up everything in the middle a pandemic, while paying for childcare out of state, only to not have the movers show up on the scheduled day. When their window for arrival passed, we called and could not get a hold of anyone. It took us ALL DAY before we got a text message from some third party company letting us know that the move would not be occurring and Zippy Shell would be "graciously" offering us $100 off to reschedule. It felt like a sick joke. Finally after two days on the phone, we were told we would be compensated completely and movers would be arriving the next day. We almost missed our flight to pick up our kids and THEN they couldn't even fit everything in the Shell. They did a horrible job packing it all (we paid for the loading) and broke a kitchen island in the process. We had to order a second shell, which they are claiming will cost more than the first shell. Again, we've spent DAYS trying to get a hold of someone to sort this all out and every single time, we're told that the person on the other line is submitting an email to management. I feel so stupid for using this company after seeing all of their negative reviews. It is absolutely unbelievable that they are still in business. DO NOT USE ZIPPY SHELL FOR YOUR MOVE! They are rude, unreliable, and disrespectful.
- Tess Lane

Zippy Shell is the absolute worst moving company you could ever pick!!!!!! I can’t say it enough. My daughter just had them move them across country and from the start they promised things that they never did. My daughters family was put on hold for several months, over charged, found broken and damaged furniture and the people at Zippy Shell were very rude to deal with. I would never ever use this company to move even a grain of sand 20 feet, they would find a way to ruin your life and charge you for doing it. Terrible company and I can’t say that enough !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Beware and steer clear of Zippy Shell, the only thing you’ll get from these guys is your life Zipped up and all full of grief.
- Dan Taylor

This is by far the worst moving company I’ve ever had to deal with – just as the previous review, much of my furniture arrived broken and damaged, many of the other goods arrived broken. To top it off, the driver hit several cars on my block when he came to deliver my shell. Do not use this company!
- Briana

I just called for a quote… the woman on the phone was very unprofessional when she first picked up and couldn’t hang up fast enough when I heard the details and told her I wasn’t interested. She was literally hanging up before I could say “Thanks and have a nice day.” Not a deal-breaker but a big red flag if they’re that rude while they’re trying to win your business.
- Scratchie

I just used Zippy Shell to move and I deeply regret it! The company does NOT care about its customer, and has the worst customer “service” of any company I’ve had to deal with. We were told our items couldn’t be delivered on the date we requested (which was a Saturday mind you) unless we paid an extra $900! What moving company can’t deliver your items on a weekend? So we didn’t pay their extortion fee to get our items back, but in the interim they charged us an additional $477 to store our items. So, they refused to deliver our items on a weekend, and then charged our credit card without any communication or notice. When we called customer “service” we were basically told tough, you signed a contract so deal with it. I was disappointed in how we were treated after spending over $5000 to move with Zippy Shell. I can’t discourage people enough from using them. Any convenience you think you’ll get from using them will be made up in the hassle in dealing with them. Also, don’t believe the sales pitch when you call for a quote. You shells won’t be delivered shortly after you request them. My neighbor used them to move and they had his stuff for a month! In short, I can say that I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone, and that they shouldn’t be in business with the way they treat people.
- Brandon

Zippy Shell is NOT 7X7, it’s only 6’4″ x 6’4″, so your 7 ft furniture will not fit standing up in the cage (not a truck). Moving blankets are NOT included. Responsiveness top these issues is non existant.
- Kim Bouse

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