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Quality of service: 2.5 ⭐
Punctuality: 3.5⭐
Accuracy of Estimate: 5 ⭐
Professionalism according to customers’ reviews: 1.8⭐

✖ Not a Trusted Mover

About U-Haul U-Box

The company was started by a family who wanted to help other families move. Today, U-Haul customers’ patronage has enabled the Company to maintain the largest rental fleet in the do-it-yourself moving industry which includes trucks, trailers and towing devices. U-Haul also offers self-storage throughout North America. The Company provides industry leading moving and storage boxes and an extended line of packing supplies to protect customer possessions. U-Haul is the consumer’s number one choice as the largest installer of permanent trailer hitches in the automotive aftermarket. We work at never forgetting that our quality self-move, self-storage and closely related services and products are to improve human lives. We work at never forgetting that these collective services and products are for the do-it-yourself moving public.

Moving-Me about U-Haul U-Box

U-Haul is most well-known for its moving trucks, but it also offers containers, which are called U-Boxes. As one of the largest moving companies in the country, U-Haul has numerous locations.U-Haul was consistently the least expensive service. This is also one of the easier companies to get a quote from. You can use the website to see how much it will cost and adjust the number of containers or the shipping method. The rental charge includes 30 days of storage. This company gives you several options for insuring your belongings. The best part about using U-Box containers for a move or as a portable storage solution is you have the flexibility and control to plan the perfect move. You can ship them to your new home or store them until you know where you’re going.

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What is U-Haul U-Box cost?

Be ready that the average cost of a long distance move using U-Hauls U-Boxes is $2,800 with monthly storage fee of $90. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as PODS container size, a shipment size, chosen services and distance from A to B point. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

Get a Quote from U-Haul U-Box

We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free and cost-effective. U-Haul is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

U-Haul U-Box Reviews

This place is always busy! And every time I schedule access to my ubox they never have it on file. However, my girl Mariah, always is super friendly and helpful. She's in charge of the uboxes, I think. I couldn't access it anytime I needed, always by appointment, which sucks. I'm sure the 24 access storage is better. Good luck!
- Nyla K.

Moving will probably never be easy, but there's no reason it has to be this hard. The way U-Haul communicates from HQ to their branches is a joke, and it can make for the worst customer experience. I recently used the U-Box Pod service to move from SF to Austin, and wish I had spent more money to use a better service elsewhere. Among other issues, the mover who U-Haul recommended (and charged me for) apparently had been blacklisted by U-Haul, so the store (and HQ) told me I was blacklisted (as well as anyone associated with me). After literally hours on the phone (on moving day), we finally got on the road, but without a manager's apology, comp, etc. As if that wasn't enough, U-Haul double charged me, and initially refused to refund the extra charge. U-Haul: get it together. If you're renting a van for a couple hours: fine, go for it. But if you need to get your stuff moved safely across states: it's absolutely not worth the grief.
- Rusty P.

This review is actually for their web based reservation system. The system is complete garbage. I went online to reserve one of their larger units. I "completed" the reservation online and then went in the next day to move stuff in. When I arrive they mention that the system doesn't actually work and can seemingly just book anything. It's a "glitch" in the system. Luckily they had another unit that fit my needs for the day but now I need to figure out a better system for next month when my needs grow.
- Alex S.

If there was a number below zero I would give it to manager of this branch Rudest customer service They arranged a wrong delivery of Ubox for me When I called to resolve the issue they hung up on me !!! And kept hanging up on my next calls It looks like I have to resolve the issue with my credit card company instead
- Arash R.

Company doesn't care, nor try to help customers. It's a necessity, they know it, and expect that you have no where else to go. Would never use their services if there was another option.
- Aaron C.

Worst experience renting anything, the employees have no idea what they are doing and this area is so ghetto!!
- Austin t.

Rented a 9ft Cargo van very good experience and easy. Was concerned by the reviews but thought the overall process was great
- Crosby B.

The $50 reservation guarantee is a complete scam! I reserved a truck at a different location, received a notification the night before I would not be able to pick it up at that location, I had to go to the much less convenient Bryant St. location instead. Two separate customer service representatives said I would receive the $50 in 3-5 days. So I moved under the premise I would get that $50. But after I paid them customer service now refuses to give me the $50 credit I was told I would get. Completely deceptive scam. Next time I will take my business elsewhere!
- Brian W.

I got great support before and during the rental. My problem with this location came afterwards. I asked beforehand about paying the toll for crossing the Bay Bridge. They said I didn't have to pay and they would forward the bill when it came to them. They did not, and my $5 toll became $30 when the non payment penalty was added to it. I called UHaul to discuss this and they said they would get back to me. That was five days ago and I have heard nothing.
- Craig M.

We decided to cancel our storage with Uhaul within 24hours of meeting with the person who showed us around the storage until. We have never even accessed the unit. We were missed informed and this location does not offer 24/7 access. We called Uhaul that same day and the representative stated that it was cancelled. A month later we received a charge, I called once more and they stated the representative must have forgotten to cancel the payments. The manager has been unresponsive and unavailable every time I call. Now its been 6 months and they have the Vengroff Collection company calling me and sending me collection notices! I have talked to their 800 number and they have been very helpful, I think this location just has horrible management.
- Cathy M.

U-Haul of Bryant Street's incompetence cost me $516, in addition to the $2500 I paid them. Simply put, you can't trust anything said at this location. If you think the U-Box product is an affordable way to move, you will find yourself wrong. If you use one of their storage units, you will likely get stuck in their broken freight elevator. If you have simple questions, expect blank stares. I needed access to the boxes for two days, which was part of the sales pitch. After day 1 of loading, I let the assistant manager know I would need access to the boxes the next day. She said it would be no problem. This was not true. When I arrived the next day, the box was gone. I had a tight schedule and I was moving out of state. I needed to meet my landlord at 4:00 PM. Due to U-Haul somehow sending my boxes to Hayward in the morning instead of honoring what they promised, I was not able to meet my landlord and have to move my 5:00 AM flight the next day to 6:00 PM. This cost me $516. Not only did the manager not make this right, he decided to pontificate on what a flight change "should" be like. "Unfortunately, the delay was a full day and should not have affected your flight that left the next day," he said. I guess he's better at offering his poorly formed opinions on airlines these days than doing his job managing this location. Maybe his landlord is available for walk-throughs 24 hours a day, but I think this is unlikely. Also, I'm going to call it right now: either this manager or a corporate PR flack is going to come along and say "I'm sorry you feel this way but we're actually great." If zero stars were a possibility, that's what I'd rate this place. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH U-HAUL OF BRYANT STREET.
- Paul M.

This was the second time renting from this location. Due to limited truck rental options in the area, I went back. Be prepared to have a LOT of patience when dealing with this crew. Using the app will definitely save you a lot of time since lines are often long at peak times (like Saturday morning) and their ridiculously slow process plus slow staff is a mood-altering experience. Even with the app, it is still a miserable, slow experience. The app puts you through many many steps. Be prepared to take a selfie, front and back of your license, alternate forms of identification, alternate point of contact (they will actually make you wait while they call the person to confirm). Truck was clean on the inside but certainly not on the outside. Both when reserving and picking up, they will force you through several processes that try to sell you various products and services and warn you of the perils of not getting their insurance. U-haul could learn a lot from the general ease of renting cars from most providers. They have not struck a balance between their business interests and the needs of the customer. Despite the follow-up surveys that they send, I do not believe that U-Haul is even minimally interested in providing a good customer experience. Really, use at your own risk and be forewarned.
- Peter J. B.

Don't rent trucks from this location if you can help it. The truck we reserved was there on time and worked fine, but the big problem here is that there are no after hours support. We tried to return a truck on Sunday night and were told the office was closed and to park it on the street and return it tomorrow to park it in the compound. This is unreasonable, because we have jobs like regular people and don't appreciate our time being wasted. Instead I used the mobile check in flow to return the truck. At the end, it instructed me to place the keys in the drop box. There is no such box so I ended up "checked out" but with the truck parked on the street and still holding the keys. I followed my conscience and went back Monday afternoon to return the keys, but the staff were rude and refused to accept the keys; instead they demanded the truck be driven into the compound, which I did not want to do because 1) I had already checked out online and 2) I was not the registered driver for the rental. Even though the truck worked fine, I am giving 1 star because the location is missing key features (after hours drop off) and the staff were extremely rude and unhelpful. This is not acceptable on Uhaul's part. It's also worth noting that this location is in an extremely awful neighborhood and parking your truck on the street runs a real risk of it being damaged or vandalized. Thankfully we escaped it this time.
- Phillip H.

I will never deal with U-haul again. I reserved a truck online. When I got there and found the truck, I went through online checkin and was told that I had to give u-haul the phone numbers of two friends before I could complete the rental. If this had been mentioned during my signup, I would have canceled and gone somewhere else. I am over 25, with excellent credit and a great driving record. Asking me to embarrass myself with my friends by bugging them for a reference to rent a truck for a day is absurd. Its like U-haul created a demented facebook and made it into a barrier to rental. They call it "extra assurance". I call it "total nonsense". I've seen a lot of bad social marketing schemes, and this is the worst. Had they mentioned this during my signup*, I would have taken my business elsewhere. To make matters worse, the website that I had to use to check in and out was buggy. It would often lose my information and rewind back to the beginning of a page, requiring me to send the same photos and enter the same information over and over. I will never do business with U-haul again. I will tell far more than two of my friends about my horrible experience. (*Its possible that this is mentioned in the "terms and conditions", but the whole purpose of these is to put things that you want to hide in a place where nobody will read them.)
- Electric V.

Some of the most unnecessarily rude and combative customer service people I've ever encountered
- M J.

I've been playing email and phone tag with the U-Haul team trying to figure out where my U-Box is. No one seems to know the answer and I keep getting promised a call and/or given a number that puts me back into the main help line...an endless cycle 🙁
- Amos C.

The van didn't have a lift or a ramp which caused me to have to go buy a ramp. Also, it drove like the frame was bent (squirrelly.) It was very clean, tho. Check in was pretty slow...took 40 minutes ( a lot of that was time waiting in line.) I found that pretty irritating as I was told I needed an appointment and was given an early am time which wasn't all that convenient for me. Finally, I had to return the beast much earlier than I wanted to...next time I'll know to be pushier on the phone when reserving ( because that's what caused most of my issues.)....And why can't I have it for 24 hours when I'm paying for 24 hours?! If I only get it for 8 hours then I want to pay a third of the price!! Other locations (Valencia St) ask me questions about what I'm moving/offer advice which makes moving things better....maybe this wasn't a great experience because it's not a location that's dedicated to only truck rentals/boxes? Not sure, but I'll wait for Valencia St next time.
- El B.

I've had my storage here for years. Not the best place for storage considering my locker has water damage and there are mice running around. Trying to move out is a nightmare. They've made it like Fort Knox. Only allowed to use certain elevators based on your locker floor. Ultimately, the card holder has to be with movers to allow access in doors and elevators. Not exactly convenient. They've made convenience a living hell for the patrons who keep this place in business, despite the security measures are for the transients who use Uhaul for living space. I'm glad to be leaving Uhaul. Living Hell. Picture of mice droppings.
- Brian V.

The first month of storage is free if you use a U-Haul truck. I was able to take advantage of that twice when I upgraded to a larger unit and moved in additional items. Casey and Amalia are awesome. They made both of my move ins and truck rentals seamless. I used to use a different storage ace. Had been there over 11 years. Got so frustrated with lousy access and bad attitudes. I moved everything from my other storage into this clean, cool, 24 hour access facility. Which has multiple restrooms for customers to access. And half the cost of my previous place. For the same square footage. And Amalia, Casey and everyone else have been extremely pleasant and helpful.
- Tim P.

The worst. I've rented from uhaul a million times, but apparently I'm not verified. So, despite having a uhaul account and having done the express check-in, they didn't just require a backup number-- they call and if the other person doesn't pick up, they won't rent to you. If you're a single person in a new city moving on a weekend, what exactly are you supposed to do? And the staff are slow and unhelpful. Avoid.
- Tiffany E.

If I stopped mid-sentence in my review of this lackluster crap fest, it would be the perfect corollary to the service, intelligence and work ethic proffered by the dimly present staff at this U-Haul. They're rude, unhelpful, Unknowledgeable, and unremarkable in every sense both professional and personal. Don't be surprised to stand waiting for service while in an empty office with two of their employees, who would much prefer to continue their conversation than to assist you. And if your idea is to escalate your complaints... don't bother. Not only is the manager just as deaf to pleas or concern, but you'd be lucky to ever find him present on staff to complain to. They suck... simply put. I hate that they were able to commandeer so much money From me.
- Jeffrey K.

Incompetent. I've had stuff stored here for a few years, because I never want to take the time to move it to a different place. From the day I opened my unit, they had my email address attached to another person's unit (in addition to mine). After TWO YEARS of monthly email, in-person complaints, and phone calls, they announced they "fixed" it. How? By removing my email from my own account, but keeping it on the other guy's. Er, no, that's worse. So, I can't use the online payment system and have to show up and pay in person each month. How on earth is that in any way a convenience? Enough is enough. Taking recommendations for where to move to.
- senga d.

Be forewarned that if you show up and your contact does not answer the phone, these folks will not rent anything to you ....whether you have a reservation or not. They trust no one.
- Jeff B.

A friend of my wife's reserved a U-Haul truck for a move she had from San Francisco to LA. She told the person on the phone that she had a 1 bedroom with approximately 30 medium and large boxes. He told her that a 10' truck would be big enough. I, being a professional mover, knew immediately that a truck of 16' or more would be needed. However, this location and others had nothing bigger to rent, so we had to put as much stuff on the 10' truck as we could fit. At the end of the load, the 30 boxes a dresser and 2 night stands were all that would fit. Bed, sofa, ottoman, headboard, coffee table, desk, etc. had to be left behind and a second move is now necessary to get everything to LA. For anyone considering renting a truck, here is a good rule of thumb. 10' trucks are for times when you have only boxes, or you are hauling only a few pieces of furniture. 1 bedroom and studio apts need 16' minimum. Anything over that, get a 26' truck. The fact that the guy at UHAUL deceived my wife's friend just to get a truck rented, to me, is pretty pathetic. There is no shame in simply saying, "it won't all fit, but you can rent it if you want.". Or simply direct the customer to Penske, Budget, or Enterprise. This would have kept the customer from being completely screwed over. The fact that the reservation desk hires incompetent people is troubling. Anyone who has spent so much as a day working as a mover would know better. Disappointed!!!
- Erik P.

I currently rent a storage unit and today I needed a hand truck for an emergency move so I decided to purchase one from u haul, the price on the one I needed was $59.99, before taxes I handed the staff a one hundred bill and not one cashier could make change so I had to find another option. I really couldn't understand how a business that sell items don't have change. I could understand if I was purchasing something from 10 to 20 dollars. I was really disappointed...
- Raymond M.

Buyer beware. I have stored items here for years. Earlier this year, they stated sending me notices claiming late payment, when my payments have been made via auto-payment from my bank all along. They sent notices threatening a lien, late charges and to sell my stored possessions! When I called and emailed, no response. I moved the payments back 2 weeks earlier and the problem seemed to stop till this week when I suddenly received a notice stating they hadn't received payment in 5 months, imposing a late charge and a lien without ANY PRIOR NOTICE. Reviewing the payments through my bank, all the payments had been made in a timely fashion and in fact 3 days after sending the lien notice, U-haul cashed checks from the previous 3 months all in one day. Their billing service is setting a new low standard for incompetence...or perhaps just a method to generate more money with false late fees. I've now spent 20 minutes on the phone trying to resolve this via their 800 number, because the local people aren't in to deal with the issue. The bottom line: go elsewhere!
- Gordon L.

I can not get it why this low rating for this location , i reserved a truck the first day and the person in the counter was nice and friendly. Then the next day i got the truck while i was a little late and the guy on the phone was super friendly and nice. When i dropped the truck after hours i forgot to check out and i had to call them the next day and they were super helpful. I guess i ve done too many mistakes and they all had my back. Thank you so much u haul crew for being professional and nice.
- Mickael E.

A great tip before you purchase boxes from any moving and storage location is to locate the "give a box, take a box" section. This location had theirs by the elevators. I did not know about this when I got there but I was told about it when I returned my truck and return some boxes. If there are boxes available, you can take as many boxes you need and you can bring back used boxes for others to use! What an amazing way to conserve and save monies on boxes! I thought it was incredible to help others in need of boxes, we know how much moving costs can be! If you need to purchase boxes, the bundles are a great deal. And if you have any unused boxes, they gladly refund them with your receipt! So, keep your receipts! As amazing as the customer service is, the line moves so slowly especially on moving day when you're on a time crunch. So expect delays and be extra patient and leave extra time to rent/return trucks, purchases moving and storage materials, or anything else you need help with. It's just a good reminder to keep in mind.
- Jane C.

Please, please avoid at all costs. They (1) forgot to deliver one of our boxes on the day of moving, (2) lost BOTH of our boxes in our move from SF to LA (we finally got them back a month -- !!! -- later), and on top of it all (3) they broke our dresser and dining room table and REFUSED to process our claim despite us paying for insurance. I have wasted many, many hours of my life trying to recover our stuff and right all of the wrongs above. This has been one of the most frustrating and infuriating expenses of my life. I implore you to avoid yourself the pain - NEVER EVER EVER use UBox.
- Parsons M.

Very disappointed with U-box. I was moving from Missouri to California and was nervous about the box going to the right storage facility since I had previously changed the address it was going to. I called TWICE to confirm they had the right address and was shipping it to the nearest facility. I received an email saying my box had arrived in San Rafael which is 2 HOURS from my house. So I call and they say they're going to get it to Sacramento. It was before the guaranteed delivery date so I wasn't too upset. Then I call on the guaranteed arrival day which was a little over a week later (that they promise to refund 50$ per day past) and I got a very snippy uhaul employee. The box was indeed still in San Rafael a week later. So I'm on the phone and the employee is telling me since it's in California "that's not how it works" you don't get any refund. I told him I would like to speak to someone who would know more about the situation and to help me get my box transferred to where it needs to be. Needless to say I was passed around from employee to employee staying in hold for 30 minutes+ each time. For 2 hours before one of he employees saying they're putting me on hold while they talk to their manager. AFTER TWO HOURS IT JUST HANGS UP ON ME. Stressed does not even begin to describe how I feel using this company. My boyfriend called after they hang up on me and was playing phone tag with them for another few hours before they gave us a number to call TOMORROW. Hours of our lives wasted on the phone to get through to nobody. I haven't had my belongings for two weeks already and who knows how long it's going to take now. Thanks uhaul.
- Izzy M.

This was the worst UHaul experience of my life. They told us the wrong time to return the truck, then they tried to charge us $60. After we refused, they tried to tell us they could do overnight drop offs. That turned out to be wrong, and the next person told us that was a lie. Then they sent us to another location 5 miles away saying that we could do overnight drop off. Turns out they only offer that for a several hundred dollar fine. Now we're driving around in the middle of the night after driving three hours with nowhere to sleep and nowhere to park this truck because it's San Francisco.
- Collin F.

Utterly incompetent. Avoid UBox at all costs. I only ended up with UBox because they purchased Door-2-Door storage. When I had my box returned for unloading, I was told (repeatedly!) by different agents that I didn't need a city permit. I repeatedly asked, because I knew that Door-2-Door had obtained one, but they insisted it wasn't necessary. Long story short, my landlord just got a $1000 fine from the city for lack of permits. Calling U-Haul to get resolution has been nothing but phone tag and blanket denials of liability (despite the law being crystal clear: they're responsible for obtaining the permits). Trust me: Do not use this service. Ever.
- Tim R.

Me: [handling bubble wrap] "This says large Enviro-Bubble. What's environmental about it?" Uhaul person: "It breaks down naturally." Me: "Huh. It doesn't say anything about that. All it says is made from recycled content....Why do you say it degrades?" Uhaul person: "Because you said it was enviro-bubble." Honey, you'd better hope you have the UHaul job the rest of your life.
- Elizabeth L.

Great people - clean, secure facility. The best!... I got there with a car full of tired cats, 3 days on the road from Idaho- just exhausted... the folks at this facility were helpful, put up with my bitchiness -( sincere apologies for you from me) and were extremely helpful. I left some belongings in an area that was secured for the night and the facility manager, Gene, came in on his day off to help me find and secure my belongings. That is some excellent service and just was so nice. When I get settled and have the funds- the Dunday crew is getting lunch on me.
- Barbara M.

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