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Moving Place blends the convenience of full service moving with the value of a rental truck. You load, we drive, you save. Why risk driving a rented moving truck across the country or pay the high price of full-service moving? Take control of your move and peace of mind in the process. Movingplace LLC, (License #MC807665) will arrange for a moving truck to come to your home. In most service locations, that moving van will be equipped with a loading ramp (to easily access the moving truck), a bulkhead wall (to safely separate your goods from any others on the truck), and a dolly. You Load. We Drive to your new home where you unload. There are options to have up to 3 days for loading and 3 days for unloading. Our moving truck service is simple and, best of all, inexpensive when compared to full service moving!

Moving-Me about Moving Place

Moving Place is America’s Premier self-service mover. With portable storage containers, customers have the flexibility to choose how they would like to organize their move. You pack up your stuff and load at your own rate. Then Moving Place picks up your container and drops it off at a storage facility or your new home. The driver will pick it up and take it to the destination. Moving Place services all points in the contiguous United States and can handle small shipments all the way up to full tractor trailers. What makes them special is no need to rush everything into a truck or van that is much easier and stress-free.

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What is Moving Place cost?

Be ready that the average cost of a local move using Moving Place moving containers will cost you approximately $2500. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as container size, a shipment size, chosen services and distance from A to B point. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free and cost-effective. Moving Place is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

Moving Place Reviews

The company right now is very busy and has my business then I have drivers to deliver my heart this is not me they’re good or bad it’s just a fact He offered very little flexibility but they did try to work with me And example of this is that my container was empty on Thursday and I had to wait until Monday to have the empty container picked up We dealt with three drivers two were inexperienced and slightly in adequate the third was very professional very good
- Randy Hirsh

We have very good experience with Moving Place. Chris is very nice professional man there. There is no hidden fee. Very straight forward people. We got our move very cool from Memphis to Edinberg TX. I highly recommend for this company.
- Bilal Hafeez

Everyone at the Moving Place was super friendly, accommodating, and very helpful. My stuff got moved across country with no snags. Would definitely use them again!
- Randy Rice

Pleasant on time estimate provided was what I was billed for would definitely recommend
- Michelle Anderson

Incredible Customer service from start to finish ! Moving is hard and very expensive. But Jeff with the moving place, made it all very simple and stress free. From the beginning ,Jeff explained the long distant move from Overland Park Ks to Fountain hills Az approximately 1200 miles would not go by weight but by the lineal feet of trailer space . I purchase 16 lineal feet and went over 1 lineal foot and was charge the 1 foot over! Pretty simple. The delivery of trailer to Overland Park was on time and the delivery of home goods to Fountain Hills Az actually came, one day early, Pick up of trailer was also on time! The drivers were very professional! My final bill was exactly as agreed from start to finish! Happy, Happy , Happy!
- David

From the initial phone call, everyone had great communication. They created a move that worked with my budget and honored the dates requested. Service was punctual and drivers were more than capable of handling the arrangements; very professional and accommodating team. There was a minor miscommunication, however, they resolved it promptly and to my convenience. From start to finish, a great experience.
- Josh

So far so good! Great customer service. I move in 2 weeks across country and I pray my experience is just as good as everyone else’s.
- Shanell Hardy

Definitely recommend Moving Place...great prices, exceptional service, ended up being significantly cheaper than any other service, including PODS. Great experience all around.
- Chris Sabido

The Moving Place made our move so much easier! Everything went so smoothly, the truck was dropped off and picked up perfectly on schedule and was waiting for us at our new home out of state. The drivers and the staff were extremely helpful when we had any questions. I am so glad we went with this company all of our belongings and furniture were very well taken care of. We moved from California to Idaho And I am so glad we chose this company to trust with such a big move. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a moving company!
- Kayla Dulier

Worst moving experience of my life The movers were supposed to arrive at a certain time to pick up my shipment. They arrived 3 hours later. On the day the shipment was to be delivered, our trip had been delayed due to a flat tire and no service for 4 hours. The representative was unwilling to assist me or even try to understand my situation and explained to me that the drivers had already tried to deliver my shipment but no one was there. So, I had to pay an extra $200 just to have my shipment delivered to me from a terminal that happened to be In the same town. Not only that, but I had to wait a whole week to get my things. I slept on a floor for 5 days because of these slime balls. Don't bother working with this company. They are untrustworthy and unprofessional.
- Bea Ybarra

Local move within New York Best Price / Great Customer Service At first I was skeptical about the reputability of based on their website and lack of information about them on the web. But after several conversations and emails with a few of their reps I was comfortable enough to commit to a deposit for 10 linear feet of trailer space. After that everything went as scheduled and made good on every commitment they had made. There was even an issue on my end with payment and they did not hold up the shipment process. The truck arrived on schedule both for pick up and delivery. I was very impressed with the responsiveness of their team to phone calls and emails and wanted to go online and write them this favorable review. If I could give them an additional 1/2 star I would but what would have made this a 5 star experience would have been if the trailer would have been in a little better condition (cleanliness, etc) but that is to be expected to some degree with commercial trailers and may have been exclusive to our move. I will be using this service again should I move cross country in the future.
- G. Adams

Highly recommended! A great moving experience. We have moved (locally and abroad) more than 10 times in the last 30 years. We have always packed ourselves and used different moving companies for transportation. This is the first time that our things have been delivered without a single damage caused by the negligent of the workers. We moved a lot of glass material (10 glass table's topper, large framed paintings, 4 oversized wall mirrors). This was amazing, no even a small damage. We highly recommend this company to anyone who is planning to move.
- Gloria Anolles

BUYER BEWARE - OVERCHARGE and DAMAGE We had a really bad experience with moving place. 1) We negotiated for a 4 foot deep space for $1500 that was 9 feet tall and more than 9 feet across. Plenty of room for a studio apartment, when the driver arrived he told my daughter (dishonestly) that she actually purchased as much space as she wanted. So mistakenly thinking he was being honest she went over the 4 feed deep and then dishonsetly moving place charged her more than $4500. The only furniture items she had were 4 bookshelves, a double bed and a small love seat which could easily have been stacked on end but the moving company we felt intentionally tried to take advantage of my 27 year old daughter who was doing a cross country move to the first time. We felt that she was intentionally led make this mistake so that they could "overcharge her" unnecessarily over $3000 !!!!!! 2) Multiple items arrived damaged and broken. There was an oily grease all over the loveseat, a small stool all of the bookshelves and all drawers from the storage bed. This rendered the items unusable and broken in her new space. So now, they took $4500 from her but left her with NOTHING no usuable furniture and they will not pay a reasonable amount in a damage claim to replace the items. 3) They mised their scheduled delivery date 3 times. We blocked out a whole day of missed work each time only to have the driver never show up. When he finially did arrive he said that he would not come to the drop off location and wanted us to meet him at an area gas station. There was no way to do this as it was a live unload and we were unloading into a stoarge unit. / In summary.... buyer beware... this company really treated us poorly and it felt like a bate and swithc to us.
- Stefanie Alice Kuerschner

Great price better service as advertised I booked a full truck to go cross country. MovingPlace made it happen quickly at a solid price. Everything went according to plan (timing and price). The rep was thorough and easy to work with. Will use again next time I move!
- John Murphy

So glad we chose this company! The Moving Place made our move so much easier! Everything went so smoothly, the truck was dropped off and picked up perfectly on schedule and was waiting for us at our new home out of state. The drivers and the staff were extremely helpful when we had any questions. I am so glad we went with this company all of our belongings and furniture were very well taken care of. We moved from California to Idaho And I am so glad we chose this company to trust with such a big move. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a moving company!
- Kayla Dulier

Loved everything but the ramp. I got a quote from Movingplace that was $1,000 less than their competition. It was also about the same cost as a one way rental truck would be. Not having to drive 900 miles was a huge appeal. I researched them on Yelp, Google, BBB and other online resources. Reviews were overwhelmingly positive so I decided to use Movingplace. The trailer arrived in the scheduled window and it was amazing! It was fairly new, totally clean and in great condition. It had pull down cross braces about every 18 inches. They could be used to hold back the contents and keep it from shifting. They can also be used to support a sheet of plywood to create an upper deck. That allows for fewer boxes to be stacked on top of one another so that the bottom ones aren't crushed. There were also 8 additional cross beams to use as needed. There were literally hundreds of mounting places for the beams. The drivers and agents were professional and helpful. The destination was a storage facility which required a tricky maneuver to place the trailer where it needed to be. I couldn't be happier with almost every aspect of the move. My only complaint is about the ramp. The ramp was good, but only about 12 feet long. The trailer deck was 5 feet high, so the ramp angle was a steep 25 degrees. Also, the ramp's grate openings were so large the 4" casters on our furniture dollies couldn't roll up the ramp - the wheels got caught in the large openings. So we had to carry furniture up the ramp instead of being able to roll it up. We had loaded up 8 rolling metro shelf units to expedite the move. However, because the 5" wheels also couldn't handle the large grate on the ramp, we had to unload the shelves, put the shelf units in the trailer and then put the boxes back on the shelves. It added a lot of extra work and time at both ends of the move. I really liked Movingplace's price, professionalism, the wonderful trailer and not having to drive. If Movingplace makes some major changes to the ramps, I'll use them again. If they don't, the low decks and solid ramps on U-Haul trucks will be my choice next time.
- Joel Garcia

Use caution when using this company. I was told I would get a reminder call when the pick up driver was close. I had a 8am-12pm window for arrival. At noon I had no call so I called to find out what the status was. The driver called me around 12:20pm to let me know he would be there in about 20 min. Driver arrives and assisted me and my fiance in loading the truck for about 30-40 min (this was a live load). I was told I would get a call the day before drop off to give me a time frame for expected delivery, I never got a call. I get a call around 9am day of delivery from the driver telling me he was outside. I unload the truck with my brother only to see damages everywhere. My daughter has a bedroom set with a tall dresser with 6 drawers and 2 nightstands with 2 drawers. ALL drawers except 3 were completely damaged. AND I had my motorcycle transported which was also damaged. Took it in for an evaluation and there is almost 2k dollars in damages. I ask for reimbursement for only damages at bare minimum, (the owner) seemed to really care and got me started on a claim. I find out the drivers are 3rd party and my claim goes through them. Ridiculous. Biggest let down ever. How did I (not a professional driver) transport my bike and all belongings in a uhaul with no damage BUT they (the professional drivers) transport and leave major damages? ? I will update this soon. Currently in the process of putting together a civil law suit. They could have settled with me for less then what they will pay for hiring a lawyer to represent them but it is what it is. I asked the owner for a little information for the claim and he has stopped all communication. I'm fair, I would have left a good review if I felt like wrong doing was corrected but it wasn't. Also, they say check the BBB but it's not a BBB accredited business so what's that really matter? Use extreme caution, there will be NO reimbursement for damages unless the truck dang near blows up. I will also add pictures after the law suit is completed so people can see what really goes on. Good luck.
- Krystal V.

Had a great moving experience with this company on time easy made my life so easy and the price was phenomenal. I would highly recommend to all my friends and relatives.
- Barbara P.

You definitely get what you pay for!!! I thought this place was a steal quoting me a very decent price to relocate my entire residence 1200 miles away from home. Chris was very professional and answered all my questions but when moving day came, we ran into a laundry list of problems. First off, the driver was supposes to call us 30 minutes prior to arriving to our home (an 8am-12pm arrival window) so we could start getting things ready... no call. Then there was no ramp to the trailer that sat 3 and a half feet off the ground. They say they do not guarantee a ramp but I was assured by Chris that one would be there, no ramp. Do they expect me to power lift a 300lb fridge over my head?! I then called Chris and he advised that they would have a ramp to me the following day by 10am and offered to allow me to keep the trailer for another day. What the hell do I care? I don't have a house now which is specifically why we scheduled the move on the day we did. So I figure ok, no biggie... 10am arrives and guess what?? No ramp. Luckily enough we were able to fashion one so we could load our furniture. I asked MovingPlace to give me some slack on the bill but was denied because again, they do not guarantee ramps!! (for a moving company, that's the stupidest thing I've ever heard!) So they were supposed to come pick up our trailer between 8am and 12pm the following day and at 1pm I finally called the office and spoke with Stewart who was very nice and advised that the pickup time was changed to 4pm-6pm without my request or consent but he immediately called the dispatch office and had the trailer picked up immediately. He also confirmed that there would be a ramp when our trailer arrived to our final destination. Fast forward to today. We were told again that our trailer would be dropped off between 8-Noon and the driver would call us 30 mins in advance as we were unloading into a storage unit and needed time to get there. I get a call at 830 from the storage company who tells me that the driver is there and needs to know when we will be there as he's been waiting for an hour!! Are you effing kidding me?! An hour this jackass waits and doesn't bother to call me only to later say that his paperwork doesn't have my phone number on it. No calls to his dispatch office or anything to try to fix the problem, thank God the storage lady had a brain and knows how to problem solve. So we get to the storage place and unload our truck only for the driver to be a complete douchbag to me because he doesn't know how to read his own delivery notes. His name is Joe and I hope he's reading this... you're a dick, Joe from Estes Trucking out of Richmond, VA!! So here's the jist... this place charges a great price to move your things but they contract to an outside trucking company and there is absolutely NO COMMUNICATION between them and the drivers so if you need to make ANY specifications for your journey, good friggin' luck!!
- Jenna H.

I wouldn't recommend MovingPlace unless you have a completely flat, very large driveway or you don't mind dealing with your city government before hand regarding parking a full-sized trailer on your street. Read your agreement VERY carefully regarding MP's liability re: trailer placement at your home, because they won't help you when it hits the fan. Moving is VERY stressful - maybe getting a company that can help you through it is a better idea although more expensive. I was told very nicely by MP that it would fit in the driveway without a problem. They didn't tell me of all the parking pitfalls that can arise from a full- sized tractor trailer being left at your home when the driver who had been drinking) refuses to leave it in your driveway. Cost me $427 to cancel something that I had no ability to fix on the spot. Make sure to do due diligence as MP are not user friendly when your move hits the fan. MovingPlace doesn't know who will drop off your tractor trailer just orders it. Not sure of all the happy happy reviews I see.
- T M.

Stuart was a joy to work with throughout the whole process. He let me know exactly what was happening and when it would be happening. He was quick to answer a phone call or email to answer any questions I had. Moving can be stressful, but I had the expertise and experience behind me with plenty of tips for loading the truck correctly so that I didn't have the truck arrive at my destination with any mishaps. I hope to not have a long distance move again, but if I do, I would not hesitate to use again.
- Mike P.

I highly recommend movingplace!! This is a very well run business with excellent prices and costomer service. They moved my belongings and car from Pompano Beach FL to HAPPY VALLEY OREGON with ease! My car even arrived early than expected in excellent condition, just the same as I left it. I spoke/emailed mostly with Chris and he was very good with communicating and returning any calls or emails, I'm sure everyone there is just as professional:)
- Dawn R.

Do yourself a favor and just go directly to a trucking company because all youre paying for is the Moving Place to be the middle man. Trucks were late, forgot the ramp to get in and out of the truck, and on my in day (friday) called to let me know my truck would not be delivered until the following Monday. Times and dates are not guaranteed. Please spare yourself and your wallet.
- Sarah K.

Moving. Its stressful. And expensive. it seems like everyone you deal with in this terrible time isn't looking out for you. Not so with The Moving Place. Stu took care fo us from the start like we were old friends and he was making sure our stuff (and our wallet) was protected. The service was terrific and the team was super-professional. We'd recommend them to anyone for a cross county move or something less involved.
- Jeremy K.

Stuart and his team provided me with outstanding customer service when a full service moving van line I had hired to move me from IL to TX failed to pick up my household goods as scheduled. The moving place was able to secure me a truck and driver and I was able to move within three days and prior to closing on my house. They kept me apprised of the driver's arrival time and at both origin and destination the truck arrived ahead of schedule. I was extremely apprehensive after the experience with the full service moving company and Stuart went out of his way to assure me I was in capable hands. My move with The Moving Place was flawless. I highly recommend.
- Lori C.

I cannot give a high enough rating to Stuart and his team! I just moved my son from Sacramento Ca to Parkland Florida and the move was flawless! From my first conversation for a quote to the delivery here in Florida absolutely everything was great! Moving is stressful, but not with this company! A+ guys
- Cindy S.

We used Moving Place to have a car shipped from Utah to North Carolina. The designated time to pick up the car (Friday-Sunday) came and went with no word from the company. During a cross-country move, this added to our stress that we had to leave a car in Utah with no guarantee of whether the company would perform the service we contracted for. Moving Place never offered an explanation or an apology for the delay in picking up the car (only that it was "unusual"). Turns out, Moving Place is a middle-man and contracts with drivers who are not Moving Place employees. We asked for a discount on the service due to the delay and were told the only discount we could receive is if we worked with the driver directly and paid the driver directly. We were very disappointed with Moving Place's actions and had we had more time to contract with a new vendor, we would not have continued working with the driver directly. We will not use this vendor again.
- Ashley L.

Update: the owner Stu contacted me after seeing these reviews. He is a very kind reasonable man. While I was not refunded for the moving cost or damages in full, I received a partial refund which I truly appreciate. Personally, I would not use a freight service again after this experience but it's good to know the owner attempts to fight wrongs done by the freight company Estees, who denied my claim. Thank you Stu I have never been SO disappointed with a company. I trusted this company to move everything in my name from NJ to CA... and they destroyed everything. Im talking... everything. This is a freight truck that load other items in along with yours... but doesn't disclose what they load. Soo... some type of thick black oil spilled in the truck and ruined all of my rugs. Endless boxes were soaked and ripped open, my brand new tv has a huge scratch on it, furniture has dents/rips/oil stains.... the list goes on. I wish I could upload pictures of all the damage. I reached out to the representative that I set the move up with in tears so upset once I moved in about a month ago, I got no apology... no concern... just a simple "fill out this claim form". I submitted the claim... and over a month later I got a response saying they're not liable. I'm disgusted. Not only did I lose $1600 for the live... I lost nearly $3000 in DAMAGES. You should be ashamed of yourselves.
- Jessica M.

I had to move from Boston to Seattle and I found Moving Place. After much research, I settled on Moving Place because they were 1) Slightly cheaper than the container options like PODS and 2) I had the flexibility to use more space in the trailer if I couldn't fit everything in the space I had previously ordered (obviously at a higher rate, but thankfully I didn't need it). I ended up electing to hire local movers on both ends (to load the trailer in Boston and to unload the trailer in Seattle) because of the municipal rules that prohibit parking of trailers in city streets. Overall, the move went extremely well. Interacting with Moving Place with seamless and my items arrived undamaged (albeit a little dusty). If there was one thing I was disappointed in, it was that the warehouse is only open on weekdays for loading/unloading (not weekends). Not a big downside but still something to consider. Overall, I'd recommend this company to anyone looking to move long distance.
- Kyle T.

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