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About Wildcat Moving

My name is Raleigh (RJ) Bruner and I am the Managing Partner of Wildcat Moving LLC. I am committed to providing quality service to the community. I believe that a reputation as an honest and reliable businessman is the recipe for success. While others seek to profit by cutting corners, or recommending unnecessary services to customers, I believe that a good reputation and consistent service will reap bigger profits in the long run. By being trustworthy, I believe that my family will enjoy a long term profitable business that serves the community.

Moving-Me about Wildcat Moving

Wildcat Moving of Lexington, KY, is a local and long-distance moving company specializing in the moving of homes. Their clean-cut, athletic, and well-trained movers will handle your move with care and what is more fast and efficient. Wildcat movers know what to do with large box trucks (up to 26 feet), dollies, hand trucks, furniture pads and all the equipment you can only imagine. Best of all, Wildcat moving charge a flat hourly rate. Being named respectful and responsible movers by their happy customers Wildcat movers guarantee receiving a fair deal on the hourly rate. Happy movers make happy customers!

Wildcat Moving Licenses & Certificates

Wildcat Moving is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. Wildcat Moving is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

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What is Wildcat Moving cost?

Be ready that the average local moving costs will be around $1500. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services, and distance from A to B point. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

2 Specially Trained Box Packers/Organizers = $100/HR
26 Foot Moving Truck + 2 Clean-Cut Movers = $120/HR
(Additional $10/HR on Friday, Saturday and Sunday)
Add an additional mover = $50/HR

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free and cost-effective. Wildcat Moving is a great representative of modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

Wildcat Moving Reviews

Ryan R and James M did a great job! They were courteous, polite and seemed to move efficiently. I was pleased and would recommend these two young men to move your belongings.
- Amy H.

My wife booked wildcat movers on their per hour rate. While it was a good deal price wise, I wonder if in the end spending a little more on another company would have improved things. From the phone calls to the introduction at our house, these guys were courteous and polite and seemed like a lot of fun to have around for the day. They started off on fire moving quickly to load boxes. Then as time went by, here comes the sweat which ended up on all of our fabrics, couches, chairs, and somehow on our mattresses. I even went to Home Depot and bought plastic mattress covers and they still got sweat and dirt on our mattresses from punching holes in the plastic. We have several items with scratches, gouges and chips in them. Two broken wine glasses but only because they placed heavier boxes on top of fragile boxes. You should have seen how jumbled and messy the stack job was towards the end. It was basically find a place and set it however you can get it in. The comment was, " it will ride." They work really quickly so when you're paying by the hour, it doesn't seem like a bad thing. Unfortunately, for these three guys, quickly means careless and clumsily. The worst part of our day was when one mover dropped our daughters bedroom rug down on the ground to wipe his feet on and use as a door entrance rug without even asking us. I'm telling you, if their work performance matched their personalities and courteousness, this move would have been 5 stars off the chart! But that didn't happen. I wrote this review for three reasons. 1. I read one review with the same exact experience we had and I cringed knowing they probably had the same guys. 2. I read a review where someone was kind of chastised by the company for being honest about her review. 3. If you use them, just don't be afraid to stop them and say guys, we can do better. Slow down and be more careful with our stuff. My friendly banter about being rough with things was apparently too subtle. And to the owner of this company, you're doing many things the right way and I applaud you for that. But the moving part of your company needs a little attention.
- Nathan M.

Two well groomed and polite young men arrived on time and finished after four hours of work. I had several difficult items to be moved. Items moved basement and second floor as well as lots of items on the main floor were repositioned. They were careful with our newly refinished flooring. Helping with the tedious task of putting furiture pads on the furniture was appreciated. Ryan R and Colon H did an excellent job.
- Trudy T.

Only hire this company if you (1.) want to do a lot of the work yourself, (2.) have a flexible time frame, (3.) low expectations for just about everything. Oh-- and buy that insurance! You will need it. For our move in December, 2016, we'd booked an early time slot on a Saturday--for which we paid more per hour. We chose that time because we knew a three bedroom house + garage might take all day to move. I sat waiting in our boxed-up house for hours, fielding the occasional phone call from Wildcat saying "It would be just a little longer". They did not arrive until after 1p; our appointment had been at 9:00a. The two guys they sent were very nice, but didn't look like the hefty movers I'd used in the past. I hadn't broken down our furniture, etc, because (in the past) movers had always been able to do that quickly for me, and I received no instructions from Wildcat that might differ. They took ages breaking down two beds and lost a set of screws for one of the beds. (Mind you: we're paying by the hour.) They did not come with the right tools. They had no appliance dollies, for instance, so they were actually bare-handing things like a washing machine down a flight of steps. I could barely watch. That's just one example. Within two hours of their arrival, one of the guys started to ask "if we HAD to be out of the house by the end of the day." He said they could come back later in the week to finish up. Not a third of the items had been moved into the truck, and already they wanted to knock off early. By 6:00p, my brother and I started moving boxes with them to try to hurry the process along. In the process of moving the truckload to our new house, they had damaged a vintage secretary--splintering the drawer and somehow losing a piece of the hardware. At that point, I agreed to stop the work and let them go, job unfinished, because I wanted to contact the owner and discuss everything that had happened before letting them touch any of our possessions again. The most disappointing part--and why I'm complaining on line-- is that when I brought all this to the attention of the owner, he made a perfunctory apology and offered 10% off the rest of the move. When I pointed out that the inconvenience warranted at the very least a deeper discount, he replied, "It's not like we charged you for the items we didn't move." And that was that. I will say that the insurance did get us a professional woodworker to fix the secretary. He did a fantastic job, but we had to hound Wildcat for several days to set that up. BUY THE INSURANCE! If you have a bigger job, are on a stricter schedule for your move, and want your possessions to remain undamaged during a move, don't use Wildcat. Since our experience, I've talked to four separate coworkers who have similar stories. Caveat emptor.
- Susan S.

Used their services today to help assemble a whole lot of furniture I purchased. Have used them in the past for a move and they were great! Chris Davis and Jesse Ansley were terrific - courteous, professional and hardworking - I would give the employees highlighted five stars without hesitation. Only major issue I had was with phone discussions in setting up the appointment. I described the job and number of pieces and was told it would be about three hours or so of work and it ended up being over nine hours! The time to complete the job wasn't prolonged because the employees weren't working (I checked in on them regularly)...it was just that the pieces were just that complicated to put together. The folks taking phone calls need to be more accurate in giving time approximations - I ended up having to cancel my entire afternoon at the last minute which was a pretty major inconvenience. Further, it's a good thing thee workers had no one else scheduled this afternoon or else another customer would've been totally hosed. Please pay more attention here!!! I would give the scheduling staff about 2.5 stars as a result.
- K P.

Their customer service is great and I very easily scheduled my move. The two guys who showed up were very nice and polite - a pleasant change from what I have experienced with other movers. And they did a great job moving the furniture from the second floor down the stairs. However, there were several issues: 1. You pay by the hour, which should be good. But the truck they brought was too small to hold everything, so they had to make two trips - which meant more time and more money than should have been necessary. 2. I always buy the insurance for a move because I figure that will ensure that they take better care of my stuff. But for some reason, the insurance only applies to one truckload. And since they had to make two trips, that meant that I had to chose which truckload to insure (or pay the insurance twice). That makes absolutely no sense. 3. Apparently my theory about having the insurance and that meaning they would take better care of my stuff was wrong. These guys beat the crap out of almost every piece of furniture. We moved everything across the country with virtually no damage but these guys couldn't move our stuff 15 minutes up the road without almost piece being dinged, scratched, chipped, and scuffed. I have no idea how they damaged everything so badly. And some was deliberate - they ripped a hole in the bottom of a mattress in order to carry it easier. 4. Our move took place over the summer and it was hot. I know guys sweat, but I really wish they had some way of not getting sweat all over my furniture. They didn't wear gloves and didn't use any kind of protection when moving or carrying anything. So, our pillows, suede couch, mattresses, etc. all were drenched with sweat. So gross. I had to clean everything. 5. I contacted a manager about having the damaged fixed (what was possible anyway - you can't fix scuffed leather). The guy that showed up was not happy to be there and basically just had colored pens and some paint that he dabbed on the scratches and dings. I could have done that. He would drop his tools on our newly refinished floor and didn't seem to care about not causing further damage. Very disappointing. The price wasn't bad and the movers/managers were nice, but it is disappointing to have this kind of damage to our furniture. I wouldn't use them again.
- Kim N.

Clay and Dylan F. are bad ass. Great workers, friendly and knowlegeable. Represented the company with pride and dignity. Highly recommended these movers!! Price was reasonable, communication was great and they were right on time.
- Rick S.

I recently purchased a home in Lexington. On my door was a clear bag with a bunch of fliers advertising all of the Wildcat companies. Needing a mover and seeing Wildcat moving with the rate of 100.00 per hour for two movers I called and set up the move date. I discussed with the gentleman I made the appointment with the rates and tossed around the idea of adding a 3rd mover, but stuck with only 2. The movers were AWESOME. They were on time, friendly, had hustle and all around nice workers. HOWEVER, time to pay the bill comes. No biggie, they write out my invoice and it's 110.00 an hour plus some other charge... Not a huge difference but I did have a budget. I mentioned to them my flier and showed to them. The nice guy called the office and got one of the managers. This was not a "sure give her the flier price", it turned into a conversation... basically the gist was I had saved the flier from a year ago and that was the last time they put those fliers out (I just moved her from out of state so that was not the case), my mover really pushed my cause and even sent a pic and pointed out the flier was brand new and I had the bag and all the other fliers... what did the manager tell him? That he could charge me 100.00 per hour but both he and the other worker would take a pay cut of 2.00 per hour in doing so... I heard this and was embarrassed for these kids. He came back and said he could do 100.00 per hour. There was NO WAY I was going to short these kids pay after working their asses off because of some ass of a manager. I paid the full price as I don't think it's fair to hit the workers for their marketing and even accuse me of holding onto something for 8 months to potentially save 40-50.00... Definitely won't use any of their other companies if this is what they think of their clients and workers.
- Jessica T.

Terrible, disheartening experience. Don't be fooled by the handsome educated man that comes to give quote or their "stellar" website and promises of service. The packers from "Ladycat" that they provided to the movers they provided didnt even remotely resemble their description of the people they would be bringing into our home. Our move was less than satisfactory from beginning to end. "Lost" jewelry, many broken pieces, NO accountability. The additional insurance we purchased covered nothing. Lots of passing the buck. I could never recommend wildcat movers or their sister company ladycat.
- Holly N.

Recently moved from Louisville to Richmond and were very pleased with the hard work and professional service we received! Trevor S. and Brandon C. were awesome and are highly recommended! Thanks very much for all of the help and support on moving day!
- Shirley S.

I was very disappointed with wildcat. I had many colleagues at UK who spoke highly of them, so I chose them as well to move us out of state. At the initial consultation, they said I would need two trucks for my four bedroom 2500 square foot house and gave me a price. I found cheaper options, but chose them still because they came well-recommenced. They showed up with one truck and one UK mover who was hungover and literally throwing up for 30 minutes in my bathroom. They took an hour and a half lunch and tried to charge us that time PLUS the time it took to get the truck they were supposed to have in the first place. They also destroyed our furniture beyond repair, and send us a 60 dollar check with a sob story asking us not to pursue damages because they are a small company. Do yourself a favor and stay far far away.
- Tim B.

DON'T SWEAT THE BIG STUFF ALONE! We recently contacted Wildcat Moving in Lexington, KY prior to moving contents of our entire home to a new location. The crew arrived on time in a clean well-equipped truck and and exhibited an overabundance of courtesy which was much appreciated during such a tedious event. They made short work of an enormous task that I had been dreading for weeks, and did so without any damage to our property or belongings. The overall cost was surprisingly reasonable too. Based upon our experience, I recommend Wildcat for any large or small moving challenges!
- Cyrus W.

We needed a small, in-town move and hired Wildcat to transport 34 furniture items a total of two miles. Wildcat damaged 14 of them. That's 40% of the items moved. The movers ran our furniture into door frames, wall corners, and brick fascia; they stacked the furniture without regards to weight and using no moving blankets for protection. They used no moving equipment at all other than the truck and their bare hands, and leveraged the weight of the furniture as they moved it in ways that would easily lead to breakage. When noting this to the movers, the answer was simply "well, that's just the way it is". In all, they cut and tore leather from our full grain sofas and blackened their surfaces; chipped, scratched, and indented our entertainment center, armoire, bookcases, bedframe, filing cabinets, desk, cocktail and coffee tables, all of which are solid wood (oak and maple). Wildcat sent us their one repair technician. For about half the damaged items, he did a purely cosmetic repair. For the other half, he couldn't do anything. That half, where he couldn't do anything? The repair estimate exceeds $1,500. Wildcat offered $50 to close the claim. We declined. Then they went dark. If you read other negative reviews on this and other sites, it seems to be their pattern for handling damage: cosmetic repair of what they can, denial of what they cannot, then silence. The extra insurance to cover damage we paid them $150 for? Irrelevant. We've since filed a complaint against Wildcat with the KYTC, the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, which issues licenses to and regulates movers within the state of KY. The Cabinet, by law, must investigate all complaints. Should that interest you, search online for the "TC 95-622" Consumer Complaint Document. You can fill it in electronically and file it by email with the KYTC. Note that the Cabinet likely won't be able to do much, but if you do have a complaint, then perhaps there may be strength in numbers. Note also that if you are transporting across state lines, the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) has jurisdiction instead of KYTC. We could not find Wildcat as a licensed operator in the FMCSA database, so if Wildcat is moving you interstate perhaps you should dig further. You might also want to know that the FMCSA requires carriers to have a documented claims process available to customers. Wildcat, by their own admission, doesn't have one, so you'll be at their mercy in figuring out when and what they will take action on should you have a claim. Wildcat may have many good reviews, and we truly can't understand why. In our opinion, if damage is incurred you'll be left out in the rain. They charged us over $1,000 to move our items, gladly accepting our extra $150 for additional damage coverage. Then they damaged 40% of the items they carried. Their fix? To cosmetically address what they could and decline to fix everything else. We will never use this company again, and if you heed what the negative reviews say, you shouldn't hire them either.
- Andrew P.

There are certain situations where I am glad I am wrong and this is one of them. I had used Wildcat Moving in the past and had a less than satisfactory experience. I rolled the dice again since it was the best value. Fortunately for me, Billy H. and Jovias were impeccable movers. They were sincere, courteous and upbeat the whole day. Damage was done the last time I used Wildcat so I opted for the additional insurance at $150 even though Billy H. guaranteed no damage would be done. He was right, not a scratch on any of my things. I definitely recommend Billy H. and Jovias be requested if you are going to use Wildcat. Here is why I did not give a 5 star review. On the weekend they charge an extra $10 per hour and since I left Lexington they charged me $2 per mile round trip. $2 per mile is excessive in my opinion considering they are charging by the hour with a two hour minimum plus the extra $10 per hour for a weekend move. I originally was going to rate this at 3 stars because of these charges but Billy H. and Jovias did such an outstanding job I decided to up it to 4 stars.
- Michael D.

The best thing that I love about this moving company, efficiency in moving your stuff and the patience and how friendly and professional and laidback they are. I would highly recommend using their services again in the future. The only thing that got damaged was my computer desk for my IT business,which is fine. I will have to get it replaced with a brand new one. If anyone is looking for a reliable and dependable moving service, i would go with this one.
- Jimmy B.

Tev & Jacob did a great job. On time & explained everything. Truck was small so we couldn't get it all but that wasn't their fault. I felt my items were securely placed for optimal space. Tev kept us laughing & we had a great experience. Thanks for moving us into our dream home with no damage & on time!
- Lee B.

We were very pleased with Taylor, Jackson and Cameron, but had an issue with the fourth team member (can't recall his name). At one point I was taking a few items to my vehicle for transport and found him sitting on one of my chairs in the elevator lobby on his cell phone. When he saw me, he completed his conversation and asked me if there was anything still in the apartment to be moved. I stated "yes" and he then proceeded to the apartment. Also, estimate was for 4-6 hours by estimator based on a telephone interview and being asked questions. No estimator came to residence to perform a more detailed inspection for estimate, which is what I'm used to for larger moving companies. Estimate was for 4-6 for 2 movers and 1 truck. The first crew spent 5 fives loading and then a second crew and truck was dispatched for an additional 4 1/2 hours. The website stated that the moving charges were $100/hr and a $35 travel fee. When the first team arrived, the contract was written for $120/hr and a $50 travel fee. When questioned, the crew called their supervisor who stated for me to show them an email with those prices. The only email I had was for any additional services, not the move and travel fee as originally stated on the website. Final charge was for 10 1/2 hours labor and $50 travel fee for first team and 4 1/2 hours labor and $50 travel fee for second team. Estimate was approximately $650, final bill was $1,900.00+.
- Ken G.

Austin S and Jack S moved me into my new place with panache! Very professional reasonable price.
- Mark E.

Wildcat Moving helped me move on the 14th of Feb, of all the days. I had Colin and Adi to help me.. they were fantastic and quick! I'd certainly recommend them if moving. Now there are 2 reasons I'm giving them 4 stars and not 5: 1. The guys needed me to go n get the tools to dislodge my washer n dryer... then they left them at my old house, and hence, my washer/dryer couldn't even get connected properly because they had no tools 2. Right after I booked them, I think my phone number was shared within their group and all sorts of texts, from an organizing arm to a cleaning service etc. started pouring in. Not appreciated.
- Hurriyat G.

Top notch service from Billy H and Jovias! They were on time and very efficient team! They definitely the A team for Wildcat Movers. I appreciated the call they where on their way and when they got there they did not hesitate and got to work. Very polite and took pride in being movers! I felt very comfortable with them and knew my stuff was well taken cared of. I would recommend Wildcat and please ask for the powerhouse team of Billy H and Jovias!
- Stephanie D.

HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE!!! - DON'T USE WHEN MOVING OUT OF STATE!!! EVERYTHING IS SUBCONTRACTED AND NO ONE IS TAKING RESPONSIBILITY My wife and I did a lot of research to find the right moving company. Given the good reviews and reference we chose Wildcat Moving. Their representative (Dustin) that came out and quoted us was professional, friendly and fast. We felt really good and confident! We used Lady Cats through Wildcat to pack our house and they did a reasonable job. The team loading the truck did a good job but with some major issues... Cords and remotes, hardware /screws/nuts/bolts from disassembled furniture was not secured with the furniture, neither placed in a single 'parts' box. We still cant find hardware to reassemble furniture. Thus far we have over 30 damaged or broken items... The major issue we faced was when we arrived in Ohio, the off loaders would not start working unless I paid them cash!!! I could not get hold of Wildcats for hours and had to commit to paying them cash. Some of the off loaders left and we had 2 disabled and one fit person left to off load a 53 ft trailer and 32 ft box truck. Being Labor Day weekend Wildcats could not arrange more help. The off loaders called in some of their friends to help but I was held ransom to pay a stiff price. I had to hire 3 additional co-workers to help for a few hours. My wife and I also had to jump in and off load boxes and furniture. Now after the over, the off loaders are harassing us... I understand things go wrong, but its how you treat your customer to make things right is what we remember. Everybody got their money... upfront... so getting any support or even a call back from Wildcats is nonexistent. VERY DISAPPOINTING. I don't like leaving poor reviews but since Wildcat Moving is not making things right, I have no choice but to post this review and warn others NOT TO USE THEM when moving out of state!
- Rudi C.

Kris and Jordan P. unloaded a 26-foot truck in just over 2 hours. They were professional and handled everything with care. They also wore masks the entire time to protect my older parents. Thanks for a great job, guys!!
- Elizabeth K.

We used Wildcat Moving after getting a few estimates around town. They were about more expensive than some of the others but based on some of the good reviews here we decided they were the safe choice. We moved most of our house ourselves but needed someone to get 5-6 larger items. The movers worked at a good pace however they did not use any type of padding for the furniture. This became apparent after they unloaded everything and we saw gouges, scratches, etc on multiple pieces. Wildcat sent a repair person out who was able to do a decent job of patching them. However the movers did not put the bed back together properly and left half of the bolts out of the frame. We did not find out until the bolts busted out of the bed frame. The repairman called me but said he couldn't fix the problem. I explained how I planned to try to fix it myself and he wanted to come "help me". He did come and we worked together to halfway fix the problem but now we have an expensive piece of furniture that is basically "duct taped" together. Maybe these problems are common of all movers but I can't recommend Wildcat unfortunately.
- Jeremy M.

We had a great experience with Wildcat Moving. Gary and Billy were efficient and professional and made the entire moving process run smoothly.
- Amanda B.

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