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About Veterans R Moving US

The moving company is a military-owned and operated business in Dallas, Texas. A group of Veterans got together and started this company called Veterans R Moving US. We strive to provide excellent service while taking care of your belongings. Our ultimate goal is to provide the best moving experience possible to make your moving process an easy convenience than a hassle. Our group of Veterans will provide you with a service that will be comparable to the quality of training and experience they have been through while serving the country in the military. What we do helping to give back to our Veterans for their service and sacrifice towards our country. In appreciation for their selfless service, certain benefits will go to Military Veterans and their families in need.

Moving-Me about Veterans R Moving US

This moving company is a military-owned and operated business that specializes in local and long-distance moving needs in Dallas – Fort Worth Metroplex. The team is trying their best to make your move as stress-free as possible while maintaining the high quality of service that they have been known to offer since establishment. Fully licensed, insured and bonded.

Veterans R Moving US Licenses & Certificates

This moving company is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. Veterans R Moving US is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: not provided

US D.O.T: 2438717

(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: TX-DMV # 006757898C

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What is Veterans R Moving US cost?

Be ready that the average local move is about $600. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services and distance from A to B point. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free and cost-effective. Veterans R Moving US is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

Veterans R Moving US Reviews

I had the best experience with Veterans R Moving Us. Our last move so much easier than I thought it would be. I don't usually come back to leave a review, but this time I felt like I had to. The movers were so helpful every time we had questions and were really knowledgeable too. I would definitely recommend this company to any friends and family who need help with their move. They really helped make a stressful experience so much easier for us, plus they were affordable. This is basically what every moving company should be like. Professional, efficient and absolutely no stress. In my opinion they are the best. The movers are a super packer and have the ability to make the truck fit way more than you think. Just the perfect moving team that sets the high standard from the beginning. As experienced movers they even guided me in every step of moving process. I highly recommend them!
- James Jones

Great customer service, the move was quick and without any issues. I would definitely use them again.
- LaTasha

Everything started out fine over the phone. I was extremely upfront with the size of my move and "let" them tell me what I needed. They grossly, underestimated the move all around. What they said would take 4 hours tops, took almost 7. And the head mover told me it was my fault that I planned the move that way and I should've let them plan it, when I said they planned it he just walked away. I ended up having to do a lot of lifting and carrying, which I thought that's what I was paying them for. I asked for someone from the office to call me, no one ever did. I called the office and left 6 different messages and never got a response. They damaged 4 different pieces of furniture, and when I pointed it out to them while still here, I was told that they were doing the best they could. As a military family, I was wanting to support them, save yourself the hassle and use a different service provider.
- Malinda C.

Buyer Beware! - I bought a Groupon after they moved my mother and did a good job, cancelled other movers I had booked to use them because the company is owned by veterans. I knew there were additional charges beyond the Groupon so I asked the person in the office what the additional charges would be. $105 for fuel fee and $20 for stairs. Not super happy with the $105 to move 7 miles but ok, I can handle that. I was 100% ready and had everything moved to the dining room and had 3 hrs paid for. When the crew got there they said on top of the fuel fee and stairs I would be charged $60 per hour for a 3rd man and $50 washer and dryer fee...even though my washer and dryer were already disconnected and these are old school top loaders, not a huge project. I asked for them to verify with the person I had been communicating with about the charges he said "Ok" and walked out the door. 10 minutes later he had not come back. I go to talk to them at the truck and they were gone. Zero communication, would not answer their phones, I had all 3 crew members phone numbers and the office went straight to voicemail. 24 hrs later no response. Luckily my other movers were still available and because of my preparation got it done in 3 hrs. Do NOT buy this Groupon. Once you pay they have your money and do not care about actually doing the job.
- Maranda J.

I have used Veterans R Moving Us for several moves and relocations in the past six years. They never fail to give superior service, are very friendly and always courteous. I Recommend them highly for all your moving needs. Sandy Huffman Love For Kids, Inc. President -Chair of the.Board
- Sandy

These guys are top-notch. Veterans R Moving Us set us up for success! He came met with me and my client and prepared an unbeatable quote. I am a professional organizer and do this every week. Just grateful!! Honestly every guy worked hard and kept working the entire time.
- Achanti B.

They broke my 55" tv and won't pay for it. First, they said they weren't liable, then they offered pennies on the dollar. I only wanted $300 reimbursement which is more than far. And to top it all off, their price was about double what they quoted me.
- Betsy I.

DO NOT USE THEM IF YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT! This started out with a Groupon. The description of said Groupon was not accurate. We specifically chose them because stair fees and stuff weren't listed like they were on others. When I call to set up the appointment and the guy sends me a quote which included a $20 per flight stair fee (The quote was only for 2 flights). When I mentioned this issue to the guy making the appointment he said they would ammend the Groupon rather than removing the fee as a result of the misleading description. He also included a shrink wrap fee I didn't want. He said to call a few days before the move and we will take it off. Which I did end up doing. I only booked following the shock of extra fees was because I really needed movers. Plus I thought, they're veterans. They were coming to move my brother and me out of our shared apartment. My stuff was going to my new place in the same complex and my brother's stuff was going to another location. Now the day of the move they're meant to arrive between 7 and 9. I got a text at 7:40 saying they'd be there in 15 minutes. However, not 5 minutes later I get a call informing me their truck had been hit from behind. The man said they were getting a new truck, but it would take about an hour and a half. They'd be there by 10:30 at the latest. He also assured me he'd call me in an hour to update me. Two hours went by so I called and asked what was up. He said "Oh one of the guys got hurt so we are replacing him. There is another guy on his way, but we aren't sure how long he'll be." I kindly informed the guy that I had to be at work at 1:00. It was just after 10 and he said "Well I mean you're not going to make it to work, so let's reschedule." I said no since I needed to be out of the apartment by the following day. I then called my mom who was fortunately able to come supervise the move for me whenever I had to leave. I called them back to say I'd worked it out so please get there as soon as possible. It was then that he told me that it was a completely new crew and now claimed both original movers were going to the hospital. FINALLY. It's 11:30 and the movers have arrived. I walk out and I'm greeted by two somewhat small and frail looking elderly gentlemen and one young man who looks like he may be able to move stuff effectively. When they walked in my mom said hello and kindly asked which ones of them were veterans, as she wanted to thank them for their service. They looked around awkwardly at one another until one said "Oh I am." Upon reading other reviews this is not uncommon apparently. So they get to work. Slowly. The young guy that seemed like he's the strongest was telling the other guys how to load rather than loading himself which I found odd. One of the other gentlemen approached my mom after and stated that he was sorry he's so slow, and this isn't normally his job. He's typically in the truck telling the actual movers where things should go. I had to leave an hour in, but my mom informed me that when they finally got to my new apartment (which was in the same complex) another crew showed up. These guys were apparently super strong and moved things with ease. However, they not only severely scratched my door and wall, but they refused to hook up my washer and dryer. They told my mom to "call maintenance and have them do it." Not only that, but they COVERED my virtually brand new washer and dryer in tape which left residue and removed the finish. So I'm at work, but my phone is blowing up. I finally answer and my mom says the movers left 45 minutes prior to go to my brother's place (14 miles away) and nobody had heard from them. So I step out of my meeting and call them. The guy said "Oh I left, let me check." So he calls me back and informs me they stopped for water and to go to the bathroom. Not a big deal, but they didn't even let us know. After another 45 minutes they finally show up at my brother's apartment. Later that day I get a receipt in my email for $445. They charged me for 6 hours of work when they only worked 4.5. They charged me for 3 flights of stairs. And they charged me for shrink wrap. When I called the next day to talk about it, the guy who answer the phone did the following. 1. CALLED ME A LIAR more than once 2. Said the guys got "stuck in traffic" and that's why they took so long getting to my brother's apartment. He didn't want to listen to me when I said they wouldn't have been in traffic if they hadn't been 3.5 hours late. 3. He talked over me the whole time 4. He HUNG UP ON ME when he got upset 5. He told me that my brother approved any charges they needed to make even though it was my card on file. *Let me interject here to say I have a text from my brother that states they asked about this, but he said they needed to call me or my mom first before charging anything, whoever had a card on file.*
- Malyn P.

Just like any service based business, one or a few people can make an experience outstanding or completely awful. The guys that helped me moved were the former! From their morning call with an accurate ETA to their care of my things. Virgil really just knew how to carefully wrap everything. Brusce, also took careful notice of how to place things (like all my beloved artwork) in such a way that it wouldn't get damaged. It helped that I kept the box that it was framed in, of course. Some movers are trying to rush in and out of jobs that bumps happen in and out of the door but I didn't notice that and I was watching and helping. What I did notice was they we're guiding each through the door, making sure the legs of furniture wouldn't get scraped, as the other was walking backwards. They were not only great movers that cared about my things but also just polite guys, which in service is everything. Thank you both for helping me move into my new home!
- Jen N.

5 HOURS LATE!!!! Then they only offered me $25 to compensate (slap in the face). Wouldn't answer their phones leading up to my appointment time or during. Manager will not come to the phone. I have never had such a POOR experience with a moving company. I hope they decide to remove 'veterans' from the name of the company bc they are giving them a bad name. I paid EXTRA to have a moving service with integrity. I wish I got what I paid for.....
- Kathy G.

George and Johnn were fantastic!! They were friendly, hard-working, paid attention to detail, and did an outstanding job!
- Mandy

They never showed up to my move (after confirming via email) and never answered the phone or texts. Cannot make this up. This is a nightmare
- Jason G.

They have a secret charge of $145. It's called a moving fee. Is that ridiculous or what?
- Dr P.

I want to first honor my parents who served in the USMC! We just moved and I wanted to say big thanks to Mike, Jeff and Bruce. They got us in and out in 2 hours on the dot. They where very professional and took care of business! We will definitely use Veterans r Moving Us again and I have already referred them as well.
- CC T.

No show for move! ETA was 11-1 pm. They called the evening before to ask if they could come earlier, I said no since I was on a schedule and could not start earlier. I hoped they would arrive closer to the beginning of the window because they had asked to come earlier. Instead, they call at 11 am to say they were running 1.5 hours late. At 3pm I called and they were 20 minutes away. An hour later they stop answering my calls. I texted the contact who had booked and confirmed this move who says they are 2 hours away from unloading their current move. I thought I was their current move! So we reschedule for the morning at 8 am. Again, no movers! At 9 am I text my contact who now does not answer either. I had to find another company on a Sunday morning for a same day move. What should have been less than $600 ended up costing $1,000.
- Julie W.

Avoid this company at all cost. I hate to write a poor review against another veteran but this is definitely the worst experience I've had with a moving company and maybe any company ever. To begin with I was quoted an estimate of two hours and $65 for the truck and fuel usage. I understand this is just an estimate but there is no reason it should have ended up taking 5 hours to move a 10x12 storage unit, 14 miles, and where everything was already boxed up and ready to move. Also the storage unit was on the first floor and the very first unit when you entered the building. So the truck was literally parked right outside the building. Then once everything was loaded I was informed that there was an additional fee of $25 for both the washer and dryer for a total of $50 dollars. I mentioned that I was moving a washer and dryer when I made the appointment and there was no mention of this fee. And just to make clear this was not a fee to hook up the washer and dryer. It was only to move them. So we headed the 14 miles to our destination in downtown Dallas. Once we arrived I had the maintenance man link up with the movers to show them where to they were authorized to park. And I had the freight elevator reserved for them. The rest of the move took three hours. Again keep in mind we were only moving a 10x12 storage unit where everything was pre packed. Then two hours into the off load one of the movers claimed that they had just been informed by a police officer that they were going to have to move the truck down the street. And even though they only had two more loads left on the truck they were going to have to charge an additional $120 dollars for a "long haul" fee. So once the move was completed the movers claimed that their system was down and they would need to follow me to the bank or an ATM so I could get cash to pay them. I explained to them that I wasn't going to pay them in cash and this infuriated the individual and he started to threaten me with additional charges. I then offered to pay him with a check but he wanted none of that. After a while he realized that I wasn't going to get cash for him. At that time he called back into his company to see if their system was back up and magically they were able to take my card. I ended up paying almost $700 to move a 10x12 storage unit 14 miles! I wish I could remember the names of the movers. There was two movers and the guy in charge was the one who was awful. The second guy was actually pretty nice. He looked ashamed when the main guy was trying to bully me into going to the bank to get cash. I hope the rest of the company isn't as bad as the individual I encountered. He was a poor example of what a veteran should be. And I say that as an Army Vet.
- Aaron F.

Well for starters Vernon was very nice . We discussed I discounted rate and blah blah .. THOUGHT it was gonna be a good deal . However he tells me his guy is gonna with me for "Scheduling" I never hear from him ! Or them !! Straight GHOSTED my ass. Leaving my wife, two kids and I stuck moving by ourselves .. I guess in the end I saved a few hundred bucks but damn what a let down .. Yea I wouldn't use em , Very nice . But if they never show and blow you off what does it matter how nice they are ...
- David F

Trash trash trash... Did not put together my sectional. Scratched my walls. Scuffed and scratched my washer and dryer. LIED about the pricing. CHARGED me twice. Find BETTER more PROFESSIONAL movers elsewhere. Shady company.
- Courtney P

I went with this company because I am a veteran myself and I thought that this company would be a safe one to go with, since I was quoted over $700 with another company and tired cutting corners. The guys were very unprofessional. I'm paying buy the hour and the guy told me that between my apartment and the new house, that the reason they turned off from following me and showed up 15 mins after me was to stop to get something to drink.........seriously guys? What should have taken 3.5 to 4 hours took over 5. I had a box full of broken stuff, even though I plastered Fragile stickers all over it. I don't know...I guess you get what you pay for. Next time, I'll go with the $700 company with the red carpet and the almost 5 star reviews.
- Barry S.

MISERABLE EXPERIENCE. "Travel charges of $235 that were never on my quote. Some miscellaneous $100 charge with no explanation. Billed for more time than was used. I made the mistake of asking if they knew I wanted my furniture shrink wrapped twice and was told "I heard you the first time". They said they couldn't move the outdoor planters because they would break but then did. Every single request was met with resistance and an eye roll. I had to repeatedly ask for rooms to be set up and yet here I sit with two rooms of furniture that aren't in the right place (I'm single and need a couple surgeries) and have no idea how to move this stuff after spending $1350. have moved a lot and have never been treated so poorly. Moving is a really hard job, one of the hardest, but the horrible attitude just isn't necessary. We all work hard for our money and there's no need for a day to be this ridiculous. For the record, I still tipped them - 2 of them $100 and 1 of them (with the worst attitude) $60, because it's the right thing to do. I WOULD DEFINITELY USE ANOTHER MOVING COMPANY!!!!!
- Beth N.

They reached out to me and apologized for any miscommunication. They also refunded me my difference. I am thankful the movers were not hesitant to try and be an advocate for me when they called at the end of the move. Management seems to be on top of each move and involved in customer satisfaction! First off, I'd like to say the movers are AMAZING. On time, SO careful with your furniture & belongings, and very polite. On the other hand... whoever is on the other side of the phone is not. I spoke to Mia when I was setting up my appointment and used a groupon special that was $105 for two hours. Since I was moving very few items I figured it would be just the right amount. I asked, in case it took longer, if they would prorate my charge according to the groupon price. She said yes. OF COURSE when they're done moving I get charged the normal rate for the time I went over. The movers (very kindly) called over to see if it could be fixed and of course the guy (forgot name) on the other end of the phone said "no you're gonna pay the normal for going over your time". And I even told him I was told I would be charged the pro-rated price. He said "No, we cant do that". Even when the movers got to the first location I saw that my rate was $105/hr and asked if my groupon was applied and if I would be rated accordingly. They said it would probably generate once we were done. Not their fault. Did I pay the total in the end? Yes, but this is about the employees not knowing what they're telling their customers and being on different pages with promotions. I won't change this review unless I get some money back. But I guess it doesn't bother them since they're rated so low anyway!
- Aleya-Rae C

I had a horrible experience with this company. The woman who answers the phone Angie/Angela, booked a job with me, had me text her a list of my furniture, and gave me a quote. When the movers arrived, they began to add additional charges because I had a washer/dryer, plastic wrap, stairs, etc. They were also unable to move the plants on my balcony. When I texted Angie a list of my items after booking, she never told me anything would be an extra charge. I also had to find someone to help me move my plants after paying for movers. After all of my things were moved, I realized I was missing a large piece of furniture. I immediately contacted the movers., they looked on the truck but said they did not have it. I followed up with Angie for three days in order to speak with her manager/owner to get a resolution for my missing furniture. NO ONE EVER CONTACTED ME. Now I have to pay for my furniture that "disappeared." I understand that things happen, but the fact that no one ever tried to contact me after I called, texted, and emailed the company is unacceptable.
- Kavon Davis

I found Veterans R Moving us online and I talked to them and other companies. I felt like they were going to give me the best deal for the best price. I had to take pictures so I went around my room with my iPad and did that. Veterans R Moving Us was able to estimate how much we needed as far as packing materials go and how many pounds they thought it was going to be. They told me the cost and then, they told me that I have steps and it would be $25 extra but they didn’t charge that. It was much easier than I thought because nobody even had to come to the house to do anything. The moving crew was professional. They arrived early and on time, and got to work and packed all our things. It was smooth. They worked hard, they worked well as a team, and got the job done. Plus, our household goods arrived here safely. We don't have the keys to one of our cabinets though, and I asked about that. Nobody has gotten back to me. They didn't have it taped inside the cabinet, underneath or in one of the shelves. So, we've had to figure that out on our own but I called the company to tell them that. I would recommend Veterans R Moving Us. They did a great job.
- Verna Owens

I moved a 1-bedroom from Frisco to Southlake. I surveyed multiple companies for quotes and Vetetans R Moving Us gave a competitive quote along with an in-person estimate. They were prompt in terms of the timing and facilitated an end of month move. There was no issue or damage with furniture moved including a dresser and a couch. The self-packed boxes did not have an issue. The movers were friendly in reconciling the lists on both ends. In addition, once the truck was moving across the country, you received an email with a daily update on where the truck was. I would recommend the company for another move.
- Paulette Trigg

They broke my 55" tv and won't pay for it. First, they said they weren't liable, then they offered pennies on the dollar. I only wanted $300 reimbursement which is more than far. And to top it all off, their price was about double what they quoted me.
- Betsy Irvine

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