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About VanGuard Moving Express

VanGuard Moving Express – Feel the “shoulder” of your choice movers!  Brand-new relocation company run by old hand movers. We offer local and long distance moving services in Greater Washington Metropolitan Area.  Licensed & Insured. Trust your belongings to professional and reliable relocation specialists whether you move local or nationwide. We provide utmost, state-of-the-art moving services in Washington Metropolitan area. Our experienced and well-trained employees will take care of your household goods letting you to have a royal time and have a huge weight off your shoulders. VanGuard Moving Express is a fully insured and licensed company where each client is attended with custom-tailored approach.

Moving-Me about VanGuard Moving Express

This moving company was established in 2011. It provides comprehensive home and business relocation and packing services throughout entire DMV area including local moving, long distance moving, office relocation, labor only services, artwork packing, piano moving, pool table moving, packing and unpacking, electronics and server packing and shipment, crating, delivery services, storage services, disassembly and reassembly services, hoisting services and junk removal.

VanGuard Moving Express Licenses & Certificates

This moving company is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. The company is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: 16377

US D.O.T: 2985379

(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: not provided

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What is VanGuard Moving Express cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $3200. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services, and distance from A to B point. Also, many companies offer hourly rates. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance, or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free, and cost-effective. VanGuard Moving Express LLC. is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

VanGuard Moving Express Reviews

Vanguard moving team is amazing! They also do customized quotes based on your moving projects no matter how small! I had to move a heavy dresser in the neighborhood and they made it happen!! The work with your available time, I had to schedule the same day afternoon and the staff were super nice! Originally I reached out to several local movers and they all wanted to charges 280+++ for my small order, and they did it for only $180, two strong men, and a big truck!!!!!! Vanguard prices are very reasonable and they have all the equipment to transport your furniture safely. Couldn't be happier and will definitely schedule again for any moving projects I come along. Hands down the best in fairfax county! Thank you
- Sima M.

This two man team from Vangaurd Moving Express was great! They did my move in 3 hours tops and remounted my TV! None of my items were damaged upon arrival. I liked that he gave me a flat rate. Great movers- I highly recommend Bauer and his team to do your move!
- Khadijah P.

What an amazing experience! From start to finish the communication was very clear. Vanguard was on time and even gave me a courtesy call in route. No "nickel and diming"and they really made the experience pleasant even when we ran into a delay with the freight elevator, they were patient with me and very understanding. I highly recommend VanGuard and I will use them again.
- Ramona N.

Bauer and his team were beyond professional, they treated all of my furniture and belongings as their own. They took the time to carefully pack away all of my belongings and unpack them and place them at my new location with just as much care. Everything was in the same exact condition before and after my move. Bauer even called a week after my move to make sure that had I inspected all of my belongs for any damage because Vanguard wants to make sure that they provide top quality service. During my planing process for my move, I was shown and invited to confirm all of Vanguard's licenses and insurance policies and to compare their services to other moving companies before I settled on a moving company. I was provided with a quote within hours. The no-pressure, friendly and professional attitude and service is what made me decide on Vanguard. In addition, Bauer himself was very quick to respond to changes in my moving needs and to any questions I had. Finally, Bauer's team was very efficient and affordable. They moved my three-story, two bedroom town house and vehicle across multiple states within a matter of two days (including a postponed delivery at my request). All this cost me under $2500. I highly recommend Bauer and his team at Vanguard.
- C C.

I chose this company after reading all the good reviews on yelp. Too bad i can't add to the good reviews. The morning of the move, I was at the storage location waiting in the cold. The time came and nobody showed up. So I called, and Bauer told me they are having some truck problem or something, very vague. He told me that they will get there in 30 mins. Waited in the cold, nobody came. Called again, and Bauer said now they are having problems with the truck battery. He said 30 more mins. U know the rest, nobody came 30 mins later. Called and asked what is going on. Bauer got really defensive and said "what do u want me to do?!!" Really? How about communicating with us so that we aren't waiting for almost 2 hours?!! Do I have to teach u about professionalism?!! Needless to say, we made alternate arrangements. Really sad that they were so sweet and kind when it came to making the arrangements, but actions speak louder than words. Learn to communicate. Don't sit there and wait for the customer to call u every time. This is your job!
- Youn M.

After shamefully goading my friends to help me the last two times around, I decided I ought to finally go back to being an adult and use professionals for my latest cross-town move. This time I did a bit more planning and research ahead of time, and I am glad I found and settled on Vanguard. The two-man team wrapped my furniture and other bigger items in pads/plastic and moved all my belongings from storage to my new home in about 3.5 hours. Admittedly I could've done some more prep to cut down on time, but I was willing to pony up a little extra just to avoid the headache and get it done in one shot. There are extra charges for tape and wrap, but I was happy to escape for about $250 less than when I've used other companies, and the service was definitely on par with the competition. The quote/reservation process was quick and easy--their responsiveness was one of the reasons they got my business in the first place--and the movers arrived on time. Definitely recommend Vanguard for your next move!
- Alan K.

Couldn't be happier with our move. We did a local move. We quoted 8 vendors. VanGuard was the most responsive, least complicated price structure, and best value. When we called to schedule our move, they were very flexible and gave us options that worked with our schedule. Move day approached, we got a couple brief calls to confirm time/location. The crew showed up on time and got to work. Quiet & courteous professionals. We went with a 'white glove' package, so I literally sat back and just gave them the plan of where things needed to go. Pack-out was smooth and the off-load was swift. They delivered in the rain and during the final inspection, I didn't even find a scuff, let alone any mess. It was impressive - I've dealt with all sorts of uncomfortable moments during a move and kept waiting for the other foot to drop… The team did us a great service and it was money well spent. I did the margins if I could get a couple friends to help me over the weekend. Discounting what you and your friends will break, the muscle ache after, and the sweat equity... I think I made $ on this move! Highly recommended.
- Jeremy T.

VanGaurd is a great moving company! Awesome customer service and kind people 🙂 They are very fast and efficient at moving. I am a college student, so VanGaurd was perfect for me and reasonably priced. I lived in a studio apartment moving into a 1 bedroom. The move would've taken only 2 hours, but fell behind on my end of the move( totally my fault). I also had to move items from 2 locations and they didn't charge me extra for that. I would definitely recommend them to my friends and family. Heck, I'd probably use them again when I move!
- Molly L.

I called Bauer the night before I had planned to move, after I had tried about twenty other movers available on Yelp basically in alphabetical order. I explained that I had moved my things from my old apartment into storage and now had to move them from storage to my new apartment, having already paid for the first move. Bauer was extremely accommodating promising his team would work promptly to make sure I didn't have to pay more than necessary and giving me a really great rate. Bauer was very professional, asked me details of my move and sent a confirmation email shortly after we spoke. Bauer's team of two movers arrived promptly, around 9am, and were extremely professional. Even when I tried to help them move stuff they thanked me but took the stuff from me. They did not waste any time and were very efficient. I would highly recommend Bauer and his team for any move.
- Grace G.

Very good movers quick and efficient. Excellent service and manners. Very professional I highly recommend them. They took tremendous care with my furniture and belongings.
- Lisa D.

My moving experience with VanGuard was good. Not being an experienced mover myself, I had no idea what size truck I needed to rent for my long-haul one-way move. Bauer actually had me take pictures and send measurements of each item, along with box sizes and quantities so he could calculate the required truck size for me! The crew showed up and started loading the truck, but they were 50 minutes late. The crew leader was obviously very experienced at wrapping and protecting expensive furniture and artwork. He made sure to wrap each piece with furniture pads, secure the pads with tape, cover the entire piece with stretch wrap, and then reinforce the stretch wrap with more tape on any surface likely to be exposed to stress or to come in contact with the floor during the move. The down side of this meticulous care - it required a significant amount of extra time. The up side - not a single item was damaged during loading or transit. VanGuard is not the cheapest moving company in the DC area. But if you want to make sure your items are protected and handled with care, Bauer and his team are the right choice for you!
- Douglas W.

I have moved every year for the past 8 years (job transfers). I have moved several times in New York - from New York to Pittsburgh back to New York then to Georgia, then from Georgia to Virginia - - the point is to express the fact that I have moved many times and am well aware of what makes movers bad, worst, and great. VanGuard movers have been by far the best movers I have ever come across. They where on time, fast, friendly, and efficient. They did not scratch a wall nor drop any of my belongings. I have a lot of furniture and it's extremely heavy including gym equipment. They also helped me put my furniture together. I would recommend them any day - - and will be sure to reach out next time I move
- Michelle J.

I was looking online to check out some moving help in the area. I had put in to get a quote and got a few inquiries from a couple different places. I recieved a very unprofessional and disgusting voicemail from an employee here. He did not say a name, cursed at me and called me stupid. It made me very uncomfortable and I will not be using or recommending a place that allows people to talk like that to customers.
- Amanda B.

Wonderful response time , easy to schedule , very good value , polite , and professional. I had a short move of of some furniture for my brother in law, but no way to do it myself or my husband. We had a sectional, a few other items and a Queen mattress. We had the two guys and a truck for three hours. There is an additional fee if they have to rent a truck. They were so quick to load the truck , of course most of the things were pretty much still wrapped from the last move we made, that we asked for and they graciously moved a couple things around in our house. Once the apartment complex opened, they then went to do the delivery to the apartment. They were very polite and fast, no dragging of their feet to extend the hours, or anything like that. I was very happy with the service from the first phone call , email ( deposit, payment and confirmation) and text. I'd recommend them and would use this company again in a minute.
- P S.

Had to plan a move on behalf of a family member moving across the country and I'm so glad that I connected with Bauer and his team. His expertise was crucial in helping to identify possible carriers and despite our selected carrier falling through, we were able to identify and pursue a back-up plan quickly. On the packing and loading, he and his team were stellar - prompt, efficient, dedicated, and good-natured! If you need help packing and loading, call Bauer. Even if you only need guidance on how to make a move happen, call Bauer.
- M. B.

A Very professional team. Efficient, responsible and reasonable. Friendly team. Strongly recommend.
- Ginette R.

This was my first time using professional movers in the DMV and I was really impressed by the other reviews along with Jane's promptness with answering any questions I had. Their quote was well priced and it was easy to arrange the appointment. Unfortunately, the actual move was less than pleasant. They were more than two hours over schedule resulting in us paying more than $200 more than what we were quoted for. The movers were polite but definitely didn't seem like they knew what they were doing. They broke my desk and didn't offer to reimburse me for supplies to fix it. They also dissembled my bookcase and left me to reassemble it. I found a couple stray pieces of hardware in the floor and I'm still trying to determine what pieces of furniture they belong to.
- Kylie B.

I used VanGuard Moving Express earlier this month. I normally do not do reviews however, I have to do one for this company. Being prior military and due to my current profession, I have moved 28 times in my life. Needless to say, I have seen it all when it comes to movers and moving companies. VanGuard Moving Express is bar none the best company I have ever used. The experience started with super efficient and polite Jane who runs the back office operations. She was super and made or scheduling a piece of cake. It ended with the team, again, the best I have ever encountered. They were on-time, polite and beyond conscientious with our furniture. Each piece was wrapped thoroughly with a blanket and then bound by tape BEFORE it ever left the floor. The common practice is to move it down to the truck as is and then throw a moving blanket, if that, over the item. The team hustled and even ran the stairs while they were coming back in for the next load. If you use this company, and I highly recommend you do, ask for their A Team: Saad (Supervisor), Rudy, Ali and Baver. Great group of gentlemen Finally, their price. Cannot be beat and extremely fair. I would have paid twice the amount I did if I used another company. In summary, you will win with Vanguard and Saad's team - count on it. I recommend them unequivocally!
- Purfield B.

I was cautious when approaching this moving service as they are not national, they are local, and they have many great reviews - I assumed that their employees were writing the employees. I stand corrected, all the reviews are true. The team at VanGuard Moving Express - Denis and two other amazing gentlemen - made the most stressful day in my year a breeze... and they went out of their way to help. How so? Three professional movers who can maneuver any corner and carry 10x their weight. The distance - they went to our storage unit, apartment, and then our home, without a hassle. Dedication - these guys started at 8:30 AM and worked until 9:30 PM with a 30 minute break to eat. That is inhuman. They did all this with a smile on their face. To top it off, they are nice, cordial, and finished with a smile on their face. After they got done moving it all - I was surprised to find that they all have unique stories that have led them here to the United States, they are all in fact highly educated and sociable! Finally, price. If you want to save money - you should save money, get something that is economical. Know full well that you might have your valuables damaged and the move might not be the best. The total from the move was a little above what I budgeted, but considering the quality of the move, the dedication, and having no worries... it is money well-spent.
- Jane E.

I used Van Guard to move my furniture from a place I was renting to a new home in July of 2019. The movers arrived on time and were very careful with my furniture, wrapping each piece in a blanket to move it. They were very quick and did no damage to either home. They completed the move within the time window they quoted, and I thought that they did a great job. I would definitely hire them again - highly recommended!
- Kevin D.

Scheduling movers with VanGuard Moving was easy, efficient, and they did a great job. We hired a crew of theirs for a labor-only job to help us load up a POD that I had delivered to our home. I had gone back and forth with VanGuard several times with regard to the date of the job, since we had some setbacks, and they never gave me a hard time about it at all. And then were eventually able to schedule something for like 2 days out when we were finally ready! I really appreciated their accommodations and attitude about scheduling. As for the actual moving crew, Dennis, Vladimir, and Paul arrived exactly on time, worked super hard, were very efficient, and in general it was a totally smooth experience. I felt as thought they packed and moved our items with care, and they were serious tetris masters in being able to fit as much into that POD as they did. I was so impressed, we have a lot of stuff! We are planning on hiring VanGuard again to help with the rest of our move after our house sells, and I would handily recommend Dennis and his crew for any future moving needs you may have.
- Gretchen F.

Having never hired movers before I was a little nervous as I wasn't sure what to expect but VanGuard far exceed my expectations. From the moment I requested a quote the team was fast, courteous and professional in answering all my questions. They were very accommodating and called the day before the move to check in and make sure I didn't have any other questions. On the day of the move the team of Saad and Rudy showed up and I cannot say enough about these two. They came before the appointment time to do a quick walk through and ended up calling in a bigger truck to accommodate all of our furniture. Once they walked in, the two of them went straight to work and didn't stop until the move was complete. My biggest fear about hiring movers was that they would lallygag on the job but not Saad and Rudy, these two worked their tails off and made our move as smooth as can be. Great job guys!!! I would highly recommend VanGuard to anyone in the DMV area and will definitely be calling them back when it's time to move again!
- Christian C.

These guys did two moves for me recently both involving valuable art items; the first was small, the second quite large. Nothing was missing, nothing was damaged. Something of a miracle! The guys were pleasant and hard working, and took care to make sure everything was done right. And the price was fair; no surprises.
- John G.

Vanguard was fantastic! They were prompt and up front right off the bat with prices and had a ton of flexibility in booking when I needed them. The day-of went super smoothly and i was blown away by the team's speed, care, and attention to detail. They also had the best prices I could find and were super chill to talk to. I recommended them to our other roommate because I was so pleased with them!
- Jessica K.

My experience with VanGuard was fine, but not quite the 5 star service I was expecting from the past reviews. Booking was easy, and I wasn't required to put down any sort of deposit. However, I also wasn't given much information - just the time the movers would be coming. I moved on a Monday, and the movers were supposed to arrive at 9 AM. I got a call at 8:30 AM that they would be later, which ended up being 9:45 AM. This was slightly problematic given that I could only reserve elevators in my old building and my new building for a select window, but luckily my building was willing to be accommodating. The movers were told that my apartment was a studio, even though I had specifically said it was a one bedroom when I booked. They were efficient at getting most of my stuff out of my apartment and into the truck, but they weren't the best at making sure none of the small pieces that were needed to put my furniture back together got lost. I had two small components that went missing during the course of the move, and that I will need to replace. They did offer to replace these parts, but I really thought they shouldn't have been lost in the first place. That is the kind of attention to detail that I thought was lacking. I was also charged extra for a TV and mirror box, which ended up just being an old cardboard box that they put over the moving blanket. These boxes had clearly been used before, and hardly seemed worth $25, so maybe do yourself a favor and provide your own. I chose this company based on the good reviews and the price quote. I ended up paying double and there was definitely some attention to detail lacking. Nothing got broken or ruined though, so it was overall a success.
- Kristen A.

This my second time using VanGuard Moving Express for my move and Bauer and his team have improved even more! The scheduling of my move was done easily and efficient (I called the week before and they were able to fit me in) and the team arrived ahead of schedule. I had purchased new drawers and bed frame for my new place and the team even helped me put those together. I would recommended this company to anyone that is looking to move with minimal stress.
- Frank M.

VanGuard's moving crew were very careful in the handling of my furniture, and they were courteous, quiet (helpful in the office setting of the move), and cheerful (despite already having had a long day with a difficult move before mine). I highly recommend VanGuard!
- Charles B.

My two roommates and I were moving apartments and Vanguard ended up being the one we chose, partly because of the responsiveness of their webpage, but also because they showed the hourly rate, unlike any other moving company we came across. They were incredibly responsive in setting up a quote and communicating right up to the day of the move. Saad and Rudy were very fast, efficient, and careful. Move was done in just under 3.5 hours when we were quoted 4-5 so we were very happy.
- Andrew S.

We had an amazing experience with Vanguard Moving. We are in the process of moving across the country from Virginia to California and had a five bedroom house to move. We researched several moving companies, but in the end, Vanguard beat out everyone else due to customer service and actually caring about our stuff. Bauer came to our house and did a walk through, then gave us a not to exceed price. He was extremely communicative throughout the entire process, answered my million questions, and was always responsive. Our move took two days and all the guys that came out to pack our house did an amazing job. They wrapped everything with care, took their time, and pointed out pre-existing scratches and damage. On move day, Bauer was there and did a very thorough inventory, and really walked through every piece of the contract. They stuck to their word and even though our furniture took up more space on the truck than anticipated, we only paid the agreed upon not to exceed price. The value for what we got and the care they took with our furniture and every single light and dish was well worth the money. They offered a month of free storage as well. They wrapped everything meticulously and loaded the trucks with care. The owner even came and checked in with us at 11 pm as the guys were wrapping up. They have been very honest and trustworthy. There are no added fees and I really feel like Bauer and the company went above and beyond in every aspect of the process. I can't say enough good things about the customer service we have experienced so far. We are waiting for everything to actually be moved from storage to our new place in California, so I will update this review then. So far, this process, Bauer and his guys, and this company has far exceeded our expectations. I would highly recommend them!
- Anita D.

I have used this company for my 3 moves in the DC area and I can say Saad and Rudy always do an excellent job at moving and making sure your belongings are properly protected and delivered to your destination. They are professional and courteous. They arrive on time and delivered fast service. I will be using them again for my next move. They are also very responsive and provide quality work and they are very reasonable with their prices!
- Katie Q.

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