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About True State Moving Services

We offer a variety of moving services for household transportation within 100 miles between origin and destination addresses. The local moves are time-sensitive, so our local moving teams are trained to work fast and safe, which brings productive and time-efficient results. We are specialists in packing, disassembling, unpacking and assembling your belongings with care. The wall/floor/angles are always protected and will never show a sign of the move. We comply with all building requirements and, upon request, can provide all necessary paperwork.

Moving-Me about True State Moving Services

When it comes to household transportation across the country, the company has the highest quality services. Their cross-town and long-distance moving teams are specialized in protective packing and accurate stacking of any kind of furniture. They put safety first, that’s why all the cross-country transits require additional efforts to prepare the shipments for the interstate travel and to make sure that every item arrives in the original condition. To accommodate all your needs, the company also offers expedited long-distance move and even direct delivery options. They also offer a full range of moving services to any type of commercial entity. The company has all necessary licenses and insurance to work with: real estate agencies, staging companies, office buildings and any type of business and industry that needs to be relocated.

True State Moving Services Licenses & Certificates

True State Moving Services is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. The company is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: MC-19876

(Interstate Commerce Commission Motor Carrier number)

US D.O.T: 2953776

(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: not provided

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What is True State Moving Services cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $2800. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services, and distance from A to B point. Also, many companies offer hourly rates. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance, or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free, and cost-effective. True State Moving Services is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

True State Moving Services Reviews

Beware of this company. They are fraudulent and a scam. I will be reporting them to the BBB too. My review will be quite long, but worth it if someone learns from my experience. I want you all to have the exact details of what happened. I have also been waiting to hear back from the manager and it's been over month now and still haven't heard back. I got a quote for a move from NJ to GA, I sent a list of all my items that needed to be moved. And paid extra for packing supplies. Upon arrival the truck driver Demetrius told me that some of my items where not in boxes, and because it was an interstate move it had to be boxed. I was like okay no problem, I asked if they sold boxes that i could buy from the company, or i could run to walmart or uhaul real quick to get more boxes while he and his crew packed the large stuff. He told me point blank No and that the company will charge me an extra $2000 for boxes. But he can work with me and I can just pay him $1,000 under the table. I was beyond shocked. Please bear in mind that I had already paid for the move, which included the transportation of 25 boxes. So at that point all I needed was just to buy some more boxes for the stuff not in boxes. Large boxes at uhaul cost about $2. This guy Demetrius was asking for $2000 for boxes. He knew I had to move that day, I already had my airline ticket leaving that night for Atlanta, so he did everything to rip me off. He went from $2000, to $1000, then eventually to $700...just for extra boxes. At that point I had called True State customer service like over 10 times with no response, nobody picked up. They claimed they were not open on a Saturday. I also called the sales guy Alex, who was always so quick to pick my call before the move,and he never picked up his cellphone. At that point I knew I had no choice because I had to leave my apartment that day and also had to travel to Atlanta that evening with my 2 kids. And I think because Demetrius knew this, he decided to scam and rip me off. So I decided to record my conversation with Demetrius about the additional money he was asking for and paid him the $700. I asked for a receipt and he said "oh no I can't do that, this conversation never happened". This meant that he kept the money for himself and never disclosed it to the company. The next business day I called the company and asked to talk to a manager. The manager first told me that I should have called the police. I was like oh really, you sent me a fraudulent driver and you want me to call the police. The next thing he said it sounded like we made an agreement under the table and it will be considered tips to the driver. This was before he knew I had a recording of the conversation. After I sent him the recording then he changed his tonre and said he was going to investigate. This was over month ago and I still haven't heard back from the manager. Everytime I call, he doesn't pick up my call. Please I repeat stay far away from this fraudulent company. They need to be shut down. I will make sure I find a way to report them to one of the local TV stations too. Maybe hopefully after this review, the manager will call me back. But I will not hold my breath.
- Kofo Adeyina

This was far and away the absolute WORST company I've ever dealt with in any industry. STAY AWAY AT ALL COSTS! Their tactic is to give you the lowest estimate possible so you'll go with them, and then when it comes to moving day, when they know your back is against the wall and have no other options, they raise the price significantly. By significantly, for me it was to the tune of $800. The sales manager, Alex, acts like your best friend at first. I gave him a complete inventory of the move and asked him multiple times if he guarantees I will not pay more than their estimate. He assured me of this each and every time. Then when I had many issues, he was unresponsive and dismissive, and suddenly he had nothing to do with operations. He couldn't have cared less about me at that point, even though he knew what he did was complete fraud. Do not fall for his lies. The driver was incredibly rude and attempted to extort me by offering a discount of only $300 more IF I'd tip him and his workers $150 each in cash. The operations manager, Vladimir, is even more fraudulent. He promised to investigate this for me and promised me calls back and never once called me back. When it came time for the items to be delivered, he said I agreed to the contract and would have to pay. Even though by law, a contract is voided as soon as fraud is present, as it was here with the extortion. He literally said he takes the word of his awful driver over a paying customer, a customer that pays his AND his workers wages! I will be reporting this company and all of its employees to the Attorneys General offices of both states involved, as well as the FBI for the extortion attempt. Go with literally ANY OTHER COMPANY. It will be worth it in the end. Did I mention my items arrived significantly after the stated time frame? GO WITH ANY OTHER COMPANY, you will pay more upfront but you won't be overcharged and treated like complete trash.
- huntingtonm15

- JJ Baron

Stay away! SCAM!! WILL NOT SHOW!! They were suppose to show at 8AM, strung us along every hour and didn’t show until 5:30PM. When they arrived they started pointing out extra costs for items we already put on the list scamming us some more. Wasted our time and did not end up doing the move. SPARE YOURSELF AND DO NOT BOOK TRUE STATE MOVERS
- Shaina Zulauf

Moving is never fun. I know what it takes to move across the country. So, this time I did not go for the cheapest option, instead I focused on the reputation of the moving companies and I ended up hiring True State Moving Services. They did not disappoint me. The sales guy always answered my calls, gave me a good deal, explained the entire process and assigned a very experienced crew. Both the pickup and delivery was made on time, movers on both ends helped us in packing the delicate stuff and setting up the furniture. Nothing was damaged or missing, final cost was well within the estimated price and I also received a call from their rep after the move. Overall, I am more than just satisfied.
- Salazar Vega

Moving is always difficult. But with this moving company we had smooth move from Pennsylvania to Louisiana. They were very professional, on-time. We had notification call 24 hours before for both pickup and delivery. The service was amazing and totally satisfied with the move. I will always choose this company for any move.
- Lalasa Lakamsani

This place is rip off. They had me waiting all day and never showed up for my move. They kept giving me excuses and asking that I give them 2 more hours. They were suppose to be at my place by 9AM the last timet hey asked that I give them two more hours it was almost 4 in the evening. They ask for a $100 deposit and never state they will give you your money back, but will keep saying give us two more hours
- Theresa Lamberth

This is the worst moving company you could possibly deal with. Go with anyone else, it doesn't matter which company, ANY other company will provide better service. This one provides you a fake quote and assures you it is accurate. When the movers arrive, they act shocked at the amount of items you have and this is the point in which they significantly increase the price of a move. When moving, obviously people like to budget everything accurately, and this company does not allow for that. If you have a one bedroom apartment, for example, expect to end up paying $1,000 more than you're quoted. If it's an entire house, probably expect several thousand additional dollars to be added. Furthermore, it is clear this company is posting fake positive Google reviews to boost their star rating. If you contact them and point out their large amount of negative Yelp reviews (which cannot be easily manipulated), they direct you to look at all the positive Google reviews. Just take a look at all of the other reviews posted by people allegedly positively reviewing this company. They either have no other reviews, or it's for another moving company to which this one is most likely related. They are fraudulent in all aspects and anyone and everyone would be wise to stay far away.
- Michael Miron

(Translated by Google) I have been waiting for my move since July 28 and today August 1 and I do not have an answer ... I am almost going to put a case in court. I am already talking to a lawyer they are very irresponsible ... please my followers do not use this company if they don't want to have unpleasant moments ... I give them a star because they don't even deserve that ... at first they call you and then they grab more than 80% of your money and your merchandise. It goes to a third plane. And do not take your calls .... much care ..... very serious mistake, mine I am sleeping in inflatable beds and my house is empty ......
- ramon ventura

This company is trash stay awayyyy
- Franly Gomez

NO. AWFUL. I move often and my experience as a customer has never been worse. I was promised one thing during the sales process and then completely lied to every step of the way as soon as the deposit was paid. The movers who showed up threatened to charge me hundreds extra unless I paid them under the table, which at that point I had to do because I had to be out of my apartment - and they knew that. This was an out-of-state move and the delivery was weeks delayed. I was promised delivery within 1-10 business days and finally received my belongings 37 days later. Every time I spoke to the staff via email or phone they lied and said my things were "coming this weekend" but they never came. I finally got a lawyer involved which is definitely the only reason I got my stuff. When my things finally arrived, a decent amount of my things were damaged and had to be thrown away. My mattress was ripped and covered in grease, my desk was destroyed, my glassware and plates were all broken, etc. Overall, True State operates an extremely sketchy and fraudulent business. They don't care about you as a human being or your belongings at all. I can't emphasize this enough - do yourself a favor and find alternative movers that will treat you and your belongings with respect and care or you may find yourself in a similar situation!
- Stacey Hagenbush

From the original call to get a estimate this company was upfront and honest. Alex was patient and professional with me I had to call multiple time to add items. Moving day 5 mover showed up packed everything no surprise charges. Dimitri was real professional and courteous. Will definitely use them again.
- Frank Ruiz

Over charged me by $1500 then the office would not answer their phone. This company is a SCAM.
- Victoria Dell

They damage your goods, dont reimburse you, lie and don't deliver days or weeks after the scheduled delivery (I still dont have an entire house worth of belongings and dont know when I will ever see them again). Do not use this service, hire a few people and rent a truck.
- jroberts8558

This company is the worse they are unprofessional and even threatened to take my furniture away cause we wanted his full name. As a business owner I am ashamed of someone who threatens people especially in today's world. Holding our furniture hostage is a joke and charges should be brought up against them. They also broke two pieces of furniture and one was an antique table. Do not use this company . I would not even recommend to my worse enemy. Total Joke of a company. Do Not Use!!!!
- Rich LaGanga

Confirmed multiple times that it would be delivered on the day of our move in. Get told the day before we move out of state that it will take SEVEN business days and hasent been shipped out yet.
- Mike Tex

I'm sure that you don't really want my opinion....Let's start with a minus 5,000 stars! You can't reach anyone, with questions or concerns No one returns calls. No one had any answers TOTALLY UNPROFESSIONAL AND HAS NO CLUE WHAT CUSTOMER SERVICE IS ALL ABOUT!!! Picked my furniture up on 8/1/20, with the "PROMISE" of a 2-14 day delivery. I FINALLY received my possessions on 9/2/20. Even then, True State subcontracted to another company. If True State is your moving company, RUN, SAVE YOURSELF THE HEADACHE AND HIRE SOMEONE ELSE!!!!! Honestly, I didn't want to give them 1 star but the post forced me to. This is a HORRIBLE COMPANY
- Melissa E

Amazing!! Very good company, They came on time and finished on time, they helped me pack everything. Azamat and his crew were good trained guys.
- teona janashvili

I had a great experience with this moving company. I had to move out of my apartment and came across this company last minute. Movers arrived on time and they were very professional. Packed everything neat and organized, I was very pleased. Thank you!
- G R

This is one of the best moving companies out there. They are very professional and fast. I had very last minute job and they just provided AMAZING service, Highly recommended!!!!!
- Levan Zavrashvili

Move went smoothly crew was friendly and did whatever I asked office move manager Frank D was great and explained everything I recomend using them thsnks
- Dennis Nelson

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