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Customers’ rating: 4.1

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About Trinity Relocation Group

Trinity Relocation Group is a moving broker, licensed, bonded and insured through the Department of Transportation. In addition to having our own trucks, we are also licensed as a moving broker through the Department of Transportation. We offer our expertise in the moving industry to ensure that you get the best deal that fits your needs. Taking care of all the research and pre-screening processes, and even negotiating discounts with every moving company we recommend. Our research and pre-screening process is made up of many steps, which is necessary to make your relocation risk-free, and satisfactory.

Moving-Me about Trinity Relocation Group

Trinity Relocation Group has a great expertise both in providing moving services and being a moving broker. They have a huge database of recommended moving companies, and can negotiate competitive prices on behalf of their customers by leveraging economies of scale, and get you the bargain you’re looking for. Whether the company will be doing the move for you, or brokering your move to a recommended moving helper, they can provide your family the peace of mind you deserve at an affordable rate. Their pre-screening due diligence process is made up of many steps, ensuring your relocation is risk-free and satisfactory.

Trinity Relocation Group Licenses & Certificates

Trinity Relocation Group is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. The company is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: 1006834

US D.O.T: 3218709

(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: not provided

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What is Trinity Relocation Group cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $3600. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services, and distance from A to B point. Also, many companies offer hourly rates. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance, or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free, and cost-effective.  Trinity Relocation Group is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

Trinity Relocation Group Reviews

This company is shady AF! To be clear, this is a broker who’s only responsibility is to give the customer a quote for the move and to schedule an actual moving company for you. Trinity Relocation really does nothing but add thousands of dollars to your move. You, as the customer, can do everything this company does. Trinity Relocation hired us a moving company with abysmal online reviews, who broke and stole (lost) a surprising amount of our things. Trinity costumer service claims to “be an advocate if unfortunate circumstances arrive,” but has done nothing to help or remedy our unfortunate situation. When I asked one of their customer service agents if they would suggest that own mother use this company, this person chuckled and said no. She would not elaborate as to why she felt this way. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. Call and book your own movers.
- Dusty Hauck

They are the worst and are scam artists. They took our money and never gave us a refund after we cancelled. Charged us an extra $500 to change the moving date a few days after we already paid a down payment. We changed the moving date to farther out and they still wouldn't give us our money back. They said it wasn't within a time frame for a refund(they just wanted to keep our money). This wasn't accurate. Why pay $500 to change a date and they do not honor that. We cancelled within a reasonable amount of time. These people are sick. Very sick. When we tried to get a refund, they would not give us our money back. We never had any movers come and cancelled. No services provided and they still kept $2500. If you want to lose money go with them. They still would not refund our money even after cancelling in the proper timeframe. They are a horrible scamming company! Read the other reviews before you go with them. They actually were under another company name before they changed to Trinity, it's because they keep getting negative reviews and turned into the BBB. What a joke. We will be taking legal action against them for what they have done. They aren't a legitimate business. Just a bunch of scammers doing something they no nothing about other than stealing peoples money. I’ve never witnessed such unethical practices in my life
- Ashley

Trinity Relocation Group and team is very professional. All the guys were so nice and polite. This is the best moving company I have ever worked with. They make sure to provide ease and comfort to the client in any way possible.
- Dave T Earthman

From my first initial phone call to the actual moving day it was a pleasure to feel cared for in such a professional way. Crew took good care of all our stuff packing and unpacking not even a scratch.
- Mandy Wessinger

Their phone representatives were very helpful. The movers themselves were professionals and quick. All my two moves were great. They really came through. They showed up on time to pick everything up and were right on schedule with the delivery.
- Moe Martin

Used these guys for a move last week. They did care about your furniture, wrapping them carefully and moving them slowly. And they won't waste time even if they were paid hourly.
- Paula Kassouf

Do NOT use this company for your moving needs. We were given a quote and a few days prior to our move, the price increased $1500, and when the movers arrived the price increased another $1500. Our moving costs went from $5400 to $8400. During our initial conversation with our salesperson (Bill Rosen) he said we were the most organized movers he had spoken with and offered us a discount if we had all of our boxes in the garage of our tri-level townhome. We personally moved ALL of our boxes into the garage and our movers only had to move large pieces of furniture out of the home. We were told our goods would arrive in 14 days. Our move date was 6/29 and after 16 days, we still have not gotten an ETA nor will anyone at Trinity Relocation Group return our calls and inquiries surrounding the ETA. When we initially called to complain about the increase in cost, we were told that the initial $1500 increase "is normal," but that the second increase did not "seem right." The manager asked us to submit all documentation and email correspondence with her staff so she could review all correspondence surrounding our quote. We explained that we provided detailed spreadsheets with documentation and measurements of ALL of our items. She asked if the staff person requested this level of detail and we explained that we submitted it on our own to ensure we were getting an accurate quote and to avoid the shock that we are currently experiencing. She basically said that their software program cannot accommodate this level of detail. In other words, you will NEVER get an accurate quote from them. We submitted all documentation she requested several days ago and have yet to hear back from her, nor has she gotten back to us on our delivery date. This company is completely unethical and I do not recommend them. Moving is incredibly stressful and they have done nothing but add to the intense stress already felt during a cross country move. We have NO IDEA where our items are and/or when they will be delivered. We got screwed financially and actually screwed all the way around (dishonest quote, poor response time, no idea on our delivery date, etc.). Our final box count was 10-15 boxes LESS than what we provided during our quote, yet our cost still went up $3000 from the initial quote. I repeat, DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY.
- Joanna Huff

The Trinity Relocation Group drove away my worries and replaced it with hope and certainty. By the time, they were hitting the final touches; I had already figured out that it was the best moving company for me. They did everything for me in timely manner and managed the whole move quite nicely.
- Joe D Brown

Trinity Relocation Group are a moving company of its own kind. These people are not only unique but also very efficient. I have been able to supervise their work and I must admit it that they do it with all their heart. They get it done like professionals. What delighted me even more was the fact that the job was done in a very short time.
- Miriam John

I had few fragile items to move. I hired Trinity Relocation Group. They came and packed them nicely to prevent damage. They moved them without any damage and on time.
- Trevor Hamilton

I was really worried to find a company that would help me in moving, so I landed in the perfect place. The movers and workers were great, they ask me every time if I need to advise something rather than they do anything without permission, so I enjoyed that much. All went smoothly, nothing was damaged or broken.
- Jennifer Blount

This was the first time I used them. They are highly recommended. They took care of every piece. Wrapped and secured everything with blanket and then wrapped 5 or 6 times over. Took extra caution when moving up the stairs, we had some extra stuff and they said, no worries. Even asked questions to make sure they get everything. Didn’t leave until they knew we were satisfied. A plus. Thank you for the extra safety and delivery. Even reassembled items.
- William Irizarry

Because I'm traveling a lot, I've also found a lot of mover's company. But without a doubt, the company of this mover provides the best services in the city. My affiliation is safe and not stolen. I never had a problem of trust with them. Recommended them to everyone in search of trustworthy moving company.
- Angela Perry

The Trinity Relocation Group and their whole crew has some positive energy in them. II would like to thank you and your team for helping me not only in packing but also in setting things up and relocating them to new homes. All the workers were very co-operative and sweet. I am impressed.
- Patrick Riley

My experience with Trinity Relocation Group was amazing. They are exceptionally reputable, effective and hard-working. The crew members are professional and friendly, Every person dreads moving and also they made the procedure so very easy. Great work done by every crew member of the company. Thank you.
- Jordan Hendry

I recently use Trinity for my move from NC to MD. I worked with a representative called Bruce, he was very nice but not completely honest with me with the estimated cost. I gave him an inventory of all my items I was moving and even overestimated the 30 large boxes extra just so the movers will bring the right size truck. Bruce recommended this and I will only pay for the space I use. Estimated cost was $5434. When the movers arrived on 7/26/20, he took an inventory of my items again and said l only paid for half of the truck space and that it will cost us $3000 more to move our items. I was shocked and very upset. I called Trinity and of course their customer service center was closed on weekends. I decided to take out all the boxes from the inventory and move only the heavy items which were 2 queen size beds, 1 King size bed, washer/dryer, tv stand, 4 dressers, dining table, 5 bar chairs. We still end up paying almost $2000 extra just for those items. $7000 in total. If we knew this estimated cost we would not have used Trinity. We end up using Uhaul to move all our o the boxed items. We had a very bad experience with Trinity. I will never recommend them to anyone.
- Franklin Yeboah

I have got a large store in GA. I have to buy stock in bulk but every time I had an issue with storing the stock but recently I came to know about Trinity Relocation Group storage services. Now I keep my stuff there and it is secure and I pick up my stuff as per my needs. Really a great initiative to provide such services and great bunch of guys also.
- Marcus Holmes

After a lot of research and quotes, my company chose Trinity Relocation Group for our move. Their estimate was thorough, fair, and abundantly transparent Different crews worked on our move in and move out and every single person was super professional, resourceful, and respectable and indeed- gentle! Would gladly use Trinity Relocation Group again, and recommend them to any other office or warehouse in need of movers.
- Dave Janjua

I recently had a great experience with Trinity Relocation Group. Our move was bit complicated but these guys showed great potential and great attitude towards work. They were up to the challenge and everything went so smooth and well. Would trust this company again in near future.
- Ronnie Hudson

The Trinity Relocation Group and their team did excellent work. After shopping around for the best price, we settled on this company as their quote was cheaper than other companies but was still highly rated with good reviews. Everything was properly packed and delivered with no harm.
- Mary Norwood

Buyer Beware!!!! At first they were very professional and seemed like a company you could trust...but I was wrong. I spent over an hour on the phone with their salesperson going through all my items in my 2 bedroom/2 bath condo. I even measured all the furniture, desks, dressers so he could have accurate information for quoting me the price. He came up with 822 Cubic Feet to be moved and quoted me approximately $4500 to relocate my things to Dallas Texas. I was given a free month of storage but told additional months would run $.50 per cubic foot for storage...I needed an additional 21 days of storage until my new apartment was ready. Everything went fine until the movers showed up and determined my cubic feet was much greater than Trinity gave me an estimate for and now the price would be close to double the price. As if that wasn't bad enough they also said my cost to store things would be $1.00 per cubic foot...everything was now double the price quoted. Total scam artists...when I called and spoke to Trinity they informed me it was just an estimate and subject to change. An estimate should be within +/- 10% not 100% more. Trinity also originally assured me that the "professional" movers would wrap all my furniture so no damage would happen...however the movers told me I only signed up for the "basic" wrap and they couldn't guarantee no damage unless I paid more to "professionally" wrap everything. Trinity never mentioned different levels of wrapping. Total scam...when I called Trinity they said I signed the contract and no refund would be given if I cancelled...So they are now refusing to give me my $1800 deposit back for doing absolutely NOTHING... except lying to me and trying to charge me double. Don't be sucked in by all their positive reviews. Very unprofessional and are scamming people. This is not an exaggeration and I ended up renting a U-Haul truck and did the move myself. Very disappointed and was given no reconciliation by Trinity. I highly recommend staying away from this moving broker who doesn't move anything themselves and just sub-contracts out to actual movers. Find an actual moving company and stay away from Trinity Relocation Group. If I could give negative stars I would as they don't even deserve one star rating.
- Ross Kehl

I hired Trinity Relocation Group to help move my niece’s stuff out of her 1 bedroom apt. They sent an amazing crew that did the whole job in under 2 hours. The price I was quoted was very reasonable and that’s what I paid and they finished in almost half the time. I highly recommend this company. Hats off to Lee, Lewis and Melvin because they were great!
- Casey Peter

This service was horrible. It took over 3 weeks for my furniture to arrive. I was told Wednesday, then Friday, then Saturday and suddenly the truck coincidentally "broke down" and was in the shop until Monday. Told delivery date was Monday, driver never came. Called and was told Tuesday morning, only to have the driver hang up on me. Every day it gets pushed back more and more! Do not book with this company, you will be wasting your time and money.
- Lauren Berberich

From the time I first called to schedule to the end of the move, the service was remarkable. I used them to move from a 3 bedroom apartment to a 5 bedroom house. They kept in regular communication with me via email and phone and the move went off without a hitch and under the estimate quote. I highly recommend them they took the stress out of moving.
- Darryl Clarke

The 3 gentlemen from Trinity Relocation Group that moved me were very professional and courteous. They were fast, efficient, and very careful with my belongings as well as the property I was moving into and out of.
- Beatrice Smith

I used Trinity Relocation Group late last month and I have to say It turned out great! To start, this was a last-minute request like 3 days before the day I needed to move and they were able to accommodate my move. Not only were they there early, they finished the move in less than the estimated time. They were a pleasure to work with and most importantly, had great attitudes.
- Wendy Smith

It was the best moving service ever! Lewis, Ed and Melvin was efficient, professional and great personalities. Everyone was so friendly and polite! Everything arrived without damage and they placed everything and set it up faster than I could think of where to put it and the cost of the move was way than we expected! What more can I say to recommend this company to anyone!
- Andy Hawthorne

Trinity Relocation Group was amazing and made our move stress free! Tony, Ed and Lewis were very careful with all of our items but also moved us very quickly. They were diligent to make sure we did not go over our estimate, in fact we were under by almost an hour because they were so quick! I researched many quotes of different moving companies and they were definitely the best I could find. Would highly recommend them and definitely plan to use them in the future!
- Lance Ford

Thank you Ryan and Melvin for moving me to my new home. You were both absolutely wonderful to work with and you really helped me settle into my new home. This is my second move with Trinity Relocation Group and I've recommended them to friends. Everything went so smoothly.
- Charlotte Healey

I feel taken advantage of. You couldn’t pay me to use this company again. I do not understand how this company has any positive reviews. The quote that they provided was completely inaccurate (even though I was clear that I wanted it to be the worst case scenario because my company was paying for it). I asked multiple times “is there anyway that it will be more expensive than this quote?” The sales man said “only if we show up and you have a grand piano that you are not telling me about.” I also exaggerated the amount of packing needed and asked the salesman to add the $500 discount back on so I had some wiggle room and money to tip the movers. Pretty much, I gave them a huge wiggle room and it still cost me a bunch of money! Trinity is not the company that does the moving. They contract other companies to do the work. A company called “We Care for You” showed up 1.5 hours late. He walks in the door and says, “alright, let’s get you a quote.” He assumed that the Trinity quote was not correct and said “those things are never correct.” We then wasted another hour arguing about the bill. The man kept stating, “well if you don’t like it, you can find another company!” That is a ridiculous thing to say when I have to be out that day. He then noticed that my quote included packing and said “oh shit, I hope I have boxes in the truck!” Also, the quote included 4 paintings that required professional packing. These are painting that my deceased mother created. They were thrown into a large box with my kitchenware! The move was supposed to take place from 10am to 1pm. It wasn’t complete until 4pm (which is a problem when you must reserve the elevator). Back to Trinity… I was on the phone with Tracy on moving day. She reassured me that Trinity would get it straightened out and that they would reimburse me once they figured out why the quote was not accurate. Throughout the next 2 months, I spoke with Tracy and Lisa for HOURS trying to straighten it out. I was told “its only $1k difference…. That’s not that bad.” I explained about my mother’s paintings and was told “well… were they damaged?” After all the hassle, they reimbursed me $100. I feel like I got taken advantage of.
- Karen Schmid

Contracted moving company showed up 6 (six hours late without calling to notify of delay) hours l Our belonging were to be delivered between 8/1 and 8/7 Still no word of where or when our belongings will arrive. Have received no assistance in locating our belongings. Calls not returned and no information provided as to location or when delivery will occur. Be advised and warned.
- Randall Cornejo

Joanna Simmons 5 stars They wrapped all of my furniture and made sure everything would be secure during the move. Thomas was easy to communicate with and very flexible. The price was very affordable and on point and what we paid in the end for the high quality move they provided. I would recommend this moving company!
- Joanna Simmons

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