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About Transit Systems

We’re TSI, formerly known as Transit Systems, a company providing both residential and commercial moving and shipping services. We find creative solutions to solve your long distance transport needs. Founded in 1989, we were around before the internet. We kept paper files and used calculators to price moves. We’d come a long way since then, and wanted to do even better. We looked at the common problems in the industry and focused all our energy into finding solutions. We’ve  expanded our network of carriers, allowing us to service almost any long distance move or shipment.

Moving-Me about Transit Systems

Transit Systems is a relocation company providing long distance small moves company based right outside of Philadelphia. The team of professional movers will be there for you on time, and will take care of your belongings treating them as their own. The movers offer a full range of moving services, including big items like pianos, fragile things and antiques.

Transit Systems Licenses & Certificates

Transit Systems is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. The company is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: 261796

(Interstate Commerce Commission Motor Carrier number)

US D.O.T: 517872

(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: not provided

Want more detailed information on moving documents to check? Click here to be informed.

What is Transit Systems cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $1800. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services, and distance from A to B point. Also, many companies offer hourly rates. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance, or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free, and cost-effective. Transit Systems is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

Transit Systems Reviews

Don't do it. We were quoted a low bid but we were suspicious since no one came out to look at it and we asked them several times if they needed to see it to give us an accurate quote and they said no. Fast forward to a final invoice that was more than double the original quote. It cost us $11k to move a 2 bedroom home cross country. Meanwhile, the customer service reps were incredibly rude when I called to ask for status updates on delivery. On delivery day, quite a few of our items arrived damaged and I have a call out to them about it that has so far gone unanswered. Moving from one coast to another is already an incredibly stressful endeavor, and this moving company tipped the scales. Don't do it.
- Andy Hanson

They were very hard to reach. They never called to ship. When I tried to contact them ( by email and phone) because I needed to know when they would move they were out of the office midweek and then said they had the wrong number on file. They could have emailed me. Because I had to be out of the house I had to go with a different company. They still charged me of my large order even though I got no service. Terrible company. I felt like they stole from me.
- Rachel Dickinson

Awful customer service, keeps credit cards on file without authorization, do not ever use this company, charges credit card without notice, highly unethical.
- jill schladweiler

Absolutely DO NOT HIRE THIS COMPANY!!! They are absolutely terrible. I hired TSI who contracted out my move to Don Farr and received absolutely terrible service! Almost EVERY SINGLE item came back to me either damaged, ruined completely, or completely missing!!! The representative from TSI even reached out to the owner of Don Farr because even THEY admit it was a service failure and I have yet to hear back from anyone in upper-management about the lack of service I received. I even sent them pictures of all the damages and nothing. And on top of that, they tell you to fill out a “claim form” and on the form it tells you that they have the right to inspect the damages so I’m not even allowed to have my items repaired or replaced until that happens and they’re telling me that can take THIRTY days!!! I don’t even have a bed to sleep in because they failed to send me the rails for the bed completely to put it together!!!! Even the guys that’s unloaded my furniture said “I wish I knew you beforehand because I would’ve told you not to use them because they are terrible!” Speaks volumes when your own delivery guys think your company is sub-par. I have an email where Transit Systems acknowledges there is a service failure and that they reached out to Don Farr for an appropriate resolution and NOTHING!!!! Save yourself the headache, heartache, and money you’re going to have to spend to fix all your furniture. HORRIBLE service, horrible customer service, horrible all around. I have yet to hear from anyone at management from TSI in regards to how this whole situation was handled. TSI contracts out sub-par movers that are cheaper to line their own pockets and then don’t accept responsibility when something goes wrong. Chose another company!
- Megan Willey

I used TSI Transit Systems to move 3 valuable pieces of furniture that I had inherited from my Mom from the West Coast to the East Coast. They picked up the pieces from the storage company in California, packaged them very well and transported them to the East Coast where they were stored until we returned home from Christmas vacation. Upon our arrival, our items were delivered promptly and unpackaged in front of the house and moved to the appropriate place in our house. All of the packaging was taken away by two very kind gentlemen who made sure that all was in order before they left. Thank you TSI for a very professsional job well done!
- Sue Pflederer

Kym Johnson 1 star Our item took 52 transit days and was damaged. DON’T DO IT! Our item, a solid maple table with the legs detached for transport, was picked up on November 30th and did not deliver until February 14th. They charge you the entire transport fee upfront so it seems they have your money and therefore no incentive for them to follow through on anything. Contacting the company is pointless as they do not respond. We were left a message on January 10th informing us that damage had occurred and to contact “Annette” to discuss the issue. We called repeatedly and always got voicemail. We left a message for her on January 11th, she did not call back. We left another message on January 15th, no response. We called again on January 16th and the automated system said we could not leave a message because the voicemail box was full. We got ahold of the “local” dispatcher for the item (not really local at 170 miles away) to discuss and they said “you have to talk to Annette”. I left yet another message for Annette on February 9th. I’m still waiting for a response to any of the calls. Table arrived on February 14th, three of the four corners have either rub marks or are flat out chipped off. Given the damage and that it took 52 days (so much for 20 days) to get here, I feel we should get a partial refund as we certainly did not get the service we paid for. I’ll just hold my breath and wait for Annette to call, I'm sure it will be any day now.
- Kym Johnson

We moved items from our mother's apartment after she passed away to 3 different locations around California. The pick up team in Northern California was very good and kept items for shipment to each Southern California location separate. Everything was packed and moved with appropriate care. Communication regarding pick up and delivery times was also very good. The delivery teams to the 3 sites took great care and set the delivered furniture up exactly as we each desired. I highly recommend this service.
- Peter Rush

I hired them to ship my 4 month old King mattress and box spring from California to Texas. It seemed like it was going to be a good deal until my mattress showed up in Texas and was taken off the truck. The box around it was completely destroyed (it looked like they drug it behind the truck) with pieces of branches, dirt and oil marks on the actual mattress. In addition when I opened the box with the box springs in it, my METAL box springs were so bent that they are not usable anymore. It took me a week to get in contact with someone about it. Finally I was able to get a hold of someone and they told me that I should have bought additional insurance because the limited liability insurance that comes standard pays 10 cents per pound of the shipment ($200 pounds = $20). Not once in this transaction pre-shipment was the additional insurance mentioned. As if the standard liability would cover any part of the damage, I still filed the claim. I was able to get them to offer a $100 gift card to help with damages, which showed up as four separate $25 amazon gift cards. Seven months later I am still waiting for the $20 and any kind of response. Steer clear of this company.
- Gina Watts

Very poor customer service, they just want your money. Items shipped were not looked after came back in horrible condition, and when mention they ignore it, also charge you more fees after they have taken the good.Never again!
- Steven Roe

poor service, money grabbers
- David Damore

I’ve used this company twice before, and the third time was not a charm. Service has fallen down considerably. We were doing a cross country move of a two bedroom apartment... not a huge job. They notified us they were going to be delivering a few days before we expected them, we drove overnight to be home in time the meet them and... they didn’t call, didn’t deliver, and, long story short, they returned to PA with our stuff, and it took another month to deliver. Repeated miscommunications as in they lied about what was going on. I complained and asked for some refund and have had radio silence ever since. Insurance doesn’t cover it as we did eventually get our stuff... many boxes were crushed, and several had been repacked so they were no longer labeled. A mess. Don’t use them!
- Jane wellman

I shipped a boxspring, mattress, chair and ottoman from Oregon to Arizona and was very pleased. They picked it up promptly and delivered it in 21 days, which is the norm they told me to expect. The price was lower than a competing service, and the items arrived in great shape. I was concerned about the expensive leather chair and ottoman, but they came well wrapped in blankets. The crew that delivered the items were very helpful. I purchased the white glove service since they were delivering to my mother's assisted living home. They even helped me move a chair out of the room and into my car (which was parked next to their truck).
- Arlene Watkins

Wonderful company, great shipping experience. Booked with this company to ship a mattress from North Carolina to Long Island, NY. They were great to deal with. Everything went exactly as they said. The day after booking the boxes, plastic bags, tape, everything needed to package the shipment was sent, arriving the next day. Then when it was ready, just called to schedule a pickup date. It was picked up on that date. Was told once shipped, it would arrive to its destination in three to four days. Right on. It was picked up on a Thursday night, arriving at its destination the next Tuesday afternoon in perfect condition. Will definitely use this company for any future shipping needs, and have already passed on the company's contact info to other people I know in need of shipping.
- Jeannette Franzese

WOW! From start to finish, service was excellent! Courteous and Professional. I would definitely recommend TSI! 🙂
- Jon King

TSI did a great job at moving my parent's grandfather clock from NJ to MD. They were very professional and kept me in the loop the entire time of the move. I would highly recommend using them to anyone that is moving delicate and sentimental property.
- Rayna Phillips

Thanks, very professional service and on time.
- Shawn Boomer

We had a rare mid century modern piece shipped to us from the East Coast via white glove shipping. We bought the piece for $800 at auction, paid $1250 for shipping, and insured the piece for $1000. It was delivered late, and via Plycon, and the frame was only wrapped in moving blankets and had been tweaked during shipping, which bent the teak frame and broke one leg of the sofa. We are now dealing with a third party insurance company who states that since comparable pieces are selling for $2-4K, they will only compensate us $200 dollars since we “undervalued” the piece. We took it up with Transit Systems who says there is nothing they can do because we “misrepresented” the cost of the sofa. Extremely frustrating considering we paid a lot of money for white glove shipping (which was just contracted to a third party shipper, Plycon) and were never told that we had to insure for the cost of replacing a rare item, not the price we paid for it. We are now looking at repair quotes between $800-1000 that we’ll have to pay out of pocket because the shippers damaged the piece during shipment. I would strongly not recommend this company
- Dorothy Thai

I had a mattress and a bed shipped from Long Island, NY to Berkeley, CA. I did a lot of research prior to selecting TSI. All moving companies have mixed reviews and i read repetitively that they will damage your items. However, since i was only shipping 2 items and i bought the packaging supplies that they recommended i thought it would not be likely for it to happen to me. I was very surprised to see how badly my mattress was damaged. Luckily i had insured it and more importantly my wife did not accept it when it arrived. If she had accepted it then according to the insurance policy we would not have been refunded. This is very problematic because you can only look at the package, you cant open it to see if the item was damaged and to what extent it was damaged. In our case both items were so extensively damaged that there were huge holes in the box, thus it was an easy decision to make. As for the insurance they are contracted with a third party and the person that took my claim went to vacation for 10 days the day after. Therefore, no one in the entire office could assist me because my claim was assigned to her. Also, the amount that you insure will be re-evaluated if you file a claim with them. what that means is, TSI tells you to pay 6 dollars for every 100 dollars, and they will never question the value of the product you are insuring. If the product gets damaged and now you want the money that you paid to ensure, they will do an assessment to see how much your item is really worth. So if you insured 1000 dollars and paid 60 dollars, they can assess your item and say it is only worth 500 dollars even though you already paid for 1000 dollars. I just wish they were a little more transparent with all this information and not have it surprise you. After reading extensive reviews, and having personal experience with them i would not recommend them.
- Malik Shah

Warning -- Do not request a quote unless you want to be emailed and texted by them forever. I've just blocked and reported both their email address and phone number as spam.
- Antonio David

TL;DR I paid for the move and am now in Florida for a week (from California) with no response from TSI. I have been in contact with the TSI for weeks now regarding my move. When I paid for the shipment I was on the phone with the representative while buying my plane tickets for the dates to move. Double checked, and then triple checked with them that the flight dates were good. About 2 weeks after paying for the move I got a call from the dispatcher telling me the dates we set wouldn't work. I explained to him that I, and a friend coming to help had already bought our tickets and can't leave the items with anyone else. I was told I would get a call back soon. After reaching out 3 more times over the span of a couple of weeks, I kept getting told I would receive a call back and never did. I'm now in Florida, taking off a week from work from California, waiting once again for a response.
- nachman elharar

I would not recommend this company. We arranged for a grandfather clock to be shipped across the country after the death of my mother. They were a couple of weeks late delivering it, but I understood since it was around the holidays. I paid extra for someone to disassemble and reassemble the clock parts upon delivery. It arrived late, damaged and the movers had no idea how to put it back together. I called Transit Systems several times and they finally agreed to refund the additional money for the assembly of the clock. Of course, it took almost a month for me to receive that refund and I had to follow up several times. Just an unfortunate experience especially given that the clock was a family heirloom that now has a huge chip in it!
- BL Lee

I got onto the chat for a price quote and I appreciated the responsiveness and professionalism that Blaine K. showed me!
- Nicolas Del Rosal

I want to warn everybody not to use this horrible moving company. I should have listen to my six sense when agreeing to have them help in my cross country move. The lady that set up move and price came up with a multiple prices for the same items until I sent pictures and measurements to her. The whole idea of a virtual price quote was ridiculous. Then when the movers came, it was a complete tornado of activity. The problem was I was not able to watch how everything was being packed. Then came the delivery, I was called less than 24 hours in advance of the delivery. I was not able to take the time from work. So, they didn't show up for another seven days of repeatedly calling to get it rescheduled. The movers that cam to deliver were different from the original who packed. They had trouble finding my new place even though I gave them clear information and could't understand why they had trouble on google maps. The first thing they stated when they arrived was some of my stuff was broken. I was like what?.. He shook a box with a frame and you could hear the broken glass move in the box. They broke an antique trunk, any many other items. I was furious and called the main number. I was told so sorry and did I have insurance. Which I did, but not as high as replacing said items, since this company advertises " white glove service". This company is fraudulent in its claims of providing " white glove service". I received barely enough to cover the cost to fix and replace said items. This company then added insult by saying here is $150 Amazon gift card for their horrible service, etc. How do you fix antiques etc with an Amazon gift card. This company is overpriced for what they provide. They are not professional. They do not provide quality service. They use non competent third party companies to do their work. i would have been better packing my own things and renting a Uhaul.
- Joseph Stanko

I've been calling to check on a shipment thats been delayed over two weeks and I have received ZERO communication. When I call, i get sent to voicemails of subcontractors who never return my calls. When I do get someone on the line, I get told "we have no control over delivery times, the carrier will reach out." My question: how long can this last before its unacceptable? Will it be 2021?
- Scott Hoekzema

Shipped a couch and a bed with TSI. They damaged the couch by placing the metal bed frame inside causing the frame to rip through the back of the couch. They did not call to inform about the damage but instead arrived with the obviously damaged couch. We were advised by the driver to refuse shipment because the damage was extensive. No one followed up with us until we called. TSI blamed one of their partners (Metropolitan), refusing to be accountable in any way. If another partner is to be used in the haul, they are required to inform you of this upfront, which they did not. The claims process is entirely secretive with no documentation and no concrete information. We were patient for 30 days and did not get any substantive information other than to wait. We were told "As of right now, you do not need to do anything further. I have submitted a claim with Metropolitan which is standard process. Since I did not know about this until recently, we have to go through the normal process, fill out claim form, the look it over, approve then process the payment to TSI and we credit your card. It could take 30 days or so. I will be checking in with them next week to be sure it is being worked on and go from there." None of this documentation was ever shown to us and upon multiple requests has still not been divulged. We were given no dispute resolution information in the 30+ days since or at the time of contracting. TSI has now offered a fraction of the price claiming some type of waiver which is non-existent, not fully informed, and definitely not signed. Overall, they have refused to stand by their service. Customer service will not return phone calls and will only deal with you through email. It's impossible to talk to a real person. What kind of business refuses to talk with customers over the phone? If you call, they might email you back, but again, with absolutely zero helpful information. Maybe they are trying their best, which I can sympathize with, but this is no way to treat customers or to create good will... TSI's contracting documents and processes are not adequate under federal law and do not provide the required consumer protections/disclosures. When an issue arises they run from it by being unavailable and not providing any information to the customer. Do not trust this company with your items. They are currently standing by these substandard business practices during a global pandemic.
- Jesse Kurtz

Our item took 52 transit days and was damaged. DON’T DO IT! Our item, a solid maple table with the legs detached for transport, was picked up on November 30th and did not deliver until February 14th. They charge you the entire transport fee upfront so it seems they have your money and therefore no incentive for them to follow through on anything. Contacting the company is pointless as they do not respond. We were left a message on January 10th informing us that damage had occurred and to contact “Annette” to discuss the issue. We called repeatedly and always got voicemail. We left a message for her on January 11th, she did not call back. We left another message on January 15th, no response. We called again on January 16th and the automated system said we could not leave a message because the voicemail box was full. We got ahold of the “local” dispatcher for the item (not really local at 170 miles away) to discuss and they said “you have to talk to Annette”. I left yet another message for Annette on February 9th. I’m still waiting for a response to any of the calls. Table finally arrived on February 14th, three of the four corners have either rub marks or are flat out chipped off. Given the damage and that it took 52 days (so much for 20 days) to get here, I feel we should get a partial refund as we certainly did not get the service we paid for. I’ll just hold my breath and wait for Annette to call, I’m sure it will be any day now, if the table took 52 days, maybe the phone call does as well?
- Kym Arico Johnson

If I could give zero stars I would. My elderly and aunt and uncle had graciously given me their Steinway piano, with the hopes that I pass down our family’s love of music to my own little girls. That piano has been in the family for three generations, and not only has monetary value but precious and priceless sentimental value. They entrusted this company with this move, a simple one from Point Pleasant, WV to Columbus OH. It has been several weeks now and the logistics manager gave them one line email responses (“We’re working on it.”) and not one person has bothered to give regular updates or at the very least given an apology for the inconvenience (my mom and sister have given up over three weeks of time waiting around the house for this shipment, afraid they will miss the delivery.) When I first heard about this, I thought maybe my family was being duped by some scam artists. I am shocked at reading some of the other reviews where people experienced similar situations. I am disappointed and extremely worried about this family heirloom, in the hands of this company.
- Aril Balogh

TSI picked up the furniture items within the window of time I suggested, called a day ahead of time to be sure someone would be there, showed up on time, wrapped the pieces securely and emailed me that they were in transit. I received a call on a Thursday for Friday delivery and was given a 3 hour window. On Friday, i was called when the truck was half an hour away and it showed up right on time. Movers were courteous, took pieces around our house into the basement, unwrapped them and placed them where I wanted --all within 30 minutes. Furniture was well wrapped and not damaged. I was pleased with the move and appreciated being able to talk with a person to arrange pick up and delivery. Thank you.
- Diana Laird

We had much difficulty with this company: sending too small truck; missing deadlines after paying for quicker service; and finally breakage of items -- boxes were literally crushed -- even though well-packed and marked FRAGILE. The only good things was decent price and very good movers at the destination end in San Francisco. Communication with the company was from the beginning EXTREMELY DIFFICULT -- days would go by with NO communication about anything. We were shuffled from person to person -- they sent a one man team for a 2-3man job and so forth and so on. It was very nerve-wracking and very frustrating. Due to the moving point in Nebraska we had few choices of companies -- but we started with one company and they have "subsidiaries" or something -- as you are moved along their lines with who knows? And god knows how many times our things were moved off a truck and back onto a truck. At any rate MANY GLASS ITEMS were BROKEN -- from ABNORMAL handling -- the boxes were crushed and mashed. I asked for refund -- NEVER GOT IT...even though promised for a breakage evaluation and refund of some kind. I'd look around for a better company with more overview of their scheduling and movers.
- Jeanette Cool

The lady was full of shit. Cannot trust a company like that. Rude on the phone. Does not want to explain the service correctly and she said " nobody tamked to me like that". She thinks she is a princess but she is just a customer service representative. She also was astonished i am a buskness owner. Rude. Arrogant. Owners, fire this lady, she needs to work to Mac do, where she belongs.
- Vanessa Vanessa Vane

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