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About Steinway Moving and Storage

Founded over 90 years ago, Steinway Moving & Storage provides professional and accredited moving and storage services for both luxury residential and commercial clients throughout New York City, the Tri-State and greater Northeast areas.

Everyone, from the movers, drivers and packers to the coordinators and administrators, contributes to the face of Steinway Moving & Storage, many of whom have been with the company for more than a quarter of a century.

Their collective focus on quality, attention to detail and a genuine hands-on approach is designed to create a seamless transition for clients as they go through what can be a stressful ordeal. Schwartzberg estimates he has moved close to 100,000 families and businesses through the years, with a tremendous percentage of those being repeat customers.

Moving-Me about Steinway Moving and Storage

Steinway Moving & Storage consistently strives to deliver amazing service. This company offers residential and commercial moves in the local and tristate, New England area. This company provides flexible options for all services. You can expect outstanding and professional services from start to finish. If you want to check out what other customers think of them, look at their testimonials on their site! They have an accreditation through the Better Business Bureau, or the BBB, since 1998. With this accreditation, they also have an A+ rating.

Steinway Moving and Storage Licenses & Certificates

Steinway Moving and Storage is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. Steinway Moving and Storage is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

US D.O.T: 444788
(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: NYDOT 11346

New York State Department of Transportation. To verify the license, contact NYDOT at (800) 786-5368, or e-mail at [email protected]

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What is Steinway Moving and Storage cost?

Be ready that the average local move is about $800. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services and distance from A to B point. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free and cost-effective. Steinway Moving and Storage is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

Steinway Moving and Storage Reviews

If I could give these guys 10,000 stars I would. We just recently used them to do a move to San Francisco--they're an NYC agent for Atlas Van Lines, which means they do the packing of the trailers that drive across the country. Anyway, the crew that showed up treated our stuff with extraordinary care, and packed it with extreme attention to detail. For example, the lead guy figured out an ingenious box solution for a 175-year old antique table I have, which arrived in perfect condition. Literally not one thing was broken--not even wine glasses--because they packed everything so well.
- Cliff K.

We just finished a move with A-1 First Class, and are thrilled with how easy they made a typically grueling process. From start to finish, the team at A-1 was friendly and professional. They put together a reasonable estimate, and even scheduled someone to disassemble and reassemble one of our couches to make it easier to move it. Our relocation specialist confirmed everything with us a week before the move and the crew, who stayed on our job for two full days, was nothing short of amazing. We do not plan on moving again for a LONG time, but if we do, there is no doubt we would use A-1 again, and we would highly recommend them to any and all our friends!
- Kasey Z.

A-1 just moved me for what seems like the zillionth time and I have had tremendous success each and every time. The men have always been pleasant and have been very helpful to pack things that I simply cannot or didn't know how to pack. They are very careful, also, about asking where things need to be placed in convenient areas of the new apartment so that unpacking is more efficient. Additionally, they are expert in taking apart my Ikea bed frame and putting it back together again in the new flat. The thing is like origami and I don't know how they do it without the instructions. This time around, no one came to see my apartment which was quite large and had a lot of furniture, books, lamps, fragile objects, art, wardrobe boxes, garbage bags full of even more clothes and linens, etc. When the gentlemen arrived, they were somewhat dumbfounded because it was not what they expected. They sort of gulped and then went to work and were extraordinarily pleasant. They worked straight from 9 - 5 and refused to take a break to have something to eat for lunch, even though it was hot and they were schlepping really heavy stuff up two flight of steep stairs. My parents and I got the guys some wings from a local Chinese restaurant and they were so grateful that one of the men actually hugged me and my father! Very sweet. I would recommend them to anyone and the next time I have to move which I hope is not going to be for a VERY long time, I am calling A-1 again, for sure.
- CJ M.

I am giving this company one star, because it doesn't allow me to give 0. This is about the worst, most unprofessional group I have ever dealt with. I had to move out of my place, move into a rental with a bulk of my things going to storage. The first part of the move was awful, due to the total lack of professionalism by these movers. They ran helter skelter around the house, most didn't speak English (or pretended not to) and just rushed to get the job over with. They actually took a door off, and were in such a rush, they left without putting it back! I asked that certain things be put in specific rooms, and they just threw everything into the garage, then ran off! When we received our things that went into storage, it was painfully obvious that they just threw things all over, without regard to value or fragility. Part of my bedroom set was broken--and broken in a way that could only happen by throwing it around. Same thing for a very expensive end table. That one they took back "to fix it" and I'm still chasing them down to find out the status of it! They sent someone over to "fix" the bedroom furniture they broke and, needless to say, they were unable to fix it. I have yet to receive anything from them. They scraped up my newly painted walls, with their recklessness in placing the furniture. In addition to their exorbitant rates, I had to pay the painter to come back and fix all the walls they messed up. Moving is stressful under the best of circumstances. But when you have a moving company that is a bunch of reckless clowns that don't care a bit about your possessions, the misery of the move is compounded tenfold. Do yourself a favor and choose ANY OTHER moving company!
- a g.

A1 just moved us from Brooklyn to Rockville Centre and hit the ball out of the park. While a little more expensive than some other companies that we quoted, A1 was worth every penny. This is the second time we've used them and haven't been disappointed. It's great to know exactly what you are going to pay before they do the move (they send someone out in advance) so there are no surprises the day of the move. All of our items arrived on LI without a scratch and not a single glass was broken. I would definitely recommend these guys.
- Matt C.

This was the best move I have ever had. The movers were flawless and so speedy!
- Jessica C.

A-1 First Class helped me move my biggest furniture during a pretty stressful move. They were on time (early even), packed up all my furniture to make sure it wouldn't be damaged in the move and then asked if I wanted it wrapped up even further, and moved all the furniture in (what felt like) record time. Would definitely recommend to my friends!
- Catherine V.

I have always believed that you get what you pay for. But not so with A-1 First Class. I retired in May, 2015. My wife and I decided to move out of NYC to Denver, CO. We decided to take six months for travel. So we bid out our moving/storage job to seven companies. By a lot, A-1 First Class came in way above everyone else. But my wife and I had collected so many antiques and pieces of art over the years that we wanted the best that money could buy to protect them all. A-1 First Class had been recommended and the moving specialist who estimated the job had promised so much more than everyone else had, that we decided to spend the extra money to protect our valuables. Bryan Wolchok, the rep who estimated the job had also impressed me with his organization. So, much to my dismay now, went with him. Our stuff was packed up up on June 26, 2015 and moved out the following day. Our things went into storage which had been quoted to me as $547/month. My monthly storage fee wound up being $818/month. That was the first scam. My wife and I traveled for the next six months. Sometime in October, 2015 I contacted A-1 to tell them we wanted to move our things to Denver by December 1, 2015. The move out of storage to Denver began on Black Friday - was that an omen I should have read? Two or three days before the move I got a call from A-1 telling me that Bryan had underestimated our stuff by more than 2000 lbs and that the charges were increasing by approximately $2700 - that above and beyond the $15,000 it had already cost me. This was Bryan's error NOT MINE. I believe it should have been "eaten" by A-1, but they felt differently and made it very clear to me that I had to pay ALL MONIES by credit card or bank check BEFORE my things could be taken off the truck. Our stuff arrived on December 8, 2015. There were three men sent to deliver our stuff - and they were as unprofessional as you can possibly imagine. Their job, as they perceived it, was to dump everything from the truck into the apartment and nothing more. AND THEY DID NOTHING MORE. Just dumped all the cartons into our living room, put furniture where they wanted it, did NO uncrating though they were supposed to - they did not even take the shrink wrap off the things that had been shrink wrapped. They did NOTHING that had been promised. But so far this is the GOOD part of the story. Yes it gets much worse. We experienced enormous breakage. Firstly, the company broke the rounded glass top to our dining room table. Since delivery I paid $2000 to replace the dining table top. Five antique Chinese porcelains were badly broken - irreplaceable and very valuable, dishes, glasses, and serving pieces were SMASHED into hundreds of pieces - replaceable, but with a lot of work on our parts. I left out the insurance part. Before the things were moved out of storage, A-1 "strong-armed me into buying insurance for the move - another expense, but I was talked into the necessity of having it. So it was added to my bill. However, the move is over and there's HUGE breakage and no one will take responsibility - not A-1, not Atlas Van Lines and not the insurance company. So here we are two months after the move and NO ONE will reimburse me - not the $2000 for the dining room table, nothing to compensate us for the broken porcelains or any of the other breakage. So these three moving men pile everything into the apartment in less than three hours, and finish very early because they have done NOTHING but dump our stuff in. Then the "Boss" comes over to me and asks me to sign papers saying I received everything. They would NOT wait while I inventoried everything and he told me he had checked and everything was off the truck. So I signed the papers and they left. It took a few days to unpack everything, but as we did we realized we were missing at least 10-12 cartons. We contacted A-1 as soon as we realized this and contacted A-1. At first all I kept hearing was I had signed the papers. Then they said to just add it into our insurance claim. We submitted our claim forms in December. Today I got a call from the insurance company saying they were not responsible and completely denying the claim - even the $2000 for the dining room table which they admit breaking and which I had to lay out the money for. I think that makes scam #4. I have always found moving a stressful experience. And in my experience moving men knowing this have always gone out of their way to make things easier - NOT A-1. I truthfully believe I would have been better off hiring three day workers off the street for a few hundred dollars each than the more than $20,000 I wound up paying A-1. I truly hope I never have to move again, but if I do, I will do it myself before I would ever let A-1 touch my stuff or service me in anyway. It is clear I have spent a lot of time writing this review. I am doing it to save whoever I can from dealing with these scam artists; these dishonest and lazy souls.
- Robert D.

These guys were incredible. They showed up 5 minutes early (early?! when does this happen?) and were complete pros. We had a lot more stuff than they realized and they handles it with aplomb. We had a long drive to NJ and they didn't show a hint of a complaint. They were helpful, polite, and pro-active. I will only recommend them to friends, and use them again, if god forbid, we have to move again.
- S C.

If anyone had told us how horrific A1 is we wouldn't believe them. We experienced breakage, loss and theft. Believe this. We left our home in NYC broom clean. Nothing was left there. So, where is our stuff? They also called us the day before the truck was leaving to deliver our things to tell us that they had mis=estimated the weight of the shipment and needed another $2500 to release our stuff. That made our moving and storage costs rise by another $2700. We paid them well over $20,000. We traveled a bit and didn't get into our new home until Dec 8 so they had almost 6 months to go through our stuff and take what they wanted.. We are missing about 20 boxes of clothing, jewelry, furs, kitchen items etc. They broke our dining table, lost a 400 year old slide lock from our antique cabinet, broke priceless family antiques. Left us in a mess and refused to uncrate anything. Two of the 3 guys complained that they were tired and didn't want to be working as they had worked the day before. They were very unprofessional. It took 3 days for A1, under duress, to finish uncreating and restoring our furniture to its proper configurations. They KNEW that they broke our glass dining table top. They KNEW that they lost the slide lock. We took out insurance with them and guess what? They are denying us because they say that we signed a form stating that everything was delivered. How were we supposed to know when we hadn't unpacked ONE single box before these yahoos left us in a mess unlike any we had ever experienced. The only cure for this type and level of fraud and misconduct is a class action sanction. Anyone wishing to join us in this please contact us.
- Marla D.

We are a small office of around a dozen people who were looking for an easy local move. Our new building was literally two blocks away. The only catch was the move had to occur after business hours. While A1 made an attractive bid, we originally decided to go with the competitor because they offered a "guaranteed flat rate" whereas A1 charged by the hour. When we received the written binding estimate from the competitor, I carefully read it over and noticed it was contingent on the accuracy of the attached inventory sheet. Guess what? There was no inventory sheet attached. When I contacted the movers, they told me it was shredded because it was "shredding day". Yes, That is a direct quote. OK, fine. I wrote up my own inventory sheet and sent it over. Surprise, surprise their estimate was off and they jacked up the price by nearly $2,000. After that I told them to hit the road and gave A1 a call. A1's service was very responsive. The people working the phones were helpful and professional. They also own physical property (check out Google maps) and are associated with Atlas and ProMover. Which is nice for peace of mind. On moving day, the moving team was extremely helpful and courteous. They even sent out a foreman to make sure the job got done right. Some movers when above and beyond, for example when we were personally moving some fragile items the moving team stepped in to give us a hand without being asked. The price was right and we only came in 30 min over the estimated time and therefore very little over the price quote. I can't speak for residential but I whole-heartedly recommend them for office moves. Regardless of what mover you choose, be careful to read the contract. If you're getting a "Written Binding Estimate" make sure an inventory sheet is attached. It is a common tactic movers use to swindle you out of money. Moving is stressful, best of luck.
- Nick M.

Moving is one of those things in life that we all dread...this time around moving was a breeze. It all started with excellent customer service, clear estimate and early start on the day of. Also my belongings were handled with kid gloves. Thank you A-1, I am hoping that we are not moving anytime soon but if we do I will be calling.
- Lisa T.

Absolutely awful. They moved us three years ago from Manhattan to Brooklyn. In the process, they decided to throw out valuable and precious family photos on our fridge and broke several things. When I contacted them about this, they were totally unresponsive and unapologetic.
- Sarah B.

Where do I start? I think the name says it all. First Class is definitely right. More like white glove. I felt like my hand was held the entire step of the way. Something us NYers like to experience. In the world of moving, especially NYC i've heard all the horror stories from friends and family about items getting destroyed, crews showing up late, and your apartment getting banged up. Well when I spoke to the team at A1 i felt immediately at ease - from my first call. I was referred over by a friend who had used them in the past and was looking to move from the west village to the upper east (out of a one bedroom to a two bedroom). The representative I met with was extremely knowledgable and made me feel comfortable right from the beginning. He walked me through all the details and down to the knit and grit so there were no surprises or hidden fees. On the day of the move the movers were excellent, super efficient, fast, very nice and more importantly careful with all my belongings. They made everything seem so easy and at the end, painless. i highly recommend giving them a call - they even do commercial moving and I've already recommended it to my own company moving this month and a few others.
- Lawrence E.

I recently used A-1 First Class for my move from Long Island to Manhattan and had an all around great experience. Moving is stressful, but A-1 made it easy and painless. A-1 was able to quickly send over insurance certificates to my building management and on the day of my move they arrived on time, worked fast, were extremely friendly, and handled my belongings as if they were their own. I had some suits in garment bags that the guys built a little closet box for, I thought that was pretty awesome. Also, my contractor painting in my living room and foyer so the guys had to fit all of my belongings into my bedroom. Somehow they managed to stack everything perfectly to fit in there. Most importantly their prices are very fair. Try them out, you won't be disappointed!
- Kyle M.

Very mixed feelings about my experience with A1. Joe and Michelle were thorough and responsive prior to and during the move. They worked with me in the cost of my cross-country move and were able to secure a guaranteed maximum weight-based cost so I felt comfortable with committing to them. However, the actual move is where I had enough issues where I would be hesitant to reccomended them: 1. I paid for a full pack of my apartment. About three hours from when my building prohibits moves I started to get concerned about the progress of the moving men. An hour later when both bathrooms and a pantry closet were untouched and barely any of kitchen packed, my husband and I had to step in and basically pack the kitchen on our own and we still ended up going over the time allowed by a couple hours (fortunately I was not fined by my building). In the end, the company did reimburse me for a portion of this full-pack but... 2. My move included a second destination which did not get completed until well until the night (around 9pm as I recall). Although this building did not have the time restrictions of the first building, I feel my move was understaffed especially considering what happened at location #1. At the end of the night, the truck was also so completely full that their dolly almost didn't fit which again makes me question their estimate of the job. 3. I was informed by the company right before the delivery to my destination that I was going to be charged substantial "destination shuttle charge" due to the need to transfer my stuff into a smaller van to allow for delivery on my residential street. This is after having known my destination address for weeks! I told them outright that I felt like they were using a bait and switch tactic and there was no reason this should have come up last-minute if they had applied the proper due diligence. In attempt to be fair, I acknowledged the need for a smaller truck and offered to split the difference with them and they refused, saying that this charge was at the discretion of the third-party that actually does the delivery. This is after I was given the assurance of seamless service between all parties involved in my move when I committed to A1 as an agent of Atlas. The actual moving team on the destination end, however, was great. I was a little concerned upon seeing a crew of 50-something year olds but they were efficient and careful. They even moved my sofa bed up our awkward stairwell with such determination it was admirable. And a couple minor things were damaged in the move but nothing significant. My furniture items, including a very heavy and expensive coffee table which I paid for a custom box for, were undamaged and everything accounted for now 5 months after our move. So all in all, I didn't have one of those horrific moving experiences with A1, but I can't say I was completely satisfied.
- Mare J.

Calling this the worst move of my life is an understatement. They moved us from Brooklyn to Chicago. 1. NO communication about where our stuff was, when it would arrive. 2. DRASTICALLY underestimated the weight of the move causing nearly $1,000 in overages. 3. Sent a truck that was too small so a significant number of things had to be strapped to the outside of the truck. 4. Not surprisingly, they lost a $500 bike. 5. Showed ABSOLUTELY zero compassion about the stress they were causing us until I complained. 6. Ever single person passed the responsibility of the bad move on to someone else. No accountability, no responsibility. I could literally go on for days and have emails, photos and much more to share if you are even considering these idiots.
- Will B.

The team at A-1 Moving was professional, responsive, and kind from the very start. We had an in-home consultation (complimentary!) to itemize our belongings; Bryan was great and explained how the process would work. From there, Heather made all of the potentially overwhelming logistics seamless. And the day of, Yuri and his team could not have been better. They were thorough, and took great care of our things. Plus - they were just nice. I trusted this entire team from start to finish, and would absolutely use them again.
- T.R. S.

Great company. They have moved me 5 times and I am always very pleased. Prompt, courteous and careful. Highly recommend.
- Miriam A.

I would have given 1* if this was about pricing. The company sent me the estimation and I asked again and again if this will be the actual pricing. I gave them all the details (locations, number of floors, elevator or no elevator, sent the full list of the items along with the photos) and then, overall, the final bill was 35% more than the estimation and they didn't even make a discount and they said they would need to make the collection. Overall, it was deceiving when pricing is considered as the main criteria for choosing the company. $500 overcharging is way too much. I give two stars because the moving was ok with no harm and proper packaging even though I lost the TV remote and the big closet was placed so that it was not movable at all so I had to pay extra 100 to move it to another part of the apt. Unpleasant experience, not repeating again.
- Saygin C.

We loved these guys. Our office is mostly breakable. We have loads of glass tables, mirrors and decorative objects. They were super careful and considerate. Showed up on time, but even if they had not, nyc traffic is crazy in midtown so I would not blame them. It took about 4 hrs total, which is very impressive. You never realize how much stuff you have. At the last min my new building asked for floor covers for the tile, and these guys rolled with the punches. They were also very prompt and personal via email. Felt like they were on the ball with things. I will refer them to other people moving. Try them;) we had a great experience.
- B. A.

An excellent experience from top to bottom. Steinway prepared well for the move, visiting our house twice to asses the size of the job and provide an estimate. The moving team was fantastic . They took great care with our belongings but were also worked quickly. They were skilled professionals in every respect, and easy to work with. Highly recommend.
- Jonathan H.

Steinway Moving & Storage has the depth of size to handle any move required, local or otherwise. Having worked with Senior Sales Specialist Joe Hamill and the Steinway team I can give a high endorsement of their professional attitude, fair prices and care for your move-give them a call.
- Brian R.

Where do I begin? Quoted 2-22 days to move our worldly possessions from Florida to NYC , 28 days later our things arrived damaged , art pieces broken. My 3rd cross country move and this was BY FAR the worst experience I've had. The actual movers were nice and apologetic but it doesn't come close to compensate for the overall suck that this company possesses.
- Clint F.

Overall we had a great experience. The movers were professional and the support staff was very responsive and helpful. There were a couple of minor snafus along the way, but we felt that they addressed them well. We did a NY to Toronto move and they worked with us on all the ins and outs that the venture required.
- Kate K.

If you value your person property DO NOT use Steinway movers! I had my wallet STOLEN while they're men were moving items for a client into Brooklyn Navy Yard. A police report was made and surveillance videos and images taken from local businesses where my stolen credit cards were used. Security guards in the building who saw the man who did it verified he worked for Steinway movers, they're own men verified he worked for Steinway movers. When questioned by detectives Joe the manager completely stonewalled them claiming he does not nor has he ever has worked for them... THEY ARE LIARS! His men were shown pictures and he 100% was employed there. A phone call between manager and employee was overheard saying not to tell us anything. Instead of doing the right thing and coming forward with they're employee they tried to cover this up and will do the same to you. They value thieves over they're clients, remember that. The man pictured below spent over $3500 in under 3 hours with my cards, he will be caught and because of Steinway's lies and deception they will now be going down with him.
- Andrea H.

Fantastic service!!! From the initial estimate, to delivery of materials I.e. garment boxes, extra packing tape, etc., and to the day of your move. Steinway truly demonstrates what exemplary customer service and care for your personal belongings is. I highly recommend using Steinway Moving & Storage if you're planning an upcoming move. 5 Stars! Separately, ask for Joe Hamill, as he will put your mind at ease.
- Philip M.

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