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About Small World Moving

What can you expect from our local moving services in TX? A team of professionally trained movers and truck loading and furniture protection with moving pads, disassembly and reassembly services as well as unloading and set up at your new location. Our movers come equipped with dollies, hand trucks, and tools for a full-service moving experience. We move apartments, houses, offices as well as single items. No job is too big or too small.

Moving-Me about Small World Moving

Small World Moving has been in business since 2008 and we are proud members of the Southwest Movers Association. As one of the best moving companies in the area, we offer the best moving experience for our clients. Hiring our professional local movers Texas, will save you time and avoid all the heavy lifting. We are here to make sure your household goods are moved safely while in transport. With Small World Moving, your belongings are in the hands of professional movers with many years of experience.

Small World Moving Licenses & Certificates

Small World Moving is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. Small World Moving is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: 639989

US D.O.T: 1748098
(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: IM 1910

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What is Small World Moving cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $2900. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services and distance from A to B point. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free and cost-effective. Small World Moving is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

Small World Moving Reviews

I am 68 years old. I have moved 67 times across the US and to two foreign countries and have used about every moving company. This was by far the best move I have ever had. Three men, Matthew M., Josea G. and Javier C. arrived and went to work. They did not stop during a very difficult move with extremely heavy furniture (beyond heavy) and on flights of stairs that were a nightmare. They never lost their cheerful, helpful attitude and were still able to joke at the end of 13 grueling hours. If I had had the money I would have tipped them in an amount equal to the cost of the move. I am sorry it took me so long to write a review, but I never forgot how terrific they were and willingly moved furniture around to where I wanted it. I cannot state how difficult a move this was. I was not charged more either like a lot of movers. My family was waiting at my new residence and they could not believe how wonderful these guys were. They should have a raise. I would not hesitate to recommend this company (I moved from Houston to another Texas town).
- Sharon

My experience with Small World Moving was a very good one. The guys showed up on time and immediately started to load things up. The mood was positive and they were friendly. I was given an estimate of $262.95. The move was over before the 2.5 hrs. It didn't quite take 2 hours to complete the move. I left the movers alone at the storage while I left to get them some water. When I returned, the whole storage was almost completely already filled up. The total move was less than anticipated and nothing was broken or damaged! If I have to move again, I would highly recommend Small World Moving to anyone. Thank You Ricardo and your son! Thank You Calli !
- Wendy H.

Absolutely horrible. The quote I received in writing said one thing and the amount I was charged was almost $200 more with no explanation other than "Cebrina made a mistake on your estimate...she didn't add the trip charge,so sorry" . What the heck? When I asked to speak to the owner or manager I was treated like a criminal. I asked if they would at least split the difference of the error and only charge me an extra $100. I thought that was more than fair. I was then asked in a very rude and accusing manner QUOTE " Are you perfect? Haven't you ever made a mistake before? I replied that I always honor any agreement I make with someone even if I find out later that I had made an error that cost me money. I feel like asking the paying party to just suck it up and pay is wrong and extremely unprofessional. Steer clear of Small World Moving I have a feeling that this so called error is a common way they get business by giving a low quote and then later saying they made a mistake and jacking the price up. USE ANYONE ELSE!!
- Chris

I was blown away by how good these movers were( I think that the foreman name was Hector and his helper Andres). They made everything as easy as possible. They were super efficient, friendly, and helpful. Even if you get a lower quote from elsewhere, make moving a little less painless by using Small World Moving, also I like to say that its not the first time that I'm moving and this was by far better experience then my other moves
- Teresa

Run far way!!! Worst moving experience of my life! Very dishonest! And very rude! Driver walked around and wasted time casing the house, even after being told that the part of house he was in was off limits. They over estimate and make you pay that full amount before they will unload to new location. No machine for swipe... Old school paper using pen to make carbon go thru to show card number. Still waiting for return of money that I was over charged. Driver said he was pissed off because we didn't offer him drinks. Also had to pay for 45 minutes to an hour of the driver swearing and fighting with us. Crazy day! Whatever you do. Don't use these people.
- D.foster

This was the worst move ever! The guys that moved me tried to move as slow as possible. They did not wrap any of my furniture so when we got to the new house there was a huge gash in my headboard, the furniture was filthy and more dents and scratches on my footboard and bed frames. They also forgot their tools at my old house so they couldn't put our beds back together! Because they were so slow they only moved about 3/4 of my house and left the rest. They also forgot several items on their truck. They were way over the price they quoted and definitely took advantage of us. Please do not use them, they are just not worth the headache!
- Jason

Hello, I have used Small world Moving for my move this last weekend and liked to thank them for a job well done, the quote they provided me was very close to the final price an the 2 mover crew did amazing job, the foreman name was Hector and the helper Jose, they are real pros, I will like to recommend them to evryone and will use them for my future move.
- Ritta B

You know, I am so irritated at this company I can't even find the words. The worst movers I have ever worked with. Paid $2000 extra for premium packing, and they broke thousands in antiques and furiture which I found out they are not liable for except for .60 a lb.. Didn't wrap any big items, which are broken. Found out they do not cover broken or missing items except for pennies on the dollar. Way overcharged us we found out also. Save your money and move yourself, not worth your time or money to go with this mover. Mover also WILL NOT contact you back. Oh, also stay away from their broker United Continental Moving and storage, they will lie right to your face. Worthless
- Larry Huber

Small World moved me from Atlanta GA Frisco TX on October 3rd 2019. We moved from a 4 bedroom home to a large apartment in uptown Dallas. It was a direct door to door service they loaded a complete truck and drove straight to deliver, everything went fast and smooth. I feel that the price they charged me was a better than fair, and the service was superb, no complains here just kudos. If you want to move between states save money and keep your belongings safe give Small World Moving a call.
- Jane Kar

This was a terrible choice for my moving needs. The movers were scheduled were due to arrive between 9-10 am on August 11 and they were supposed to call when en route. Shortly after 10, when they should have already arrived, I called the office and was told they were sent to their afternoon move by accident and were rerouted. I explained to my relocation consultant previously that I would pack as much as I could prior to the move but that I may need help when the movers arrived if I didn't get to pack everything. I was told not to worry, as they are a full service moving company and would have boxes/supplies on the truck if needed. This was a surprise when the movers showed up as I did not have everything packed and they had no supplies. They then moved half my stuff and did not try to find any kind of solution. Finally, the move took 5.5 hours because the team was careless and lazy, I saw them drop countless boxes and damage furniture, unapologetically. The foreman, Victor, spent his time complaining about being hungry and not being able to afford lunch on his salary. I'm not sure if this was an attack on his employer or trying to get me to leave a tip, but it was highly unprofessional either way. The driver was decent but kept wanting to talk - when I am paying by the hour, I expect them to work and not socialize. So 5.5 hours and $500 later, I still had to rent a Uhaul the next day and complete the move myself. When I emailed the relocation consultant, he just said that they called me to report the movers would be late (which isn't true - I called them after they should have arrived), said it took 5.5 hours because of parking and elevator issues (this is partially true but he would not admit that the drivers wasted time socializing and complaining), and lastly, he said he didn't have it in his notes that I would need help packing (I spoke to him about one week before the move and I addressed it and he said it wouldn't be a problem (I don't care what his notes said because they were not accurate.) I will never do business with this company again and would urge everyone to find someone else. I have moved 6 times in 10 years and this was by far the worst experience I have ever had.
- Mike Z

I was so impressed with the speed and efficiency of my move today with Small World Moving. Tommy and Ethan were wonderful! They were both extremely quick and careful, and that is an usual combination! Be sure to ask for them!
- Barbara B

They have been a great moving company to us. Their movers' crew had been very nice, friendly, prompt and professional. Pricing was reasonable and they were awesome. We do recommend them to everyone.
- Carolyn S

A nice moving company. They were very accommodating, friendly and fast-moving crew. Our move had been seamless because of their help. Overall experience with them was great and we do recommend them to everyone looking for a moving company.
- Rose B

I had a great move with Small World Moving last Saturday the 5th. They are fast and careful absolutely professionaks, will 100% use them for my future moving needs, thank you and god bless.
- Richard C

An awesome and hassle-free move we had with Small World Moving Company. Their crew was fast, prompt and able to take good care of our things from start to finish. Service was excellent and their pricing was reasonable for the awesome work. Kudos to the whole team.
- Fern S

Small World Moving Company made our move stress and hassle-free. From start to finish everything had been seamless and on schedule. They were very responsive to our queries and request. The moving crew was prompt, kind and fast-moving. Overall, the move was fantastic and we will surely use them again in the future need and recommend them to our family and friends.
- Elisse K

You know, I am so irritated at this company I can't even find the words. The worst movers I have ever worked with. Paid $2000 extra for premium packing and $10k total for a cross country move, and they broke thousands in antiques and furiture which I found out they are not liable for except for .60 a lb.. Didn't wrap any big items and precious items in boxes were not wrapped and are broken. Found out they do not cover broken or missing items except for pennies on the dollar. Mover also WILL NOT contact you back. Multiple items are missing including a several boxes and chairs. They also delivered someone elses goods to our home worth $1k, and I had the courtesy to let them know, I wish they would have the same standards and pay for the damages.
- Larry H

2 thumbs up and a job well done to Small World, this is my best move yet, thank you
- Jimmy N

Wow! Our move could not have gone better. Scott was the lead on our move and he and the guys with him did a fabulous job. This was a no muss, no fuss, no problems move. Our furniture was handled with care from beginning to end. We had no problems whatsoever and I highly recommend Small World Moving for your next move
- Jane K

When I called these people they were very polite which I absolutely liked they even called me several times to see if I still wanted to use their company..However once I used them I couldn't get in touch with them again!! First of all they gave me one quote over the phone and made me believe that if I used their storage it would be cheaper. When they got to my apartment they gave me a quote that was 3x what they said on the phone. They would not move me until I agreed to pay that amount. So it took them 5 hours to move a 2 bedroom apartment and they charged by the hour and when I needed to get into the storage they told me that it wasn't an accessible storage it was a warehouse!! Something they did not say on the phone. When I went to remove my things to an accessible storage they charged me to bring my things to the edge of the dock for me to load it in my truck. Although they were very polite and nice I really felt like I had been had. I spent way more money than I anticipated and I was very disappointed when I couldn't get into my storage when I needed too. I wouldn't recommend them or any other moving company for that matter..Just rent a Uhaul and keep it moving..
- Reagan M.

I contacted Small World Movers four days before I needed a move. They followed up quickly, and we discussed a heavy piece of marble I had as well as standard items like appliances and furniture. They said they needed to check with their owner and would call me right back. After several hours had passed, I called again. I got a different person, who said she'd check with the owner and get back with me. She called back in an hour and said he didn't want to move the marble for liability reasons. Still, I liked their estimate for everything else, so I said we'd proceed. They sent me a contract, which I signed and returned. Then, ON THE DAY OF MY MOVE, I phoned to confirm everything was scheduled. As I was speaking with the guy I'd been working with, suddenly I was cut off. I called back and got another person, who said I wasn't on the schedule for that day. So I had NO MOVERS. Stay away from this company!
- Tom S.

Movers were 2 hours late and couldn't find my very large and brightly colored apt complex. I had to get in my car and go find them. They busted a lamp before even getting it on the truck. One of the movers stood on the TV stand and cracked it in 4 different places. They gouged my coffee table and every piece of wood furniture I had. When they were in the van and leaving I noticed a couch cushion missing and had to run outside and stop them. The cushion was still in the back of the truck along with some other items of mine they forgot to unload. I filed a claim, but who knows if I will ever get reimbursed. I have had several movers in the past and this was by far the worst experience I have ever had.
- Jaime D.

Absolutely terrible experience. The quote provided was more than 50% below what they charged when they showed up. The broke over $4000 worth of items. They charged for a carry fee even though they parked directly in front of my building. BEWARE! Once you decide on Small World Movers you'll never be able to get a hold of them again! Unethical company that should be shut down.
- Ryan A.

I agreed with SB. This moving company SUCKS!!!!!. All of my stuff were damaged and broken: Chandeliers, flower vases, and other glasswares. All of my stuff were with me for years, but now they are all broken. i was heart broken when I open the storage boxes and saw all of my collections are damaged. I was very upsad with their work. VERY! Too bad that I cannot give this small world movers 0 star.
- R B.

I read reviews but dont usually write any. I believe a business should always be given the opportunity to make it up to the customer before posting any negative reviews. However, when I told the owner of this company the reason I chose his business was because of the reviews, but I was dissatisfied with the service provided to me. His reply was "I dont worry about that". Well sir, if you dont worry about it, too bad. There are many of us for whom reviews count. Believe it or not, reviews do make a difference nowadays. Very poor, unreliable and unprofessional service on all levels. Many boxes arrived smashed, torn apart and dirty. On top of that, cheaters! The charge was four times higher than what they quoted me. Would not recommend this business at all.
- Souley B.

Small World Moving was very quick to respond to my request for an estimate & confirm my move date once I had booked. On the day of the move, the movers were in constant contact with me via telephone. They had a few issues locating the apartments, but called for more information and directions. They were professional, quick, efficient and easily moved the furniture up and down the 3 flights of stairs at both locations. I would highly recommend this moving company!
- Vanessa W.

I got a Bait & Switch quote on the phone and a substantially higher price when they sent me the contract. That was enough I needed to know about their way of doing business to STAY AWAY. I advise you to do the same. P.S. the bad reviews I read from customers that had used their services didn't help their case either.
- Rob T.

Can I rate 0 stars???? They broke well over $500 worth of stuff, which is funny since they couldn't possibly move any slower. I whole heartily recommend no one ever uses this sorry excuse for a company. They broke our bowflex dumbells after I begged them to be careful. The bed, tv stand and weights were my main concern. They laughed after breaking my set of $400+ dollar weights. I honestly couldn't believe it. We paid $500 to move from a 1 bedroom to a 2 bedroom WITHIN the sam e complex. RUN!!! don't walk away from these idiots. You are better off stopping by a day labor place and hand picking a few guys and renting a truck. NEVER again will we use this company...
- James H.

I didn't read the critical yelp reviews until after my wife and I had already contracted them for a move from Rockwall to Austin. So I was very wary on the day of our move. Much to my surprise, the move went without a hitch. The guys were friendly and efficient and they did the move in record time. Moreover, the final price hit squarely between the $800 to $1200 hundred dollar estimate. So, yeah, I was quite pleased with their service.
- Blake S.

We're moving from Houston to LA. After having a terrible experience with movers when I relocated from Brooklyn to Houston, I was dreading having to go through it all again. I found Small World Moving through a google search and my gut told me to fill out an online estimate. I got a great quote (significantly! lower than two other companies) and received clear and concise communication with the office to arrange a moving date. On moving day Matt and his crew arrived on time. They explained each step of the process and remained super respectful and professional throughout the entire hot and sweaty 5 hours. They seemed genuinely concerned about offering us the best price and packing our belongings with care.
- Kurt and Chelsea B.

I didn't read the critical yelp reviews until after my wife and I had already contracted them for a move from Rockwall to Austin. So I was very wary on the day of our move. Much to my surprise, the move went without a hitch. The guys were friendly and efficient and they did the move in record time. Moreover, the final price hit squarely between the $800 to $1200 hundred dollar estimate. So, yeah, I was quite pleased with their service.
- Blake S.

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