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About SeaPort Moving & Storage

SeaPort specializes in Portland office moves with GUARANTEED pickup and delivery dates. We can move businesses of any size. We offer a variety of options to fit any budget. Whether you are looking for full or partial services, SeaPort has you covered. From boxes and tape, to specialty crating. SeaPort is your one stop shop for your moving needs!

Moving-Me about SeaPort Moving & Storage

SeaPort Moving & Storage was designed with one concept in mind – providing the Seattle/Portland area with one company they can count on and trust. They look forward to helping you relocate whether you are moving down the street or across the country.

SeaPort Moving & Storage Licenses & Certificates

This moving company is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. The company is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: 695595

US D.O.T: 1962085

(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: not provided

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What is SeaPort Moving & Storage cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $5200. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services, and distance from A to B point. Also, many companies offer hourly rates. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance, or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free, and cost-effective. SeaPort Moving & Storage is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

SeaPort Moving & Storage Reviews

Long distance moving is tough. It's a pain, so I bet getting a good review is tough too. Having never done an interstate move before I was very worried about how well my things would fare during the transport. My husband made the preliminary arrangements with Brittany. She did a good job and was very helpful all the way through the process. My husband did, however, underestimate the amount of stuff I had so the bid was a little low. On moving day a team of 3 came to my house in the afternoon after finishing with another move in the morning. They saw the job was bigger than expected but worked quickly without complaint to get it done. I had 2 antiques they wrapped quite well to ensure they arrived in one piece. Most impressively they wrapped all of my precious artwork before transport in bubble wrap and cardboard. I told them how important my art was to me. Delivery came a few days late but we weren't on a strict timeline so it didn't matter. We also received a small discount for the delay. The driver and guys that unloaded also did a great job. They were fast and courteous. All the boxes were numbered with stickers, so it was easy to track all of the boxes. A few of the stickers fell off though because they didn't stick well to the boxes. I still got every one of my boxes. Unpacking was like Christmas! All of my precious things including my fragile items, antiques and paintings arrived safely. They even had rewrapped my paintings in extra sturdy boxes. I had one piece of glass in a small picture frame crack (I didn't wrap it) and one large outdoor pot broke. Everything else arrived just fine. I just finished unpacking everything yesterday and were all moved in. Thank you to the entire team at Seaport for making our move as easy as possible and for getting our things here safely.
- Terii W.

This was my first time ever hiring movers. Seaport was awesome. Everything was handled with care, any questions I had were answered by the friendly office ladies. The movers were respectful and hard working. If I ever need to hire movers again, I'll be calling seaport again. And referring all my friends!
- Maddie T.

I would like to recognize and celebrate the great service we received from Seaport Moving and Storage. From beginning of researching a moving company I found Seaport and their employees to be helpful, supportive, and accommodating. During the move, storage, and delivery of our belongings they were professional, FAST, efficient, safe, and again accommodating. I will never move myself again and I assure you I will always use and recommend Seaport! Courtney Murphy
- Courtney M.

Great team to work with. There were plan changes as we went due to the loads, but the team was flexible and we look forward to working together.
- Phil And Constance Zollo

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!! I WAS LIED TO ABOUT QOUTE, THEY DEMANDED ADDITIONAL MONEY AT DELIVERY, BROKE NUMEROUS ITEMS, TV STOLEN/MISSING, RUDE, EXTREMELY RUDE DRIVER AND STAFF, ASSAULTED BY DRIVER, NO RESOLUTION!!!! NO RETURN CALL, STILL MISSING TV!!! NO REIMBURSMENT FOR DAMAGED ITEMS. (Have written/signed statements of events, also Video of assault)I used this company for my relocation in May 2017. I Moved from Oregon to Missouri. I was told by the Rep Amiee that there would only be an additional $150 fee for anything that was not a single level delivery address. This was not the case upon delivery of item. The driver refused unload a single item without the extra fee money. He also stated that he could not back up to the dock that every other delivery truck used and wanted an additional fee for that. It was one thing after another, this crew was extremely rude and unprofessional. I’ve used long distance movers before and have never experienced anything like this. I took pictures of the driver backed up and connected to the loading dock at my building, even though he stated he could not and needed additional fees for this. The driver physically assaulted my father which was video taped. One of the movers the only professional one and only one that did not seem under the influence of some type of substance, told me and my husband that the supervisor of the move was planning on keeping some items that were still on the truck. I begged him to please get those items, he ended up telling the person in charge that the items on the truck still needed unloaded and we were expecting them (which we have the written/ signed statements from the mover regarding this incident). I feel in my opinion this is how one of our flat screen TVs came up missing, which is clearly documented on the inventory sheet. After all this occurred we spoke with the manager Angie, she did not believe anything we said and asked for the videos regarding the assault, which I sent while on the phone with her and she also promised to locate the missing TV and follow up with us. While on the phone she confirmed that she received the video, then stated she would review the video and call us back. No response, so I called the next day to speak with her regarding these issues. The supervisor George stated "Do not call us anymore and to contact our lawyer." and he kept repeating himself. I asked then who is your company’s lawyer which he replied "find out yourself," then he hung up. I’ve never experienced anything like this in my entire life. I know that the company after seeing the video must fear of lawsuit, I’m assuming this is why they refuse to talk to us. All I wanted was at least an apology, the company to attempt to locate my missing items, and be reimbursed (at minimum partially) for the damaged items. To this day I have not received a return call and don’t expect one at this point. USE ANY OTHER COMPANY FOR MOVING, DO NOT USE THIS ONE!!!! This company is extremely unprofessional, disorganized, and clearly lacks customer service and management skills.
- George

Out of all the companies I talked to, I was sold immediately when I talked to Windy. I knew that my move was in good hands. She worked hard to move ME, not just get a truck under my stuff. Everyone with the company was courteous and professional. They delivered exactly what they promised for the price they quoted, which was much more reasonable than the competition. I would highly recommend the Seaport crew.
- Clint

I have moved a lot over the years, including the military and this was honestly the best moving experience that I ever had from beginning to end! Windy Jenkins was kind, compassionate, friendly and helpful. This was a difficult move for many reasons, including goods from our deceased son and mother. These things have been in storage for some time and we really appreciate the understanding, care and patience that Windy showed to us. The driver kept in close communication with us and we are so grateful for everything! I was lucky to find this company on the Internet! thanks!
- Terri Brandley

I would recommend this company. From my initial conversation with them right on through the day of the move, they were very helpful. The quote was good, keeping in mind weights are estimates. The movers were a bit late due to having to get a rental truck because they were so busy, but the movers were awesome, very hard working and was fast. No complaints on my end.
- Lori

The loading and packing went well but other end was a disaster.  Driver arrived late and had to wait for labor company to send workers.  These workers only stayed for a few hours because they had already worked a full day.  Around 5p Seaport posted an ad on CRAIGSLIST!!!! for unloaders.  This is just ASKING for criminals to respond!  And they did.Seaport did not look at ID to verify names or get record of address or experience.  They basically invited criminals into our home.  At around 9p one of the workers disappeared -- left without saying goodbye. We all remarked on how add that was. At midnight when I went to get cash to tip the mover who had to leave, I found my wallet gone.  I called credit card companies and he had already used the cards online and had unsuccessfully attempted to use them multiple times at a gas station, mini market locations.Police came and got testimony from the 4 of us, took fingerprints etc.   But never followed up -- not "major" enough.That I know of, the thief took wallet, video camera, 3 headlamps. But that was not the worst part.  I was the victim of a crime, and what did Seaport do?  They treated me like a criminal.  Never apologized for hiring a thief off craigslist, never reimbursed, never pursued finding the thief (which would’ve been easy since the gas station had 20 cameras). Lied about not finishing the move.I realize that many people invent thefts and damage during a move -- but I am not one of them.  I had the testimony of the other 3 movers about the thief’s time of arrival, time of abrupt departure, that I never left the house during the time the credit cards were being used, etc.  Yet Seaport’s response was, in essence, "Prove it or we don’t have to do anything." They insinuated that even if I could prove I never left the house, that I could’ve had an accomplice!!!  ABSURD. And just plain nasty of them. If I had an accomplice, wouldn’t I have given him/her the security code and my zip code so the accomplice could successfully use the cards?  Remember, the thief was unable to use the cards except at one online site. I tried over and over to get the police to view the tapes at the gas station -- but since the credit card companies refunded the money he took, the crime didn’t meet the minimum bar for the police to spend any time on it.  So I had no way to "prove it." Also, since Seaport had hired this man without collecting any ID -- I had no contact info to give to the police.But the evidence was overwhelming -- there was no way that I stole my own credit cards and made these charges!  I never left the house. But Seaport used the "prove it" to avoid taking responsibility for their HUGE mistake. Shameful. They should’ve stepped up and admitted their mistake in hiring off of craigslist, not collecting ID, inviting criminals into my home (with 3 small children there too).  And they should’ve done all they could to make it right. Instead, they punished the victim to avoid having to admit their mistake.So, how was my move experience?  They showed up hours late, hired a criminal, unloaded in the dark because they arrived so late, I spent 2 hours with the police, spent hours that night on the phone cancelling cards (and hours and hours over the next few weeks replacing licenses, cards, etc.) then the driver and I continued unloading (after midnight), driver had to leave to sleep and I was left with an incomplete move at 5 am in the morning -- no sleep and 3 kids to take care of and work in 2 hours. I can’t imagine a worst move experience.
- Ann

This is the worst company I have came across as in working with my movement, they broke my china cabinet glasses and scratches were all over my Ethan Ellen Table per calling them numerous times they never resolved this issue. In fact they started arguing with how things were broken and they will not take care of it. Worsssssssssssssssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeee company everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lesson was learned.....
- Bee C.

I needed to ship some items from a friend in Portland down to California. I contacted my last movers and they recommended SeaPort Moving and I could not be happier. I loved the fact that I did not personally have to be there as long as I had someone to fill out my paperwork. I spoke to many of the staff there and everyone was very helpful. I got my delivery in the 14 day or less guarantee and I will not hesitate to recommend them to everyone.
- Rileigh's M.

Horrible company! Will quote different prices, don't keep their schedule, lost a 42"flat screen then said they won't replace it. They are very nice and promise the world when you start to place an order then they end up breaking mutliple items. They hire literally ANYONE to help pack and unpack your personal expensive belongings, there's no back ground checks on the people they get to help. Our driver unpacking literally hired people off of Craigslist . Just absolutely no accountability and then when you report anything wrong to them they are extremely rude and make accusations that you're lying, second moving company I have used and the experience was extremely horrible!! Use anyone else but them!!
- George B.

First time booking with seaport and was extremely happy with the outcome. We had a huge, difficult move and the four men never slowed down. They were gentle when wrapping furniture and cautious not to ding any walls in our tiny stairwell. Christian, Michael, Luis and Julian made a long move as fun as possible, I'd recommend them to my closest friends and family. Also had to cancel a scheduled move the day before and rebook last minute. Danielle at Seaport was very helpful through the entire process. Going above and beyond.
- Ashley H.

My list of grievances goes on and on. For starters, the quote person misunderstood what we needed so she quoted us for far less and left in the notes the house was a mess. I told her we would pack what we could but this is it. I had packed about 30 boxes not knowing it would be 260 more. Sorry. So the movers showed and were shocked and added 2000 more to our bill bringing it to around $14000. The packers were quite kind at first until day 2. Then a couple of Lithuanians quit and one Mexican quit. And a new crew showed up to finish the job except for the 2 foremen who stuck it out who were from somewhere south of the border but since I speak Spanish I was able to make friends with them and bought them beer and the senior even joked with me after moving the piano that he hated me and never talk to him again. Now the real complaints. They promised a million dollar insurance. READ THIS! IT IS ONLY FOR SIXTY CENTS PER POUND!!!!! So your 4 ounce crystal you bought in Paris for $300. Forget about it. Next....The wait............................. They made us promise to be to our new home within 10 days or they wouldn’t agree to move. We said we probably will be there in 14. They said there in 10 days or no deal. So we said ok and signed. and so we were. And we waited and called and waited. And finally got a call back saying our stuff hasn’t even left Portland yet! WE WAITED FOR 35 DAYS for our stuff to arrive to New Jersey. Buying things like a mini fridge and other comfort items that were supposed to be here because we couldn’t live out of an ice chest anymore buying ice thinking our stuff might be here tomorrow but never getting a reply back from Seaport! It’s been several months now and we are still finding so much damage done to our stuff that isn’t replaceable but it’s not worth fighting them over it for sixty cents a pound. Around $4000 worth of stuff is broken as well as horrible service has been lost and the weight is worth about $200 to them. And finally the unloaders in jersey hired 4 black guys from the labor pool to assist the 2 white guys that were truck owners hauling Seaport’s trailer. So...the owners did such an excellent job unpacking and managing this fly by day crew I gave them a huge tip. But 2 of the black guys gave up after a few hours and quit the job. The other two black guys stopped putting things in the proper rooms. And the owners realized our house was truly running out of room and tried their best to manage the space and did their best. The two white unpacker driver owners were the best. And the 2 Mexican packer foremen in the beginning were the best. and they all got big tips. The rest sucked. The company sucks!!!! Do not use them!!!!!! They don’t respond. They will hold your stuff for weeks and never answer the phone. They cost you thousands extra and do not replace what they have broken! If the company responds back to the Hall family and refunds us $4000 we will consider this closed and I will deleted this and give a 4 star review instead. You still lose a star because of the weeks of hell making us wait for our stuff. I’m not a racist, I only brought it up so if this review gets back to the workers they know who is who. Like I said the 4 bosses were great. Everyone else gave up. Apparently they didn’t get much of our $14000 but we surely paid much for Seaport’s lousy million dollar guarantee. Once and... NEVER USE THIS COMPANY OR YOU WILL PAY!!!!
- Curt H.

Adrian’s crew were on time quick and efficient!!!! They handled my things with care! No damage whatsoever!! Very polite guys too!! Hired on short notice, came in and made my move virtually painless!!! Will hire again in the future!!!!
- Justin B.

From Aimee in Customer Service to Juan, Mantis and Jonas our movers we ad the best customer service experience ever. I would hire this company again in a heartbeat!
- Cathy G.

A most difficult time is pulling up roots and moving? We are in our 70’s and not very excited about it? But Seaport moving was the answer? three guys with a truck and lots of muscle showed up mostly on time and loaded our heavy stuff, furniture and such. They were polite and careful which made things all so much easier? we are now settling in and making our new place Home!’’ 5 stars! thank you/
- Larry J H.

My experience with Seaport was just average. The pros: Aimee and Danielle were wonderful to work with and super responsive. I felt the weight quote was as close to accurate as possible and when our move came in just under, they were honest and credited our bill accordingly. I really appreciated that. The cons: Though I had already discussed an elevator and location of the delivery location with the company, the driver demanded $150 extra at delivery. I would have been okay with this, except our move was so small, it took exactly 6 trips from truck to apartment and they did in under 2 hours. But, sure, whatever..."long carry". Additionally, they brought everything in on dollies, so they weren’t really carrying anything that far. The driver acted as if he had never delivered in a big city and complained about the load/unload zone outside of our building. This building has hundreds of units and that is the only place to load/unload. If that many people have done it before you, I’m sure you can manage. $2450 later, just give me my stuff please and keep the complaining to yourself. If I wanted to listen to complaining...I’d have kids. Lastly, I packed most of our belongings myself. This is our 3rd out of state move in 3 years, so I’m pretty good at packing. They are NOT gentle with your pack accordingly. Boxes clearly marked fragile were beat to all hell. I had a handful of items broken, but nothing I can really do about it since I packed myself. Lesson learned.
- Brandi C.

Worst experience I’ve ever had. Had a recent move across state and decided to use them to move my belongings.. wrong choice. They lost track of half of my items and only have was delivered to me, they were several days late, broke my tv and damaged my very expensive bed, and to top it of when reaching out to the owner he was very rude and said that I owed him money for THEIR mistakes. They do not care about their customers or trying to solve issues. I will never go through them ever again and I would not recommend anyone to them.
- Sara L.

Excellent quality service. This is my third long distance move and Seaport work was like other, fantastic work. They were professional and attentive from the initial conversation to delivery. Movers were at the house on time. They were careful and courteous. A supervisor stopped by to check on the work. They delivered on-time the next day with same professionalism and care for our things. The moving crew kept checking with me and my wife Making sure the boxes, furniture and appliances were put in their proper place in the new house. Everything was delivered. Nothing missing. Nothing broken. Aimee, Danielle, Shawn were great to communicate with, they responded my emails and calls promptly. I am a happy customer and will gladly use their services again.
- Eliacin R.

I am extremely disappointed, frustrated, and angry at the way the movers delivered my mother-in-law's items in Irvine. First of all, the driver didn’t return my calls on that day and ignored me completely. Then when they were bringing in her Macy’s leather couch, she told them that they could not bring it in from the door which other movers have tried before. They completely ignored her with extremely rude attitude, then tried to shove it into the doorway and completely damaged the leather. Then they were dropping items such as her sewing machine which is completely unusable now as they broke the case and the damaged the mechanism! They also packed he china so badly that he expensive unique china plate is broken in half plus many more dishes and glassware. The crew were very rude and almost seemed to intentionally were handling her belongings carelessly. One of them was using his knife to cut her TV base and was doing it so violently that she asked him no to do that and he just shrugged his shoulders at her! Also the crew that was in my house and ignored me when I asked them to take the legs off the couch as they couldn’t get it through my door and damaged my door frame. I chose these guys because of your positive reviews and thought Sea Port was a reputable company. I should have chosen the other company. This was not a simple accidental damage, this was pure negligence and disregard for an old lady’s life belonging.
- Majd I.

I hired Seaport Movers to help me move the first part of February and explained to the front office that I would need help packing. On the day of the move the movers came in and said that they only thought I needed 8 heavy items moved. They told me it would take much longer than the 3 hours alloted and that I was not ready for them. The front office had not relayed the correct information. I was assured they would help me pack what I had not been able to on my own. But had not passed this information on. I had to re-schedule my move for 3 days later. The office mis-communication was a major set-back for me and caused me much angst. This part of the service was only a 1-star for me. On the rescheduled day of my move Seaport sent 3 movers, Juan, Adrian, and Jesus. They were remarkable! Very efficient and respectful. They were hard workers and did an amazing job, finishing sooner than was expected. I can’t complain about them, and would hire SeaPort for my next move, with special care taken to make sure my requests are met.
- Sally K.

The three young men who moved me were amazing, how ever, I can’t say the same for the management. After my movers left, I was told they had to run to the warehouse, but would be 45 minutes behind me. After a two hour drive to my storage unit, and a three hour wait, I call the movers, only to find out, they were sent on another job. According to the movers, this happens quite frequently. Had I known this would be the case, I NEVER would have hired them! This is wrong on so many levels. Safe yourself the headache, folks and find a different mover!
- Gail E.

I’ve used this company three times, and there will not be a fourth. The first two times were okay since I had everything packed and ready to go. They did break a few things which they covered up, but they were minor so I didn’t make an issue. The third time I used them I needed some packing work done as well. I just had a two bedroom apartment and I’d already packed over half of everything so thought I’d just shell out and have them do the rest. They didn’t call me the day before like they say. Then, they showed up with no packing materials and claimed they "didn’t know there was packing to be done." (Even though I discussed this with them in detail the week before) The sent three guys. Two of them screwed around half of the time taking breaks and texting. One guy spent a half hour in the bathroom. I had to keep telling them what to pack which shouldn’t be rocket science being as everything needed to be packed. They missed things like in the dishwasher, closet, and bathroom. Some things like framed photos and paintings they didn’t even pack. They just stacked them and put them in the truck. I’m surprised really and disappointed since I’d used them in the past, especially since the foreman this time was the same as on the first time I used them. Unfortunately, this time they did a really lazy and sloppy job. I do not recommend using this company. *TIP* If you do decide to use this company, I very strongly recommend packing everything yourself. They’re good at moving boxes but packing is not something they’re good at.
- Steve G.

Best move ever! Items were packed with care and all arrived safely. No damage or loss. They were a few days late in delivery - February move included two major blizzards. However, they have a guaranteed 21 day delivery and refunded a percentage for every day it was late - without argument! Staff was pleasant and helpful. And nicest of all, it was extremely reasonable, even before the late delivery refund.
- Susan B.

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