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About Orange Movers

Moving your valued possessions or storing them does not have to be so complicated. Our customer service team is known for its personal touch and care we provide to each and every client. Our goal is to give you and your possessions that personal touch and provide various customized solutions to fit your needs. We will help you take care of even the finest details. We are not afraid of working hard!

Moving-Me about Orange Movers

What makes them one of the leading moving companies in Florida is that Orange Movers take the time to get to know you and your needs. Their staff is extremely dedicated and will give you all the time and attention you need and deserve. Orange Movers have all the latest moving equipment and knowledge to safely and swiftly move almost anything. They are registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration as well as the Florida Department of Transportation and are fully insured.

Orange Movers Licenses & Certificates

This moving company is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. Orange Movers is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: 733729

US D.O.T: 2103791
(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: FL IM1947

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What is Orange Movers cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $2400. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services and distance from A to B point. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free and cost-effective. Orange Movers is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

Orange Movers Reviews

I myself am in a trucking business, so I know how this works. These people are the most absolute irresponsible people in the business. I was told 14 business days to take my stuff from FL to IL. Which to begin with is already a lot, so they told me they will try to do it sooner. It's been a month now and the delivery is scheduled for today. The driver is not picking up, the people in Miami can't tell me where he is, nobody knows anything. I took a day off, so I can finally get my furniture, medicine, clothes, cooking supplies, etc, hoping that I would still be able to make it to the meeting at the end of the business day. When I confronted them that it was supposed to be done in under 2 weeks, I was corrected with "it's 14 business days".... well who cares!??? When it's been a month already!!!!!! Also nobody notified me about a $300 tip that I'll have to pay prior to booking the services. I have assumed everything would be included in the $1700 I'm already paying.
- Daria Z.

A little confused about how this works, but we booked this moving company, Superior Vanlines, through Victory Moving and Storage. Mike was very good about keeping in touch and following through with getting every thing organized for the move. He stayed in touch and gave a fair estimate of what things would cost. So far so good!! We have been impressed with both companies thus far. Will update this review when all is said and done.
- Lauri L.

These guys just did an awesome job for me. Adrian, Terry and Russell came in and worked diligently to make our move effortless. They came in and didn't waste any time and moved all of my furnishings and electronics without damaging them. I've moved several times here in south florida and these movers are definitely a cut above the rest. I highly recommend these guys. Thanks again fellas.
- Em J.

I moved from Miami to ny. Hugo helped me with moves in the past when he worked with dumbo moving. So I was glad to know that he was now with orange movers. The movers we had was the best ever, packed and wrapped everything so fast, on time, no damages thank you so much
- Ruthyo C.

The worst experience ! Initially very nice phone conversation to set everything up ended in a move from hell No updates on the location of my belongings or the arrival date to extra costs to lost items and damaged furniture Not to mention the unprofessional handling of matters Very disappointing
- Evi R.

AMAZING, AMAZING, AMAZING !!! I hired Orange movers to move me from New York to Miami. Getting a quote was a easy process, I just listed the items i needed to move and got a guaranteed price. I was a bit skeptical because it seemed too low but the price remained the same and I got my stuff in 6 days without any damages or hiccups. I highly recommend them! If i need movers again I know who to call. Thank you ORANGE movers for moving the whole process easy and seamless! You are the best.
- Nick C.

These guys are great! They moved me yesterday from Miami to Boca and all went smoothly! Guys came on time,were kind and professional so i gotta give them 5 stars! I definitely recommend!
- Vuk K.

Moving sucks.. we all know that. But it shouldn't be! Moving with the right mover actually could be enjoyable and stress free. I was extremely stress about my move to FL but the most comfortable with orange. From the first call to the follow up after the move I felt like I am the only customer they have. The movers were great as well and nothing broke, most important for me is that the price stayed the same and the delivery was on time.
- Dana E.

Everything was good, they sent two guys, they moved pretty efficiently, they were professional. They broke everything down and put everything back up and stuff. They were very clean, they cleaned up behind themselves. It was definitely a company that I would recommend to other people and also use again myself if I would ever move again.
- Mr.Jackson

My move went really nice. They were really great and helpful. I really liked them and I appreciated their service. We packed before but they were really efficient and hard working during the move. The movers were nice, professional, and courteous. It took a little longer because it was raining and the price only changed because of the extra time. Other than that everything was in order.
- Alican

No time wasted. They came in, they husted until they finished. There was no stopping, no resting, they were on it. ... The pricing was really below everybody else by quite a bit. It was good. ... They did good, there was one damage that I noticed a little later on one of my paintings. The frame. ... They were very friendly. The initial person was really good at what he quoted and the other girl that followed up with me while we were making the plan, it was always a good experience.
- Cecilia

was very satisfied with Pierre ... and I was extremely satisfied with the movers themselves, the delivery movers. ...There was one person in particular I was not happy with at all ... He took over Pierre's position. ...He was extremely inflexible, wasn't responding to emails, he sort of forced a delivery date on us. ...The movers themselves were wonderful ... however the dispatcher ... was absolutely horrific to work with. ...It was very mixed results. It depended on who I was working with actually.
- Sol

They were fast and very, very careful with the fragile [items]. They helped pack. Very friendly, they never took a break they worked straight through. I couldn't ask for a bunch of nicer guys.
- Fred

It was fast. They were good with our furniture and they were very friendly and on time.
- Alina

It was fine. It wasn't an expensive, big time, move-a-large-home kinda move. I twas just a small, one-bedroom with some stuff thing broke but overall, everything happened the way it was supposed to.
- Curtis

They got us moved pretty quickly, but after everything was said and done, the furniture was pretty banged up. So I wasn't too happy about that.
- Anonymous

They took very expensive furniture and scratched it. I am not very happy.
- Roman

recently moved from Miami, FL to Pittsburgh, PA. I was extremely worried since I only had four hour window to move out of my building due to rules/regulations regarding elevator reservation/availability. However, Orange movers showed up even 1 hour the set time to disassemble and wrap all of the furniture professionally and ready by the time I reserved the elevators. The moving out was seamless. I was told my furniture was going to be delivered in 7 business days and was delivered on the 7th business day as promised. Orange movers came to my apartment and gave me an estimate accurately rather than guessing the prices over the phone. They were also one of the lowest quotes I have received. They are rated A- on BBB due to their recent registration with them and had no complaints at department of transportation. I had to pay $250 extra since they were unable to pull up to my house in Pittsburgh with their truck. I was informed about this possibility at the time of signing the contract. They really tried hard to pull up the truck to the front of my house. However the hills/curves/low power lines made it impossible for them to do so. Overall, I think Orange movers are honest, reliable moving company. I will recontact them when I have to move again from Pittsburgh to Florida a year later.
- Erkan

It was a very smooth transaction so I decided to get an estimate from them for my relocation to Virginia. my first contact was with sales representative Frankie. He was very knowledgeable, professional and not pushy like other mover salesmen were. He set up an in home visual estimate. The owner, Anton, came over (on time), inventoried all my items and gave me great packing pointers that saved me time and money. He then emailed me a binding estimate that was very reasonable. Orange also stored my items for a month at no charge. During the few weeks leading up to the final move, Sara helped relay valuable information and kept me informed. The final delivery price was exactly what was quoted, no surprises! The crews that did both my pick up and delivery were absolutely amazing! The men were punctual, very hard working and extremely professional. Kudos to Orange Movers for hiring quality, caring employees! i highly recommend Orange Movers fir both local and long distance moves.
- L. Pomponio

My wife and I found excellent opportunities a thousand miles away. We contracted Orange Movers to help us start this new chapter in our lives. The men that showed up to the work at Point A were personable, experienced, polite, and everything else you could hope for. They had our stuff loaded up and the papers signed in record time. We tipped the men and watched our things drive away. That's when things went south. So, as it turns out Orange Movers subcontracted Navy Seals Moving LLC. We waited a week for our things to arrive. They were supposed to give us 24 hours notice. They called us in the morning the day of and said they would deliver between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. that evening. This is a Saturday night, prior to Easter. We had to call them when they were a half hour outside their window of delivery. They were in the process of trying to manuever an eighteen wheeler into an alley at the back of our building when the building manager happened to be walking back to the building and said that this couldn't happen due to the potential of damage to the building. So one gentleman, whose name is Steven tells me I have two options: I can either have them just unload our stuff and I can move it up myself, or they can rent a smaller truck, for an additional three figure sum. I don't know this guy from Adam, and he's already unexcusably rude. I'm not sure where on Earth he was from but I don't think he learned any manners there. Respect must have also been something he was unfamiliar with. So, Steven just walked away from me, climbed in to the truck cab, and they drove away. There were several alternatives to where they could park. We have nothing in our apartment at this point save for a few suitcases and a few bags of clothes. We had to resolve the situation. I called Steven on the phone and asked him if he could park elsewhere. He said, and I quote, "this is the United States of America. There are rules and regulations. This isn't Mexico." Steven has rudeness down to an artform at this point in his life. My wife and I go outside and meet up with Steven and his colleauge Michael. We walked the alley behind our building. Michael was just as good as Steven at being rude, but he's not quite as high-strung. Again, there were several solutions to the situation, but neither one cared enough to find one. Steven said to me at one point: "We have Class A licenses. Go online and look it up. We have to make this turn from a two-lane street. We're professionals." Keep the last part of his statement in mind. So, tired of arguing with these two classy gentlemen we came to the conclusion that they were going to load a smaller truck and come back in the morning. During the course of our evening experience we called the dispatcher to involve him in the situation. He was just as rude as Steven and Michael, but not consistently. Easter (the next day): so they called us at 7:30 a.m. and told us to come downstairs. They had brought a Uhaul that the alley could accomodate, but instead of coming down the end of the alley with no vehicles blocking it, they brought it to the end of the alley that was occupied by a different moving company. These guys are professionals. That's what they told me. They said nothing to the driver of the other vehicle, and proceeded to drive the Uhaul forward. They hit not only a lightpole with the driverside rearview, but they managed to get a rear corner of their Uhaul stuck on the side of the other companies truck. I'm going with the term "professionals" for them is relative. The Uhaul was considerably smaller than the rig they brought the night before. They couldn't drive that. The only thing those "professionals" can drive effectively is an argument. So, after these guys finally get their truck untangled my wife called the dispatcher. She said that our movers got their Uhaul attached to another vehicle. His response: "how does that affect you?" point blank. She said that our movers were making her miserable. His response "if you're miserable that has nothing to do with me. You should see someone about that." Maybe Steven, Michael, and Antoyn (the dispatcher) all took the same class on how to be a complete piece of work. We finally started getting our stuff going. Steven at this point has become combative with me. My wife has epilepsy, which fortunately is well-managed, and she has a pill that she can take in case of an emergency related to her seizures. She had to take this pill, because she was afraid of the duress of this experience precipitating a seizure. So, my wife left and I supervised these guys finally put our belongings in our apartment. Michael was more subdued, but Steven was more hostile. Every box marked "FRAGILE" all over it meant nothing to Steven. Steven said something to Michael in a language I didn't recognize. I could sense an angry tone in Steven's voice, and Michael hit him in the shoulder. Not because I understood him, but Michael knew what Steven said should not have been said aloud. They caused damage to a decorative column-type thing outside our door with one of their handtrucks. I took a picture of the damage. My wife and I finally have all of our things in our apartment. We were berated, belittled, and mistreated at every step. As it turns out, the dispatcher is the owner of Orange Movers. You know "if you're miserable you should see someone about that." I didn't even capture all the snarky things Steven had to say. Not worth repeating. I can't change the past any more than you can. My advice to you, reader of this review, is not to give Orange Movers a penny of your hard-earned money. If you see a truck with Navy Seals Moving LLC just send them away. I'm inferring that my wife and I are not the only two marks this company has abused. Past behavior can predict future behavior. Don't become a victim of Antoyn, Michael, or Steven. They really are the architects of the worst move on Earth.
- Buyer's Remorse

We chose Orange Movers to transport our items from Florida to Kansas even though they were not the lowest bid. We went with them because of the trust we placed in the agent who initially took our call. Everything went fine with the pick up on June 22nd, but that's where it ended. Truly, for us, this was the "Move from H_LL". We had asked for a delivery of July 13, 2015 and were told we'd receive a call from the the driver 24 hours out. No call came. When we contacted our agent, she said "No, you asked for the items to come out of our storage facility in FL on July 13th" - a blatant lie as we found written proof on our queen boxspring that showed our goods were to be delivered on July 13th, as we had originally requested. When the items finally arrived on July 29th (yep, that many days LATE!), the majority of the boxes were smashed, some were wet, and our 52" flat screen TV was not delivered. That finally did come a few days later after we initiated a query and complaint. My husband and I would highly recommend that you choose ANY moving company other than Orange Movers!
- Beverly Moore

I found this company on the internet. They seemed to have decent reviews. I found out differently. We moved from Florida to Connecticut. After waiting so long to get our china cabinet repaired - Orange Movers, Inc. reimbursed us a total of $6.00! They damaged it along with many other items and they have the audacity to provide us with $6.00 for the damage THEY incurred. It cost us $229 to repair it. Buyer beware - don't use this company based in the Miami area. When they came to pick up the furniture - they practically demanded a tip of 10% which would have been $350. A tip was optional and it even said so on the paperwork. Being alone and surrounded by 4 big guys, I felt very intimidated and told them that I didn't have that kind of money. The lead mover asked me, "Well how much CAN you afford? $50/each? I reluctantly paid them the additional $200 because they basically had my furniture held hostage. I did call the company and told them what transpired, and thankfully they reimbursed me. When they delivered the furniture they took excessively long and most of it was left in boxes because we didn't want to incur additional fees. Then towards the end - they were in a hurry because they're only allowed 4 hrs maximum to do the job. I had to chase them down to assemble our beds because they were late to their next delivery! Many things were broken despite the fact that they were well packed and clearly marked "FRAGILE" on all sides. It's as if they tossed the boxes in their truck with no regard for the customer or their contents.
- Sandra Gonzalez

We had the WORST experience with this company. Our things were packed without wrapping, in some boxes that were too small. We also had some things from our garage stolen by the packer who worked exclusively in that area during packing. They accused us of lying about it. We are also missing a Waterford Crystal water pitcher valued at $500! The biggest problem was they claimed they knew how to move pianos and we believed them. When they got to NJ I went out side to see how things were going and I was shocked to see one of the movers standing on top of our baby grand piano! That wasn't all. After getting the piano in the house the movers couldn't get the screws in the piano and didn't know what was wrong. They literally forced the wrong screws in the wrong holes and damaged our piano to the tune of $1200! We got nothing from them. They are not trustworthy or professional and I would stay as far away from them as possible.
- Kevin Gleason

Well, I will say the move started out good. The estimate was what I paid in the end, as well. BUT -- and there is a big one... or three. First the good -- They came on schedule. and were really fast. The next day came -- which was the move-IN day at the new destination. I moved from Miramar to Orlando. Not all that far. So, they gave me a time - Between 4 and 6pm. Now, the DRIVER told me -- it'd likely be more around 5pm -- hopefully. That was the day they moved me out. So, the next day came. I called at 6:30 -- I hadn't heard from them. They answered -- saying they'd be late. I asked how late. They said the traffic was bad. 8pm rolled around -- I call again -- because at this point I am starving. I needed to eat. They said -- go ahead and have a bite -- they were behind. I asked.. WHEN WILL YOU BE HERE? They couldn't say.
- Eric

Called this company to move three items into storage. When I received the email confirmation, they left one of the items off the list. I called and was told not to worry we will move it. This later came to harm me that I did not get the correction in writing. When the movers came they moved the items, but heavily damaged my wood stairs. I called the company while the movers were here, they said do not worry, file a claim and we will take care of it before I signed any paperwork. Orange movers asked me to send pictures and did so right away. I also got prices to repair the stairs. When this company realized that there was approximately $2,200 in damages, they denied the claim and said that I signed the paperwork waiving my rights to damages. They told me that they would not cover the damages, and that the item that they moved was not on the list of items I requested to be moved. They caused damage to my home and would not take care of it. This company is not honorable and there are many other better choices out there. I rarely write reviews but wanted to let folks how this company treated me so it would not happen to any one else.
- Mark Faucher

I relocated from Florida to New York. My California King mattress which cost me more then the move was lost somehow. My dining table had water damage I would not use these movers. I was fooled I checked BBB accredited businesses and thought they would be just fine. Huge loss for me!
- Erica Rosenblum

- Igill

I waited for my move for a month and 5 days from the scheduled day. No one in the company seemed to care, tracked my shipment or tried to make things right. I was the one who had to contact them every single day for an update. The first week they started by saying they will pick up my move in 5-7 business days. That went on for the next week too. Then they said the move had been picked up and it was going to be another 5-7 business days for delivery. Then they started making excuses that the truck broke down twice, that not everything goes according to plan and just saying “sorry about the inconvenience, we will refund you the money” but always avoiding giving me an estimated time of arrival. At this point, I had already paid 2 MONTHS of rent on an empty apartment I wasn’t using. I moved to San Francisco to be a full-time student and this moving process badly affected me in my first two months. The company is in Miami and I’m in San Francisco. One of the many times I called a woman picked up the phone with the worst attitude. As we were speaking, she starts getting upset and raising her voice. Then she tells me she can do nothing for me because she is in Miami. I tell her that doesn’t make sense, what does her location has to do with anything and if she needs me to go to Miami to talk to her. She screams at me “I don’t care what you do with your money and your time, if you want to come to Miami then do it” and hangs up on me. Finally, Orange Movers got in contact with the driver and told me the driver was in LA and again that it would be a few more days. I asked for the phone number of the driver or an estimated day of arrival since he was already so close to San Francisco. Orange Mover did nothing. After a few more calls and emails they send me screenshots of their conversation with the driver by text. This is when I realized the driver was an independent driver with a truck. Orange Movers don’t even do the moving themselves. The conversation between them was very odd. The driver was asking for his check and kept telling them it was going to be a few more days and that he’ll call me a day before. This never happened. The driver came unannounced a Saturday morning and I had gone out of the city because it was Columbus Day weekend (a trip I had planned months in advance). I managed to get my building to open my apartment for them but Orange Movers didn’t agree on this because I needed to pay by cash to the driver the remaining of my balance (which they had previously agreed on refunding). So they get another company in San Francisco to deliver to me the next week. The moving day came and after hours of waiting for a call, I decided to call Orange Movers to ask where will my moving arrive. The first women who picked up the phone had no idea what I was talking about and told me she would ask around and call me back. An hour goes by and no one calls me back so I called again. This time a man picked up the phone and told me that same thing that he would call me again. He calls me back and tells me the delivery window is from 2-4pm. I told him I just wanted to make sure they were coming that day because if I wait until 4pm then it was going to be too late in Miami and they would have gone all home and I would have to wait yet another day. The guy raised his voice and told me “What do you want me to do? Wait on the phone with you until 4pm?”. Everyone just seems to have the same bad attitude at this company. When the new driver came I was asked to pay in cash the remaining of my balancer they can’t deliver anything. At this point I was SO TIRED, I just wanted my furniture and end up everything with Orange Movers. The new company told me that they are very ashamed about what they are about to deliver. That everything inside the truck is either damaged, broken or scratched and that they agreed on the move before inspecting it. They were amazed by the level of unprofessionalism in Orange Movers and felt so bad they didn’t let me tip them because it doesn’t reflect their job. Based on my terrible experience and the different reviews made by other people who have unfortunately used Orange Moving, they operates under the following fraudulent scheme: - They send you a quote with a low price and used other companies like Dumbo Moving - Before moving they tell you that it is much more expensive for reasons not explained in the origin - They add 3.5% if you pay with a credit card, which for the amounts you must use this method of payment. - They request a 70% advance, before collecting your furniture - Once they pick up your furniture, they pass the responsibility to another company that uses private truckers that are no longer responsible for the load or the delivery date - When you call to verify the delivery dates they respond with apologies and they do not give you information since they do not know who has the cargo and where it is. You never know when your belongings will be delivery. - When your cargo appears to be ready to be deliver, before you check the furniture, people who unloaded the truck must have the rest of the payment ONLY IN CASH and you should tell them how much tip you will give them - The load arrives broken, furniture with scratch and some objects lost - When making the claim to the truck, they said they are not responsible and refer to call Orange Movers. If you call them reporting damage or something missing, they respond that you have some alternatives claim: Full Value Protection (additional charges apply) or Release Value of 60 Cents Per Pound Per Article (free) or Third Party Insurance, since they are not responsible for the reported damage. After this, Orange Movers never contacted me again despite all my emails to ten different email accounts and calls to ten different persons in three different companies. Only one thing is sure with Orange Movers, YOU WILL NEVER BE REFUNDED FOR ANY CLAIM.
- Ana Caceres

This company is the worst do not do business with them!!!!!! First They waited until the last day to deliver my belongings then after setting everything up (and scratching the floor) the mover decides to tell me that the rest of my stuff will come in the next day! Which means another day off work and another day without clothes for my children and I smfh!!! And the owner was so passive by telling me what’s the big deal!Never again in life will I use them
- Sabrina Blain

I still can not believe I hired these guys after they had such terrible reviews. I am glad I did. They operate as DUMBO movers up here in New York. I had to move a load of things from Fort lauderdale to Brooklyn and it went well. In FL the team was led by Bronco. On time a team of 3 came and they did a great job. Careful. Wrapped everything well. Good amount of packing and were generous with moving blankets. It took 2 weeks and everything arrived intact in Brooklyn. 3 guys originally from Georgia did an awesome job unloading. They gave me a heads up, nothing was missing or broken. For me it was a great experience. I stayed in touch with someone via text and had no issues getting answers. Price fas fair and it was AOK
- Felicitas Oefelein

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