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About Moishe’s Moving

As a New York moving & self storage company since 1983, Moishe’s Moving and Storage have been the trusted source for your moving and storage needs. We are the most reliable New York mover and storage facility, serving the area for more than a century. Since our inception, we have been providing the best and most comprehensive services to our valued customers while transporting them all over the world.

Moving-Me about Moishe’s Moving

At Moishe’s, you can expect only the finest moving expertise from their team and accurate in-house quotes for the services you need. Their movers are hand-selected to match the size and complexity of your move. Each person in the team has undergone extensive targeted training to meet moving standards before they get the opportunity to serve a customer. Moishe’s credentials, processes and systems have been modified and tweaked nearly to perfection over three decades of service. As an additional security measure, they conduct background checks on all the moving staff as part of an onboarding process to ensure safety throughout the transition. This way, the customer gets the most competent, trusted workers to complete the task, no matter how big or small the moving job is.

Moishe’s Moving Licenses & Certificates

Moishe’s Moving is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. Moishe’s Moving is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: 237817

US D.O.T: 587098
(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: not provided

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What is Moishe’s Moving cost?

Be ready that the average local move is about $1800. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services and distance from A to B point. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free and cost-effective. Moishe’s Moving is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

Moishe’s Moving Reviews

*rolls up sleeves* Moishe's is a joke. They started moving our stuff at 10 am and they ended at 12am. Yep. You read that right. 12am.. the next day. AND they didn't even finish putting everything in the house. They left it in our garage because home office kept calling them because they needed the truck. So, a person came to our apartment to assess how many things we had and how much it would cost. We have ALOT of stuff and a lot of big stuff as well. They sent me three people and one of them was a young lady. They came in and was shocked they didn't have a 4th person helping them for the job. I called Moishe's and asked if they could send another person. Although the young woman was holding her own we had ALOT of stuff that needed to be moved and their response was yes I will send someone. NO ONE EVER CAME. The movers in return were making me very uncomfortable as they started to argue amongst themselves. Which I understood their frustration. Their company failed them. Moishe's works their employees like modern day slaves. On top of that IF ANYONE IS MISSING GLASS SHELVES... I HAVE THEM. WILL BE MORE THAN HAPPY TO RETURN THEM TO YOU.
- Joey S.

Just an update - Naomi's "attempt" to help me should be counted as nothing but false advertising and fraud. She will not respond to my phone calls or emails. She is trying to get their response rate on yelp up so it looks like they address customer issues. It clearly shows in the photos that Moishe's RUINED my couch. If I could give negative stars, I would.
- Chloe T.

I used Moishes a year ago and had a great experience. I was eager to use them again for my recent move despite being a little expensive because they worked quickly and effectively, and the men couldn't have been nicer. My experience with my latest move has stopped me from ever using them again. The guys showed up two hours late to my apartment. When I called to complain about this before they arrived, the customer service representative offered an additional 5% off (I was already receiving 15% off because of a promo code). I accepted the 20% discount. Then three guys showed up when I had been told there would be four. The guys complained about only having three of them the entire time they were in my apartment, and one of them refused to carry things up and down the stairs. Two of the movers were also fighting about whether the guy should do the stairs. I bought them pizza and water since I knew they were working hard, and they were appreciative. The real problems started after we got to the new apartment. They dropped boxes and broke things, and chipped the side of my desk. When my couch wouldn't fit through the doorframe, they tried to jam it in despite me asking them not to, which caused significant damage to the frame itself. The most disturbing part was that they called my roommate and idiot in Spanish, not knowing that she is fluent in Spanish. When I called customer service to complain about my experience, they apologized for the unprofessionalism but told me there was nothing they could do. I'm truly disappointed in how the company handled the entire experience. I had previously recommended the company to serve real friends, but I'll be sure to tell them about this experience going forward.
- Christy L.

I read all of the bad reviews, and unfortunately disregarded them because I have used Moishe's three times before with no problems. A group of movers showed up the Sunday before Labor Day. First, they handed me a receipt that was for $1000.00 more than the price I was quoted on the phone. When I told them I didn't have to move, an would not use them if they were going to charge me the new rate, they quickly revised the bill to the original price -STRIKE 1. The men were generally doing a good job, and were respectful of my things- with the exception of the leader, who kept telling me to leave him alone and let him do his job when I asked him to please not put tape directly into the surface of my antique wooden furniture. STRIKE 2. When my husband and I were downstairs, the men BEAT MY ANTIQUE BED FRAME WITH A ROCK!!!! To try to disassemble it. If they had asked, or let me in the room, I could have told them that they needed to PULL the frame instead of pushing. This beating ruined my floors and the bed. To make matters worse, the men hid the breakage from me when they reassembled the bed in my new apartment. STRIKE 3. Now, the woman in charge of insurance will not get back to me. My next step will be to file a police report.
- Anne P.

Thanks to Alex G and his wonderful team!! Amazing and professional service !!!! They were so quick and we had a lot of stuff! The estimate given by the office was way off (it turned out to be more expensive) but the actual movers were great!
- Vladimir R.

Andrew E. 5 stars I obtained quotes from 4 or 5 reputable moving companies in the area. Some were companies I knew, some were referrals, all reputable. Moishes came in with the best quote, by far. It wasn't dirt cheap worrisome, but significantly better than the others. They were incredibly accommodating in all aspects, like dropping off boxes & even when we kept switching out moving date, even at the last minute. We hired them to do packing & moving. Saturday, packing day came. They were there on time & packed EVERYTHING. I mean EVERYTHING. We had been quoted 4 men for 6 hours. They were finished in 4 hours, but well worth it. Sunday, moving day. The movers came on time, moved everything into their truck. They also accommodated us by bringing furniture we were giving away downstairs & loaded into recipients vehicles. After they stopped for lunch we met them at our house & they brought everything in, assembled the furniture & removed their packing material. Moishes was great. I highly recommend.
- Andrew E.

So after all the opportunities I gave this company to make things right - I get contacted online to show that they are FINALLY making an effort Below is my response. Between the email responses, the phone calls and in person conversation with the front desk - the note I attached to the January payment as well as the last check "WITH PREJUDICE" - No one bothered to reach out to me or treat me as nothing more than a business transaction - WHY do you care now? Your system is flawed - tweak it for the future.
- Josi M.

This review is coming after three failed attempts to speak with a customer service representative. I hired Moishe's to pack and move my studio apartment to my new apartment in NYC which was about 2.5 miles down the same road. Both buildings are elevator buildings and we were quoted as the whole process taking approximately 4 hours. On moving day, the movers showed up an hour late. One mover was on his phone multiple times throughout the day scheduling the sale of a personal item. The building had another move scheduled later in the day, and the movers were incredibly rude to the super and porter when they tried to schedule both moves. I have a queen size bed from IKEA that has dresser drawers underneath. When the movers realized that it wouldn't fit in the elevator, they should have broken down the bed into a few parts, as most professional companies would. Instead, they wrapped it in a sheet and slid it down the stairs on top of a cardboard box! When they arrived at the new building, it of course didn't fit into that elevator either (obviously). This time I gave them tools so they could disassemble it. At that point, the bed was so badly beaten and the screws were all stripped. The dresser drawers no longer slide on the tracks and are permanently broken. See attached for pictures. In all, the "4 hour move" took 10 hours. The next day I went back to the old apartment to find it a complete mess. Packing tape was everywhere and many of the items I asked them to bring were still strewn about. Pictures attached. They also turned our air down to 70 without asking permission and left it on overnight. I attempted to call customer service multiple times during and after the move, leaving messages each time. Nobody ever returned my calls so now I am turning to public reviews in hopes that others will be able to avoid this unprofessional and unreliable company.
- Carly R.

New update. 4 months after my move, Moises moving sent me an amount due of $597 through a debt collection agency. This is absurd. The payment was settled when the move was finished 4 month ago, they damaged all my stuff, delayed delivery by 4 days and have still have the audacity to ask me to pay for $597 dollars. This is the most disgusting company I've ever seen.
- Kitty L.

What a terrible experience. Moishe's was supposed to move me out of my 1 bdrm apartment on the last day of the month and store my items over night. They proposed that they move me out between 1-3pm. They showed up on time but then proceeded to smoke cigarettes and drink redbull on the street for an hour while they told their manager (I overheard) on the phone that the job was too big for 3 people and that the two flights of stairs would aggravate their asthma. Maybe there was a mis-communication between what their manager told them but they said it would take them 4 hours with 3 people so they would need to send a new crew with four people. Before they left they said that other crew was on the way. After an hour, I called the manager and he said the other crew would be there at 430. At 5 I called again and he said that the driver had an emergency and that they were looking for another crew for maybe 7-8pm. I asked why he didn't tell me about the 430 crew cancelling and he fumbled for words before saying "oh no one called?". At that point I called a completely different moving company who came with three people and did the job in 90 minutes. Unfortunately for me I had to pay last minute rates even though I had booked with Moishes months in advance. NEVER USE MOISHES.
- Chase S

I paid movers for 4 hours and they charged me for 5 with no time stamp and there being NO WAY for them to take that long and asked for extra tip, to make sure our furniture gets there alright. DO NOT USE MOISHE. They also never answer their phone or give call backs. I talked to John at the storage unit and he basically pushed me off the phone because he was leaving for the day and said he was busy "working" when I a client needed help or at the very least take my information and give me a call back when he was able to get my answer. Very poor customer service, so don't let their low price fool you, would be much better off dealing with another company.
- Rachel H.

Moishes is COMPLETELY untrustworthy and/or incompetent. I used them 10 years ago and had no problem so I chose them again. I was very concerned about the move because I was not going to be there myself and they seemed to be so understanding and reassured me of their decades of experience. How wrong I was to trust them. Every step of the way there were issues (see below). DO NOT TRUST THEM! There are tons of movers out there- pick someone else! 1. The estimate they made (in home) in advance, which I used to make a decision about what company to actually select to do my move, was wildly inaccurate despite the profuse reassurance from the estimator Marc that he was in the business for years and years. I don't know if this was a blatant lie, in order to underestimate the cost or was just complete incompetence. 2. Emails before the move were not answered. 3. Three movers showed up to do the move despite having four included in the contract. 4. My friend overseeing my move had a very specific time she needed to be done. I discussed this extensively with Moishes in advance and they assured me it would be done in time. The day of the move they kept saying they would be done, but then last minute, they in fact said they would take longer, which created a ton of drama and required me (in the middle of the night in Bangkok) to frantically find someone else to come to oversee the remainder of the move in NY. 5. Because the estimate of how much stuff I had was so wrong, the storage unit estimate was also wrong. And way over the price they told me the storage would cost. 6. When I moved back to NY I was very hesitant to use Moishes to move the things from storage to my new apt, but I got a quote anyway. They quoted me a price that I thought was high and then when I asked for a flatrate, it was lower. This seemed extremely odd to me (usually flatrate is higher), which made me totally question, once again, their honesty. And obviously chose a different mover. 7. I had them do the packing of my stuff during the original move and many things were packed poorly and shoved in willy- nilly. 8. Many of my items (including things packed in boxes as well as furniture) were damaged. I contacted Moishes to make a claim and of course there was an issue and they said I had to have told them before leaving the storage unit because I used a different mover. But how could I have seen the damages of items within boxes or underneath blankets?!?!! 9. I do have positive experiences with the two Managers I spoke with over the phone (the moving manager and the storage manager), who wound up giving me discounts due to all the problems. But truthfully, these were just to correct the problems they themselves caused, so it was such a great benefit.
- Elizabeth L.

BEWARE!!!!! Moishe's moved me from New York to Denver in January. We have moved ten times, including overseas. Never have I had such a horrible experience. Corner of an expensive armoire broken off. Expensive curio cabinet glass shattered. New Stickley table dented, gouged and scratched. Literally hundreds of dollars/40 years of memories in the form of dishes, decor and keepsakes broken. For example, they placed a paperweight in a crystal bowl. After persisting with them, they finally processed my claim and offered me $300 for more than $4,000 worth of damage. DO NOT USE THESE PEOPLE! They DO NOT know how to pack delicate items. And they DO NOT CARE about your personal belongings.
- Cathy H.

Lied about the units being climate controlled + I still have no idea where my stuff is located. I was originally booked for Queens, I asked for the Bronx (which over the phone they agreed), and then the movers told me they would take my stuff to NJ. The movers confirmed that the sales team lies when they say units are climate controlled.
- Brenna D

I had a confirmed time to move and Moishe never showed up within the indicated 2 hour time slot. When I called for an update on timing, I was informed they have yet to even schedule a crew and could not provide an estimate on when a crew would arrive. Moishe was unapologetic, unhelpful, and unprofessional. After waiting for hours and multiple phone calls I was left with no other choice but to cancel my appointment with Moishe and look for another mover in only a days notice. Moving is difficult enough as it is, save yourself the trouble and hire a more competent company.
- Eric R.

The movers themselves were the only reason for 2 stars instead of 1. Quick, efficient, and friendly. Unfortunately, logistics were not handled well by the coordinator/dispatch. Movers arrived 5-6 hours late and dispatch was not helpful in providing an ETA for their arrival. Not a needed source of stress on moving day.
- Nick C

I was given an arrival time of 9-11. I called at 11 to get an eta and was told 15min. It's 1pm and a no show and no one is picking up on their customer service line.
- T J.

I had a positive experience with Moishe's. My two movers, Kosta and James were fantastic. They delivered my HUGE sectional (137 inches) to my apartment on a timely manner. At first, we were worried the couch would not fit, but luckily it could be broken up into different sections. They were able to get the first half of the couch in seamlessly, but the foldout was the most difficult part. We soon realized the door had to be taken off. Kosta took the door off AND removed the legs on the couch and voila we were able to get it through the door! Door back on, couch set up, and one happy tenant.
- Kristen G.

Amazing service. During the pandemic I had to do a last minute moving and was out of the country and had Moishes assisting me during all!!! Incredible service!!! I couldn't have been more grateful.
- Bruna G.

I had a very positive experience, even more so given that my move was during the pandemic. I would highly recommend Moishes for your move. From the beginning Cynthia from the office was excellent at communicating from the initial inquiry all the way through the move. My quote was comparable to other companies I contacted. I hadn't moved in 5 years so I was suspect of additional costs. There were no hidden fees or surprises at all. Note: I was very organized, my apartment inventory was accurate, and all my belongings were packed and ready for the move. Day of - the movers were on time, worked efficiently, and were very polite & respectful. They even completed the move slightly earlier than budgeted. Therefore, the cost was slightly less than the estimate.
- John E.

TERRIBLE SERVICE, DON'T HIRE THEM THERE'S NO PROFESSIONALIS AT ALL Don't Hire this company, terrible service. They don't takes care your stuff, don't bother to read labels the driver that's suppose to be in charge brings the truck full of other people stuff and then there's no space for your stuff he is preoccupied about getting tips and gossiping then doing his job. They leave your stuff behind and breaks them, a half an hour drive they make it in a hour making time to charge the customers more money. Very unreliable there's no professionalism at all. I hired them to move my daughter and myself never again.
- Louisa Valerio

Wouldn't recommend. We called weeks in advance and made a reservation at 10am. It's now 1:30 and the movers still are not here. We have had to call every 30 minutes to get any updates. Our building gave us a 4 hour window to use the freight elevator. So we'll miss that window.
- Johann

DO NOT USE MOISHES. They have the WORST customer service. Our “agent” Kat is a joke and shouldn’t have a job there. She doesn’t return calls, promises referral discounts just to get business and then never gives the discount. They were extremely unreliable when it came to the date they were delivering our stuff and broke 2 of our lamps. The manager is HORRIBLE and won’t even call us back so we can file a claim. We’ve called 6 times. We moved out of NYC and would never recommend using this company. Worst moving company I have ever used. They just want your business and don’t care if your items get there safely or if at all. No wonder Kat “The Agent” has such a lack of professionalism since the management there is non-existent.
- Margot Seidman

Awful staff at HQ. Once you are signed up good luck getting in touch with your so called agent. I have called our agent Kat around 10 times in the past 6 weeks, been polite and patient and waited for promised call backs a day or two between each attempt, and this lady won’t even call me back. I finally got her on the phone for a few minutes on the day of our move by having the moving foreman call in for me - and this was after I called in myself and was told she was not there. In any case, Kat pretended to not remember any details of our conversation 2 weeks earlier where I gave her a successful referral for a long distance move, and pretended not to remember I myself had a long distance move in progress, and “promised” she would definitely call back back on the following business day with her manager. Just like before our move was complete, she never called me back, and when 2 days later we called to speak to somebody else and were again “promised” a call back by a manager, it’s now another 3 business days with no call back. We cannot file a claim for our damaged goods. Also our move in window was a mess with the estimated dates from long distance dispatch changing every other day and then finally on the day of our move our heads up from the company came about 3 hours before they arrived (not 24 hours). Our boxes were very roughly handled because about half of them arrived in tatters. Luckily everything I had packed myself and was undamaged, but the few things they packed for me arrived damaged. 2 different expensive standing lamps chopped in half down to the wire. Can’t file a claim because these unethical reps/managers WONT CALL YOU BACK AND DODGE YOUR CALLS LIKE A CHILD. Next step is a credit card dispute. Use somebody else to move even if it costs a little more. Very disappointed in how this company treated us on our long distance move and I’m embarrassed to have referred them business before our own move was finished.
- Yaniv Cart

EVERYTHING WENT WRONG! I hired a move out, storage and move in with Moishe's. They handled our things so poorly that they managed to break an expensive floor lamp, a mirror frame and ruined our sofa. The sofa is so dirty I will need professional cleaning that will cost me a fortune. They also assembled my dinning table wrong (which they shouldn't have disassembled in the first place) but gladly my husband was able to fix it. Unboxing was a nightmare, everything was thrown in the boxes without any care or consideration. Now it's impossible to get a hold of anyone on the phone to file a claim. Worst service ever!
- Luciana Andrade

They are giving us a small amount of money back for some of the damages. (Supposedly, I cant get anyone to respond to me about how the money will be issued.) But I cannot get Mr. Bashkim Spahi to respond to me with more than a few words. I ask questions and express concerns and be ignores both of them as if I haven't been emailing him any of it! His emails are short and rude. I then emailed a few other people in the company (Mr. Nissim and Mr. Likaont) looking for some sort of response and I didn't hear back from either of them.

MOVE WITH SOMEONE ELSE. If you want to be treated with some sort of respect and transparency, find a different company. —— My husband and I moved from Jersey City to a town just outside of Trenton in February 2020. My husband had tried to reach the company multiples times by phone but never heard back so I sent an e-mail to 4 people within the company. Over a week went by and I still did not hear back, so I resent it. I still did not hear back so I then reached out to our moving specialist via Instagram (the only way I could get a response apparently) and I heard back from someone later that day. In response to my very lengthy and concerned e-mail I got a response that said "I will call you shortly" This would have been fine, except he didn't call. I responded by e-mail the next day looking for an update and he said he would call me shortly after 11 am the next day. I didn't get a call until about 3:00. He was very short and rude with me on the phone. He did not once apologize or explain to me what the process was. He said he would send me forms to fill out and he would look into it. That was it. He didn't send me the forms until 2 e-mails following up asking where they were. I have just submitted the forms and I am waiting to hear back. To give them the benefit of the doubt, they MAY work this all out with us and do a really great job at it - but that doesn't mean that the way we've been treated thus far is acceptable. Here were the issues to begin with: We understand that an estimate is just that - not an exact number. However, the supply estimate given to us by Tom was extremely off from what we actually ended up needing. This meant that the movers needed to leave for an extended period of time to gather new supplies, effecting the quoted time. We were quoted to need $424.00 worth of packing supplies, and we were, in the end, charged $955.00. This does not appear to be a reasonable discrepancy, and we were not made aware of the additional charges until we were at our final destination and everything was being moved into our new home. Due to the lack of supplies and the time it took to get them, the movers became incredibly behind on their timeline. About halfway through they realized this and stopped using paper to wrap our things. Our belongings were thrown into boxes without care or protection and a substantial number of our things were either damaged or broken entirely. Many of our small items being damaged beyond repair (To give a few examples; entire cabinets of cleaning and bathroom products were thrown into boxes with towels and personal belongings like shoes - and they leaked ruining everything inside. Small pieces of artwork and decor were thrown in with boxes or books and they ended up breaking the contents inside. Roughly half of our total belongings were packed this way. Everything they could find was just tossed into a box, entire drawers dumped, and no actions taken to protect the contents. More significantly, our 3D printer was not secured in any way but put into a box and it broke in multiple spots. Some of our furniture was not wrapped and ended up being damaged. Our kitchen chairs look like they were dropped out of the truck and scratched. A metal shelving unit was bent. These are only a few examples of the overall picture. We did not list all damages as that would be impossible. Some friendly customer service would go a REALLY long way in this situation and I am hoping that they are planning to reach out and do just that any day no If they do, I will gladly change my review.
- Ilyssa Thomas

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