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Quality of service: 4.1

Punctuality: 3.3

Accuracy of Estimate: 4.8

Customers’ rating: 4.3

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  • Address: 9508 Samoline Ave, Downey CA, 90240
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  • Phone: (562)-805-7313
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About MGB Relocations

MGB Relocations is a moving service company started and operated by Mario Borjas. A self driven hard working individual that has always gone the extra mile to show his work as simply best in the business. MGB serves many areas if not all of California and all states near. We as a company work hard to make any special animations happen for you, when it comes to moving. This is why we stand out from the others.

Moving-Me about MGB Relocations

MGB Relocations was established in 2010. The company started in 2010 and now offers its services all around Southern California and states around. The moving helpers can handle any size move, whether it is a single apartment along the beaches of Long Beach CA or a 15 bedroom mansion in the luxurious suburbs of Beverly Hills CA. Their focus is striving to ease our  customer’s relocations, by making the transition as easy, relaxed and stress free as possible.

MGB Relocations Licenses & Certificates

MGB Relocations hasn’t disclosed any licenses or insurances publicly available. No registration in FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) to legitimately perform interstate moves was found.

ICC MC number: not provided

US D.O.T: not provided

(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: not provided

Want more detailed information on moving documents to check? Click here to be informed.

What is MGB Relocations cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $2000. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services, and distance from A to B point. Also, many companies offer hourly rates. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a moving company to manage your local, long-distance, or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free, and cost-effective. MGB Relocations is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

MGB Relocations Reviews

This moving company did a great job during a difficult time when COVID was a concern. They carefully, thoughtfully, and professionally moved all of my mother's personal belongings and furnishing from a senior living apartment in Oxnard to one in Temecula. I was very happy with their services and so was she!
- Selina F.

Mario and his team were very communicative and professional when they assisted my move recently. They were also super kind and made my moving experience smooth sailing. I definitely would recommend MGB for their service was very pleasant.
- Penny L.

Mario and his team were outstanding. We needed a long distance move from Southern California to Northern California and they made every step so easy! From the timeliness of responses to the transparency of their costs and services, I have nothing but stellar compliments to say about Mario and his crew. We used the packing service they provided and they packed everything up so neatly and were so careful not to damage our belongings. They confirmed with us each time something needed to be done (we were very specific in what needed to be done and how we wanted things to be packed) and they did not disappoint. All of our belongings arrived safely to our new home and they helped unpack everything. Such polite gentlemen! At the end we felt like friends. Thank you to Mario and the crew! Would 11/10 recommend to anyone looking for a moving/packing service!
- Carole K.

Mario and his team were attentive and professional. I would definitely recommend them.
- Crystal W.

Mario and Oscar were both very professional and took great care with my furniture and other items. They both worked quickly and efficiently. Mario pointed out a couple of items that were broken before they put them on the truck (I knew the items had been broken before). But I was grateful that he brought things to my attention. Everything else was delivered to my new home intact. They placed all of the items where I wanted them and didn't get bothered when I changed my mind about where a couple of things should go. Mario and Oscar were both very friendly and polite. Oscar made me laugh throughout the day. Both had a positive attitude. I felt comfortable with them from the moment we met. I've had other movers who broke things and didn't seem to care for my belongings. I felt that Oscar and Mario moved my things as if they belonged to a family member. Thanks both of you, for making my day less stressful and so pleasant. Shannon L.
- Shannon L.

I messaged the company prior to my move with questions and always received a quick espouse. The movers arrived on time both for pick-up as well as drop off. I had some large heavy furniture so I had concerns about it getting into my new home without damage but am pleased to say it all got in with NO damage to the home or the furniture. The movers were courteous, polite, honest and extremely professional. I highly recommend MGB Relocations!
- Vicki C.

We are a moving company and were looking for another company who could assist a long-time client with a move during a time when we were out of town handling a long-distance move. MGB was the perfect choice. Mario and his team arrived early and and ready to do the work. They were polite and delivered a high quality service as promised! Mario is definitely a man of his word. We definitely plan to hire them again. Thank you MGB!
- Rebecca W.

They made our move hassle free and were very prompt on responding. I would use them again for a future move.
- Molly D.

Mario and his company provided excellent service and value. It was simply the easiest and best moving experience. Courteous and professional and a great price. My cost for moving a 2BR condo was $620. That included a truck and two men, as well as wardrobe bocces, moving blankets, and extreme care. They took apart and reassembled my beds, etc. all you have to do is call and organize! Thanks guys!
- Stephen W.

I was very pleased with Mario and his colleague. They took great care with my move and requested all of my asks. They were kind, courteous and worked really hard to get my move done. I would highly recommend them.
- Helane C.

The worst customer service! I'm only rating them 1 star because I have no other choice......they broke one of our tv's and don't want to replace it....spoke to the owner and said he wasn't going to do nothing about it and hung up on me! Don't even bother trying to hire these guys
- Jason H.

Mgb relocations went above and beyond my moving standards. They took such well care of all my things. I had some things that I thought I would have to leave back. But they were able to get them down from my balcony. I don't know how they did it but they did. It shows that these guys have great team work and work very well together. You can't go wrong by hiring these expert movers. 100% recommend this company. Thank you so so much guys. Your amazing at what you do.
- Teresa C.

These guys made my move so easy. They were friendly, professional & did a great job loading my boxes & packing my bigger furniture. They used plastic wrap to secure drawers, blankets to protect breakables & they even wrapped the hanging clothes in the closet. They worked so hard to get the job done quickly & painlessly. I highly recommend them!
- Rana F.

The best experience we've had with a moving company. They were on time, quick and friendly. They made our move so smooth and finished faster than we expected. I would recommend MGB to anyone looking for a reliable and stress free moving company.
- Bree F.

We moved houses and decided to call MGB Relocations. They were very professional. Came on time. Handled all of our equipment with care. Definitely Reccomend them to my friends.
- Albert M.

Mario and his crew did a fabulous job in moving my home of 26 years. Mario, Oscar, and George, were all so professional. Mario answered all my questions. I had never used professional movers before, so i went off of reviews. His price was very reasonable. He was right on with the size of truck. took 4 hrs. to pack. delivery the next day. took 3 and a half to unpack, and then to a storage location. If i ever move again, they would be the ones that i hire! I asked him to show up at 6 am on day of move and he was there at 6 am and gone by 10 am! wow! and nothing was broken or damaged. great job, mario!
- Mariannce C.

Our relocation was a little complicated: we wanted to move some of the office furniture into our apartment, and some into a storage unit. I cast a wide net searching for various movers and moving companies in LA. We've had both positive and negative experiences, but I wanted someone great! Mario responded immediately to my query on Thumbtack (I think you can also reach out directly to them). Even though it was late at night (this guy is such a hard worker!), he responded to ALL my questions within an hour and accommodated all our specificities. Leading up to the move, Mario was in communication with us, and agreed us to help us pack items as well, even though we requested it last minute. On the day of our move, Mario and two other movers showed up to our office right on time. They packed all our supplies - from books to office equipment to furniture. We've used other movers before, and were delighted to see that Mario and his team move FAST..the fastest I've seen... and tried to get everything done in the least amount of time as possible. We had big pieces of glass and valuable wooden furniture. For the first time using a mover...NOTHING was damaged! They were all so nice and such hard workers. It only took them 3-4 hours to pack up the office and move all the furniture into the truck. By then it was around 2:30 and almost traffic hour. They hadn't eaten lunch so we got them some subs from Jersey Mikes (it's always nice to feed your movers and get them drinks and/or snacks! It's hard labor!!) but instead of pausing to eat lunch and get stuck in traffic, they ate on their drive over and made it to our apartment BEFORE we got there! For people who haven't used movers, this is a BIG deal. It means they tried hard to get to our place as efficiently as possible. I can't recommend these guys enough. They are extremely trustworthy, kind, and I've never had a better moving experience. HIRE THEM!!!!!!
- Jean L.

I wanted to write a good review. I liked Mario and his guys and they worked hard to make the move. Everything worked out, with a couple of broken glasses and serving pieces. (they do not wrap all items individually, but use placemats, hand towels etc.) We know things get broken in moves, but they did not pack our artwork in boxes or even bubble wrap and we suffered damages to 4 pieces, including frame damage to custom framed work and broken glass. That could have been worked out and our understanding on the agreement was there was insurance, but after several emails and a text I never heard a word from Mario. It's been 3 weeks and I've given him the chance to communicate, but have been ignored. That's really bad business in my book. I'd love to change this review and maybe this will motivate him to respond to me.
- Sheryl G.

Great job! Oscar and George went the extra mile to help us move a piano to the local VA donation center. We appreciate all their efforts. They were pleasant, fast, on time and careful guys too! The quote we were given was exactly what we paid - no surprises. Good communication before and on the day of the move. Everything was moved without a scratch. We highly recommend MGB Relocations.
- A.R.

Excellent. Highly recommended. The owner and his team were professional fast and went beyond my expectations I had interviewed seven other movers before and each one had added on charges in case there were stairs or if something had to be taken apart and put together not sure with this company also the other companies charged an extra percentage for using a credit card not Through with this company I cannot strongly enough advise you to use them they are excellent
- adam d.

I requested 3 guys and they where very good workers. But, my furniture was damaged. My dinning room table's leg was broken and the guy try to say it was broken, which was a lie, my table was scratched they did not cover my furnishing protecting them from possible damage. My refrigerator was scratched along with pieces of my bedroom furnishing. They arrived at 9:06 instead of 8:00 and as saying they arrived at 8:35am which was false. When you're moving people it is very important to be upfront and honest, it goes a long way. Because of the damage to my furniture and the lie I would never use them again and nor will I recommend them to any one. I wish them the best. In placing my reservation with Mario, he was very nice but I paid a nice penny for there services and I got damaged furniture Not Cool at all............
- Assisting P.

I called these guys to help me move this weekend since they had great reviews. Well sorry to say that it was prob the worst moving experience I've had. The truck had a hydraulic lift gate which takes so long to load and unload. A truck with a ramp is twice as fast. I guess since we pay them per hour it benefits them. They arrived 2 hours late. The whole time they were moving things they yelled at each there and cursed every 5 minutes. Cursed in Spanish and English. They didn't wrap our furniture. Some of our stuff has scratches and dents. They lost our screw to our bed. They also made a hole in our wall and now we have to pay our landlord to fix it. We didn't see the whole till now and when we told the owner about it he never returned our messages or text. My advise pay real professional to help you move these guys are low budget careless movers. Oh by the way they dress like hobos
- Daniel A.

Stay away! If you want broken things and workers fighting. These movers were not great. They were nice to us but They damaged my wall in the master bedroom moving stuff out. Pushed the door through the wall stopper and didn't even let us know. I tried to contact owner about the wall and them losing our hardware for our beds and he hasn't replied yet. Terrible customer service. I could hear the owner yelling at the movers on the phone as well terrible customer service On top of that they were a hour and half late when the promised they would be to our house by 7am. So our day took a lot longer as well. towards the end they spent more time cussing at each other and arguing then they did moving and we had to pay for the time. They were so unprofessional. Yelling at each other cussing in Spanish as if we didn't speak Spanish and didn't know what they were saying. We had to tell them to be quiet and stop before we had complaints. They brought a truck with a lift instead of a ramp - which takes twice as long to loan and unload. That's how they get you on the moving fee. Plus they charge 55$ gas fee. This company is so unprofessional and lacks customer service charged us 800$ and wouldn't even respond back about fixing our wall or paying for the cost to fix it nor did they reply about the hardware they lost. On top of that we have them a feee tv and we still were miss treated. I would not recommend this company. I don't know how they have good rating Bc we didn't experience any of these things. We move a lot for work and this is the worst experience with mover we have had. I would of paid more for better service and the owner to own up to his workers mistakes. This is not how a company is ran! There are so many options out there. Chose another one. Update. The owner got back to us and discount us for the mistakes and was very apologetic for the bad experience. Which was very nice of him. He also paid for the wall damage.
- Shannon H.

Very good service pricing and professional ex beacons I say if you try these guys in your next move then you'll never go to the others. Beware any mega moves will need a larger truck or 2.
- Al C.

I was completely happy with the way MGB Relocations handled my recent move. I moved out of a two story house in San Pedro to a two story house in Ventura and MGB made that move as efficient and professional as I could have hoped. Careful packing and wrapping of my belongings kept everything safe and unharmed. They work fast and follow directions well. Mario and his whole crew were excellent. I highly recommend this company. Brian C, Ventura, CA
- Brian C.

I made arrangements for part 1 of my 2 part move. I found this business on thumbtack and arrange for their services. MGB Mario and his team George and Oscar were friendly and very careful with my belongings. They packed the truck perfectly and transported my house to the mountains. When they opened the truck not one thing had shifted I was suprised because the the winding roads. They are a great team. Im booking them for part 2 of my move!
- Paul G.

We hired MGB Relocations for a move that had us going from a house to a condo. We had sold our house but had not yet closed on our condo. So Mario and his team picked up and moved all of our stuff to a storage facility while we waited to close. The move from the house went great. They were very helpful in providing clothing boxes and were very efficient and professional. They took care with pictures and tvs, and made sure to wrap them properly so there would be no damage. They even moved a stained glass window which was very fragile, with no problems and even helped us remove our tvs from the mounts they were on, (one of which was very challenging). The MGB crew was great but Mario was the best! When our condo asked for an insc. cert. he was able to obtain it. When we needed extra storage time, they were very accommodating. When we finally had a move date into the condo, the team was on time and worked quickly but efficiently. They helped arrange furniture where we wanted it, put heavier pieces exactly where we asked and executed the move in with great precision. A week later when we realized there was one box of stuff missing, Mario was amazing to deal with. He did what you find very few companies do, he took responsibility for the lost box of goods and didn't at all blame us the customer. He was professional and honest and he paid for the items lost. This to me was something I feel sets MGB apart from the rest of the companies out there. They CARE! They care about their clients and Mario works tirelessly to make sure everything is moved to the clients satisfaction. He is a VERY stand up guy and MGB will be my only call the next time I need to move and I will definitely recommend them to any of my friends who need a mover. Thanks Team MGB!!
- Patti F.

We arranged the moving with MGB Relocations and worked with Mario and his team. First of all, moving is a headache, especially you have kids and normal day work to take care of. Mario provides full service moving more than just human labor. He helps to arrange things from the old place to the new place exactly the way you want it. Without spending another 3-4 hours to put stuff back to it supposes to be. Mario and his fellows know what you want. I really appreciate that we chose him in the first place. Secondly, his team is super friendly. If you are trying to hire somebody who is professional. This is your choice. Lastly, if you are looking for peace of mind, they are the guys. We spent the whole day outside taking care of the kids when Mario and his team completed the job without a doubt. Plus, they are soooo handy. They helped me to connect my washer/dryer from my new condo to an old house and also help with hanging my TV mount. Everything works out professionally. Thank you!
- Donald C.

I heard about MGB from a friend at work and was told his friend had a great experience so We hired MGB to help us move to our new home an hour away and had a great experience. They were such hard workers and really helped us with our move. I would definitely recommend them. The price is fair and well worth it. I would definitely use them again . Thank you guys
- Jessica R.

I interviewed about 10 movers and ended up choosing Mario and MGB and I am totally happy. These are good people and hard workers. A very reasonable price too but even more important to me is NOTHING GOT DAMAGED. They even helped me sort out my storage area. I would use them again except I hope I never have to move. You'll be well taken care of by this crew.
- Catherine W.

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