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About Man with a Van

Starting in 2000 with a single van in NYC – offering cargo delivery, and quickly moving into household moving – Paul Kennedy built Man With A Van® into a multi-location business that now operates 25 vehicles in New York and Philadelphia.

Targeting the under-served niche between low cost, unlicensed (cowboy!) operators and bigger moving companies with high rates and minimums, Man With A Van® built its business performing small, local moves with Sprinter Vans – and later expanding to larger box trucks.

Man With A Van® operates all marketing, sales, and customer service from its office in Philadelphia.

We are actively looking at new locations in which to open moving and delivery operations.

Moving-Me about Man with a Van

Whether you’re “moving on up!”, downsizing, or just moving your “stuff” around town, Man with a Van can accommodate your needs. They have cargo vans for smaller jobs and use box trucks up to 26′ for larger jobs. The team of Man with a Van also provides “last minute bookings” on smaller jobs. The feedback from their happy customers makes them even more trustworthy than certificates and awards.

Man with a Van Licenses & Certificates

Man with a Van is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. Man with a Van is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

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What is Man with a Van cost?

Be ready that the average local moving costs will be around $580. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services and distance from A to B point. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free and cost-effective. Man with a Van is a great representative of modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

Man with a Van Reviews

Man with a Van was exactly how you hope moving would be! Oscar's crew came right on time, got our stuff out quick, and dropped it off no problem. Honestly wound up taking less time than I had thought it would, which saved us some money. Pricing was totally transparent and literally not a single dollar of surcharges or anything unexpected. They were really nice guys too. Would 100% recommend them and use them again.
- Charles L.

Your sales people need a better coordination system and also need to pay closer attention to the details, e.g. the specifications in the initial quote requests--as they're so long, comprehensive and time-consuming. Different sales people have reached out and gave me different quotes, each kept changing, but if they had carefully read the first time, it would only take one quote. I indicated that I had NO protective covering for any of the items and that I would need it for the move; I assumed that based on the description of items listed, that they would have a general sense of what protective boxes/gear they needed, but it's clear they didn't read it carefully. For instance, I did not list a mattress etc but in the supplies list they sent me, they sent me various prices for each mattress cover etc. They just needed to take a minute to actually read the list and confer with professional movers about what supplies they needed. Poorly handled and disappointed. Canceled before the move.
- Mel K.

These guys were outstanding. Extremely prompt, fast and careful. The dresser was wrapped very carefully during transport. A+ service
- Aldy Z.

Great service, reasonable cost Such a great service. We had Alfred and Carlos for our move and they were friendly, professional, and treated all of our belongings with care. We weren't fully packed when they arrived (our fault) and they helped tape up boxes that were open. These guys hustled and got the entire move done in under 90 minutes. Can not stress enough how nice Alfred and Carlos were to work with and how hard they worked. In addition, booking was very easy, helpful reminders for the move before the day of the move, and it cost exactly what they said it would. Highly recommend and would use them again!
- Susan R.

Man With A Van was hands down the best ever service I've ever hired for anything, ever. I went to the website, got a quote very quickly, and was able to set up the move easily. The customer service was extremely awesome, and very responsive. My Men with their Van were Mike and Eric, and let me tell you something, these guys clearly have somehow tapped into the Speed Force and are moving faster than light. They were super friendly, helpful, and very very wonderful dudes. I would definitely recommend them and for sure will hire them again if I need my stuff moved again.
- Lisa J.

Last year when I moved, I only had a three day window between an international business trip and going home for the holidays, and as you can imagine not a lot of cash. I did, however, have an entire one bedroom apartment to move with no help or even boxes packed, so I called Man With A Van, and I'm extremely glad I did. Not only did they pack up the war zone that was my apartment, including glassware, none is which was broken, but they also disassembled multiple shelves and my bed and made sure it was all put together in my new place before I could even subway between the two. I should also mention that I had horrible back herniations and couldn't help or do anything prior to prepare, and the entire move still cost less than I had estimated even with garment boxes they provided for me! Will absolutely be using these guys again when I move again especially since I had surgery, these guys can do it all and with pricing transparency at its best you don't have to worry, even if you are completely and utterly unprepared or useless like myself!
- ZeddStuy H.

Would definitely use again. This company helped make my move very painless. The movers were professional (at least to me, see note below) and dealt with unforeseen circumstances (e.g., i did not know I had to disassemble the bed). The move was very quick - not more than 2 hours - and the price was also reasonable compared to a couple other places I checked, around 30-40% cheaper from what I remember. 4 stars due to the following hiccups: 1. On the day of the move, a very panicky / hostile doorman kept chasing us around to tell us to be careful about not damaging the hallway. The movers were somewhat aggressive back and made it a bit stressful 2. The reusable boxes I ordered had run out, and I had to use regular boxes instead. Man with a Van provided the regular boxes and packing tape, but they were over 3 hours late from the time window they promised to deliver.
- Hannarae N.

the guys came at the beginning of the delivery window, loaded up and drove to another Brooklyn location to drop off- and unloaded all within the hour. I was very impressed, it was cost effective and efficient, I will certainly use them again.
- Mary V.

We use Man With A Van twice a year to help transport our design studio to our market showing space and they do a quick and phenomenal job every time. Bins, boxes, sewing machines, fit forms, mirrors, you name it and they've moved it for us. They employ great teams of movers that are always friendly and efficient and take the stress of transport off our plate so we can focus on making beautiful wedding gowns for runway and all the brides to be.
- Caryn H.

I called to have a mattress & box spring moved from one location to another (20 min drive). I spoke to Paul being that it was the day before my estimate time was 11am-3pm. I get a call from the driver saying they would arrive 10:30am I already stepped out of my home & planned to be back on time for 11am. I told the driver I was out, and wanted to cancel because it would be rude for them to wait 30min, & than would they probably charge me additional when my appointment time was 11am-3pm. I than called Paul to let him know what I told the driver. He said he would call me back to see what can be worked out. The dispatcher than called me & said it would be later in the day I said ok, and he would call me back with a time. 2 hours later I get a call from Paul saying that I wasted there time, & I believe he said Fuck you. I didn't waist anyone's time I was waiting for the dispatcher to call me back with the estimated time. But you can tell that the communication within DO NOT DEAL WITH MAN WITH A VAN 832 KENT AVE LOCATION THEY ARE TRUELY UNPROFESSIONAL. ESPECIALLY THE SO CALLED OWNER PAUL. but you can tell their communication within their workplace is not existent. Because if you Paul the owner would've talked to the dispatcher you would've known I was waiting for a later estimate pickup time.
- India A.

We've used this service a few times and will continue to do so every time we move. The crew is always courteous and professional and best of all they are fast and gentle with our belongings. We've never had any damage and they've always gone out of their way to do the best job possible. Rates are very fair and the customer service is amazing.
- Miranda K.

2nd time using them and still great experience. They came early, communicated the time frame, available via text and phone call, and scheduling was a breeze. And the guy is very nice! Plan on using them again!
- Melissa M.

Brian moved us today (didn't get the other guys name ) .. they were fast , polite, did their job, no messing about .. very happy .. thanks guys
- Laura M.

STAY AWAY!! CAUTION!!! STAY AWAY!! Booked these boys a few days ago, and let me tell you worst choice I ever made! One of my mirrors has a straight scratch on the left side. They tried to tell me it had something to do with unwrapping it or wrapping it but they made it seem like it was my fault! I was busy running around as well setting stuff up so I didn't completely realize it or was concerned they made it seem like it was nothing. Regardless when I called the office the lady was rude and snotty as well not even try to reason or really speak to me. NEVER AGAIN!
- Steve R.

They were the best (Oscar, nick and Julio)! They came at 11:00 for a 11:00-2:00 slot, carried all my belongings (studio apt)to the van in less than 25 minutes. We also stopped at my storage unit! It was a snowy rainy day and they did the job in 3 hours moving me from weehawken to nyc! I would highly recommend this company for others and for the next time I move!
- Morgan W.

Juan, Vijhae and Nelson are AMAZING!!!! This was by far the best moving experience I have EVER had in my life!!! After living in the same Apt for 4 years, my sister and I decided it was time to move. Feeling super overwhelmed with all the stuff we have managed to accumulate we made the decision to hire movers. Having never hired this sort of service before we were a little apprehensive to how this situation was going to go. Let me tell you that all the worrying for nothing! Juan, Vijhae, and Nelson can in with smiles and game faces ready to tackle our apt! The pace that they finished loading was mesmerizing and even more impressive with how quick they unloaded. For an entire large 2 bedroom apt they finished in 1 hour!!!! Something that would have taken my sister and I an entire day! I highly recommended this service and was some of the best money I have ever spent and hands down will definitely be using this service again!!!!
- Tabatha T.

It's all about who you get. I've used Man with a Van service twice. The first time, it was spot on. The guys that came were ready to work and it was obvious they were busting their butts to get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible. The second time was a much larger job. I had a scheduled a 2 man crew, but they sent a 3rd guy to make the job go quicker. However, for the majority of the job, one of the guys was on their phone. I was only charged the rate for a 2 man crew, so I shouldn't complain about a gift horse. Additionally, I had to stay the driving force the whole day to keep things moving. I admittedly have an exceptionally high "motivation standard" so maybe I was being unrealistic. Overall, I would still use their service, but do so knowing there is some variation in the workers.
- Howie T.

Excellent moving service. They arrived on time, disassembled large furniture, carried everything down four flights of stairs, transported everything with their own van, reassembled the large furniture in our new apartment, and brought all the boxes in. I realized after the move that one box was missing - they did a search for it, found it, and dropped it off after another move within just a day of me asking. When I realized something was missing from the box, they gave me a full refund for the item! Excellent customer service on top of the quality of the actual moving service. Overall, the price was great for how completely it changed my moving experience. This was my first time hiring movers, and I'll never go back to the days of asking friends. I will hire Man with a Van again, and I recommend them to anyone in the NYC area.
- Connor H.

I chose these guys after a referral from a friend, as well as getting the most reasonably priced quote. We had two apartments to pick up from, with our final destination being a 4-story walk up. They did a fantastic job picking up/packing everything, and carrying all the heavy items up the stairs on a hot July NYC day. I'd definitely use these guys in the future.
- Vicki G.

It disappoints me to have to write this negative review because I previously had a great experience with man with a van and even referred friends but the quality has changed. I recently hired them and a number of items were damaged in the process, the worst being my expensive couch. Very little care was taken to wrap and protect any furniture, they were disorganized and it took much longer than necessary. I've moved a few times in NYC and across the country 3 times using movers and never had any damages. This move was literally on the same block. I felt like I could excuse the other damaged items but I really wanted the couch repaired. What was really disappointing is I was told because I didn't buy additional coverage insurance, which was never told to me as an option, they would only give me $200 for a $400 repair. Seems a little sneaky to not tell a customer about the additional insurance and then use that as a way to not pay for damages. It's not only not told to you but it's also not anywhere on the website. I will say the people I coordinated with over email were prompt and responsive but the move itself was a mess. If you use them look into the additional coverage or know that is it an option. Unfortunately I wouldn't use them again and now wouldn't refer friends.
- Puja U.

I've used these guys 2 times now. They show up on time, get the job done, strong work. I'll be using them a third time. The price is as good or cheaper than any other service. I'm especially frugal and like to work with them to get the job done even faster. Again, I strongly recommend them, haven't used any other service since moving to NY.
- Joshua L.

I've used this company twice in one year and each time found the people I communicated with to set things up and the moving crews to be great to work with. The estimate is clear, the end price is absolutely reasonable, and my things are always in good shape. I just used them this week and got a call explaining why they would be 1/2 hour late ( well before they were late) and they were there when they said they would be. Moving an office 2x in one year is stressful and Kenny and his crew made it fast and easy for me. They were professional and friendly. I hope to never move again, but if I do I'm going with this company!
- Gail E.

After 7 years at the same Apt I was hesitant to finally use an NYC moving company, but man with a van didn't dissapoint. The two movers were punctual and Gary I would nickname "Flash" as he went up and down my 4 flights of stairs with a TON of stuff faster than a lightning bolt. A Table, chairs, bed, frame, and a ton of boxes were moved from a 4th floor walk-up to another 4th floor walk-up all in one hours time. Great experience, I'd recommend them for sure.
- Alan B.

I'm not happy with the way they treated my bed disassembly and didn't wrap everything. They were pretty rough with it and now I have a hole in my closet and a bunch of minor damages all over . The worse part was they hid this from me until they left and acted like saints at the end for the tip. If they told me up front that they didn't have the expertise necessary to disassemble the bed, it would have saved me a bunch of money and time. Be aware, they are paid by the hour and will take as long as necessary. They are not incentived to do a good job. If they wanted to do a good job, this company wouldn't be hiring teenagers to move heavy furniture up a flight of stairs.
- Ken Y.

Very efficient move. Leo and George contacted me by phone and text to let me know their eta. As soon as they arrived they got down to work; organized, focused and respectful. They didn't stop till done. They moved office furniture from one manhattan location to another. The whole process took less than an hour. Very impressed. Highly recommend.
- Richard W.

Awesome movers! I have used them twice now- once on a more long distance move and then on a local move. The booking process is very easy, and the company is extremely responsive. Both times the teams were very efficient and hard working. They've got their packaging down to a science! They bring with them blankets for fragile items as well as mattress bags if needed. We've already referred them to a bunch of our friends and will definitely be using them again for our next move!
- Jennifer L.

I had a move from New Rochelle to the Bronx with a moving window of 1:00pm-4:00pm. The movers came at 6:30pm and the move ended at 1:30am. The moving crew was very efficient and friendly however I did not appreciate the move starting so late. When I called the office to give them this feedback and to specifically let them know it affected my work schedule the next morning, the customer service rep responded "The movers have work the next morning too" Will not use the company again, have no problem using the specific crew again
- Gary D.

Hired them for a move on 1/26/20. I dealt with the booking team via e-mail. They responded to me very quickly and answered all of my questions. My move window was from 12-2. The movers got there at 12 (YES!). Joey and Angel were respectful, fast and efficient. They worked very well together. I will definitely use Man with a Van again.
- Dave P.

I had left a one-star scathing review, but it turns out, this is not the same company. So, to all people who want to use Man with a Van, watch out!!! There's another company at who gave me the worst moving experience of my life, and who I'm probably going to end up in court with. Hopefully, this company sees this review and sues them for their obvious trademark violation, because they're riding off your good name, stealing your customers and destroying their stuff. This is exactly the customer confusion that trademark law is supposed to prevent. Please stop them from doing this.
- Andrew S.

ALWAYS WATCH THESE GUYS!! They broke my table and brought it up last so I wouldn't notice. They had me sign the contract downstairs while they brought up the table SPECIFICALLY so I wouldn't notice. This is the first yelp review I've ever written. That's how upset I am with these people. Use other services. I've moved 3x in NYC and never had this problem with boutique moving services.
- Alex M.

I had a pretty small move last year from midtown NYC (56th and 7th ave) to midtown west (48 and 10th ave). Studio to 1Br so was expecting it to be reasonably priced given the short commute and small apartment. It ended up taking over 4.5 hours which I thought was a bit ridiculous. They took a lot of time and one person was just on the phone for ~45 minutes. it took them ~60 minutes to drive 8 blocks and 4 ave - I called them a few times to ask where there were only that they were on the way. I probably got unlucky with my movers since a lot of others seem to have good experiences, but I wont' be using them again.
- Luke L.

Louis and Carlos helped me move and it was SO EASY. Moved within the UES 2nd floor walk up to a 5th floor walk up. They arrived with time to spare before their start time of 9am which was really nice. They were great. All my stuff is moved. No harm done to anything. Very quick, professional and friendly. Price was great too! The move was just this morning and I've already referred to multiple friends. Next time I have to move I'm booking again without a doubt. Thank you!
- Jen C.

Outstanding. Ramel, David and Rob arrived on the dot and were super efficient and hard working, strong, expert movers, very easy going and good to work with. Not a thing broken, lots of delicate stuff moved, everything was carefully wrapped and packed. What really stood out was the attention to detail and flexibility -- we weren't quite packed by the time they arrived and they figured out how to keep the work going while we packed. Stayed after hours to get the job done and kept working hard over 10 hours with an extra trip when the truck (huge) was full. I don't want to wish that on them again 🙂 but that's how it happened. Reasonable quote in the end too. Now we're happy in our new place every item safe, very thankful we made this choice.
- Occasional R.

Very happy with my first experience with man with a van. i called and spoke to paul who was very nice and provided a quote that came out to be exactly the right price for the time it took to move. the movers were professional, kind and carefully moved our (very heavy) mirror credenza from brooklyn to manhattan! would highly recommend.
- Nancy G.

This is the worst service I have ever dealt with. I wanted to donate a crib my son had outgrown. The church had no movers so I needed to find one quickly. He said he would charge me $125 for a 40min trip and be reasonable with me since it was a donation and the crib did not need any assembling. I was floored to receive a bill 4x this amount. When I emailed to ask for an explanation, he called me from an unmarked number to yell expletives at me calling me a 'real Housewife' and tell him I make him 'sick'. Who runs a biz like this, especially during a PANDEMIC where anxieties already run so high. Please please go elsewhere with your biz this is a poorly run business, unprofessional, overpriced and obscenely unprofessional.
- Soraya B.

I cannot say enough how wonderful my experience was with Man With A Van. This is the second time I've used them for a move and they are nothing less than amazing. The movers completed the job fast and did everything I asked of them. Nothing was broken or damaged, and I was charged exactly what I was quoted. Thank you again Paul and the team for the excellent service.
- Jasmine G.

Summary: Pre-COVID I hired MWV trying to support a local business for a quick Manhattan move. THREE months of following ups and I'm still *hundreds of dollars* in the hole. Still waiting to be compensated for damaged furniture costing more than then the move itself. Movers were nice but hadn't unwrapped all furniture under which I found damage to designer, solid wood furniture. As I provided prompt photos and he agreed the damage was unrepairable, Paul agreed to compensate me and send payment.. then opted for dishonest business practices instead. Emails go unanswered and each call Paul either says I need to call back later or promises to do it 'today' and hangs up immediately preventing any chance for me (a woman) to respond. After ~1.5 months of avoidance and excuses, he claims he now needs partial payments due to COVID.. while admitting I was owed well before. Meanwhile he still has the cash from my move, his business staying open, and once admitted to having the cash to pay when he thought he'd paid me but had paid someone else who's furniture was damaged. It's another month before he sends even 40%, which is not even what I paid for the move so I'm still HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS in the hole. Three months and that is still the only transfer sent. Other employees who answer the phone remember me and are confused, surprised and apologetic that Paul's failed to follow through. When Paul answers I get, "you need to call me back later *click*" EVERY time. I've waited this long to review hoping we could first resolve and I could leave a positive review about great customer service. Unfortunately that is not the case. If you have furniture you value, look elsewhere!!
- Winona M.

My crew was great. They showed up right at the beginning of the time window and finished within it. They were quick, efficient, and so nice. It was a good amount cheaper than a few other services that gave me quotes ($450 before tip for basically a studio). I would highly recommend them.
- Makenzie D.

We moved a few days ago within Manhattan, and I must say, Man With A Van truly exceeded my expectations. I was looking for the most affordable movers and saw that Man With A Van had great reviews, so I decided to reach out for a quote. Shortly after that, Paul followed up with me via email, and I was conveniently and quickly able to set up everything that way. During the time of COVID-19, moving seemed an incredibly daunting task, but they made the experience as hassle-free as possible. Not only was everyone that I spoke to leading up to the move friendly and helpful, but the movers that assisted me were also very efficient, honest, and nice. We ran into a major hiccup that almost prevented us from moving that day because construction had my road blocked off, but the guys were patient as we worked things out. I'd say we had quite a bit of stuff for a studio apartment, but I watched as the three men swiftly loaded everything into their truck and wrapped up our move in about 2 hours. Not a single item damaged. These guys were beyond amazing and I can't thank them enough for making moving day so easy for us.
- Amy Y.

Finding an affordable mover during this pandemic was not easy. But I searched on Yelp and came across Man with a Van. We were assisted by Paul and he made things really easy! We moved on 4/15/2020 and we didn't have to worry about anything. The two movers were friendly, they came on time and moved our items quickly. They wore mask and gloves as mandated by the CDC. I highly recommend them to anyone! There are so good I am using them again to move items I have in storage this weekend. Thank you Man with a Van for making my move smooth.
- Krystal C.

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