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About Long Distance Movers

Whether it’s a neighboring state or across the country, Long Distance Movers is committed to giving you a helpful, efficient, and cost-effective relocation. Making your move easier is our goal at Long Distance Movers, where a job well done is what we strive for. Long Distance Movers is also fully insured and licensed and does everything by the book. We only subcontract jobs to reputable companies who will treat you like family. Long Distance Movers can offer local, long-distance, office and also commercial relocation. We can also offer the services of partial or full packing, that always includes disassembly of large furniture and pad wrapping them during travel time, and assembly of the large furniture that has been taken apart. If you are looking for storage services, we can also assist with this. Whether you are not ready for the delivery because of renovations or you are taking time to yourself, Long Distance will accommodate you. Because we work so closely with moving companies, we have facilities available all over the country to have your items stored in

Moving-Me about Long Distance Movers

Long Distance Movers is a company that performs all kinds of relocating services. Long Distance Movers is a full-service packing company as well, they can disassemble, pack items and unload and reassemble at delivery. This company offers local, residential, and long-distance, car transport and corporate moves. They also have the ability to store items short-term and long-term.

Long Distance Movers Licenses & Certificates

Long Distance Movers is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. Long Distance Movers is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry. Please note that Long Distance Movers is a properly licensed interstate broker, and is not a carrier and will not transport an individual shipper’s household goods, but will coordinate and arrange for the transportation of household goods by another FMCSA authorized motor carrier, whose charges will be determined by it’s published tariff. All estimated charges and final actual charges will be based upon that carrier’s tariff which is available for inspection from the carrier upon reasonable request.

ICC MC number: 925061

US D.O.T: 2815421

(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: not provided

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What is Long Distance Movers cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $3500. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services, and distance from A to B point. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance, or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free, and cost-effective. Long Distance Movers is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

Long Distance Movers Reviews

Went through all my belongings after continuing to up charge me after picking up my stuff. Stole rare collectors gun. They hire thief’s then blame it on the movers in the other state. Always a blame game. Broke all my Mirrors, bookcase, stole my z gallerie couch. Said they would contact carrier. Never heard back. Set up my bed without taking the tape off so it has to has be disassembled and taken off and put back together. Just so happen to find my stolen item for sale this year online by the thief’s that I paid to do my move. I won’t be buying it back but it’s extremely rare and expensive and they seemed to know that. Total crooks.
- Katie Shaffer

I used Long Distance Movers to move out of my parents house for college and I am happy with the way everything was handled. I called and received a quote based off the items I expected to move and was provided all of the information I would need to select a good company. I called a few other companies but ended up going back to these guys because they were very personable over the phone and took the time to explain everything to me in greater detail than other companies. They were also fairly priced and offered me a discount. My items were picked up and delivered in timely manner. I had a few items with minor damages which I was later compensated for after filing a claim which was also easy. I will be using this company again when I return back to my hometown after school.
- Carlita Munoz

I used Long Distance Movers to move out of my parents house for college and I am happy with the way everything was handled. I called and received a quote based off the items I expected to move and was provided all of the information I would need to select a good company. I called a few other companies but ended up going back to these guys because they were very personable over the phone and took the time to explain everything to me in greater detail than other companies. They were also fairly priced and offered me a discount. My items were picked up and delivered in timely manner. I had a few items with minor damages which I was later compensated for after filing a claim which was also easy. I will be using this company again when I return back to my hometown after school.
- Carlita Munoz

If you want your moving to be done by the best in the industry, then Long Distance Movers is a perfect choice. They demonstrated great knowledge in their business when used them for my long distance relocation from here to there. The crew was awesome all the while, and their manager was very helpful in making me free with the move as she communicated every detail in the process. I wasn’t stressed in any way, and the results were awesome. I appreciate all the good things that this company did for the relocation of my family. This was the second time that I was using their service, and I have nothing but praise for their good work. Their charging is quite competitive seeing that their service was once again excellent.
- Riley Tommy

I hired Long Distance Movers to help me move to Tulsa to be closer to my parents. It wasn’t an easy decision, especially for my school-aged kids, but I needed to be done one way or another. I had no experience in hiring movers. The only time we moved my husband was driving a mini van because we couldn’t afford hiring movers. Now with three kids, renting a moving van was absolutely out of the question. I was pleasantly surprised at how efficient their customer service was during my first call. Aside from a fair quote, they gave me instructions and some packing tips for my dishes and glassware. They also offered some specialty tv boxes, which we unfortunately couldn’t afford, given all the costs involved. As we were moving during the peak season, we picked to move on Tuesday in order to avoid high traffic. As a result, the company gave us a tiny discount, which was more than I even expected. We will hire this company in the future for sure!
- Patrizia Bartoli

I cannot say enough great things about Long Distance Movers. Both their approach and service were exceptional. The representative I first got in touch with was very helpful and kind. I was very nervous since I haven’t been dealing with professional movers before. They did their best to complete my last minute move professionally and efficiently. I can’t believe how fast they were to pack everything and load my items into the moving truck. They worked very hard to complete my move even before the sunset. Nothing was damaged, stolen or lost. I had a lot of valuable paintings that were delivered intact. Many thanks to the staff of Long Distance Movers.
- Jess Stevenson

I’m sure that Long Distance movers inc company has a lot of loyal and satisfied customers. They arrived on time and were very respectful of my time and schedule. All my items were handled carefully and nothing was damaged or lost in the end. The entire family had to move to Gilbert, Arizona since we were running a business there and Long distance movers did everything perfectly. They managed to work with my schedule and they planned each aspect of the move thoroughly. I cannot thank them enough for their dedication and hard work they’ve invested in my move. I will be hiring them again if I have to move. Really, really, great job!
- Caileigh Salmon

What a joke I contracted with LDM to move my contents from NY to Florida and only found out weeks later they were only the broker and hired a moving company for my move. I don't know who was the least professional, LDM or the movers. When my belongings arrived I either had missing items, fragile boxes destroyed or furniture damaged because no-one took the time to protect everything. As it stands, for my furniture alone I have an estimate from a furniture repairer for over $1400 and what did LDM tell us.." you wont get anywhere near that from us " I also experienced being told by the movers when they came to pick the contents up that LDM underestimated the cost and I had to pay more money before they would do the loading. By the way this removal company is Ross Allied Trucking ( Simplified Solutions as we thought they were called ) based in NC and they have a couldn't care less attitude like LDM. 6 months have passed since my belongings were delivered and still no settlement made and I don't see that happening any time soon. Do not take my word on this but take the time to read all the negative reviews and decide if you want to be ripped off like others have experienced
- Keith

L D Movers failed Big mistake hiring this firm. In short: Called them over 3 months in advance of the move. They made up a contract with a two day window for pickup. Called the week previous to the move to see if they could nail down which day they would pick up and find that they wont be able to make pickup as expected, they now wanted a two WEEK window. Already had the plane ticket and commitments, this wasn't going to work. This is NOT a moving company, you contract with them and they find a moving company to move you. They failed. I rented a U-Haul and drove 1500 miles. I suggest you do the same or at least cut out this middleman and find a real moving company.
- Rich

Dedicated The supervisor was called Mark and together with his crew, they were very nice guys. They were greatly dedicated and did everything just right. You need to try these guys. Long Distance Movers was recommended to us by my husband’s uncle who found their service irresistible. We were relocating to a more spacious house and neither my husband nor me who’s a fan for moving. However, Long Distance Movers conducted everything just right. From the pricing, customer service to the friendly staff, and the general experience was simply awe-inspiring.
- Kendra Bizzle

Will use them again Long Distance Movers gave me a fantastic relocation from Myrtle Beach to Lititz, Pennsylvania. There’s no doubt that I’ll use them again in future. The movers were professional, courteous and treated my family like royalty. They demonstrated superb skills handling our things, and it made us feel that our belongings were in very able hands. It was easy to work with the entire crew as the guys communicated well and followed directions properly. It is amazing that they handled the cardio workout and brought it without any issues. Their initial quote remained intact, and they didn’t slap me with extra charges. Use them for your goodness.
- Orlando Brindley

Cheat and Irresponsible They are just brokers who hire the worst sub contractors for the move. Do not consider them as your LAST OPTION too!! Its a company run by cheaters and liars of the highest order. They lost our costliest box containing XBOX and other gadgets and the collection of our favorite books. We were worried about the movement of these items and the helper guys kept reassuring us that it will be fine but eventually they lost just this box and all other less important stuff came through. The moving process was a pain as we had to call the customer care repeatedly for our issues. The Scheduled dates of pickup were changed 4 times according to their convenience when we had actually planned to move the stuff well ahead of our departure. Our Coffee table came all broken with detached racks and screws (lost) , the mattress is stained to an unclean-able amount and the couch has scratches here and there. As if this wasn't enough the guy who came to drop off the items was rude and very unprofessional .We told him about the missing box and he wasn't ready to acknowledge it and kept telling that we are lying about the missing items. The moving company and sub contractor kept playing the blame game and now they wont even reimburse us a decent amount for the stuff worth 700+ . The insurance clauses explained to us were completely different than the ones they are ready to accept. We were told that anything packed by the movers would be reimbursed at its original price but now they are disagreeing to that very statement and are not ready to entertain the claims.
- Rakesh

Superbly fast and efficient I moved from North Charleston, SC using Long Distance Movers and it is the least stressful relocation I have ever had. The movers I worked with were superbly fast and efficient. They accomplished the process with about two hours to spare from the agreed deadline. The relocation fee was nearly $100 less than what the estimator had quoted. My husband and I were very happy with the way Long Distance Movers conducted our move. The service delivery staff they gave us was professional, dedicated and industrious. We had no problem with them as it was easy to communicate with them regarding what we wanted, our concerns and questions. They explained everything splendidly. The only problem is that I didn’t have enough bucks for the tip!
- Sarah Ward

Their rates are very competitive Long Distance Movers gave us the most painless and efficient relocation ever. The company gave us two movers plus the crew leader and they all coordinated magnificently to give us a first rate service. Their communication was prompt, and they politely responded to our concerns. The movers were very proficient in everything they did, and they brought everything without any losses or damages. We were very pleased by the work of Long Distance Movers team. Imagine that I was yet to finish the packing when the Long Distance Movers crew knocked at my door. Interestingly, these guys helped me complete packaging of the final boxes and even offered to carry some extra items at no extra charge. They worked themselves out, but sadly I didn’t have enough cash to tip them. These guys are great, use them and please tip them when you do.
- Adam Breese

Personalized service Long Distance Movers were able to give me a personalized bespoke service even with my limited moving budget. Indeed, I didn’t even use all the money I had set aside for the move, and I can proudly say that I got a quality service, yet I was still able to save! I recommend these guys. The Long Distance Movers’ estimator was very friendly and honest. He came on time and opened up on how we could ensure that our move was pocket-friendly. He gave us a well-priced quote and the mover would do all the work. The guys arrived on-time on the D-day and did all the work as they had promised. It was a lot of work and quality work for that matter. Surprisingly, Long Distance Movers has no hidden charges and what was quoted is exactly what we paid, excellent.
- River Cunningham

Kind and helpful Their call center representatives are very kind and helpful people, and I was not answered by any freaky answering machines like in other companies. After planning for the move the eventual day came and the movers worked hard to move everything in my house, including my heavy and bulky gym machine. I’m now still keeping fit in my new home in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Numerous people are commending and recommending the work of Long Distance Movers for the right reasons. These guys accomplished my move within a very short time and without destroying any of my possessions. Long Distance Movers deserve all the positive reviews and ratings they’re getting and I’ll use them again.
- Talia Jimenez

Do not use LDM. Original price quoted was $4,500. Final cost $9,100. When my items were delivered the only person on the semi was the driver. My son and I helped him unload the semi. He did not put together the item that had been disassembled and then was in a hurry to get going. The driver, my son, and I spent 5 hours unloading and my son put most items together. The driver just wanted the money and then paid my son $100. Driver was unprofessional. I told him that a picture he put in my house was not mine, he said you can keep it or I will throw it away. Totally unprofessional, they don't care about your property, they just want your money. I am missing hardware to put my furniture back together, they threw fans, tools, etc. on top of my clothes in the wardrobe boxes. Glassware is broken, picture frames broken, and kitchen table has a large gash in it. LDM and the company they hired for me, US Movers, are a disgrace to the industry. Don't hire them unless you want you poor service, double the price quoted, and unprofessionalism. Be prepared to unload you own stuff like we had to do.
- Kris H

Top class My wife and I decided to use a professional mover to move us to the other state in Florissant, Missouri. We didn’t have so many things, but we wanted the best mover we could get because we value our hard earned stuff. We chose Long Distance Movers, and we were very proud of our decision as the process drew to a conclusion problem-free. The guys moved everything without any damages and any missing things. They helped us with everything as we busied ourselves with other things. We had no stresses throughout the move, and we would like to recommend Long Distance Movers to everybody that values their properties and money.
- Jedrik Maulsby

AWFUL! Hard to work with, tiny payout for major damage This is a garbage company, do not use under any circumstances. They contract your move out to multiple other companies, and then each company will find ways to nickle and dime you. During the initial quote, I read off all the things in my house, and they provided a quote. Since the list was 75+ items long, I didn't realize they had listed left off a few key things, that then elevated the price considerably. On delivery, they showed up in a 13 foot tall, 75 foot truck (significantly bigger than the one for pickup) and then charged me for the long carry as a result of nothing being able to get close to the front door and the driver was mad about not having a dedicated space for the truck. - They state the first 75 feet of carry is free, but since my stuff was in the front of the truck, the 75 free feet ran out *at the end of the truck*. - Multiple pieces of furniture were missing, and more was damaged. My coffee tables were smashed from the weight of things put on top of them when they stacked them in the truck. Other things were scratched and cracked, but you won't get any settlement for those since they claim they are "still usable". - The settlement took nearly 4 months to complete after the move, which means your broken furniture has to sit in a closet somewhere until they finish. - Unless you purchase the very very expensive insurance, your stuff will be insured at only $0.60 per pound -- And then they'll reduce the claimed weight of everything that's broken, to reduce your settlement even further. I claimed over 700lbs of furniture damaged in my settlement, they claimed that only 215 of it counted and offered to pay me $129. The $129 doesn't even cover the TV stand they lost, much less the broken coffee tables, scratches and cracks on everything . Would recommend against using under any circumstances! You can find someone better!
- Dan Zibton

Vouch for them Long Distance Movers did an awesome job. They moved us from Charleston, SC to Bel Air, Maryland without any troubles. The guy who came to assess the things was punctual and gave us a pretty inexpensive quote. The move was fabulous with the guys wrapping our TVs with their blanket wrappers and plastic wrappers. I had to reschedule my move three times. The guys at Long Distance Movers were understanding and accommodating seeing that they remained friendly and polite even with all these postponements. I thank them for helping me achieve one of my goals this year, which is to move from Charleston, SC to Maryland. They did not overcharge me, and I can be proud that we have such nice movers here in SC.
- Edwin Abtenson

Highly recommendable Everything about my relocation with Long Distance Movers went down just right. Long Distance Movers is a highly recommendable company, call them. It was such a pleasure to use the best mover in New Jersey – Long Distance Movers. These guys were so awesome taking care of my things and delivering on time without losing any of my valuables. I recommend them, and I will use them again. Long Distance Movers gave me a nice crew of prompt movers who were highly dedicated towards the success of my move. I was able to settle in my new home within no time and embark on other more important business, thank you guys.
- Jillian Devlin

Relocated by the best There is no regret being relocated by Long Distance Movers company. Instead, I am so much grateful that they came my way. Through their diligence, dedication and hard work, relocations became one of the easiest. They did it whole heartedly and I would love to appreciate them for the job well done. My move with Long Distance Movers was terrific. No stresses at all as the guys communicated promptly. I would recommend Long Distance Movers to everybody in Ohio. They gave me a nice crew, very skilled, polite and professional. Their excellent protection ensured that our things weren’t damaged at all. I will recommend these guys to others.
- Marion Reese

Perfectly Done It was a job well done. Truly enough, you deserve my praises. You made it possible for my family and me to go through one of the most interesting relocation experiences. I doubt if I need anything more that I received. It is never going to be the same again - not with the kind of revelation, I have about movers. I am convinced more than ever before that I now have the best relocation company in place. When I relocated last week, Long Distance Movers was in charge of the move and the services were perfect. There weren't case of troubles or disagreements. They worked together as a team and consulted me where necessary. I found the relocation so enjoyable and fruitful.
- Ana Miles

Scam company, fake reviews Do not believe the high reviews (notice also how they all have the same syntax and odd use of language?).
- Elizabeth Quinn

More than happy You have no idea how happy I am about the relocations. I am so much glad that these people were able to move me from Illinois to North Carolina. They did it in such a flawless way. I did not see any problem or encounter any difficulty during the relocations. I am happy for that. I have never gone through such relocations in my life. It was my first time experiencing something like that. It was a seamless relocation, full of excellence and satisfaction. From the moment, they started until they were done, there no mistakes. I do appreciate them so much for ensuing that I settled in North Carolina in a wonderful way.
- Elsie Cooley

True to their promises Movers can promise you the best relocations but not all of them can live up to that promise. Only countable companies like Long Distance Movers fulfil their promises. Their sales agent assured me of diligent relocations and that is what happened. They were there for me and I cannot hide it. I can say so confidently that being relocated by them is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. Being able to enjoy their services is not something that I take for granted. Their relocations were simply amazing.
- Chelsea Parks

Liers and thieves I booked the movers 1 month in advance and they quoted me a certain price. I gave them a deposit. When it came time for them to come and get my things they tripled the price. I had no choice to change, they would not give me my deposit back. I wound up leaving all my furniture behind. Gave some away and sold a couple of pieces, only had 2 days before closing on my house. When the movers came that they sent, they said I had to pay extra. I was suppose to have my belongings in 2 weeks. It was a tad over a month that my belongings were put into a storage unit. When I finally did get into my home 6 months later and got the boxes unpacked, I found out only to my demise that we are missing about 10 boxes of sentimental items. I am 70 years old and my son is handicapped. I can replace what I am missing, however the items they took from my son he had been collecting since he was very young and meant quite a bit to him and cannot be replaced. Who takes things from an old lady and a crippled young man. Not just overpricing but to take their items. They say what goes around comes around. Please go find another moving company. Do not trust these people.
- Margo Smith

Best moments It was such a good moment. I found relocating with them one of the most enjoyable things. The relocation team had a willing heart. Their services were perfecta and their dedication in ensuring quality delivery of services was extraordinary. They made it possible for us to relocate and I am grateful to them for that. It has never crossed my mind that relocations can be that manageable. I used to take this as one of the most hectic ventures. After being relocated by Long Distance Movers, I found it so easy moving with them. I will forever be grateful for this.
- Tim Mills

It’s all I need For the subsequent relocations, I desire nothing more. I will just need Long Distance Movers to help me out. You did it so wonderfully last time and I believe you capable of doing even better in future. I did not believe in relocation excellence until I had an encounter with one. I hired out Long Distance Movers to help me move from North Carolina to Georgia. I must admit that there was no failure on their part. Instead, the relocations were smooth, adorable, wonderful, and undoubtedly marvellous. I had such an easy time making the move. Everything happened my way and I will forever be grateful to this.
- James Robinson

I felt great It feels so wonderful being served by the best. Unknowingly, you find a sense of satisfaction deeply planted in you. I went to Long Distance Movers for relocations and they gave me their best. They maintained high levels of professionalism from the start until the end. I am grateful. They are the best - I have no doubts about their services. When I hired them out last week, they delivered perfect relocation services. They moved the furniture, the electronics, and other properties in such an adorable way.
- Paul Gonzalez

They do not disappoint There are hardly any movers in Virginia who can do a better job than what was done for me by Long Distance Movers during my latest move. I have used various movers during my past moves and was never satisfied with any of them. But Long Distance Movers showed great professionalism in the way they not only handled my things, but also how they handled me as a customer. I felt that they cherished my satisfaction and it would be unfair if I do not commend them well and recommend them. They do not disappoint.
- Rachel Anderson

Inspirational Move There is nothing more inspirational than being relocated by Long Distance Movers crew. Their team will give you a reason to be happy and clear all your doubts. Relocating with them gave me an opportunity of learning the essence of teamwork. I watched them work in cooperation and I was inspired. Their services are all I need. I love their relocation services. Being moved by Long Distance Movers is not something that I take for granted. Instead, I consider it as a great honour. That is why I am so much grateful that Long Distance Movers team was able to relocate me so swiftly from Georgia to Florida. Your services were awesome.
- Jeevan Rollins

It was just perfect This is the only place I am sure of getting perfect relocations. With them, I am certain of moving in a peaceful way. I enjoyed hiring them out last week. They were punctual during the move. They were able to wrap everything nicely in boxes before loading them in the truck. As a result, the entire relocation was perfect. In future, I will have them as my choice of movers, no changing. The whole team is just amazing. I love associating with them. From their sales persons to relocation coordinators and crewmembers, dealing with their team is one of the best experiences. I am glad they were able to move me from North Carolina to Kentucky without any issues. Your services are great and I appreciate that.
- Aiesha Sheldon

You came to my aid when I needed you most. You were able to relocate me in such an easy way. There were no struggles moving from Florida to New Jersey. I am full of delight for the services offered. I know I can always count on you. Something like this has never happened to me, I must be honest. Being relocated this way was something I didn’t see coming. You were so committed to your work and ensured I relocated safely and perfectly. I am grateful for that and forever will be.
- Rylee Escoba

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