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About Locatelli Moving & Storage

This moving company and its owner, Annie Asche has provided moving services in Santa Cruz for over 35 years. We are locally owned and operated but also have the affiliation of United Van Lines (America’s #1 Family Mover) behind us. Our mission is to maintain a lasting relationship with our customers by providing outstanding service every time. Our crew is skilled and professional. Our office staff is knowledgeable and helpful. If a problem arises, we make things right, right away. In short, proving that United Van Lines and Locatelli Moving and Storage are the finest of movers as measured by our most demanding critics—our customers.

Moving-Me about Locatelli Moving & Storage

This moving company company was established in 1982. It provides relocation services both for local and long-distance residential moving, office and industrial moving, as well as professional packing and storage. If you need a truck, Locatelli Moving & Storage Inc. is an authorized Penske Truck Rental Dealer. The company is an agent of United Van Lines.

Locatelli Moving & Storage Licenses & Certificates

The company is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: 67234

US D.O.T: 077949

(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: Cal-T-188949

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What is Locatelli Moving & Storage cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $3000. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services, and distance from A to B point. Also, many companies offer hourly rates. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance, or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free, and cost-effective. Locatelli Moving & Storage is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

Locatelli Moving & Storage Reviews

We chose Locatelli over other bids, although all were comparable in price, because they seemed to be able to accommodate our needs better than the rest. The other services planned to pack the truck, drive 4-5 hours, and then unload in one day. Not only did that make for a long day for everyone, but we may have been rushing to get items to our storage by closing time. Locatelli had two groups of movers; one team who loaded the truck, and then another team who unloaded first thing the next day. Both teams were lead by Miguel, who did an awesome job of managing the entire team, and making us feel comfortable that our things were being handled carefully. Both teams were equally good; great attitudes, respectful, polite, hard workers, and truly seemed to care. Half of our belongings were going to storage and the other half to our new home. Our sales rep Misty came the week of the move to pack our largest pictures for us, and the movers followed our coding with which boxes went to which location. There were two miscommunications that you should be aware of. Locatelli uses United Van services. When they do, they have a "bingo" system so that each item is labelled and checked off as they come off the truck. I was told that we would get that service, but didn't. When I complained, Miguel immediately got Misty on the phone and she personally came out to the house to resolve my concerns. A strip was added to the lock and then cut in front of me so that I knew that the truck had not been opened over night. The second glitch was with padding. I was told that my furniture going to storage would be paper padded and ready to go for my next move. Miguel felt that the items would be better protected using blankets, which were then removed upon arrival. Luckily we had a large storage space and didn't have to stack furniture, so agreed to take Miguel's advice and not paper pad them for next time either. Glitches can happen. I am more concerned with how they get resolved, and Locatelli did a great job of resolving those situations. They were at our house promptly by about 8:00-8:15 on the first day, and then left our home location at 5:00 am the next day so that they could be at our new location by 9:00. We were very impressed by that. Although we have not had a chance to check our storage items yet, we didn't have one break, scratch, or missing item of furniture or boxed items in our new home. I would highly recommend them for your next move!
- Robin

My mother recently used Locatelli for a move from California to Colorado. Annie was her contact there. Initially Annie was sweet although difficult to get a hold of as she does many other jobs apparently. Bottom line is she lied-- 1. She told my mom that she was taking $400 off the move but in the end charged her more than the original quote. 2. The move date was set for the end of July and Mom was told transit time would be 5-10 days. 1 week before her planned move date Annie called my Mom and said you are either moving tomorrow or not for another month. Also, she would have 4 days until her stuff arrived in Colorado. Annie backed her into a corner (she couldn't wait another month), caused A LOT of extra stress on my Mom, who is 64 and was ill at the time. AND Annie didn't even give her a break on the price of the move (which I am sure she got a last minute deal on). Once the stuff was on the road we couldn't get Annie to call us back with the contact information for the mover. TERRIBLE BUSINESS PRACTICES. Go elsewhere.
- sara r.

My other half and I recently moved across the county, and on day 6 of our self-move, we both ran out of f*cks. We were not going to finish our move on time, and we were contemplating various arson-based object-removal options, but there would've been very bad consequences and our former landlady would've been sad if we caught her house on fire. As such, I decided to get some quick quotes from local movers. I called four movers, and got four quotes, but Locatelli won on speed of ability to work for us, convenience, and best rate. Locatelli got someone out two days later to pack what I said was "mostly packed"- my standards are different from professional ones, though. Instead of dinging me with their two hour minimum, he packed one room for me, then gave me some useful instructions to improve my own packing, and we rescheduled a move of everything at once. Fast forward five days, and his instructions really fixed my packing procedure and made it work better, so that was big bonus number one. Doing my self-pack correctly saved me big additional bucks, and saved a lot of my stuff from trouble. Second MAJOR bonus, though: the Locatelli crew were on time, professional, very kind and pleasant, and moved my stuff, beating their estimate for just the move portion by nearly 30%. They earned every penny and then some. I have never tipped so gratefully in my entire life. The guys were stellar from start to finish, and were polite and clean in our home.. careful about our low-hanging cables and phone lines.. just a total class act. I asked them after the fact if everything usually goes this well, and they were honest, saying, "nope, sometimes things don't, you really got lucky on timing and availability, but we'll go the extra mile to get as close to the mark every time". Which is exactly what they did, and exactly what I believe they will do in the future if I ever need to call them. We now have all our stuff, my ex-landlady's house is still standing, no felony convictions were made, and I will, henceforth, go to no one but Locatelli for local moves, and no one but a United affiliate for a long-distance move. Great show by everyone from the business office to the packers to the movers. I would dance at your weddings, except most of them probably are already taken and I dance like Elaine Benes anyhow so I wouldn't bring any value-add to the equation.
- Bill S.

Locatelli is bad news! They raised the price $1000.00 after they moved my things to their "vault" storage. The vault storage was a taped off corner of a warehouse without an elevator. When we decided to do the rest of the move ourselves, the employees met us with bad attitudes from the top down. Our boxes were dropped down the stairs, items were scratched, there was no regard for boxes marked "fragile." It was a horrible experience. I would not trust this company with my possessions ever again. Beware!
- Marianna W.

Very bad experience. Bad attitudes from top down. They took advantage of a recently widowed woman by increasing their price and not protecting her belongings. I spoke with Annie the owner and soon realized where the attitudes come from. Be aware.
- Ned K.

They rent penske trucks, and I have to say when I arrived to pick up my truck the office was confused and in turmoil. They pushed me into the damage waiver insurance and stated it would only be 20 for a day. I was only to be charged for 1 day even though they were closed for the weekend and I couldn't return on SUNDAY.. They ended up charging me for 2 days of insurance even though they stated it was only a one day charge because they are closed. I had to complain to corporate to get my money refunded. Not to mention that when I went to return the vehicle the system were down and they could not provide me with a final total, and would call me.. I never received a call and when I did I noticed they charged me for more than what we negotiated. Customer service is bad, and expect extra charges if you rent from them..
- Robert G.

Already posted last month, but trying again. 5 stars for sure! Our move with Locatelli's was as painless and smooth as it gets! Annie was wonderful to deal with, and the crew that moved us was punctual, professional and really took good care of our stuff. Nice group of guys. Can't speak highly enough of the entire process and would definitely use them if we ever move again.
- Kate R.

I used this company on Feb 5th. I was hesitant because of some of the reviews on yelp. I am so glad I did. They were fantastic! They were on time, very careful with my things and affordable. I have a lazyboy sectional and a sleep number bed and they knew exactly what to do! Thank you!
- Jen G.

This business rents penske trucks. The MORNING OF my pickup reservation, I get a call waking me before 8AM from one of Locatelli's employees telling me that they, in fact, will NOT have a truck for me. This is an unacceptable oversight, as now my brother who I was planning on moving this weekend is completely screwed. 2 stars instead of 1 because I've had decent experiences there in the past. Being fair, this probably doesn't happen frequently. That being said, I would not consider using Locatelli Moving & Storage again
- Nelson S.

These guys were great! Hardworking crew with great fun loving attitudes. What a brutal job these guys have. Ours went the extra mile. Zach, Francisco and the boys were great.
- Aaron G.

Locatelli is loading the truck with our belongings and furniture as I write this. They are at the end of the process. They have been amazing. They are super careful, considerate and friendly. We have some very heavy furniture they have moved down two flights of stairs turning a corner on the way down with no problems. Scott and his crew have done an outstanding job. A few years back my husband and I had the move from hell. This is the move from heaven.
- Rosalie C.

Annie, owner of Locatelli Moving and Storage, is a rock star! We were anxious about moving from our Santa Cruz home of thirty years (that sold in 14 days)! From the minute she showed up at our house, we felt a collective sigh of relief. She was patient, understanding, and willing to pitch in and help with every big thing (my husband's 700-lb table saw) and every little thing as well (several filled black garbage bags that we left behind). Her team was fast, professional, and kind. They made what could have been an extremely difficult move for us, easy and stress-free.
- Deborah S.

This review is somewhat late, and if Annie should happen to read this, please accept my apology for my tardiness. Annie and her moving men had come to the rescue of Redding Title Co. just after the October 17, 1989 earthquake. We had around a quarter of a million title and escrow files in the basement storage area of the Leonard Bldg., downtown Santa Cruz. My business partner had called Annie in the evening to remove the files and to replace them in a separate storage facility in Santa Cruz. The move was done that night(with no electric lighting). She is a superwoman! I have used her moving services since then a few times for moving from one residence to another. Always done in a proper fashion, no problems, and what I considered a very reasonable fee. The last move that was done was in July 2012. She also assisted her workers in getting the job done. If there were more stars to give her and her company I would add them to this reviews. Thank you Annie, you're a gem! Sherman U.
- Sherman U.

This is written on the day our stuff was loaded onto the van. I wanted to tell Monica how grateful we are to her for her incredibly efficient, careful, and lightning-fast packing, plus the strong calming influence she had on two very frazzled people over a 2-week period. She saved our lives and our sanity. Misty, estimator at Locatelli, is professional, very personable and kind, a pleasure to work with. Scott (aka Scooter to his crew) is an expert mover. He is also amazingly calm amid chaos. The guys working with him--Frankie, Daniel, Eric and Monty--were a great team. Annie and her company saved our bacon when Regal Auto Transport bailed on us (after taking our $400 "deposit"), leaving our cars in limbo. We'll be contacting A-Z Shipping to arrange transport of two cars and expect to be very pleased. This is an interstate move that needed careful coordination. I recommend Locatelli highly.
- Lisa C.

If you value family heirlooms that have been passed down through the years don't use Locatelli. I have so many damaged items, so damaged in fact, I have to take them to the dumps. Locatelli's has horrible communication skills and really only cares about the check in their hands your personal items are of no consequence. BEWARE!
- S O.

The best moving and storage company there is. I have used Locatelli 3 times and they are so helpful and flexible. They made schedule changes easy, moved a car no problem and communicated well. They made moving as easy as it can get and their customer service from Misty was the best! Thanks Misty!
- V P.

We hired Locatelli for our move from Soquel to Scotts Valley, and we had our items stored in their storage facility until we finished renovations on our new home. Everything about the process was fantastic. We had very little to worry about on our end, and the things we did need to worry about were communicated well in advance. The guys came into the house and were very efficient and careful with our items. I highly recommend to anyone looking to ease the burden of moving.
- Thomas C.

Locatelli moved us from SF to Santa Cruz and they did a great job for a fair price. The movers were fast, courteous and professional. I recommend them. Another company moved us from the Peninsula to SF and they were not nearly as good.
- Dennis H.

If you value customer service as much as I do then you should choose Locatelli's. They were so accommodating to our needs and were willing to do whatever we needed them to in order to make our rental truck pick up convenient. I highly recommend them and will use them again in the future when I need another moving truck!
- Donna S.

I can't comment on the moving side of this business, because I only rented a truck. My observations tell me, that the movers are super professional though. I rented a Penske truck. Sheila is the rep here for the truck rental. I couldn't be happier with service from her. Absolutely awesome. She really works to meet your needs and your budget. Got the truck we needed on promised date. Very thorough in explaining everything, right down to reminding you to STOP, at scales, to avoid a possible 500$ fine. Penske truck is in great shape and runs great for a diesel 26 footer. Very satisfied and highly recommend if your looking to rent a truck of any size. Thank you Sheila! Your great!
- Tom H.

Locatelli is a longtime local business, family owned. The employees are treated well, and they're very loyal. That makes a difference to me. Annie the owner often goes on the jobs herself to ensure they're done right. Everyone from UCSC to Cabrillo to the County Elections Department uses them. She moved one of my friends across the country and back during a difficult time for the friend, and she could not say enough good things about how sensitive Annie and her crew were. (The company is affiliated with a larger carrier... United, I believe), so they can do long-distance moves as well as local. Very ethical people.
- Donna M.

I'm averaging together two moves Locatelli has done for a me - a five star move the first time and a two star rating the second time. The crews have been top notch - hard working, cautious and thorough, friendly and on time. I have to ding them for not being proactive to settle water damage to several books when the truck developed a leak when stored outside over night. Both the driver and I took pictures of the soggy boxes and books - I waited 2 weeks to hear from them; sent them an email and a month later still have heard nothing. Shame on you Annie! UPDATE: Evidently this event was due to a communication mishap and has been fixed internally. My claim was readily honored and paid. I have changed my rating to FIVE stars because Annie and the crew deserve it. Thank you!
- Bob T.

I had a wonderful experience working with Locatelli Moving and Storage while relocating from Los Angeles to the Bay Area. Through email/phone Annie and Juan were available each time I had a question, they were very friendly, able to accommodate my requested moving date, and quoted me at what seemed like a very reasonable price. Because I packed most of my own stuff the total came out to be less than the quote they originally thought. On moving day Francisco was on time, very carful with our things, very friendly, a hard worker and efficient mover. Francisco moved our stuff into the truck in SoCal, drove it up to the Bay Area and was great again while unloading our stuff into our new home. It was nice to have a familiar face and person we enjoyed working with unloading our stuff after he did a great job loading it. Thank you Annie, Juan and Francisco!
- John D.

When I was preparing to sell my house in Santa Cruz and needed somebody to pack up everything and put it in storage, my realtors recommended Locatelli Moving and Storage. Now that the packing, loading, and storage is done, I see why they recommended them. Everybody I dealt with at Locatelli was helpful, friendly, and hard-working. I'm grateful that they made a stressful situation as easy and manageable as it could possibly be -- and all at a very reasonable price that came in lower than the initial estimate. So here is a big thank-you to Locatelli (especially my move coordinator Misty) and a strong recommendation for Locatelli's services.
- Debra T.

If you've ever moved office you know how chaotic it can be. Annie and her team were awesome. Organized, wicked fast, professional and calm when the unexpected kept cropping up! I HIGHLY recommend calling Locatelli to manage your move, big or small…
- Mardi B.

I had someone from this company come do a in person quote and it seemed nice and fine but then she told me I should "take things over" myself before the movers come. I am trying to move to an apartment in my exact same apartment complex. She called it an "in house move" but still requires a minimum amount of hours which will make it very expensive. If...I were capable of moving things myself? Would I need to hire movers? It felt like she was judging me some how. and like they would rather do a larger job. That my small job would be a waste of their time. And she said they would not want to wait for the elevator so would use the stairs most of the time. I am moving into a very quiet building for disabled and old folks. Rarely is no waiting for the elevator. Seems like that was just a way to make the job last longer? Not sure. But going out of your way to go up 3 flights of stairs is odd with all of my belongings. and it made me nervous. I contacted her about my concerns after she left and I heard nothing! That showed how much they did not want my business.
- Basil C.

TERRIBLE Management.... Good Drivers and Movers.... We spent half of a day walking the salesperson through all of our 3 locations, an office, an apartment, and a storage container. The movers arrived having no clue of the scope of our move... they were understandably very unhappy the entire time but they still went through with the job. Because we had a very heavy piece of industrial equipment, and the men were completely unprepared for the fact that the job was 3x larger than they thought it would be, what should have taken 2 hours took an entire 8 day, having to bring in a second truck, having to borrow pette jacks from the building, having to piss off building managers etc. This all could have been avoided had management done their job and properly informed the team well in advance. I would give them 1 star for management and 4 stars for movers, but because management and communication is such an important thing for moving when people's health and safety and expensive machinery is on the line... I am giving them 1 star. Someone could have seriously been hurt by them not having the proper preparations for moving industrial equipment.
- bryan k.

The WORSE moving company you could get and I have moved 26 times around the world. Their 5 stars reviews smell like paid for (or compensated for) advertisements. Locatelli is now owned by the giant UNITED corporation. Know that if you have any issue with lost or broken items, or poor business practices, as I did, you will deal with United and their customer unfriendly practices. Big corporations are also known to have the means to pay "internet trolls" to put 5 stars reviews that are completely fake. Now to the move experience: Misty came to do the estimate. She was very spacey, not focused at all, not really looking attentively around to assess the quantity and the type of items. In every move I did previously, somebody always came to do a double-check and do a REAL assessment. Not here. We waited for the second visit, nothing. Not surprisingly, when it came to the quote, she was completely off. The movers came unstaffed as they had been grossly misled about the cubic quantity by Locatelli wrong estimate. They worked 20 hours non-stop for 2 days and we tipped them largely for their efforts. 4 stars for the movers! According to them, this situation is common and Locatelli doesn't care neither about customers, neither about their movers they sub-contract. Although I was ill, both my husband and I had to help as well - packing, carrying - to make sure our stuff would be loaded as our house was sold and we had to leave rapidly. Then came Annie, another United employee who presented herself as the "owner" - a women in need of serious customer service skills, who seems to be more fit to deal with K-mart items than French antiques - who did some packing as a "courtesy" - as she claimed - after the employee she had sent, Misty, had made a big mistake. Because of Locatelli utterly unprofessional attitude, we had some irreplaceable French antiques that went missing. Exactly those that Annie packed and did not registered nor labeled properly. I was there, I watched her while packing myself, something I should not have had to do in the first place. She did not care about our items, she just wanted to be done with it, complaining and mumbling, talking to herself most of the time. Considering both their weird behavior, are these two women indulging in too much of something? Our load was mixed in the truck with other people loads, which we were not informed about at the beginning. As a result, some of our furniture had small bugs in it that certainly were not there before. We got bitten by some of these bugs after our load arrived at destination. Be aware of that detail if you request a quote! We have written 2 letters to the claim office of United and faxed copies of the documents we were given. Considering the confusion during the move as they were so understaffed and disorganized from beginning to end, it looks like we were not given all the documents we should have obtained. United is not wanting to reimburse us the missing antiques that Locatelli lost. They keep lying, making false statements and referring to "files" that we do not have. They obviously side with their (unqualified) employees and don't give a damn about you the customer. Dishonest corporate attitude at its best! The good news is that I have a family member in Europe who is shipping me beautiful replacement antique items through sharing a container with an antique dealer. Not worth it to waste time to keep dealing with these thugs. Just do your home work, a move is a big affair and stressful enough. Go for the real pros and leave the hillbillies wannabe movers out of the picture.
- Terry D.

I needed to get my truck weighed for DMV. I called several auto shops. Finally Locatelli popped up. Gave them a ring and sure enough. No reservation required. I showed up, weighed my truck, got the slip, and took off. Super easy and reasonable priced. If you need your vehicle weighed for DMV - go here!
- Candice K.

Locatelli moving and storage is the B E S T!! We moved from Santa Cruz to San Jose and they stored our belongings for three months in-between! Annie and her team are amazing people to work with! They are very professional and I was so impressed by how organized and CAREFUL they ALL were with our things! They protected our flooring and did not ding one single wall. They packed some of our special things as well and they came out of the boxes like new! Their prices are reasonable and well worth the peace of mind during a very stressful time to have to move. I cannot say enough great things about the whole Locatelli team, from beginning to end, GREAT PEOPLE!!!!! Thank you!!
- Matthew M.

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