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The mover looks forward to helping make your move an easy-going process. A well-reputed interstate moving company with thousands of successful moves under their belt. Whether you’re moving locally, long distance or overseas, their committed team will assist you throughout your relocation. Fully equipped movers  are trained to handle complete home and office moves. Relocation consultants will provide you with quality customer service before, during and after your move.

Moving-Me about Jordan River Moving & Storage

A family owned and operated specialized in local and Long distance moves the moving company looks forward to helping you make your move an easy-going process. This moving company is a fully licensed and insured moving company, located in Kirkland, Washington. To help make your move as convenient as possible, Jordan River offers 24-hour service, 7 days a week.

Jordan River Moving & Storage Licenses & Certificates

This moving company is fully licensed and insured to handle the car shipment. The company is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: 391125C

US D.O.T: 901418

(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: HG-11884

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What is Jordan River Moving & Storage cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $1200. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services, and distance from A to B point. Also, many companies offer hourly rates. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance, or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free, and cost-effective. Jordan River Moving & Storage is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

Jordan River Moving & Storage Reviews

The movers work very hard and efficiently. The sales person I spoke with told me everything I could expect in my move and I got all the information I needed. Will definitely call them up again for any upcoming moves. Highly recommend them!
- Omri M.

We just hired this company to move and I'm not big on Yelp but people need to know how horrible they are. We had missing boxes, TVs dropped, boxes completely smashed and they told us several things did not need to be boxed but they ultimately did and charged us $400 for additional packing-crooks!. They had put these large stickers on everything that has damaged so much. When I complained the owner Paul just told us to contact their claims dept ---only because they bury you with demands that I normal person can meet and the website loses information so if you actually get the items completed they mysteriously disappear. Do not hire them. Worse company ever. Worth a few more dollars for a quality moving company
- Leslie G.

Just moved to my new house with the help of the Jordan River crew. Really professional team, careful and polite. Great job. Thank you!
- Nasos K.

I recently moved and I'm so glad I found this guys. They came on time and did everting fast and safe.what a great service
- Vally K.

Scam artists 🙁 They tell you one price and then double it. How can you underestimate it by so much unless you do it on purpose? If they can't get truck to your delivery point they charge you ridiculous extra price. I understand that they need to charge extra for moving your stuff to a smaller track. But $1,000+ extra!!! For an additional hour of labor! Really?!!! When your items arrive damaged good luck collecting on the insurance they supposedly included in the contract. They just ignore you once they collected your money.
- New Y.

Outrageous and unethical. I had used the company once before, so I was reusing Jordan River on what I thought was good faith. I had a 6 day window scheduled from the first week of July for a cross country move from Pittsburgh to Seattle. I had reached out multiple times a week to inquire on the status of my move. I never received any follow-up after constant promises from both Tom and Paul. I felt deceived and quite uneasy. After finally solidifying a move date this afternoon, I inquired to speak to a manager/owner to gain more clarity on the process for my own understanding and potential reassurance. After being lied to again that someone would directly reach out, as my claims of frustration were deemed as valid by Paul .... I finally received a quick note *attached* from Tom notifying me that my move that's scheduled in 2 days is now cancelled AS OF THIS EVENING!. Did I mention this is a move for my job and I'm expected to start next week? Honestly- although livid in the moment, it is a blessing in disguise that this folly company backed out. Nothing good could can come from anymore involvement from Jordan River. "Owners" like this have no business being in business. Please protect yourself, and find a more credible service to trust with your money and belongings.
- Miya D.

Very impressed with the whole crew and experience. I got 3 moving quotes and theirs was in the middle but seemed to be the most complete. Three movers arrived on time on a Friday Feb 15th to pack us up and did so very efficiently in 5 hours. On moving day four members arrived and emptied the house including a piano and a safe. They kept asking anything else? They drove everything to the new house and quickly emptied the truck, set up the beds and put furniture and boxes just where I wanted them. They never slacked or slowed down and were courteous the entire time. Even better, nothing broken or scratched. Highly recommend them.
- Susan O.

This company is the absolute dopest. These guys were so on time and friendly and gentle with our belongings. The men who packed us up in Seattle were super fast and efficient, as well as the men who unpacked us in Tennessee. 10 out of 10 would use this company again. The quote from the company for how much it would cost was not bad at all, and then the cost ended up being even less because the weight of our stuff was less than expected. I would highly highly recommend this company to anyone in the Washington area. I just hope that one day they can expand into Tennessee so they can move us back home to Washington.
- Dani V.

Our experience with Jordan has been positive and we recommend this service! We moved from Redmond WA to Los Angeles CA, our source was a 2 bedroom house with no fancy but regular stuff like TV, Couch, Dining table, a couple of wall paintings, bycycle etc. Our destination was a one bed room house with more than 2 stairs up without an elevator. The movers at origin came around 8 AM in the morning and finished the job in a couple of hours - we felt confident about the way they handled and packed our stuff. Everything was labelled properly with an increasing number sequence so as to keep count of the items. When we needed one extra box to pack the paintings , we were told how much will be the extra charge (around 25$ I believe, I don't remember the exact number) up-front. The delivery estimates were also communicated up-front well , we were told that there will be a 14 day delivery guarantee if we made the reservation a week before the loading date and within a week it will be 21 days. Our stuff reached within that time line (I think we received roughly in a week). The unpacking was also smooth and satisfactory. No items missed or damaged. Obviously since they use a shared transport model (trucks will transport multiple households), the price was effective for us (if we don't want the shared model, the price we would pay is almost 3 fold). And we don't have any complaints with the experience.
- Pradeep K.

TERRIBLE. I have moved several times, and this was the only terrible experience I've encountered. I get that things sometime break in a move by accident,but this company's intentionally bad packing job was egregious, and caused damage to many of our items. To begin with, the packers wore booties when they quoted the job, then...on job day...they didn't wear any booties and tracked mud onto our white carpets. Nice job, guys. Some of the items were packed very professionally, leading me to believe at least one of the packers was well-trained and had some level of care factor. Here are a few of the things they broke, due to willful and negligent packing: 1. We have dozens of expensive frames that were scratched and chipped because the packers put multiple pictures in boxes with no protection, so they rubbed against each other causing scraped paint and chips in the frames. There is no real way to estimate the actual damage, since the frames weren't fully broken. Many of the frames were incredibly expensive, and to replace them would cost in the thousands of dollars. 2. I opened one box to find two lamp shades, neither of which would have fit alone in the box, smashed together to fit into the box. Both were destroyed beyond repair. Very funny, packers. 3. A brass floor lamp was completely bent and destroyed. 4. Oddly, a puzzle box had been opened and then packed with fragile items, along with very heavy objects, creating undue damage. Intentional and negligent. 5. A $1200 suit was shoved at the bottom of a box, which had tools and computer cables piled into it as well. The suit needs to be mended from the rips that were caused, not to mention it being stained soiled from the garage tools. The suit may not be repairable. 6. A few pieces to dish sets are missing, leading me to believe they were probably broken during packing and just not accounted for. 7. A $400 turntable was packed in a box without any wrapping. Surprise, it's ruined...but the company's response was to tell me it was MY fault for not properly packing the turntable...that's why I hired a professional company to help us move. 8. Our brand new couch was not wrapped in moving blankets, and apparently got rubbed by something sharp, causing damage to the back of it. 9. The matching love-seat now has a broken leg because it was not properly protected during the move. 10. Many of my power tools were dropped into an oversized wardrobe box, along with loose hardware. I literally had to cut the box in half (horizontally) to get to the bottom, or simply turn it upside down to dump the varied contents on the ground. There are many other smaller items that were badly packed and scuffed...this list is just some of them. I won't go into the company's response. Needless to say, they were very unhelpful, citing how much experience their crew has, and in general how wonderful they are, etc...and that we should file insurance claims. Insurance was purchased for accidental damage, not for intentional damage caused by inept packers.
- Tyler S.

I would not recommend them. We moved from Seattle to Miami and the quote was decent.. The price went up every time they touch anything. Eventually the bill doubled. they would not unload our staff unless paid in full...... So there is no way to dispute the charges other then taking them to court. They damaged our house when took the stuff out although someone came to fix it the job was done very poorly. Make sure you reserve enough cash as quote will double
- Leonid S.

The laborers were great and unloading is in process (I'll update if any issues once they are complete). I just received my bill and $125 for a tv carton is highway robbery (my tv isn't even worth that much). I must take some responsibility since their estimate sheet does not show prices for materials and I did not ask; I advise you do. (Bed bags were $30 each). The weight estimate was ~5500 pounds and they reported it as 6200; one can only hope that was a valid weight measurement. Their cost per pound and minimum were at face value less then competitive quotes I got.
- Rich R.

Amazing service.very fast and extremely polite.The move was very smooth and no extra hidden fees.Thank you for making it easy.
- Shiri K.

We moved from WA to TX and everything went perfect. The crew packing took great care to wrap everything with such detail, even placing protection around the knobs on our dressers to ensure they were not broken. They arranged the shipping of one of our vehicles and our condo. The crew unpacking the truck did just as well with placing all the items where we needed them. They took great care of us!
- Jeff M.

Excellent moving service! Quote was accurate, the movers showed up right on time, packed our 3bd home with care, furniture was wrapped very well. Very courteous to us and the home while moving. They delivered within 5 days, delivery was on time, did not use any third party movers, which was great since unloading was also as good as the loading. Highly recommend.
- Tanuj K.

I used Jordan River many years ago and decided to use them again when I was moving my things out of storage in Seattle to Los Angeles. I actually found the drivers on both ends (picking up and again upon delivery) to be professional and courteous. However, the same cannot be said for the customer service person I dealt with. Sheena was argumentative, sarcastic, unprofessional and unpleasant. I dreaded having to talk with her - which I did on multiple occasions. One conversation was so unpleasant that I put her on speaker phone and my companion who heard her was equally shocked by her tone and affect. Maybe the company would benefit by tape recording their agents to see how customers are being dealt with. It will be interesting to see whether anyone from the company responds to this complaint. Looks like there are a sting of 'em.
- Patricia P.

Recently, I used Jordan River moving company to relocate from Seattle to Washington. Very unprofessional crew members. 1. They stolen the iPhone AirPods from the iPhone box. 2. Didn't assemble the furniture properly, and left I assembled tables, saying that we are getting late. 3. Didn't put any protection on the floor or staircase to avoid scratches on the floor or on staircases. In short, don't use this company ever... Not worth it!!
- Varun G.

I moved from Columbia City to Ballard and did this move in two parts -- moved out of my rental, put everything in storage with Jordan River, then moved into my Ballard home yesterday (almost 3 months later). The crew for both moves was led by Ruben and they were AWESOME!!! I'm in a townhome with tons of stairs and turning corners is a tight fit. These guys did not scratch one thing, I'm seriously shocked! Plus, check this out: they couldn't get my box spring up the stairs, so they used straps to lift it up the side of the building and into my bedroom window -- they were actually on the roof of the building pulling it up and then realized it would fit through the window...I couldn't even believe they did this, I didn't think it was possible. Talk about innovative -- that thing was so heavy. I can't say enough positive things about Ruben and his crew specially and about Jordan River in general. They inventoried all my belongings, everything was super organized -- will definitely use them again, they were truly outstanding!
- Bridgette K.

The movers left a big dent on the wall during the move. It happens. Then, they assured us that they will take care of it. We were then told to sign the paperwork and were told that we should not write any remark about the damage on paper. Because, it happens all the time and a quick phone call is all that was needed. Trust us, they said. The boys didn't break anything else and were mostly efficient. So, we left them a tip for all the hard work and hoped the company would do the right thing . But, not only did it take a quiet a few calls to reach them, they then had the audacity to inform us that they are not liable for damages caused by their boys during the move!!!! How is that even a thing? You break something, you fix it. The sad part is that we have used these guys before as well . But, I will not recommend them to anyone after this incident!!! Because, It's not just about the money and inconvenience but also a matter of principle !!!
- Akanksha P.

If I could go back in time and change one thing, it would be my decision to hire this company. We've moved a lot - locally, between states and internationally and this was by far our worst moving experience. Unfortunately, I didn't have much time to plan this move and Jordan River had availability. I could write a book about all the things that went wrong but you probably don't want to read that. The highlights are as follows: 1. Javier recommended we have 3 guys pack our belongings on one day and the next day they would come back to pick everything up in a truck. He claimed the workers got too tired if they had to do it all in one day. Then the movers arrived and asked to do it all in one day so we scrambled to find a hotel room and re-adjust our plans to accommodate them. 2. I also told Javier that at the end of the trip, there was no way an 18-foot truck could get in to the apartment complex. He said this was no problem, which I understood as the price of the "shuttle" truck in TX would be calculated into the contract. This was not the case and we had to pay an additional $575 for the "shuttle" because nobody told the dispatch guy that the truck wouldn't make it in. 3. We were told by two people that technically they had 21 days to do our move but since so many people were moving this time of year, it would probably be more like 7-14 days. It took 29 days. We had to call Paul (dispatch) multiple times to find out when our items would be arriving. He would tell us a date that he would call us with a shipping time, that date would come and go and we'd have to call him to hear excuse after excuse about someone not doing something right and our stuff was still in storage in Washington. If you do decide to work with them for an interstate move, factor in an entire month of hotel costs. That ended up costing us an additional $4,000.00. 4. Our dining room table had been left to sit in water on it's side so there is quite a bit of water damage. The same thing happened to our bedroom dresser. Other small things were broken and I'm still removing their labels (4 months later) from all my items. 5. They lost one of our boxes full of family heirlooms. Please, save yourself the stress and heartache and tears and go with another moving company. This company is deceitful, they lack customer service. Not once have we received an apology for losing our item, damaging items or delaying our shipment.
- Jennifer M.

I had a recent move, and used Jordan River. I had them do both the packing and move. They sent out an estimator ahead of time, so that I was prepared for any costs ahead of time. On the move day, the crew showed up on time, and basically got to work immediately. They did a great job with the packing, left zero marks on walls etc., in my old place, and when they arrived and moved everything to the new place, they also managed to leave everything in perfect condition. My only reason for not giving a 5 star is because suddenly when it came to pay, I was told of a 2.5% charge because I was paying with a card, that wasn't told to me upfront. Otherwise, the move itself was very successful and I would use the company again.
- Anne M.

I could not get ahold of the original mover that I had scheduled with to make my move, and I had to find another company the day before my move was to take place. Jordan River said they would do it, their guys showed up on time, and did an excellent job. They definitely saved the day!
- Ev F.

They made my move very easy. I didn't have to worry about a thing. They came to my house in Mount Baker, Seattle packed all my belongings with extra care, labeled anything that was fragile and made sure that I was satisfied with the packing before they took everything away. The dates they gave me were almost exact, the movers put back all the furniture that required building and left my apartment almost complete (other than my personal things which I wanted to unpack myself). This is definitely the best moving experience that I ever had. Thank you to the team for making the move easy and smooth for my family. Keep up the good work. I would recommend them to all my friends and family. Great service and great people.
- Yonatan Y.

I have used Jordan movers twice. Once for a short distance move and once for a long distance one. I would recommend them for short distances as I think that is what they are set up for best. I was unhappy with the long distance move and think there are better companies out there. The driver who showed up at mu place was very unprofessional followed by two men hired in that state to move the boxes inside. They were disorganized and failed to check boxes as they were moving them inside. I tried to do this particular job, but because I was alone and also needed to explain which room the boxes needed to go into, I was unable to do so. They did not do it. The driver said he did it and accounted for every single box which was untrue. Several of the boxes did not have labels on them anymore- they had fallen off. It was impossible to account for every box and as a result, I noticed several items missing when I unpacked. I have moved out of state many times and this was my first experience like this one. I also had several boxes damaged because as the driver said he had a delivery the day before where he had to go "straight up the hill" and heard the clanging. Okay, so things like this happens and I do understand that, but I was refused the missing boxes claim by their third party company because I did not note that before the driver left. He told me that I had "90 days" to dispute or discover any missing items. Guess he was wrong. Hope someone can learn from my experience.
- P L.

Oh. My. Gosh. I've moved probably a dozen times the last decade and never have I come close to the service that these guys provided. Just a quick run through of the house and they were able to confirm the size of the storage unit plus extra space, and after moving they totally nailed it. The whole process was super fast, the movers were incredibly sweet and helpful, and they were able to easily accommodate a baby grand piano as well. I'll never use a different moving company again.
- Andrew S.

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!!!!!!! The worst experience ever! We accepted their price and their terms without any bargaining despite their high price thinking that as long as they can move us on time we are fine. They cancelled us last minute-literally the day before our scheduled moving date, leaving us no time to find another moving company. We were shocked when the manager Austin Lewis yelled at us and told us that there is nothing we can do because they haven't charged us yet. Guess what, there is a legal term in contract law called "detrimental reliance". It turns out that we can sue you, and what's more to that is we don't even need to spend money in finding lawyers because both me and my husband are lawyers in big laws. Wasting our billable hour on a scumbag like you makes us feel dirty. We are disgusted by you and your moving company. A company without integrity will not survive. PS: I believe honest people have good karma. Upon hearing our story, another moving company was willing to move us on the original date despite the extremely short notice and on a much cheaper price. Thank you Medina moving!
- Jishu Z.

Do not hire this moving company. They take apart your furniture and then cannot put it back together. The contents of my home and my vehicle arrived incredibly late (7+ days). The packers disassembled furniture that was purchased assembled. The movers were unable to assemble furniture due to lack of wanting to and poor knowledge. The packers placed legs of a bench and all the hardware for the beds and sofa in either a labeled box or on the furniture itself. The movers told me at first they couldn't find the hardware, and once I located it for them, had no concept of how to piece it together. They told me that it wasn't their responsibility to put my furniture back together if it took too long. They left my daughters bed in an unsafe manner. Had I not realized it, she could have been seriously hurt. The main office told me that people usually hire a handyman to put the furniture together. I've moved before with the same furniture and United Van Lines had absolutely no problems putting my furniture together. They also didn't come to me complaining about it and did the move in in about 3 hrs with 3 guys. This company had 4 movers and it took from 11am-7pm. Now for the vehicle.... The driver, who was several days late, left my car on the side of the busiest highway in the area. It was neither safe or lawful. He also did not communicate with me properly and at one point yelled and hung up the phone. This was all documented by the vehicle transport company. So if you want to be berated by a crazy car carrier driver and have your furniture in pieces then this is the company for you.
- Diana P.

This review is really late, but I'm in the process of moving again and having flashbacks to the last move using Jordan River. We hired them to move us from the Redmond, WA area to Vancouver, WA. The packers sent to our house had little to no training and also didn't seem to care how things were packed. My husbands hat collection ended up shoved in a box with garage items. Items from the garage work bench were dumped into boxes and took days to straighten out. For some reason, they decided the handle on the lawn mower needed to be taken apart, then wrapped with plastic. They apparently turned the mower on it's side in the truck because when it arrived in the new house, it was completely non-functional and had to be repaired to the tune of about $200. An antique buffet had a piece from the top removed for no apparent reason and the hinge on one door was broken/bent. Several boxes from our kitchen were lost. When I contacted the company, the did nothing to find them and didn't seem to care. Do yourself a favor, don't do what I did and go with the lower bid. I still regret my choice and so will you.
- Gayle R.

Pop quiz. Condo. Needs to be emptied pronto. Woman inside needs to move. The condo's contents are holding her hostage. What do you do, hot shot? If you said "shoot the hostage," you may be Keanu Reeves, and I am oh so glad that I didn't hire you instead of Jordan River for my in-town move. Jordan River made my move so much easier than I expected. This is my second time moving, but I didn't have to cram all of my belongings into a tiny 5x10 storage unit and take the furniture to Goodwill. (All those cows? Those were part of my purge.) Back to the heroes who helped: Diego, Tito, and Enrique were superb! They arrived at the very beginning of their estimated window, took care to make sure they understood what items were going where, and packed up the van quickly. They managed to get all of my precious boxes and the furniture that I wanted to save into my tiny little storage unit with space to spare! (I bet they're champions at Tetris!) I was able to mash in even more later! The guys were super fast, highly efficient, and communicated really well both with us and with each other. Their cheerful demeanor and positive attitudes were contagious, and I realized early on that I was going to get through the move. If you ever find yourself overwhelmed with a houseful of stuff that needs to go somewhere else, call Jordan River. See if Diego, Enrique, and Tito are available! Tell them Julia will be calling when she moves back.
- Julia S.

This is the worst experience I had with Jordan river East moving company, They brought my belongings after 33 days a lot of furniture was damaged to the point where I had to throw it to the garbage, They never tell you the truth about timing people are absolutely unprofessional interim self parking everything, My boxes game in half open I open the claim with them and it's been already almost a month and they still did not reply. I would not recommend them
- Taylana I.

I have moved all over the country, including to Hawaii and back. I have always had major companies move me, with very mixed results. There has never been a move where something wasn't broken or damaged. Jordan River turned out to be a dream come true. Amazing customer service, the least expensive of all the quotes I received, and absolutely excellent movers. I moved from Portland, Oregon to Sacramento, California. The movers arrived with the truck that would be delivering my goods, along with the driver who would stay with the truck (so no transfers en route). I moved on a Saturday and they arrived Tuesday morning (Monday was a holiday). The two men worked quickly and efficiently, rarely taking a short break even though the temperature was 104! And, for the first time ever, not a single item was damaged or broken. I cannot recommend this company enough. The best of all the movers I have ever worked with.
- Jon P.

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