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Jay Movers Moving Company

is a relocation company in Chicago that provides moving services to residential and commercial customers. We know that moving requires knowledge, experience, efficiency, and a caring attitude.

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Quality of service: 4.9

Punctuality: 4.6

Accuracy of Estimate: 5

Customers’ rating: 5

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Jay Movers, Inc. takes customer needs very seriously and we work hard to ensure customer satisfaction. Jay Movers, Inc. continues to grow and expand. Our staff of professional relocation specialists, advanced fleet of trucks, and experienced crew will continue to excel to provide our community with the best moving service possible. Let our experienced, hard working movers get rid of the hassle: our fast, friendly service will make your next move a breeze, whether you’re making a local Chicago move, an interstate move, or moving your office or business.

Illinois Moving Company Review- Jay Movers

They provide long distance relocation to any point in the continental United States. They provide same day service to some places within a certain radius. They can pack all of your belongings on one day and deliver it the next day or load and drive on the same day. They provide full service corporate moves for a local or long distance relocation. Your office furnishings, important files, computers and peripherals, and other electronics will be handled with extreme care. Jay Movers, Inc. will expedite the move so that down time is at a minimal. They utilize the latest in protective and time saving moving equipment such as masonite floor covering, speed packs, hand trucks, dollies, pads, straps, and other materials for maximum protection. Their crews and the foreman have been trained in packing to provide safe transportation of antiques, pianos, and other fragile items. Their staff will use the proper amount of padding to protect your china, monitors, and electronic components to avoid any damages. The packing is charged at the same rate as the moving service plus the cost of materials.

Certified Moving Company Illinois – Licenses & Certificates

Jay Movers is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: 344739

(Interstate Commerce Commission Motor Carrier number)

US D.O.T: 766892

(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: 117079

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What is the average Illinois mover service cost?

Jay Movers Moving Company offers relocation services at an average Illinois moving costs. Be ready to pay 185$ for the first 2 hours of work each additional hour is 75$ extra fee for packing depending on the size. Call our consultant to get more detailed information immediately based on your request and moving needs. Fill out the Jay Movers Moving Quote and our consultant will contact you during the day.
Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services and distance from A to B point. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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Moving-me is a team of professionals who respect your time and money. Being one of the best moving service selection companies operating all over the USA with reliable moving company reviews, we are doing our best to match a to manage your local, long-distance or interstate relocation at your needs and budget. We provide a tight moving community for the best and fastest service for any occasion. We are working hard to obtain recognition and respect from our customers.

Jay Movers Moving Company Reviews

They were SO FAST and so nice!! We love them!!! They even got my big huge sofa up 4 floors through a rickety old stairwell! It was amazing!!! And they were way more affordable than other movers in Chicago. Seriously we can't recommend them enough!!
- Meredith Stepien

Best movers I've ever used. Extremely efficient and got the job done early. Very helpful and friendly. Reasonably priced.
- Michael Kenna

Jay Movers were highly recommended by a friend. On 3/2/18 Armando, Jose and Roman were great! They were fast and everything made it with no problems. The final cost was less than the quote which was great! I would definitely recommend them and will use them in the future! Thanks guys!!
- Christine Kareka

The moving services are horrible. Let’s start of with one of the main workers, Jose Ibarrondo. He has yet to follow through on any promises he’s made.
- Kamisha Wilkins

Below is the email I sent to Jay movers after I was not very happy with their service. Someone sent me and email asking to call them. I sent them back and email and said to call me anytime. Never spoke with them. Has been over a week. Really didn't want to post this but I feel the public has a right to know Hi Jay Movers, I hate to complain, and I don't want to over social media, so I'll send you a short email. Move went "ok." Lot of my wood furniture got nicked, scratched, dented. Which I understand is going to happen and am not that upset about it. Can send pics if you want to see. In addition to that I was a little ticked off that it took your drivers over an hour and 10 minutes to drive 5 miles during non rush hour time. I asked them over and over what took so long. They kept saying, oh, lots of traffic. Which I knew was bs. Then they finally said...."well, we went to the wrong address" and blamed GPS. So clearly they were trying to hide something. And why didnt they call me, text, or email? They were clearly in no rush because I was the only move they had that day. All in all I feel like I was lied to and they tried to cover it. Then I paid for a full 5 hours when I don't even understand how it got to be 5 hours. Started at 8:30am and was done at 12:28pm. Isn't that 4 hours? So I'm paying the extra hour for them to get to the original location and back to the warehouse? Is this a new thing with you guys? Oh and please train your guys to stop asking "how much does it cost to live here?" They asked me that over and over. Basically implying, wow you have a lot of money. You better tip us well. That is a very uncomfortable conversation to have. My friends and family wouldn't even dare to ask that question. Very rude! What next, how much money do I make? All in all I'm disappointed. I've used you guys 3 times and this was by far the worst experience. I'd like some financial compensation. At the very least I should be reimbursed 30-40 minutes of the time I was charged for the mystery detour the crew went on. Please don't make me post this on social media. Please do the right thing. I even gave your guys a nice tip and a few modelos when it was all over.
- Glen Gorman

I chose Jay Movers after a great call with the manager BK and the fact that they were $30 per hour cheaper than Windy City and The Professionals. We were moving a 2BR apt but it was really 1.5 because they wouldn't move our crib (we had to do this on our own). We selected packing services with BK explaining they use "speed packs" which sound like pre-made boxes where common household items are easily packed. I say 'sound' because these mythical inventions never appeared during my move. And, I paid MUCH MORE than I would have when my moved ballooned from a 6hr estimate to a 10hr ordeal due to ridiculously slow packing. After some of the reviews on Yelp and Google I was explicit in asking for only Jose's or Armando's team. This was promised by the manager, BK, but not fulfilled. Instead I had another team but with Armando thrown on. Why explain this? Because a 6-hour estimate turned into a 10-hr job with Armando clearly doing the brunt of the work. If you move with Jay Movers you are taking the risk of getting a sub-par team despite their promises. The movers are nice guys but you're paying too much and there's no sense of urgency. Lastly, I contacted Jay Movers afterwards given the ridiculous 10hr move for what amounted to a 1.5 bedroom apt. We also had a few damaged items (dented table, broken vase). I was given the owner's number and left a vm on Friday. A text was sent back Sunday saying he would speak to his team - I chased again Tuesday evening and will update if we ever speak or get a resolution.
- Andrew Maloney

It is a kinda late review. We used this company last year. Although movers were very nice and kind, I will not go back to this service again. I have moved around state to state many times (this time it was local and only 10 minutes between two houses) but I never had this much damage on my furniture and stuff. Big wooden toy which was expensive was completely broken to pieces, furniture got scratches and my piano! When I booked, they said they were trained and so it would not be a problem to move my grand piano. I always had a piano movers and so I was worried a bit but I trusted. It took almost two hours for them to move my piano and to assemble (It only took less 20 minutes for my previous piano movers.). My piano got cracked, scratched and damaged so much. It breaks my heart still whenever I see it. Do not move your piano with this company! They were saying it would be nice for me to get a lunch and so I got lunch and then he was asking more tips after I paid. I was beyond angry after seeing my piano damaged and stuff got broken, but I just let it go because it was such a long moving day for me. I sent an e-mail about it after a while but never had a response. Again, they are very nice people but I am not sure how professional they are though. DO NOT move your piano with them!!
- Yoomi Choi

Wouldn’t recommend it very rude.
- Jessica Williams

Moving with Jay movers was easy and painless! Reserving a time over the phone was super easy and they called to confirm 3 days before. The day of, 3 movers arrived on time and they were professional, courteous and SO FAST. They wrapped all my furniture and pictures in plastic wrap and blankets and were very gentle with my boxes. They were flexible and nice when my new building manager was being difficult, and best of all (a first for me) NOTHING BROKE during the move. They are very affordable and I would recommend them to anyone moving in the Chicago area.
- Chaille Stewart

One of the best moving services in town would recommend to anyone!
- Laura Deyoung

one of the most dependable and reliable moving services in town!
- Ray Royer

I had a very good experience with the movers today. They showed up on time and were able to have everything done before the estimated time! I would most definitely recommend jays moving company, to anyone on a budget and especially if you are crunched for time. Another bonus is that they are cheap and very friendly.
- K Thomas

Great price, on time, nice guys!!
- Sean Adam

José Martinez and his team (Oscar and Miguel) were absolutely incredible. They carried more heavy objects (couches, beds, tables) in a shorter time than I thought was humanly possible. The whole move took less than an hour and a half. Ask for these guys and you will not regret it.
- Connor Watts

Waste of time and money. Do not move with them. And whoever BK Louis is, he has horrible customer service. I will be in personally to speak with the owner, because this is absolutely unprofessional. You are better off paying a little more with another company, because I was excited to be paying less and in the process my items were damaged.
- K. Castillo

We used Jay movers plenty times before and never had a problem until our recent move. We moved into a house from a 3 Bd apartment. Well a lot of things went wrong that day including the truck breaking down. Which took the moved longer as they had to switch trucks and take all of our items off the truck onto another truck. The manager did not charge us for the extra time; which I was fine with. It took a while to unpack everything and I realize that I was missing my new pair of Jordan’s that I received as a Christmas present and a bottle of Makers Mark. Now I know you are wondering, how did I know they took it? The shoes were in a bin, where the other items were there but not my shoes. I didn’t realize this until it was a couple of months down the line, I had no reason to believe my Jordans were gone. I was really upset that they stole from us, We are not rich and work hard for what we have. The worker that stole those items knew that it would be my word against there and probably too late before we realize they are gone. Very disappointing!
- Latasha

Jeff and Jorge did an INCREDIBLE job moving my furniture and building it. They were extremely reliable, incredibly responsible, and very respectful. I would use them again in a heartbeat and recommend using Jeff and Jorge is possible. The manager, BK Louis, has with out a doubt, two great movers. Thanks guys!
- Jacqueline Pawlan

I was very impressed by their service. It was raining when we moved but Enrique and his team did an incredible job. They were very nice, professional, and quick. I would definitely use their service again next time and highly recommend Jay Movers to my friends.
- Min Jung Kim

They were fast, and took good care of our stuff. Price was reasonable, and way better compared to some places we got quotes from. We had a crew of Jeff, Uriel, and Giovanni and they were awesome. The toughest part of our move with Jay Movers was staying out of the way of the guys. Will definitely call them first for our next move.
- Dan Romo

Jay Movers was great from beginning to end! BK was super friendly and provided a to-the-point estimate, which was much more reasonable than several other companies I called. Our crew of Jeff, Uriel, and Giovanni were awesome... super efficient and took great care of our belongings. BK contacted me the day of after our move to check in and see how every thing went. I will definitely be calling them for our next move.
- Courtney Romano

We have used them for three different moves and each time has been seamless. Great experience from start to finish.
- Grant Zallis

Small company with a heart. They care about there customers.
- Dennis Quigley

Good work. They are very helpful.
- Nitin Keshri

Provided mattress bag for my king size bed, but they chose to roll my expensive mattress up and wrap it with plastic wrap that I had to pay for. Don’t worry, though, they cut up my mattress bag and put all my custom framed art loosely inside with no protection. All the frames were scratched up heavily. I had tipped pretty big, so much so they called me to confirm the numbers. Upon getting to unpack my art, I saw the damage, called, and the owner, Jay, came by. He offered me 30 cents per pound money back. That’s $30. Each frame job was between $150 and $250. He offered to use a marker to color in the damage, but I declined. They did enough damage. I understand damage happens during a move, but no one in their right mind would lay art on top of each other without protection between each piece. Totally unacceptable.
- Matt Brookings

Jay movers was great to work with! They were on time, professional, quick, and hard workers. None of our belongings were damaged and they did a nice job.
- Elise Larsen

Thank you to Sergio and Jorge who helped move my mother to her new apartment. Your hard work is appreciated.
- Amanda Tuffy

BK, with whom I spoke on the phone, was direcct, courteous, and responsive. The movers themselves were quick, kind, masked, etc. If you are looking for good movers at a fair price, consider Jay's. Min 3.5hrs for our move which took under 2
- Adam Massachi

This was the easiest move I have ever done. Jay Movers were the cheapest quote I received for my 1-bedroom move. BK provided amazing customer service over the phone to make sure I was ready for moving day and that they were aware of any special needs I had. They allowed me to pre-pay over the phone ahead of time to make moving day even easier. The team of 3 movers showed up on time with masks on. They were incredibly professional. They wrapped all of the furniture super well. I had 0 damage in the whole move!! They were friendly and efficient, total move time was 2 hours from arrival to totally unpacked in the new spot. Thank you Jay Movers for your excellent service and competitive rates!
- Danielle Fournier

These guys were right on time, fast, and as careful or more so with all of my furniture then I would have been myself. Super professional. B.K., The gentleman in the front office, was a pro. He made everything straightforward, easy to understand, and efficient. Would definitely use these guys again in a second.
- Brian Skaj

Super fast and efficient! Great price for moving in the city especially since I called and booked the day before!!!
- Emily O'Callahan

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