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In and out moving is not just a name. It is a top rated Chicago Movers by thousands of customers with a solid track record of satisfied customers, just as it is seen on our ‘Customers reviews’ page, comparing and talking about our residential moving, corporate moving, local moving, long-distance moving, and secure storage. Contact In & Out Chicago Movers, now and let us start helping you.

Moving-Me about In & Out Moving and Storage

Since 1994,  In & OUT Moving has been a premier Chicago movers choice. In & Out Moving & Storage , a Chicago based Moving Company, have moved over 25,000 families in and out of the city while providing the utmost caring service in the Chicago land area.  Their attitude is to service each move with superior and professional Residential & Commercial Moving Services with no doubt at great prices.

In & Out Moving and Storage Licenses & Certificates

In & Out Moving and Storage is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. The company is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: 306319

US D.O.T: 662633

(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: ILCC 60179

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Be ready that the average interstate move is about $1500. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services, and distance from A to B point. Also, many companies offer hourly rates. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance, or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free, and cost-effective. In & Out Moving and Storage is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

In & Out Moving and Storage Reviews

I contacted In and Out for a move in late August. Initially, they seemed very professional and accommodating. I paid $378.00 as a deposit and was able to adjust the cost of the move as some items were either added or deleted. I was assured that their truck and movers would be there on either Aug 26th or 27th. About a week before the move "window", I hadn't heard from In and Out so I called to make sure everything was still on track. I was able to talk to a female, who obviously simply answered the phone, who advised me that someone would call me by Well no one ever called and eventually no one even answered my calls. The "window" came and went without anyone returning my repeated calls or showing up as per the contract. Sunday afternoon I reserved a U-Haul truck and a couple of local movers. I had to drive the truck several hundred miles to my new home. I am unable to describe how angry and frustrated we were as a result of In and Out movers complete unprofessionalism and lack of regard for their incompetence. On Thursday, following the "window ", I received a call from someone representing In and Out, asking if I still wanted them to move me. I couldn't believe it!! He explained that their truck broke down and now they would be able to complete the move. I was shocked! He was so blasé about the whole thing. I don't remember what I said to him but I wasn't very nice. It's been a few weeks and only now am I able to recount this horrible experience. I called the Bank regarding the deposit and they reimbursed my account. As of this writing, I have not been advised by the Bank that In and Out has refunded the deposit. I only hope that if anyone is considering hiring them for a move, they read this review and choose a reputable company.
- Steve R.

Exceptional service. On time, professional, depebdable. Great from start to finish. Highly recomnend.
- Pearl M

The movers were great they went out their to ensure move items were pick up and drop off on time They were very professional and they made me and my wife feel like they were moving their own items I would highly recommend for anyone's move
- Artez D.

Vicky with In & Out was nothing but professional when I booked my move from Corvallis, OR to Boise, ID. She reassured me that it would be a direct move, pick up scheduled fro 6/16/18 and drop off would be anywhere between 2-10 days after that. She repeatedly told me that there were no other moves on that route scheduled so it would be a Saturday pickup and Monday drop off, and if anything changed she would let me know. NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH. Friday, 6/15/18, the movers were supposed to call with the pick up time for Saturday. When I had not heard from them by one o'clock, I contacted Vicky. She proceeded to tell me they were running behind schedule and could we push it back by A WEEK! I told her no, as I had family in town helping and needed to start a new job in Boise. She told me she would try to find another company to contract to honor the pickup date, per our signed contract agreement. She did not follow through on what she promised, stating that she was waiting to hear back from a driver who had agreed on a Saturday pickup, but would be 7-10 days to drop off. 5pm Friday she still had not made the arrangementsfor the Saturday morning pickup. I was forced to find a 16 ft. Penske truck which I had to drive and complete the move myself. My aunt followed behind me in my Prius, which she had not planned on doing and wasn't familiar with driving, as she's from Ohio and had flown in to be with me during the move. Vicky continued with stories, fables, and excuses, even when we confronted her on the phone, BUT DID NOT DELIVER. DO NOT USE THIS MOVING COMPANY! They will back out at the last minute with no remorse.
- Sarah G.

When I was first contacted by this company about my move, Vicky was very helpful, polite, and made the booking process fairly easy.....looking back now, that was honestly the best and last good encounter I had. Everything after that just got worst. Most moving companies, going from CA to Boise, were quoting me for over $3, way I was paying that much to move basically a bedroom set and few miscellaneous items + 1 gun safe being the bulkiest item to move. In and out moving came with a quote at around $2100. At that price, it wasn't going to cost much more than doing it myself with a large rented uhaul, so I went with it. Mind you it is a quote, and was prepared for some xtra costs most likely to accru, range of maybe $200-$500 at most. A moving company should be able to quote their loads pretty darn well, I'd think at least....wrong. To start, the day before my pick up I was begged to push my date back a week, and was offered a discount for the inconvenience, where this company gets you is by not telling you what that discount will be, but by having you make the decision to push back or not. I tried to be nice, after Vicky told me my stuff would then be a more direct delivery, only really have to wait an xtra 2-3 days at most. Figured why not for what potentially could be a few hundred dollars saved. Both parties win right?....wrong. I go days with no word, any response I got was "let me talk to my manager". No communication or updates unless I begged for them. They arrive really late on pick up day. And that was the last I'd herd from the driver. All the while days go by, and still no word. Finally I get an answer on my discount and, a whopping $100 is offered for agreeing to be nice to them and sleep on an air mattress for a week, not like I was expecting $500, but maybe $300 would have been nice, and a nice business gesture. So I asked if it could be increased.....and more days go by. So I'm sleeping on an air mattress, 1 1/2 weeks go by, hardly w/o any of my stuff. Nothing unpacked, no washer, dryer, bulk of my clothes, etc. I finally get a call from the manager, Bobby. And we'll he was willing to go up $200 discount for my troubles, BUT!!!....the real kicker is I got hit with an xtra $1,000 + change to my bill because they vastly underquoted me on my items and weight, even though I gave them everything I was taking + a good estimate on the heavy items as it was (not like they couldn't have researched these items either while doing a quote if they really didn't know). This experience has me quite furious, honestly sick to my stomach, as a young adult, finally making his dream move happen, trying to get his career going, planned for the move as best as I could, time wise and financially. This company completely drained me, with their bad business, my $ buffer was pretty much drained, what was supposed to get me through for 3 weeks until paychecks started to come in with that extra $1,000 slap in the face on top of pushing back a week + having to wait an extra 9 days for my stuff. Felt like I became a pest to them, no one wanted to deal with me, even though I was never rude. I feel bad, but honestly I would not recommend at all at this point. But if you happen to hire them still, make sure you get all the info up front, in writing too. Don't hang up until you have your answer or you will wait for days for a reply most of the time and be very, very disappointed in the answer. Just sounds like they work their drivers to the bone, again I feel bad because I honestly won't be able to leave them a tip after this experience and having to come up with an xtra $1,000 for delivery payment.
- Jerrod

I would give a 0 star rating if I could. When I was working on setting up the move everything seemed to be great and the price was better than other companies. I tried to use them because I wanted to support local business. The movers showed up a day early (but then later blamed me for being late to their next job even though they were there and gone a full day early). My items, instead of going to Idaho, were placed in a storage unit in Madera, California. The driver of the company apparently quit, which I did not learn about until the day my items were supposed to be delivered and then they were not. They never gave me my total weight, I had to ask repeatedly for it. I ended up having extra items (only 30 or so extra over what I estimated on the inventory), but it nearly doubled the cost of my move, which, I was not told about until about a week later. After I repeatedly expressed my frustrations, the owner gave a $400 discount, but the move was still over $1,200 higher than what I was quoted. When my items were finally delivered to me, they had items that were not mine and it has been an absolute mess since then. Many items were damaged, scuffed, and smashed and they blamed me for all of it. When I called the owner, Bobby, to let him know that some of my items were missing and that some others were damaged, he started yelling at me, blaming me, told me I was 'disgusting' and hung up the phone. I should have checked reviews here before using this company. Pay extra for a professional mover, it will save you a lot of stress and heartache in the end. This company does not stand by their insurance, products or services, they just make excuses and blame the customer and then berate them by calling them names. This was a HORRIBLE experience. Basically I would just say consumer beware. I am not going to engage this person, and I have recorded calls of how this “professional” spoke to me. I would just say this- do reviews before using this company- check BBB, check yelp, you will see a trend of dissatisfied people not just me and we all have similar concerns so there is a pattern here. My furniture is top quality from pottery barn and the “scratches” he references is it because it is distressed wood intentionally, that is completely different than them damaging items. Anyway, like I said, their many reviews speak for themselves... If you still choose to use them- good luck, you will need it.
- E. J.

Terrible, unethical and made up charges I would give them minus stars if it were possible. They were one of the worst and most unethical companies I have had the misfortune to do business with. DO NOT USE THEM! You should also read the reviews at the Better Business Bureau website for more horrible reviews about this company. I contracted with ******** *** ***** to move my household belongings from Oregon to Nevada. While ******** had guaranteed me that they would use their own employees and trucks, they sub contracted the job to In & Out Movers. Bobby from In & Out didn’t call me until after 5PM the day before the scheduled move to set up the pick up time. They showed up late. I had been promised a semi, but they arrived in a regular truck that turned out to be too small to hold all my goods. Instead of parking on the street, they tried to back their truck into my driveway and bottomed out and gouged the concrete. . They didn’t bring enough moving boxes, they did not bring any wardrobe boxes or picture boxes. In fact, I drove to Home Depot to buy more boxes for them. They explained that they didn’t use picture boxes because they charge $27 per box. Instead, they were going to cut boxes to use to wrap and protect our pictures. This worked fine, the problem is that when I got the bill they charged me $729 for “mirror boxes”. This was a completely bogus and fraudulent charge, they did not use a single mirror box. Completely dishonest. They didn’t bring any wardrobe boxes. Instead, they told me they would neatly fold out clothes in moving boxes. When we unpacked we found our dress clothes dumped into boxes. All of my pressed dress shirts, dress pants, suits, blazers and all of my wife’s dress clothing were wrinkled so badly they were unwearable and have to pay for everything to go to the cleaners. See attached pictures. Before they started packing, I gave them a tour of the house and showed them specific things that weren’t to be packed. However, once they started they completely disregared what I told them and packed up everything. As soon as I noticed, I tried to get them to retrieve the items from the truck. They found some items, but others were packed too far into the truck to retrieve. When they finished loading their truck I was informed they were out of room. In spite of the fact the load weighed 2,327 pounds less than estimated, they couldn’t fit they remainder of my belongings inside. I ended up leaving furniture behind in my old house. When they the truck fully loaded, demanded an additional $2,000. . I told Bobby my contract was with ******** and I had paid the required deposit and the balance was due on delivery. The rep at ******** said they needed money for fuel and motel rooms! Bobby was rude and demanded I pay him the additional $2,000 or the truck they had just packed containing all my belongings was not going to roll. I had no choice but to relent to his extortion and pay the $2,000! The delivery was later than promised. There was no system to account for my goods. They put a numbered tag on every item they loaded, but they didn’t keep track of what tags they used or what was inside the tagged boxes. Nevertheless, they wanted me to sign off that that everything was delivered! The packing was shoddy. For example, in addition to the clothing issue, they put cast iron cookware inside of non-stick cookware, put open bottles in packing boxes, dumped drawers haphazardly into boxes, lost hardware to reassemble bookcase, etc. My strong advice is never use In & Out movers. If you get stuck with them like I did, review the bill carefully for fraudulent charges. If you have any doubts, read all of the other 1 star reviews on this website and ****. Pay particular attention to Bobby’s rebuttal to all of these bad reviews, it is very telling.
- Scottspangenberg

The one star is for the few things they did right. They were on time, packed 75% of my unpacked (I packed 130 boxes, very carefully, myself.) items well, and did not charge me fee for holding my office items longer when I had to fly out of state for a funeral. Items broken/damaged 1. One 3’ Oriental Vase (part of a matched pair) broke in 20+ pieces. Packed in a box 4-5” too short with no crumpled paper, bubble wrap, or styrofoam peanuts to cushion it. Each vase was wrapped in a few sheets of newsprint and cardboard box flaps were lightly taped around the neck of the vase. 2. Antique Italian fan, encased in a glass plexiglass case, was dislodged from the wood base. It was packed, unwrapped, in a box, too small for the size of the item, standing at a slant with one pillow on one side and no filler material on the other. 3. Wood carved headboard (lots of curliques) broken in two places. They repaired one by gluing it back on - crookedly! But not the other. 4. Large copier/printer - screws came off and one of the pieces of machinery came loose from the main unit. They also could not get this into the house because they didn’t have the proper dolly. Owner of company told them to just leave it in the garage. 5. The refused to screw my office shelving unit (2) into my wall despite unscrewing them from my wall from my old office. They fell, breaking one cupboard door in half, dislodging two doors from the cupboard and breaking one of the file drawers. 6. On my desk, screws came out of one drawer so it doesn’t close properly. 7. Big gouge out of my baseboard in the hallway. 8. Dent in the wall of hall. 9. Paper backing a large print framed in glass all torn. It was placed, unwrapped, in a picture box with no filler material. 10. Salt shaker (crockety) chipped along the bottom. Wrapped in one piece of paper and put in large box with many other items. Items poorly packed, but arrived intact- When I opened one box they packed, items were just thrown in the box, all unwrapped, with no filler material (crumpled paper, tissue, or styrofoam peanuts. 5 of the items included a glass picture frame, glass jar candle, candle in a decorative ceramic pot, and a glass jar candle with a delicate carved wooden lid. Heavy, Glass pedestal dish wrapped in one piece of newsprint. It needed 4-5 Pieces of newsprint plus bubblewrap. Boxes, costly marked “top,” “this way up,” and “fragile” sitting in truck upside down and/or sideways. I still have 10-12 boxes they packed to open and I’m pretty sure there will be more broken items, of the 25-30 boxes unpacked, I had one fragile egg get cracked.
- Lois P

Do NOT TRUST the quote they give. I was quoted $775 for a local move, 15 minutes away with no sofas, cabinets, washer, dryer, etc. The heaviest things I had were an entertainment center (that was dissembled) and a smith machine (gym equipment that I also dissembled). All other items were boxes that I packed myself, weighing about 10-15lbs per box. They did work hard and did not break anything, but they left 2 full car loads of items they said "they had no room for", but there was plenty of room on the truck! They took a full 2 hours to travel from the old house to the new house, which is a 15 minute drive. I figured they may have stopped for lunch, which is fine, but 2 hours seems to be milking the budget. At the end of the trip, the price had more than doubled to over $2,400. I complained and was told the move took 12 hours. I told the "Boss" that he arrived at 8:00am and it was 6:00pm now, so his math was 2 hours over the actual time, plus they took a 2 hour lunch. He told me to email the rep I obtained the quote from "Jacob" and complain. I called, but was not able to reach him, so I sent an email and received no response, nor do I expect to receive one. I originally agreed to provide a 10% tip through my credit card and at the end of the move, the crew hammered me for an additional "cash" tip because they "worked so hard". I also found that a case of paper towels and toilet paper were both missing. My personal experience has been that this is a shady company and is out to increase their pay by any means available. I would ABSOLUTELY NOT use them!!! I am going to file a complaint with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). I do not know if this will do anything, but something needs to be done to try and prevent other individuals from getting ripped off! I am also going to ask my lawyer for advice. Please don't make the same mistake I made!!
- Ron R

I'm giving our experience with In & Out a mixed review. The Good: 1) Getting a quote and booking was easy and convenient. All the information I needed was provided in the quote and it was all clear, reasonable and understandable. The free concierge service for switching utilities was an unexpected and very convenient bonus. 2) The team that showed up to do the moving was professional and they worked HARD. 3) All of our belongings survived the move without a scratch, except for the stand for a computer monitor that would have been fine if it had been packed correctly. The Bad: 1) The crew was estimated to arrive between 8-9 am. The truck did not arrive until 11, and while we waited, I was only able to get in touch with the answering service and was not able to speak with anyone to get an ETA or an explanation of the delay. 2) One guy was apparently a no-show, which left only 2 men to do most of the moving. That left one man to pack the truck and one going up and down the 3 flights of stairs over and over. A third guy arrived to fill in for the no-show around 1:30. 3) As a result of being short-staffed, the move took MUCH longer than it would have otherwise - a whole 5 hours for a one-bedroom apartment. By the time they arrived at the new place to start moving in, our tow-zone time limit had run out and they had to park the truck in the alley instead as there was no room on the street. When it came time to pay the bill, we were fairly priced for the amount of time that there were only 2 guys working, but since the move took so long the bill still ended up being much more than it likely would have been if there was a full 3-man crew during the move-out portion. Bottom line: The movers that showed up did a great job, but the company needs to make sure it has its staffing and scheduling needs in order, and communicate with the customer when there is a problem or a delay.
- Audra M.

I used In & Out Moving & Storage to move 0.4 miles in Chicago March 2015. Before even getting everything loaded into the truck one of the crew members somehow managed to break 4 bottles of Scotch. Upon inspecting the bottles, which the crew member brought to me after they were broken, it was apparent that the bottles had to have been dropped from a considerable height for all 4 bottles as they were shattered into a million pieces. He halfheartedly apologized and continued to move my belongings while I dealt with the broken glass and the team lead informed me that the alcohol was not covered under their liability coverage/insurance. The broken liquor bottles however were the least of my problems that day as the crew somehow managed to break my 42" LCD TV in the 0.4 mile journey. The TV, which was in perfect condition prior to their removing it from apartment number 1, looked as if someone stood on it and subsequently put their foot through the screen upon arriving at apartment number 2 (pic -…). The crew lead then assured me that the TV would be covered by the company insurance as it was wrapped, transported, and broken while in their care so I remained calm and paid the cost of the move as the instructed me (no discount was offered to make up for damages to property). I have held off on providing a full company review so that I could see if the company would compensate me for the damage to my property and submitted a claim to the company's insurance within a week of my March 20th move. After waiting 3 months for a response I received a notification from the insurance provider that they would only reimburse me $62 for my TV (which cost me $600 to replace)! While crew itself was friendly, their level of professionalism was very low based on the manner in which they handled my belongings and the subsequent dealings with the company and their insurance provider. I would NOT recommend this company to anyone looking to move and would STRONGLY recommend using a more professional service provider. In the event that you do utilize this company I would recommend taking out additional insurance coverage as you are not and will not be adequately covered under In & Out Moving & Storage's coverage policy.
- Courtney C.

What a HORRIBLE experience. The movers showed up 2 hours late, and the guys running the truck explained to me that they were not In and Out employees, but were subrogated as a trucking outfit. The move took forever (8 hours), and the amount of damage to my property was unacceptable. The movers ripped the leather on two chairs, the fabric on a new bed frame and on a new mattress and broke a lamp. After filing a claim of the estimated $2,000.00 in damage, along with repair estimates and receipts, 3 months later the company wanted to give me a $120.00 settlement for all of the damage. I called to discuss this with a claims adjuster and 2 months later have never been called back. That is NOT how someone ethically handles business, but this company does NOT care about their customers or repeat business. Now I have to file a law suit in small claims court to get my money.
- A F.

Super amazing experience! On a super HOT Summer Sunday I had a entire 4 bedroom house in moved in roughly 6 hours. My final bill was true to my quote and I appreciate all the hard work and care. Recommending to all my friends and Family.
- Maria M.

We hired In & Out Moving & Storage to move us out of an apartment, store our belongings for 2+ months, and then move us to another city. The "move-out" is done and it went very well. Ellie (in the office) was great to work with. Moving team was very helpful and polite. Jose, the boss, was very knowledgeable and on top of things. Overall it was a good experience, although they were a couple hours late arriving. (That was OK for us since we didn't have that much stuff and had some flexibility time-wise, but keep in mind if time is critical.) Fingers crossed that all our stuff is safely in storage and will make it to its destination in August. 🙂 I will update my review then.
- Kate M.

Our stuff stayed at their storage facility for a month and the day before we were to move from storage to our place they called to say that due to technical problems, they may have to reschedule. Eric was awesome and tried to still move us on the agreed upon date, but at noon that day (they were supposed to show up at 10:00) I got a call from Carlos saying they were to going to make it. Get that? Noon on the day of our move, 2 hours late we are told "nope, we'll be there in two days, or worse case scenario 4 days" Not the next day even! We had no where to stay (all beds, furniture was in their storage unit) and a dog. Worse of all was Carlos's "sucks for you attitude". He basically told us to deal with it (At least Eric was nice) I get moving companies run behind on the same day (a lot of time that's the fault of the customers not being prepared) and I even get "technical difficulties" happen, but the lack of communication from Carlos and his attitude was appalling. Lastly, since we couldn't stay at our place the night before our move, we hit traffic and ran about 15 mins late meeting the movers....Carlos had the audacity to say that he was going to push our move back again since we were running late. Also, we had a very nice tool box that never showed up and they never called me back when I called to ask about it....that's a few hundred dollars gone. 2 stars for the movers...Eric and his crew were great. I'm currently halfway through our move (had In&Our move us out of one place, put our belongings in their storage for a month and having them move us from storage to new place in July) so I will update this after the entire move is complete. But so far, everything has been pretty painless! Ellie is easy to get ahold of and work with in regards to the planning and pricing. The movers were right on time and very cordial. **We had one bad mover that wasn't pulling his weight causing a slow down of the entire crew (my husband carried more items than him) so I called Ellie and mentioned the problem. The owner of In&Out personally came to our home to apologize and fixed the issue. Hey, we all come across bad employees, but having the professionalism to care and resolve the issue goes a long way in my book. I'll update this review in July when the move is complete, but so far so good!!
- Shannan K.

I've used this company since 2012 (3 times) each time the experience gets worse and worse. This time the van showed up 40 minutes late, which ok, could happen. Then the 3 guys were very friendly and nice but were untrained. They took 3.5hours overall to move my STUDIOs worth of goods ONE-BLOCK. I had packed everything beforehand mind you. When the bill came through they were charging me 578$, when 2 years prior the price was 336$ and in 2012 it was 236$. They said they used 18 rolls of tape.... tape for what? I'd packed everything already. Anyways, their manager was able to make some adjustments but I was still over their quoted price AND that was with a coupon for 25$ off packing materials. There are other better and cheaper moving companies out there, don't do what I did and go with the same company out of habit, for a local move I'd recommend staying away.
- Kevin T.

The company and Carlos were great with getting me a quote and setting up my move. My issue was with my movers. Led by Raul, there was immediately tension between him and his partner (who happened to be fantastic). Raul refused to believe my queen sized box spring could fit up my stairs (despite seeing it done several times before) and didn't even want to try. His partner and I then worked together to complete that part of the move. I was uncomfortable with the way that he yelled at his partner and even went so far as to call his boss on him. He only called because his hardworking partner refused to leave me alone with Raul and instead stayed and even muttered "I don't trust you." Yeah, that didn't make me feel comfortable at all. I was, however, very thankful he stayed. Not sure if you have any control over your crew or if you can put in a request at least. The company seems great, but half of my crew I would not work with again.
- Jill C.

They came when they said. The staff was friendly and quick. Since they left 6 days ago, I have been trying to get in touch but Carlos, their manager, doesn't return my calls. He was very responsive until the movers picked up my belongings and paid more than half of the due payment. Carlos, please give me a call!
- Naila K.

After reading many of these reviews we were concerned about utilizing In & Out's services, but they did come in roughly $300-400 cheaper than the next closest movers. We were quoted ~$900 (6 hours) to move from an outside storage unit in the south suburbs of Chicago to a 3rd-floor unit within the outer city limits (40mi). They did show up about 45min late but made up for it as the job was completed in only 5 hours. To be fair, it had been storming all morning and this was likely the sole contributor to the delay. Our movers, Andre, Corderell, Aaron, and Charlie, have some of the best work ethics I've ever witnessed. This move was completed in the chill of November's torrential rain, and not a single complaint nor vibes of frustration was released. They were able to clear out a tightly packed 10'x30' storage unit in less than 1.5hrs. The unload took significantly longer, as expected, but I was impressed by their determination. I implored them to take a break, but can't say I actually witnessed this occurrence. This will be my first call the next time I need to move.
- Chris M.

Hired these guys to off load the moving truck I drove to my new apartment because they use to have pretty high yelp review. Got a Groupon for 2 men for 2hrs after consulting with them about the size of the job. The first guy I spoke with told me to roughly make a list of large items that I have and ignore the small stuff like boxes. Couple days before the scheduled appointment I updated the list because the new guy told me to be as complete as possible. After updating the list they, the management, came back and informed me that it would be a 3 men job for 3hrs and they wouldn't take the Groupon that I already purchased. I worked out with Eddie to edit the moving list that they think would be acceptable for a 2 men/2 hrs job which the "management" are okay with. The guys came on the schedule time and was pretty nice. They informed me that they will only move the items on "their list" and any additional items I would like them to move I would have to "take care" of the movers separately. They will not substitute any items on the list that I have already moved for any other items. Not to my surprise it took the 2 guys less than 45min to move all the items that were on "their list" and I had to tip the movers to have them move some of the other items that were not on "their list". I thought I paid 2 men for 2hrs but in reality I paid them to move less than 10 pieces of furniture. This is not what I signed up for and it's no way of doing business. Their rating on Yelp been going down from over 4 stars just couple month ago and I would not recommend them to anyone. Interestingly they keep sending emails and text to make sure they get reviewed on social media. You would think company who cares about social media reviews would treat their customers a little better.
- Jay J.

By far the worst moving company I've ever come across. Our move was insane. Damage to almost every item. Many items lost while they stored in between moves. They brought couch cushions with no couch. Statue lost, area rugs lost, $1500 floor lamp broken in multiple places. Every single picture and frame was busted. Once they finally found our couch, $5000 couch from Room and Board was destroyed, looked like it was thrown off the truck. Bed frame scuffed all over the place, dresser drawers all busted, stress crack in middle of it, night stands have gouges, sound system lost in their storage...... No apology, no effort to find out items lost in their storage, no offer to recoup our loses other than to say to fill out a form to try and get 60 cents a pound. Basically a big FU to our absolutely insane experience.
- Jim D.

I had this company help me move back in May. They broke literally everything they wrapped. The Table, the bench, the shelves, everything. Metal parts snapped off my table and bench. At first when I spoke with Carlos he was reasonable but all that was just a fake act he put up. Like I said, my move was in May, I sent them photos as requested by him which he promised to have somebody look at it and get it fixed or talk to his boss and see if he can do something to compensate me. After two months passed and not hear a single thing back except a spam email reguarding their deals, I was reminded they stilll need to fix my furniture. So I called again, he's working in the field, and again, same thing! So After kept leaving messages about the issue and not getting any return phone calls I realized this is an awful company and people should be aware. I even waited a week after my calls to finally put up the review. I regretted not posting my review up two months early. The only reason I didn't was because I was fooled by his fake act initially. So after I put up the review, all of a sudden he's in the office again. And he was yelling at me for putting up the review. He said he refused to do anything to fix any of my furnitures and will only pay me 30¢ per lb on everything they have broken, things thats worth thousands of dollars of furniture they had broke. He lied about he we kept in touch and my review was a lie except when I told him about the picture proof he had nothing to back that except fury and repetitively stating he will not do anything or fix anything and 30¢ per lb is all i'm getting. Then when I asked him if he had even showed the pictures of broken furniture to the repair guy as he had promised over 60 days ago he said he didn't felt like it and he never showed. Which then proves he lied about we kept in touch because we never did. He dismissed my case completely and now he's dismissing everything he had promised. And I decided, you know what, whatever. Lesson learned, never hire a company just because it's a couple hundred cheaper with the estimate because what you pay is what you get. You want to pay cheap, you get a cheap company with an awful attitude and service. I had this company help me move back in May. They broke literally everything they wrapped. The Table, the bench, the shelves, everything. Metal parts snapped off my table and bench. At first when I spoke with Carlos he was reasonable but all that was just a fake act he put up. Like I said, my move was in May, I sent them photos as requested by him which he promised to have somebody look at it and get it fixed or talk to his boss and see if he can do something to compensate me. After two months passed and not hear a single thing back except a spam email reguarding their deals, I was reminded they stilll need to fix my furniture. So I called again, he's working in the field, and again, same thing! So After kept leaving messages about the issue and not getting any return phone calls I realized this is an awful company and people should be aware. I even waited a week after my calls to finally put up the review. I regretted not posting my review up two months early. The only reason I didn't was because I was fooled by his fake act initially. So after I put up the review, all of a sudden he's in the office again. And he was yelling at me for putting up the review. He said he refused to do anything to fix any of my furnitures and will only pay me 30¢ per lb on everything they have broken, things thats worth thousands of dollars of furniture they had broke. He lied about he we kept in touch and my review was a lie except when I told him about the picture proof he had nothing to back that except fury and repetitively stating he will not do anything or fix anything and 30¢ per lb is all i'm getting. Then when I asked him if he had even showed the pictures of broken furniture to the repair guy as he had promised over 60 days ago he said he didn't felt like it and he never showed. Which then proves he lied about we kept in touch because we never did. He dismissed my case completely and now he's dismissing everything he had promised. And I decided, you know what, whatever. Lesson learned, never hire a company just because it's a couple hundred cheaper with the estimate because what you pay is what you get. You want to pay cheap, you get a cheap company with an awful attitude and service. I was hoping to be able to write a better experience but please read if you plan to use in and out moving. When I first called the lady was friendly and all but the second you call in about a claim or complaint, they change their attitude 360° Here is what had happened
- Leo S.

Terrible moving experience from Lakeview, Chicago area to Evanston. Crew arrived over five hours past the latest time in the arrival window, no communication, no return phone calls, nothing. Was wondering if they were going to show up at all, which was terrifying since I needed to be out of my apartment by the following day. Several items arrived damaged, entire box of liquor was stolen, standing lamp and coat rack did not arrive either. After watching one of the movers attempt to reassemble my bedframe for over an hour, perhaps in an attempt to run up the hourly charge, I asked them to leave and I would do it myself. Took me less than 10 minutes. I know it must be hard to find good help in this job, but do not use these guys.
- Allen P.

the manager Carlos didn't believe me when I told him his movers stole my items instead sends me a email telling me that I'm a liar!! Also he takes no responsibility for his movers who refused to back his truck up into my complex which Carlos also insisted he could but instead I rent a uhaul and deliver my things myself. At the end of the day this company will never put customers first and in a world of customer service is that someone you really wanna do business with. No one from My company or any of my companies affiliates will ever be doing work with them again. The worst moving company of all time. Don't ever use them unless you wanna be ripped off and your items stolen. They stole a tv I was moving. Also broke a chair and a picture. They were super rude and way past the dead line I waited over a month to get my items. If I could give a 0 I would.
- David A.

Lowest possible rating. I used in and out moving and storage for a move from one location in October to a second location in December of 2018. During that time I used their storage facility to keep my furniture and boxes. When my stuff was moved in, rat poop fell from the blankets and boxes used to secure and protect my furniture (Attached pictures show one of several instances of rat poop). Utterly disgusting, and no explanation whatsoever from in and out moving and storage. I hope I don't find any rats in my boxes and furniture. Online description states the facility is "clean" which is clearly not true. Don't use them, and their cost for moving is way too high for the service provided.
- Michael M.

I highly do not recommend using this service. It was my first time moving out of state and they were completely unprofessional. I am not sure where they hire their people from, but they are rude! I originally "reserved" my truck at the end of August with a sales representative by the name of Nick, who I informed we wanted to utilize the military discount. After paying my 1st payment to reserve the truck, I was then introduced to Zoe as my customer service assistant to whom I also communicated everything too. I informed Zoe that I had reserved the elevator for September 27 1p-5p (Rules for my apartment building you had to reserve elevator to move), she notified me they needed a two day window, okay easy, I told her the 27 and 28 of September 1p-5p ( and the informed me I would know that week on which day for sure the truck will arrive. My leasing manager was not happy. The week of the move, Monday, I had not heard anything from Zoe, I sent her email asking if she had heard anything yet, she replied back asking me to move the time and date of the move, I tole her absolutely not, I have already planned my move around my work schedule. Thursday comes, I receive email again asking if I could move the pick up time and date after already one telling her no. She then finally told me 1 DAY before the pick up that the truck would be arriving on Friday. Aside from receiving two emails from Zoe trying to get me to move the pick up date and time, on my way home from work on Thursday, the driver of the truck personally called me and harassed me about picking up my items on Thursday night do to a truck cancellation. The gentlemen proceeded to tell me "this is ridiculous, what am I supposed to do now, what am I supposed to do with the other guy..." He asked if he could come get my items that night, I told him no. Then he asked if he could start early tomorrow (Friday the pick up day) I told him no, I had to work, I had already told Zoe that I cannot change the pick time. I told him I would be home at 12:30 and thats the earliest he can start. Friday comes and I get a phone call at 10:30 from my leasing office saying the movers are there! I was FURIOUS! I told her the situation and not to let them in while I wasn't there and that they had to come back at 12:30. On top of all that, the movers arrived and they didn't even have the correct manifest for all my items so he was trying to charge me EXTRA! Whoever the driver was communicating with was not the same person as Zoe, they didn't even have any correct information regarding my items! After the movers were finished, the driver told me he was only charging me $130 rather than the $200 due to all the mistakes. When they were finished, they left a mess! They left behind all their tape rolls of trash and left my door tapped open. I communicated to Zoe everything that happened including the discounted packing of $130 because she tried to charge me $200. I told her absolutely not, you cannot charge me more than what he wrote on the receipt. I also asked about the military discount to which we NEVER received. While they were packing, I informed them of a delivery date to the address of October 12-13, I just Received my furniture October 17. They make it seem like they only have one truck that can deliver and they are in NO HURRY to make sure you get your furniture when you ask for it. The delivery process was smooth, a lot more better that the pick up, the only very upsetting thing is you have to clean up all their trash! Any packaging material they charge you for (boxes they use for TVs or glass or any paper) they leave behind. I now have a full patio I cant enjoy because it is filled with boxes, paper, plastic, and tape rolls! My furniture also had damaging marks on it, some glasses were broken and my boxes were all crushed. Highly, Highly do not recommend this company. They do not care about customer service!
- Melody B.

I wish I could give zero stars. I used this company in November 2019 for a long distance move and had a great experience with the person who booked my move and the movers who loaded my things on the truck so complients to that team and booking individual. But once I was almost to my next home, 7 days later and expecting my delivery rhr next day as I requested this day as my delivery, upon calling to confirm the arrival time, Zoe informs me she is not aware of where my truck is and when it will be to my new address. No one explained that my requested delivery date starts the delivery window. That is definitely something you inform a customer of and be able to locate their belongings. She did not call back the bext day as promised so I of course had to do the calling and leaving messages to stress my unhappiness with their service. Seven more days later after sleeping on the floor thr movers (contractors) arrived and were extremely rude and here's and charged me an extra 200 for my stairs. Fast forward to cover 19 and losing my job, I had to move out of my new location to go back home. I figured I'd give them another try, my mistake. After looking at others long distance movers this one seemed the best for cost and availability. I looked 3 weeks in advance and received an estimate while waiting on my unemployment to come through. Again the booking agent was such a delight and very customer focused. I was informed from day one that a truck was available and that they could accommodate my move. But the owner, Zoe --again, waited until the day that I was making my deposit payment and had my estimate confirmed for the final time (6-7 days before my move) to call back to inform me that a semi truck was not actually available and I would need to pay an extra 300.00 to cover the cost of a box truck. She would not uphold the estimate that I and the booking agent confirmed three times and would not continue my booking unless I agreed to pay the extra amount. I decided to go with another company which I should have done in the first place but tried to give them another shot. Huge mistake and will never use them or refer them to anyone I know in Illinois, the surrounding areas or any other state. Do yourself a favor and do not use them either. Horrible customer experience with Zoe particularly who doesn't seem to care about customer retention.
- Krystle C.

I would never in a million years thought these guys would break my 55 inch flat screen tv I paid my hard earned money and these fools broke my stuff soon as I turned my tv on and saw they broke it i immediately called the mover and told him he said he was going to have someone call me which they didn't I called and left a voicemail for someone to call me so the lady calls and I tell her she goes the guy told them he didn't transport my TVs which they did then now they saying the TVs wasn't on which they was I highly doubt I'll lie about my TVs mind you this the tv that goes in my front room I'm so upset $400 just gone down the drain then they have me do some claim I do it now it's gon take 4-8 weeks probably longer to get my money if you want broken objects hire these people cause this crazy they not trained on properly moving stuff update the TVs was not loaded into my car per my request the mover came back to my house afterwards to deliver my other items which he could've done the same for my TVs if that was the case
- Alicia V.

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