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About Imperial Movers

Imperial Moving and Storage is a tightly-knit team of professionals based out of Greenwich Village NYC. We are parents, friends, runners, gardeners, jokesters, and more. We are passionate about partnering with good people and organizations to produce exceptional moving service for all relocation needs. Our skills are specific and extensive. We are specialists in every aspect of residential or commercial relocation. We create personalized packages with attention-to-detail, in order to ensure that your moving experience is catered to you, pleasant, and efficient.

We exist to help families and businesses arrive at their new homes or workspace. It isn’t enough to simply provide transportation. We endeavor towards making the moving experience as simple as possible, providing you a relaxed and positive start to your new location.

Moving-Me about Imperial Movers

Imperial Movers is a team that works together to make the job as smooth as possible. They are compensated higher than other employees in the moving field. They value their commitment, as well as the high-quality of personable custom service that this ensures. Imperial movers understand the ins-and-outs of packing and transporting furniture and delicate items, and coordinate with each-other to keep client’s moves on schedule. Their employees have the long-standing experience needed for completing moving projects in the absolute most friendly and professional manner in the industry that guarantees your total satisfaction. Let the amazing staff at Imperial Moving help guide your next journey.

Imperial Movers Licenses & Certificates

Imperial Movers & Storage is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. Imperial Movers & Storage is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: 563386
(Interstate Commerce Commission Motor Carrier number)

US D.O.T: 1422485

(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: NYS DOT 36639

New York State Department of Transportation. To verify the license, contact NYDOT at (800) 786-5368, or e-mail at [email protected]
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What is Imperial Movers cost?

Be ready that the average local move is $1280 and interstate moving costs will be around $850. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services and distance from A to B point. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection company. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free and cost-effective. Imperial Movers & Storage is a great representative of modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

Imperial Movers Reviews

This is my third time using Imperial because they're always so reliable and responsible. (and punctual!) This time it was a much bigger move and I needed more help, and Jubo and his crew were stellar at packing up my things and taking good care of them so that they arrived at my new home in good condition. Update: I wrote the above, on request, while the movers were still shifting things out of my old apartment. After they had unloaded everything at my new place, I realized that several of my shelves had been scuffed and chipped, and that there was a scratch in the center of my TV screen, distracting every time I watch something. I would hesitate strongly before recommending this company again.
- Zelda K.

Update: They broke our beautiful marble table... They were SO LATE that we had to spend our extra money to spend a night at a hotel. So, yesterday was our moving day. They said they will be at our house between 1-3pm. And we called them in the morning to check if everything was on the schedule and they said they were on track. At 3pm, no one is here. When we called, they said they will be here after 4....seriously? We are moving into a condo that has a very strict regulations about moving and moving had to be finished by 5pm. And yes, we had informed the company about all this. So they arrived after 4pm and it took them at least four hours to finish their job. So there goes our chance to move into our new place! They offered us free storage for a night, but we had to spend extra hundreds for a place to spend the night!! They said they will bring all our stuff and meet us tomorrow at 3pm at our new place. Guess what, it's 4:31 and they are NOT here!!!!!! I've called them multiple times and they said they will be here in 10min...!!! And our super is telling me that I might be unable to move in today because there is no way that they are going to finish the job by 5pm. Don't trust the good reviews!!!!
- Heera H.

Worse company ever!I sent my stuff from New York to Miami 8 business days ago!And I didn't receive any updates!I called them today in the morning and they promised to call me back.Now I spoke with agin she told me my stuff still in New York and you have to wait 14 business days from day you made requested to receive your stuff!I moved already 4 times and this worse experience ever!Don't waste your time and money it's gonna be very stressful to get your stuff!
- Liliya F.

Was drastically overquoted. Movers spent more time on their cigarette breaks than moving items. They charged an additional $500 for time. Items were chipped and poorly handled. I've had better experiences on Craiglist for a quarter of the price.
- Matthew B.

I hired movers from this company and I regret it. The movers destroyed my favorite piece of furniture.... an electric fireplace that I paid $500.00. The company reimbursed me $70! They were like "sorry.... we go by the weight of the item". So be extremely cautious with your furniture if you decide to hire this company for your move.
- Gloria W.

Due to the current public health emergency, I had to coordinate my move from out of state. I found Imperial Movers online, I called and Fernando helped me set everything up over the phone. He was super helpful, patient and nice. Then when move day came I facetimed with the awesome move leader Giovanni M. he was so helpful over the phone and took the time to listen to me and pay special attention to my electronics and artwork. He leads his team so efficiently and was in contact with me the whole time. His expertise left me with a great experience, I highly recommend their team!
- John B.

Please read all of this, for it is all unfortunately true. Reader BEWARE: This is NOT a 4-star business! There are 660 HIDDEN REVIEWS, almost all 1-STAR NEGATIVE reviews. You make the decision whether Yelp can be trusted or not. The following is my story. The short: $17000 in damages, multiple bribery attempts, violation of US DOT law, nighttime cash ransoms, broken contract, and dodging every attempt for a fair resolution. The key points: $17118 in just monetary damages alone Clear violation of federal laws on not offering Full Value Coverage Demanding a cash ransom just to see our belongings. Packaged a $4000 TV by folding a piece of cardboard over it Multiple bribery attempts by the CEO to remove my Yelp and Google reviews, starting with a "promise" of $50 Delivered our belongings in the middle of the night (10pm-midnight) with just 10 minutes notice. Did not offer us a copy of the receipt. We had to take a pictures. Stacked glass panels, art pieces, and flat panel TV in a box with no padding 2 weeks delivery delay with no warning or communication Broke our contractual delivery window Left boxes behind during pickup yet demanded a cash tip of $300 Multiple lies and repeated non-communication by the entire staff, starting with Avi Turgeman, the CEO To date, refuses to compensate me for ANYTHING If you are not scared yet, I do not know what will. If you ever speak to Avi Turgeman, the CEO, as I did, do not believe a single word he says. He is a liar and a sleazy businessman. DO NOT fall trap to any smooth talking. When dealing with our case, he conveniently left the country for a week while our delivery was already delayed 1 week without notice. And after delivery, he completely disappeared after we paid him his money. Even more unbelievable is the shameless bribery by Avi. He verbally suggested $50 if I would remove my Yelp and Google reviews. And this was when he had no idea when our belongings would be delivered! He asked me AGAIN the next day. Then almost two weeks after our delivery, Avi had his operations manager ask me if he refunded my moving costs, would I remove my Yelp and Google reviews. This was after demanding a cash ransom in the middle of the night, breaking $6500 worth of our items, causing us over $8000 of unplanned hotel and childcare costs! UPDATE Oct 2018: After a great deal of effort, I managed to get their insurance company information to submit a claim. Not surprisingly, since Imperial never offered me full value coverage (violating US DOT CFR 49B§375B.201(b)(c)), they offered me $198 for over $6500 in property damages. With, of course, a complete release of any further liability on their part. What complete douchebags.
- Gary C.

I needed some stuff including cabinets with glass shelves moved. Anatoly & Vladimir packed up the suff and made sure the shelves were packed separately. They made it from the Bronx to Queens and set up my stuff making my life easier. Both of them were very professional and caring with the stuff I needed moved. My family members will be calling Imperial Moving & Storage when we need to move more stuff. Anatoly & Vladimir earned the 5 star rating. Thank you!
- Jake S.

It was the worst experience I have been through. The teams were amateurs, lazy and dirty. They didn't help us at all and they broke my table that it was 5,000 USD. I have moved 6 times in the city and this was a nightmare. I am a real customer that works in Finance so my review is based on experience. Do not recommend! Be very careful because all the good reviews are done by people of their team and not real customers.
- David A.

I can't stress enough my recommendation not to use this company and their services. Don't repeat my mistake. Somehow I missed all the negative Yelp reviews and warnings when I first investigated them. I regretted choosing them from the morning they turned up late to pick up our belongings Inconsistent, uncoordinated, rude, terrible customer service and with price creeps loaded in at every opportunity. Their response to customer concerns is to try and up sell you and fall back on disclaimers not revealed in the original quotes. Don't repeat my mistake, and deal with the stress and wasted time chasing this company to keep their commitments.
- David E.

My friend is moving in a couple weeks and mentioned he got mover's through Imperial. I had a horrific experience last summer using them for my move from Boston to New York, so I advised him against it. I told him to check the reviews on Yelp and to look for my review for the story. He couldn't find the review. Looks like Imperial paid Yelp to take down my review after Imperial had called me once I initially posted it and tried to bribe me to take it down. They offered me $300 if I deleted my review, and I refused. INITIAL REVIEW IN OCT 2018: Worst moving experience I have ever had. BEWARE !!!! I was demanded to pay for the services as soon as they arrived and was told I needed to pay them a 20% cash tip. I was also told that the cost would likely go over the quoted "capped" amount and when I suggested he speak with my sales rep (Mario) who had assured me the amount would not exceed the capped price, he told me that he doesn't know or care who Mario is and went on to complain of how difficult/tiring moving my items out of the apartment was, and that if I wanted a price at or below the maximum that Mario should come himself and move my things. There seemed to be a large disconnect between the sales team and the movers. On a side note, the movers took multiple smoke breaks on the clock. After they loaded my things onto the truck, one of the movers demanded that I make payment in full after I told him I was going to pay after my things were delivered that following morning, and after he had agreed earlier that morning. He argued with me and since I felt so uncomfortable, I paid for $1,000 of the service (inclusive of a $100 tip which he also demanded I pay that day). When I told him I would tip $100 for now, he responded with " that's all?". I asked him why I needed to pay on Saturday, instead of paying Sunday when I would know what the cost of the move was, he told me it was "motivation for showing up on Sunday." Honestly, I didn't believe he deserved any sort of tip, and even tipped him another $100 (in cash) on Sunday because I was so uncomfortable and frankly, frightened of him. These movers steal your money and make you uncomfortable while doing it--I DO NOT RECOMMEND.
- Elena A.

*Following this incident, the owner of the company provided a nominal amount of monetary reimbursement as a courtesy. It was explained to me that this level of service is not the standard and partially had to do with training issues. By far the sleaziest service company I have ever dealt with. The sales person misled me to think that I was getting a competitive rate by lopping $50 off the quoted price, although in truth the only extent of the moving job was a bed, a couple of chairs, a couple of lamps and 3 small boxes. In other words, this was a $450 laughably unprofessional assembly job.The bed was so poorly assembled that within a couple of months the hinges came loose and I had to remove two bottom drawers, leaving the bedframe a complete shipwreck. The truck was ticketed because they parked on the wrong spot and one of the deliverers threatened to have me pay for the parking ticket lest I got on the phone with his manager. In broken english, he tried to walk me through the script of how I was going to explain this to his boss. To top things off, he was extremely aggressive about receiving a tip for what was ultimately very sloppy service that should have been left to someone else who is more deserving of my business and trust. Buyer beware.
- Sandra O.

I've moved 5 times (2 times across the country) in my life and this was bar none the worst experience I've ever had. Things took a rough start when I was told the movers would show up between 8-9. They didn't show up until 9:15 and then decided to get breakfast before starting the job around 9:30. (Keep this in mind because it will of course come up when the tally up the final bill). At this point thing seemed to be going pretty well, the first stop was packed up and then we moved on to the second.... once we got here I was told they'd left their tools at the first location and that I had to go and get them... this took and additional 45 minutes that I was charged for. After this mishap we finally got to the final location, at this point it took maybe 4 different conversations to get my movers to understand the rugs had to go down before the furniture was wheeled in... I didn't think this would be so counter intuitive but it was. After all these events and the movers where over an hour past the estimated deadline (which I was being charged for) they asked me to sign off on the delivery. I did so under the assumption they would finish the job and move my last piece of furniture up (a couch), instead they had trouble getting the couch in the elevator. I offered advice as to how to get the couch in the elevator and I was ignored. My brother and I ended up having to take the couch up the stairs ourselves (which would have been fine if we hadn't paid a large sum of money for these movers).... it was to the 11th floor. Once everything was moved in and they'd left I found that my coffee table was totally scratched up and that 3 of my larger framed items were missing, including one of large sentimental value to me. This company is trash and I'll be happy to comment or let anyone else know about my experience who is interested. - Brooks George TLDR: this company is trash
- Brooks G.

Just to confirm the level of sleaze - shortly after I posted a truthful review of my experience, one of the owners/managers called me and apologized. Told me the "bad movers had been fired", and offered me $50 - $100 to take down the review. Just in case you guys out there were wondering: good companies DO NOT ask you to remove bad reviews. And by "ask you" I mean bribe. And by "bribe" I mean offer you about a 10th of the money you had to spend ON TOP of the regular moving costs, due to their movers being unethical, liars and stealing from us to boot. Just saying.
- Dumond A.

I hired this firm for a small office move in downtown Manhattan. They had more than one week to obtain a Certificate of Insurance (C.O.I.) to send to the new office location. They never provided a proper C.O.I. to the building and I had to send many e-mails and continuously call them to try to get them to do their job and fulfill their obligation. As the deadline approached for them to deliver the C.O.I., they continually promised that they would not let me down. The end result was that they lied to me, never got the C.O.I. and completely ruined my move costing me time and money. I am considering a lawsuit against these incompetent people. DO NOT USE THEM IF YOU ARE SEEKING A PROFESSIONAL, RELIABLE FIRM. Sadly, after giving them every opportunity to do their job, they did not even call me to apologize. Extremely unprofessional behavior.
- Sally F.

I am 5 mins away from calling the cops on these people!they charged me (more than I authorized) and promised no charge would go through until delivered and then ran my card before delivery and now no one is answering!!!!!Worst company I have ever worked with! Shady and bad sales tactics among movers who ask for more of a tip when you looked and your tip was more than generous! As if long distance moves aren't already stressful dealing with this was not needed. I was quoted a couple of rates amongst multiple companies and so they reduced my quote but proceeded to charge me more (even though they were provided with a detailed inventory). Then when I emailed regarding my frustration took days for a response they said they would reduce by a little of which they said they would email me and didn't! Not a trustworthy company!!!!!!! DO NOT USE THESE PEOPLE!!!!!! I just hope my items even show up at this rate!
- Brie K.

WORST MOVING COMPANY I.EVER USED!! I don't know if the 5 star reviews are fake or what but please do NOT use these guys. They overcharged me the estimate, and came six hours late and convinced me to store my stuff in their facility (instead of my own). They then destroyed a lot of my stuff due to water damage and repackaged the rest (with some stuff missing and some that's wasn't mine). They then tried to overcharge me when they returned the stuff. If it wasn't for all the COVID stuff I likely would have sued them , but have to take care of other things right now.
- Stephen F.

Tldr; do NOT go with this company!!! Anyone else will be better, even a random person from the street. Like many people in NYC, my lease was ending and I needed to move my stuff out of my apartment (a full sized bed, a dresser, a desk, and some clothes - nothing too major) during the pandemic. I called a few places and Dion gave me the best quote. I didn't think the online reviews seemed too bad, but was so wrong. Little did I know that the reason they seemed so inexpensive is because of all of the hidden fees! My final bill ($1150) is roughly 40% more than my original quote ($690) due to inflated labor costs ($130/hr), "extra" material costs (didn't get an itemized breakdown but +$167), and a delivery fee that is being double counted as labor ($130). Also, apparently they charge you $90/hour to see your stuff in the warehouse! Talk about ridiculous. I had a move scheduled for Tuesday. I had to keep calling the company leading leading up to the move to confirm that I could FaceTime the movers. I know for sure that I was the company's only move that day. The movers FaceTimed briefly me when they got to the apartment and when they left. They took 3.5 hours to pack everything up (which is absurd in itself, I did not have that many items) and the mover said that it would only be another hour fee to get to the storage locker and unload everything. I also have no idea what the additional packing charges are, as no one has given me an itemized list. After that, I had no idea what happened to my items. I received NO confirmation that they got to the storage facility and at what time. Someone sent me a credit card authorization form via DocuSign with a huge bill amount. I tried calling Sean Rome, the manager, to track down my items and get some clarity on my bill but he kept ignoring my calls and emails. On Wednesday, I had a woman named Katya from the warehouse call me to set up a payment for the monthly storage. This was also not what I was quoted, Dion told me $98/month and Katya told me it was going to be $108/month. I asked Katya about my inflated labor hour bill and about my items and she did not answer either question. She just told me it was $90 an hour to see the items. I don't even know that they are there! Later in the day someone named Bayram sent me another bill in DocuSign and I asked him for an itemized invoice. The invoice he sent is no better than a kindergartner could do, it's very vague. I said I was unhappy with the labor charges (6 hours vs 4.5 hours) and inflated materials and he again referred me to Sean. I finally got through to Sean after multiple calls. His claim was that they were very busy dealing with unhappy customers. *cue surprise* He said the most they could offer me was an $80 discount and did not explain the additional labor charges or confirm where my items were. Sean also said that the movers should have FaceTimed me when they got to the storage facility, which they did not. That does not help me at all. I'm still in the middle of fighting my absurd bill and confirming my items but wanted to post a review to warn people. Please DO NOT go with this company. Believe the negative reviews! A dog can honestly do a better job!
- Luna S.

My friend Sara K. recommend Imperial Movers. Even though she moved long distance, I decided to use them for my local move from Chelsea to Upper West Side. First good thing was that they showed up early. Movers that I used in the past would usually be late and give me windows that are ridiculous. Imperial guys showed up 30 minutes ealry, to start wrapping and protecting the items. Miguel was my mover, he packed my apartment and he was super careful. He was very careful with my items, his guys wrapped everything, even my boxes and delivered and staged everything safely. When I asked them to put in my a/c unit and my tv back on the wall they did it without a hesitation. They even placed the furniture and helped me arrange furniture in a new apt. I am highly recommending them, the representative I booked the move with is pretty awesome too, if you want the best one just ask for Sean. He was transparent and helped me meny times with changes I had. Moving in NYC is stressful but Miguel and Sean made it relaxing and stress free. 5 stars for Imperial!
- David J.

This was our first experience with Imperial, during covid 19 epidemic no less. We had 2 days notice to move our daughter's belongings out of her NYC dorm. Not only were they professional they went the extra mile !!! Would recommend this company 10/10.. Adi our salesperson was professional, and very responsive!!! Their drivers were great from facetiming my daughter to double check they had everything! thank you for making a stressful time a little less stressful.
- Dara M.

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