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About Hawaiian Moving

Here at Hawaiian Moving, we believe that a move–even one between Hawaii and the mainland–doesn’t have to be stressful. When you choose Hawaiian Moving, you choose a moving company that will take care of you from start to finish, handling everything from packing supplies to moving your belongings to shipping your car to your new home. When we say we do it all, we mean it.

Moving-Me about Hawaiian Moving

As the only official Hawaiian Moving INC we operate under this name since 2001. They are the biggest company operating in the area and growing fast every year. The Company’s first official website was established in 2007 and their specialty service Hawaii to Lower 48 and back. They’ve relocated thousands of very happy customers and going stronger .

Hawaiian Moving Licenses & Certificates

Hawaiian Moivng is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. The company is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: 735596

US D.O.T: 2109775

(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: not provided

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What is Hawaiian Moving cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $5000. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services, and distance from A to B point. Also, many companies offer hourly rates. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance, or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free, and cost-effective. Hawaiian Moving is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

Hawaiian Moving Reviews

Excellent moving company for your long distance moves. I moved from Honolulu to Denver last week. I didn’t have a lot of things but they are important to me. There were no issues whatsoever. The price was also good.
- Susan Mcdaniel

I booked HMP for a move from Hawaii to Washington. The foreman who arrived to pick up my belongings stated that my belongings should arrive close to the first available date of August 5th. On the 8th, I called to follow up with my "moving concierge", who wanted nothing to do with me and referred me to customer service. Customer service claimed I would be receiving a call early the following week and that my belongings would be en route. The following week, I followed up once again. Customer service gave me the same line. Only when I escalated the matter did I receive a text message saying, "please review your delivery terms, your first available date is 8/15, from then the shipment has 45 business days." Second false statement from this company, possibly in pursuit of additional storage and insurance charges. Check their complaints page on the Better Business Bureau site and you will see that this is their game. Overall, a dreadful experience so far. I anticipate problems with the delivery, including surprise charges, but I am ready for them. The customer service is terrible and not proactive. No one who has forked over thousands of dollars should have to follow up on statements made by a company which is in possession of priceless belongings. No customer should be surprised by a false statement of billing terms such as the agreed upon first available date. Will update as we progress.
- Richard Griffin

I was looking to get my belongings moved to Hawaii, during the search for a moving company they got my number. they were relentless in hounding me for the business, calling at 3:30AM at one point. they said they had containers waiting for my stuff and needed to rush to sign the contract. I told them I would have it on pallet’s and they said great. once they had my stuff it changed. they said they were going to stack things on my pallets or charge another 100 cubic feet of space over the 200 I paid for. then take everything off pallets , I said no and they said no problem. got my stuff and it was off the pallets, then tried to force me to sign I received everything, if I didn’t I could not sign a claim. and if I would have how do you go after something you said yes to. Several calls and getting shuffled dept to dept, supervisor not returning call. I get shifted back to another dept. no resolve.DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY IF YOU LIKE YOUR THINGS AND MONEY
- Ted E Deininger

Do not use this company if you value your stuff!! Moved from San Leandro to Hilo. Company hounded me to get me to use their company, many emails and calls. Finally after giving me a very small discount if I delivered my boxes to San Leandro and reassuring me that my items would be safe, I decided to move forward with them. ( I should mention that there were two other business names that were involved with was very confusing) After mix ups with the delivery dates (Their mistakes) and dozens of calls to get me to buy the additional I insurance coverage my items were at the San Leandro storage facility, in front of me they taped up my black storage bins and assured me that they’d be safe. Being very nervous about theft I went ahead and purchased the additional insurance at that point. BUT after charging my card they told me “oh no it only covers 100% loss, meaning if the container falls off into the ocean”. My items arrived in Hilo two & half weeks later and were delivered to my new home. The crew carried in the containers, multiple containers had all of the tape ripped off. When I complained, the delivery guy said there’s nothing they can do about that. Not being able to go through all of the boxes before signing off, the guys were rushing saying they’ve got to go. I reluctantly signed just happy to see the items. Once I had a chance to go through the boxes I realized that over $3k in items had been stolen out of multiple containers!! I called Hawaii Moving Pros and was passed around on hold for 30 minutes, I sent an email to the main contact person, Micheal with no response! I then sent a second email to the insurance contact person that processed the additional insurance. I called again the next day only to be put on hold for 45 minutes. Clearly they don’t give a CRAP about their customers and their satisfaction! Extremely disappointed in this company and would never recommend them to anyone in the future.
- Ron Comer

Don’t use these people. They don’t care how your property is handled. I am missing numerous boxes, others were opened and or crushed. I have a lot of damaged belongings. They’ve stressed me out and the end result is I’m unhappy. My last moving company did everything in a professional manner with nothing missing or damaged. Unfortunately, they were a local company or I’d have used them.
- Benjamin Keip

This is hands down the worst experience moving I have ever had. I never write reviews but this company has been nothing but a hassle to deal with. First of all quoting me way to high, so I told them I was going to go with another company. They then call me back and say they will beat the price by $50 which sounds great so I decided to go with them. While packing up my small 1 bedroom with NO BIG Furniture they start charging extra on every piece that wasn’t listed (small rug, microwave, a few other items that were not big). I ended up not moving a lot of my stuff because of them trying to up charge. Second, they try to charge an extra fee for insuring the items. Saying they wont replace anything if it is damaged. The fee they quote (AFTER already shipping my stuff) is way too high so I decline it and I’m just praying my stuff arrives in good condition. Third, This is a move from Seattle to Honolulu. I haven’t heard anything for 4 weeks and have been waiting anxiously to get my stuff as I have been couch surfing for almost two years. I call them to see what the status is and they inform me that my stuff is STILL in seattle and will be getting on a boat to go to LA and then to HNL, they also told me about 6-8 more weeks. This means 2 and a half months of just waiting from PICKUP to DROPOFF. Its now been about 7 weeks since pickup and they informed me my stuff arrived on island. I ask them to coordinate a delivery time because I have to let my apartment manager know so they dont overbook the elevators. Per phone conversation they said they would be here in the afternoon, then give me a text that they will be in the morning so i coordinate and have everything good to go at my place ready for the move. THE DAY OF THE MOVE- I wakeup and have 3 emails from the company, one is asking for a delivery confirmation (which I already gave them via phone call) and the other two are EXTRA CHARGES of $450 to put it in storage. They said they are not going to deliver today because I didn’t confirm. So all my scheduling with the apartment complex is now wasted.I still have not received my stuff and have no idea when they want to reschedule and what the condition of my appliances are. It would have been cheaper to just buy new appliances and start fresh at this point.
- Bradlee Weeks

Michael is THE best customer service rep in the business! He answered all of my questions in a timely manner, I didn’t feel rushed, and he gave me a fantastic deal ($5,000 cheaper than other companies) The process was easy, stress free, and convenient. All my questions were answered & I had an order number within 10 minutes in full detail. I will definitely be recommending Michael to friends/family looking to relocate. ASK FOR MICHAEL TO GET THE BEST RATE!!
- Mariah Deanna

It took me sometime to leave this review. But, I have to give credit where credit is due. I was on the fence about moving companies but Hawaii Moving pros made me believer. I got a quote from Jerry Love He always was available to answer any questions that I had. The movers showed up and move very fast and they were polite. I highly recommend using Hawaii moving pros for your next move. Ask for Jerry or Michael two of the best at what they do. I will be using them again on my next move. Thanks Hawaii Moving Pros.
- Jay Strong

Professional rip offs... They are great, almost overbearing, until they get your items and then you can’t get hold of them, they never call you back, you can talk to 5 people and still not get your issue handled. They will always tell you that someone will call you back, if you have a problem but no one ever does. They over charged me and then told me that I could get a refund but after that NO ONE ever called me back. It has been 11 months and today I tried again to see if I could talk to the owner before doing something like leaving this kind of review.“Michael” answered again, first he transferred me to a mail box that wanted the mailbox number, which, of course, “Michael” didn’t give to me before he so rudely transferred me to that number. Then when I called back, he didn’t answer and when I called a 3rd time he hung up on me after asking me for my order number and then would not answer when I tried to call back again. I have tried for 11 months to resolve my issue with them but they won’t ever call me back or let me speak with the owner or with someone who CAN DO something so I now feel like it is my responsibility to let people know that THIS IS NOT THE COMPANY TO USE when you are moving... and on social media I will be posting pictures of my boxes to further discourage people from becoming their next victim. I will also be filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. I wish I had seen these reviews before I gave them my money. I left one star because it won’t let me remove it. Worst moving company, use someone else.
- Michelle Cortisse

The only limitation of my comment is ghe communication preceeding the move. The packing and loading of the house was otherwise made by a fantastic crew having Carlos as a foreman. He was excellent in his communication witv us and his team, was very much attentive to our questions or requests, and his team was extremely cautious re the card of our goods, the respect of distanciation. They were all very polite,kind and respectful and it was a remarkable experience for us. I wish for them to be at our destination for the unpacking. Ghey worked very hard, in tough weather, but remain calm and smiling all along. They were the best part of the house sale and move. They are true professionals!!! I hope they will be given a chance to see ghis review as a boost. They definitely deserve it. Tons of respect on our end for their behavior. We wish more people would have their commandable attitude. The administeative staff for the move in NJ was equally responsible and pleasant. Kuddos to All.
- Degeyter

Wow. $200 bucks cheaper than everywhere else, but yet they contract through Matsen which charges $1100 to ship through themselves. Weird. Nicole was really helpful when I was dealing with her and my car arrived three days early(too bad on weekends nothing moves so I had to wait till the day before). I never care about the outside of any of my cars. I’m a grease monkey. As long as my $25K under the hood and drivetrain are tip top, I could care less about outside appearance save for anything attention catching. Interior was as expected. Not dirty-not clean. Pick up was extremely easy and I had no problem with that either. All in all I had a very good experience with Hawaiian Moving. Most of the complaints are outside the control of the shipping broker. Everybody pretty much uses Matsen so how can you blame a broker for that?
- Random G.

Nicole is the best! She always answers my questions and helped with household goods and shipping two cars from Honolulu to San Diego.
- Jennifer R.

Great service at discount rate! Some minor bumps but minor! Service was fast and easily responsive.
- Hans

I had great service with this company. Nicole was really friendly. She is so prompt. She’s very professional at what she does. She helped me over the phone. I had two booking numbers and she made sure and double checked on the one my mom paid for before I went to the port. She made my experience with moving very safe and comfortable. Thanks Nicole.
- Chas V.

Nicole is the best! Don’t go anywhere else if you’re moving to/from the islands. You get top notch customer service here...bottom line! They made setting up the move so easy and managed our expectations perfectly. She had all the answers to our questions and guided us through the whole process. That relieved a lot of stress! The car’s condition during the move was a huge concern. Not only did it arrive in perfect condition but, it got to the mainland in a timely manner and at a reasonable price. The most important thing was honesty. We were actually guided by Nicole on the most cost efficient way to do the move. Why would you go anywhere else?!
- Maryam R.

Well I have nothing to say but good things about Hawaiian Moving. Nicole was my contact over there and she lead me thru the hole move and made me feel comfortable with everything. It was the exact price I was quoted and my car arrived 3 days early, in perfect shape. I even encountered a small hiccup with the pick-up facility and with one call to Nicole the problem was solved immediately. Not I mention I have a month of registration and a free car wash that I didn’t even know was coming to me 🙂 If I move back to the mainland at some point or decide to ship anything else out here I will 100% be using Hawaiian for all my shipping.
- T.M.

My shipment arrived and the single most expensive piece of it is missing: an original artwork painting. I paid thousands of dollars to move my household belongings from Hawaii to Arizona and this company "lost" my painting. When I reported the missing painting I was outsourced to a third party company to "file a claim" with no hope of my painting being recovered. I was also told by employee Nicole to drive to Long Beach, California all the way from Arizona to pick up my car at Matson on a day that Matson was closed! I had to pay hundreds of dollars to stay in California an extra day due to her error. She claimed she would do something in efforts to reimburse me for her mistake, but that was weeks ago and nothing ever came of it. She has ignored my emails for weeks. I wish I could give zero stars, this entire experience has been absolutely awful.
- Crimson G.

I’ve shipped my car with Hawaiian Moving before when I came to Hawaii and will be shipping with them when I move back to the mainland next month. Nicole is super helpful and explains the whole process with patience. I will always recommend them to any of my friends moving.
- Ashley O.

I used This company to ship my 2010 Prius is August! They made it sooo easy to ship my car! Nicole and the girls in the office are very knowledgable and open to answer any concerns/questions I had. Once my car arrived to Oahu I received Two phone calls and three emails notifying me that my car was ready for pick up at the port! My car arrived in less than 12 days! Car was in perfect condition! I shopped around and they have the best price . I’m so happy with them that I’m shipping my car back to the mainland(California) through them next week! The price they quoted me never changed, I don’t see why anyone would pay after a price change ? Kinda fishy! 🙂 anywho, if you want to know more about my experience , message me! Thank you hawaiian moving!!
- Tamara M.

This company is legally known as Eden Relocation Inc. DBA Hawaiian Van Lines they have complaints filed with the BB Bureau. They promised to move me last year and caused me to have to place my items in storage after there truck broke down. Now I had flown from Hawaii to Washington State to assure my presence there for this move which did not take place. My airline tickets were for the next day to return and were non refundable obviously my costs were enormous. A year later thinking they were the cheapest and mistakes occur and being a forgiving person I contacted them and asked for specifics to be included in this transaction such as your commitment to me if you fail on your end of the contract what you will pay for to me as your client according to the DOT guidelines which I have now read. Obviously no response. Also, my money from last year you never refunded my deposit please do so at this time and again no response. Obviously this is not a company to trust I however am healthy now last year I had surgery on my mind. I will seek a remedy the BBB and the Attorney General office and the local district attorney and the DOT if need be. No company should ever rip off any citizen of the USA times are hard enough. Like my friend said if we don’t fight for what’s right than who will. Just got a phone call threatening me and to exhaust my credit card on file by Nicole. Contacted Los Angeles financial crime division as I need my credit card to complete my move having now been highly alerted about this company. I was told I will only see my deposit money which was more than 100.00 as they took my 50% deposit on the day of the move that they did not show up for and told me I will see my money if I sign a release to stop posting any negative information about them. CONSUMERS please contact the Attorney General of California as this company is obviously committing fraud to consumers and the state of California they are not licensed with the state of California to operate as Hawaiian Moving only as Eden Relocation Inc. Wonder how they are reporting the revenue they steal from consumers. I know the State will be brought into light with all the complaints filed and they should be put out of business as they will rip you off so be very aware.
- Kaiolani M.

Had Hawaiian moving, move my vehicle from California to Honolulu and they did a great job. There were hiccups with Matson, but Nicole did her best to help me. Will def use them again in the future. Nick
- Nick N.

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