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Quality of service: 4.3

Punctuality: 5

Accuracy of Estimate: 3

Customers’ rating: 4.8

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About Grass Roots Moving

We have maintained the most 5-star reviews on in the Denver/Aurora Metro Area – with zero paid advertising on … our reviews come directly from you, our happy customers! We do all phases of moving – from a one-item move, partial moves, Craigslist pick-up/delivery, apartments, condos, townhomes, lofts, large homes, small homes, offices, storages, churches, assisted living, hotels/motels, load/unload rental trucks, PODS, ABF, U-Pack Boxes, specialty items, etc…

Moving-Me about Grass Roots Moving

This is an independent, high-quality, residential & commercial, household goods moving service provider, specializing in, but not limited to: loading/unloading our 24ft trucks & 16ft truck & your rental truck(s), full-service moving, loading for O.T.R. (over-the-road), line-loading, long-distance tier loading, one-item, partials, condos, townhomes, homes, apartments, lofts, duplexes, offices, storages, warehouses, industrial, high-end, big moves, small moves, loadswaps, shuttles, hot tubs, pianos, (gun)safes, specialty items, overflow, packing, unpacking, stairs, elevators, labor only, antiques, M.O.P. (move-on-premises), hotel liquidation & removal, retail shops, jewelry shops, restaurant equipment, etc..

Grass Roots Moving Licenses & Certificates

Grass Roots Moving is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. The company is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: not provided

US D.O.T: 2333004

(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: not provided

Want more detailed information on moving documents to check? Click here to be informed.

What is Grass Roots Moving cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $2000. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services, and distance from A to B point. Also, many companies offer hourly rates. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance, or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free, and cost-effective. Grass Roots Moving is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

Grass Roots Moving Reviews

We used GrassRoots just two days ago and I am very Happy with the work they did. They were thorough, efficient, and respectful of our property. They did not waste truck space and were careful to not damage walls or our furniture. The only hiccup we had was in the waiting for them to show up. Our appointment was later in the day and the job before us ran long. Despite that though I still give them 5 stars because of their quality work and the fact that they didn't try to draw out the time to over charge us ( they charge by the hour not by the job).
- Harold W.

These guys were top-notch. Geoff, the owner, met with me weeks before our planned move. The professionalism he showed and concern for his customer made me confident moving forward. He went through the move in detail, and gave a reasonable quote. When things changed with our move, Geoff was super flexible, and again, wanted to make sure that our move went off without a hitch. On the day of the move, when he realized that his guys were going to be late to meet at one of our pickup sites, Geoff added a 4th guy to the crew at no additional charge to get us back on schedule. When the crew showed up they were ready to go and professional. They busted it for 5 straight hours . . . multiple pickup sites, lots of heavy stuff, hot day . . . these guys rocked. Thanks GrassRoots for a great experience. P.S. The very next day our neighbor had a miserable experience with his mover . . . made me even more thankful that I had chosen GrassRoots.
- Pat S.

Professional, efficient service! I used GrassRoots Moving to move out of my house and in to a Pod for a long distance move. The guys packed it just like a game of Tetris and made sure everything was protected and tied down. I would absolutely recommend these guys for any types of moves!
- Cristen B.

These guys are the best! They showed up a little late, but they were honest about why they were late, which I appreciated. The guys were respectful of my things and property--nothing was dropped or broken. They had to get the truck in a tight spot and they did it like a boss! And the communication was excellent throughout. I would definitely use them again.
- Happy C.

Another move made simple! Guys we're on time, worked their butts off, made the move simple. I've used GRM multiple times and would never think of using anyone else.
- D F.

Just finished moving with them today. The movers came early and worked hard. My wife have contacted several moving companies before moving. GrassRoots was the only one can do it in 4-day notice and a very reasonable price. The movers are great. I would use them again.
- Kevin F.

These guys were great! I highly recommend their services. I had a last minute change to my schedule due to a complication with my building's elevator schedule. They switched me to the next day without any push back, and called to let me know they were running a bit behind due to their first move that morning. They also had no issue when I changed the drop-off location for my belongings. The three guys were efficient, professional, and a pleasure to work with. I will definitely be calling them to help me move from my temporary residence to my permanent one!
- Meredith M.

They were on time and very professional. The movers worked hard to make our move go smoothly. They wrapped the furniture to help prevent damage. Very personable movers and polite! I highly recommend them for your moving needs.
- Terry F.

These guys did an awesome job leave my stuff in an hour took my bed apart can manage to stuff my one-bedroom apartment into storage with room to spare it says were nice friendly and fast
- James W.

The team showed up on time and did an excellent job. They were fast and really funny. My husband and I really appreciated their work. All items were moved without any damage. They were worth every penny. They moved our two bedroom apartment to a two bedroom, two story condo across town in 2.5 hours. If we need to move again in the future, we will totally use GrassRoots again.
- Dusty S.

What a great moving company in Aurora. Movers were very nice and on time. I would definitely suggest using this local moving company. There one of the easiest and best moving companies I've worked with and plan on using them in the future.
- rissa p.

This is the 3rd time I have used Grassroots moving and i am completely thrilled with the service. I have used this company to help us in our moves to deal with the big and heavy stuff for across town moves and moving to our storage unit when we left on our move out of state, this time it was to move our storage unit into a moving truck for a cross country move.. The guys did amazing by packing the truck with the long drive in mind and made sure it was all secure!! I was not there for this move but my husband was very very happy with their help!! Jeff is very responsive with setting appointments and confirming everything to make sure all goes well and the movers are extremely good at what they do.. I highly recommend Grassroots moving for large and small jobs!! The only thing I regret is that I have moved out of the Denver area and will not be able to call on them again!! These guys are amazing!!
- Joanna A.

I highly recommend this company! We had an unfortunate circumstance that forced us to need movers within 24 hours notice, and within an hour or so on a SATURDAY night after requesting a quote via Yelp, the business owner responded right away and gave me a specific quote which is EXACTLY what we paid! He was even understanding that we preferred to have someone move our stuff sooner than they would have been available (6pm) and let us keep our appointment even if it meant we'd have to cancel last minute (free of charge). So thankful for this company and the two movers that got our stuff to our new place successfully with no items broken. No other moving company was available on such short notice, nor could they compete with these rates. Thank you for ending our miserable weekend on a more positive note! We're more excited now to explore our new home of Colorado!
- Becky W.

We hired GrassRoots for our move last weekend. Moving from a 2 bedroom upstairs apartment to a single story house, approximately 8 miles. RJ, John and Alfonzo arrived and assessed our rooms and boxes. They went right to work carefully moving all of our belongings, strapped to their backs of all things (we've never seen anything like that) but they explained how it's safer for our boxes as well as better for their backs! These 3 gentlemen were professional, strong, friendly, hard working, careful and efficient. They wrapped all our furniture in plastic wrap, which was nice as it didn't require me to take our clothes out of drawers. They had us entirely moved in 4 hours, placing couches, tables, beds etc. exactly where we wanted them. We felt the cost was extremely fair as it sure saved us a lot of work and time. We don't plan on moving for a very long time, if ever, but if we do we'd definitely hire them again! Wish we could give them more than 5 stars!
- Bev R.

This was my first time hiring movers and i must say Grass Roots moving did a excellent job. They arrived earlier as I hoped and was professional and courteous Came right in and started loading My job was less than an hour so i really appreciated the discount rate. I would highly recommend?
- Monica R.

The guys were nice, ultra friendly and respectful. But my move was a disaster due to a lot of miscommunication, which sometimes is just bound to happen. I'm not going to go into details, but I will say that the owner bent over backwards to try to make things right. I respect him and the company for that. I would definitely use again for small moves. Response to Owner: Sir, in all due respect your service deserves less than one star which I am changing my review to. I wasn't going to give you what I thought you deserved because I know how reviews can hurt a business, but due to your response, I will follow your lead. It should have taken LESS than 2.5 hours with 3 GUYS and the biggest items being 1 small loveeat, a brand new bed and 5 drawer dresser, and small dining room table being the largest items. 10 medium sized boxes, an oversized bean bag chair and a bike. I attempted to cut you some slack in my original post by saying you did try to make things right, but honestly that was only after I threatened to leave reviews on Angie's list, Yelp and Google of your unfinished job! I told you the day before that I would need the packing and materials, thats a full 24 hrs in advance, but when your guys arrived THEY KNEW NOTHING ABOUT THAT. They had NO materials, and did absolutely NO packing. It quickly turned into a labor only job which happened to be the SAME PRICE as the all-inclusive job. They did shrink wrap my dresser, so there is that. The guys apologized for YOU, and said they would take anything I COULD PACK MYSELF by the time they got done with loading the larger items. Thanks. I would have had everything packed myself, but since I was paying $165 per hour for all inclusive, why would I? Your guys also took a 20 min. break too, so they really did about 1.5 hours worth of work to be honest, but I do understand your 2 hr minimum. I told you in my request for a quote that it was 3 flights of stairs and no elevator. I also told you that the storage which was indoor had a 13 ft clearance and you said your truck was 12.5, it wasn't. It wouldn't fit, so there was another 20-25 minutes trying to figure out how they were going to get my things into my storage. You also didn't tell them that I had changed from a residence to a storage two days prior (which you confirmed) but they still had the original order. THEY promised that someone would show up the next day and have my stuff done "lickety split". When I didn't hear anything by 9am the next day, I txt'd you, you were abrasive and short-tempered. You treated me like I had done something wrong! It was 9am and you said you would send 2 guys over, around 3pm and IT WOULD COST ME AN ADDITIONAL $110.00 an hour. By that time I was in tears overwhelmed and distraught with what your company did NOT do and I had left to do. I had to be out that day! You THEN agreed to labor only, and for free but I had to provide all the boxes etc that I had already paid for in your all-inclusive price! I went to buy the shipping supplies and while doing that decided to rent a U-Haul and just get it done myself. It was doable, it would just take a lot longer, and I risked hurting myself since my family and friends were busy. I ended up moving all by myself and it took 4 hours, but I lightly packed boxes, and got it done. So please don't complain about your 3 undeserved stars. Not to mention that your guys promised to lay down a chair cover cloth on the ground for my box spring but left the cloth in its packaging and thrown in the storage unit. A gash in the front of my brand new headboard which I asked to NOT be laid on its side for scuffs, which is guess where.... on its side.. my couch which was also recently purchased had been dragged across the floor, the edge frayed and dirty! My table which had been imported from China and custom made and which I've had protective padding (one of the guys remarked how cool the covering was) was slapped on a cart with no protection and items stacked on top of it face down! When I asked them to please not do that they said the cart had rubber on it so it was protected. Then they stacked it in the storage unit faced up and with boxes and other items on top of it. It was the most horrible moving experience ever. My furniture ruined, and no sir, I didn't tell you about the damage because I just knew you were going to deny it, and I honestly didn't want to deal with you guys or the headache anymore. Sure you could move stuff for me again, I would use you for a small trash removal job in a heartbeat. While you did to attempt to fix things, it was after I called YOU and your help was at YOUR convenience, not mine, who you had wronged from the start. Update. The business offered to move me from my storage to my new home for free. I declined but I do think that is pretty epic and generous. So, I am upgrading from 1 star to 4; which is 1 above my original 3.
- Linda S.

Geoff and his team were fantastic and I highly recommend them for your next move. I had to move things from 2 locations that were on opposite ends of the city to a place in between. Of the 3 movers I called, Geoff was the only one to recommend 2 teams to start at the same time at the different locations. This took a 7 - 9 hour move down to 3 - 4 hours. He was professional and knowledgeable and his price was reasonable, so that's why I chose Grass Roots. I was not disappointed. One team was right on time. The other time was running a little late, but Geoff was very responsive with the team's ETA. There have been previous movers I have paid by the hour that I felt they were stringing out the job. Not with these guys. All of the guys were hard workers and very fast. There was a slight mechanical issue with one of the trucks. The only reason I mention it is because things happen sometimes. That's life. It's how the company reacts that matters. Geoff and his team were extremely responsive to the issue and kept me informed as to what was going on. It couldn't be fixed fast enough, so Geoff engaged the other team that was already done with their part of the move to come get the items out of the broken truck. The entire team of 4 then came to the new house to get the remaining items moved very quickly. Although the mechanical issue did cause a delay, my move was still completed well before it would have been had I only had 1 team working. And of course the time related to the mechanical issue was not charged to me. Geoff was very fair about the time and the cost. Geoff also followed up with a text thanking me for my patience and apologizing (again) for the delay. He really understands customer service. Because of that and his hard working team, Grass Roots is the kind of business I want to support. I will use them again should I need to move in the Denver area.
- Laura S.

I moved my 1 bedroom apartment with GrassRoots moving this past August. They showed up on time and worked hard to move my belongings quickly and stay within my budget. I appreciated their hard work and communication.
- Stephanie S.

Moving is stressful and my most recent move was extra complicated due to work and health problems. So when I hired Grass Roots Moving I was already high strung and nervous. But their crew was absolutely amazing and I could not have asked for a better experience. The guys showed up on time, went over everything, and got to work quick. They got my entire 1bd apartment packed and ready to roll in under an hour - I was impressed!! The guys were super friendly and it was clear they liked working together. We joked around, got things going, and was able to successfully move everything with little to no complications. They moved everything fast, safe, and with professional attitudes and equipment. Staying in budget and on time was my #1 concern and they were very successful! Support local businesses and have top quality with Grass Roots! 10/10 would recommend.
- Heather V.

GrassRoots did a decent job doing a local move for us. Everything got here, but it wasn't a five-star experience. They worked to fix the mess ups, but I've had much better moves in the past. That being said, I appreciate their commitment to making things right. We had a pretty simple move - just furniture for three miles. We moved all our boxes ourselves, so we only needed our furniture moved and reassembled. The movers showed up right on time and were polite, but they were not nearly as well-versed with furniture as other movers we've used. They didn't come with the right tools to take our furniture apart, so they did it with brute force. It wasn't pretty, but it came apart. When unloading at our new place, it got here, but the reassembly was as bad as it gets. One of our beds was literally almost balancing upright, and I can't see how any moving company could think that was the right way to leave it. The other beds are OK, but not bad enough to cause a stink about. I called GrassRoots the next day, and they immediately offered to send their preferred handyman out to fix it. He came out early the next morning, tightened everything up, and our bed was back to normal. So while it wasn't right the first time, they made it right. I appreciate that. Billing was fair, and they don't round up to the next hour (think it's the nearest 15 minutes), which was a pleasant surprise. I paid cash to save some money on the hourly rate, and I'd suggest that you do the same. GrassRoots could improve their service by doing the little things better: - Bring booties to wear inside or cover the floors, not just the entrance. We had just gotten our carpets cleaned, and our movers trekked the outdoors all over our freshly cleaned carpets. We paid $300 to have our carpets cleaned, and immediately had boots all over them. - Bring a wide variety of tools for furniture. - Allow the customers to check the quality of the furniture assembly before the movers leave. - Wrap furniture in blankets, not just plastic. There was a lot of banging around, and one of our beds ended up with a deep gash on the frame. This should easily be avoided, but we were just too exhausted to fight for this one. That being said, it got done. The price felt fair. They (mostly) fixed the things that went wrong, and they showed up on time. I wouldn't give GrassRoots a glowing recommendation, but it was ultimately a pretty ok experience.
- Dave C.

First time using GrassRoots, and won't be the last. Alphonso and Juan showed up early and had my folks small bundle moved quick and efficiently. Then, onward to storage unit, where more items were picked up. Finally, to our destination. Took exactly 2 hours, like we all thought. Both gentlemen were professional and cordial and hard working. If you pay cash you get a discount! I'll be using them in spring time! Check them out! Support your local business!
- Christy R.

Team was very prompt, got things done quickly and efficiently and actually finished sooner than the estimated time which saved us money. Great transparency and accountability by their ownership as well.
- James L.

The service was fantastic! I requested a quote and got a response almost immediately. When the movers arrived, they moved so quickly and were careful with all of my belongings and were polite. The move was quick and efficient and was just what I needed. I am very pleased and would definitely recommend/ use again!
- Chelsea G.

If you want an out standing stress free moving experience look no further. I used this company today and they worked non-stop from 10-5 these are the hardest workers I have ever seen. Very polite, very professional . We are going to use this company for our second move. This is a real yelp review from a really satisfied customer. What a crew of hard fast working men. This without a doubt has to be the best moving company in Colorado.
- Joe G.

Highly recommend these guys! I requested a quote Wednesday night and Geoff was quick to respond that evening, with availability Friday morning (which fell into my requested window). I appreciated the flat rate so there was no anxiety about how long it would take and what the final total would be - plus, it was extremely competitive (among the lowest I received). The team of 3 moved furniture from my home to my in-law's home, and then picked up furniture there, and brought it back to my home. So this was a multi-leg job. The team showed up (early!), wrapped the furniture in plastic wrap to protect it (and keep drawers and doors shut), and carried everything very skillfully - not so much as even touching a door frame. We didn't even come close to filling the truck since it was just a few pieces of furniture, but everything was secured tightly in the truck. The entire team of 3 was very professional, patient, and courteous. I will absolutely reach out to GrassRoots again in the future!
- Becky R.

These guys were amazing! Fairly priced, professional, and quick. They moved me into my apartment on the 3rd floor. No complaints... in ONE HOUR! They proceeded to put together a giant full over full bunk bed, straight out of the box. I'm thankful to them for taking on the task. The 3 gentlemen they sent were great!
- Chimere S.

My move was probably a four mile trip. I was on the main floor moving to a second floor with a reserved elevator. We had complications when we arrived at my new place but it was a HOA problem. They were so patient and accommodating with the situation. I have moved more times then I can count and they were the best by far!
- Debbie P.

Don't even bother them with small jobs. One person will schedule you, take your payment information, give you a time, and then you call the day before to verify your time slot, and Jeff will answer the phone and say "you don't exist on our schedule." THE DAY BEFORE!!! I'd taken time off work and everything. By way of apology, Jeff sends a half dozen texts with screen shots saying "you never called. I can't find history of your phone call anywhere." GREAT customer service skills. NOT. DO NOT USE THEM FOR SMALL JOBS. I sure as heck wouldn't use them for a big one. Try Amazing Moves instead, which is what I should have done. UPDATE ON GRASSROOTS MOVING: I just got a voicemail from GrassRoots saying if I leave a bad review they will sue me. LOL - I guess that's why they only have good reviews on Yelp? They sue you otherwise? I'm pretty sure that suing for a bad review, or threatening to sue is against Yelp policy. UPDATE ON GEOFF'S RESPONSE: "Proof" is that I saved the transcript from your Sarah's call where she threatened a lawsuit if I post a negative review.
- Jennifer K.

Ive used Grassroots Moving several times before and just used them again. Actually ran into a mover i recognized. His son was with him. Great people and very honest about their charges. If you are looking for a moving company you van trust use Grassroots Movers.
- Frank B.

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