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About Good Greek Moving & Storage

This moving company exists to provide its customers an extraordinary moving experience, period. We make that the ethos of our every step from the handling of your first phone call to us all the way to the placement of your last end table in your new home. We operate from the premise depends on your absolute love for our company. With over two decades under our belts, we’ve got the know-how, depth of experience and proven system to ensure your move happens seamlessly. Over-the-top service may sometimes seem like a thing of the past, but at Good Greek Moving & Storage, it’s all in a day’s work.

Moving-Me about Good Greek Moving & Storage

First of all, Good Greek Moving company will be able to provide you with an unforgettable experience of moving. They have rich experience in work. For several decades of work, they know exactly how to satisfy the client and do the highest quality and the fastest work. Each step of the work is carefully thought out and will not be able to disappoint the client.

Good Greek Moving & Storage Licenses & Certificates

This mover is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. Good Greek Moving & Storage is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: MC894264

US D.O.T:  2562486

(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: Fla. IM No. IM2384

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What is Good Greek Moving & Storage cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $1900. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services and distance from A to B point. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free and cost-effective. Good Greek is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

Good Greek Moving & Storage Reviews

Got a quote to move 3 pieces of furniture for about 250$. After less than an hours work and 5 miles traveling distance they hit us with a bill for 750$!!! Total crooks do not use these guys.
- Henry O

After reviewing a few companies online for a local 42 mile move, I chose the Good Greek Moving company. I made the call and spoke to a gentleman named Ace and let him know that the whole reason I am hiring a moving company is because I have an 867lb+ safe that needs to be moved. He said no problem, I said sign me up! When the day came 4 guys show up on a 26' box truck with no lift gate. At that point I said how do they expect to get it done? The said they will try but couldn't understand why they didn't send them with a lift gate truck. So after everything else was loaded, we once again looked at the safe, the area that they would have to pull to was a little wet so I had a neighbor use his tractor to place it on the back of the truck so they didn't have to fight it. So now my safe is on their truck. On the way over the office of the moving company called to see how things are going and I told them the story and asked why they didn't send a lift gate truck for an 867lbs safe. He said oh the guys can handle it, I said are you sure he (his name was ******* stated that oh yeah they can handle it. I said ok. Well we got to the destination and after everything else was unloaded I got a call from the company stating that I will have to pay another $475 to get my safe off of their truck....what the ****. The manager there stated that he understands how I must feel, I said oh, so you understand that you're holding my safe hostage for a sum of $475. He stated they didn't realize that the safe was that big....WTH!!! So after a long deliberation that I got fed up with, I ended up paying $275 to have another truck with a lift gate. I deal with a lot of the public and I will be VERY vigilant in my influence to others on what moving company to not for the record...the actual workers were awesome...the office lost a customer for life.
- Aaron A

n my experience....UNPROFESSIONAL. This company misrepresented themselves from the beginning. They claimed my belongings would be stored in an air conditioned, humidity controlled facility. Either they are lying, or they've never cleaned anything as my property smelled terribly to say the least. Some belongings had to be thrown in the garbage due to the stench that would wash out. I was told the delivery for out of state long distance moves by the irresponsible sales "manager." (Everyone you speak with is apparently a "manager." The company after 8 days and no update on our move, I called and was told there was no plans to ship my things as of yet. The sales "manager" after then speaking with them doubled down stating they were running at about a week and had no information on my things and was bothered when asked to inquire. When signing the contract with him he stated he was my point of contact and reach out with any questions going forward and then had nothing to offer past that giving a number to call dispatch. Wasn't that his job. Nonetheless, I was told my things would be transported by company employees and the company did not contract out. The delivery driver, upon delivery on the 14th day, 15th from date of pick up, when asked about the crew, he said when he gets to town this is who the contracted company sends. Odd as that was not the claim. The gentlemen packing the house up went through the drawers as evident by things in different drawers they were packed in. My flooring was damaged upon move out and when mentioned to the company I was told, "Sorry about that." I also had belongings delivered that did not belong to me, some of which were broken on delivery. When I notified the company they said they would contact me with a trunk in the area to retrieve the belongings, and have yet to hear back regarding over a week later. Terrible experience but a terrible company. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY IF YOU VALUE YOUR THINGS, in my experience.
- Noble S

Company did a great job. We had a small 2 bedroom and also a storage unit. The crew came in and did a great job and under budget. Thanks GG.
- Maria P

They made moving very easy. They were on time and efficient. Customer service from top to bottom was terrific. This will be the only moving company I will ever use. Rene, Lee, Junior and Flo are the best.
- Al B

They arrived 4 hours late for my move, and therefore needed to keep all of my belongings overnight so I had to rent a hotel. The next day they gave me a bill for 3X what I was given as an estimate. The movers had to be told repeatedly to get off the phone and get back to work and moved like turtles. They packed super inexpensive paintings in $50 of boxes each without telling me I was paying for those. The lead mover told me they do this to people all the time which is why he had to tell me before they would take things off the truck. Do NOT use them for anything! 8 months ago I moved for nearly half of what they charged me by a reputable moving company!
- Stacy G

Scheduling was easy and movers were very nice guys on both the move in and out. I had to store my property for 8 days due to closing dates. They both packed and unpacked my property. After they left a noticed 2 chairs and a coffee table were badly scratched. A box that they packed with various kitchen items was missing. I called and they said they asked the crew and all the boxes were delivered and asked me to make sure the box was missing. I called again and they said they would check the warehouse. I did not get a call back. I called again and they just said to fill out a claim form. The missing items were a panini machine, dish towels and many other minor items. I think they handled it badly and I would never refer them. They're moving your personal property and I think they're commercial about caring is BS.
- Steven C

No Stars...We contracted with them on May 2nd and everything seemed to be going smoothly until we received a phone call this morning that our household goods were an hour out from the destination; 1500 miles of Jupiter! Never did we get a phone call from them telling us they were ready to leave Florida although 1 employee actually argued with me today that he had called either me or the other person on the contract. Both of our phones show that a call did not come from them confirming the delivery date of TODAY. We scrambled to find help (3 men we have to pay for their services) to meet the truck, prepare an area in the garage & NOT in the house where everything could be unloaded. The painting in the house won't be completed until the end of the week is why the furniture couldn't be put inside. Good Greek Moving & Storage has not communicated according to what they initially told us and an employee wants to argue he's right; not a good business practice..Since all phone calls are recorded they simply have to produce the recording of calling us with the truck's schedule! Stay tuned as this unfolds and I only hope they consider their reputation before my next review.
- Sandy P

Just had a set of valuable dishes and a curio cabinet shipped from NJ to FL. From beginning to end the process could not have been any better! From the office staff to the delivery drivers A1.Wish there was a sixth star I would give it.
- Jack M

Horrible service, 6 people to take my deposit, didn't ask anything about my move, I asked repeatedly just give me a ballpark time to move. After 3 days, paid deposit I'm told your 2nd on the list we will ca you??? Really ??? Bye bye all you do is move shit and you cant even coordinate that.....loser company....
- Ken A.

After writing reviews online I was contact to resolve the issue. I ended up getting the money I was owed after I filed a dispute with me credit card company. Also, they did credit me for the TV that was broke during transit. Due to the resolution of these items, I've updated my review and rating of Good Greek.
- Amber J.

We had Greek moving scheduled for the end of February . We were told they were going to be there at 8am. By 10 they did not show up, we called, they told us they be there by 12. We were than told they never give a time. The person who told us 8 am was "only a salesman." We contracted for 3 movers. They showed up at 4:45 with 2 movers and one of them was on there first day. We weren't able to complete the move that evening because it be came to late. We had to hire a new mover for the following day. Since it was the end of the month it wasn't easy. DO NOT USE GOOK GREEK MOVERS! They do not deserve any stars....
- Lois N.

Sales rep Michael came to our place and gave us a guaranteed price in writing (which they stuck to). Not only did we need Good Greek to move our home items but we also had storage items as well. The crew came right on time and went to work. Wrapping protecting and loading i couldnt believe how fast they worked. Thank you to Good Greek and our crew making our move a success. Thank you!!
- Maria P.

Recently I used this company to do a small local move. They have a great sales pitch but in reality they were more expensive and just ordinary for moving services. I was told the men would have masks on. When the appt. was confirmed I was told I had to provide masks or pay $15 per mask if they supply them. When I stated this wasn't told to me then they offered to waive the fee. The guys came to move me, not a single one had a mask on. I had to use my own supply and I was never reimbursed for it. I was told the padded blankets would be clean and they weren't. Not sure if those ever get washed. They took a break in between the move and I've never seen that for a small move. Never again!!!
- Alex D.

Best movers I've experienced! I recommend them to everyone I know! I've moved many times in my life and it can be really hard to have decent movers who don't complain or break something or are just too slow. These guys are efficient, careful and polite! They will help you move things around your house until you are satisfied. Very impressed!
- Emily B.

I have parents who are senior citizens and very stressed about the current health pandemic. To alleviate their stress during a move, I organized the move from afar which was supposed to include all payments. My mother stresses easily at conversations about money. Everything seemed to be going smoothly. Coordination. Estimate. All good. They were flexible with my changes in dates and that was great. BUT...when it came time to the actual move, the movers arrived in the morning instead of the afternoon which threw off my older folks since the movers arrived before 9am instead of after lunch. The worst part of it all is that the movers somehow forgot that I was paying for the move with a credit card that was on file. Instead they asked. my elderly mother for her credit card for payment. Very stressful for her and could have been avoided.
- Andres M.

We went with Good Greek, even though they were more expensive than others, because of their supposed trustworthiness and ads that the owner was retired law enforcement, blah, blah, blah. We needed to move out one day and in the next, and they charged $375 extra just to hold items in the truck overnight. We were told we would have the same movers both days, but we went from a crew of 4 for the move-out to a crew of two (only 1 guy the same) for the move-in. (We tipped generously after the first day; perhaps we should have waited.) It took a long time the 2nd day, and the 2 guys ended up just piling boxes in the garage, even though the rooms were clearly marked on the boxes. I did not notice, because I was unable to walk out to the garage due to recent surgery. This made for a lot of extra work for us. After getting through everything, we found that we had missing items, all heavier items that they had carried out. I called, but nothing was found. One item was a heavy floor jug filled with probably $400 of coins; this couldn't be boxed due to weight, but the guys said they would "take care of it." It left the old house but never made it to the new one. Evidently, it was stolen. We got nowhere with the company, and we are out about $700 worth of items. I will tell everyone I know NOT to hire this company.
- Judy P.

We had the most professional, friendly, and efficient experience with Phil and Lisa as they meticulously went through our home to give us a quote to pack, store, and move our 5,500 sq ft home. Their job was made somehow trickier as we are not moving all of our furniture - but just certain pieces. Their method of going room by room was impeccable, and we were extremely impressed. We have a baby grand piano that will be included in our move, and they carefully explained how they take it apart and reassemble it when we arrive at our new home across the state.
- Jody T.

I got a call the day before delivery that Good Greek would be there as promised and they would call me in the morning and let me know when they would arrive. My new neighbor got a kick out of the truck that pulled up to my driveway. Every single box was accounted for...and two days later after unpacking, everything was in perfect shape...not even a wine glass broke! Every single step of the way they communicated what was going to happen. No surprises, no disappointments. Read the reviews I've written on Yelp, they're honest...both the good and the bad. These guys came through with flying colors.
- Erik N.

Can’t thank Good Greek enough. Had a last minute move and they came through and made my move easy. Now I see why they are the super hero movers.
- Mikal Kensington

I was told it could possibly take up to a month to get everything moved into my new place but they ended up doing it in a week and I cannot thank you guys enough! No damage and no complaints! The moving guys were very good:)
- Nikolina Modrova

I absolutely recommend them for whatever you need moved! They were prompt and courteous. The man who I spoke to over the phone was also very kind. 5/5 stars!
- Angela Fable

I love them, they did a great job. Thank you for being reliable and on time. I highly recommend them
- Sami Smidi

After they reviewed my estimate, they began packing and moving my items. They brought lots of moving blankets, tape, and extra boxes just in case. They wrapped my furniture really well and loaded everything efficiently. Before leaving my apartment they did a final walk through to make sure they didn’t miss anything that was on my list! When they got to my new apartment they asked me where I wanted everything and then placed & unwrapped everything with caution. None of my items were damaged! I would highly recommend Good Greek Moving!
- Rebecca Doyle

Excellent moving experience! I would highly recommend them to anyone. From the beginning , the estimate from Billy was both informative and accurate. I knew exactly what to expect. The office staff was helpful throughout the entire process. The crew showed up on time and with a very clean truck and plenty of new blankets to use for wrapping of the furniture. My beds and desks were not only disassembled but also reassembled perfectly on the other side. The crew was extremely polite and courteous throughout the day. Just an overall great experience, Kudos for the effort. I will definitely use them again and would highly recommend them.
- Shawna Guess

Called for a quote to move some office furniture and boxes, asked for visual estimate. Their estimator came and gave us a flat rate, all-inclusive. Was way more comfortable price out of 5 movers I met with this estimate, so we decided to use this mover and it was seems like a good decision, they moved my office in 2 days for $2100, it was at least $500 cheaper than other movers. Thank You guys!
- Cane Balmaine

After a conversation with one of there staff we received an email with a quote which we all estimated that it would probably cost us about $500 to move from one side of Miramar to the next 15 mins drive the most. We were told we had to pay $200 deposit to lock in the date and time which we did. We were told the guys would get to the house at 10 am they came at 8 am, when they got to the house they were not wearing gloves or mask which they currently advertise, we offered the guys mask two of the 3 took it the third refused to and while we were on the phone trying to speak to someone from the company about this they just left without saying anything. We finally got through to someone and were promised they would try to get another crew out to us. They guys came a little after 1 pm, after the wrapped and packed and got to the other location the driver came with a bill and said my balance was $1100 plus I almost had a panic attack I was in shock, they said yes they charge for material 15% fuel charge for the total move and we had to pay for an additional 3 hours and if they finished before we would get a refund and i had to pay this before they took our stuff off the truck we were also promised a $50 discount for local move we never received that either. Can you see how dishonorable this company is. They bully their customers to over pay or they won't release your stuff from the truck. Also keep in mind it was a two bedroom and dining and boxes and they only assembled the the dining table and one bedroom. They are unfair and this company is no good. Still haven't heard anything on my refund because the guys didn't work for all 3 extra hours. I wouldn't recommend to my enemy. And now they are trying to tell to tell they can give me a discount of $300 when they charged me for 7 hours didn't refund me the extra hours. That's not a discount that my money you over charged me, I would like the other $200 please. You guys are the worse now saying giving me back $500 out of my $1388 that I was charged would be a full refund. What about the promotion for $50. No good Scam company
- Susan Sangster

The crew arrived on time as scheduled. They all wore their masks and maintained distancing as required due to the Coronavirus. They did not stop working until the job was done. They were very professional and took great care in disassembling and wrapping the furniture. They unloaded and reassembled the furniture with the same care. Great job. Thank you. Well worth it.
- Ricardo Rodriguez

They were timely, efficient, thorough and came Back after about 20 minutes when I noticed they’d forgotten a large lamp. No problems at all. Later at 11pm, I noticed a box was missing from our car, which mistakenly had been picked up and put on the truck to be taken back to storage. My meds and toiletries were in the box! Being that their warehouse is open 24 hours a day, we called and spoke with @SantiagoCaballero, #SantiagoCaballero who was working the night shift. He went out of his way to find the crates that held our boxes, sent me pictures to see if I could identify, and Found the important box to give to my husband that drove there to help! Kudos to Santiago! I’d Highly Recommend this company, and I have No Concerns for the next leg of our journey: when they drop off at our new home.
- Robin Marshall

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