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About Federal Relocation Services

We are experts at long distance moving. We are known for our ability to provide expert packing, loading and moving services to people from all across the country, Federal’s long-distance movers have gained a stellar reputation in the moving industry. At Federal Relocation Services we continue to highlight our customer-focus through the development of new innovations and processes so that we can provide to customers with a seamless, easy and unforgettable long-distance moving experience. We understand that moving far away can be stressful and emotional and that is where we step in to help, you can apply our specialized knowledge and experience to do what we do best – move you into your new home in an efficient, professional and stress-free way.

Moving-Me about Federal Relocation Services

Most would not typically associate the word “easy” with long distance moving. Their long-distance movers remove the time-consuming tasks and complexity out of the equation for you by exercising their extensive moving experience and offering you best-in-class service for your long-haul move. This moving company processes are streamlined and their team are trained experts. Everything from providing you with your moving estimate to reviewing what services fit your needs best, from coordinating with you every step of the way to prepping you and walking you through moving day, Federal Relocation Services is here to give you the very best moving experience, no matter the distance.

Federal Relocation Services Licenses & Certificates

This moving company is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. Federal Relocation Services is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: 898358

US D.O.T: 2594746
(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: not provided

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What is Federal Relocation Services cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $2600. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services and distance from A to B point. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free and cost-effective. Federal Relocation Services is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

Federal Relocation Services

The guys at Federal Relocation Services provided a quick and easy experience so I could get into my new office space and get to work. The company’s customer service was helpful and considerate. They answered all of my questions promptly and with much expertise which was great because, being in charge of a lot of expensive office equipment, I had many questions about the moving procedures. On the day of the move, the crew showed up right on time and ready to work and I got out of their way so they could do their thing. Before I knew it, the office space was cleared and on the road to the next space. I would definitely use them again when I need to move out!
- Tia Stevans

Initially moving in it of its self is always a daunting entity. I was not sure of many aspects, and these factors made the move even more of a challenge. It was by the great graces of Federal Relocation services that all my worries went away. There more than effective way of assuring all these worries was addressed and accommodated as soon as possible was greatly appreciated. From the first encounter to my last, Federal Relocation Services really provided a awesome experience. They were attentive, effective, and caring with my items, and treated them as if they were their own. I am surely using Federal Relocation Services for any other moving needs! If you happen to be looking for a company to be have effective, exceptional service Federal Relocation services is the company for you!
- Gav

I've never had such great service from a moving company before. All the workers and the moving truck came to my house before the scheduled time and started packing the stuff onto the truck. They wanted to make sure everything was secure and placed safely on the truck which was great. Plus they didn't want to rush which is great as well. The owner was so nice to talk to and he made sure I was satisfied with the movers. I will most definitely work with them again!
- Crystal

This was my first move and I was terrified! I had never used a moving company before and I was worried about the entire packing and transporting process. Federal Relocation Services made it effortless and painless. Really awesome customer service! They were on time and worked quickly and efficiently. The asked questions about where items would go to help organize the boxes and make unpacking easier. They left the house with everuthing we own and I was very nervous. When we turned the corner on our new street the first thing we saw was Federal Relocation Services waiting for us!.
- Tanner Hampton

I've been searching all over for a reliable and affordable moving service and I believe I have finally found one. From the time I scheduled my appointment to the time when the movers showed up they were right on and very friendly. This made a world of difference to me with a busy life. Federal Relocation Services went out of their way to take special care with my Grandmother's old armoire that me and my wife received for our wedding day. I have to be honest I was a little afraid it would get damaged during the move. Turns out it was fine. Lastly, I want to say thank you to the kind receptionist who helped me select the best package and for a little extra I received a worry free moving experience. Definately, recommend and will use in the future!
- Bob Haskins

I must say! Federal Relocation Services has such wonderful customer service from start to finish! I am always in need of relocating due to my job and so scheduling my move was such a breeze as they are by far super thorough, professional, and quick! The rates are extremely reasonable with no hidden surprises in the end as oppose to other moving services. My furniture arrived safely with no scratches/damages, and the staff was super efficient, extremely communicative and overall just so pleasant as they arrived on time and got straight to work. I honestly always recommend Federal Relocation Services without a doubt and would definitely use them again without hesitation for all future moves.
- Paloma

All I did was move my crappy little 2-bedroom apartment from Northern California to WA and they charged me over $6,000. The estimate? $3,000. Sooooo...they charged me more than double the estimate. I had a VERY accurate inventory after having several in-home estimates done, so their "you went over the inventory" excuse is BULLstuff. Go with someone else. Anyone else.
- Tara Sotelo

Unfortunately, this company does not deserve a one star rating. It deserves a NEGATIVE 5 stars. My experience was horrible. In the beginning, they call and is always available because they want your money. The customer service and availability goes down once they receive your money. DONT DO IT! The movers came a day late after my scheduled pick-up date, in which I took off of work for and they didn't show up. The dispatcher did not have the audacity or consideration to call and let me know until after the time block they gave me. As stressful as moving from one state(MI) to another(MD) can be, this company definitely added more stress to the situation. My belongings were delivered 6 DAYS AFTER the scheduled/estimated day they gave me. What makes this even worse is on the 5th day after my scheduled delivery I received a call from the mover who was driving to me stating that he would have my items to me by 3pm that day. Quite naturally I leave work so that I am able to be home upon their arrival. They don't show. The following day, the 6th day after the scheduled delivery date, they actually show up. So I had to miss another full day of work. No one ever apologized. I spoke with the dispatcher manager throughout this process and he was the most unprofessional, non-chalant and rude individual you could possibly encounter. Moreover, I contacted(well attempted to) Federal Relocation Services during this horrific experience and NO ONE from the company phone number nor the cell numbers of the representatives who were contacting me in the beginning answered my calls nor did they respond to any of my emails. After unpacking my items I noticed screws missing from my furniture, scratches on my furniture that were not there prior to the move and overall items were not delivered in the same manner or condition they were when they left my home in MI. There were chairs that left my home in MI that were assembled and wrapped, however, when they were delivered to me they were unwrapped and disassembled and the screws were no where to be found. I have came out of more money with this move because my items were not taken care of and also having to take off of work(losing wages) due to them not fulfilling the agreement. I am writing this review to reframe someone else from making a huge mistake by trusting this company with your move. Save yourself the stress. It is not worth it!!!! The customer service is horrible and your items are not guaranteed to be taken care of during the move.
- Tiffany

From the beginning, the person on the phone was very rude and trying to be a smart guy with me when receiving my moving quote. They had really great reviews though, so I tried to be open minded and did my best to explain my situation. The man on the phone was demeaning and accused me of giving him wrong and made up information because we were not moving a lot of the common things people move from houses (a bed, dresser, etc). I explained that we are getting rid of our current ones and buying new ones, but he then started to say that a house has artwork, and mirrors, and things on the walls, that why am giving different lists of things to different people... I explained that I had boxes and plastic bins that I will be using, like any other person does, and he was still very belittling and rude. Overall, I felt very disrespected and shocked to be spoken to in this manner, especially when someone is trying to earn my business. He tried to put me on hold and get me a quote, but I hung up, blocked the number, and hope no one ever hires such a rude and disgusting company.
- Ramirez

Worst move in our life. They make you think they have their own Moving Vans. Wrong not at all. My Husband and I call this move "The move no where. We had lost boxes broken furniture. Our furniture was packed in a truck, moved to Atlanta Storage to be loaded again, no wonder things were broken and missing. We could not get return calls. Never, Never use this Service. What ever you do don't use them. A true chalk it off to a live and learning experience.
- Kundolf

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!! I never ever ever write bad reviews, ever. This company is the worst. Rude is saying it nicely. Mislead my elderly Mother-in-law and basically tricked her into paying a non refundable 'deposit to hold date'. Horrible, rude, employees. Nice and accommodating until they get your money.
- Lisa L.

First let me say, I never used their services. I chose not to because of the way they contacted me. My information was sold by a website claiming to quote me for renting a moving truck. Then, moments later, my phone blows up with calls and texts (4 texts before I could even get a chance to respond!) from an unknown company. They never introduced themselves, never told me what company they worked for. Just spammed me. When I asked them to stop contacting me, they became extremely aggressive, told me they were the best in the business since 1965 (ummmm ok? You have 8 Yelp reviews... I don't think so), then gave me blatant sass. I don't know why this person I was dealing with was so rude. But, I chose to go with a different company specifically because of the conversation I had with their customer service. When I told them that I would like their website and that I would do my own research on the company, I was told that I would never be contacted again.
- Amber D.

Federal Relocation Services- The most reliable company whom we can depend on for our home shifting. They look after every minute detail to make the process successful. Last month my mom was admitted to the hospital due to a minor accident and she had a leg injury. Doctors advised her to take complete rest and avoid any sort of strain. Since there was a huge distance between my home and workplace, I was not in a position to take care of her. I decided to move to a newer place very near to my office so that I could look after her. We both were not in a situation to do the entire switching alone. It is tiresome and we don't have enough knowledge about it. Heard about this company from a friend and hired them, but I was unsure of their services as it was my first encounter with FRS.
- Jack D.

I had to move a couple of valuable paintings and collectibles so Federal relocation services' assistance was more than welcome. I planned to move everything on my own, but there were some oversized items like a king-size bed, large mirrors and wardrobes that I didn’t dare to move without professional help. They assessed my entire household in advance and brought the right amount of packing supplies. However, there’s something I didn’t like about their behavior. Only upon delivery I found out that I was sharing a moving truck with 2 other people. I mean, nothing was lost or stolen, but I wish I was informed about that before since I had a lot of valuables packed in that truck.
- Fred Schmidt

Federal relocation services are the best service providers I’ve ever dealt with. Everything was straight-forward with them from the very beginning. They gave me clear information and instructions about the terms and conditions of the move, sent a representative to assess my belongings and to provide a quote and worked according to our written contract. I got the service I paid for, there were no additional charges, delays whatsoever. Everything was pretty fair and transparent. Hopefully we will meet again for my next move! I will recommend them to all my friends and colleagues! Thank you for delivering such great services!
- Amelie Dufort

Federal relocation services showed nothing but professionalism and efficiency from the moment I first called them. Their rep was willing to listen to my concerns and help me choose the most suitable package. Honestly I was worried if my antique furniture would survive the trip, but it turned out better than expected. My wedding gift, an old armoire was delivered in one piece, intact. Although the entire transition was very stressful for me, hiring Federal relocation services ensured my peace of mind. I really appreciate their friendly approach and I’ll be recommending them to all of my friends for sure!
- Bob Haskins

Federal relocation services handled the entire move in an efficient and timely manner. I had a lot of concerns about how everything would turn out in the end as that was my first move ever. I had no experience and I didn’t know which moving company to choose. Luckily, my colleague recommended these guys and after my first call I realized that I was dealing with professionals. Aside from a great customer service, they showed an amazing commitment and efficiency while packing, hauling, loading and unloading my items. Pick-up and delivery were right on time, they placed each box exactly where it belonged. I will be happy to recommend these movers to all the people planning to move house. A very good deal!
- Tanner Hampton

Federal relocation services team helped me move in with my husband after getting married. I had many concerns about the move, but luckily I found a trustworthy company that managed to take the stress out of the move. I had a smooth communication both with the movers and with the customer service representative. I got all the answers I needed. They were great to deal with and I will contact them for my next move for sure. They showed an amazing professionalism and commitment while handling my belongings and I cannot say enough great things about them! They are the best movers I’ve ever met!
- Jody Vistan

I was very happy with the customer service and the entire experience with Federal relocation services. Dealing with them was surprisingly easy and smooth considering my previous experience with another moving company. Federal relocation services movers were courteous from the very beginning. I have to admit that I was a bit apprehensive about hiring movers after the terrible experience I had before. But they somehow managed to reassure me that everything would be just fine in the end. Luckily they were right! They arrived even before the agreed time, used quality packing materials to secure my items while in transit and the delivery was on time as well. Although it was a complicated move, they made it seem like a breeze.
- Kareem Carzan

I was using Federal Relocation Services a while ago and the reason I'm leaving the review only now is that I'm going to hire them again. They provided an impeccable service while moving my office to a new place. There were some delicate pieces of equipment which required extra care. It was obvious that they had a lot of previous experience in business moving because they completed the task within the promised time frame without any delays or inconveniences. I got the quality of service I was hoping to get. They were able to meet all my special requirements and additional requests. Way to go, guys!
- Tia Stevans

Kacy, the Federal Relocation Services contact, quoted me $980 less than what I was forced to pay at dropoff. I suppose he considered my blindness when he misconstrued what was 524 sq.ft. of property to be 300 odd square feet of property. The mover who picked up my storage unit property caught the mistake. After a dozen phone calls back-and-forth with Ty at the Miami office center, I was told to pay the second of three payments, the original amount agreed upon. By the following week both kacy and Ty had been fired. I found this out because my emails to kacy remained unanswered. Wanting to make sure I would not be overcharged at dropoff, I was referred to Bianca in customer services who assured me she would iron this out within a day. Not hearing back from her, I called back and my case had been handed off to Brittany. My phone calls have been avoided ever since. The driver of the truck refused to leave my property until I had paid the extra $890, cash. I was told I would get an extra charge of $600 if they had to return. That on top of extra storage fees. Upon examining my property, the boxes that had fragile written all over them had holes poked in them, they were crushed, and many of my deceased mother’s plates were broken. Lampshades were crushed, a metal lamp was bent at right angles, and two other lamps are missing parts. Several pieces of framed artwork arrived with broken glass. After so many promises, phone calls, emails, and pretense of goodwill, I have never heard from them again. Kacy, the Federal Relocation Services contact, quoted me $980 less than what I was forced to pay at dropoff. I suppose he considered my blindness when he misconstrued what was 524 sq.ft. of property to be 300 odd square feet of property. The mover who picked up my storage unit property caught the mistake. After a dozen phone calls back-and-forth with Ty at the Miami office center, I was told to pay the second of three payments, the original amount agreed upon. By the following week both kacy and Ty had been fired. I found this out because my emails to kacy remained unanswered. Wanting to make sure I would not be overcharged at dropoff, I was referred to Bianca in customer services who assured me she would iron this out within a day. Not hearing back from her, I called back and my case had been handed off to Brittany. My phone calls have been avoided ever since. The driver of the truck refused to leave my property until I had paid the extra $890, cash. I was told I would get an extra charge of $600 if they had to return. That on top of extra storage fees. Upon examining my property, the boxes that had fragile written all over them had holes poked in them, they were crushed, and many of my deceased mother’s plates were broken. Lampshades were crushed, a metal lamp was bent at right angles, and two other lamps are missing parts. Several pieces of framed artwork arrived with broken glass. After so many promises, phone calls, emails, and pretense of goodwill, I have never heard from them again.
- Sarah

The person I originally spoke with (Kenny) was very nice, which made the company 150x more inviting the rest of my experience. After spending a lot of time on the phone with them, I finally agreed to have them be our moving company. He asked me to walk around my home and give him an inventory of my "furniture". And that is exactly what I did. I told him how many beds, couches, tables, toy boxes, book shelves, etc. I also gave him an estimate of how many boxes and totes I had. Fast forward to the day of the move. The company that they had contracted out shows up, and I looked at the truck thinking, wow, that's going to be a tight fit. Come to find out, based off of the "furniture" inventory that I gave Kenny, they sent a truck that A. had someone else's belongings on it, and B. did not have enough room for all of our things. See, what Kenny failed to mention was, he wanted inventory of EVERYTHING in my home. This was my first time using a moving company, so when he asked me about specific furniture pieces, I gave him exactly that. He never asked me about pictures on the walls, tv's, any form of wall decor, or any loose or miscellaneous items, which I had A LOT of. Federal Relocation also did not inform me that if any of my items were NOT in a box, the movers would NOT put it on the truck. So now, I was being forced to pay for additional packing material. The movers start loading all of our things on the truck (started at 9am) and by 4pm, they ran out of room. While this is happening, I tried contacting Kenny on many different occasions, to find out what happened. I wanted to ask him what we were going to do when all my things didn't fit. I wanted to ask him why he didn't ask me to be more specific when asking me for my inventory, and how this was going to affect my quote. Kenny never answered. It's like he booked me, and then disappeared. I finally start talking to someone by the name of Jordan, and he was just an a**. He was rude, inconsiderate, and acted as though this was my fault. He asked me "why didn't you tell Kenny about all the items on the walls??". Seriously???? After hanging up on him out of frustration, the movers tell me that they are going to take what they have loaded so far, to a nearby storage unit, unload, and then come back for the remainder of the items. This means that all my belongings were going to be loaded, unloaded, loaded, unloaded, loaded, and then unloaded. That is 3 times on and off of a truck, by men who like to work in a rush. After unloading my things into that storage unit, they come back and load what's left. By the time they were done it was 9pm. My original estimated volume was 1023cf and that was going to cost me $5319.60. When they were done, they loaded me at 1778cf, and my new charge was $9245.60. Because the movers were contracted out, they had no control over what the estimate was and they were forced to collect what was owed. Did Kenny or Jordan ever call the moving company to see how they could help the customer?? No. Did Kenny or Jordan ever call me to try and smooth things out, or tell me how they were going to help me, when I made it VERY clear that I was stressed and upset?? No. Did I ever hear from Kenny or Jordan again?? No. DO NOT EVER USE THIS COMPANY!!!! Once they have your money, they pop their collar and disappear.
- Erin

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! I just used them for my relocation from Los Angeles to Dallas. Please do not use them. This was my experience. First and foremost they are a Broker company, not a moving company. When you speak to the sales agent, they will try to portray that they are not by letting you know they only have the best movers who are trained for certain amounts of time etc.. untrue. After I discovered that they were a broker company, they told me that they only use 12 moving companies and they have to have great reviews... also untrue. They give you their best price and sell you on the 'we quote by item not by square feet or weight'. This I found out doesn't matter at the end of the day because they way underquote you and don't communicate anything to the moving company. My movers arrived and immediately told me that they underquoted me and my stuff took up more space then I was sold. So the same items I was quoted for were now taking up to much space. They told me it would be $800 more to fit everything. I definitely didn't allow that and insisted they fit everything that I was quoted for.
- Coral Turner

We recently used this company and their affiliates to move us from Michigan to New Mexico... WHAT A NIGHTMARE! Please save yourself some sanity, stress, and massive regret! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! Initially, they make you think everything will be handled with the utmost care and professionalism! NOT! This is a con job if ever there was one! Thank God I had the wherewithal to pack most of my crucial art supplies and expensive tools myself!
- Angela

Quote was constantly changing and still fell 30% short of what my final services cost was. Unacceptable margin for error. Their emergency assistance hotline, intended for day-of-moving services, was not attended on the day of my move and I was left to sign the contract for receipt of goods prior to the movers actually unloading the truck. Hidden/misrepresented fees were common and naturally there was no cooperation in seeking recourse/accommodations after the move was complete. Countless calls and several e-mails went unanswered in my attempt to "open a case" per their own recommendations.Their services are in no way competitive with other shipping companies and you should look elsewhere.
- Julian

This company is a scam! You sign an agreement with a nice lady who explains everything and makes everything sound great. You agree on an "Inventory" and she gives you an attractive price. She assures you that they won't be additional costs and after you pay one third of the fee she goes away. You will never speak with her again. Now you speak with "Operations". From this point on whatever you agreed with person number one doesn't count. At relocation day, a different company show-up and the problems begin. Different things are not included and will be done at extra cost. But the biggest problem is that this second company doesn't care about the inventory, they charge by cubic feet so with their calculation, the price is double what you had agreed to. By now you have already paid 2/3 of the fee and your furniture is in the truck going to its destination. As the truck leaves, you get an email with the new price. If you complain and tell they you will not pay the new fee, they will just tell you that they will put the stuff in storage and charge you a daily storage fee. What a scam! Stay away from them.
- Claude Gulino

THE TOTAL COST OF THE RELOCATION WAS $3800 where they quoted $1800. PLus the cost of the storage which was left. I left the whole story.
- Rajk

***WORST. Service. EVER* ** I booked with this company in February and paid deposit for June move. First they changed my agent. Second they would not respond to phone calls with new agent. Third did not show up on the schedule day made a phone call on the second day of move to let me know that they were broken down and would be three more days. On the third day there was no communication until late and I was informed that they would not be picking up my Adams and we're going to refund my deposit. Here it is middle of June and I'm still waiting on them to refund my deposit. That to me is theft. Do not use this company if you can find someone else.
- Clarissa

They low ball the estimate but come on time to pick up your stuff...then upcharge you for EVERYTHING. 1700 mile trip states in contract should take 3-21 business days. These guys took over SIXTY days. AND the boxes were damaged. The insurance is a scam. DO NOT USE.
- Sam Wainright

Living with my extended family, I had loads of things to move. Some of the moving companies I approached, asked me to sell some of my stuff to make it easy to move. I wouldn’t do that. Luckily, I stumbled into the website of Federal Relocation Services and they said they would take up the moving challenge. I doubted them but it all took two days to move. I wouldn’t believe my eyes. Good work guys!
- Moi Lamarch

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