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About Evergreen Relocation Services

Evergreen Relocation provide various size trucks with all necessary moving equipment required for any type of moving job. Whether it is a move of only a few pieces or an entire house relocation, we are at your service. Evergreen Relocation uses only experienced and trained personnel to move your furniture. We provide all types of protective materials in order to keep all your belonging safe while transporting them to the specified destination. We also provide insurance coverage valuation of 60 cents per pound, which is basic and is absolutely free.

Moving-Me about Evergreen Relocation Services

Evergreen Relocation provides a local moving, LTL freight and long distance relocation services. Moving Pianos and pool tables, professional moving, cross country relocation, commercial and residential moving, freight transportation, LTL, professional packing. Established in 2016.

Evergreen Relocation Services Licenses & Certificates

This moving company is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. The company is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: 55745

US D.O.T: 3061872

(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: not provided

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What is Evergreen Relocation Services cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $4000. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services, and distance from A to B point. Also, many companies offer hourly rates. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance, or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free, and cost-effective. Evergreen Relocation Services is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

Evergreen Relocation Services Reviews

Very happy with the service from this company. Very stressful moving across country from Los Angeles to Florida, but thanks to these guys they made it easier for me and less stressful. I have heard horror stories about movers so I was worried at first but they were honest with me and provided great communication. Definitely would recommend.
- Elana Erush

I had my in-laws moved by this company 2 weeks ago and it really went well. I was able to have my furniture and all my boxes packed up by the date of the closing on my house. They showed up on time were very professional and friendly, and payed attention to detail when it came to all the antiques. I would most certainly recommend these guys to anyone. I trust them.
- Jonathan M

Great company. Pick up and delivery on time, movers were professional and polite. They delivered all my furniture in good condition. Office reps were very informative and helped me to prepare my shipment for move for long haul. Special thanks to John who Who help me to set up holders Moving thing. And also thank you to Ernest who picked up my shipment and was available most of the time to track the truck.
- Ivan K

I am so extremely happy with this company they have done everything that they can to protect my belongings or wrap them properly and take care of everything they give you full instructions and they are just the best you have to go with these guys I moved from Southern California to Merlin Oregon and they were just so kind with my things
- Carole Copeland

Thank You Very Much For Your Best Service.I Will Highly Recommend Them To Every one.This Is The Best Place For Moving Services.
- Vensom

Evergreen us lots of money. This is the most knowledgeable and experienced sales team I’ve ever worked with. If my sales representative wasn’t available, than the next person that I spoke to new just as much if not more. I’m not sure if it’s a system to use or how thorough their notes are but at any time I would call they were all over every detail. Moving is very expensive so I wanted to make sure I made the right choice. I wanted a company that would carefully move my furniture and not charge me money last minute, or pay no more then 10 percent of the original quote, and that’s exactly what I got. Their prices very reasonable and affordable.I would use them again without a doubt because of how smooth and easy this all played out. I expected a stressful time almost like a mini nightmare but it was a dream move instead. Recommend using this company of pros
- Aliciya Cunte

I will not say to much, however I’ll try to be right on point. I scheduled the move with broker, which after I began regretting due to lots of negative stories. That being said I was skeptical about Evergreen. However, Ernest the dispatch guy had been in touch with me from the beginning to the end. Edward, the foreman was great with an explanation of contracts and making sure my furniture was properly packed and loaded. David and Gonzalo, the movers were excellent with handling my belongings. The pick up and the delivery was on time and all of my things arrived without any damages. Overall, I’m happy with my move, and I believe using a broker not the worst thing or make sure they coordinate with professional moving company like Evergreen.
- Juan Casyro

This company is a total fraud. They took our deposit, never showed up, and stopped answering their phones. There are dozens of other cases just like this if you look over Yelp reviews. These people are 100% scam artists, and if you value your time, money, or belongings, you’ll stay far, far away.
- Justin Franklin

I submitted a quote request for a move from CA to AZ. I spoke with Shane at Evergreen and said what I needed and when I needed to receive it. He assured me my things would arrive by Sat., Aug. 24. I described my inventory and he provided me a verbal quote of $1980. I realize it was a non-binding quote, so I asked for assurance the price would not wildly fluctuate on moving day. He assured me it would not and said they built in extra space just in case. The day of the move, they show up (late), take a look and say "looks like more than on the estimate." I moved from the East Coast two months before, so most everything was already boxed and packed. The movers informed me that rather than the $1980 I was quoted, the actual price was $3100. I was shocked. I budgeted my move and that price jump was not in budget. They refused to load the truck until I agreed to pay a second installment of $1,525 (in addition to my initial deposit of $580). I was told an additional $1,000 was due upon delivery. I had no options. I had to move that day. I understand prices are based on cubic feet, but how they could have been so completely off in their estimate is stunning. I reached out to Shane (who provided the initial estimate) but he chose not to return my call. It took the movers five hours to load items that totaled less than a one bedroom apartment. As they left, they asked me the best beach to stop at on the way home (with my stuff), this didn’t inspire confidence in their professionalism. The next day, when driving to a work meeting before continuing on to AZ to meet the movers on Sat. morning, I receive a call informing me that my things will arrive the next morning (Thurs.). I never said I’d be able to receive my things any earlier than Sat. I explained my situation and the guy on the phone said that it was fine, they’d plan on Sat. Come Sat. morning, I have yet to hear anything. I finally call the only number I find (their website had suddenly gone dark and every number listed went unanswered). Finally, I reached someone who said that not only would my stuff not be arrive Sat., but the truck hadn’t yet left CA. I was frustrated but told them that I could make Sun. work, but the person said that couldn’t happen. He promised it would be Mon. Morning. I told him that would require a hotel stay for several nights and at least a day off of work. He assured me a Mon. Delivery. I asked him to email me that assurance in writing. He never did. On Sun. afternoon I had yet to hear anything. I called, I texted, no luck. Finally, around 4:30pm, someone answered and said my things still have not left CA and they’ll "try" for Tues., but only if another company can bring it. Evergreen wasn’t able to fulfill their basic contractual obligation to deliver my things (even at almost double the price and 3 days late). Come Tues. morning, I had the remaining balance of $1000 in the required money order and was ready when the movers arrived. I wasn’t told there may be add’l fees. After all the craziness, they said I needed to pay an add’l $400 because it was a "long carry". The movers refused to unload until I paid the $1,000 balance and the add’l $400. A move that was quoted to cost $1,980 and take 4 days cost $3,505 and took 7 days. I sent the Evergreen ownership a long email explaining why I was so frustrated. It went unanswered and they will not give out the owner’s direct contact info. Evergreen is a newer company (you might want to take a look at their website, there are various typos, inaccurate pricing, and testimonials that refer to them as "Imperial Movers", which is odd). I tried to give them a chance. I asked that they honor the original quote of $1980 and and refund the additional $1,525 in hidden and unexplained fees in a move of good faith to show that they are, in fact, a credible business and that this was a fluke. I received no response whatsoever to this request.
- Chelsea Richards

Evergreen Relocation provided the trucks and movers in concert with High Priority Movers for our recent move from CA to FL and they were difficult to work with, difficult to communicate with and took forever to address a legitimate claim for the loss of two boxes. As they did not itemized the boxes during the move, it was up to me to provide them the contents (which were high quality pots and pans). They offered $50 to settle our claim four months after the fact which was 1/10th of the value. I would not recommend either one of the es businesses as a viable option for moving.
- Smith

DO NOT USE this company. Moving can be a hard and stressful process...Evergreen will only make it a million times worse. Very low ball estimates, unprofessional movers, unreachable management, very late delivery, last-minute hidden fees. Name any moving nightmare and I experienced it with this company. UPDATE: Complaints have been filed with both the BBB and the DOT. Evergreen has never directly reached out to me to apologize for the horrific experience I had with them. They didn’t respond to any emails I sent them explaining all that they put me through. Also, as to Roman’s accusation above that people are posting false reviews. That is incorrect. I have never met or been in contact with any of the other reviewers, and it seems the experiences we have had with Evergreen have been similar. Under priced estimates, big price jumps the day of the move, late delivery and additional fees tacked on at the end. These guys are unprofessional, disrespectful and frustrating.
- Chelsea R.

Hi. My husband and I will not stop leaving bad reviews until we receive our deposit back. Scroll down to Todd K. and you’ll find his review. In summary, we put down a deposit with at least a month of lead way for our move, with whom initially advertised as being apart of Rhino Relocations. We were happy that we could get such a stressful piece of our cross-country move out of the way, and rest-assured that we were dealing with honest people... or so we thought. A week before our move, my husband received a call from a woman claiming that the people we had organized our move with were frauds. She told us that they used to be contracted by them, but were no longer affiliated. They offered to honor the quote we’d been given, but told us that we’d have to put down a new deposit. This unfortunately wasn’t possible for us, and absolutely insulting to ask us to just magically come up with a new deposit. We’re a young couple, with a modest household income. After clearing things up with Alex (of Evergreen), we felt confident remaining with whom we had now come to learn was actually Evergreen. The entire situation was very sketchy, but with only a week before our move, we didn’t feel like we had any other option. Day before our move comes around and they changed our pick-up window from 8am-10am to 5pm-7pm. This was another GIANT inconvenience, but again, what else could we do? We packed up everything into organized industrial totes, not shitty boxes, and hoped for the best. Once movers finally arrived at almost 8pm, it was your typical bait and switch. They were insisting that the original delivery date was impossible, that it would take minimum two weeks to receive our things. They insisted that the original quote was too low for the small amount of things we were moving (I should note that there was virtually no furniture in this move). My husband provided truck sq footage beforehand, so this was extremely frustrating. I should also mention at this point that my husband, a touring production logistics manager who deals with trucking logistics and regulations for a living, has a friend at the DOT who would love to hear about a moving company masquerading as another moving company. Upon trying to completely scam us, he brought this up to the movers. They freaked out. Called their supervisor on duty who had no idea about the above discrepancy and proceeded to call us liars. He refused to take our things. Setting our entire move off course. I had reserved hotels and airbnbs along our route, which I had to cancel. Most of them were not able to refund me due to such short notice. Once the above gentleman became privy to the situation, his return call the next day had a completely different tone... go figure. Bottomline, these guys cost us not only money, but time. Time that we’ll never get back. Now, Evergreen, I suggest you send us our deposit back, or the DOT is going to be very interested in hearing how you have been advertising your business under a false business ID. Give. Us. Back. Our. Deposit. Or at the very least, return my husband’s emails. Thanks.
- A.K.

Update as of 9/22: still no resolution and no contact from anyone. Not surprised to see them piling up with more bad reviews. In response to Roman, you’re wrong. You have no idea what you’re talking about. Best of luck to you in your future endeavors Still no deposit return. A complaint to the BBB and DOT has been filed. My husband was had a call with a very rude man by the name of Eric. He cut my husband out multiple times and hung up on him. He proceeded to engage in a text war with him. Claiming that we sent other people to post false reviews, which is just ridiculous, and that they’d file "legal" action against us for doing so give me a f’n break, dude. He also claims that they "never got" a deposit from us. That Jesse doesn’t even work for them anymore and that we should "ask him" what happened to our deposit. Now, let’s just explore this for a second: Let’s say Eric is right and we were scammed by Jesse. I would consider that a plausible possibility if Eric didn’t acknowledge that HIS GUYS showed up to pick up our things on our scheduled move. You’re full of BS, sir. Full of it. Absolutely appalling and i hope a *reasonable* person gets in contact with us soon so that we don’t have to escalate this issue over Still no deposit return. A complaint to the BBB and DOT has been filed. My husband had a call with a very rude man by the name of Eric. He cut my husband off multiple times and hung up on him. He proceeded to engage in a text war with him. Claiming that we sent other people to post false reviews, which is just ridiculous, and that they’d file "legal" action against us for doing so -eye roll- give me a f’n break, dude. He also claims that they "never got" a deposit from us. That Jesse doesn’t even work for them anymore and that we should "ask him" what happened to our deposit. Now, let’s just explore this for a second: Let’s say Eric is right and we were scammed by Jesse. I would consider that a plausible possibility if Eric didn’t acknowledge that HIS GUYS showed up to pick up our things on our scheduled move. You’re full of BS, sir. Full of it. Absolutely appalling and i hope a *reasonable* person gets in contact with us soon so that we don’t have to escalate this issue even further!
- Alexa K.

Save yourself time, money and frustration. Find another company even if it costs a bit more. Jesse sells a great service but doesn’t deliver. I can’t even tell you how disorganized, unresponsive and frustrating this company has been. I ended up canceling my order with them after they cost me an additional $200 in fees from my storage unit company (which I won’t get back). Based on the service I received, I didn’t expect to get my deposit back, but luckily my bank had my back on that one.
- Sarah K.

If you are reading this, you are interested in knowing about Evergreen Relocation. If you read on you will see how many of us are thoroughly disgusted by the way in which they do business. However, you will also see some glowing remarks (5 stars) sprinkled about. Perhaps you will, as did I, wonder why there aren’t any 2’s, 3’s, or 4’s. I believe that’s because Evergreen is having someone write those 5 star reviews as a way to keep up their score. Without those fives, the average would be "one," or as one person said, "If I could score zero I would." Please do not use this company. They overcharge, they lie, they are unresponsive when you are upset, and their delivery system is awful. The delivery I’m talking about included hiring local drunks to do the work, while the driver slept in the van. I have never understood why someone would own a business and then run it in such a way that it incurs customer wrath. My conclusion is that they would if the profits were high enough so they didn’t care how customers feel. That explains how the initial estimate for the moving gets doubled by the time the van is circling the block and it’s too late to start over. If you decide to take a chance with them, please do not make a large initial down payment. That way when you are thoroughly disgusted, you won’t mind giving up that amount, because it’s clear they won’t return it. PS: Their biggest lie was to say they are part of Rhino Relocations (which has a sterling reputation); they are not part of that company.
- Shannon J.

Crosscountry moving in 4 days. Unbelievable!!! I was looking for movers and other possible quick delivery to NYC. Almost everyone was offering 7-10 delivery. Also I’ve heard people were given one those delivery windows and it would take much longer for movers to delivery. Evergreen offered me 3-10 days delivery and the delivered in 3 days, however it was late night, but I didn’t care. I needed my staff ASAP. Pick up and delivery went fine, they charged me shuttle fee which was bit too much but at the end of the day I’m supper happy.
- Juan C.

Really professional guys. They have the knowledge and resources to handle your move. Easiest move in my life. Will definitely ask them again to help. Highly recommend
- Vicky F.

I hired Evergreen to perform moving service from Los Angeles to Phoenix. The movers arrived on time, packed and wrapped the furniture, worked hard and delivered on time. Special thanks to David and Eddy, they did beautiful job.
- Maria V.

We were moving from 1-bedroom in North Hollywood to 2-bed in Hollywood hills . Experience with these guys was unbelievable since they did their job fast and processionally. I was worried it could take whole day but guys carefully packed all details and moved all stuff in an hour-2. The guys were extra nice and all our stuff has been moved safely and without any damages. Definitely recommend this company and will use them for any future movings!
- Rimma T.

My job was relocating me to CA. I found this company online and was amazed by how professional these guys perform the move. It was fast and easy. Thank you evergreen.
- Konstantin K.

I had to move my 2 bedroom apartment to 3 bedroom house from Burbank to North Hollywood. Movers came in time, they loaded up everything quick and fast. They wrapped everything with care to avoid any scratches. I will definitely recommend to somebody else and use them if I will have any more needs. Thank you very much!
- Volha S.

Before Evergreen I had a lot of stress with moving.. But this guys work really good! They came in time and wrapped everything so carefully. Most of all I was worried about two glass tables. But everything goes perfect! No any scratches and broken things. Will call them next time.
- Eman O.

Give. Me. Back. My. Deposit. Firstly, I’m a touring production manager for a living and I understand intimately the ins and outs of cubic feet in a truck, we’ll get back to that. Driver missed his initial pick up window from 8a-10a, ended up showing up at 6:15p, before we even got to my apartment, the driver wanted to tack on an additional $500 fee for a "long distance" between apartment to elevator. I provided all of that info to Jesse and Alex from the onset. Once we made it inside, they tried to say that we had over 500 cubic feet when in actuality we had 375 cubic feet. The driver wanted to add $800 for the "additional cubic feet". At this point, I was admittedly less than pleased so I asked to talk to the dispatch manager since Jesse and Alex were not answering their phones. Once I was connected with the dispatch manager, I brought up how I had spoken to Jesse earlier in the week since Rhino Relocations called me earlier that week claiming that Evergreen was fraudulently using Rhino’s DOT number. I mentioned to Jesse I and to the dispatch manager that I could give less than a shit about that as long as my stuff got from LA to Saint Petersburg FL. At this point, the dispatch manager claimed that they REFUSED to take my stuff due to them not feeling comfortable given what was brought to their attention. Total lack of inter-office communication, at this point, I ended up using a driver I’ve used in the past for tours, and rented a ryder and moved my shit myself. Once I sorted out my shit, I was PROMISED a full refund of my deposit. 18 days later and many emails dodged, I have yet to receive my deposit back. I honestly wouldn’t have left a shitty review if I had received my deposit back, I also wouldn’t have contacted the better business bureau either. UPDATE 8.2.19: Still haven’t received my refunded deposit.
- Todd K.

DO NOTTTTT USE THIS COMPANY! ALL OF THE NEGATIVE REVIEWS ON HERE ARE ACCURATE! I’m in the middle of an interstate move and they’ve screwed me over from literally start to (NOT EVEN FINISHED!) they first quoted me for $1000 less than what I’ve now paid. Once they sent movers to my apartment, they tried to OVER CHARGE for a "long haul" from door to truck (ummm y’all are movers, that’s literally your job). Then I TOLD THEM prior to them arriving that I had a TV and I was told that "all packing/wrapping/protecting was included in the price." But once the movers arrived they tried to charge me for the packing and then tried to charge me $125 for a TV crate! Like what?! So I had to argue with them for literally 2 hours before they agreed to not charge me for packing and the crate (like they were doing me a favor ). They then will try to tell you "well all of these things are in the contract" but why would I have to know every single fine print if the sales person literally told me these things are "included in the price." This company is SHADY and they have a process of screwing over their customers. NOW! I’m in the middle of the move (left CA to KY) and I have an Email asking "if you guys pick my stuff up on 8/16 what is my estimated date of arrival" and they respond "ETA would be around 8/26." WANNA GUESS WHERE MY STUFF IS?! It’s STILL IN LOS ANGELES as of 8/28!!! So I’m literally living in Kentucky with 3 outfits, no pots/pans/BED.. Anything. And I’m not made of money; I can’t just go out and buy al new stuff. So now I’m battling with them, trying to simply get an email or call back from ANYONE. In case you weren’t aware, these things are considered FRAUD according to the US Department of Transportation! If you care to find this out, just Google "Moving Fraud: Rouge Mover" and it’ll all be there. This is not a business, this is thievery run by people who don’t care about customer satisfaction or basic human kindness. If this sounds too emotional: you try doing business with this "company" and let me know how you feel in 3 weeks. Please take this review to heart. You’re better off letting college kids move you!
- Lauren W.

Great company. I was stressed out to much for no reason. I was list and didn’t know how to choose right company. Here you go. Evergreen Relocation Services was there to help me out. Even though I was worried until my boxes and mattress arrived, the most important, everything arrived on time, no damages and no missing items. The only thing that made the situation difficult is their packing charges that seem to high. Honestly, after all done I think the cost is beyond reasonable. I had many items in my boxes packed valuables and important documents. Everything arrived as I packed them. I see that not everybody is happy with their move, however in my case all went the way it should. That’s why I took time to post this. Evergreen, you have potential to have all 5 star reviews. You can do it. You don’t believe how stressful it is to move cross country. Do the job as you moved me. Trust me you will be successful. I think you need better customer service and balance the prices better and you guys will rock.
- Azi B.

If anyone ever needs to hire movers and feel absolutely relaxed that everything will be handled correctly and in a speedy manner with no hidden costs hire Evergreen Relocation. It was the most stress free move of my life. They were a million times cheaper than any other commercial or private moving company that quoted me, provided all packing supplies as well as wardrobe boxes for my clothes. No damages at all. Professional, trustworthy, charismatic movers who disassembled, wrapped, unwrapped and assembled all furniture for us and took great care not to damage or lose a single thing. They called me before the move several times and after to check in. Highly recommend their services!
- Tim T.

We went with Evergreen Relocation after reading some good reviews and were not disappointed ! The office manager answered all my questions clearly and was very helpful. On our moving day there was no waiting and two guys arrived on time and got straight to work. They even moved with no any scratches my designer bookcase. The movers were very friendly and efficient. They made a great job I really highly recommend this company !
- Alina C.

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