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In 1914, J.M. Coleman founded the company in Hutchinson, KS under the name Merchants Transfer and Storage. He began with four dray wagons, eight horses and a desire for success. Success, then as now, meant service, as our early advertisements attested: “Courteous men at your service night and day.” Over the past century, our company has undergone many changes that have forged our company into a strong and dependable force in the moving and storage industry. Today we have over 50 company owned offices in 17 states and one U.S. territory, and more than 400 agents throughout the world. Covan operates over 200 interstate operating units with another 600 units utilized for local and short haul activity. In 1914, this company was family-owned and built on excellent service, dependability and trust.

Moving-Me about Covan World-Wide Moving

Covan is a family-owned corporation that is driven by providing the same level of service, dependability and trust in which it was founded over a century ago. Covan exists to provide high-quality worldwide relocation and transportation services. The mission of the company is to be the leading provider of worldwide transportation services. The movers are committed to total quality, 100% customer satisfaction, profit and growth. They will provide quality services through the best trained, most efficient work force in the transportation industry. The movers stand out for their being committed to their family of employees and to total quality through 100% customer satisfaction.

Covan World-Wide Moving Licenses & Certificates

Covan World-Wide Moving is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. The company is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: 115366

US D.O.T: 256677

(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: not provided

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Be ready that the average interstate move is about $4500. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services, and distance from A to B point. Also, many companies offer hourly rates. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance, or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free, and cost-effective. Covan World-Wide Moving is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

Movers Covan World-Wide Moving

They have postponed my drop off multiple times first it was Monday then today and somehow their truck broke so now it's not till Saturday. If I could of picked another company to PCS with I would of. I just want to stop living in an air mattress. Three weeks of this is beyond uncomfortable.
- Kali C.

STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!!! If I could give 0 stars I would. Just received all stuff today. I can't even begin to explain how much of my stuff is broken. Grill, bed frame, desk, bookshelves, TV, just to explain a few. They package your stuff like shit, if they even bother to package it. They are not supposed to ship any liquids, just opened up a box and found a gallon of vinegar. The only thing they do good is move fast, so fast that you can't see what and how items are being packaged. On top of all of that they're pretty rude. The driver was a half way descent guy only because he absolutely has to be. The rest of them were dicks. Please refuse to use this moving company if they pop up. Save your self the hassle and look around a little bit. STAY AWAY FROM COVAN!!!!!!
- Jake P.

Unfortunately I had a very similar experience with Covan as the others here. By far the worst pack out I have ever had while serving in the military. I am really suprised they are able to keep their contract. My only advice to those of you who get stuck with the company is take pictures of all items you value and prepare to do a detailed claim on the other end to recover losses. As if a PCS move is not stressful enough as it is. The whole ordeal seamed like a sick joke.
- Jeremiah L.

Coven moved our household goods from Georgia to Hawaii. We had an overall great experience with the company on both ends. The packers were friendly and efficient and the unpackers were very kind and just pleasant to work with. Working with the staff was the best part of our experience. Negatives: one of the packers (also not so friendly) just threw our stuff in boxes and labeled them all "Der"- while unpacking the labeling was frustrating and her boxes are the ones that had broken items. Yes, I could complain that some of our stuff was broken and damaged because it was but we understand that mistakes happen and when moving across the ocean, things are going to be damaged. What upset my husband and I the most is that we were promised the boxes would be nailed shut and sealed at the time packing was finished therefore they would not be opened again until they were unpacked. This was clearly not true when our things arrived. Things that went in assembled came out cut and unassembled (ie a custom teepee for our daughter). Rummaging through our stuff or reassembling for better transfer is not acceptable unless you contact the mover.
- Carlyn H.

Perfect example of waste of government money. We have been pushed off two days now. Called the office, "oh they haven't came into work yet." Nothing can be done. Horrible horrible company.
- Tony H.

Careless packing crew. We're still totaling the damage, but it's over $3,700. This company is HORRIBLE!!!!! Believe all the bad reviews. And they obviously don't care that they're a terrible company because they don't address the bad reviews. STAY AWAY!!!!!
- Tim R.

This is the worst moving company I have ever worked me. I move every two years with my military career. You can say I am an expert. They are given a certain amount of time to move your items under contract. I tried to contact them and get an update on my shipment in transit. The only reply I got was that they had until the end date to deliver it and it is on its way. They waited to the day before I was suppose to receive my shipment to tell me that it was not on its way and that they are still trying to find someone to deliver it. They offered $500 inconvenience fee. I asked when can they deliver. The did not know. I told them that I could not accept an amount without knowing how much it would inconvenience me. They were over a month late. A great deal of my furniture was missing. Could not get a straight answer from them other than some finger pointing. I asked for guidance on the reimbursable expenses. Got no help there. I sent them my recipes, and they claim that they are not itemized. As if i can control the merchant and their receipt process. They do not care about you or taking responsibility for any loss or inconvenience.
- Juan

I called Allied who contracted with Coleman who then contracted with Covan. Our move was flawless! From the person who came out for the estimate to the texts to confirm time of arrival to the actual packing day. They packed one day, picked up the next, and delivered the day after, just like expected. Nothing was missing or broken. They did a fantastic job packing everything very carefully. All of the guys who showed up were nice and polite. I would use these guys again and highly recommend them. Mike is the owner. Leon managed. They all did a great job.
- Freddi Woodford

The crew was on time! Their attitude was helpful, friendly, and very funny! They moved about 5000 lbs of stuff into my house in under 2 hours!!!! Would recommend them to anyone!
- James F.

The Covan company unloaded and unpacked about 8,500 lbs of my household goods. The crew, Chad, Gage, Isaiah, and Ellu were respectful and took extra care with my belongings. Additionally, their supervisor stopped by during the day and helped the crew with the unpacking. I highly recommend them for future moves.
- Jamie H.

I'm with everyone else. If I could give no stars I would. These are the worst people I have ever dealt with. The military produced them to do our PCS move. It started off with they Changed the date to 30th with less than 24 notice when the original date was the 4th Didn't call ahead for a estimated time Showed up late Left the screen door open letting the AC out and letting in a lot of flys Never introduced themselves We're rude 3 guys showed up and 2 of them immediately left to "do another job" so there was only one person to pack the house. (Just the kitchen) Said they would only pack the kitchen and nothing else until the come back on the 3rd. When asked to double check I looked and he hadn't even touch 4 drawers He moved boxes immediately in front of the dish washer so I couldn't unload it. The guy asked me if I wanted to let my dog out of his crate and I said I wasn't sure if you guys like dogs or not and that my dog was friendly but he can be hyper at first. Then he says well you can wait until I leave the house. Umm I'm glad you think I need your permission to let my dog out in his own house. Asked me to check the kitchen but everything is blocked so I couldn't and the boxes are too heavy for me to move. Checked the kitchen he missed all the drawers, a few cabinets, dish washer and stuff on the fridge. He Walked outside and didn't say anything to me. He's been sitting outside waiting on a ride for over a hour. Looked like he went outside to play with himself, I could be wrong but I have a video. After calling to complain the first time after sitting outside for over a hour he walks in and rudely says you called front office?! Then walked away huffing and puffing. Then another guy who wasn't in the original crew showed up and introduced himself and got to work packing as much as he could. I walked past the guy who had been here the whole time that was packing the towel closet and was mad still huffing and puffing. While he worked on the tiny towel closet the other guys pack most of all my sons room. The three other guys who left in the beginning came back, barged in the house. Didn't say anything again then as soon as he walked in the house rudely told my 2 year old son to move! I went upstairs to ask the guy who didn't come with the original crew who was in charge. He told me the driver. So I went downstairs and asked one of the guys 4 times and kept saying excuse me because I wanted to ask him who the driver was and he pointed to the wall and said him. He didn't point to a actual person. Then I went into the other room to ask the other two. He told me he was the driver and then walked past me to go outside. I followed him out and said excuse me I need to talk to you. I told him about how I was mad especially when the guy yelled at my 2 year old. I told him I've dealt with two moving company's and they were amazing but they were the rudest people I've ever dealt with. He said "sorry but if the guys don't talk it's because they're tired because they're super busy today." Last time I checked it's not my fault that they called us a few days early and changed the date and didn't tell us with a less than 24 hour notice. They were the ones who chose to do that. Then he walked off. He went inside and said something in another language which they did a lot of and made me feel uncomfortable. With all that was going on I wouldn't put it past them that they would be talking bad about us. After that I decided to take Ryan to the park because I was livid. Then I got a message from my neighbor saying "If your gate is fucked up its because I literally just watched both of them kick it when they walked through" That's when I called the manager and told him everything. He said he was sorry and had a supervisor come over. And that he would have another crew come out next week. Then shortly after I got off the phone the crew said they would call it a day and be back on Tuesday to finish. The supervisor never showed up. When the crew left they left boxes everywhere, paper, tape, dollies, and the clip board. DMO says they can't give us new movers because of some new government policy. If you get stuck with covan world wide moving I feel bad for you! I can only hope we really do get a new crew next week and it goes a lot better.
- Elizabeth M.

DO NOT USE TO MOVE!!! This company has horrible customer service, their employees don’t know how to fill out their own paperwork, and apparently don’t have a consistent way of packing. The destination crew told me that the way my stuff was packed was the worst they’ve ever seen. Well it was packed by Covan people so...? And besides all of my damage, dented, ripped, and destroyed stuff somehow there is a massive stain on my mattress that was not there when it was wrapped up. So did they unwrap it just to pee on it then wrap it up again? Terrible service.
- Albert Williams

Ok very helpful
- Melissa Butler

I wish 0 out of 5 stars was a thing. I've never wanted to use it more than for this company. I'm gonna try to keep it short: Military Move. They lost one of our crates with our sofa and other things. How is this even possible?! This is what you do! Completely unacceptable, so unprofessional. I moved in June and today it's August 15th and they still have given me no information on the missing items, nor have they called back. STAY AWAY!
- Michaela R.

Zero stars actually. They no showed the first day. The second day (they promised to show up with a full crew and "focus on our move") they showed with 3 guys and then left one guy and took the truck. They worked until 1140pm (my husband slept on a couch because beds and blankets were already packed, while I took two over tired kids to temporary lodging). Third day, they had two guys working, no truck to be found to load into. They said thy would be done by three, and then told my husband 9pm. When we had our walkthrough with them they said 8-5pm. This was by far the absolute worst military move we've ever encountered. I shutter to think what we'll find on the other end of all this.
- Lindsay P.

Noel, Hans, and Poti did an excellent job delivering all of my household goods. They were on time, quick, professional, and friendly. They ensured all of my items were delivered and put together to my liking. Thanks so much guys'
- Crystal M.

Covan did my packout over the course of 4 days. Each day they dropped off 1 guy. The first guy worked very hard and packed almost 80% of the house by himself. The next day another guy packed some more of the house and then moved all the packed boxes down to the garage for easier loading on the truck. On third day three 4 guys showed up and finished packing and loaded everything into crates. The only reason they had to come back the 4th day is because they ran out of room on the truck. All the guys were very polite, they packed our living room last so we got to use out couch and tv longer. One guy did accidentally poke a hole in our ceiling but when you are moving large furniture items some accidents are expected to happen and in my opinion are understandable. I would recommend these guys and would use them again.
- TJ H.

I have never been in such disbelief with a company before. Nightmare. -Packed our kitchen not wrapping one plate or cup. Throwing them all in one box and then tossing in the cookbooks on top. Totally spiraled as if they were just thrown in. -Forgot the plasma TV box the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd day so our TVs were just wrapped in paper, (One being worth over $1,500) and then placed in the truck completely unsafe. -Brought only one queen size bag for a mattress when they knew we had 2 queens with box springs, and 1 king with box spring. -Left one person each day to pack until the last day they gave us 2. All of them started around 10-11am and didn't leave till 6-7pm each day. -2 on their phones and taking multiple breaks besides the group the last day, the last day crew did the most and were the only ones I had the least complaints of. -Packed all of our perishable food items when we told them to only pack the canned food items. -Asked if they could have our left over opened liquor bottles. -Broke our shed door by forcing it open the incorrect way. -Forgot tools 3 days in a row to take apart our dining room table. On the last day they had to leave to go get them from a different crew and come back. -Only saving grace was the attitudes. Crew lead working the last day with guy who had only been working there for 2 weeks were the best ones and worked the hardest. -Military really needs to get them off their contract. They will be spending more on reimbursing broken/lost items than what the bid was for initially. -If you have no say in your moving company and you get Covan, be sure to watch their every move. Make sure inventory is taken and sealed stickers are put on crates. Double check cabinets and all rooms for forgotten items. Our sealed stickers were flying off from their driving. Pack your sentimental items or really important items yourself or take them with you.
- Elizabeth H.

I've moved 4 times in the military. First three were ahead of schedule AND everything delivered in perfect to bear perfect condition. Covan.... it took them a week longer to move my goods half way across the country than it took another company to move my stuff internationally. They postponed 4 times. Not a problem. I'm patient. I can deal. One of the times might have even been legit, truck broke. But I only found out about the postponements only because I called them to make sure we were still on track instead of the other way around. I found out about the truck breaking down the DAY it was supposed to be delivered and it was still two days away. Seriously? It gets better. I asked for the simplest thing. Deliver in the morning. This was only because of the postponing, I couldn't hold off getting my career started at risk of losing it. Afternoons required my presence for my new career. Any day would have worked but instead they chose to deliver in the afternoon anyway. Put me in a huge bind. Made me scramble with my job or face a charge to my wallet and move myself when they put it in storage. The saving grace... when you talk to them on the phone, they're very professional and patient. When you get the ball rolling, they're all over it. But why is the customer getting the ball rolling for them. Day they showed up. Omfg they showed up late, unprofessional, and had my crap intermingled with someone else's stuff saying it all was mine. I could have walked away with easily 30k worth of someone else's life. I had to personally sift through everything and separate out what didn't belong to me. Talk about an exercise in trust. -Proactive communication leaves things to be desired. -Timeliness leaves things to be desired. -working around the customers schedule when the company was late instead of making the customer scramble or sacrifice after a weeks worth of said customer making a simple request.... leaves things to be desired. -professionalism? Only on the phone. Individually the people are nice but as an organization it is just and irredeemable mess. I don't get how this company has been alive for decades.
- Alex C.

Impeccable service!!!! We had the most pleasant experience with the crew that was sent out to move us in our house. They were very punctual, polite, and most importantly patient with my wife and my indecision about were to put everything. Boogie, Bryce, DJ, Don and Joe are truly an asset to the Covan company, which I hope they recognize and compensate accordingly. Again thank you guys for being amazing.
- Jacob P.

Schedules mean absolutely nothing to them. Was scheduled for 1st, 2nd and 5th of July. Moving 3 storage units. Monday they show up at 4pm, totally unprepared to do anything. Thus, nothing gets done. I am told they will call first thing Tuesday to let me know the plan. They don't. I call them and finally get an answer they won't be coming on the 2nd, but rather the 3rd! Nice. I have to miss another day of work. On the 3rd, they tell me they will arrive around 1pm. For a variety of reasons they show at 6pm and work about 4 hours. I do not blame the drivers, packers, movers, etc. They are the real workers. I blame the management whom seem incapable of making a schedule, much less sticking to it. So. 4th of July and I am waiting on them to show and am facing the real possibility of having to pack out tomorrow also. We are into the 4th day of this planned move and 80% of my stuff has not been touched. This after they tell me 3 days. This after I have rearranged my schedule to accommodate their plan. This includes taking off work for 3 days. Based on their plans, not mine. This company has exhibited a total lack of communication skills and not one person from management has spoken to me, or addressed my concerns. They simply do not respond. I have no recourse other than to wait on them to move my stuff. Moving is stressful, I get that. But this stress is totally unnecessary and this company, at the management, planning and communication level is unacceptable. I have moved 9 times in my adult life, including overseas, and without question this is the worst experience I have ever had. Perhaps when this is in the past I will have a happier review, but at this point, I cannot think of any task I would recommend them for, much less moving.
- MJ S.

THEY'RE LAZY, RUDE SCAVENGERS! "What you going do with your washer?" Leave it here. "Oh why, this not your house? You no own 'em so you gotta leave it here?" Um, yeah we own it but what are we gonna do with a washer in a foreign country that won't plug in there??? Like it's your business becaaaause???? Then they have the nerve to ask me for my cleaning chemicals! When I said no, they gave me attitude asking, "why, what are you gonna do with it?" POUR IT DOWN THE DAMN DRAIN BEFORE I GIVE IT TO YOU. One was nice and tried to get what he could done, BY HIMSELF cause the others were God-knows-where. Late, unprofessional, and plain rude.
- Cheyanne A.

Thank you so much to Potiman and Bronson!! They were both so unbelievably helpful, thorough and efficient! Poti even went out of his way to give my husband and I awesome advice about what to do when we receive our shipment of goods and what to look for and tell the movers at our final destination. Being that this was our very first move in the military and also first time leaving Hawai'i, you an only imagine all the emotions and stress we were feeling about it all. But I can say with 100% certainty that our nerves were eased after our pleasant experience with the Covan team, especially Poti and Bronson! They made this whole moving process effortless and I would highly recommend this company for any military moves!
- Kasey C.

Awesome crew, awesome service, awesome move! The guys came out a week ago to do a site survey. They were very professional, courteous and careful. What would have taken me and the boys at least two days was done by Covan in under 4 hours. We would use them and again and highly recommend their services. Mahalo Covan!
- Tony B.

The guys that showed up we prompt, courteous and respectful. Thank you: Reggie Dwayne Josiah A Keep up the great work. If everything goes as well with the rest of the move, it will be worry free.
- Travis S.

Covan delivered about 7.7K lbs of our house good goods. They gave two courtesy calls, so that was very much appreciated as we knew exactly when to expect them. Bobby, Vincent, Chase and Keliki were courteous, professional, and very quick. They moved everything we asked and went above and beyond to make this process smooth. We highly recommend this company and this crew! And if they're working over lunch, get them a plate lunch!
- Shimmy S.

I have nothing but compliments for this company and the hard workers that moved my households. Dwayne, Josiah and Reggie were respectful, professional and very careful and detailed about the whole process. They took care of everything and made a moving experience a smooth and relaxing one for me. I recommend them 100%.
- Sergio N.

Wish I could leave a zero star rating.....seriously. Working with this moving company was a complete nightmare. I wish the Army would really put more efforts into moving families because this adds more stress to an already stressful event. We were scheduled to be packed over the course of four days and the company only sent one guy for two days, both times were after 1PM. They didn't show up for two days. No calls or anything to let us know, so we were stuck waiting on them all day until I called to ask WTF was going on. My family and I were like hostages dealing with them because we were stuck at the house waiting and not wanting to miss them if they showed up. When ever I called I would get the run around. We wound up getting our house packed a day after we initially had scheduled. They showed up at 1100 am and we didn't finish until 230 am the next morning. They made our last week in Hawaii a complete nightmare. If you have a choice, don't put yourself through the pain of dealing with this company.
- Willie M.

If I could, I would give them no stars. We had our pre pack inspection and at that time we went over certain high value items that would need special packaging. We had a regular surfboard that would need a crate as well as a metal surfboard art piece that is one of a kind and can not be replaced. In addition, we had electronics, high value liquor and collectables that we pointed out and asked that they be handled with care. The gentleman informed us that it would take 3 full days to pack and load our house. On the first packing day, the packers showed up around lunch time and promptly left to go get lunch. When they came back, I asked about the special packing materials needed for the art and the surfboard and they had no clue what I was talking about. They said they would bring it with the next day. So day 2, again they arrive around lunch time and instead of crates for the 2 big items, they bring BUBBLE WRAP and tape! I was told they would put it in a crate before loading it on the truck. So at 5:30 pm the crew cleans up and tells us they will be back in the morning to finish packing and load the truck. Day 3, they don't show up until around lunch again. They promptly tell me they will need an extra day which is not possible as we are leaving island the very next day. So they call in for back up. At this point we have 11 movers at our house grabbing stuff and loading it in the truck. I completely lost track of who and what is where. When checking on the loading of the truck, I see them pushing and shoving my large tool box into the truck up against household items. Needless to say, the tool box is completely destroyed, my surfboard is as just thrown into one of the crates with garage items and my high value art piece is now bent and chipped. I will be filing a claim but as they are contracted with the government to move other military families, I would advise anyone who is assigned them as their moving company to monitor all progress closely and don't let them take anything that is high value unless it is properly protected and packaged first.
- Emily B.

Awesome service. The crew was very efficient and worked quickly. A 3 man crew packed our 4 bedroom house in a day and a half with no damage to our stuff or the house. Highly recommended company and crew.
- Scott R.

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