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Quality of service: 4.2

Punctuality: 3.8

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Customers’ rating: 4.4

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About Coastal Carrier Moving & Storage

In 1985 Coastal Carrier Moving & Storage opened for business in Wilmington with one 12-foot truck. We grew steadily as we built our reputation on honesty, integrity, accountability, and professionalism. Making a move, whether it’s just across town or 3,000 miles away, is one of the “Top 10” most stressful events in a person’s life. With our specialized training in Social Work, we’re highly sensitive to your emotional needs before, during, and after the move. We listen carefully so that we understand what is most important to you. We plan and conduct your move so that all of your concerns are handled properly.

Moving-Me about Coastal Carrier Moving & Storage

This moving company was established in 1985. The company opened with one 12-foot truck. The movers grew steadily building reputation and experience. From the first priceless family heirloom that is carefully carried onto the truck to the last box of china placed in your new dining room, you can be sure that your family treasures will be treated with respect by a moving crew that is experienced and sensitive to your needs.

Coastal Carrier Moving & Storage Licenses & Certificates

This moving company is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. The company is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: 425982

(Interstate Commerce Commission Motor Carrier number)

US D.O.T: 1010926

(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: not provided

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What is Coastal Carrier Moving & Storage cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $4700. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services, and distance from A to B point. Also, many companies offer hourly rates. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance, or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free, and cost-effective. Coastal Carrier Moving & Storage is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

Coastal Carrier Moving & Storage Reviews

We had a fantastic experience recently when we used Coastal Carrier to move a few hours away! Radford came and took a careful estimate of our belongings and estimated our weight with shocking precision! I think we were only 100 pounds over. The moving crew took time to wrap all our furniture well and we had not one single item broken in the move. I was amazed at how fast and efficient our crew was, especially in the heat of the past few days! Tom; Joe D, Justin J, and Matt H you were all amazing and I can’t thank you enough for all you did to make our move so seamless and less stressful for us!
- Shannon Wright

Coastal did a wonderful job with our local move. Tessa and Jason were professional and friendly when setting up our appointment, and they were also able to schedule us in a timely manner with only a week in advance. Bryant and Eli maintained professionalism and good spirits moving our furniture despite the extreme heat and humidity of Wilmington. Everything was transported carefully and surprisingly fast! We will always use coastal for any future moves!
- Kylie Rose

The Coastal Carrier team was extremely professional from the sales office to the work of the actual move. They treated each piece of furniture with care, including our baby grand piano. They were experts in what they did, not just some strong guys throwing things in a truck. We truly appreciated their attention to detail. And bonus — they were an excellent value as well.
- Mary Kay Dean

We moved from SC to ATX, Chris helped set everything up for us and was very diligent. The movers themselves were friendly and professional and treated our items with care. Really happy with our decision to choose this company and thankful for all their hard work helping us move short notice.
- Alice Cooper

Kyle, Matt, and Patrick could not have been a better team to help us with our move this past week. They got the job done quickly and very well. All my furniture remained in good condition as well as my home. Thank you again!
- Caroline Stevens

Used Coastal for a NH to NC move. The movers they sent were incredibly hard working and personable. They were able to store our belongings for a month, reload and deliver within a day of the new house closing in NC. They unloaded in record fashion and the actual cost came out slightly less than estimated. The communication with the rep at the office, Jason, was excellent and never had a question go unanswered for long. I would not hesitate to use Coastal for any moving needs. Highly recommend.

Yes. Transport was good. I had huge help with michael. I recommend 100%
- duc nguen

I had the pleasure of working with Michael over at Coastal Carrier. Top notch guy with great manners. A++++ I will have to use you all again
- Peter Chapman

All we can say is WOW! We’ve made several moves over the years and these guys were professional, personable and perfectionists. Did a great job wrapping and moving. Treated our goods as if they were their own.
- Ellen Reilly

Extremely professional and excellent service. All of the items they packed arrived safely and undamaged. Would highly recommend Coastal Carrier Moving for you packing and moving needs.
- A Stewart

I recently moved from Atlanta GA to Wilmington NC. The crew at Coastal Carrier did an incredible job. The men were very careful when handling my furniture and were so nice to talk to. The sales representative, Jason, was fantastic to work with. He answered every question that I had and even followed up with me after the move was completed. I highly recommend Coastal Carrier if you are planning to move.
- Amber Whitmire

The team from Coastal Carrier was great to work with, and everyone was very professional
- Spencer Parker

Mike and Arthur made my move easy. They were on time and took extra care wrapping my furniture to prevent any damage. They took extra care to cover my floors and I appreciated all they did
- Leslie Gray

The two men who moved my household from one coast into my new house on the other coast were incredible. I cannot say how impressed my family and I were with their helpfulness and no-nonsense work ethics. I was not as impressed with the packing team, appliance parts and lamps and lamp parts packed in separate boxes which I am still looking for days later. Nothing was broken though and friends were very happy with their packers, just depends on the packing team. But, the actually movers made up for the strange packing job. I highly recommend Coastal Carrier.
- D Kaeser

Chris M. came and provided us with the most comprehensive estimate of all the carriers that visited us. Jason in the main office coordinated everything exceptionally, given our last minute date changes and then a delay in our move in date. We can't say enough good about our movers and packers Chris and Tom and Matt. Everyone was professional, friendly, personable, and mature in the manner in which they handled everything. Our furniture was padded and wrapped before loading and all reached our destination undamaged. They dealt with some heavy machinery items and all arrived in perfect shape. They also provided us with the necessary boxes for packing. Chris and Tom delivered to our destination and unloaded everything, staying late that evening so as to be finished before the 90% chance of rain which poured down the next day. What a challenging move and we actually had a great time with Chris and Tom. They will not be forgotten! No one should have any reservations about using the Coastal Carrier. They are first rate and exceptional in their service.

Moving can be so nerve wracking but Coastal made it so easy for us. Cody and Austin did our move and were FANTASTIC!! They arrived on time, worked so hard packing our glassware, dishes, television, etc and beautifully loaded the truck. These two gentlemen unloaded at our new home and were just as professional and proficient. I can’t speak for any other Coastal employees but if you are fortunate enough to have Cody and/or Austin show up for your move - thank your lucky stars!! These guys are the absolute best. Thank you Cody, Austin and Jason (who co-ordinated our move) for a most positive experience. I recommend Coastal Carriers with no reservations whatsoever.
- Tim Hodgin

First Rate Experience....We utilized Coastal Carrier to do a local move from our house and to keep our household possessions in their storage facility. Mike was our main point of contact, and he was exceptional in terms of giving us a timely estimate and worked with us to help get a price that was within our budget. He also went beyond the call of duty helping us pack up a few items that were a bit bulky that we could not handle on our own. Nice young man who very focused on helping us have a successful and easy move. The moving team (Justin, Justin, Justin (for real), and Chris) showed up exactly when scheduled and worked efficiently and carefully to get our stuff loaded up. They were very nice guys and extremely professional. I honestly cannot think of any issues or problems, and would not hesitate to use them again. In fact, we will be having them transport our possessions on a long haul move in a few months time, and are very comfortable having them do the work.
- Faith Berenson

I've hesitated to write this review. However, it was these reviews that weighed heavily in my decision to use this company. I wish I had given more weight to their Yelp reviews, which aren't as numerous but more aligned with my experience. I sent a review directly to them over 3 weeks ago. As of this posting, they haven't acknowledged it. No apology. No offer to fix the damage they caused to my new home. No assistance in filing claims with the full-coverage insurance I purchased. I can only assume they simply do not care. Mine was a local move with 1.5 months of storage in between each leg. n the positive side, they showed up as promised on each of the moving days and were on time. For the negatives: Out of multiple moving experiences with professional movers in the last 7 years, this was by far the worst and also the most expensive (more than estimated). I was overcharged by $700 on the first leg of the move for things that were readily apparent. After I brought it to their attention, they issued a $700 credit for the 2nd leg of the move, which was more than quoted. Beyond the cost of the 2nd leg of the move, the issues were numerous and the majority were discovered after the movers left such as damage to the sheetrock and door casings. The upholstered furniture, which had been stored in their warehouse and was supposed to remain wrapped and in crates, was very dusty. Two legs of a very heavy desk were screwed in at angles, which could have broken the legs. The straps used to secure my washer and dryer put dents in the top of the units. A hinge in the laundry room door was pulled from the wall and door, and left dangling (with screws laying on the floor) where the Washer & Dryer were forced into the room instead of removing the door. The washer and dryer were hooked up incorrectly. The only boxed items that were broken were kitchen items packed by Coastal Carrier. Three of the five wardrobe boxes packed by Coastal Carrier had all of my clothes lying in the bottom of the box, severely wrinkled. Several of my large furniture items have fairly obvious dings and scratches. One of the crew members responded to my requests on how to place the boxes and furniture with curt, snarky remarks. And if all that wasn't enough, when everyone left I discovered that they had gone into the refrigerator and eaten a housewarming gift that was clearly marked as such. I don't expect perfection. After all, it is a move and moves are hard. However, my experience from top to bottom with Coastal Carrier was drastically different than that depicted in the online reviews and therefore my expectations. Based on my experiences with them, I could not recommend them.
- Sheila Rouse

I have utilized Coastal Carrier for two of my moves, and I have kept furniture in storage with them for a year. The first time I utilized their services, I had to move my household goods from storage in Jacksonville NC to Wilmington NC. The storage unit was a mess; their workers were extremely patient with me, wrapped all the furniture to keep it safe, and even threw away the belongings I no longer needed!! (This was a huge relief for me). They carefully wrapped and crated the furniture I could not use, stored it, and removed it from storage for my most recent move this September. Let me state, that the furniture they stored were old antique, which were extremely important to me. The set came from Turkey in the early 1900s, was handmade and carved, and delicate. They arrived to my current house in perfect condition. I was extremely grateful for this, as they were passed to me from my father. My recent move was from Wilmington to Albemarle NC, and the two gentlemen assigned to my job, Yannick and Bentley, arrived on time, were in good spirits, and respectful. We did a walk through of my house, they evaluated, and started the process. When we started off loading the truck in Albemarle, they asked me what rooms I wanted each box (even moved some boxes a couple times room to room), helped me assemble my bed frames, and were simply awesome. I had a table that was damaged on the ride (Simply in the truck), and they offered to fix and return it! This is an Oak Dinning table, and fixing it back at their shop was definitely a huge relief for me. It was one less thing to worry about with a new house. The entire job from start for finish was twelve straight hours, and they kept up their spirits. These two gentlemen displayed great care and work ethic. I almost enjoyed the process; moving is such a stressful task! It were the little things that mattered to me. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone that is having to move or needs their belongings in storage. I huge thank you to Yannick and Bentley for making this experience as pleasant as possible, and helping my stress levels decrease instead of increase! I apologize for such a long review, but I was a military brat, moving every three years with my family, and I moved with the DOD myself several times. I have been through ALOT of moves. (I am used to stuff being damaged, lost, and questionable movers! I had ballgowns damaged one time; it looked like soda was poured across them!! Furniture dented, broken, and I had zero recourse!!I) I prepare myself for the worst & this surpassed my expectations and beyond. It was such a relief to have professional, respectful, and honest movers! Movers that allowed my stuff to arrive in great condition because of their care and diligence. Thanks for the great job guys!! I will definitely be utilizing this company in several years when I move again, and hopefully beyond for years to come! Keep up the great work Coastal Carrier!!
- Erica 5

I recently used Coastal Carrier Moving & Storage for my long-Distance Move from Wilmington, NC to Denver, Colorado. The level of professionalism that the salesman, Jason, exhibited, was second to none. He paid close attention to my needs, responded appropriately to my questions and concerns, and made it a point to be respectful. The crew of guys that moved me were very polite and accommodating as well. I would recommend Coastal Carrier Moving & Storage to anyone looking to move across the country or nearby. You will be well taken care of and will certainly be in good hands.
- Alex P.

Top rate experience with Coastal Carrier Moving and Storage! They helped with a local move in Fayetteville last year. Mike made sure that everything was set up correctly for the move and helped on the move. He made sure that my furniture was wrapped correctly so it would not get broken or damaged. He made sure everything was secure and safe while loading everything on the truck. It was an excellent experience and his team was so great that I plan to use them again with a move to Wilmington soon! Absolutely would recommend!
- Aly Robertson

We move from southern california to Wilmington NC we where looking for a local moving company to unload the semi and transfer are stuff into storage and new townhome .Joe and bentley from coastal carriers where very professional and did a awesome job. Jason and Shannon in the office was very helpful with this transfer I would recommend this company if I could give a 10 I would thank you .
- Chris Chester

Coastal Carrier is truly great. They're professional, prompt, kind...and of MOST importance, they treated my belongings as if it were their own.
- Maximillian A.Master

We’ve used Coastal Carriers 3 times now. They are consistently professional and personable, and have always taken great care with our belongings. I would highly recommend them for any of your moving needs!
- Jennifer Holmes

Our moving experience with Coastal Carrier was excellent. The 4-man crew of Justin, Justin, Cade and Bent performed their tasks efficiently and with careful attention to detail. All the furniture was wrapped and carefully unwrapped and reassembled if necessary. They were all very polite and courteous. I would highly recommend this moving company .
- Bev Murtagh

Coastal Carrier M&S are a fantastic moving team. From the very first call that was promptly answered by Mike Kolb with continued follow up throughout and after the move, to our on the job team, Brian, Chris, Logan, Yannick who packed and loaded our home in Southport, NC the service and attitude of the team was excellent! The logistics of this move, while not the most complicated Coastal has seen was still stressful to us - Mike was able to ensure that the dates would be and were met for the packing, loading and unloading. Chris/Logan on the unload (+10hours) end were troopers - in the rain, the truck did not fit in our half moon driveway so they had to walk with all of our items even further into the house. All boxes and furniture, ended up exactly where we noted to place them. The beds were set up, the furniture unwrapped and placed. We cannot thank them enough for making this as seamless and stress less as possible. I highly recommend Coastal Carrier Moving & Storage for any move you may have! Dena & Evan Quinn
- Dena Quinn

Our move was perfect due to Coastal Carrier and the young men that they employed.
- Fred Ludwig

Coastal Carriers called me 48 hours before my move stating they could not complete my move as scheduled and told me my out of state move either needed to occur a day earlier, my stuff dropped off a week after pick up, or I needed to find another solution. I was a small move and it was clear I was not a priority. When I stated that wasn't feasible he berated me for being irresponsible for not packing in time and inflexible. When I reminded him that it was his schedule that was causing the issue he continued to lecture me rather than accepting responsibility. In fact, he continued to bemoan the fact that he quoted me a low price. As a friendly reminder to Coastal Carriers a low move quote is only a good thing when the move actually occurs. I would have happily paid more to avoid the additional stress.
- Rachael B.

This moving company is the best!!! They were called in last minute when my other movers could not make the appointment. They contacted me immediately and showed up ready to work. They made our move so easy. Very professional, prompt, courteous and ensure your things are handled with great care! Our movers, Chris Manero and Ryan, were super friendly and efficient. They made every effort to work diligently, and get your items located to the proper rooms. They even made sure to line our furniture up exactly the way I wanted. I can't say enough about our movers and this company. They are top-notch!!' You will be very happy with their services. And, remember to TIP your movers. After watching them move all the heavy boxes and furniture, you will have a great appreciation for these hardworking guys.
- Suzie T.

Coastal Carriers Moving & Storage of Wilmington was the best moving company I'd ever used--the first time. I had moved from California to Wilmington in August 2016. Not one item was damaged. Great communication. So, I hired them again in March 2020 to move us back to California. This time, however, the move was a nightmare--and two months later, we still have not received all of our stuff. We did not feel the need to purchase extra insurance because the first move with Coastal Carrier had gone so smoothly. BIG MISTAKE. We have SO MANY damaged items. My very expensive solid wood dining table, which I'd recently paid over $500 to have refinished, has a deep gauge in it. The bottom wood support on my solid wood dresser was ripped off the main body. My electric queen bed's base cover was torn in several areas and the underneath is all marked up with what looks like black grease--large furniture items with dings, broken pieces, scratches, black marks, and rips. The glass in my grandmother's 1940 mirror was broken, even though it was very well packed in a box clearly marked "glass" and "fragile" with up-facing arrows. The box that contained a space telescope made by my boyfriend was lost. (I think they dropped the box, heard shattering, and threw the box away because there were also dishes in the box.) My 3-piece $1,200 desk is beat up, especially the corners, and the back broken. The list goes on. And Coastal Carrier will NOT retroactively allow us to pay for more insurance coverage. Not only that, the movers showed up at 5:30 pm on a Saturday night, very hungry, and we fed them dinner, snacks, and breakfast the next day (and coffee/drinks) AND tipped them both $200. We are interested to know how CC will handle our claim, and WHEN we will get the rest of our stuff--including my exercise machine & my bf's shop tools... and whether those will also be damaged or missing. TERRIBLE COMMUNICATION, both throughout the cross-country move (zero communication from the drivers) & after the delivery regarding our undelivered stuff. I'm broken-hearted over the losses we incurred. Would you believe we found a painting that didn't belong to us, and the manager told us to just keep it or sell it?
- Alle K.

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