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About Cheap Cheap Movers Atlanta

At Cheap Cheap Movers Atlanta, we understand that moving can be frustrating, stressful, and expensive, especially if you’re looking for quality moving help. All the movers from Cheap Cheap Movers team are real professionals with years of experience. We are fully trained and know everything about successful and secure moving. We offer the best equipment including a truck, gas, blankets, wardrobe boxes, dollies, shrink wrap, tape and many more. All of our charges are extremely reasonable, even for the most frugal client.

Moving-Me about Cheap Cheap Movers Atlanta

Cheap Cheap Movers were born in 2002 and since then have been performing professional moves together with all kinds of moving and packing services provided. The company is known for the fast, easy and safe work they do. Cheap Cheap Movers are now fully insured and licensed and are determined to make your local or long-distance move one of the greatest experiences of your life.Cheap Cheap Movers Atlanta Team knows everything about full efficiency and hard work. They make sure that you, your belongings and valuables won’t be damaged during the relocation.
There are no hidden charges and costs during the entire process of moving what makes them trustworthy. They aren known as the cheapest long distance moving company and the services they provide to know your belongings are safe is priceless. Cheap Cheap Movers are recommended by their customers, what makes them a reliable moving company. Call them as soon as possible and give Cheap Cheap Movers an opportunity to move you hassle and stress free while you just sit back, relax and enjoy your new life.

Cheap Cheap Movers Atlanta Licenses & Certificates

Cheap Cheap Movers is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. Cheap Cheap Movers is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company apart from others in the industry.
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What is Cheap Cheap Movers Atlanta cost?

Be ready that the average long-distance moving costs will be around $2000. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services and distance from A to B point. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection company. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free and cost-effective. Cheap Cheap Movers is a great representative of modern move with highly experienced professionals and latest moving equipment.

Cheap Cheap Movers Atlanta Reviews

If you want your furniture broken scratch bottom busted out of drawers leg broke off my brand-new dresser then please contact these guys they're very good at it. Have tried and tried to get response into at least repair of my furniture I've been calling for days , When I finally was able to reach someone , appointments were set with Gabriel to come out with a furniture repair man, he never showed or even the courtesy of a phone call. After Gabriel did not show up for the second appointment with no call did reach him he hung up on me. Absolutely the worst movers ever! If I were homeless I wouldn't let him move me!
- Beth C.

This was my first time using Cheap Cheap Movers!!! They were amazing! They moved my entire apartment in 45 minutes. Then, we proceeded to my new home. They unloaded and set everything up in the remaining 2 hours. They were extremely pleasant and kind. My mother and I worked with Kenneth, Juan, and Moe!! I highly recommend using them!
- Christal W.

Kenneth, Juan, and Pop (Eddy) were professional and wonderful in helping us move today. I was a little worried about the amount of furniture and levels we had (3 floors), but they were easily able to move and set up the rooms the way I wanted. They also rearranged furniture to make sure it looked the best in the room. Thank you so much for your help!
- Nirvi S.

I made a very long treacherous move from Atlanta to California and chose Cheap cheap movers to move my furniture and car. I was lucky enough to have a combined move with another family headed out my way which saved me $$$. Carlos was assigned to my move and from the very beginning to end was one of the most professional and respectful people I have ever met. Carlos made the move effortless and stress free, he was very careful with my personal things, kept me updated throughout the trip on his status, and relieved a lot of stress because I knew everything was in good hands. These guys were fast, efficient, and courteous and most important their prices came in lower then other movers I contacted. I couldn't have asked for a better experience. Thank you Carlos and Milo (?) for the great customer service. I highly recommend these guys for any interstate moves.
- Diana N.

JT, Rod and Ricardo did a fantastic job! They were on time, efficient and made sure all of our belongings were moved carefully both out of and into our spaces. Super friendly guys and would definitely use them again!
- Susan H.

Wow these guys were true professionals! Our movers were TC and Hugo. They showed up on time. They did a great job wrapping up everything so that it stayed safe and protected in the truck. They moved quickly to make sure that the time was utilized wisely. They were very friendly and courteous and polite. We had them pick up some furniture from a store warehouse on the way to the new apartment. They loaded up the furniture from that other place quickly and moved right along to the final destination. They worked really well together as a team. They were in constant communication with each other to make sure that they were angling things properly and keeping them secured. The price was reasonable for all of the work that they did. We really appreciate the effort and hard work they put into this move. Would definitely recommend them in the future.
- Orin T.

Johnny and Moe were awesome!! We had so many mishaps during our FOUR HOUR move (not including drive time). They were so patient and were constantly on the move which is exactly what you want when people work by the hour. Our first move we used a different company who did not take care of our things and did not work nearly as hard as these guys. Make sure you ask for Johnny and Moe next time you need to hire movers!
- Mo W.

I moved my 1BHK with these guys last sunday..and my experience was just so amazing. We were scheduled for 8-9 am for minimum of 3 hrs. They arrived with a truck @ 8:45 in time. Took a note of all the boxes(abt 25) and all the furniture to be moved. And got right to work. Our new apartment was on the 3rd floor with no lift/elevator, but they didnt complain at all or charge us any extras. Even dismantled our Ikea bed and assembled back at our new apartment. It was drizzling that entire day but they did not even take a break of 2 minutes until we were all done. Entire move took a little less than 4 hrs(our apartments were less than 1 mile apart). They are fast and hardworking and am thankful to them for making my move as smooth as possible.
- Shailesh T.

[+] I recently chose Cheap Cheap Movers to help me move from Dunwoody to Midtown, and they did a great job. Arrived at 11AM and done by 2PM, the two movers never slowing down and asking questions if they weren't sure about something. They packed everything tightly and handed the boxes with care, which I appreciated due to the large number of kitchen equipment I have. I payed $267 for two guys for three hours, at a rate of $89 per hour. I payed cash, but the rate would have been raised to $99 per hour if I had chosen to pay with a credit card. I found this price to be very reasonable, considering the work that was done and the amount of time in which it was finished. [-] My annoyance was the time it took for my movers to arrive. My move was scheduled for 9AM more than a month in advance, and I fully expected them to be either on time, or slightly early based on the other reviews. They were actually two hours late, and it was difficult for me to get someone on the phone to provide a reason. Apparently, the truck was experiencing mechanical issues, which I didn't find out about until about twenty minutes before they arrived, after waiting over an hour and a half with no explanation. I would have simply prefered someone letting me know that they would be late, rather than being left wondering if they would even be coming at all. Overall, I would definitely recommend Cheap Cheap Movers, though I think there's room for improvement on the end of the customer service representatives on the other end of the phone.
- Justin W.

How about they didn't even show up!! The movers were to meet me at 12pm. I waited an hr before calling Mark, the person that booked the move. Mark told me he would check with the guys and call back but he never called back. At 2pm, I called Katie, the contact at "corporate" to ask what was going on, she also tells me she would check and call back, she never called back. I called Mark again at 2:40pm but he never answered! I called Katie again and she had the nerve to tell me my contract calls for a 3 hr window; I kindly told her to read the contract she sent me because there is not a window of time indicated! She once again said she would call back but she never did! At this point, 4pm rolled around and I had been waiting for 4 hrs and finally gave up and went about my business after waiting for the sorry movers for nearly 5 hours. I attempted to find other movers but I shortly learned everyone legitimate was booked! They didn't even bother to call! With such below average customer service how do they have 5 stars? I was fooled! Stay away from these people!!! Not even a phone call for being over 4 hrs late and not even showing up for the job! Coward way of doing business, if you call it that!!!
- Livingolive A.

Cheap Cheap - they are not. My estimate was- at most he said, $750, and assured me it would be less. I moved from a one bedroom apt to a one bedroom apt. What did I get charged? $1150.00 DO NOT USE THESE GUYS. Something very dishonest and not upfront is going on with this company. Right before I went with them I noticed some odd language in most positive reviews - as if written by non-English speakers, while the negative reviews had proper grammar etc. A small thing - yes. I ALMOST posted a question about this as I thought it somewhat suspicious, but it seemed too ridiculous. As with some other reviewers these guys were late. And I mean LATE - 2 HOURS & 45MINUTES. Conveniently putting my move, now, in the height of Atlanta traffic. And since my move was over 15minutes I was treated to DOUBLE DRIVE TIME. My one star goes to the movers themselves - GREAT attitudes, nice folks. THE DAMAGES (so far) : Unprofessional habit of tipping large tables with fine legs. 1) One table got its legs broken clean off 2) 2 side tables arrived with completely broken glass tops 3) Another carved wooden table, also with fine legs I physically saw the one mover tip, heard the legs snap, and saw him do and say nothing. The legs did not snap off, but absolutely damaged 4) Sofa suffered scratches straight through the leather. Nice picture shown above but MY leather sofa didn't get a fabric cover - just seran wrap. Very protective. 5) All of my curtain rods - packed in a carton - not loose - were never unloaded off the truck. I guess they weren't cause they certainly never arrived at my new apt. PAY ATTENTION to the negative reviews. I rolled the dice. Now that its too late I wish I hadn't.
- Le R.

Great company! The movers were on time and moved us in very quick. The price was also good. We will definitely tell our friends and family about Cheap Movers!
- B. P.

Great crew. Ken and Juan got the job done right and on time. Moved our four bedroom home in about for hours. They loaded and unloaded their truck and unloaded a twenty-six foot u haul truck we had rented.
- Jim W.

I hardly ever leave low star reviews even if the service was less than, but I can't justify the service with the amount of money I spent, so this is my honest review. I had about 8 quotes for movers and they seemed to have good reviews and reasonable per hour rates... I regret it now. Moving is stessful, so a great moving company is a must. I live in a 1 bedroom condo and in hindsight I should have gotten 3 movers to have it go faster (or hired a different company), but who would've thought 2 guys wouldn't be able to handle a 1 bedroom move in 3 hours?! I was moving 5 miles away also... Like other reviews stated, they showed up on time at noon, but took over 20 minutes to situate the truck in the right place.. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt that it is a gated community and the only way to move things out is down the hallway and through the elevator (which takes longer), but there was literally no sense of urgency at all. In fact, I saw them smoking by their truck multiple times. Sometimes they came in and put only a few boxes on the dolly and walked slowly down the hall.. (I could have done that myself!). It took them over 3 hours to move me out of my ONE BEDROOM. I started carrying things down MYSELF and taking the stairs and I would PASS them. They never once checked my bathroom or closet, just relied on me to take boxes from from there and set them in front of the door for them to haul away. I left multiple things at the place to get later because they were on upper shelves of the closet that I couldn't reach and it was just taking too long. About an hour and a half through I started putting boxes in my Tahoe IN BETWEEN their long trips down to their truck. My Tahoe was full by the end and I unloaded it all by myself when I got to my new place before they even got there! When they got to my new 1 bedroom apartment, (one flight of stairs) I just told them to set the boxes down at the door and I would move them to where they needed to go (which was so much faster). It took them 5 hours and $600 to move my 1 bedroom from Dunwoody to Sandy Springs and I still had to do a lot myself. I was sick to my stomach. I will not recommend or use them again. **I'm from Michigan and my last movers wouldn't let me lift a finger and did everything so fast, so maybe I was expecting too much? My advise, if you do use this company, get at least 3 guys to help and be willing to pitch in.
- Alexis D.

They moved me into my new place... Eventually. Because they charge by the hour, they took forever to move me from a one bedroom place. Plus, they broke a whole bunch of my hangers and chipped off side of my desk, which I know is minor, but after 5 hours, you start to get agitated by things things. I will not be using them again. If you do decide to use them, make sure you get a very precise quote, including the amount of time they think it will take to move you so that you have some form of leverage.
- Kimberly M.

Just wrapped things up with my move. Kenneth, Pop and Juan were the gentleman helping out. They were fast and professional. We got it done sooner than I expected. No complaints and I would recommend them.
- Cedric M.

Moving is stressful. No moving company can do anything about that. I have moved one time or more every single year for the last 5 years. I have gone within Tallahassee, to South Florida, to Atlanta. I hate moving. This year, my wife and I could afford to splurge and hire movers. Plus, this is the first time we invested in nice furniture so we wanted it to be taken care of. I had no idea what to expect. I read some reviews and entered with that in my mind. I was a bit of a problem client at first. I scheduled my date a couple of weeks in advance and I didn't give them my card info until like three days before. I felt pretty bad about that but they were super nice about it. Even though I asked for an 11am slot, they put me in for 8-9am. But that was okay with me because I had no qualms with finishing earlier. The morning of the move I got a call at about 7:30am. It turns out one of the customers had a lot of stuff. So much that the movers weren't even able to finish unpacking it before it was really late at night. So they were going to have to finish that job soon and be late. So they told us 1pm and that they would give us a discount. Thankfully we were. Not on a tight schedule so I had no issues. Plus, i do love a discount. I will tell you that this seems to me to be a problem that makes sense. This company does not do any kind of consultations before giving their prices, so it makes sense that sometimes things don't go as planned. The guy who was talking me through all of this, Victor, was super nice. We kept in contact through out the day about the status of the movers and when they would make it. My wife and I were able to get a lot done before we had to head over to move. We also had a lot of time to kill. After 1pm rolled around they were still not done so they said 3pm. Finally, at around 4pm the movers got there. Victor was very nice and apologetic about the whole thing and it really was not a big deal for me. Our movers were Kenneth and Jose. They were quick, professional, and nice. I had no idea what I was supposed to do so I just watched and talked to them. The move took a total of 5 hours. We were moving from a 2/2 to a 1/1. I'm not sure how long movers usually take but I know I would have taken much longer than that! I was very grateful for the work they did. My furniture arrived just fine. They even helped me move some stuff around when I was trying to figure out how it would look best. I felt super grateful with how patient they were with me, since it was my first time using a moving company and I clearly had no idea what the heck to do. In the end, I half-haggled my way into a 60% discount for the delay. ON TOP of their already super reasonable pricing. I can say definitely that was I extremely satisfied with that. Overall, I really would recommend this service to my dearest friends. I hate moving but Kenneth, Jose, and Victor really made the experience much better!
- Sofia P.

Was able to book on late notice and these guys were awesome! Ken and Guerod were very polite and worked quickly! They moved everything that we asked them to move from my parents house to store in my basement...from Duluth to Marietta. They even moved things from their basement into a dumpster in the driveway for us, plus we had to play musical rooms with some pieces of furniture to stage the house for listing. These guys are great! Thank you!
- Heather K.

Called to get quote for a move from Dacula to Cumming. Was hoping to be able to coordinate due to awesome reviews. Advised doesn't service our area. However person I spoke to was friendly and polite. during our phone call.
- Shannon D.

I was compensated for my losses. Thank you
- Leroy Y.

I'm so glad I stumbled upon this company--scheduling was quick and stress free, the quote they provided was straight forward and fair, and Ken and Juan did everything in their power to make a hectic moving day fast and efficient. I was grateful for their impressive dedication, care with my furniture, and their humor which helped move the day along. They went above and beyond to ensure I was happy with the move, and my one bedroom apartment was moved in under 3 hours. Would recommend!
- Anjie Y

Emailed back-and-forth with a representative on July 11. Requested 3 movers on July 24 as early as possible. Gave my credit card information for the deposit on July 16. Never hearing back, I called on July 21 and spoke to a representative who told me I was booked for 3 movers between 9:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m.. Today is July 24. It is 9:21 a.m.. No movers. I just called them again and spoke to yet another representative, who said I never booked or confirmed, and refused to give me the owner's number. Absolutely furious.1. Movers took a long time to load small boxes approximately 2 hours, which I think it's why we spent total 680 dollars for a 2b1b apt. This is sort of ridiculous. Our apt is total 6.7miles from old to new, which means they took almost 5.5 hours just to move our stuffs. it should not take more than 4 hours if we really have that much stuffs, which I don't think that's the case. 2. When we asked for more boxes, which your email mentioned will have boxes available. They mentioned there was no boxes. 3. When they arrive to our new apartment, they not only took for almost 20 minutes to park. They blocked the entire street, parked in front of a tree which made the unloading even more difficult. How is this possible? Later on when the police came over, they took another 10 minutes to re-park, which is also calculated in our hours. WHY? They shouldn't park there at the first place to cost even more time to re-park. This is again unacceptable. 4. Towards the end, since the hour is reaching to 6 hours. My boyfriend had to help them move other boxes. Can you explain why we hire you the first place if we have to move our own stuffs? 5. Your movers took several breaks, smoke in the middle, in a very relaxed attitude. I'm not saying they can't, but I find this attitude unprofessional because we are paying by hours, with a lot higher rate than other moving companies. 6. If you charge this much for an hour, please drastically improve your mover quality. There are a lot more moving business out there that charge less than 100 dollars, and A LOT MORE TIME EFFICIENT. Furious customer.
- Szuting C.

Emailed back-and-forth with a representative on July 11. Requested 3 movers on July 24 as early as possible. Gave my credit card information for the deposit on July 16. Never hearing back, I called on July 21 and spoke to a representative who told me I was booked for 3 movers between 9:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m.. Today is July 24. It is 9:21 a.m.. No movers. I just called them again and spoke to yet another representative, who said I never booked or confirmed, and refused to give me the owner's number. Absolutely furious.
- Tori P.

Though they had to reschedule me due to a communication issue internally, I must say they did right by me and fixed the issue. The most impressive part was the moving team: Kenneth (Ken) and Josh! Talk about a fantastic duo who took care of my furniture, moved non stop, and definitely knew what they were doing. If your friends are tired of helping you moved, splurge and little and get movers!
- Chris P.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of working with Victor and Abel moving me and my partner into a new apartment. These two young men were super fast and they wrapped everything up perfectly. Nothing was damaged while they moved out items. I watched as they moved 3 huge boxes down three flights of stairs independently and did not drop one. I couldn't imagine doing that alone. They are great at their job. I would hire them again for sure. Also, the pricing is reasonable.
- Tiara M.

Is this is a real company? The address and phone numbers listed on the website are false and while they have taken a deposit for a moving service for the end of the month no one has confirmed the transaction and everyone's phone number is mysteriously blocked or unavailable. We physically went to the address listed here and no one by the name has ever occupied the premises.
- Ava G.

What an easy move. Victor, Ken and Abel were professional and friendly. They didnt damage any of my furniture. They came in wrapped the furniture and did it fast. I truly appreciated them. Also, there are no hidden charges. A young lady called me and said she would email me the details. They were on time and kept a great attitude the entire time. Thank you guys!!!!
- MissTee W

I am trying to get in touch with somebody from this company to confirm my move with them for the end of this month. I have booked them for a move and paid a $50.00 deposit in July. The bank transaction showed Professional Movers at Dunwoody. I never got a confirmation email. The person I spoke to Victor, is not reachable on both his numbers, they are blocked and temporarily unavailable. I tried calling the number listed on their website and it goes to someone called Highway Trucking. I went to their office address listed in Buckhead and the receptionist told me that there never was any business by the name of Cheap Cheap Movers ever in that building. This is false advertising and information. What is surprising is that my friend used the same company and recommended these movers and Victor to me. I was there for my friends move so I know it was legit. I have no idea what has happened. I am an existing customer who is trying to confirm my move on 8/31. I have exhausted all resources in trying to contact you'll. All the numbers and addresses listed are a dead end. I cannot even send a message to you'll through Yelp as that option doesn't exist anymore on your page. I have no idea how to reach you'll other than posting this Yelp review. If someone from the company is reading this please message me ASAP to confirm my move. If I don't hear anything by end of day, I am going with someone else, I have no other choice, cannot keep waiting thinking that you may show up. I will have to call my bank and dispute the deposit charges and will not be paying you'll anything further. If you'll do show up the day of 8/31, too bad, I will not be needing your services.
- S K.

I requested 4 and only two people showed up. I had 90 percent of the stuff wrapped and ready to do ... they moved extremely slow for me to have most of it ready ... they didn't use their truck or their supplies and I'm wondering why it was still so expensive ? They showed up on scene and straight out off start talking about a tip and if I'm going to be leaving any stuff for them to take they all ubered here which was odd and I had a lot of damaged furniture for the way they loaded it I highly doubt I'm going to get anywhere with getting compensated for it ... they also as soon as they got their said their credit card machine was broke and wanted cash lol ... nice guys but extremely unprofessional ... wouldn't hire this company again.
- Roger S.

They were, by far, the most competitively priced. And worth every penny! They were prompt, courteous, and very careful with my things. I would recommend them to anyone!
- Stephanie A.

This is a fake front company, selling your information to desperate companies, nothing but a boiler room.
- Maria C.

I came across this company on Yelp. I reached out needing movers for my last minute move, my schedule is challenging due to living/ working bicoastal. I received a call back from Victor while I was in Miami, he said they would be available on the day I needed for my move. I flew in town to Atlanta met Victor and his amazing team, they showed up and delivered 5 Star customer service. They wrapped items to avoid scratches and made sure to carefully move fragile items. My complete move was done in 3hrs...AMAZING. Thank you Victor for your hard work and commitment to providing 5 Star customer service. I will be referring you to all my friends and family. Thank you
- CalCam P

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