Burrows Moving & Storage Company

Burrows Moving & Storage Company

They are an independent professional moving and storage company located in the Rogers Park community on Chicago’s north side. They are totally committed to providing their customers with top quality furniture, antique, and piano relocation services, as well as assisting with packing, hoisting, and storage needs.

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Quality of service: 4.7

Punctuality: 4.5

Accuracy of Estimate: 4.9

Customers’ rating: 4.7

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We offer both local and long-distance moving services, but we primarily serve Chicago and the surrounding suburbs . In addition to the Chicagoland area, we have been serving Southern Wisconsin and Northwest Indiana for over 30 years. We also maintain a furniture storage facility which is licensed and inspected annually by the Illinois Department of Agriculture (the State regulating agency for household goods storage facilities). An important reason so many people consider Burrows Moving Company to be one of the best moving companies in Chicago is the attitude of our management. We consider residential moving and commercial moving to be just as much a skilled-labor trade as are the plumbing, electrical, and carpentry trades.

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When you need to transport goods from one part of Chicagoland to another, Burrows Moving & Storage Co. makes it easy. They also charge travel time, which is the total time for their movers to get from their office to your originated address, as well as the time from the destination address back to the office. They offer a first option of additional depreciated value coverage at a small charge, as dictated by Illinois State Law. They specialize in Exclusive Ship long-distance moving — a service that means your goods get their own truck; and that truck doesn’t have to make any extra stops for any other customers. Welcome to the Chicago packing company where you can not only find professional packing services, but also moving, storage, hoisting and other problem-solving support for your upcoming move. Based out of Chicago’s Rogers Park community, Burrows Moving & Storage Co. is your local resource for a full range of packing services catered to your needs. For customers throughout Chicagoland, Southern Wisconsin and Northwest Indiana, they provide the expertise that makes for a smooth, efficient move.

Certified Moving Company Illinois – Licenses & Certificates

Burrows Moving & Storage Company is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: 314277

(Interstate Commerce Commission Motor Carrier number)

US D.O.T: 289923

(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: 41763

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What is the average Illinois mover service cost?

Burrows Moving & Storage Company offers relocation services at an average Illinois moving costs. Be ready to pay 185$ for the first 2 hours of work each additional hour is 75$ extra fee for packing depending on the size. Call our consultant to get more detailed information immediately based on your request and moving needs. Fill out the Burrows Moving & Storage Company Quote and our consultant will contact you during the day.
Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services and distance from A to B point. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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Moving-me is a team of professionals who respect your time and money. Being cost-effective means proposing our clients the opportunity to compare different quotes from all our renowned moving partners. Our aim is to gather facts about reliable movers to guarantee a stress free, cost-effective and fast moving. We are here to help you make a choice of the best moving companies that supply solutions for moving relocation.

Burrows Moving & Storage Company Reviews

It took them 7hrs to move a 1-bedroom and a studio. They wrapped the furniture well and were professional but they were too slow. There were 3 guys but most of the time only one person was working. To top it off their truck broke down in front of the building and the crew decided to abandon the truck after 2 hrs. The truck blocked the driveway to the building so nobody could leave or enter. I called dispatch and was told numerous times that a tow truck was on its way. Over 4 hrs later the tow truck finally came. This move has been an absolute nightmare and now we're off to a horrible start with our neighbors.
- Gio Del Rivero

I had packing and moving done with burrows and I absolutely loved it! Movers were awesome and they handled my things with care. Packing was organized and each box was labeled. Finally I had a easy and pleasant moving experience thanks to Burrows Moving Company.
- Joseph Anthony

I highly recommend Burrows Moving. All of the staff were very courteous, helpful, and hardworking. A city move was completed as smoothly as possible.
- Colleen Tully

Fantastic movers. Second time I've used Burrows to move houses. Each time, the crew has been friendly, careful, efficient, and FAST. Top recommendation.
- Jason Lundy

Where do I begin I'm so happy I choose Burrows Moving worth every penny they packed and moved all my items with ease Will and his team were awesome they explained and handled my items with care.. Will definitely recommend Burrows Moving to everyone! Thanks!
- Steve Dobs

I used Burrows several years ago when I moved from Chicago to Florida. It was a simple move because most everything was going into storage at Public Storage in Chicago and all my stuff was packed in boxes and ready to go. I had specifically told the movers not to move some particular items because they were going with me. I even placed them in a certain spot in the corner of my dining room and they were marked. Sometime near the end of the move I noticed these boxes were gone. I mentioned it to the movers and they apologized and said they must've placed them in the truck already. I said they were marked not to be moved. While moving the items from the truck to the storage unit I never located the boxes. The boxes were gone. I had all my bronze figurines in those boxes at a value of over $12,000. I had porcelain figurines of over $10,000 in value. I had cut crystal stemware of over $4500. in value and cobalt blue glassware of over $1100. in value. $27600. in missing property! The movers claimed they knew nothing about the items. Burrows claimed they knew nothing about my missing (stolen) items and could do nothing about it! I would NOT recommend Burrows for a move. They lost my valuable collectibles in a move from LSD and Roscoe to Broadway and Addison, about 1 mile!!!
- Tom Laurie

I had a horrible experince with my move. They overcharge and move slowly when pricing is by the hour. After what I thought was a positive conversation with management. They admitted problems and offered a small refund. Emailed me they processed the refund, which never was done. Then emailed me again to tell me the credit card processor was down that they would process later and to date, 2 weeks later they never processes the small refund. What can I say, "don't do business with this moving company" they do not provide a level of customer service or honesty expected!
- Kristy Lisle

Will, Alonzo and Bernard worked their tails off to move me out of my home of 11 years, and deliver the goods to two separate addresses. They were even good-humored about that stupid sofa bed... Thanks guys.
- The Haven Web Series

Just had a family piano moved in, and we are very happy! Movers are professional and efficient. When I had a question about the cost on the ticket, which was slightly different than what I had written down, the team leader called the office and the price was adjusted to what I had. I appreciate that I didn't have to argue. This is our third move with Burrows.
- Cara Gutstein

I used Burrows to store and to move my belongings. No complaint. Will, Eddie and Diego--my movers--were terrific!
- Bruce Weissman

Would not recommend one bit. They moved my stuff but broke two things without fixing anything. They broke my toaster oven and even wrote down they broke my toaster oven. Then they broke my brand new 60 inch tv. I put the tv on after they moved me and it was cracked on the top. When I asked hem to help me cover the cost they offered 75 dollars then told the credit card company they offered 125. They will lie to not pay you for damages. This was a recommendation from my sister because it is her friends company but wow I would never use them. Very unprofessional and don’t care about your belongings one bit. Never use this company and if you do I suggest you watch them like hawks to make sure they don’t break anything. Terrible company! If they would at least offer to pay for my tv I would of given them a 5 because of how fast they moved my place but b cause of this incident it’s a 1 and I wish I could give them a 0. Awful company.
- Cary Brin

HORRIABLE service. A three hr job turned into 10 hours. Gus (the mover) cursed at me. Called me all kinds of names. Drove off with my belongings. Police had to be called. They wanted full payment in the middle of the job. How can you expect full payment when your not done and you charge hourly. And the office manager has no sense himself. Lets his employees talk to paying cash customers so rudely. How do you even schedule a 2 man job for a bedroom apt. These movers walk so slow just to get your money. HOPE EVERYONE SEES THIS REVIEW!!! We got the complaint # & will be taking them to small claims court!!!! Just plain stupidity.
- Maxine Alvarado

Excellent business.
- Beto c

Pricing was super reasonable movers were quick friendly and on time..would definitely recommend.
- ali waller

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!! I am absolutely dumbfounded at the completely negligent and unprofessional behavior of this company. Six years ago I hired Burrows to move a baby grand piano into my daughter's apartment.They did a fantastic job for us so I called and hired them again to move it out. I got a call two days before the move from a different person and he said I was given the wrong quote. The original quote was $580. The new person said it would be $800. I didn't get angry. All I said is that I was disappointed to get this information less than 2 days before the move because it's significantly more money than what I was expecting. He got angry with me, wouldn't let me even ask anymore questions, accused me of being an angry customer and said I should get someone else to do the move. I said that wasn't an option for us. My daughter moves out to NY City tomorrow and the piano has to be out of the apartment. He finally said he would have the original gal call me back. Got a call from the gal who gave me the original quote and I asked if they would at least split the difference with me since it was their mistake. Today they never showed up to do the move. An hour after they were supposed to be there I got a text from the gal who quoted me saying her crew chief called in sick and she needed to figure something else out for us. I called dispatch and they said we were taken off the schedule. 5 hours later, I still haven't received any communication from the company. So, I called the guy who told me I was given the wrong quote. As soon as he figured out it was me, he hung up on me! What kind of a company allows this kind of behavior? Really? I would love to know just what I did to offend them to the point they are willing to be so completely rude and unprofessional. Please spread the word and tell everyone you know not to use this company. This is so very sad.
- Jody Nibbe

I have moved 5 times in the past 15 years and this is by far the best moving service I have used! When I found out last minute I needed to put my stuff in storage, they gladly did it. I had to change my move date three times and they easily accommodated my changes. Then I was able to get the same team out to deliver my stuff from storage. Everyone was extremely professional. They made sure my floors were covered and there was no damage to walls or furniture. I highly recommend Burrows Moving & Storage.
- Jessica Ruttenberg

Good price for our huge move.They were on time and moved everything quickly and correctly.
- travel one

Great staff efficient and good pricing.
- Nick Klingaman

We had a modest sized move (a little more than a one bedroom), but we were on a third floor walk-up. It was 95 degrees. Will, Alonzo and Brad did a superb job, and completed the job very fast. They were all business, though fun to work with at the same time. A fair price on top of that. I would certainly use Burrows again.
- Bob M

This was my first time using a moving company and I could not have been more pleased. The group showed up and completed my move in under the estimated time. I downsized to a smaller place and whatever couldn’t fit they took into their storage for me. First 30 days free. Great deal! Thanks guys and everyone at burrows. I’ll highly recommend
- Vasiliki Damianides

l’m a very happy and satisfied customer movers were on time very professional very efficient movers Maurice and Juan were great got a huge wooden heavy one piece table into a very narrow door opening with no problems whatsoever along with my other belongings i will use burrowsmoving again when I move next time I highly recommend burrowsmoving if you’re looking to move !
- Tony Petro

The mover was great my daughter was happy. They were on time and quick and friendly. They also accomedated my short notice.
- Mike Sanders

Had a move with Burrows over the holiday weekend. It was super hot and they did a phenomenal job with my HUGE move. I was a 3rd floor walk up on both my move out unit and move in. Will Alonzo Ken and Edward did such a great job and I am so pleased that I hired burrows. I had never used a moving company before. This was my first time and I was very pleased. Will use them in the future and would HIGHLY RECOMMEND
- Its Alexa 1234

Great service from a great company fair pricing and professional movers.
- Pedro Martinez

I have used Burrows moving company 6 times over the past 26 years. This last time was the biggest move--from Chicago to Savannah, GA--from a 7-bedroom home to a 3 floor townhouse with lots of stairs. We had an antique Steinway grand piano for them to move as well. We had 6 of Burrows best guys (Maurice, Juan, Ken, Bernard, Jason and Jesse) and they wrapped, padded and shrink wrapped all the furniture and lifted that grand piano out of one house and up 15 brick stairs to the other. They were just terrific. Very good work ethic. The only thing that broke was something I myself wrapped and packed! I highly recommend Burrows, especially if you have heirloom antiques and/or pianos. They treated our things as if they were their own possessions. (See the video on You Tube of them lifting the piano up the stairs--total synchronicity!)
- Lynn Weddle

Everyone is experienced and by far one of the more inexpensive movers in the city of Chicago. They moved our family of 3 within 3 hrs from one 2-bedroom apartment to another. Very efficient!
- Tracy Hoskins

Ack like that to good to help people.
- Christopher Harvey tyler

AVOID THIS PLACE AT ALL COSTS. This company has irresponsible management and has terrible communication with its clients and employees. I posted a longer review on their Yelp page.
- Chelsea Cabalan

CHECK BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU WEBSITE. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!! First, the movers arrived over an hr late. Called me and said we're running late b/c we overslept, we'll be over after we eat. That was one thing. Then once they moved me in, I noticed one of my glass lamp shades was missing. I asked them where it was. The mover went downstairs, brought nothing back and just told me it broke. However, he said don't worry it will be replaced just call Monday. Didn't seem worried about it. Then when me and my family started opening boxes we noticed that all the boxes I clearly marked as fragile had big dents in them. Thankfully nothing was broken, but I've never seen that before in any of my moves. After I finished, I noticed 2 patio chairs and a small table were missing. I know they moved that furniture b/c that was the very last thing I told them to move. So, I call and get told someone will call me back....nothing. Then call again. They were initially apologetic for the most part and said they will take care of it. However, what struck me as odd was the disbelief that the woman conveyed about the loss of my furniture. Also, she was like O I remember you because we don't have many claims...which is questionable given some of the reviews I have read. So wait again...no response. I call, again no resolution. The lady tells me the mover left my furniture in the kitchen, which is ridiculous. I live in a small apartment, I would have noticed my furniture by now. More time passes. The best they offer me is 60 cents/ Ib of the broken item, which they didn't return. So, basically they want to give me $2.... and again they say well I just don't know how your furniture went missing... like it was my fault! No acknowledgement for the poor service they provided. I then told them their movers said the item would be replaced. They responded they don't have the authority to do that and will take it out of their pay....and I'm still waiting for a letter/ check etc....I have moved quite a bit over the years for school/work and this has been the worst experience I have had.
- Emiko JH

I called and emailed twice but they never responded with a quote.
- L. Crayton

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