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We handle special products, server moves, pallets, and less-than-truckload shipments for local, interstate, and international jobs of any size. Whether you need a trade show or designer showroom delivery and installation—or fulfillment, tracking, packing and distribution of anything from library books, hospital equipment, fine artwork, or military gear to Girl Scout cookies, we welcome the opportunity to apply our expertise, and often creativity, to meeting your needs.

Moving-Me about Buehler Companies

The company is equipped for any type of move. Whether it’s a one-person condo to a corporate headquarters, they have the expertise to execute your move with meticulous care and attention to detail. If you are moving across the country, around the world, or down the block, they’ve got the right team of experts to get you there flawlessly.

Buehler Companies Licenses & Certificates

Buehler Companies is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. The company is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: 519829

US D.O.T: 1353870

(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: not provided

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What is Buehler Companies cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $3500. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services, and distance from A to B point. Also, many companies offer hourly rates. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance, or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free, and cost-effective. Buehler Companies is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

Buehler Companies Reviews

Thieves Military move. Wife had grandmothers jewelry stolen and purses. They won’t honor a claim because it wasn’t identified as high value item. 2 of 3 packers there seemed trustworthy. Movers we’re all legit hard-working. Now we can file a police report that won’t go anywhere because they can claim it was lost.
- Jimf

Alex & Stephanie were superb! I ordered a queen size mattress set from QVC, and it was delivered today. I was unable to ever actually answer the phone when Buehler's delivery service phoned me, but they left very detailed, professional messages. I also filled out the website from the information left on my voicemail. The office procedures were superb. I was also very comfortable and happy with Stephanie and Alex. They were the friendly, comfortable type of folks I like to deal with. They were professional and even fun. I would highly recommend these services to my friends and family. Thank you!
- Celeste

When I moved to Colorado from California last year, I used Mayflower. And I am so glad I used Beuhler Mayflower to handle my move across town this year. From start to finish they did an excellent job. The estimate was spot on correct. And the guys who did the moving handled every box like it had fine china in it! They were so careful with everything. I highly recommend Beuhler Companies. They are professional, courteous and thoughtful in laying out mats, runners, etc. so as not to mess up the floors.
- Vharris

After making 19 moves over the past 44 years, I can attest that Buehler Mayflower ranks as one of the best movers in the business. My experience started with the highly professional and personable service form Mike Edwards, the sales executive. After a misunderstanding in how I wanted to store and ship my goods, Gary Michel took swift action to make the necessary changes to accomodate my desires. He also hand-selected his top team to complete the packing and loading of my household goods. We had a lot of antique furniture and other high-value items that required special packing. Earl (Hemons?) and his crew did an exceptional job of going beyond my expectations to ensure that my valuable goods received the very best protection that the industry could provide. To attest to the quality of work they did, the Mayflower agent at delivery said that this was the best packed shipment that he had seen in his career. As move coordinator, Lori Purvis did an outstanding job of responding to my unique request as well as helping to solve billing-related and other issues. She was always very curteous and timely in making sure that I was satisfied. Above all, the entire team at Buehler Transfer and Storage in Fort Worth made me feel like a valued customer. Likewise, the crew from A&E Relocation Services (Mayflower Agent) in Washington did an outstanding job of unloading my goods. They were very proficient and haddle my goods with tender loving care. They also went out of their way to protect my newly remodeled home. I want to thank the entire team for a job exteremely well done!
- William Moseley

The delivery went very well. There were many things that were broken but that was from the packing crew (different company). Buehler moving company was excellent! They helped me get the information I needed in order to file a claim with the packing company and they were very efficient. They unpacked what I asked them to and they helped me rearrange the furniture in the living room before they left. This was the first move i've done with a moving company and if I have to move again I will request the service of Buehler with Nate (I can't remember his last name) leading the way.
- Heather

Our company used Buehler for a recent office to office move. We were on the receiving end of the move on a Saturday and Shane Murry, Supervisor, and his crew were fantastic. They were easy to work with and for having to work their Memorial Weekend Saturday were positive and had great attitudes. They were well organized and set up all the office furniture as we requested. We did a walk through to make sure we were satisfied before they left. Thanks Shane and crew!
- Ivonne

This is the worst company you could ever imagine dealing with. I feel sorry for the owner of this company as he is probably unaware of "Joy' working in his Denver location. This woman lies repeatedly and then tries to cover with more lies. She is horribly rude and when asked to speak to the highest authority in the company, she stated it was her. I know this is not true because know person holding value in their won company would speak like this and would be trained to handle a phone call the right way. How she got the name, baffles me. She repeatedly spoke over me and would not allow me discuss my concerns. She and therefore the company take advantage of people thinking that we are uneducated and don't understands simple ethics in life. We paid for 2 jobs on moving day and were charged for 2 trucks, fuel service for both trucks, and a driver and mover to go along with each. We paid close to $4000 only to have one truck and one team arrive for both jobs. It took them all day and thankfully they were good people that worked hard to make up for the company. Joy stated it was like "calling a plumber" and they can arrive on multiple jobs and charge separately for each. This explanation is the silliest thing I have ever heard. I have owned multiple businesses in my time and this is horrible business ethics. The same crew was to do 2 jobs while bringing the same truck, fuel, and get paid double for their "man hours", all on the same job and clock. What??!!! Later that evening we noticed a missing piece of furniture. We called and it ended up being under some towels tossed to the side in the back of the truck. It was damaged in the process and brought back the next day by another truck. Guess what, billed close to another $1000 for that trip. Now our insurance claim (we took out the appropriate insurance for the job) won't be filed until we pay again. Greed is a sad part of our world and I ask that any of you business owners out there to please pay close attention to your employees. These are people that can help ruin a company that possibly a good person has set out for good. Please don't hold on to people that aren't trained well and are extremely poor with customer service. Reed
- Reed

A logistically demanding move from a secure location requiring special handling skills. This was a repeat operation, the last one was about four years ago. The execution was flawless (on time, within the budget, property management happy with protocols followed). I would highly recommend these folks for any moves of sensitive equipment or working in a sensitive environment.
- Robert H Newmark

United, part of Bhueler in Denver, move was an excellent experience in every phase. I had read reviews of SEVERAL DIFFERENT MOVERS and listed the areas that were subject to problems. Some reviewers didn't like the procedure of the loading of all their stuff then having to sign off that there was damage or whatever. Some had a problem with some of their boxes not delivered and by the time they realized it a few days later had already signed off that all had been received. To address a few of these potential problems, (I believe in clear and precise communication. It helps avoid problems.) I talked to my sales rep, Phil Swain, with my requirements: A person with authority was to go over each of my furniture with me and note any dents, scratches, chips or any other imperfections (this took a little time but was worth it), all furniture was to be totally wrapped to avoid problems during transport, I provided 5X7 labels that I had printed with the destination name, address and phone number that was to be attached to each box etc that was loaded. My sales rep, Phil Swain, was excellent. He was professional and very patient with my questions and concerns. Vickie and her packing and loading crew are the best. So easy to work with and patient with me and careful in the packing and loading. The unload crew and driver, Vickie, Sonny, Jaqees and his brother, Justin, were so careful with the unloading and setting up. I received everything and in great condition. I, without reservation, definitely recommend this mover.
- Colleen

We didn't choose Buehler. They were the local unloaders contracted by Mayflower for the destination of our long-distance move. It was the worst experience I've ever had. The team was not prepared, by which I mean they had ONE dolly in poor shape and ZERO lifting straps, etc. And they were NOT professional movers. They didn't know how to carry stuff and one person was actually elderly! They showed up to the location almost an hour early and were rude to us about not having access inside! Only one person in our family speaks Spanish and only one of their team members spoke English, which isn't a problem in and of itself, but it makes it useless to label boxes and impossible to ensure things get put in the right rooms or get sticker numbers checked off as things come inside. They damaged walls and damaged plenty of boxes. The worst part of the whole experience was the EXTREME damage done to my favorite, most valuable piece of furniture (sentimentally valuable too), and then they argued with me about the damage already being there! I had to call our moving coordinator on the spot and take videos and photos to show how they damaged it (there was even sawdust and wood pieces which obviously wouldn't be present if the gouges were old) and it took a very long time to resolve the issue and get compensation for the damage. I hated every single second of that experience. I'm just lucky the Mayflower office from the origination point of our move (St. Louis, MO) were decent people.
- Whitney R

It is hard to fully express how disappointed I am with Student Movers/Buehler. The primary issue is that their quotes are a smoke screen used to gain your business. Based on my two experiences you should expect significant overcharges after the fact (like 3x what was quoted). Bear in mind that this overcharge will occur even if you use exactly the services quoted. It is hard to predict how long a move will take - that is not the issue. If the job takes longer it will probably be because the movers are incompetent, they lack the right tools or they are incapable of listening. For example, I provided my driver with explicit instructions for how to get from point A to B. My driver responded that he knew the city well and proceeded to drive around for 3x the expected time. I only know this because I happened to follow the truck. In addition my driver didn't not have a tool box and the truck arrived so disheveled that I literally had to help clean it so as to make room for my stuff. Oh and when they want to charge you more than quoted they just run your credit card without telling you. This was done even though their paperwork explicitly says they will not do that. Perhaps they think that they can sneak the extra charges past without the customer knowing? This is a dishonest business. Do not be fooled into trying to save some money. You will pay for it one way or another when they blindside you with their bill.
- Mimi C.

BEWARE!!! of this moving company ( BUEHLER MOVING COMPANIES/ MAYFLOWER). Recently we hired them to move our household. It was a real nightmare. They damaged every piece of furniture, dented refrigerator door, damaged several walls, front door and door frame in our new house, broke several pieces of china and glassware. This company probably hired them off the street with no training, supervision or direction. These movers had no clue what they were doing. No care or regard was shown to our belongings or the new house we were moving into. Company hardly compensated for the damage. We have moved several time in our lifetime but this was the worst moving experience. The staff that scheduled the move lied to us and were very rude to deal with.
- Syed R.

Thanks to Stuart and his team for great service.........every time. Always there for a last minute request and they find a way to do it right.......the first time. Large warehouse for anyone who needs storage and huge fleet of Mayflower trucks. Good people at Buehler.
- Jerry N.

I requested 3 movers for 2 hours. Ray was great communicating back and forth, and I was happy with his initial quote: "Thanks for your request. I can offer 2 movers @ $ 99.00 per hr. or 3 at $ 132.00. we do charge fuel and supplies flat rate $ 55.00. We do include moving equipment as needed. Payment is check or credit card." Simple and easy to understand. When I called him to pay for everything (first time talking on the phone), I apologized for the delay in getting back to him and all seemed well. He was ready to go. He started getting into cost, and let me know that since they do travel in a truck, I will be charged for the drive time and the truck. I thought he was referring to the flat rate of $55, so while trying to get more information because it sounded different than his initial quote (JUST CLARIFICATION), he cut me off and said, "You're trying to tell me how to run my business, and I don't want to work with you." Ray - First. I was going off your initial email and you didn't have the patience with me to review overall cost. Second. We have a 17ft truck. If 3 men can't get it done in two hours, that's pretty crazy. I was willing to pay for 2 hours, and whatever was left, we'd take care of it. I'm not sure why that was such a crazy request. I went to another company and had a great experience. I'm just thankful that he showed his true colors and gave me a glimpse into his operating practices before actually paying them anything.
- Jennifer K.

I've used Buehler for four moves now, as well as storage, and they've always done great work. Their teams are always extremely respectful and easy to work with. Two moves were across state lines and their coordinator took great care to make sure we were always up to date with the latest details and information on meeting the delivery at the other end. They also follow up once the move is completed to see how it went and to make sure there weren't any problems.
- J R.

It was like the nightmare that wouldn't end. Items missing, home damaged. Don't let this happen to you!
- Ann C.

Buehler was the best company we have ever moved with and we have moved quite a few times, Florida, California, and twice to Washington state. The people are the best, they are caring and professional. We would recommend them to everyone and anyone without a doubt. The delivery of our move was done by 2 of the best guys ever. Flawless in every way. We would highly recommend Behler Moving and storage company to everyone and anyone without hesitation.
- Rosa R.

Cannot say enough good things about our experience this month with the entire Buehler Team. This is the 3rd time we have moved with this company in 18 years. Everyone from the initial team who came out to judge the scope of the move to our main contact Ellen and then Garth and the move team were tremendous to work with. We even used a SAM container to hold some of our items during the sale of our house. The owner Stuart Smith even called during our move to ensure everything was progressing. Thank you Buehler - you made it so easy and manageable. You deserve 10 Stars. If we could give more than 5 stars to Buehler Moving (aka Mayflower) we would. This company has moved us twice and both times everything went very smoothly. Their crews are polite and professional. On both occasions we ended up treating the moving teams to dinner (Pizza of course) and had so much fun with them. We would never consider using another moving company. We have recommended them to other friends and family who have been very happy as well. Keep up the great work Buehler Team and associated companies.
- Keith T.

Don't waste your time with this company. I made an appointment for an estimate, rearranged my schedule and they don't show up. Jeff had some lame excuse about me not triple checking the appt even though I initiated the service. Go elsewhere. Jeff's not a person you want to deal with.
- John D.

We've moved ALOT (several times cross country) and Buehler was THE BEST moving experience we've ever had. They sent 3 guys who moved fast and were efficient. They wrapped all of our furniture so well. 1,600 miles, and NO damages. The driver, Maurice was great. He called us every couple days to update us on a delivery date. Excellent company with great employees.
- Beth C.

Do not use. Boxes showed up opened and some even repacked. Poor communication and service. Had me sign everything was delivered then put my furniture together and broke a table and struggled with my adjustable bed. Pickup and delivery guys were great, however could have had better attention to what room boxes were labeled or asked to deliver. Find another company- not worth fighting over if you had anything broken.
- Julie R.

This company completely botched EVERY phase of our move, from planning, to communication, to packing and loading, to delivery, to storage and billing. They failed to actually schedule a driver on the day of loading. They allowed a local company to try and load our belongings in dirty trucks. They broke numerous items. They lost some of our belongings for many days. They overcharged us and weren't going to reimburse us until forced to. The owner and GM have both refused to communicate with us, even to simply acknowledge what happened or apologize. They single handedly changed an exciting time in our lives into a nightmare and they don't care. NEVER use this company. If your company makes you use them, pay more to use someone else.
- Mike N.

I didn't choose this company, I bought furniture and this is the local 'last mile' company chosen by the shipper for white glove delivery. My goods arrived on the 18th, I called and spoke with Heather. She said all 22 of my boxes arrived with no name and they didn't know who hey belonged to. Good thing I called!! We agreed on Wednesday the following week for delivery. I emailed Heather on Tuesday as a reminder and to get confirmation of the time my items should be delivered. Wednesday came and I called first thing in the morning and left a message. I didn't hear back so I called again and the receptionist told me to speak with Vicki since she's worked there for 20 years and always returns calls same day. No one called back. Now it's Thursday - I have emailed and called both Heather and Vicki and still no response. I can't say that I trust this company or that they are operating with integrity. Whatever the issue is on their end, they need to own it and give me an update. I highly recommend you choose another company for any service this company provides. Returning calls and emails is basic customer service that I cannot get from this company who is now holding my items hostage. Be warned.
- Tiara Q.

Used this company 3 years ago, came to my house gave me a written estimate on moving my family across town. I hired another company to move all the boxed before they arrived on moving day. The only things they moved was the furniture, it took them longer that they estimated and three years later sent me a bill I refused to pay. They in turn sued me for the amount they had over charged They are as crooked as they come... DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY, I have since moved again and used the best company I have used in the many times I have moved. You may contact me and give you the info on a legitimate company.. DON't WASTE YOUR TIME ON THIS CROOKED COMPANY.. Very aware it took them longer to move, when it takes 2 hours to drive to the new location when in reality it's s 20 min drive and they only moved furniture not the 300 boxes you estimated there was not GOOD FAITH, it was your typical lowlife move that crooked moving companies like this one do on the daily and continue to do. Like I stated before if you need a reliable trustworthy, honest moving company DO NOT USE THIS ONE.. I have a company that I used, after being screwed by BUEHLER, that were amazing and true professionals that I have recommend, and have had great success please continue to contact me for their contact information they are legit unlike BURLHER.....
- Jay L.

We were loaded on June 26th. Rhonda was our contact. She knows the horrible service we were given. This company is the worst we have had in the past 20 years. The packers won't pack! They leave items in the drawers and mislabel boxes. They throw items in boxes without adequate protection. A real mess.
- Connie T.

This company is awesome. They take care of the employees like no other. I've been in the moving industry going on 20 years and hands down the best. I would recommend them to any one looking for a move. Local, long distances or even a place to store your house hold goods, cars, motorcycles or anything else. They have a HUGE climate controlled warehouse that is heavily secured and guarded. Don't let any of these other reviews scare you away.
- Andrew O.

Buehler Moving Company was excellent. They were very customer friendly, prompt, honest, and trustworthy. The estimate was very close to final invoice with no surprises. There was no breakage in a move of a 3400 sf house over 1000 miles. If I need a move in the future I would go back to Buehler.
- David F.

I found Buehler Moving deceitful and lacking in integrity. Communication was awful, they damaged many items and refused to reimburse for the damage. When they did communicate they were either incompetent or outright lied. I would never use them again and would advise anyone to look for alternate moving or storage companies.
- dan k.

I've had a horrible experience working with Buehler. The service was dishonest, rushed, incomplete and challenging to communicate with. I had to spend roughly 15-20 additional hours and several thousand dollars fixing the issues Buehler's staff created or left unfinished. We also had numerous computers, accessories and personal items go missing. The rep I've worked with is now trying to rush payment without taking ownership of the disappointing service. This seems to be a sketchy after-effect that speaks to the lack of integrity I've experienced.
- Emily K.

My family recently hired Buehler out of Aurora, CO to move a household from Colorado to Maryland. From start to finish, their staff and service could not have been better. James Stevens came to the house for an estimate. He answered all our questions and his estimate was very close to what the actual weight of the shipment turned out to be. Mayflower's policy is that the customer never pays more than the estimate and, if the weight turns out to be less, gets a refund. Rhonda and Ellen were the move coordinators and were easy to get on the phone and ensured we were kept informed of all the information we needed. A 3-person team spent one day packing the boxes -- they certainly did a great job as nothing was broken during the move. Andre and Andrew Orlando (a father and son) packed the truck, drove it across county, and unloaded the truck in Maryland. They were efficient, took apart and then put together tables and other items, arrived on the estimated date, and again took such good care of our items that there was literally no damage in transit. They basically did everything right. In addition to this great service, everyone involved was able to pull off this move with only a few days notice. We also thought the price was a good value. The cost was clear and there were no attempt to "up sell" or add on extra charge.
- C H.

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