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About Blue Chip Moving & Storage

Welcome to Blue Chip Moving and Storage, a Mayflower Transit moving company located in the South Bay of Los Angeles, CA. Our commitment to superior service and a proud A+ rating with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) has helped us become one of the best Los Angeles movers. We are family owned, fully licensed and insured. We have earned our reputation as a full-service moving company that combines quality performance with affordable rates to meet your moving needs. Our quality packing and crating services can be designed to assist you, regardless of the size or scope of the move. We also have a vast array of storage solutions, including Portable Storage Containers that can be delivered to your location and Self Storage units at our facility. As an authorized interstate agent for Mayflower Transit, we are one of the top long distance moving companies that can service any state-to-state relocation, regardless of origin or destination.

Moving-Me about Blue Chip Moving & Storage

This moving company is a family-owned and operated relocation company in Los Angeles, California. For over 50 years, they have been performing exceptional relocation and storage services all over the metropolitan area to families and businesses alike. What makes them special is that their trained South Bay movers go to great lengths, moving you anywhere with the utmost care and precision. With superb customer reviews and an impeccable track record, they make relocations simple, convenient, and reliable.

Blue Chip Moving & Storage Licenses & Certificates

This moving company is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. The company is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: not provided

US D.O.T: 125563

(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: T-126284

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What is Blue Chip Moving & Storage cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $2400. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services, and distance from A to B point. Also, many companies offer hourly rates. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance, or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free, and cost-effective. Blue Chip Moving & Storage is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

Blue Chip Moving & Storage Reviews

I've only moved twice in my life, but I've heard enough horror stories about moving companies and long distance moves to have concerns. However the crew at Blue Chip moving and storage treated me like family and took quality care with my possessions, as if they were their own. My fiance and I beat the movers to our home but that's because we were determined to ensure we could get into our new home. The driver and movers arrived within the agreed time and were quick at unpacking the truck. All our boxed and wrapped items were in the same condition as when we left. It was a flawless move from beginning to end. Can't thank Keri and the crew enough. I wouldn't hesitate to use Blue Chip again, and I highly recommend them to my friends back in Santa Monica.
- Tyler Sharpe

I have moved many times, both household and commercial moves, and I will say at the start of this review that BLUE CHIP are the best I have ever encountered. I moved from LA to Northern California in January, 2018 and then returned in February, 2019. Both moves were flawless and took all worry and pressure off me as Charles and his crew took care of everything...and I do mean everything. I still had a few things hanging on the walls that had to be carefully packed and I thought I would do it myself while they loaded boxes, but Charles, Robert and Roy literally took care of everything. I found myself sitting in a chair, drinking tea while I watched them systematically and carefully wrap, package and move everything onto their truck. They even created a special box for my indoor house plants so they could be transported in the truck. A marble top for a sideboard was carefully wrapped and placed in a crate specially built for it. An old pottery towel hanger was removed from the bathroom wall and packed with care. All the hardware, brackets, hooks etc were placed in the "Part Box" and were easy to find once I started to unpack in my new location. Equal care was given to unpacking at the destination location as well. They unwrapped everything I wanted unwrapped and helped me get all the furniture placed before they left. Charles and his crew are a joy to work with and I would recommend them and BLUE CHIP highly to anyone who needs professional, competent and careful movers. Five stars are not enough as far as I am concerned!
- Martha Bernie

This review specifically applies to Chris Hawk, Mike, and Jason. These guys were AMAZING to work with. Showed up on time, worked efficiently, took great care of our furniture, and were able to meet our new building's requirements for having protective coverings for ramps, floors, and elevators. In fact, they were so careful moving us out of our old building that the building manager asked for their contact info so he could recommend them to all new residents! He said "no mover had taken such great care of the building." A+ guys, thanks again!
- C S.

Exceptional service, on time and all items arrived in good shape.
- Soffia W.

super unprofessional and rude. not trustworthy. save your money and your belongings!
- Mister M.

I had to give a star just to review, but they don't deserve that either. Very rude and unprofessional all in one. We were given this company as a military move and they do not know what they are doing. We were told they would be here today between 9:00am-12:00pm. We called 15 min before and spoke to Tina and she said oh yes we moved your time to 1:00pm-3:00pm. No phone or anything. So here comes 2:55pm and still no one. No phone call stating we are running late or anything. So I decide to call back and I spoke to Perry Hernandez which he had an attitude and was very rude. He said he would call and see where they are at. He calls me back and tells me they will be here in 1 1/2 hours. That did not happen. He told me that it is a busy time of the year, and I told him that's not an excuse for not calling. I have moved this time a lot and never dealt with anything like this ever. Still no phone call or anything. So around 6:45 we finally get a call saying they are here. So I spent my whole day waiting for people that should of came in the morning. The company lied to us and told us they would be here in the morning but on the paper is States the afternoon. It's not good to do business and lie to your customers. If we didn't call to find out information we wouldn't of known anything. I would save your money and time and use a different company.
- Antoinette J.

I don't usually Yelp or review, but I have moved cross country multiple times and this was by far the worst experience I have ever had, from forgetting to schedule my actual move, thus no one showed up on my move day (after packing me the day before) to overcharging me, ultimately losing two boxes, and passing me off like a or potato between people and National so as to avoid helping me whenever I called, it has been pretty horrific. Dane sells you a bag of goods and then naturally disappears when you need help. The only one who really tried to help was Keri (move coordinator) but to no success thus far…
- Justin M.

My experience with Blue Chip was stellar. Starting with Brad, the estimator, who gave me his cell # and was incredibly responsive. We had two separate moves--the first, a local move, was handled by Yale and his crew, great gentlemen who were fast, professional and treated our possessions with great care; not a single item misplaced or damaged. The next day's second move was to storage; again, an outstanding crew led by James. They were fast, efficient and professional. Everything wrapped carefully and each vault filled carefully and completely. On top of this, our move coordinator, Keri, communicated frequently to let me know schedules and checked each move day on how things were progressing. We got a call each morning from the crew boss letting me know they were on the way and their eta. Based on this experience, I expect our year's storage to be fine and the moves back into our remodeled home to go as smoothly as the moves outbound. Highly recommend Blue Chip.
- Miriam V.

We hired these movers through May Flower to move our apartment. We had a glass table that arrived shattered. They refused to take responsibility and refused to return our phone calls.
- David T.

Negligent!- Blue Chip used wrong kind of stickers on the faces of our antique furniture 25 pieces. The damage was extensive and it took almost 2 years to settle the dispute, not before bringing it to small claims court. In an effort to resolve without legal, I reached out to owner, Dennis Dooty, many times to no avail. Companies make mistakes, accidents happen but what this company did and how they handled it was awful. They just didn't care. Will post pictures soon.
- Adam W.

I would only use this company if you don't care about your stuff. First, they did not have enough blankets to protect the wood floors in our new home and scratched them. It cost several thousands of dollars to fix. Second, they were so hard to get a hold of to file a claim. It took over 4 months and the issue is still not resolved. Third, they finished the move early than the estimated time since we did a lot the moving ourselves. (It was a local move.) Rather than charge us less as we were promised in the estimate, the guys lied about how long it took so they could make more $. Fourth, they damaged my son's furniture and failed to tell me. DO NOT HIRE THEM!
- Masumi P.

HORRIBLE!! HORRIBLE!! HORRIBLE!! Beware!!!! They will literally hold your things hostage, not show up for scheduled delivery dates and then try to scam more money out you. Completely unethical business practices! I had to sue them (yes, I won!!) to put a stop to their bad behavior!! Do yourself a favor and put your money and belongings elsewhere!
- T.E.

It has been a year since we used this company and now that the moving claim has been paid out and finalized, I'm compelled to finally post a review on this company that represents Mayflower. I'm giving them one star since that's the lowest I can do and because when we initially selected them to move our household goods to the Midwest, they were were pretty efficient. It was after the packing, loading and storing where this company failed us. Communication and responsibility for loss and damage were absolutely terrible. The estimator was a nice guy but his estimations of weight were way off...and you PAY for his estimations. The moving coordinator screwed up on the dates resulting in our stuff arriving 12 DAYS late and when we contacted Mayflower's customer service, we were told our stuff arrived on the "agreed date". When the e-docs were reviewed, they saw we never signed anything agreeing to the "new" late date. THAT should be a reflection on how conniving and deceitful this company is. When our stuff finally arrived, furniture was damaged (scratches, gouges, and nicks) based on how everything was shoved into the truck. We were told to take photos, make no repairs, and submit the claim within a specific timeframe. It was discovered that some of the boxes had more than one moving sticker and then it was discovered that a CD cabinet was missing from the delivery. This CD cabinet held many cherished music CDs alphabetized from P-Z as well as classic Disney VHS tapes...stuff that is verrrry hard to replace. We were heartbroken at the loss. The loss and damage claim was only took about 6 months of emails and phone calls. The loss of the CD cabinet was denied because it couldn't be "proven". Well, I'm sure SOMEone is enjoying the treasures held in this CD cabinet. Here are some pointers if you opt to use this moving company: - make sure you get the dates correct for delivery - keep ALL your paperwork in one place - make sure the descriptions of all your household goods MATCH what is actually being itemized and loaded - pack your own stuff that you deem valuable and don't want to lose OR BETTER YET...DO NOT USE THIS MOVING COMPANY! *** This update is in response to Blue Chip trying to discredit my review. My name will not be on record as the move was under my partner's name and I made the decision to provide a thorough review of this moving company. I still stand by my review! ***
- Dep K.

Do not ever use this company! They didn't show up when they were scheduled to show up to deliver our things (although they did show up on time to load the truck and had 4 good guys to load). They finally arrived 4 days after they were scheduled to arrive. Meanwhile we didn't have enough clothing, medications, etc. and had to go out of our way to acquire those things to last us until they delivered our belongings. We had to stay in a hotel for that time and have the extra expense of food for 4 days for a family of 4. Once they delivered our items, we discovered that we're missing multiple things. Terrible communication and accountability! I would give zero stars if I could. Moving is stressful enough without a company who is as careless as these guys. Do NOT use this company!
- Sheila P.

Chris and Gary were above and beyond. Our furniture arrived in perfect condition and they were very helpful and friendly and were perfect in unpacking and reassembling our furniture and also helped us in rearranging our furniture. Do your self a favor if you are moving and , Blue chip moving is the company you need to choose to have a peace of mind. Our furniture arrived with in 48 hours from LA to Bay Area. The estimate the company gave is very accurate.
- Sawsan A.

I have moved several times personally. I find that Blue Chip is responsive to my needs, offers fair pricing, and always exceeds my expectations. Dave there is a world class sales guy who knows his stuff and doesn't rest until the customer is satisfied. I can't say enough good things about these folks.
- Jerry N.

Blue Chip is the best there is in LA market for moving.......period. I have found them to be responsive, competitive and service orientated. Very timely communications and outstanding crews and teams. Dave K over there makes it happen.............every time!!!!
- Jerry N.

If I could give them negative 1 trillion stars I would. I moved from LA to NY and my experience with them has been hands down the worst possible thing imaginable. First, they show up 2 days late to my ASSIGNED moving day from LA. I had to call 12 times on my moving day and eventually someone finally answered and said they 'accidentally double booked' and they had to push the date. No communication and Im pretty sure if i wasn't calling over and over i probably would have heard nothing from them. I had to pay a fee to change my plane ticket to accommodate their incompetence but I figured, ok fine it happens. Then my stuff arrives to the warehouse TWO MONTHS LATER even though they promise a "20 business day" guarantee. It was so late that i had to lose out on a $500 deposit for an apartment I had because my stuff was no where to be found and i didn't want to pay a months rent for an empty apartment. THEN when i finally try to get my stuff delivered to my new address no one responds for another ALMOST TWO MONTHS. I call, email, call customer support. nothing. Turns out the coordinator up and left and NO ONE BOTHERED TO MENTION THIS FUN FACT TO ME. Do they not keep records? Do they not know how to follow up with a client list after an employee leaves? I wouldn't be surprised if they use a stack of post its for inventory at this point or maybe write it all out on a rock that they toss into the ocean at the end of each business day. Oh but wait, it gets better. They had the God given nerve to try and charge me $2700 for storage for the 2 months even though it was THEIR fault my stuff was still stuck there and missing. The move itself cost $2600, it was only a one bedroom with just the essentials. So why on Earth would i spend double the price on that. Naturally at this point I threaten to get lawyers involved because this is next level lunacy. They deliver my stuff 3 weeks later. So if we're all keeping track here this is FIVE MONTHS LATER TOTAL. My move was end of June my stuff did not get here until second week of November. Did you think it was over? Not with this train wreck of a company. My stuff is missing a box, my bike is torn apart, my TV cables are all missing. The mover at this point is rushing me to sign off on the papers and claims the boxes are all there. Im just so fed up with this company i wanted them out of my house and would sign a deal with the devil himself as long as I never had to see them again. Blue Chip, May Flower, Malloy. however many damn third parties are involved AVOID THEM ALL AT ALL COSTS. DO NOT USE. Please please please please please spare yourself the idiocy and spend the extra 500 or whatever it takes to hire intelligent, competent people. Any positive review for this company is clearly paid because there is no chance anyone could have a good experience with them.
- Halaa M.

My recent move from Torrance, CA to Fountain Hills, AZ exceed my expectations. From the time of the estimate, to them packing my belongings, to the actual move itself and the unloading process, I couldn't be more pleased with their professionalism. Bruce Danner was there for me through the whole process, reassuring me throughout the whole move, always answering my phone calls and helped me through the stressful move. I lived in Torrance for the past 43 years and needless to say, there was a lot to move. Ray and Andrew, from Blue Chip, packed my belongings and they arrived in Arizona without even a scratch. The drivers, Tony and Vinny got all my belongings where they needed to go the very next day. They were friendly, helpful and all around great guys. I highly recommend Blue Chip Moving Company as they made this move stress free. I really appreciated everything they did for me.
- Ray S.

Blue Chip Moving has failed to meet many of my basic expectations of professionalism and I advise anyone who has any other choice to steer clear of this group. Their process for compensating for damage caused to a family heirloom leaves much to be desired.
- Buck C.

They charge a fortune when your trying to close out. Manage Irv is rude and doesn't care because he has my stuff and I have to pay whatever he says. They want ransom because they have ur stuff.
- Raymond A.

I completely regret storing my stuff there. The rent for the space maybe lower but they screw you if you try to access your unit or close it. Irv the manager is extremely rude and unprofessional. I had a box slightly larger than a fridge and he wanted me to pay $300 to close it out. $190 just to bring the box down. Something that takes them a few minutes. They basically take your stuff as ransom because they know they can charge anything they want and if you want your things you have to pay them. I wish I had gotten a regular storage unit where they would treat me as customer. Thieve people are parasites feeding off vulnerable people.
- Raymond A.

I have used BLUE CHIP twice in the last 15 months, to move to Northern California from LA, and then last month when I moved back to Santa Clarita. Charles and his crew, Robert and Roy, are the best movers I have ever encountered. And I have encountered a lot of movers in the last 40 years, both household and commercial. They are professional, careful, organized and thorough. Nothing is too small or unimportant and they remove all the stress from move day. I have glass cabinets, a marble topped sideboard and fragile houseplants. Everything was packed with care and arrived at the new location without any problems. I highly recommend them and will definitely use them again in future, as needed. FIVE STARS!!
- Maura D.

This review is based on the process thus far of Blue Chip Moving services. My fiancee and I just bought a home in Dallas and have hired these movers through Mayflower to transport our stuff from Los Angeles. So far everything has been great. The movers showed up within the scheduled block of time and were quick and efficient. My moving consultant has been Kyle Kilpatrick and he has been amazing thus far! He has gone out of his way to keep me informed and up to date on any and everything. So far this process has been quick, efficient, and stress free, but once our belongings are delivered in Dallas I will definitely update this review with how things end.
- Tipesa G.

If you want your furniture broken, couches and mattresses not covered, furniture thrown in rooms, boxes mislabeled this is your company. They are more concerned about how much to charge for boxes than your furniture. I wouldn't recommend this company to anyone.
- Donna L.

Bruce Danner and his team are fantastic. We refer them with confidence to our clients, and they consistently deliver great results. Bruce is responsive, caring and thorough...essential traits when providing such a personal service. Thank you Bruce and Mayflower! Grateful to have you as our go-to movers!
- Crystal S.

Thank you, Michael Sarro and Blue Chip Moving and Storage. Your team did a phenomenal job, from beginning to end for my future in-laws. Not only for them, but several moves for my own mother. I write this with gratitude. Hands down 5 STARS! From Brad, to the execution team of Carlos, Charles and Robert. They were all true professionals, from beginning to end. Heaps of gratitude! If you ever need a truly professional moving and storage company, that provides incredible customer service; Blue Chip is the one to use! Thank you
- Jerilyn Z.

Chris Sterling is simply amazing. We moved from the SF Bay Area down to Los Angeles this December, and Chris and his team were so on the ball every step of the way. His team was friendly, organized, and responsive. They answered all of our questions. They were also flexible when we needed to have our household goods delivered a day before initially planned. I would 100% go with them again!
- Emma I.

Bruce Danner and the team from Blue Chip Moving are the best moving company! Moving is normally one of the most stressful days, yet Bruce and the 5-star team of movers made my move seamless. Bruce put all of my worries and concerns at ease. He answered questions well and was always available within minutes to my calls or emails. The team of movers were so professional, clean, polite, and hard-working. The men were able to move a piano, three bedrooms, and oversized furniture without any issue. They packed my items well, and they moved my home with ease. I highly recommend them, and I will definitely use them again!
- Allyson W.

I have been trying to reach this company about my storage unit but none of the phone numbers work, or if it does, no one returns the call. Can someone please share a phone number that reaches a human person at Blue Chip Storage??
- Chelsea B.

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