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Since Day One, we’ve viewed our role as guides and partners during a period of change. And every facet of our company—our team, our process, and our services—has been designed to turn that experience into something you can rely on to be simple and enjoyable. Take a quick look at our reviews and you’ll see that many customers refer to the workers by their first names. It’s because moving is an intensely personal experience, and when it’s done right, a connection occurs. And to deliver this experience, we hand-select people who elevate their work through care and hospitality.

Moving-Me about Bellhop

Bellhop is the modern alternative to traditional moving companies in TN on a mission to transform the outdated and frustrating moving industry into an experience that’s more trustworthy, reliable, and fun. The movers combine their tech-enabled logistics management platform with an outstanding team of Nashville movers and professional drivers to coordinate the world’s easiest and most enjoyable moving experience. Bellhop coordinates labor-only moves and full-service truck moves for both local and long-distance moving. So, whether you’re moving across the country or across the street, they will be there to help.

Bellhop Licenses & Certificates

Bellhop is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. The company is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: 965964

US D.O.T: 2878240

(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: not provided

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What is Bellhop cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $1700. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services, and distance from A to B point. Also, many companies offer hourly rates. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance, or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free, and cost-effective. Bellhop is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

Bellhop Reviews

I've moved a lot over the last ten years and have mostly used big companies. Since this was just a quick move down the street I decided to give a smaller less expensive company a try. Bellhops beat all of their local competitors by over $100 and I don't regret using them one bit. It was a great moving experience. Paul T and Anthony M arrived five minutes early, were friendly and courteous, and worked efficiently. Would definitely use them again.
- Annie M.

Wow, these guys are great! They arrived on time and were friendly, efficient and a pleasure to work with. Made our moving process so stress-free and easy. I like how quickly Bellhops got back to us, how the process of paying was finalized via text, and there were no hidden fees. Highly recommend and would use them again. Thanks guys!!
- Jenni T.

Our Bellhops (Walker R., Benjamin H., Camren J.) were AWESOME. So efficient. All three were super respectful and polite. These guys know what they're doing. This is the third move I've used Bellhops for and it gets better every time!
- Allie W.

We had 3 bellhops, Samuel Molli, Christopher Pitts and Mathew Fergueson and a driver and they were all superb!! The guys were down a bellhop but they worked super hard and only went a little over the time but wanted to make sure the job was completed. They were all super nice and the driver has incredible backing up skills, too! Outstanding work. Please tell them we say "Thank you again!!!!"v
- karen s.

My experience with this company has been terrible. I received a call from Bellhops (less than 18 hours before the scheduled move with my family) informing me they were unable to complete the order as requested and would have to cancel. I had to take approximately 3 hours of my work day trying to remediate the issue and scramble to find other (and more expensive) movers. I also heard that my order was put to the back because I used a promo code (which was supplied to me by USPS when I set up mail forwarding). If you happen upon this review, then I would highly recommend you to second guess using Bellstops. This has been an awful experience for my family. WOULD NOT RECOMMEND.
- Ian A.

Andy D. & Salvatore L.were ROCKSTARS & made a great team!!! FRIENDLY, ORGANIZED, FAST, STRONG, COURTEOUS... We can't say enough good things about them!! Definitely would hire them again!!! Thank you for helping us unload our truck, we appreciate you sincerely.
- Regina L.

FYI, this is NOT a moving company. They are a middleman booking service and do not employ the drivers, own or operate the trucks and are at the total mercy of their independent contractors. I learned this the hard way last week. My move was scheduled for 8am, booked a month in advance and confirmed the day before with the movers. At 9am I still hadn't heard from the mover so called Bellhops to confirm his whereabouts. At 9:15 am, someone from Bellhops told me my move was cancelled and provided ZERO notice or explanation. They offered to refund my moving charges, but then I was forced to scramble and find someone who would move me that day and had to pay a lot more money to get it done. You are a lot better off paying a few dollars more to hire a reputable company that actually has its own trucks and drivers and takes responsibility for the move. They do not.
- Zoe B.

11/15/2019 They broke my king size headboard in half. Admitted it. Sat headboard on sloped driveway and stood around chit chatting while it fell over. It should have been wrapped and secured. Filed claim. They offered $60 for repair. It's an antique bed worth over $2000. Truck showed up 30 minutes after movers. Truck lift broke. Had to wait on 2nd truck. They won't return my calls. Poor standards. Do not use. 12/19/2019 This just gets better. They now offer $150 for the repair that costs $215 and gave me until December 23, 2019 to either take the deal or walk away. It costs $65 for me to file civil claims suit. 12/19/2019 I filed a claim with the Better Business Bureau. They would rather be trashed thru social media and go to small claims court over $65 difference. Shows you what kind of integrity these people have, or lack thereof.
- Tatia Adams

Please ensure you fully read the terms of service for bellhops when considering booking with them and take this sentence very seriously- "You further acknowledge that you may be exposed to situations involving Third Party Providers that are potentially unsafe, offensive, harmful to minors, or otherwise objectionable, and that the use of Third Party Providers arranged by Bellhops is at your own risk and judgment." I was quoted for a dedicated truck for my move from Chicago to New Jersey in Mid April during the height of the pandemic. When the driver showed up at my new place he had 2 double pallets worth of freight in the box truck that he could not remove. Not only was I disrespected for nearly 2 hours by this driver, he requested that my unloaders lift my stuff over their head and walk over pallets to unload, proceeded to tether his pallets to a railing on my loading dock and drive forward, had to then take the freight to New York City to drop off in order to be able to unload my stuff, leaving me to wonder for hours if he was going to steal my stuff or expose it to the virus, and then returned at 9pm to have 3 men in and out of my apartment at late at night because of all of it. In addition my bar cart, coffee table, and bed frame were damaged to the point that they could no longer be used. The third parties that bell hops use to complete their moves do not have any regard for ensuring your stuff is not damaged, your safety, or any one who may be helping you's safety.
- Taylor Baker

Sadly, but not surprisingly, nobody has followed up with me about my damaged property and lack of proper reimbursement. Luke F. responded to my review stating that they are looking into the matter to determine what they can do to make this right, but that was a week ago. I have not been contacted via phone, text, email, or snail mail. Beware of this company. They do not provide adequate replacement value for your damaged or destroyed property. I changed my review to only one star since I was told they were trying to help, but never did anything else. Very poor and disappointment customer service. So, after posting my update I received an email telling me that they should not have moved my grill without me signing a waiver. They advertise on their site that they don't move items over 300 pounds-the grill is 230. Either way, nobody mentioned a waiver or that they should not move it. This is the first time, even through the damage claim process, that it was ever mentioned that they were not supposed to move the item. They were happy to move it. They have now issued back $150 as a way to "make it right." I have still be reimbursed less than half the cost to replace my property. Apparently this should suffice as fair compensation. What a joke. Steer clear and find another moving company. It's quite convenient and infuriating that they want to try to place blame on me that this was moved and then act like they have done me some sort of favor by reimbursing me at such a poor rate.
- Robyn B.

Well this review is meant to be informative. I do not recommend using bellhops. Bellhops is not a moving company. They are a virtual third party company that hire teenagers. The trucks that are rented are rented from U-Haul. You are charged fees that you had no idea you were going to be charged. I used bellhops because of a Groupon deal. Two guys showed up in regular clothing. Another guy showed up in a U-Haul truck about 30 minutes late. When he showed up he said that they were going to be late for another appointment and that I needed to reschedule. He also claimed that my house was not move out ready when in fact it was. They were only supposed to move the big furniture that are sitting next to the front door. These are not Movers. They appear to be plain clothed teenagers that show up. I cannot stress enough that you're going to lose time and money if you use bellhops. You're better off going with a company that's actually a moving company. They are not bonded or insured because again they are not a moving company. Your items are broken you're not be reimbursed unless you have renter's insurance. The teenagers that show up are not strong enough to handle heavy items. The person that showed up said he was the lead for the move & said that they were waiting for a third person to show up because they were not going to be able to lift the sofa with just the two of them. I spoke to someone in customer service who was very unprofessional. She claimed that the movers took pictures of my home. When I asked her to email me the pictures she refused. I told her that if they took pictures of my home they did so without my consent. The thought of two strange guys coming in my home and taking pictures and then leaving is just very scary. I DO NOT recommend bellhops whatsoever. Please look for an actual Moving Company, not a go between.
- Jk. B.

WORST MOVING COMPANY IN THE WORLD. I AM NOT OVER EXAGGERATING. This is a company that hires all college student . They have no idea how to lead a move . They know no geometry ! They put everything in wrong, to the point half the space in truck was not able to be used . They broke my $800 nightstand!!!! It took them 3 hours to do the very very small loading they did with 3 men !!! before u choose to do business with them they only give u $60 cent per pound . So your move will always be more than the cost u paid for your furniture. DO NOT BOOK THEM ! I am warning you. I don't want anyone to go through what I went through.
- Medusa H.

The absolute worst experience. The truck showed up but the movers didn't. The first response from customer service is can we come another day . I have to be out of my apartment today... 2nd response... you can email this mover and then they can bill you and you can send it to us and we might reimburse you for up to $200. Um, no, you subcontract them and I pay you, you pay them. But, coincidentally(?), the driver says, since you have to be out today, I can do it... but .... for $100 more than the Bellhops rate... SERIOUSLY, unreliable, unprofessional and sketchy at best how the driver could miraculously swoop in and offer to complete the job for an upcharge.
- Jody S.

The worst experience one could have. They crew at the first site left large outdoor furniture items at the house. Called Bellhops and they would reimburse us $300 for the items or we could go back and pick it up and they would pay for rental of trailer. We had to travel from our new home all the way back, rental a U-Haul, move and pick up the stuff into the U-Haul, drive it back and lift it back out! There were too many items that were ruined, expensive and large furniture pieces that were badly scratched, gouges taken out of the wood, one large armoire had cracks 10" long - totally irreparable! The wood floors were also gouged and scratched. They point you back to their policy that barely pays anything for damages which places all the risk on the customer. DO NOT USE THESE MOVERS
- Jill W.

Truly amazing!!!! Best experience with a local moving company I've had. I needed help unloading my moving truck into a storage unit. Sebastián and Brady were prompt, patient, professional and very personable. I felt very comfortable with both of them--they worked quickly, carefully and I was truly impressed! I will definitely be using Bellhop again in a few weeks when I move into my new home.
- Katie L.

please do not waste ur money!!! they never show up. they don't care about you and your time. ridiculous! I have a reservation on Aug 24. They let me and my friends waiting for 4 hours, I was trying to contact the customer service, but the customer service told me she doesn't know what's going on. Not recommend!!!!!!
- Max. S

I could not have been more pleased with the service I received from bellhops. Tristan H. who was the leader of my crew was super professional, very in control without being bossy and a very accommodating person. The other two fellas were equally professional.I will definitely use Bellhops in the future.
- Edward B.

We had decided the night before our move that we needed help with larger items. We were unsure we could find movers on such short notice but bellhops came to our rescue. They were prompt, communicated excellently, and were super efficient. Our two movers-Ryan H. and Landon H. completed our move quickly, efficiently and had a great positive mindsets. I will definitively be using them in the future and recommend this service to others.
- Marko D.

I had a terrible experience with Bellhops in Nashville, On the morning of my scheduled move, I was told they did not have a truck due to negligence on their part. I could not reschedule so I had to rent a UHaul truck and drive it to the move location. The two Bellhops movers loaded the UHaul and then followed me to the final location where they unloaded the truck. Being unfamiliar with driving a large box truck and unfamiliar with the condo building, I hit an overhang at the building, causing extensive damage which I am now liable for. Additionally, Bellhops agreed to pay the cost of the UHaul (they did not) and they tried to charge me for the hour and 1/2 that I spent driving back and forth from the UHaul dealership. In my opinion Bellhops should have eaten the total cost of the move except my tips to the Bellhops movers. Bellhops refused.
- Kitty D.

Bellhops was great, very friendly, organized and fast. Timothy C., Nicholas P., Elijah H., and River B were the best. Thanks guys!
- Kelly Q.

Please heed the bad reviews here y'all, I truly wish I did because they were unfortunately right on the money. Bellhops has been the worst moving company I have ever hired, and I've had to hire several for around 9-10 moves in my life. To start, the movers showed up without bringing a standard tool set which includes a power drill. I've never hired movers who didn't come with appropriate equipment. They weren't able to dissemble my bed due to a stripped screw and having brought no tools, and sat on the floor of my apartment for an hour and a half and just gave up. Their solution was to leave it. As this was obviously not an option, I had to problem solve this for them and had a neighbor come over who figured out how to dissemble the bed in around 10 minutes. So they've now wasted just about two hours because they didn't bring proper tools or have appropriate technical know-how, which led to us missing our elevator reservation at the new building. This was another hour and a half of down time (which could have been avoided had they have been prepared and skilled). All in all, it took them 8 hours to move my 800 square foot apartment 1.5 miles down the road. I've done this move several times, and it takes no more than 2.5 hours. They also didn't wrap all my furniture which means I am uncovering many, many scratches as I dive deeper in unpacking. I've never worked with such an ill-prepared and unskilled moving company. It was shameful, and the behavior of their customer service team after the fact is further driving that home. This company charged me for eight hours, and then said the best they could do was take two hours off. This is simply unacceptable given the added time was due to their incompetence. For a company who is heavily investing in social media/influencer marketing, they should know better than to advertise a product that doesn't work. Word of advice, pull back on spend, fix your operations and customer care departments, then start promoting once you have something worth promoting. In the meantime, fix your issues with existing customers so you have any hope of getting referrals.
- Brittany L.

Nicholas and the other mover were both wonderful - they showed up on time, were professional, fast, and friendly. I used Bellhops when moving in to my house a few years ago and also had a very positive experience with them then. Can not recommend Bellhops highly enough!
- Catherine R.

I created a Yelp account just to share how unhappy I am with Bellhops. Simply put, if you have any items you value that are being moved, do not use Bellhops. The movers, while very nice, were completely clueless, inefficient college students who clearly lacked any kind of training. They took double the estimated time, which I would be okay with if it meant they were being particularly diligent with the move but they damaged multiple items. They then padded the amount of work on top of that. And to make it all even worse, Bellhops doesn't even stick to the quoted (and already terrible) $0.60/pound reimbursement for damaged items. I ended up receiving about 60% of what I should have but honestly was so tired of dealing with them I gave up. DO NOT, and I cannot stress this enough, DO NOT USE BELLHOPS.
- Doug A.

**Do NOT use this company**. I have lived all over this country and I've had multiple moves. 60 days ago, I arranged Bellhops to move us this past weekend. 40 minutes before they were scheduled to arrive they canceled. They said they had double booked their trucks and they were not coming. They were not apologetic they were very matter of fact in their tone. They did not understand how many pieces had to be put in place to make this move happen at this exact time and date. I was dealing with the weekend clerk as it was a Saturday. On Monday morning I really expected upper management from the company to give me a call to discuss/apologize for this huge mix up and they never did. Absolutely horrifying customer service and who cancels a move 40 minutes before.
- Kathy D.

If you want weekend warriors who don't care about your furniture then this is the company for you. If you want professionals then look elsewhere. We hired Bellhops to move 1 bedroom set, a few tables, a treadmill, a washing machine and a solid wood dining room set with 6 chairs. Pretty much everything they touched was damaged in some way. The washing machine was a Maytag Bravo XL and only 3 years old. They tightened the belts that held in in place so tight, with no wraps on it, that they bent the frame and the main top popped up and now will not close. Also, the price they quoted ended up being twice the amount so count on that as well. NOT a trustworthy company.
- Rocket F.

Our movers were slow moving only our furniture from one apartment to another 1 mile apart. My wife and I had moved everything except what we were not able to carry prior to our big moving day. The movers were quite nice, however, and pleasant to work with. The worst part about Bellhops comes after the move actually happened. My wife and I went over to our old apartment to cover up and Magic Eraser any dents or dings on the walls and we were greeted with a deep gouge into a door. This was never reported to us by our movers and so we contacted Bellhop's customer support for assistance once our security deposit was charged for this damage. Bellhop told us that because it was over 5 days after our move, essentially it wasn't covered. We weren't able to go over to our old apartment until a week after our move. We responded asking for clarification and if an exemption could be made as we were not made aware of the damage - and we have yet to hear back from Bellhop for multiple weeks, after sending multiple emails. I am glad others have had positive experiences with Bellhop, but I will dissuade anyone I know personally from using this service.
- Evan P.

Had a really terrible experience with Bellhop and would not recommend. I booked my movers more than a week in advance and they called to cancel two nights before I was supposed to move. They rebooked my move for another time slot without telling me AND after I told them I couldn't wait until 5pm to move (originally was scheduled at 8am). They said they'd call back with a solution but never did. I had to harass the office for someone to answer and accept my cancellation. They were unfriendly, unapologetic, and utterly clueless about my situation.
- Caroline R.

We paid for packing of our kitchen and a move across town. Packers came and ran out of supplies, mentioned this happens a lot. We were given an estimate for 5 hours of work for 4 movers. 3 movers showed up on time at 8am, the 4th about 35 mins later. They filled the entire truck and said they had to call customer care about getting a 2nd truck as we still had several big items left in the house (desk, bed, dresser mirror, grill, mower). Truck was unloaded at our new home and the mover that showed up late made several dings in our brand new home (it is a new build). At promptly 12pm the movers informed us they had another job to go to and could not return for the rest of our items, referring us to customer care. We pleaded for them to finish our move as this is what we hired them to do and we had to be out of our old home by 5pm. Customer care said the earliest they could get another truck out was next day and we'd be charged for a follow up move. They offered us 15% off. Are you kidding?!? You didn't finish out move and left us high and dry with items we could not lift or fit in vehicles on our own and then want to charge us more to finish a job that should have already been competed?!? RIDICULOUS. I've never heard of a company leaving before the job is done. BUYER BEWARE!! We had to find another company and pay another $500 to get the job done today before turning our keys over to new owners at 5pm!
- Kristin G.

TERRIBLE experience. WILL DAMAGE YOUR PROPERTY. UNRESPONSIVE CUSTOMER SERVICE. Two of my movers were good but the other two for starters showed up 18 minuets after the other two and my time started for 4 people 18 minutes early (which is significant considering their hourly rate of $258). After those two were late there were additional issues. They were NOT careful with my things. They took out multiple large gashes from my walls and one large gash in my new hardwood floors. The team lead Sal was supposed to take a photo and have someone contact me about being compensated for this repair. This didn't happen. Of the two guys who were well below average one of them was flat out lazy, walking around aimlessly half the time. I am super frustrated I had to pay for his time doing not much. I had every box neatly labeled with which room it goes to and they misplaced about half the boxes leading me to have to re-move everything again thus making this a large waste of money. I tried to reach out to customer service for 5 days and no one would respond to me. I emailed the direct Nashville location multiple times and they said they would get back with me, but nothing. I HIGHLY suggest going with a different company. You would be charged less and salvage your home and things.
- Lindsay K.

If I could give zero stars that still would not be low enough to adequately represent the complete incompetence of my move team and the lack of response from Bellhop customer "care". I could have achieved the same result by hiring a team with no moving experience for a fraction of what they want to now charge. They have been nonresponsive to my complaints about the moving team, my lost item, and my billing complaints. They somehow stretched what should have been a three hour move into six hours and expect me to just pay for their employees' incompetence and inexperience. Because of their inexperience they had to unload and repack the truck and then expected me to pay for that time. There were significant portions of time when the team members were standing around because of a lack of direction by their team lead. I adequately represented the items to be moved and moved significantly more furniture in the past for less cost. If my boyfriend had not been present and willing/able to help the move would not have happened. There was no way the team they sent could have taken the washing machine upstairs without his help. He had to help move items for well over an hour, had to direct the move, and ultimately he is the only reason all the items made it onto the truck in the first place.
- Casey O.

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