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Ayer Moving & Storage Moving Company

is a family-owned Massachusetts moving & packing company located in Ayer, ma moving clients across towns, states and the country.

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Quality of service: 3.3

Punctuality: 3

Accuracy of Estimate: 4

Customers’ rating: 3

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Family-owned and operated since day one, Ayer Moving and Storage takes the moving business personally. Karen Strickland and her brother Philip lead the Ayer Moving and Storage team, guided by their Dad, Eldon Strickland, who, although retired, can be counted on to add his opinion and expertise when needed. Our Commitment. We know that moving, whether across the street or across the country can be filled with stress and anxiety. At Ayer Moving and Storage we are dedicated to making this time a positive experience and we do everything we can to make it so. Our Services include residential and commercial, local as well as interstate and international moves. Our professional packers are unsurpassed in their care and expertise. In addition, we offer Storage and Containers on Wheels (COWS).

Massachusetts Moving Company Review- Ayer Moving & Storage

Ayer Moving & Storage specializes in moving high value product and assisting businesses with ten or fewer employees or small offices relocate both locally and around the country, state to state. They provide dedicated account management to ensure you excellence in service. They trained packing crews stand behind every box, crate, and item they pack, load, ship and they’re responsible. Packing your household goods can be tedious and time-consuming. But they do understand the need to look for savings. They suggest you request a moving estimate with AND without professional packing. Be sure to add in your time and effort and the cost of the additional insurance coverage you will need. Only then will you be able to make the best decision for you. Ayer Moving and Storage has a 20,000 sq.ft. heated warehouse which gives you greater flexibility in scheduling your move. Need to keep your household or commercial goods safe until you are able to move them to their new location? Need a long-term storage solution for excess materials or goods? Ayer Moving and Storage can solve these stressful problems for you.

Certified Moving Company Massachusetts – Licenses & Certificates

Ayer Moving & Storage is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: 911577

(Interstate Commerce Commission Motor Carrier number)

US D.O.T: 975790

(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: not provided

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What is the average Massachusetts mover service cost?

Ayer Moving & Storage Moving Company offers relocation services at an average Massachusetts moving costs. Be ready to pay 185$ for the first 2 hours of work each additional hour is 75$ extra fee for packing depending on the size. Call our consultant to get more detailed information immediately based on your request and moving needs. Fill out the Ayer Moving & Storage Quote and our consultant will contact you during the day.
Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services and distance from A to B point. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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Moving-me is a team of professionals who respect your time and money. Being one of the best moving service selection companies operating all over the USA with reliable moving company reviews, we are doing our best to match a to manage your local, long-distance or interstate relocation at your needs and budget. Our aim is to gather facts about reliable movers to guarantee a stress free, cost-effective and fast moving. With our dedicated team of moving coordinators and client-care executives, we are honored to provide our customers with all kinds of services according to the moving needs.

Ayer Moving & Storage Moving Company Reviews

Ayer Moving & Storage did a great job moving our belongings out of our house and into temporary storage. Nick and the office staff were very helpful in coordinating the move, and the three-member team that did all of the heavy lifting were very respectful and careful with our belongings.
- Jason Caron

Everyone from start to finish was great to work with. Our belongings were in great hands; they were very careful with everything. Would use them again, and happy to recommend them to others.
- Elizabeth Sweeney

Not to happy. The work done was good, but I feel that something happened that has effected what I think of the people doing the work.
- Kevin Hibbert

They May damage your thing's and make you sign a waver so you can't hold them responsible.
- David Floyd

My husband had his wedding band stolen as well as his rolex he bought when he was overseas. Very unprofessional from the receptionist who doesn't know what going on, to the movers who argue and threaten each other while on the job. Disgusted and highly disappointed. My husbands ring was a one of a kind family ring... how do you replace that? Our move was through the military. After about 2 hours of work, the 3 out of the 4 guys moving us diappeared and only one man was left helping us for the rest of the 6/7 hours. 2 guys returned arguing and threatening each other about who was doing work and who wasn't... We ended up packing our own stuff for the last 2 rooms (one of whoch we did entirely ourselves) to help things move along -we had to be on the road- 33 hr drive per military orders!! Yeah we had a lot of items that were damaged, we are mostly understanding since that can happen when you move... (but especially when you have a careless crew). The empty ring box and empty rolex box is completely unacceptable, not to mention a few other items of value that are also missing... If you value your items, I would search elsewhere, paying a little more is worth it!! Unfortunately we did not hace a choice in our company, since we got last minute military orders... we will be reporting this company. No "so sorry letter" will cut it. Shame, shame!!
- Amanda Hardy

Boss is the most frustrated guy i ve ever seen and the workers are cheap junkies.
- Boško Grbić

Good people and helpful, experts when it comes to moving and storage.
- Baraka Bitariho

HORRIBLE!!!! Do not use this moving company. They charged me a ridiculous amount of money to move my belongings from Boston MA to Frederick MD. After a week, they finally delivered. Most of my furniture was damaged and a cherished antique was ruined. Run, run, run from these people. ANYONE else would be a better choice.
- Kelly Connery

Pickup of household items was smooth and timely. Delivery at destination was quick and professional. However, sometime between pickup and delivery a number of boxes were crushed. Forturnately nothing appears to have been damaged, but something went wrong somewhere. The staff in the office could not have been more helpful and quick to assist and answer questions. As were the crews on both ends.
- James Simers

Ayer Moving provided a great moving experience during a very challenging time, moving my mom to a nursing home. Help started by recommending which smaller things I might want to move ahead of time to minimize cost based on boxing prices. The moving team was prompt and communicative, and carefully wrapped all the items. We had a complex move, with things going to 2 destinations, and they organized the truck for that. When things couldn't be delivered at mom's new home (2nd destination), they were supportive and patient, packed the items back up, and delivered them back to my home. They gave me nothing but support over the difficult situation, and worked hard to be cost-effective, coming in below the quoted price, even with the 3rd trip added. I would use them again in a heartbeat.
- Carol-Anne Taddeo

I wish I had read all of the reviews before choosing who to move my belongings from NH to CA!! I am very upset that "someone" actually removed the bottom tape from my boxes and went through my stuff!!! I don't know if it was someone they just hired to help with moving and storing my stuff; but I feel extremely violated! I personally packed my items myself, and being naive to these types of things, I actually packed my watch, diamond bracelet, etc. myself. I know that they were IN their boxes when I packed them and when I unpacked them, the boxes were empty!!! I filed a claim and still have not heard anything and it's been over a month! Since then, as I slowly get to all my unpacking, I found that I am missing a few other family items that cannot be replaced. All of my boxes were banged up like someone just threw them into the street. AWFUL experience and I paid over $6,000!!!!!
- Marie Stevens

Everything seemed to be ok until the day we moved into our brand new house. Our furniture had been in storage with them for 9 months while our house was being built. The workers were pleasant enough but took no care while moving our things in. Our beautiful hardwood stairs were so scratched up from them bringing furniture upstairs. There was no care taken to avoid it. I thought they would have put something down on the floors and railings to make sure nothing happened. Nope. I called the office immediately and sent them pictures . Someone came out to look at the damage (there were banged walls and dented furniture too) and we didn't even realize he was a 3rd party until the end of the appointment. He said he needed to know the exact materials used on the stairs to repair them. It took months of back and forth trying to get the information. We stopped communication for a bit because of a health issue in our family . When I tried to get things going again the office said it had been too long since the incident (10 months) and they couldn't file a claim. I argued that it was 10 months since the damage but not 10 months since we were trying to get it repaired. Bottom line they sent us a check for $100. TO REPAIR AND REFINISH HARDWOOD STAIRS!??! That barely covers the materials. RUN don't walk away from this company
- Barbara kalafatis

Used Ayers by way of North American Van lines. Worst experience I’ve had moving. Was supposed to receive my shipment between June 11-20. Didn’t receive until July 5.
- Judith Rodriguez

- Nasir Bekri

Movers were social, helped me set up our daughters bed. They were also respectful.
- jesus acosta

An old man and a 14 year old packed my shipment without a care in the world. They were extremely slow, complained the whole time about their job and how much stuff there was, there were many unmarked items, and I am now missing stuff in Germany. Don’t go here by all means possible.
- Nathan Lachance

My daughters one bedroom apartment was moved into a local storage unit. Initial quote was for half of what ended up being the final bill. One of the two movers was old and slow, the second was very over weight and needed numerous breaks. Needless to say, one normal professional mover would out-do these two combined. After trying to justify it with reasons like misrepresenting how much there was to move, etc... the now owner, daughter of the former great one, admitted that we good workers have not yet returned from collecting unemployment. They must be getting more than AM&S is paying these days. So the cost of pathetically slow workers is passed on to my daughter. Myself and one other guy moved my daughter into this very apartment from her prior (3rd floor) apartment and did it in less time. Myself 53 and he 57. I have the unique perspective in that I actually worked for this place back in the 80's when the reputation was legitimate. We were grown men meant for such a job and did it very well, hence the reputation. Your welcome AM&S. If you read the reviews that are positive, you will notice they are out of state moves where other movers are contracted. Their current reputation is off the backs of others. I will never again recommend this place that is still riding on the reputation I in part created along with a few other real men, including the former owner and his son in-law.
- Just Me

Ayer Moving & Storage gets a 20 out of 10 rating for superb work on my move. While 4 other moving companies quoted a 4-hour minimum despite my relatively small load (furniture and office equipment from 763 sq ft apartment I had partly emptied already), the Ayer coordinator quoted me a 2-3 hour window that fit the job. The 2 men showed up right on time. Their careful and efficient loading and unloading kept everything in perfect shape, incl. a glass and metal desk and computer equipment. They had to disassemble/reassemble the bed because of a small hallway to the bedroom of the new apartment. They even put my cat in her cat carrier into my car so she could drive along with us! I was on crutches the whole time due to a flare-up of a knee injury, so I couldn't even help with small items. Nothing broke the movers' stride, and they finished within 2 hours as planned. Very happy that I chose Ayer Moving for my move. I will definitely choose them again next time, and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for professional and trustworthy movers.
- Margaret Gourlay

The worst experience and the owner is so greedy, he went to estimate the possible moving cost, and begged to get all the tools I don't use, then he NEVER give back his estimate. what.a jerk!
- liufsym011

I have to say the crew of William, Luiz, Harlan and Kobey (Delta Force as I named them) that arrived at my house for the move were exceptional. They were profesional, courteous, hard working and had a great sense of humor. They took extra steps along the way to ensure that all the items packed arrived undamaged, which they did. This is the best moving experience I have ever had and will use them again if I need to. I would highly recommend them to anyone interested in the highest quality, most professional and affordable movers in the business. Don't even look at the competition as they have none!!
- Joseph Yourk

I recently needed some furniture in my house moved from downstairs to the upstairs in my house. I called Ayer Moving and Storage and right from the first phone call to the work being done my experience could not have been any easier. The movers were professional and very polite. I also spoke with the owner Karen and she kept me up to date with all the specifics that needed to take place. I would highly recommend Ayer Moving and Storage to anyone interested in such a move. Very affordable pricing and very professional company!! I could not be any happier!!
- David Cote

I had a great experience with Ayer Moving and Storage. The team of guys that showed were careful and diligent. I used their services to pack loose items in boxes and they made sure appropriate items were packed together. They worked very hard and efficient. I would highly recommend using them!
- Damon Bachman

I highly recommend Ayer moving and storage. This has been the best experience that I have had moving. Their crew was courteous, professional and responsive. In a situation where closing day took place during a major snow storm I appreciated the flexibility and support. My experience far exceeded my expectations
- Mar Mass

We were a little anxious over the move, but Karen was very nice to deal with. As the owner, she always returned our calls/emails promptly and answered our questions. The office staff were pleasant to deal with and our three movers were outstanding. The movers, with William as the leader, showed up on time, started working right away and took the steps necessary to make sure our furniture was well cared for. Very happy.
- Corporate Events

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